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College Sluts

Joey Comes Out by Obsidian Butterfly Joey was a freshman in college before he let himself admit that he was gay. He’d hid it his entire life because he’d always heard the other kids in school making jokes about it and thought it was a bad thing to be. He never dated anyone because he didn’t want to mislead anyone or hurt any of the girls by not being able to give them what they needed. Instead he dove head first into all of the extra after-school activities that he could fit into his schedule. The summer before his freshman year of college his parents had had a huge argument which led to his father filing for a divorce. Joey had never figured out what the fight was about and had never asked. In fact, the only thing that he asked was that he be allowed to stay living with his father as he was going to the local college and his mom was planning on moving back to her home town across country. So he stayed and lived with his dad and at the end of the summer was shocked when his dad asked him to stay home instead of moving to the dorms.

“Truth be told I just don’t want to be in this big ole house alone,” his dad confided at dinner one night, “I’d appreciate it if you stayed on while you are in school.”

“I’ll have to talk to housing and see how it affects my financial aid,” Joey told him, “but if anything I can always live in the dorm the first semester and move back home after that.”

“You make sure to talk to them before school starts okay,” his dad said with a finality in his voice that told Joey the conversation was over.

The next day Joey went to the college and talked with the housing director and financial aid. He was happy to tell his father that it wouldn’t affect anything and he could stay home. He went and got all of the stuff to cook his dad’s favorite meal, steak and potatoes, making sure to have the butcher help him pick the two best steaks. He was just setting the steaks and the potatoes on the grill in the backyard when he heard his dad pull up. Rushing back into the kitchen he grabbed two ice cold beers out of the fridge and headed back outside, opening both bottles. He heard the front door shut and his dads heavy footsteps on the stairs as he headed up for his daily shower.

“Dinner should be done by the time your out of the shower,” he hollered through the door.

“Swell,” his dad yelled back, “I’m fucking starving.”

His dad came downstairs about 30 minutes later wearing nothing but his tattered old robe. He’d had that thing ever since Joey could remember and it was covered in holes and missing both belt loops. Half the time his dad didn’t even tie it, just threw it on over a pair of his underwear, and today was no different. It swung open in the breeze as he came outside and Joey froze solid and forgot what he was doing. His dad wasn’t wearing anything under his robe like normal, just letting his cock flop around as he walked. Joey was staring at the uncut member trying to guess how thick and long it would get when it was hard, surely it couldn’t grow any larger than it already was. He hadn’t realized how long he’d been staring at his dad’s crotch until something hit him in the head.

“There something interesting down there Joey,” he dad chuckled as he tossed a bottle cap at his head?

“Uh…” Joey stammered, “huh…what?”

“You’ve been staring at my cock since I walked outside. Staring at it like you’ve never seen one before or something.”

“Sorry, I just…ummmm…I just never realized how big yours was.”

“It’s okay son, I’m not gonna bite your head of.”

“Thanks…anyways, I hope your hungry dad.”

“Starved, what’s for dinner Chef Joey?”

“Well for starters a cold beer,” he said as he handed a beer to his dad, “and then steak and potatoes fresh off the grill just like you like.”

“You trying to butter me up? Did your talk not go well at the school today?”

“Well dad, it’s just that…”

“I knew I was going to start losing you as soon as you went to college.”

“Wait, dad, it’s not like that. They said…”

“I don’t care what they said,” his dad almost yelled.

“Dad would you shut up and listen to me for fuck sake. Jesus, I’m not dying. They said it was okay to back out of the dorm and stay on at home.”

“That’s great son,” his dad said almost crying as he reached to pull him into the biggest hug he’d probably ever given him, “that’s just great.”

Joey didn’t want his dad to stop hugging him, afraid that when he let go he would notice the effect it had on him as his jeans started to bulge. He maneuvered himself sideways so he could still hug his dad while he pulled the rest of dinner off the grill. Thankfully he was distracted enough that his cock started to relax and the tent in his jeans faded. He let go of his dad and plated up their dinner and took it to the small table that sat in the back yard. His dad followed carrying two more cold beers and popping them open as they sat down. Joey couldn’t help but notice that as he sat down he spread his legs as wide as he comfortably could. As he looked at his dads cock he felt his own stir in his jeans again, this time using their dinner as a way to gaziantep escort distract himself and calm his cock down again. He couldn’t be thinking like this about his dad, wondering what it would be like to lay with him, he hadn’t even told him he was gay yet. And still, there he was watching his dads cock while they ate and wondering how it must feel and taste.

