Valentine’s Day Date

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Steven just came down on the sidewalk street elevator to the warehouse delivery room. That’s where Karen worked. She was the archivist for the state’s historical documents. Steven brought her several more handcarts of boxes. He didn’t envy her tasks of overseeing that all the state’s papers were read and logged with pertinent tags and computerized. Fortunately she had some help this year. But that always changed with new budgets.

Steven had acquired his job from a college work program. He was a history major in college. Perhaps that is what drew him to try and flirt with Karen on his once a week delivery schedule. He’s had this same delivery schedule for the last three years. Seeing Karen once a week was the highlight of his job. He developed a crush on Karen with her playful personality.

Not that Steven was a ladies man, but his flirtation skills were rather simple. Just getting the courage to say something to a woman built his ego. But getting to know Karen seemed easy. After three years he could now say hello to her without feeling awkward. It was everything he said after hello which sometimes made him feel self conscious. “Hi, Karen. I have more proof that there’s an outside world.”

Karen saw the stack of boxes and smiled. Her work environment appeared like a dungeon with no windows. There were boxes, file cabinets, shelves, papers, and miscellaneous office machines, probably organized that only made sense to Karen and her staff of four other ladies.

Karen wasn’t a petite woman. She was athletic. It was easy for her to strong arm the boxes off Steven’s handcart and slide them next to the growing pile of boxes needed for review. “I could have put those there in one push with my handcart. You didn’t need to do that,” Steven said feeling a bit guilty.

Karen kept smiling at him and said, “I need the exercise. All this reading wears out my brain so I have to tell myself to exercise so I can keep my figure.” But instead of placing her hands on her hips to act like a model, she put her arms in the air and stuck out her chest like a body builder. Steven liked her personality. What he didn’t know was that showing off her muscles was her way of flirting with him.

At almost six feet tall she intimidated a lot of guys. It was hard for her to date in her younger days in high school and college. Now, at age thirty she jokes a lot about her height to make others feel comfortable being around her. Steven sure liked her.

Steven saw a single rosebud in a vase over on her desk. So to try and deter from showing his feelings of liking her in a romantic way he tried to act nonchalant. “I see your Valentine has given you a rose a week early.”

“That would be my dad. My mother died the week before Valentine’s Day four years ago. Dad gives me the rosebud on the day she died to remember the day. The best part is that it always comes to full bloom on Valentine’s Day. I suppose that’s her Valentine’s gift to me, even though she’s gone. It’s a two for one gift.”

Steven smiled at the thoughtful gift from her father.. Then he told Karen about his Mother. “My mom sends me a box of chocolates for Valentine’s. She says I need to gain weight in order to attract a woman. I wish she’d send me a steak dinner. That’s what I really need. My dad died of a heart attack being over weight. Maybe that’s why she sends me chocolate, – to remind me of Dad.”

Karen smiled missing her own the motherly attention and enjoyed hearing about Steven’s. Then she grabbed Steven’s bicep in her hand and squeezed.. “I think your muscles are just fine. Take the chocolate and enjoy.”

Steven liked Karen even more for her assessment of his muscles. Then she continued with assessing their parents relationships. “It looks like we’ve become our parent’s substitute Valentines.”

“I guess that’s why when you get married you have children. …To make sure you have a standby Valentine,” Steven tried to reason.

“I wish I knew that on prom night. I would have taken my dad when no one asked me to go.” Karen tried to humorously say regarding her caring father and lack luster dating life.

“You too? My mom was the only one who said she’d go with me and I turned her down. I didn’t go to my prom either!” Steven also said acknowledging his dating life also.

Karen then came up with a far fetched idea. She said it to be funny but at the same time was serious. “Steven, we have two very caring parents who should go out and get over their grief. Let’s double date. I’ll go with my dad and you bring your mother. It will be like the prom night we never had. I’ll make reservations for the Italian place on 46th Street. How can are parents say no. They’re going out with their Valentines!”

Steven was grinning hesitantly. So Karen tried one more time. “I’ll make sure my dad is really good at pushing a meatball with his nose, so it won’t be embarrassing.”

