Tommy and Suzie

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One day a week or so after his affair with Amy ended there was a knock on his open office door. “Do you have a few minutes, Tommy?”

He looked up and saw Norma Jenkins in the doorway. He smiled broadly at the handsome woman and invited her in and to have a seat. “Of course; I have all the time in the world for you.”

Norma, her face drawn and serious, nodded. “It’s about Suzie. She has not been the same since her father died two months ago.”

Tommy nodded making soothing sounds, remembering the shock everyone in the firm had felt when Bob Jenkins died of a massive stroke. It was completely unexpected, especially since he had a physical the week before the stroke. Suzie, their eighteen year old daughter had been devastated.

Norma took in a deep breath. “I want to ask a favor of you. Suzie is still in deep mourning over her father’s death. I’m afraid to leave her alone after school.”

She sighed heavily. “As you know, Suzie was very ill when she was in the third grade and lost a year. She will graduate from junior high school in May.”

Tommy nodded. Everyone in the firm knew the struggles of the Jenkins’ family and admired Bob and Norma for the way they had dealt with adversity. “How can I help you, Norma?”

Norma bit her lower lip. “I know it is asking a lot of you, but could Suzie come to your office after school and just hang out with you? You know what a madhouse my office is. And, Tommy, she likes and admires you.”

Norma was the senior secretary to the head of the firm and her office was jammed with people who needed to see her boss or she was putting out fires for him. Tommy knew it was not a sensible place for Suzie. There really was no space for her there.

Norma went on. “Suzie needs a calm atmosphere full of serenity and good vibes and you are the only one in this crazy firm that qualifies. She also needs a male role model who is not a lawyer.”

She put up her hand to ward off Tommy’s protest. “I don’t want you to think I’m asking you to become her father. She just needs to be around a man who is not hyper and yelling and cursing all the time. You know what the lawyers in this firm are like.”

Tommy nodded and thanked Norma for her confidence in him; that he was flattered by her description of him and his office and telling her that Suzie was welcome.

The next afternoon Suzie showed up. Tommy gave her a hug and showed her the space he had set up for her; a small desk and swivel chair. “Consider this your own; no one will take it away from you.” She thanked him and put her books and laptop computer on the desk and settled in.

Suzie was a strikingly attractive young girl, just now beginning to fill out. She was five feet three inches tall. She was going to be a looker, Tommy thought, when she fills out. Her blond hair was tied back in a pony tail and her wide set green eyes had a perpetual look of curiosity about them.

When school was out, Suzie continued to come to Tommy’s office every weekday. She became a fixture. They talked when Tommy was free; about friendships, boys, clothes, politics, the weather-everything.

Suzie came to value his judgment and counsel. He would not offer advice, but ask her questions that forced her to make decisions based on fact, not emotion. She also came to admire him as a man who was gentle and compassionate. I hope my first lover is as good a man as Tommy, she thought to herself.

This arrangement continued for the next five years, until Suzie was about to graduate from high school. Every afternoon after school Suzie showed up and stayed until her mother’s work was finished. She continued to come during the summer months. Tommy’s office was like a second home for her.

A week after her eighteenth birthday Suzie stopped by Tommy’s office; there was a mischievous look on her face that he could not interpret. “Can I show you something and have a talk with you?” She asked him.

Tommy nodded. “Of course, Suzie; you know me. I’m game for anything.” He told her. He eyed her now matured figure, thinking to himself game for almost everything. Her sexy body would make men and women weep, he thought.

Suzie opened her laptop as she put it on his desk. “Someone at my high school showed this to me. It’s on a website that people use to post whatever they want; sort of a visual blog.”

She turned on the computer and Tommy found himself looking at the top of his head as Amy urged him to lap her pussy. He was stunned. The video was short and did not show his face, but he recognized himself. His face crimson, he looked at Suzie and realized she had also recognized him.

Suzie licked her lips as she looked at Tommy. “The girl who told me about this said an older friend of hers said a man had picked up the girl in the video and they spent a summer together having every kind of sex, not just pussy eating like in this clip.”

Tommy swallowed, his face drawn as he looked into Suzie’s face. “Have you shown this to your mother? Have you told anyone else who escort bayan you think the man is?”

Suzie shook her head. “I have not shown it to my mother and I do not intend to and I have not told anyone it is you. Only you and I know it is you, for now.”