Half way through dinner his dad had reached down to adjust himself and Joey noticed his hand had never come back to the table. He risked glancing down and noticed that his dad was slowly teasing his cock into hardness. As he watched his dad began to stroke himself, all the while continuing to eat his dinner. Joey felt himself get hard and had to readjust himself in order to get more comfortable. He tried to do it nonchalantly but it didn’t work very well.

“If you are getting hard to just take your clothes off and let it hang.”


“You are squirming like you have a hard-on. Don’t worry we are both men, it’s normal to play with it.”

“I don’t know. I mean you are my dad.”


“Well…I mean this isn’t how this was supposed to go,” Joey said as he got up and walked into the house, heading for his room.

“Hold on a minute son. This isn’t how what was supposed to go?”

“I’m gay dad,” Joey spat as he turned around in his doorway, “and seeing you play with your cock is what excited me. I wanted to be the one playing with it not just watching you do it. Okay.”

“I…umm…I don’t know what to say.”

“It’s fine dad, you weren’t supposed to find out anyway, just forget about it,” Joey said as he closed his door.

“I still love you Joey, I will never stop loving you,” his dad said through his door, “I swear to you this won’t change anything between us.”

Joey started crying as he listened to his dad swear that nothing would change. But it had to didn’t it, I mean he had just told him that he was wishing he could be the one playing with his cock. That’s not something that a normal boy told his father at the same time he comes out of the closet. He fell asleep crying and thinking about everything that had happened that night, playing it over in his mind. He woke up slightly when he felt the edge of his bed move. As he rolled over he was barely aware of who was sitting there, and thinking he was dreaming still he just reached out and pulled the figure closer to him and snuggled into it. As he snuggled closer and started to drift back into a deeper sleep he felt the figure begin to run it’s fingers through his hair and gently kiss the top of his head. It wasn’t until the person started talking that he snapped awake with a start.

“I’m sorry to wake you up son, I couldn’t sleep thinking about how upset you were. I’m so sorry that I upset you.”

“Dad,” he asked with an air of shock in his voice?

“Yes. It’s me Joey. I just had to come in and let you know I still love you. I couldn’t bear you being in here being upset and all alone. You are never alone as long as I am alive.”

He bent down to kiss Joey’s forehead but at the same time Joey lifted his head to say something. As a result his dads kiss landed softly against his mouth and both men hesitated when they realized what was happening. They moved to separate but Joey’s dad surprised him by curling his hand against the back of his head and holding him in the kiss. He didn’t know what to do so he let his dad take the lead and followed what he did. He felt his dads mouth open slightly and opened his in return. Slowly, and with slight hesitation his dad slid his tongue into his mouth and began to kiss him as deeply and gently as he dared. Joey decided, in his half groggy state, that he didn’t want to hide how he felt about his dad any more and sucked his tongue as far as he could into his mouth. While the two kissed he worked his dads tongue the way he’d always dreamed of working his cock, sucking it into his mouth and teasing it with his own tongue before letting it go again.

“My God Joey you are an amazing kisser. Who taught you how to kiss like that?”

“Honestly dad, I was just thinking about what I wanted to do to your cock and doing it to your tongue instead.”

“Really? You want my cock in your mouth?”

“Yes dad. For the past two years I’ve fantasized about what it would be like to have you inside of me, to be totally yours.”

“How come you never said anything before,” his dad asked as he gently began running his hand up and down his chest and stomach?

“Because I didn’t know how to tell you I was gay, much less tell you that I wanted to be your lover.”

“So why tonight?”

“It just sort of came out after dinner, I’m sorry dad.”

“It’s okay son. If I’m being honest I’ve been watching you for about a year myself.”


“Yeah, you have a nice body on you kid,” his dad said as he cautiously moved his hand below the waistline of the jeans he was still wearing.

“Mmmm, don’t stop dad. That feels good.”

“Have you been with anyone yet,” his dad asked as he grazed the head of his cock?

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“No. No one,” Joey moaned as he curled his head into his dads chest.

“Do you want that to change?”

“Only if it is with you, here, tonight.”

