Shahari’s First Time

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Their eyes met over the dying glow of the campfire. She looked away, suddenly bashful under the force of that gaze.

Shahari was unaccustomed to such boldness; the young man she had become betrothed to, back home on her eighteenth birthday, was all propriety. He had never even so much as stolen a quick kiss, and she had never felt the urge to take their relationship beyond the strict boundaries imposed upon them by society’s mores. But since the sorcerer Brevash had cast his spell that had swept them all out of the timeline and into this forsaken dimension, something strange had been happening to her.

She could, perhaps, have blamed Serila. The older girl’s free and easy approach to relations with men – and even with women, so she claimed – had at first shocked and repulsed her. But just as strongly felt was her curiosity, and certain details of these lurid stories refused to leave her mind. As Ilias had dropped his facade of reserve and derision towards her, if not quite towards the others, she had found herself wondering what it would feel like to experience some of what Serila had described for herself. No, it was not entirely Serila’s doing; the truth was that she found Ilias attractive, and had no idea what to do about those feelings.

Tenesh, Ilias’ father, stretched and yawned loudly. “I concede,” he announced. “Sleep is what’s needed. Goodnight!”

He retreated into the cave, and Serila immediately announced that she too was feeling tired, and followed behind him. Shahari had awoken a couple of nights in a row now to muffled sounds coming from outside, and had noticed in the little light afforded by the fire’s embers that Tenesh and Serila were not in the cave. She wondered if they were…but surely not; Tenesh was forty-eight and Serila only twenty-seven!

She found that she was looking at Ilias again, but by this time he was lying on his back and staring moodily up into the night sky. His bare arms were folded behind his head and the delineation of his muscles was plain to see. His sleeveless tunic had come open slightly and she could just about make out the slight hairiness of his chest beneath. She found herself wondering, not for the first time, what his skin felt like. Was it as smooth as hers, or were men rougher to the touch?

Her cheeks grew hot with shame at her interest in his body. She had been told any number of times, by her mother especially, that sexual desire was unbecoming in a lady; a well-bred girl was expected to comply with her husband’s wishes in this regard, but not to ‘hanker after the act like a common whore’. And besides, she was promised to someone else. The contradiction between her body’s will and her upbringing confused her beyond measure. The sooner they could find a way back to the timeline, the better.

“What do you contemplate so deeply, my lady?”

His voice still held that slight mocking edge which both angered and intrigued her. Although he had let his guard down more and more these past few – well, months, for want of a better word in this timeless world – he was still careful to maintain some of the image he had built up of himself.

“We are both the children of nobles,” she said a little stiffly. “There is no need to address me so.”

He chuckled, stretching his arms upwards as though trying to reach the sky and then folding his hands across his chest. His vivid green eyes seemed to challenge her in some way. She bit her lip, but refused to break eye contact this time. He thought her a silly little innocent, she knew – sheltered and cosseted by her doting parents with little to no experience of the world outside her home. He, on the other hand, was five years older than her at twenty-four and had seen at least some of life’s richness during his time as a soldier cadet. She envied him this, and yet longed to prove that she was not quite as naive as he thought her – even though his estimation of her was quite accurate.

Little did she know that Ilias, rather than confronting her with his look, was merely staring at her in admiration. He had never met a girl like Shahari before. Her gentleness of manner was genuine, rather than an act put on as it was with so many girls of their class. She had, against all his attempts to keep her at a distance, befriended him when the others in the group, his own father included, had decided to leave him to his haughtiness. He resented his father’s disappointment in him for not being a great and gifted mage, like himself and so many of the previous generations of the Breck family, and had long ago vowed that would not give anyone else a chance to look down on him so. And yet Shahari didn’t; she seemed to accept him for himself in a way that not even his fellow cadets could.

All this, he reflected, was quite aside from the plain fact that she was stunningly beautiful. Her frame was slender, and yet the gentle swell of firm breasts and rounded hips were still evident even under her modest clothing. Her face was delicate, with large brown eyes and a sensuous mouth that he longed beyond words bahis siteleri to kiss. For so many nights now, he had lain in that cave merely feet away from this vision of perfection breathing serenely in her sleep, and lusted for her. Once, a few nights ago, he had plucked up the courage to creep over to where she lay and ever so gently stroke her long auburn hair. She had stirred slightly and given a little sigh that stirred his loins more than any sound ever had, and he had gone back to his sleeping spot and rubbed himself sore thinking about it.

