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The Best Birthday Gift Ever

****Well, my birthday just passed, and once more, I dreamed of getting the one thing that I simply know I cannot have. This story was inspired by a diaper boy picture I saw on the morning of my birthday, and the resulting waking fantasy I had because of him. Sadly, not a shred of this story is or could ever be true, but that does not mean I cannot dream right. As always, I wrote this down for my own pleasure, and shall share it with those who may enjoy this sort of story. Please note that it is a gay, incest, boy loving, diaper loving, story, and if this is not the sort of thing that you are into, then I welcome you to leave now. However, should you desire to read this story, and for whatever reason you may not be allowed to, if you choose to do so, you do so at your own risk. I cannot and will not stop you from doing so. I would love to hear from you your comments on this story, so, email me at erigh5748 at ail. For a list of all my other stories, for there are many, you can find them in the Nifty prolific authors section, under EricH. Speaking of Nifty, if you enjoy the stories there, then maybe making a donation to their cause would be a great way to show everyone how much you love their stories. I hope that you enjoy.****

This morning is my birthday, I am far older than I honestly ever thought I would make it, already well into my forties. I have an eight year old son who I love more than anything in this entire world, and he had been nothing more than a massive surprise. The single best surprise of my life. I had been at an orgy, one of the only ones where there had been both males and females, all of us almost fully gay, all of us diaper lovers to the extreme. A shockingly pretty female who had also been fully gay, had asked me, she said a shockingly pretty man, to be her one and only male partner, we were protected, though apparently not as well as we had thought, because nine months later, I had a baby boy.

Why did I never think I would make it this far, well, I was a partier, a slut, I liked it dirty and kinky, I liked em big and hard, and while I loved to be fucked most of all, I also loved to fuck on occasion. We did not always wear all the protection that we should have worn, and I had known from a young age that I would likely meet my end with some STD, which one I had no idea, but the biggest one was of course AIDS, which we all worried about. All my friends and I tested regularly, but still, we all thought that eventually one of us would get infected, and then that”d be it. Somehow we managed to not though.

Since the day my baby boy was delivered to me, I have not once been a dirty slut. I now had someone to live for and to love fully. Of course, I have still had my partners over the years, just not near as many as before. He had been almost a week old when I found out I even had a child, she had not told me, but she could not do it, she admitted that she simply was not the parental type, and had asked me if I would take him. One look and I was lost.

My baby boy is a shockingly pretty baby boy as well, a good mix of both his mother and me in him. He is tall and slender, long blonde hair with pale blue eyes, nice full red lips, cute little ears, dimples in his cheeks, and freckles on his upper cheeks and the bridge of his nose. Some have mistaken him for a girl, yet most can easily see that he is most certainly a boy. I have suspected right from the time that he was two that he was going to be gay, and a diaper lover from the time he was three.

His name is Jared, I had of course not chosen it, but it is a nice name. I still call him Baby most often though. He had been a very late potty trainer, at least for pee. I had had him pooping in the potty right from the time he was two, but he was damn near five by the time I was able to officially call him peepee potty trained. I suppose that this is mostly my fault, I honestly did not want to potty train him at all, and I do honestly think that he would have been very happy with that. I do still diaper Jared for bed every night, though I have never once offered my baby boy anything but thick thirsty tape on baby diapers. He loves his diaper time.

The first time I suspected that Jared was going to be gay when he was two, was because of when I was diapering him one evening. I was getting him ready for bed, he had just had his bath, I had given him his baby lotion massage to settle him down, and I was just creaming him up to tape him into his cute little Pampers baby diaper. He was always a right little moaner every time I lotioned his little baby bum hole, and once more, I suppose that I maybe did massage this particular area a little more intimately than I was supposed to, but I swear, I never once entered him, until that night, but it was not my fault.

Jared grabbed my hand with his little hand, and slipped my finger as deep inside himself as he could take it. Well, I came instantly in my soggy diaper. Once the shock wore off, I realized that Jared was jacking my finger inside himself, and was even harder than he normally was at diaper changes. Just as I came down, he exploded in what I can only assume was his first orgasm, but possibly not, I have no idea. He pulsed and quaked, and he squeaked and moaned, it was pretty intense. I slipped my finger out of him, and then taped him up good and thick.