Tommy put his head in his hands and sighed. Time to put his plan into effect, he thought. He lifted his head and looked into Suzie’s face. “Thank you for showing this to me and please don’t tell anyone, Suzie.”

Suzie patted his hand and then held it. “I won’t Tommy, on one condition.”

Tommy looked at her, an inkling of what she had in mind forming in his brain. “And that condition is…?”

A smile flickered over her face and she could not suppress a giggle as she told him. “I would like a birthday present from you this weekend. Mom is going to New York with her boss and I asked her if you could stay with me so I would not be afraid to be alone.”

Tommy licked his lips and nodded. “This is blackmail, young lady,” He told her, a certain amount of asperity in his voice.

Suzie smiled and put out her tongue at him. “I know; Friday after work. You know the address; unless, of course, you want me to post this on the interoffice network for everyone to see.”

Tommy swatted her on the butt and then could not keep a smile from his face. “You are a very naughty girl, Suzie. I hope you get a lot of rest between now and Friday because you will not get much over the weekend.”

Suzie was very excited that Friday afternoon. She dressed, looked at herself in the mirror and changed, and changed, and changed again until she was satisfied with her outfit. A last look in the mirror convinced her that the mini skirt and scooped out blouse were the sexiest she could do, with the limited wardrobe her mother let her have. I’ll be glad when I’m in college, she muttered. Then I can dress as sexy as I wish.

She was a little shaky when she opened the door on the first ring. A smile filled her face when she saw Tommy standing there with a bouquet of flowers in one hand and a box of expensive imported chocolates in the other.

“Come in Tommy. Looks like you are going to spoil me in a big way.” She put the flowers in a vase and was about to open he chocolates when Tommy stopped her.

“No.” He told her. “Put them by the side of the bed. They are for later.”

Suzie was puzzled, but did as she was told. She felt Tommy’s arms go around her as she was bent over putting the candy down. A little thrill ran over her body when she felt his hard rod pressed into her ass. She raised herself and Tommy’s hands went around her, cupping her aching breasts.

“Ummmm. You feel very good Suzie.” Tommy told her, his hands massaging her now erect nipples, his cock still pressed tightly against the crack of her ass.

Suzie closed her eyes, a low moan of sexual pleasure issued from her mouth. She had fought off boys’ hands as long as she could remember. It was almost more than she could bear to feel the sexual excitement that was running through her body from Tommy’s insistent hands.

Tommy turned her around and kissed her, his tongue licking along her lips and then sliding between them.

Suzie shivered as she let her tongue play a love dance with Tommy’s; sucking his tongue deep within her mouth, licking it, then expelling it past her pursed lips. Her pussy pulsed excitedly when she felt Tommy’s hands cup her firm ass cheeks, pulling her crotch to his hard tool.

Lasciviously, she rotated her hips, rubbing her crotch against his cock. She had wanted to do this so often when one of her boyfriends got her motor running but had refrained, wanting to save herself for something better. God. I’m glad I did, she thought.

Her eyes closed, she tonguefucked Tommy as his fingers removed her blouse and bra with practiced moves. She shivered, waiting for his busy fingers to have her skirt and panties off as quickly.

She was startled, her eyes popping open as Tommy slid down her body. What’s this? She asked herself as she watched Tommy lift her skirt and put his face against her crotch.

Tommy, who had planned a masterful slow and tantalizing seduction of Suzie to tease her into screaming for him to fuck her, was overwhelmed by a desire to feel and taste her panties. He moaned as he slid his body down hers and lifted her skirt.

Suzie felt a sexual thrill like none other when Tommy’s arms went around her buttocks; holding her crotch to his cheeks. She could actually hear his deep nasal inhalations when he took in her sexual scent.

Instinctively she put her hands to his head, covered by her mini skirt, murmuring to him, her voice full of carnal promise. “Yes, Tommy. You have wanted to be there for a long time. Every time I have crossed my legs you have wanted to get your face there. Now you can have what you have ached to have.” She was shocked as she listened to herself. Where did these words come from, she wondered, a sexual shiver running over her body.

Tommy’s body trembled kocaeli escort bayan as he held his cheek to her crotch. Turning his face, he kissed that tiny band that separated his mouth from her pussy. His tongue licked up and down the cleft, pressing into her panties, his nose nudging her inner lips, agitating her little teen clit.

