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Becoming a Boy 41

This work of fiction is written for the enjoyment of whoever reads it. Comments of any nature are appreciated. Please email me hoo.

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I appreciate all the emails I have received providing comments and suggestions as well as encouragement to write more chapters. In particular Joe, Alec, Zach, and Joey always provide great ideas and encouragement. Just know that I get busy with work and delays will happen. Doesn”t mean I stopped writing, just means work took over for a while.

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As if it weren”t enough that Finals were around the corner and Christmas right after that, but the swim team was starting practices up before the season started. I wasn”t fully ready for that. I mean I was definitely in shape, but it was a different shape now. Ian had changed the way I looked, I got that now. He had taken my swimmer”s body and made it different. I had more weight on me now, which I figured would slow me in the pool. My ass and thighs were bigger, which might help my kicking, but might not. My chest was bigger, which although I”m sure would look good, wasn”t really what you wanted for swimming, even if doing the breaststroke.


I checked out the thongs in the department store as I thought about all of the things I had to do coming up. Finals were not going to be the big problem. I could handle the tests and papers I thought, but everything else was up in the air. I had to keep pace with Ian”s ever changing schedule of when he wanted service on his cock. I needed to service Zach now too if I was in the room we shared. I had to fit in swim team practice and workouts. I wasn”t sure the workouts Ian had me doing would even mesh with the workouts the coach wanted. What if he was pissed about how my body had changed. I had gone from lean and muscular to bigger in the areas that usually were not so big in swimmers. Not that I was the best on the team, but I held down a role there.


God, then there was Christmas break. I would have to go home. What would that be like? My folks hadn”t seen me since the end of August. I had changed physically not to mention mentally. I had longer hair, I thought differently. I would need to think about how to tell them something. Especially if Ian decided to show up. How would that work? A couple weeks at home would not go over well with Ian, I was sure. He wouldn”t have regular access to service on his dick and I wasn”t sure I wanted to let him go and find someone else to do it. I wanted to be the one providing that for him. Okay? I admit it, I wanted that to be me, not some girl. But Mom wouldn”t want me to just show up for a day, she”d want me to spend as much time as possible there.


I chose a few thongs and some little bikini style underwear, like Ian had said to get. I really had to guess if they were the same size as my old boxer briefs. It wasn”t like I could try them on first, I bought a couple different sizes just because I honestly had no clue other than a slight comparison to a Speedo swimsuit which I knew sizes on.


I made it back to the frat before too long and headed up to the room. I switched out of my outside outfit to my house outfit. I slipped on the medium sized thong, the tight super skimpy shorts, and looked at myself in a mirror. It was humiliating just looking at myself. My ass looked big in these things and it hung out along the bottom of the shorts that Ian had made of my old jeans. I tossed on a tank style shirt that was sort of loose and hung just below the low waist of the shorts. I looked like a slutty fag, I thought. I had seen them around campus and now Ian wanted me to look like that here. Who knew if he was even around. But if Zach was around he”d report if I was not dressed properly. I was getting cornered in the house by two guys now and there wasn”t a way I could figure to get out of this clothing situation.


I could feel the heat rising in my face as I headed downstairs. Sure enough there were guys around. I walked into the kitchen and looked around for ANYTHING to distract me and to not hear them talk, but it was impossible.


“Timmy! Looking good babe!” “Hey look at the legs on him, nice ass too.” “How”d Ian get so lucky, Tim?” “You gonna let me tap that once Ian is through with it?”


What pigs, I thought to myself. I heard some of the things I used to say as I hung out with them at a bar or just sitting around watching the tube. Suddenly there was a hand at my ass as I was digging through the fridge. I jumped and swatted it away.


“Hey boy, watch yourself there.” It was Ian standing up close to me rubbing my ass.


“Sorry, Sir,” I told him. “I had no idea you were down here. I only saw the other guys and was trying to focus on not hearing them.” Ian laughed as usual.


“Don”t let it get to you. There are changes happening. Focus on getting into your headspace about it. You simply have a different life now. It was inevitable, Timmy. You needed to face facts about yourself.”


“But I barely could even think that I wanted to have sex with a guy. Now, my life is run by a man,” I whispered to him. I really didn”t want to talk about it now, but I didn”t have the option, he did. “it would be so much easier if I just stopped all of this and went back to the way things were before August.”


“There are a lot of answers to your worries, Timmy, but that isn”t one of them. You can”t unchange that.”


I thought about what he said. “Yeah, I made the decision to beg you for cock, then to let you tell me how to behave. I get that things are different. I get that I am the one who asked for them.”


“And now that you did that, and it”s out in the open things will get better, for both of us, Timmy. I get what I want, and you get what you need. I”m doing what I believe is best for you. They”re your bros, or they were. Now they get to watch what happens when I make you, mine.”


“It seems so easy when you say it.”