From that day on, Jared tried to make me finger him at every diaper change, but I could not, would not go down that road. I could not and would not hurt my baby boy by allowing my dick to do all the thinking, and what it wanted was far too much for my baby boy. I would just pull my hand away and say, sorry, no Baby. I did buy Jared a few toys that I am certain he used in ways that they were not strictly intended, but, I am certain that a toy lightsaber was not just Jared”s first dildo, I am willing to bet that many a gay baby boy used his lightsaber as his first dildo as well. Also a toy torpedo bath toy, his first was fairly small, but I have since upgraded him a couple times. I still change him into his diapers every night, and change him out of them every morning, I see the evidence, I know how much he seems to need it.

Why do I think he is a diaper lover as well. Well, because he certainly never complains about the fact that I diaper him at night, and in thick thirsty tape on baby diapers, and I do call them that. Also, I do not diaper him up right before bed most nights, sometimes gaziantep escort easily an hour or sometimes even two before so, and he is always at least a little soggy. Some nights I barely have his diaper taped on when he pees it, I always conveniently do not see this, though I always do. Then there is the fact that I know for a fact that he goes through his diapers faster than he should, I also conveniently never see this, and let him wear them as often as he feels comfortable doing so.

This year, my birthday happened to fall on a Sunday, and Jared had asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday, and I said nothing, just spend it with my baby. He said okay.

I laid in bed for almost half an hour after waking up, I can hear Jared in his bedroom, it sounds like is sucking himself and finger fucking himself again, I have caught him doing as much a few times, though sometimes he has one of his toys inside himself, usually with his diaper pulled aside in the back and pushed down in the front. About ten minutes after I hear him cum and come down, I decide to get up. I headed to my baby”s bedroom.

“Good morning Baby, when did you wake up?” I said when I walked in, he is laying on his back, his blankets thrown off, and he has his knees drawn up and pushed out slightly, exposing his very nice soggy diaper. I always love it when he displays himself like this.

“About half an hour ago, I suppose. Happy birthday Daddy. I have a special gift for you.”

“Thank you Baby.”

“Do you wanna know what it is?”

“Sure Baby, where is it?”

“You”re looking at your gift Daddy.”

“All I see is you Baby.”

“That”s because I”m your gift Daddy. I know you”re a gay baby boy diaper lover, and I know you know I am too, and I want you to diaper fuck me like the gay baby boy diaper lover I am. I”m finally ready for you, I know I am. I already prepared my gay baby boy pussy, and I want you to fuck me and fill me as full as you can, and I want you to keep fucking and filling me “til you can”t possibly fuck me and fill me any more.”

“Oh Baby, that”s a beautiful gift to offer, and I would love nothing more than to do just that, but I haveta refuse. I promised myself the first time you made me finger fuck you when you were two that I simply couldn”t ever hurt you in that way.”

“I made you finger fuck me when I was two?”

“Yeah, I was lotioning and creaming you up for your baby diaper, and you grabbed my hand and rammed my finger inside yourself, it was too much, I came and filled the front of my diaper instantly, and just as I came down, you were still fucking yourself with my finger, you came. I taped you up, and after that, I hadta be very careful with you. I knew what you wanted, and I know you even think you need it with a man, but not me Baby, you haveta find yourself a boy your age to help you with that. It”s just too illegal.”

“But Daddy, I really want it, I want you to be my first. I read your diary, I know you were a slut, well, I wanna be as well. I know you had your first man when you were a little older than me, and I know you fucked boys that you were certain weren”t as old as they said they were. I”ll never tell Daddy, I want it so bad, and I want you to be my first.”

“I know you”d never tell Baby, and I want it so much more than I can say, truly I do, but please, no, never ask me again. I simply cannot do that to you, be that person for you.”

“No Daddy, I won”t, I am your birthday gift, and you haveta come open me up, use your gift fully, I prepared my gay baby boy diaper loving pussy good so that you could fuck me and fill me as properly as I”ve been dreaming of for so fucking long.”

“I know, I heard you. I doubt you prepared yourself enough for me though Baby, I”m not exactly small.”

“I know Daddy, I”ve spied.”

“Yeah, I know, I”ve felt you watching me several times.”

“Yeah, well, I felt you watching me several times too.”

“Yeah, you”re pretty hot.”

“I can take my fist, did you know that?”