Steven began laughing and agreed. “Alright then. And I’ll make sure my mom can slurp escort up spaghetti in an elegant way. I don’t want her to feel uncomfortable.”

They both were referencing the same Disney movie. Karen was happy and laughing along with Steven as their humor seemed like a match. She rarely dated. Her encounters with Steven over the past three years had now become relaxed and friendly. The two of them really did have enjoyable conversations. There once a week encounters had also become there favorite times of being at work. This would be the first time they would see each other outside of work. She made the reservations for 7pm on Valentine’s evening. It was dinner for four, to try and make her dad and Steven’s mother a couple.

At home, Steven’s effort to convince his mom to double date seemed dismal. Unfortunately Steven couldn’t convince his mother to go out with him. “If she’s such a nice girl, you don’t want me around. You should bring her some chocolates and tell her I’m sorry. You know I know best. Go on a date with a nice girl… not your mother! Have I sheltered you that much Steven?”

It wasn’t any better at Karen’s house. Her father was resistant, “You what? We’re double dating with another kid and his mother? Why do you want me to go? Go out with this nice boy yourself. You’re not getting any younger, Karen. You inherited tallness. It’s not easy for a father to say… but your mother’s not here. So I’m just going to say it. Sway your skinny hips a little more to get a man’s attention. But not too much. You don’t want me around yelling at him to keep his hands off you. This guy who wants to double date sees your brain. I can tell he’s nice. Let me meet him when you’re ready. But if he touches you, put your knee between his legs, hard like!”

Karen just assumed her father would want to go out. She was dead wrong. An impromptu romantic date to meet a man friend and his mother now seemed like building a fire in the rain. It just wasn’t going to happen. The bad part of this narrow sighted predicament was that Steven and Karen hadn’t exchanged phone numbers. Karen and Steven both thought that their parents would go and they would just plan to see each other at the romantic restaurant. Neither one could now tell the other that they couldn’t make it.

Steven tried to find a way to go see Karen. The next time his work route would take him to her office wouldn’t be until after Valentine’s Day. But he could never make the time to go. As Valentine’s Day approached Steven and Karen both just rationalized that they would have to show up early and explain to the other that they would have to bow out of the date.

Steven was going to dress up and tell Karen that his mother fell getting out of the taxi. And that he had to go to the hospital. He couldn’t tell her that his mom didn’t want to go on the date. Karen was going to dress up and tell Steven that her dad got sick at the last minute but insisted she honor the date with his mother.

When the evening came, Steven was the first to arrive pacing back and forth in front of the entry trying to rehearse his explanation. As Karen walked up, Steven took a double look noticing how classy Karen had dressed for the night. Karen looked at Steven and said, “Your mother thought she’d be in your way?” Steven was surprised at Karen’s correct assessment.

“No, no, no…” Steven wanted to say his rehearsed explanation but then thought the better of it. Karen was smart and already understood the situation so he blatantly told the truth. “Well yes. That’s it exactly. I had mentioned that I thought you were smart and pretty and she told me to not be an idiot, and to take you out by myself. … Um… Where’s your father?”

“You think I’m smart and pretty? Thank you. My father thought I should show you my hips, to get your attention. So I’m wearing this old thing.” Karen was wearing a tight royal blue formal evening dress. “I’ve only wore this one other time to my cousin’s wedding. I told Dad you were a nice guy. If you’re so nice then he doesn’t need to be here to break your hands if you touch me. So he wouldn’t come. My dad picked out this dress to wear tonight. He hopes you like it. So here I am.”

Steven smiled. “I like it.” They were both relaxed knowing they endured the same reaction from each of their parents. Steven almost put his arm around Karen to enter into the restaurant but thought twice about it after hearing her comment, getting his hands broken if he touches her. She could tell he was nervous and cleared things up. “Oh Steven, Since my Dad’s not here feel free to touch me. Those muscles I felt the other day were quite impressive.”

Steven began laughing. Karen was very comfortable to be around, making him always feel at ease. So the two went in and wined and dined. It was an accidental date that worked out fine for them. At the end of the dinner the two looked so comfortable together the waiter made the comment, “On Valentine’s Day, lovebirds get dessert free. Anything I izmit escort bayan can bring you two?”