“It is Timmy. You do as I say, and you”ll have breakthroughs just like you already have been having.”


“Breakthroughs? I don”t understand?”


“I know that, but it isn”t for you to worry about. I have the lead and you will follow.” I sighed. This is what I said I wanted. I had begged. Now I had to adjust to the new different me.




Zach texted me; –Come on over to my room. Got a few things to show you�


“Listen Timmy. Just behave yourself and do as I say. You”re doing great so far. You”re becoming a good boy for me.”


“Thank you, Sir,” he replied with a sheepish grin.


“I have something to take care of upstairs. You hang out and get used to the guys and how they will be treating you from now on,” I told him. He sighed again but nodded in agreement. I gave him a pat on the ass and headed off to Zach”s room.


I didn”t knock, just entered his room.


“Geez, McNeil, no knocking?”


“I”m further up the food chain than you Zach, no need,” I told him seriously. “Don”t forget it.”


“Yeah, whatever McNeil. The food chain is changing. Look at my pics.” Zach handed me his phone. I was honestly shocked.


“No fucking way,” I said as I swiped through the pics on his phone.


“Yep, that”s me. Fucking one of your chicks and Donor”s current girlfriend and forcing him to suck my cock. Who”s moving up the food chain, McNeil.”


I had to admit he had done a good job. I raised my hand and gave him a high five. “How”d you manage this?”


Zach laughed. “Get this, she had already tied him up and was working him over, but Donor passed out as she was sitting on his face and smacking his nuts around, told him something that freaked him out and he fainted. She came running out into the hall and grabbed me as I was heading from the shower to my room. I had the pleasure of smacking his face to wake him back up.”


“No fucking way, dude.”


It”s true,” he said looking completely honest. “After that, it was easy. He was roped and she was beating the hell out of his nuts.” I just kept my dick going where it needed to go. That Jessica is one crazy bitch. I”m glad she isn”t my girlfriend.”


“Yeah, she tried that roping stuff on me but she is the one who ended up underneath me. I guess that is why she didn”t come back for more. I”m not the bottom for anyone, let alone a girl,” I let him know. We had a good laugh at that.


“So, what do we do now,” Zach asked.


“Fuck, I don”t care. You do what you want, dude. I”m not going to bother with him. I mean, I may mention that I know he”s a cocksucker at some point to him quietly, but I honestly have no interest in him. He”s a loser in my book based on his attitude.”


Zach looked a little disappointed. Maybe I was too adamant the way I said it. I had control of Timmy. Maybe Zach wanted a fag he could totally control.


“Shit, I was hoping you”d help me use him, show him what douche he has been,” Zach said.


“Nope. If you want to show him what a douche he is, then more power to you, bro,” I told him. “I”m fully supportive, but not going to physically do anything with Donor. He hasn”t earned my dick.” After I said that something else occurred to me. “If you go ahead and use him, make sure he knows he has to earn your cock, Zach. Don”t just give it to him. Make sure he knows and understands he is the one asking or begging to get more. It will help you get him under control.”


“Cool. Thanks Ian. That”s gives me a better start. I appreciate it,” Zach said. I was surprised he picked up on it. Maybe he could be a good dom. I could get off showing another guy how to make use of a potential sub. Kinda hot actually.


“Hey, no problem. Listen to me, and I can show you how to handle Donor, if that is what you really want to do. I mean, you could always get someone better.”


“In what sense?” he asked. “Donor is a whipped pussy boy. He”s vulnerable. Why not see what I can do?”


I had to grin at him, he may have more determination and drive than I had thought.


“I just meant, start somewhere already available, but I get you. Start at the bottom with him, and work on it to make him what you want. I totally get it, Zach, totally.”


I left him there grinning after we bumped fists. Donor was out of my mind, as of now, as an issue. The rest of the house wasn”t going to be a problem. I could treat Donor the way I always had, only as not an equal. I could let him think I knew nothing, but I would always have a trump card if I needed it.




Mr. Mishra had me hired at his company?? Oh my god. What was I going to say now?  I am sure I stared at him for a good 30 seconds before I even offered a gaped, open mouth “oohhhh.”


“I didn”t know, Sir. So, uhm, you already know that I”m a guy, really?”


“I know that you are a very attractive submissive boy who looks quite beautiful as a girl, tuzla escort Danni. I know from discussions with Mr. Johnson that you haven”t had the use of your little nub for quite some time. I find that very sexy in fact.”


I blushed a little. So he already knew everything about me and he didn”t care. In fact, that meant he preferred me to be this way!


“But I shouldn”t be dating the boss of the company, should I?”


“We will keep that part secret for a while Danni. No more lunches. We will go out in the evenings from now on. I simply wanted to let you know that I am very serious about making you my wife.”


Wife, he said. That sounded familiar somehow. He wanted me to be his wife. “You mean you think that I could meet the demands your mother has for a wife?”