“Why do you laugh?” she asked, her pretty face creased into a frown of puzzlement.

“Why, only because you amuse me when you put me in my place.”

“You tease me, sir.”

Oh, how I wish, he thought. “I thought such niceties were unnecessary between equals such as us,” he rejoined.

She opened her mouth as if to rebuke him, but suddenly her countenance relaxed as she laughed. “You are right. Ilias, forgive me. This place frays my nerves and my patience, and it makes me out of sorts with everyone.”

“I understand. I too begin to tire of it. Only one thing in it brings me any pleasure.”

Her heart jolted in her chest at these words. Even for someone as green as she, the meaning behind these words when combined with that intense look was plain to see.

“Ilias…” she faltered.

“You have changed me,” he went on. “Before we met I had thought all people judged each other on their outward achievements only, and yet you care nothing for any of that. I had thought all women to be either shameless wantons or out to trap a man’s wealth and freedom. And yet you display none of these qualities, and have so many virtues that I had thought impossible to find in any female.”

Tears sprang to her eyes at his words. If he only knew…She was, in her longing for his proximity to her person, as brazen as any conquest he’d ever made. All that separated her from them was lack of experience.

“Shahari.” He was at her side in an instant. “What upsets you? If I have said anything to hurt or offend you…”

“Oh, no.” She shook her head. “Not that anyone else would find upsetting, anyhow. It’s just that – you assume so much about me that is not true.”

“What do you mean?”

She blushed fiercely as she battled with the answer to this question. “I merely mean – only that – that there are things you do not know about me. About my nature.”

“There can be nothing to despise in your nature.”

The expression in her eyes as they met his at once made his blood burn and his mind realise what she meant simultaneously. He recognised that look very well; had seen it often in women he had bedded. She felt the same desire for him as he did for her. And yet there was something else in her face, as well – conflict, confusion, even guilt. Was it possible that her natural womanly longings were the cause of her distress?

“Do not be ashamed,” he whispered. “I think I know what troubles you – and my lovely Shahari, it only makes me yearn for you even more.”

He took her hand, and pressed it to his lips. She gripped his fingers tightly in response as the skin-to-skin contact sent shivers down her spine. He knew her for what she was, and yet he did not revile her for it. Could this be possible, after all she had been brought up to believe?

The very next moment, without letting go of her hand, he had brought his face close to hers and was kissing her on the mouth. She gasped in surprise, a sound which quickly became a little cry of delight as his tongue probed her parted lips. His other hand rested lightly on her cheek, softly stroking her skin. Shahari had never kissed a man before, let alone like this, and yet the right way to do it seemed to come naturally, as if she had been doing it all her life. Her own tongue began to explore his mouth in return, and her hand, the one that wasn’t clasped in his, came up to run her fingers through his hair.

Ilias felt his cock stir into life in response to her kiss. Her lips were so, so soft, like the most delicate of flower petals, and the taste of her was sweet beyond imagining. No woman had ever felt this good to kiss before. It was with great difficulty that he stopped himself from throwing her to the ground and fucking her, hard and fast and without mercy for her virginity. He was so hard he felt that he might explode any moment – and yet he had to take his time. This was not just any woman. She was special; she deserved to be treated right, to be truly initiated into the delights her inexperienced body held in store for her.

“Ilias,” she gasped as their lips parted from one another. “I – surely this isn’t right…”

“It is only wrong if it feels wrong,” he whispered. He could not stop himself from savouring her sweet mouth again at that moment, and this time her body moulded against his and her arms wrapped around him, pulling him in even closer.

“Does it feel wrong?” he asked, knowing the answer but wanting to hear her say it.