The two looked at each other mutually smiling at the comment, but passed on the dessert. After the waiter left Karen said, “If he thinks were lovebirds then I’m an emu.”

“Well if you think you’re an emu, then I think I’m a pelican.”

Karen didn’t assess Steven’s personality to be that of a pelican. “I think you’re more like a blue heron. …sleek, reserved, and majestic.” Steven liked the way she viewed him. He didn’t see Karen with the characteristics of an emu, except for the fact she was tall.

Steven thought that Karen reminded him of a different kind of bird. One that reminded him of elegance. “I think you’re more like a swan. … intelligent, graceful, and beautiful.”

Karen’s heart pitter-pattered upon hearing him say that. No guy had ever told her she was beautiful, except her father. She put her hand on top of his and thanked him. Dinner was over. Steven wanted to pay for her dinner but she wouldn’t let him. “I’ll feel like I owe you something if you pay for me. Anything I give you will be because I want to. I want to pay for my own dinner.” Steven understood her need to pay even though that was not his intention to receive anything in return. The date was a sign of the times.

The sidewalk out front seemed crowded as others were waiting to go inside. Steven grabbed Karen’s hand and zigzagged through the crowd to make their way to the curb. As Steven sought out a cab, Karen kissed Steven on the cheek. He didn’t have to wonder anymore if she enjoyed being with him. He was glad she made it obvious.

After getting in the cab the two sat in the back seat grinning. “So, where are we going tonight?” The question came from the driver and broke the silence. Karen spoke before Steven could get a word out. She told the driver to go to her place, and told him the address. Unlike the drive to the restaurant, Karen had company going home and liked it. The lights of the city in their night time glory seemed romantic. She’d seem them all her life but for some reason sitting next to a man she had a crush on for the last three years, and now holding his hand, gave her a giddy happy feeling.

The awkward romantic feelings from the both of them were now getting in the way of their usual friendly, playful conversations, like they always had at work. So Karen broke the ice, “So have you ever had sex in the back seat of a taxi?” She wanted to make Steven laugh or feel uncomfortable for fun.

The driver scowled looking in his rear view mirror. Steven at first was in a panic at what to say. He looked at Karen in disbelief of the question but could tell by the look in her eyes that she was playing with him. She was now trying to hold back her laughter. So to get her to break into a laugh he responded, “Twice actually.” She was shocked with his answer. So he continued, “Both times I was by myself. Does that count?”

The driver begged them, “Please, please, please! Not in here! Please!” And the laughter broke out in the back seat. And the driver pleadingly muttered, “Sex on Valentine’s. Why is it fun in a taxi? We’re almost there.”

When they arrived at Karen’s apartment, Karen gave the driver the fare. Steven gave him a nice tip for putting up with the kidding around. The driver thanked them both and added, “Happy Valentine’s. We made it. Go have wonderful sex in your own place.” And he drove away.

Steven told Karen, “He thinks we’re going to have sex now.”

Karen still joking around said seriously, “We are.” Steven just looked at her while she began to laugh. And then she led him up the stairs to her apartment.

Once inside Karen went and opened a bottle of wine. The two of them began a conversation that didn’t have to do about work. They both knew they liked each other so more personal details of themselves came to light getting to know each other. Karen found out that Steven had two serious girlfriends in his past. She had only one serious boyfriend in her past. Curious about his sex life, she asked him, “So, how many women have you slept with?”

Steven was feeling tipsy with the wine and at the same time wanted to sound like he was good in bed. So he answered, “Eighteen.”

Karen was stunned, “That’s quite a haul. Are you kidding me?”

Steven, sensing his answer was out of line, corrected himself, “Yes I was kidding. I actually think the number is closer to seven. …How many men have you slept with?”

After Karen figured out Steven was hyping up his sexual experiences, Karen decided to jokingly do the same. So she began telling him, “I had sex with the basketball team in the locker room showers once after a road trip. I’m going to count that as five separate times. Plus I did it with the three guys in the history club in my last year of college. Those were all separate occasions. And I did the best man at my cousin’s wedding last year. That makes nine.”