“My mother is quite understanding, Danni. She is a modern woman. She is quite happy to let me choose my bride, she simply wants to make sure you are passable to our relatives and friends. We have reputations to uphold in India, Danni. Here in America it will be different, but there, yes, you will indeed be a woman in everyone”s mind.”


“I will need to ask my Daddy if I can get married,” I told him.


“No Danni, I will have to ask your parents if they will give me permission to marry you. That is how it is done. A suitable bride price will be arranged and exchanged with your father for the right to marry you.”


My head was reeling. I had so many thoughts and I was getting overwhelmed by everything. My heart was racing along with everything else. Marriage. India. Bride price. He likes me as a girl-boy. He started the car, but before he put it into drive he leaned over and took my face in his hands. Those beautiful dark hands with the long fingers. He moved in and kissed me. On the lips fully. I leaned into him and accepted his tongue as he parted my lips with it. Oh god he was soooo hot and he wanted me to be his wife. I didn”t say much on the drive back. I was too overwhelmed by everything.


“Danni, he said as he parked the car, “I would like to have dinner tonight. I will pick you up at the farm. Please dress in something nice, as a girl. I will be there about 7. Don”t make me wait for you.”


“Yes, Sir,” I told him. “I would like that very much.”


He got out of the car and came around to open my door for me. We went in the back door and he showed me a way back to my area without having to go up to his office and past the secretary again. I spent the whole afternoon at my desk doing more worrying about what I would wear to dinner than worrying about my work.






Ugh, the guys had so many questions to ask me. I swear it was like they were hassling me, but also asking stuff they never asked anyone. I didn”t have anything immediate to do this evening so I just sat down and was going to watch whatever the brothers were watching on tv.


“What”s it like being Ian”s girl?” Manuel asked. I sighed. I knew better than to ignore them or it might get worse.


“I”m not a girl,” I told him.


“Yeah, but you”re the one getting fucked,” he said. “So what”s it like taking a cock up your ass?” I”m sure I blushed.


“Really? Do you want to know?”


“Yeah, or I wouldn”t have asked.” Fine, I thought, I will play the game.


“It”s nice. I like it,” I said. “Better than I had imagined. It”s amazing to feel his cock inside me and watch him enjoy fucking me.” They all laughed at me, as I knew they would.


“How does that work? I mean, don”t you get shit all over fucking down there?” Isaiah asked.


“No, I keep it clean. You know, I have to use an enema so I”m ready when he wants.” That really got them laughing.


“Yeah, you really are his bitch,” Doug commented. “Keeping that hole ready for when he wants it.”


“Well, I guess, I mean, it has to be clean or we wouldn”t enjoy it, so it isn”t a problem. If that makes me his bitch, then I”m okay with it.”


“Nice, at least you”re showing respect, a true Sigma frat brother…”


“Always shows respect to other brothers,” everyone said. The phrase was one we learned as we went through pledging the house.


“Hell, I can respect anyone who can take McNeil”s cock up the ass. You seen that thing in the shower?” Isaiah asked. It got laughs all around.


“Do you deep throat him too? and swallow?” Manuel asked.


“Shit, guys, you want to watch or something?” I asked back. “It”s like you want to know details.”


“Never knew a guy who did it. Just wondered.” He replied.


“Well, yeah, of course. What kind of blow job is it if you don”t get it all the way in or watch them swallow?” I told them. “I mean, isn”t that what you want in a blowjob?”


“Damn right,” a couple of them said together.


“Ian turn you out? I mean, you just decide you”re queer for him or you always been that way?” Manuel wanted to know. How did I answer that? I mean, now I could see what I wanted or what I was doing in high school was really gay, showing a need to let a guy make me his boy, but I had never done anything. I hadn”t been shown that I wanted all of what I was now. Otherwise, why would I be hear having to answer questions like this?


“Yeah, I guess I knew I wanted it, just never came face to face with having it,” I said. “I don”t think I needed to dress up like this but Ian says he likes it so I”ll deal with it.” Of course they laughed.


“He”s making you look the part of his girl,” Manuel replied, which brought even bigger laughter. Sometimes I got real tired of the laughter.


I wasn”t a girl. I hadn”t changed anything else about myself except that I was having sex with Ian McNeil. I still went to school, I still did homework, I still lived at the frat. It wasn”t like I had tits or anything. Yeah, okay, he had me working out to add definition to certain areas and I got rid of the hair I was already shaving, it was just permanent now. But that didn”t change me, even if he was making me wear these ridiculous shorts. The shorts were silly to me, but it clearly got the guys looking at me, what was bad with that?


“Just because I have an ass that you like looking at, doesn”t mean I”m a girl, Manuel.” He blushed which made me smile.


“He got you there, burn!” one of the brothers shouted.


“Well, when you”re getting some of his dick, you sure sound like a girl, squealing and moaning,” he shot back.