“No, but considering what your little gay baby boy pussy has looked like these past couple weeks, I did think that maybe you”d upgraded again, and that maybe, just maybe you”d taken your whole hand, because I was already pretty sure you”d been upta four fingers.”

“Yeah, two weeks ago was when I first managed, it hurt a little, but it was fine.”

“And how”d you enjoy that new torpedo bath toy I bought you, it was the largest one I could find?”

“I wondered if you knew what you were doing when you bought those. Fuck, they”re amazing, but your big gay baby diapered cock”s gonna feel far better as it slips as deep inside my gay baby diapered boy pussy as it can go.”

“Yeah, your lightsaber and your first bathtub torpedo were my answer to your little baby bum seeming needing to be filled, and you sure did use them too. I don”t think it was even a whole day after I bought you the lightsaber that you realized how good it felt inside your hot little Pampered pussy.”

“So, you bought me the toys I needed to learn, yet you won”t fuck me silly?”

“No, Baby, I won”t. I”d do anything for you, but not that.”

“Daddy, you know I”m gonna get it, even if I haveta come and get it while you sleep. I need your big gay diapered daddy dick buried deep inside my gay baby diapered bum. So, come and get your birthday present Daddy, you may as well get to enjoy it right from the start, because I will have your dick inside me, and soon.”

“I”ll lock my door.”

“You”ll haveta buy a lock, and I”ll check it every night. The first time you forget to lock it Daddy, your cock”s gonna be inside my gay baby diapered bum.”

“Baby, no, I haveta put my foot down on this.”

“The only thing that”s going down Daddy, is you, on me, now, come fuck me, fill me, cum in my gay baby diapered bum, piss in my gay baby diapered pussy, and then piss fuck my cummy pissy pussy like I deserve.”



“I said no, Baby, and that”s final.” I said, though I am so fucking horny right now it is not even funny, it is taking more control than I thought I would have to say no. Deep down, I”ve known this day was coming, but I have told myself repeatedly that I cannot succumb to his charms and or requests.

And then he pounced on me. I had not even really seen suriyeli escort him move, one second he was still laying on his back so suggestively, the next he was in my arms, pressing his lips to mine, kissing me deeply.

Jared has always been a very touchy feely little boy, he has always loved to be held and hugged and kissed, and he loves to hug and kiss me as well. He has attempted to slip me the tongue dozens of times, but I just bite down on it hard enough to tell him no, but gently enough to not hurt him, and then when he lets go, he always pouted at me and told me, that hurt, and I would just say, then don”t do that.

This time when I tried to bite his tongue, he bit my lip, hard, he is holding my head, and though I am trying to fight him, to dislodge him, I cannot, he is sucking all the energy and will to fight right out of me.

He had me swooning, when next thing I know, he has crawled up my body like a bloody monkey, wrapped his legs over my shoulders, and pushed his hot little diapered erection against my face. I can smell the wondrous scent of his soggy diaper, a scent I have enjoyed hundreds of times. I have happily sniffed, and even sucked his baby diapers after removing them from him.

Jared still comes to my bedroom every morning to get his baby diaper removed, so that he can go have his shower, and as soon as he is gone, I press it to my face and drink in both his scent and his actual piss. I know I should not have, but I never could help it, I have always loved his scent and taste.

Jared then pushed down the front of his soggy diaper, slipped his entire package into my mouth, and then he grasped me by the back of my head again, and pretty much mouth fucked me. He came in only about fifteen or twenty seconds, and as soon as he finished cumming, my dirty little boy peed in my mouth, giving me his entire morning load.

Well, that is all I can take, I reach up and grasp my baby boys baby diapered bum, knead it, massage it, and then poke a hole right in the seat. I then slip three of my fingers deep inside my baby.

“Mmm, yeah Daddy, finger fuck my sloppy slutty gay baby boy pussy good, feel how sloppy and slutty I really am, and how easily I”m gonna take that nice big gay baby diapered cock of yours.”

He is right, because within only a few seconds, I am able to slip my fourth finger inside my baby, and as I do, he only moans deeply.

“Mmmm, yeah Daddy, that”s it. Now, lay me down, strip off your robe and expose that hot soggy baby diaper, poke a hole in it and let me see that big gay baby diapered dick you”re packing, and then fuck me with it.”