Suzie spread her legs and put her hands on Tommy’s shoulders to brace herself as Tommy’s mouth sucked at her panties, devouring the juices her pussy had been sending down her love channel, sucking up the drops of urine from the last time she has peed.

She shivered at the intensity of Tommy’s desire for her pussy and began to hump his face. It felt so good to have him there, to push her pussy at him, to know he wanted her, that he was not just doing her a favor. His lust for her pussy was plain. And her lust was beginning to take control of her body and mind.

Tommy sucked and licked at Suzie’s panties, lapping up the flavors that soaked the crotch of her panties. His hands squeezed her asscheeks, and then unfastened her skirt. He ducked his head out from under her skirt and pulled down her panties. His mouth was pressed to her crotch as soon as the panties hit the floor and he gave her pussy a soft, gentle kiss and then he stood up.

He stared at Suzie’s expectant face as he stripped quickly, throwing his clothes on the floor. He took her hand and led her down the familiar hallway to her bedroom. Once there he took her into his arms, lifted her onto the bed, and lay down next to her. As he did, he put his arms around her and began to kiss her passionately.

Suzie shivered when she felt his naked body next to hers, his hard cock pressed into her thigh. She opened her mouth to receive his kiss, her tongue probing his insistently. His mouth tasted of her body and she loved it. Her sexual temperature now soaring another notch when Tommy’s mouth moved from her mouth to one of her tits.

Tommy’s cock was dripping when he felt the stiff nipple of this virgin’s tit fill his mouth. He sucked and licked it, then filled his mouth with her breasts. His left hand was running up and down her body, his fingers teasing it gently.

Suzie squirmed when his hand brushed over her crotch, ruffling the silky curls of her pubic hair. She raised her hips when his hand cupped her pussy, pressing her fat lips into his hand. A few drops of perspiration broke out on her forehead when she felt his finger running up and down her slit, and then settling on her clit. A moan of sexual excitement fell from her lips as she pressed her sex against his finger.

Tommy licked and sucked her tits as his finger rubbed the hard little lovebud Suzie had denied to so many suitors. Her pussy juices were flowing, giving him plenty of fluid with which to manipulate her clit. Around and around, up and down her excited sexual center went his finger.

Suzie gasped when he inserted a finger between her excited pussy lips, his thumb rubbing her clit. A second finger and then a third began to fuck her dripping pussy, slowly, gently, in synch with the insistent movement of his thumb on her clit.

She licked her lips as she raised and lowered her hips, fucking Tommy’s fingers until the volcano that was the first orgasm a man had produced in her came roaring from between her legs. She held Tommy’s mouth to a breast as she climaxed. A low moan of carnal pleasure escaped from her lips; raw, guttural, sexual.

Tommy was also excited to feel Suzie climax. When he had brought her down, he began to lick and suck his way down her chest toward her pussy, pausing along the way to probe her navel with his tongue.

His hands fondled her breasts, tweaking her nipples, squeezing the firm yet soft flesh of her full breasts. He kissed her Mound, licking and sucking at her soft pubic hair, loving he tickly feeling of it against his skin.

Suzie opened her legs in anticipation of what was to come and was not disappointed when Tommy began to love the tender sensitive skin of her inner thighs with his mouth and tongue. Her head moved from side to side excitedly when his mouth moved from one thigh to the other, his lips planting a tender kiss on her anxious pussy lips.

Tommy licked and sucked at her thighs and licked and kissed along the crease that joined her pussy to her thighs. Finally, unable to control his desire any longer, he kissed her full, inflamed, engorged outer lips which were covered with her cum. He put his mouth around her lips and sucked the cum from her pussy and licked up every drop that had dribbled from her pussy down her thighs and ass.

Suzie shivered and almost cried out in joy when he took one of her little rose petals into his mouth, licking the soft, tender, delicious inner membrane then sucking this precious morsel of her sexuality into his mouth as he continued to lick at it.

Tommy then let his tongue slide quickly up and down between her eager pussy lips before sucking up and loving her other outer kocaeli escort labia. Lovingly he licked and sucked at this fat, rubbery piece of Suzie, pleasuring her and himself with the feel and taste of her.