“I know what I like. It”s that good,” I said. “It just happens.” I was blushing but I felt I was being up front. I couldn”t believe they were talking about it but it wasn”t freaking them out. It was just the usual hassling of me, only now it was hassling about my sex life. If only Donor could get over it so I could get my old room back.


Ian walked in about then. I could tell he had been listening because of his big grin and what he said. “You guys harassing my bitch?” They all laughed.


“Nah, man,” Manuel sad. “Just seeing if he can handle our hassling him, seeing we know he belongs to you now.”


“He does pretty well handling you,” Ian said. That made me feel good. He HAD been listening in. “I think I”ll keep him for a while. As long as he can follow my rules.” They really cracked up at that.


“Yeah, `cause we know you change girlfriends as often as you change your boxers,” someone said. Even I laughed at that, but I knew it was true. What if Ian got rid of me? What if I was just the flavor of the month? It gnawed at me that I might be gone like any number of his girlfriends. I was even thinking of myself in the terms as if I was a girlfriend. What would I do if Ian moved on to someone else? Zach was okay but he wasn”t like Ian.




I was running around choosing one outfit then putting it back, trying on different shoes, then changing my mind. I hadn”t stopped since I got home from work. The other fags at the farm were laughing at me, but fuck them. I had a big date, with a hot-looking, wealthy man. I was not going to fuck it up.


I showered, cleaned myself out real well, and checked for any stray hairs that had remained after the lasering got most of it. I didn”t find any, I just wanted to look perfect tonight. I decided no stockings, my legs looked nice enough. I finally ended up with an Audrey Hepburn style A line dress, in black. I put a sweater over my dress too for warmth. I wore some low shoes, no heels. I hoped he liked that. I put my hair back in a bun. I didn”t do that often but I wanted it out of my face, for the evening. I put on some nice but not too flashy earrings, a necklace that matched and even did a bit more make-up than usual. Finally, I felt like I was ready. I left my room and went to the house. I wanted to let Mr. Johnson know I was going out for dinner.


“Hey boy,” he said after I found him in his office. “What are you all dressed up for tonight?”


“As if you didn”t know, Mr. Johnson,” I said with a smirk.


“Oh, I see, have a big date with your boss tonight, I”m guessing.”


“Yes, Sir. So you really did set me up with him? He wanted to hire me from your recommendation?”


“Danny, I run a business, you know that. Of course when I see a good opportunity for one of you fags, I work to make it happen. Mr. Mishra is a very good opportunity for you. If it goes well, then I am sure your folks will be pleased.” I blushed of course. I knew that they would get a bride price, if Mr. Mishra liked me enough to want to get married.


“So, he is a good guy? I mean, he”s safe and all. He isn”t crazy?”


“Nope, I”ve run my checks on him. He”s up front with who he is and what he wants. He needs a girly looking boy to be a wife. He told you that, I”m guessing.”


“Yes, Sir. Now I just need to tell my Mom. I haven”t done any of the dressing like a girl before in front of her, or Daddy either, but I don”t imagine he cares.”


“Don”t imagine he does, boy. Hey, guess I should start saying girl now, huh?” I blushed again.


“Mr. Johnson! I”m so nervous, stop making me blush. I need this to go well. He”s so super sexy, I just want it to go perfect, so that he really likes me.”


“You tell your mother soon,” he said. Just do it and get it out of the way. She will adjust to the idea. Your father will make clear he is very supportive of this and loves you more than ever for you facing up to this. She”ll go along because she is in her own way, just as submissive to him as you are to men, Danni. I need to remember to start spelling your name with an I instead of a Y now too.” I giggled a little. He was teasing me at the same time he was telling me important stuff.


“You think so? I mean, you don”t think she”ll freak out?”


“Nah. Your Dad will manage her, like he has managed you.” I hadn”t thought too much about Mom being submissive. I guess she was now that Mr. Johnson brought it up. Maybe I had learned some of my behavior from her?


I saw Mr. Mishra”s car pull up through the front window. I didn”t need him to come inside at all, so I grabbed my purse and started towards the door. “Thanks, Mr. Johnson, for everything.” Then I went back and gave him a hug before heading out the door.


Mr. Mishra was getting out of his car when I came outside. He went around to the passenger side and opened my door, just like he had done earlier. He was dressed nicely in khaki pants and a nice shirt and sweater, no tie. He had his coat on, as I did too since the weather had finally begun to get cold. I kept pendik escort smiling and so was Mr. Mishra. It felt good to be in the car with him. I didn”t know him that well, but I did feel comfortable with him.


“You look beautiful tonight, Danni,” he said. “I really like your outfit.”


“Thank you, Sir. I wanted to look good. I”m nervous though. I haven”t been out much at all dressed up like this. Do you think anyone will know?”


“No, Danni. I don”t think they will, honestly. Your features are delicate, not completely female, but not male either.”