“No. No. It feels – oh, my, canlı bahis it feels…”

Shahari could not finish the sentence. Ilias was kissing her neck, his mouth moving lower and lower. She was aware of her nipples hardening, almost painfully, beneath the thin cotton of her dress as the tip of his tongue traced the neckline. And with this came a new sensation – a sort of dull ache between her legs accompanied by a rush of wetness that both excited and alarmed her. Her clothes felt annoyingly cumbersome; she longed to be naked, to be entirely exposed to his hands and mouth and…Yes, to his…manhood. Even thinking the word caused the colour to rush to her face again, and yet it also caused her legs to part of their own volition. She began to fumble with the fastenings on her dress; seeing her difficulty, Ilias took over and deftly removed it, leaving her in just her undergarments, which clearly showed the contours of her small yet perfect breasts with their perky little nipples, and her flat belly and gently rounded hips.

With barely maintained patience, he removed her underclothes as well and guided her gently back into a prone position. For several moments he just knelt between her legs and drank in her beauty with his eyes. Misinterpreting his scrutiny, Shahari whispered, “Is something wrong?”

He shook his head. “Wrong?” he asked incredulously. “You – you are the most breathtaking woman I have ever laid eyes on.”

He lowered his head and kissed her collarbone, his hands caressing her waist; as his lips moved down over her chest and stomach, he caught the slightly musky aroma emanating from her sex and whimpered with the maintained effort of not just taking her. He worked his way back up her body and flicked his tongue over her nipple, drawing a sexy little moan from her. He spread his hands over her breasts, massaging them and sucking each rosy nipple in turn. The magical sensations shooting from her breasts to her womb and back again brought tears of joy to Shahari’s eyes. She heard herself saying things to him that she had never dreamed she would hear spoken by anyone, let alone herself.

“Yes, yes, suckle me, my darling,” she moaned, wrapping her legs around his waist and pulling her hips up to his. “Oh, my love, give me everything, I want it all, please, please…”

“Oh, yes, Shahari,” he growled, his mouth still full of her. “Yes, my lady…”

There was no admonishment for the use of the title this time. She practically tore at his clothing in her urgency to see him as naked as she was. She was stunned by the unexpected beauty of his body. She had been told by her mother and ladies-in-waiting to expect something monstrously ugly beneath a man’s clothes, and she had been half-afraid to lay eyes on him even as she longed to; but what greeted her instead made the ache in her pussy grow suddenly almost unbearable. His organ looked massive to her, although she had no basis for comparison, and it stood out in front of him as if begging to be touched. The head was slightly pinker than the shaft and glistened with moisture. She did not know how she could possibly fit it inside her, and yet she knew that she wanted to – had to, somehow. This was what her body was screaming out for.

Ilias took her hand, and moved it to his cock. “Touch me,” he pleaded.

She ran her fingertips over it, surprised at how silky it felt, and at the hardness beneath when she squeezed slightly. He put his hand over hers and showed her how to grip him, and to move her hand up and down to pleasure him. She got the hang of it quickly and he found his eyes closing in spite of how badly he wanted to watch her dainty little hand in action.

“Is this right?” she asked softly.


He moaned with pleasure as his cock-juice was spread over his shaft by her busy hand. The sound inflamed her in a way she had never thought possible. How could this ever be a chore or an inconvenience for a woman? To bring such happiness to the man you loved – for she did love him, of that she was certain – could only be a delight. The very recent memory of his mouth on her breasts burned in her mind; if he could induce such feelings in her that way, might she not be able to do the same?

Any misgivings she may have had about what he might think of her for performing such an act vanished as her body flared in response to this daring thought. She sat up and, leaning on her arm for support, tentatively kissed the head of his cock. The guttural moan this produced was all the encouragement she needed. It seemed so natural, so right, to allow his full length to slide into her mouth, and so inevitable that she should repeat this motion again and again. The taste of him, the feeling of his skin beneath her lapping tongue – surely this was what mouths were made for?

Meanwhile, Ilias was staring down at her in ecstatic disbelief. He would never have asked her to do this – not her first time – and yet here she was, her delectable mouth devouring him, the little cries escaping from her telling him everything he needed güvenilir bahis to know about whether she was enjoying it or not.

“Oh, Shahari,” he whispered, caressing her hair and back and shoulders, anywhere he could reach. “Oh, that feels like heaven.”