Instead of answering, instead of refusing like I should be doing, I did as I was told. As soon as I had Jared back on the bed, he moved back into the same position that he was in when I entered his room this morning, only now he has a nice big hole in his diaper as well. He is beyond sexy, laying there like that, and oh how I have dreamed of this day, though I knew it was never gonna happen, well, I knew it should never happen. I suspected long ago that Jared would attempt this, but I swore that I would never take his bait and do what I am about to do.

I poked the hole in the front of my super soggy baby diaper, pulled out my rather large erection, and Jared groaned from deep within at seeing it up close for the first time. I crawled onto the bed, lining up to my own personal heaven, and then slipped inside my baby”s soggy diaper. Without pausing, without verifying that this is what he really wants, I am far too far past that point now, I just slipped all the way inside my baby, as far as I could possibly go, I am simply not satisfied until our hot soggy baby diapers are pressed together as much as they can be.

“Oh fuck me, so fucking good.” Is all Jared moaned deeply as I slipped all in. And then, “Oh god yeah, I took it all, fuck me, so fucking good.”

“Oh god Baby, so wrong, so right, so fucking good. Not since I was your age did I have a baby boy as young as you. You”re so fucking tight, so hot, so soft.”

“Mmmm, definitely so fucking right, now do it, baby diaper fuck me Daddy.”

“Oh yeah.”

And so I started, though I am going as slow as I possibly can, truly making love for my first ever time in my life. I have only ever fucked and been fucked, I have never made love, and be damned if I had known there was a difference until this very moment. I love my baby so much that I still do not wish to hurt him, and if I go too fast, I easily could, he is still so shockingly tight.

The sounds that Jared is making as I make love to him though are ones of utter contentment, he is damn near purring, and he is moaning and sighing so tenderly, he is rubbing his soft and tender hands all up and down my back, just touching me as softly and tenderly as he can.

I am too fucking horny though, I had went insanely hard as my baby made his offer to me this morning, and in the following few minutes as I tried to turn him down, I had only gotten more and more so. I last at most three minutes, before I simply exploded inside my baby. I filled him fully of the cum that made him, and yes, I had gone and gotten him tested, he is mine completely and totally, no questions. And then, because I know how much he wants it, every bit as much as I had wanted it at his age as well, I peed deeply inside him. I had pressed in as far as I could, so that I could fill my baby up, and the moan he let out as I first filled him with cum, and now my pee, is probably the same one I let out my first time as well. I had finally gotten what I had known I needed for a long time, and I was finally whole, Jared sounds exactly like that. I think he just found the one thing that makes him whole as well.

Far from being done, I continue making love to my baby. He wants it long and to be fucked and filled as full as I can fill him, well, I am going to do just that, though, for the first time ever, I am not fucking. Five minutes later, I cum again, filling my baby even more, and still I continue going. Ten minutes later, I cum again, and fill him more, and still I keep going. My final cum comes almost twenty minutes later, and I went soft before I even finished cumming.

The entire time I made love to my baby, he was moaning and sighing, deeply, lowly, contentedly, still very nearly purring, it was amongst the most sexy sounds I have ever heard as I listened to my baby finally rus escort getting what he has so desperately needed since he was two.

“Mmmm, Daddy, that was amazing. I can”t wait “til you fuck me again.”

“I”m never gonna fuck you Baby. As we were going, I realized we were making sweet tender love. I”ve never felt it before, but it was so gloriously different, and so I”ll never fuck you.”

“Mmmm, I like that Daddy. Now, Daddy, I”d really like a butt plug in my very sloppy gay baby bum hole, then I want for you to diaper me up good and proper.”

“Okay Baby.”

“Oh, and Daddy, I”m never ever ever ever gonna peepee in a potty ever again, so you”re gonna needta keep me in my thick thirsty tape on baby diapers all day, every day, no matter what.”

“Definitely okay Baby.”

“Good. Why”d you peepee potty train me anyway Daddy?”

“Didn”t wanna, that”s for sure, but it was the right thing to do, I couldn”t force what I wanted on you. Though, I did know you were already a diaper lover anyway, I still hadta try. I also turned a blind eye to the amount of diapers you went through on your own, and I always missed when you were a super soggy baby boy, yet I”m certain I always knew.”

“Yeah, well, I”m pretty sure I always knew you were too.”

“Yeah, and I thought for sure when you were four and I was really trying to peepee potty train you Baby, that you”d say you wear all day, so why can”t I. Had you”ve done so, I probably would”ve let you too.”