“That”s what my Daddy says to me. He says I look like my Mom, when she was my age,” I confessed.


“Your mother must be very beautiful,” he told me. Gosh, he really was complimenting me. I could feel the heat in my face.


“I think she is,” I replied. “But it”s hard for me to say. I don”t look at her as anything but my Mom, really. It”s hard for me to say I”m pretty.”


“Don”t worry, Danni. I will tell you how pretty you are.”


“Mr. Mishra, now you are really embarrassing me.”


“I”m afraid calling me Mr. Mishra is not going to work, Danni. Hearing you say it, it doesn”t seem proper for a man and his girl being out on a date.”


“I don”t even know your first name though, I don”t think.” How embarrassing, I thought. I am going on a date with my wealthy boss and I can”t even think if I have heard his name. “My name is Devish, though I am not sure that is best to use either.”


“I can call you, Sir,” I offered.


“I think that will be good Danni, for now. Until we know each other better and we can see what works for us.”


I managed to survive dinner out. No one called me anything but Ma”am while I was with Mr. Mishra. When we sat down, he guided me to my chair his hand at the small of my back as he seemed to like and pulled it out for me, then he didn”t sit across from me but sat down next to me at a table for four, so one side was empty. He immediately put one hand on my leg and left it there for most of the time we were at the restaurant.


We didn”t talk about anything important. Just stuff like music and he talked about how he had learned about the company as a young man then learned much more in the time since his father had died. He spent most of his time here, but traveled frequently to other areas where the company owned property. He described places really well, to me anyway it seemed so real. I wondered if I would get to see some of the places he went, if we got married.


He told me of traditions in India and I tried to tell him some of the things I grew up. It was pretty clear that even though I grew up pretty comfortable and never wanted anything, Mr. Mishra grew up wealthy. His family had several homes and spent time in all of them. One at a beach, one in the city, one in the country. It was something I could only imagine. We looked at each other a lot. His hand on my leg and his eyes on me all of the time. I felt so special. He kissed me several times during the course of dinner.


After we left he said we were going to his place for a while before he took me home. I was extremely nervous. I knew it meant he wanted to have sex. What if I wasn”t good enough? He had a HUGE home outside of town on what seemed like a lot of land.

“It”s huge!” I said obviously. Duh, I”m sure that sounded intelligent. “Look at it.” He laughed at my amazement.


“It is a good size, Danni. When I get married, my wife will be the queen of the home as is proper. She will make it over as suits her needs.”


I blushed. That might be me. He wanted me to stay home and take care of the house and him. He sure seemed to know what he wanted. That was so sexy. Just like Daddy he seemed so sure. Once we were inside there was all sorts of things to see. Furniture that was clearly Indian mixed with modern style things. It was amazing. Not all rooms had furniture in them even. There were several bedrooms and each had its own bathroom and those were almost as big as the bedroom I had growing up!


He took my hand and pulled me close into him once we got to what was obviously his room. Clothes were scattered around and he apologized for being a sloppy housekeeper. He put a hand on my shoulder and pushed and I knew what to do now. Not knowing what to do at the restaurant left some awkward moments in my mind, but now, I was used to a man taking the lead in the bedroom. I knew what was needed.


“I looked up at him and he looked down at me smiling his big smile and I felt like I knew this. Maybe I had already imagined it in my mind. What would his dick look like? What would he like in particular?


“Danni, I”ve really enjoyed tonight so far. I hope that I enjoy this part of the date too.”


That was sort of like permission, right? I was on my knees I should go ahead and open the present he put me on my knees to receive. I undid his belt and pants, and when I pulled the zipper down they fell to his ankles. He wore boxers, just like Daddy or Ian, I don”t know what I had imagined but seeing boxers made me feel somewhat comfortable in my state of nervousness. I paused and thought to remove his shoes now. He stood on one leg as I pulled first one then another shoe off. Then he was able to step out of his pants and I folded them up and set them aside. His skin was dark even under the pants. He didn”t need to lay in the sun to tan like I did. He was burnished brown all over and it was beautiful. He had removed his sweater and shirt while I did his shoes and pants so that now. He stood before me in his underwear and socks. He continued to smile and it looked so familiar I thought. Not like from work, but I couldn”t place it at all.


His chest was broad and he was muscled. He had a lot of hair on his chest and legs, dark hair. I shivered thinking about his holding me and keeping me warm on a cold night. I kept my eyes on him as I reached for his waistband of his boxers. He put his hand on my shoulder and I slowly pulled them down while licking my lips prepping for whatever was there.


It was big! REAL big. And not hard yet, I thought to myself. I looked up at him and smiled and he seemed pleased that I enjoyed the sight.


“Does my cock please you, Danni?”


“Ohmigod, it”s big, yes!” I blushed but said what was already in my head, “I love big cocks.”