He was dangerously close to coming in her mouth; the thought of spurting down her throat made his balls tighten in readiness, and he knew he had to slow things down. Gently he pushed her away, assuring her that he only needed her to stop because he didn’t want things to be over too soon.

“I want to savour you properly,” he told her. “And in order to do that, I need to delay the inevitable as long as I can.”

He kissed her lovely lips again, and this time she lay back of her own volition, her legs spread wide, her back arching as her need for him rushed through her loins. Her cunt was so pretty to his eyes, small and pink and covered with the smallest smattering of dark-red hair, glossy with juice. He trailed his fingertips down her body until his hand rested over it; his fingers were already soaked with her fluid. Ever so gently, he ran the tip of his index finger up her slit and soon found her clitoris, a hard little bud of need. She trembled violently and he was worried that he had hurt her; he knew how sensitive that part of a woman’s body was and that at this level of arousal, pleasure could become pain if she were handled too roughly. Her hips thrust up towards his hand and he knew that he had quite misjudged her. This luscious little thing wanted more, and he was quite prepared to give it to her. As his thumb took over her clit, he slowly slid his finger into her drenched hole. Gods, she was so tight; he was worried that even this little width inside her would break her maidenhead, but it stood firm even as his finger slid in as deep as it would go. Almost drunk with pleasure, Shahari rode his hand to her first ever orgasm, an insistent pulsing wave of bliss that ripped animal cries from her throat as her cunt squeezed rhythmically around him.

“Are you all right?” he asked softly as her climax slowly died down.

“I’m – I…I don’t understand,” she said. “I – I didn’t know…”

“That a woman could experience release just as a man does?”

“No. I thought – I was always taught that at best I could expect to tolerate it.”

“Do you think you could tolerate my making love to you now?”

He smiled as he spoke the words, but the smile hid a sudden terror that she would say no – that she wasn’t ready. Her eyes held a sparkle of fear even as everything else about her body screamed ‘yes’. And yet he needed her; if she did not consent, was he prepared to ravish her to find satisfaction? The part of him that was honourable and respected her wishes seemed to be slipping away. Please, he thought, please, Shahari, don’t make me have to choose between being a lover or a monster.

“Yes,” she said, her voice firm. “Yes. Please.”

“Thank you,” he whispered, relieved beyond measure at having been rescued from his dilemma. “With all my heart, my angel, thank you.”

He positioned himself over her. She was so wet that she seemed to be sucking him in. He kissed her deeply as the head of his cock began to slip into her.

“The only way to do this is quickly,” he told her. “It will probably hurt, and for that I am sorry. But once your maidenhead is gone, we will take it as slowly as you wish.” The principled man inside him was back in his grasp. “Even if you wish to stop entirely, for me to withdraw…”

She nodded, but knew that she would never ask him to do that. Her need was as great as his and after the feelings his fingers had given her she knew that on the other side of the pain waited pleasure beyond imagining. Her legs and arms wound around him, clutching him tightly as she braced herself in readiness.

“I love you,” he whispered, and pushed. She squealed as she broke, tears pouring down her face. His own eyes prickled in sympathy, and for an instant he hated himself for what he had done. But if he thought that she would want to stop, he was wrong. To his astonishment, her hips strained up towards him, her legs winding around his lower back, and she near took his breath away with a series of the hottest kisses he had ever experienced. She sobbed, but the sobs were rapidly changing to the breathy moans of earlier when he had fingered her. In spite of the soreness, she found herself thrusting up at him, her cunt greedily demanding that he fuck her properly.

“Ilias,” she cried, and his name had never sounded so good to him. “Ilias, please!”

He began to move inside her, keeping it gentle more to hold back his orgasm than because he any longer felt concerned that she might not want more than that. She was so soft and warm, her contours seemingly designed for his body alone, and she was asking to be fucked in every way except by saying the actual words. He had never in his wildest dreams expected that any virgin would be so eager. He harboured a horrible fear of coming in three strokes as if he was a novice himself, and to his surprise this was enough to quench the impulse. More confident now, his movements quickened and deepened, and the keening cries that issued from her gorgeous mouth spurred him on.

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