“I think I’d be okay with that,” his dad said as he wrapped his hand around his know throbbing cock and kissing the top of his head.

Joey slowly reached out for his dad’s thigh as he spread his legs even further apart so his dad could play with him. As his hand moved closer to what he was craving his dad started to undo his jeans and try to take them off. Joey quickly pulled off both his jeans and his underwear and laid there completely naked and hard while his dad traced his hand up and down his body, from thigh to shoulder. He reached over and grabbed his dads cock, amazed and how thick and smooth it felt in his hand, and began stroking it. He was just as shocked as he was thrilled to finally have his hand around it that he just held it for a few moments, coveting the way it felt. His dad, in turn, grabbed his cock and they both began stroking each other as they turned to kiss again.

Breaking away from the kiss Joey turned his entire body towards his dad, curling his leg up and over his midsection. Slowly he kept moving until he was completely straddling his dad, his cock pressing into his now aching balls. He lowered himself and began to gently kiss his dads chest, stopping only to chew on his nipples as hard as he dared. Each time he bit down his dad would grind his cock into Joey’s balls and taint, groaning with pleasure. Joey took this as his queue to keep going so he slowly began kissing his way down his dads torso until he could feel his dads rough patch of hair against his chin. He moved slightly so that he could kiss each of his dads thighs as he pushed them gently apart, he wanted to savor the sight of his dads throbbing cock as long as he could. After a few moments he felt his dads hand curl across the back of his head and gently, yet firmly, pull his face closer to his cock.

Joey opened his mouth and let the head of his dads cock slowly slip across his lips and press against his tongue. He flicked the tip of his tongue against the slit in his dads cock and savored the fluid that was dripping from it, and the sensation of the firm smooth head in his mouth. Taking a deep breath he slowly drew the pulsing cock into his mouth until his nose was buried in the thick rough hair surrounding his dads cock. He held himself there, even though he was starting to gag, and inhaled his dads scent through his nose. He enjoyed it so much he almost forgot about his dads cock trying to push it’s way deeper into the back of his throat. He pulled himself up off the shaft of the cock but kept working his tongue over the head.

“Oh. My. God. Joey. Where did you learn how to do that?”

“I watch a lot of porn and have been fantasizing about your cock, remember. I want to do my best to make this a night neither one of us will forget.”

“No matter what we do I am sure I’m never going to forget tonight,” he moaned as he pulled Joey’s face back onto his cock.

While he was sucking his dads cock Joey decided to go one step further. He pushed firmly on his dads thighs showing him that he wanted them to be opened wider. When his dad spread his legs Joey moved to his balls and slid his hand under his dads ass, letting two of his fingers slip into the crack and search for his dads hole. He knew he found it because as he did his dad shivered and moaned telling him not to stop. As he worked his dads balls over with his tongue and mouth he began teasing his hole with his two fingers. Pulling back from his balls Joey brought his fingers to his mouth and sucked the taste of his dads hole from his finger tips. With a grin he reached to lift his dads leg so that he could find that sweet hole with his tongue. His dad took the hint and grabbed both of his legs behind the knees and lifted them as close to his chest as he could, exposing his pink quivering hole to his son. Joey lowered his face into his dads ass and tentatively flicked his tongue against the puckered hole. His whole body convulsed this time as he moaned in pleasure. Joey felt his hand against the back of his head as his dad pressed him tightly against his hole. As soon as he was being smothered by his dads ass he began to make out with the delicious hole that he’d wanted to taste for two years, treating it much the same as he did when he kissed his dad.

His dad finally couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed his head to pull him up and kiss him. As their mouths met and their tongues danced his dad slid his hand between his ass cheeks and found his tight virgin hole. When Joey moaned into his mouth he he slowly pressed against the tight opening, wiggling his finger as he did. Joey broke their kiss and ground himself back against his dads finger and as he did he watched with a smile as his dad licked a finger on his free hand, leaving it incredibly wet. When he bent over to kiss him again his dad used the spit slick finger to penetrate his hole for the very first time. Joey moaned and immediately ground his ass back, pushing his dads finger in as far as he could rus escort get it. They lay like that for about 10 minutes, kissing each other while his dad slowly started fucking him with his finger. When his dad pulled his finger out he was bummed until his dad told him to turn around and put his ass in his face while he sucked his cock. Joey obeyed immediately, turning around so that he was sitting with his hole right on his dads mouth. He waited until he felt his dads tongue flick out and brush against his hole before he dove onto his dads cock and swallowed it down in one breath. As he did this he felt his dads tongue plunge into his hole, and both men moaned loudly in unison. For about 30 minutes they enjoyed this position, Joey sucking his dads cock and his dad tongue-fucking his virgin hole. When his jaw couldn’t take anymore he sat up and let his dad eat him out for a few more minutes before turning around and kissing him rather aggressively.