“You little slut,” he said softly. “I bet you love to suck on them too.” He pulled my hair out of the bun I had piled it on earlier and I felt it fall around my face. I took his cock in my hands and I ran them up and down his quickly thickening shaft. I was not disappointed. If it wasn”t as big as Daddy or Ian”s cock it was sure close. Dark like the rest of him, almost purple in color once it had filled with blood and the foreskin was long and still overhung his cock when it was hard. “Go on, my little slut, what are you waiting for? Take my cock inside your mouth.”


I did as he told me. I ran my tongue around inside his foreskin and he moaned gently, his hand on the back of my head. He tasted of India, I thought. spicy and strong. It seemed so familiar this taste. I slowly worked his cock in my mouth. But then he took over and he pushed on my head. He wanted it all inside me and I did too. In one motion he pulled my head onto him and I could feel his cock enter my throat and continue until my lips were on his hairy crotch. No shaving or trimming for him it was clear.


“That”s it baby, take Daddy”s dick,” he told me. He called himself Daddy! Did he want me to do that? “That”s it.” He held my head tight to him for a short while. I backed off his cock and looked up at him. He was smiling so broadly. I went back to sucking him, moving up and down his shaft. Every once in a while he would insistently pull on my head and bring me to the base of his cock where he would sigh and then release me after a few seconds. He was in no hurry and I got the feeling he was simply letting me enjoy this. I figured he had other things in mind before he would cum.


He pulled his cock out of my mouth with one hand and held my head steady with the other. He began to smack his cock on my face. It was so big and hard it actually stung, but I loved it too. Feeling a man”s hard cock strike me was sexy.


He stopped them pulled me up by my armpits. He pulled me over to the bed. He grabbed a corner of the duvet and sheets and flung them back in one motion then turned me around and pushed me on the bed with an arm. In that same motion he then threw my legs up and over my head, exposing my pussy to his eyes.


“Such a beautiful pussy Danni. So beautiful. I will enjoy this.” He dove face first into my pussy and began eating me out as if he had not just had dinner. I was his dessert. I moaned it was so good. He really enjoyed this. “I”m going to fuck you so hard, Danni. I”m going to show you how it will be when you move here.” He touched my locked up clit and it didn”t even phase him. “I love how you have been restrained, Danni. I think it is beautiful, no use for your little dick, it has been transformed into a clit for me.”


I didn”t even try to get hard as he touched me there. “Oh please, please fuck me Sir.”


“Call me Daddy, Danni. That is what I really want you to call me.” He stood over me his cock leaking pre-cum and pointed at my hole. He was ready to fuck and he had a look of power and control in his eyes. It was as if he had changed since dinner where he was so mild mannered.


“Fuck me, Daddy,” I said. It sounded strange at first. He was not as old as my Daddy, but he was older than me. He was all man too. His muscular furry chest and arms that were far bigger than mine. His deep voice and confidence. “Please give me your cock, I want to feel you inside me,” I moaned. He pushed at the entrance to my soul and then proceeded to slide it all in in one long stroke until I could feel his balls against my ass. I moaned as he kept it there and I felt the stretch inside.


“Take it all my little bitch. You can make your sound. Your pussy is so warm and you are not needing any lube,” he told me. It rang a bell. I had heard that before. He had said that to me before. I hadn”t been dreaming a couple weeks ago. He had come to Johnson”s farm and fucked me that night. It was him, from my dream. I was already married to him!


“I”m already your wife,” I whispered staring him in the eyes. “You forced me to have sex and by that old Indian custom, we are already married!” He smiled so big and looked so happy that I had put the pieces together.


“Are you happy, Danni? Is this cock enough for you? Am I enough for you?” He backed out and rammed it home again and again. I just moaned and I could feel my clit leaking down on his cock to give him all the lube I would ever get. “Tell me, Danni!” He smacked me across the cheek and I answered.


“Yes, yes Daddy! I loved it the first time, and I want more of it now! Ohmigod, I”m already your wife. Pump me full of your cream, Daddy.”


We didn”t talk much the next few minutes, he was rough and he needed to unload. I felt him tighten up and swell inside me then he groaned and I felt him empty his load inside me. Yes! I was married to him, to my new Daddy.


“Oh, my little bitch, you are so hot.” He leaned down to kiss me and dropped my legs. He collapsed on top of me and our tongues danced in each other”s mouths. I was so happy! We rolled to our sides and he lifted one of my legs up to position me better. He didn”t take his cock out, and he didn”t get soft. He began stroking me again, in both senses. He ran his index finger across my clit and he slow fucked me now. “You will cum, baby. You will release yourself aydınlı escort before I do so again.”


“I focused on my P-spot and his simple touching of my limp dick, within a few strokes of his finger on my clit, I was dribbling out a tiny load and writhing in his arms. He rolled me on my tummy and then pulled my hair so I got on my knees and arched my ass up. Then he began his long fuck. A fuck that would take at least 30 minutes as he sped up and slowed down, but never stopped hammering away at me. He pulled my hair, he smacked my ass, he talked filthy to me as if he had known me for years. My pussy became wet and sloppy with his previous load and the juice inside me. I could feel stuff running down my leg.