“Great, now you tell me.”

“Yeah, well, I was already pretty sure you knew about me by then anyway, so the rest hadta be upta you.”

“True, I suppose. I always wished you”d catch me wearing my diapers, confront me, and then maybe I”d get them all day every day, and I wanted you to change me every day like you always did for bedtime. Oh, and Daddy, I know you love to sniff and suck my baby diapers. Well, I do too.”

“Good, because yeah, have since you were handed over to me. You”ve always had delicious pee.”

“Can”t wait “til I get to try yours.”

“Well, as soon as I”m finished diapering you up Baby, I want you to change my soggy baby diaper, and I think it”s more than soggy enough to get some from to enjoy.”


Because I truly am a diaper lover, and I know that Jared is too, I wish to show him how a real baby boy diaper lover deserves his baby diapers. I went to my room and grabbed everything that we need and brought it back. I removed Jared”s super soggy ruined baby diaper, exposed his nice sloppy little hole, and then promptly plugged it the way he needs. I then took one of his regular and already ultra thick diapers, poked a huge amount of small holes in it, put that onto him, and then put an even bigger and thicker diaper over top of that, only I also slipped in a super thirsty diaper doubler into that as well. I then proceeded to tape it on him with the packing tape so well that it will not easily come off.

“There you go Baby, how”s that?”

“Mmmm, so fucking nice, me likey.”

“Good, now it”s my turn, triple diaper me like the gay baby boy diaper lover I am.”

“Wicked.” He said, and then hopped up so that I could take his place.

As Jared diapered me, he talked.

“So, Daddy, I want you to share me with all your friends, and I want you to share them all with me.”

“Oh Baby, that”s gonna be difficult, you”re insanely illegal, remember. I can”t guarantee how many of my friends would be okay with fucking such a little baby boy.”

“I know, but if you were to bring them over, and I just so happened to catch you, and then came in and joined in on the fun, and made them fuck me, then I bet we could have lotsa fun.”

“We”ll see Baby. Right now, honestly, I just wanna keep you to myself, enjoy you and me together for a bit first, and maybe, just maybe, in the future, we can talk about it, okay.”

“Okay, I suppose so. I want you to baby diaper fuck me every day though Daddy, and I wanna taste your cum and piss too, which, by the way, tastes amazing from your soggy baby diaper.” He said, because he had had to pause to suck my diaper nearly dry, at least that is what it sounded like.

“I”d love that as well Baby, and I”m glad that you enjoyed it as much as I”ve enjoyed yours.”


I was diapered and taped up good and proper moments later, then I led my baby to the kitchen to get some breakfast and lots and lots to drink. For the entire day, we had lots of fun, and three times we saturated our super thick diapers, and at every diaper change, Jared wanted me to fuck him and fill him, saying that it is my birthday, and that I should get to fuck as much as I possibly can, and that tomorrow is soon enough for him to get to fuck me and fill me up. I just love my baby boy, and have enjoyed my gift to his fullest. And it truly was the gift that just kept on giving and giving, because Jared never went much further than my bed, he never found a boyfriend his own age, though he fucked dozens, maybe hundreds, he claimed that I truly am his one and only, well, I felt the same way. We shared some truly spectacular orgies together, our first not even six months after our first time together, and it was beyond compare or even description, and most after that were almost as good.

Since that day, there has not been one day where we did not keep each other in diapers, there was not one day where we did not get in at least a little loving, and we continue to love each other more and more every day.

It was also about three months after we started that someone in Jared”s school found out that he was diapered, well, Jared brought that boy home, diapered him, and diaper fucked him so much that he was delirious, and he has been a repeat visitor since, and he has not been the only one. We share each others friends though, and we have all had an amazing time because of it, and Jared has now gotten damn near as many boys into diapers as I have, and because he is even more insatiable than I am, as well his gaydar was shockingly accurate, when he set his sights on a boy, he never once missed his mark. Virtually every one of them had been against wearing diapers at first, yet every one of them are still full on diaper lovers to this day.

So, that there was the very best birthday a gay baby boy diaper loving slut could possibly ask for. I could not have asked for more, and I love my baby boy so fucking much.

****Well, there you have it, I think probably my shortest story to date, but it was meant to be. I hope that you enjoyed it, and I hope to hear from you. Thanks for reading.****

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