“I love the taste of my hole on your mouth daddy,” he said as he pulled away from the kiss.

“I love the taste of my cock in yours,” his dad said with a chuckle.

“Will you please fuck me daddy?”

“I think your hole is probably ready for it.”

“I’ve waited so long to feel a cock inside me. I want so much for my first time to be you.”

He reached behind him and grabbed a hold of his dads cock, stroking it while he got himself into a better position. When he felt the head of his dads cock brush against his hole he knew it was in the right spot and he began lowering himself on to it. As it pressed against his hole he took a deep breath and pushed his hole out letting it pop into him. He knew it would hurt his first time but the rush of pain that ran through him caused him to cry out anyway. His dad put his hands on his thighs and began to massage them trying to distract him as he let his hole adjust to the invasion. As he relaxed he let himself start to sit back on his dads cock, letting it slide the rest of the way inside of him, until he felt his dads rough patch of hair pressing against him. When it was finally all the way inside his hole he leaned forward and kissed his dad as he slowly began to rock his hips back and forth. Both Joey and his dad started moaning in unison as his dad took a firm hold on his hips and started rocking to match Joey’s rhythm. Soon he used his hands on Joey’s hips to hold him still so he could fuck him while they kissed, using long slow strokes at first.

Joey was so lost in the ecstasy of the moment that he didn’t notice his dad was trying to reposition them until his dad tossed him to the side of the bed. Joey hardly had any time to react though because his dad was flipping him onto his stomach and Joey finally understood what was going on. He pulled his knees up under himself and presented his hole to his dad who quickly pushed his cock back inside of him. This time there was just pure animal lust as his dad began to fuck him, slamming himself deep into Joey’s ass and pulling almost all the way out with each stroke.

“Faster daddy, fuck me faster.”

“You like that cock slamming into your virgin ass son?”

“God yes daddy, please fuck me faster,” Joey moaned as he buried his face into the pillows.

“Your ass is so fucking tight son, if I go any faster I’m gonna shoot my load.”

“Do it daddy, please, fill my hole for me!”

His dad picked up his speed and began fucking Joey as fast as he could. He was so lost in the feeling of his dads cock tearing his ass up that he had totally neglected his own cock and was almost shocked when his dad reached around and grabbed it. His dad started stroking him to match the rhythm of his cock slamming into his hole and the sensation drove Joey crazy. He felt himself start to orgasm and tried to keep his ass from clenching around his dads cock but couldn’t stop it. As his cock began spewing cum his dad slammed his cock into and Joey felt it convulse inside his hole seconds before he felt the warm sensation flowing into his gut. He knew that his dad was cumming inside of him and he pushed his as back into him so that he could hold on to his cock as long as possible. He wanted to enjoy this moment and ensure he’d remember every detail. Finally his dad collapse against his back, pinning him to the bed, and kissed his neck and shoulders as he let his cock slowly slide out of his hole. Joey rolled over underneath his father and brought his face down so he could kiss him.

“Thank you for being my first dad, I love you so much.”

“I love you too Joey.”

“Can we do this again?”

“We can do it all the time, any time you want.”

“In that case I better move my things into your room,” Joey said with a smile hoping his dad would get the hint.

“I guess we better,” his dad said as he kissed him, “but lets just sleep here tonight.”

“Okay daddy,” Joey said as he rolled over and pressed himself back into the curve of his dads body.

And that’s how they slept the first night of their new relationship. Joey pressed against his dad and his dads body curved around him perfectly. The next day they moved Joey’s stuff into his dads room and turning Joey’s now empty room into a guest room. Every night for the first year they were together they would make love before curling into one another and going to sleep. Joey thought life couldn’t get any better and his dad hadn’t been this happy even when he was married.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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