I almost felt like crying; I was married to him. He was my Man now, my Daddy. I knew there was another wedding ahead, but in his mind and in mine the last couple weeks, I was already married. “Oh god, Daddy. I love you so much. I love that you forced me to take your cock and become your wife. I”m so happy!”


I squeezed and played with his cock as it was inside me. I teased him with my ass pumping itself on his dick, releasing and squeezing again and again. I wanted more of him. Finally, finally he came again, feeding me his seed. Breeding me with his DNA. I had it forever now. Part of him would always be inside me. I was forever attached to him from his load. It had sealed us together already and I was happy to take more.




Donor was in my room. Timmy was gone to an early morning appointment he had said, and Donor had arrived shortly after that.


“So, what is it?” I asked. “You said you had something to talk about.” He had been hemming and hawing for a couple minutes. We both knew what he was here for, but he hadn”t said anything much except about how he was embarrassed.


“Dude, you can”t show those pictures to anyone. I didn”t say you could take them. She forced my hand, you forced my hand.” He looked pathetic, standing there, yet he was telling me what I couldn”t do. I didn”t really like the idea that he believed he could tell me what to do.


“Who do you think would want to see those pics, Donor? Really? You think you look good? It”s not like there is a waiting line for your porn debut. It seems to me you just happened to be an extra that Jessica and I used to film our sex scene.”


“I”m serious, delete the pics, Zach.”


“You don”t have any leverage, bro. Sorry, not doing it. These pics keep you in line. You”ve been an asshole with Ian and Timmy since Timmy was outed. How is what Timmy is doing any different than what you did with me last night?” I asked. “How is his sucking Ian”s cock any different than you sucking my cock?”


“They are fags!” he told me stridently. “They love sucking each other off, they are wrong. It”s wrong to suck a dude”s dick,” he said getting quieter as he said it.


“Yeah, right. You say it”s wrong, yet you sucked mine no problem. Granted, you weren”t the greatest at it, but you still had some idea of what you were doing. You sure you haven”t done that before?”


“No, you, stupid fuck, I haven”t done anything like that. I,” he was interrupted by my backhand as it connected with the side of his face. His head jerked to the left. He looked at me and didn”t say anything now. Perfect. He was much better when he was silent.


“Who”s the stupid fuck running around calling people names, Donor? It seems pretty evident with the pics I have that you enjoyed yourself last night. You got off, I have pics of your cock spewing a load. I have shots of you lapping my load out of Jessica”s cunt.” He winced at that, like he wanted to forget it. “It wasn”t that bad, Donor. You must have enjoyed it or you wouldn”t have shot your load. Either you enjoy the pain or you enjoy the loss of control. Not sure which. Doesn”t much matter. Those pics seem pretty queer to me.”


“Ian is a faggot,” he said again, the anger still showing in his eyes. “He”s fucking that other faggot, Timmy.” I was going to have to do something else than beat him senseless, though that was the first thing that came to mind.


“What is a faggot, Donor? You think Ian is a faggot?”




“What makes you think that?”


“He”s fucking that other faggot Tim.”


“A Man isn”t a faggot, Donor. A Man is a Man. A Man fucks who he wants, he is in control. A faggot is someone who submits to the regular use of their mind and body to another person, whether there is sex involved or not. A faggot serves, Donor. It seems to me that you are the faggot. You submitted yourself to Jessica and then to me. You served her needs last night, you were Jessica”s faggot last night. You also served my needs last night. You were my faggot too. It seems pretty clear that YOU are the faggot Donor. You wanted that loss of control from submitting to Jessica. You are the faggot, Donor, you wanted to serve, us. Ian is not the faggot,” I emphasized my points in an angry tone.


“A faggot is,” he began but I cut him off.


“Shut up faggot, I don”t recall asking you to speak.” He closed his eyes and looked like he was ready to get smacked again. Then it dawned on me that Jessica controlled his nuts, and used those to control Donor. I reached out my arm quickly and grabbed his nuts through his sweats. I grabbed tight too. He dropped to his knees.


“Oh fuck, oh Christ, please stop, don”t do that,” he whined.


“Shut up, faggot.” I squeezed tighter and he moaned louder. “you are going to learn a new way of thinking. You are going to recognize that not everything is black or white, right or wrong,” I told him. “You”re going to learn that being a faggot isn”t something to hate, it is something you can embrace, Donor. Submit yourself and give up thinking it”s wrong. Embrace the fact you love giving up that control. Who”s in control, right now?”


“You are, you are!” he grunted as I kept the pressure on his nuts. His face had changed expression and he was no longer looking angry at me but looking scared. Unfortunately for him, I was bent over doing this and that annoyed me. I let go but kicked him in the groin as I did so, causing him to bend forward in obvious pain. “Oh, fuck,” he cried out, “why did you do that?”