It was all Suzie could do to control herself. She wanted desperately to grab Tommy by the back of his head and pull his mouth to her clit. Her body was tense with anxious anticipation. Then she took in a deep breath and closed her eyes, having decided to let Tommy follow his own pace. She was not disappointed.

He began to lick up and down her slit, now dappled once again with little drops of her precum juices. He sucked them up as he let his tongue snake its way between the puffed-up outer labia and along the rim of her vagina. Slowly he licked his way around, his hands all the while caressing her body from her breasts to her calves.

Around and around the entrance to her love hole went his tongue and then he inserted his love tool into her grasping pussy. Little by little he pushed his long, fat tongue inside her. In and out of her pussy went his instrument of love. He was thrilled to feel Suzie lift her hips as he pressed his tongue inside her hot pussy, fucking at his face, using her vaginal muscles to squeeze his tongue, to love it as he was loving her.

In and out of her pussy went his tongue, fucking and being fucked. Her vagina convulsed around his tongue, playing with it, squeezing and releasing it.

Excitedly Suzie put a finger to her clit and masturbated herself as she fucked Tommy’s face. “Yessss Tommy. God fuck my pussy with your tongue. I love it. I’m going to cum Tommy.” She gasped as she pressed her pussy hard against his face at the same time her thighs held his head in a vice grip.

Tommy was so excited he almost shot his load into the bed when he felt Suzie’s thighs clamp his head between them. It felt so good to be there; to be loving and to be loved, to feel her soar as she climaxed.

When she came down from her high Suzie’s thighs fell open, releasing Tommy from her grasp. She licked her lips and a little thrill ran over her body when she felt Tommy’s firm tongue licking up her cum. She licked her own lips as she felt him suck up and drink down her lovejuice. Her hands went to his head; her fingers ruffled his hair, and then raked his scalp.

Tommy’s tongue moved up between her outer labia to the tiny lips that once concealed her now erect clit. He licked around her clit, his tongue touching it lightly as he explored the most intimate secrets of her virgin body. Slowly his tongue encircled her rosebud then licked it up and down gently.

Suzie’s body quivered when she felt for the first time in her virgin life a man’s tongue making love to her clit. She ran her fingers over Tommy’s scalp and then caressed his cheeks as she murmured to him. “That feels so good Tommy. I have waited for this for so long. Yessss. Love my pussy Tommy. Suck and lick my clit. I’m so ready.”

And Tommy did. He licked up and down and around and around sending Suzie soaring. When he judged her ready, he put his mouth around her trembling clit and sucked it past his lips. He sucked her clit in and out of his mouth while his tongue licked the very tip lightly.

Suzie felt as if she were going to come apart as her climax began to roar through her body. Her thighs pressed against his cheeks tightly, hands clasped his face to her excited crotch as she soared through the most wonderful sexual experience she had ever had.

Tommy licked at her clit softly, holding the orgasm as long as he could and then bringing her down from her sexual high. And then he returned his mouth to her vaginal opening where he once again emptied her of her cum.

Suzie licked her lips excitedly as she felt her love cream dun down her channel and into Tommy’s mouth. She stretched her arms over her head and loved the way this raised her hips, thrusting her snatch against Tommy’s face.

Exuberantly, she put her hands behind Tommy’s head, holding his face to her keyed up pussy. She fucked his face as she raised and lowered her hips elatedly. Her voice full of the sexuality she felt she whispered to Tommy. “I love having you there, Tommy. I wish I could keep you there forever, licking and sucking at me and making me cum over and over again. Make me cum Tommy. I want to fill your mouth with my cum over and over.”

Well. Tommy was more than willing to oblige. He did lick and suck her little no longer virgin clit until she cried out for mercy, her body sore from tensing and releasing her muscles as she came.

They took a break and showered and had a snack. Tommy laughed as he told Suzie that making love was exciting but it consumed a lot of energy and they needed to replenish their bodies.

They cuddled on the bed, letting their food digest. Suzie dozed off in Tommy’s arms, dreaming of having his mouth on her pussy, licking and sucking each little rose petal of her labia until she begged him to lick her clit.

When she woke up Tommy opened the box of candy and put a piece in her mouth. She felt her pussy soar with excitement when Tommy kissed her, his tongue probing her mouth. As they tongue fucked his hands were all over her body, her breasts, her thighs, her tummy, her ass, loving her tenderly.

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