Steven izmit sınırsız escort now was nervous. That kind of sexual activity would give Karen a lot of men with which to compare him. Even if Karen had slept with just one other person, that would still be one more than him. So he decided to tell the truth. “Karen? The number of women I’ve slept with is really a lot closer to one, It’s actually zero. I’ve kissed before, but I’ve never had a sexual partner.”

“I’m not sure why, but that’s actually what I thought. I was really just trying to impress you too. I’ve never slept with another man.”

“Or a team?” Steven needed to hear the clarification.

The two began grinning. “Not a team either,” Karen assured him. They set their wine glasses down and the two began kissing. A kiss for the satisfaction of truth. First it was just a touch of their lips. Then their mouths began to part. Steven held Karen’s lower lip between his lips. Then Karen did the same thing. Karen tried rubbing his lower lip with her tongue. So Steven readjusted his lips so his tongue would touch hers. Their kissing became passionate and unstoppable. The two wanted to create their own memorable first kiss.

Being in the same position sideways for twenty minutes finally got the best of their muscles. They needed to readjust. As they became more comfortable, Steven liked where one of his hands ended up resting, on her thigh and hip. Karen had managed to get one of her hands on Steven’s stomach, slipping her fingers between the buttons on his shirt. Steven’s other hand was playing with the pull tab of the zipper on the back of Karen’s dress.

Karen began giggling during the next round of passionate kissing. Steven playing with the zipper pull was becoming annoying to her. “Just pull the damn thing down, Steven,” she finally told him. She thought she could feel Steven’s heart skip a beat. Steven complied and slowly began pulling the zipper downward. He thought his own heart skipped a beat as well when he felt his hand brush over her bra. The zipper finally stopped going down in the small of her back. And Steven laid his hand to rest on her bare skin.

Karen paused one more time, sitting up and pulling the straps of her dress over her shoulders and pulling her arms through. As she moved close to resume the passionate kiss, Karen put her fingers up to Steven’s shirt and began undoing all the buttons. Steven began loosening the knot in his tie hoping to be done before Karen had undone all the buttons of his shirt. It wasn’t so. Steven was trying to loosen the knot with one hand. Karen placed his arm under hers and told him to work on her bra. She would remove his tie and finish unbuttoning his shirt.

In no time Karen was finished. So she sat there smiling back at Steven as he tried to undo her bra. The longer he took the happier she seemed to get. “My bra has to be different from all the other eighteen women?”

Steven began to smirk and told her, “You caught me. I’ve never done this before.” So she reached behind her and with the flick of her fingers it was undone. Steven’s mouth dropped open at how simple she made it seem.

“You pull your tee-shirt over your head and I’ll take this all the way off.” By the time Steven had his shirt over his head, Karen’s bra was in his lap. They longingly just looked at each other, each waiting for the other to make the next move. Karen got off the couch holding the front part of her dress up to her breasts. She went to dim the dining lights in the adjacent room and turn off all the living room lights. The ambiance was much darker now. When she returned she stood before Steven and dropped her dress all the way to the floor. Steven couldn’t take his eyes off her trying to see the outline and features of a woman.

Steven stood up and put his hands on Karen’s hips, guiding her to come close. He felt her bare breasts touch his chest. And the kiss they had been doing for almost half an hour, resumed. Karen put her arms around his neck, tilted her head sideways and enjoyed pushing his tongue around with hers. Steven felt her hips sway side to side as if she was dancing. She felt the protrusion in his pants against her panties and enjoyed how it felt. She wanted to concentrate the delightful pressure as close as possible to her sex opening.

At first Steven felt embarrassed that she could feel his erection. But her hip movement to rub up against his hardness was no accident. He could tell that she didn’t want to stop rubbing her pelvic region into his hardened state. He was enjoying the forced delightful closeness himself.

After several minutes he needed to push her away. His urge to come was getting close enough that he may not have wanted to stop if she kept grinding her hips into him. When she felt the noticeable push, she stopped kissing him. Steven tried to explain, “I was just getting close to… We don’t have to stop kissing.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t realize. I was feeling something too, and liked it. I could dance like that all night. Let me help you get more comfortable.” Karen reached down to unbuckle Steven’s belt. Then she undid his pants and zipped them down. “How’s that?’

“A lot more comfortable. Thanks.”

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