“To make my point Donor.” I kicked his groin again and must have connected in the right spot. I was using just enough force to make my point. The power and control I had over him was giving me a huge head rush. I didn”t care if I was causing pain or not, I was enjoying the hell out of seeing him on his knees. He fell forward on to his hands and knees, blocking me essentially from kicking him again.  My kicks weren”t enough to do any damage, just enough to make him writhe in pain. It was a huge rush, kicking this faggot as he moaned about the pain. “You”re submitting yourself to me right now. You have no control. You”re on your knees begging me to give you something you need, but something I don”t want to give up. You have no control, no power, you”re more of a faggot than either Ian or Timmy. You have to give up control to get something you want. You need me to get you through this Donor, don”t you? You NEED me to tell you I won”t share these around the house or campus?”


“Yes, yes, okay, okay. I do. I need you to not share them. I need you.”


“Repeat that again, faggot,” I told him.


“I need you.”


“Again, bitch.”


“I need you! Please don”t kick me again,” he whined. He was splayed out on the floor and was grabbing his nuts to stop me from kicking him. FUCK I felt so in charge and in control, the energy surged through me. I wanted to kick the shit out of him, wanted to hurt him, for how he had treated other people that I felt a connection to, but something stopped me from connecting my foot one last time to his nuts. I didn”t want him to hate this, I wanted him to like it. I wanted Donor to expect some pain from me and expect I would be in charge. I wanted him to know I wouldn”t really fuck him over too much.


“You need me, Donor, you need me,” I repeated for him again. “You need me to make sure you”re safe.”


“Yes, I need you,” he said again. I put my foot on his ass, then rubbed it under his crack, on his nuts, through his legs. He let me do it. In fact, as I rubbed my foot through his legs on his crotch, he moaned. Stupid bitch. Didn”t know any better.


“Get out of here Donor, before you do something you might really enjoy or before I force you to do something I know I”ll enjoy.” He lay there on the floor, still holding his nuts. I cleared my throat and spat on him. It hit him square in the face. “Wipe that off and swallow it,” I ordered. “Do it now.”


Donor moved one hand to his cheek and wiped it off and stuck his fingers in his mouth. He sucked it off his fingers. He followed directions well from down on the floor, where he belonged, I thought to myself. I moved closer, where I stood directly above him looking down. I unzipped my pants and took my cock out. I was hard from this activity and wanted him to see it. To associate his being on the floor and my being above him. I wanted him to know how much this turned me on.


“This is what you sucked last night, Donor. This is what fucked your girl and got her off. Now beg me not to use it on you. Beg me for something I WILL give to you Donor. Beg me not to use this on you right now.”


“Please put your cock away. Don”t make me suck it again. Please don”t fuck me,” he begged. My cock strained in its own skin as Donor begged. I clenched and re-clenched my groin and my cock bounced on its own. His eyes were watching my dick and I was watching his face. I had worked myself into a rage and needed to get back under control, but I loved the feelings it brought me. He looked stunned and fearful. “Please, stop it, please put your cock in your pants,” he whined. I kept focusing on my dick and how hard it was. I hadn”t touched it, but it was bouncing and the incredible feeling of power suddenly surged through me and out of my dick. I sprayed a big load up in the air. When it landed it was all over Donor and the floor. Several spurts. I let loose a roar as the first wad spat out in anger. Donor looked shocked and scared. He moved after the first wad and got up as quickly as he could. He headed for the door, but of course a couple more wads had hit him before he got out of the way and got out the door.


I stood there, the door closing quickly behind Donor. My balls were empty and my dick bouncing around still. I was fully clothed. I had shot a load from simply taking out my anger on Donor. Hadn”t even hardly touched my cock, and it shot off from seeing him on the ground and hearing him beg; simply from making demands and physically imposing myself on him. I”d never done anything remotely like that before. I was gay, I was mostly a top, and now I was in charge. I was dominant over Donor. Donor feared me to a certain extent now. I don”t think anyone had ever feared me before. I loved the way it felt, to know Donor had been under my control.


Then I began to wonder if I had done too much, if I had gone too far. Should I have kicked him when he was down? Should I have spat on him? I didn”t really want to be a bully. Did I really lose control like that and simply spray my load on him? I”d never had that happen where I had been so turned on with my own power that I had simply blown a load. I had gotten totally boned and blown a load dominating and hurting Donor. I”d never had that much power and control, or at least never let myself feel it and create the situation where I did that. Yet, I still loved the feeling surging through me, my still hard cock that I was tucking in my pants. I loved the feeling that I got hearing Donor beg, of watching him as I shot my load. I”d have to think about what it meant, loving the control, instilling submission in a guy, handing out the pain. Did I want that role as much as my dick seemed to want it?

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