Seducing My Roommate

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Making love to a virgin isn’t easy. No one tells you these things. It’s something you dream about, and when you imagine it, it’s all velvety smoothness, warm apple pie, maybe a bit of giggling and awkwardness. But here’s the reality: it’s like trying to shove your cock into a clenched fist. No one tells you that part. But’s let me say this: it’s all worth it the first time you hear the desperate yelps of someone losing control, someone feeling shudders of pleasure feel they didn’t realize were possible. And then you feel those tiny little pelvic muscle spasms that let you know you just gave a girl her first orgasm. That is something I’ll never forget.

But let me back up a bit. It took me months to get to that part. I think a little background is in order first. For starters, I’m 29 years old. I had, quite reasonably assumed that my deflowering years were well behind me, and that was just one experience I was never going to have. I’ve always found myself with more experienced girls, from Kimberly Jansen, who took MY cherry back in senior year of high school, right through my last girlfriend. I’ve never really had a good enough rap to get any girl to part with her virginity. It takes a more predatorial type, and I just don’t have it in me. The closest I ever came was being second — that was when I was a junior in college, and a wide eyed freshman was drunk enough to let me go all the way and then told me she loved me, just before puking on my couch.

So it must have just been fate that brought Katja into my life. I had just broken up with my long-term girlfriend, with whom I was sharing a two-bedroom apartment. I started looking for a roommate to help with the rent, but also because it was getting lonely around the place. A friend of mine worked over at the medical school, and someone in his program was looking for a place in the city. But, he asked, did I mind living with a girl? She was 26, and had just arrived from Prague. For some reason this had me picturing a squat, frumpy woman who cooked strange stews and spat out her words when she talked. I asked him if she was normal (because I this mental imagery had me a bit spooked). He said she was quiet and rather serious, but very responsible. Oh, he said, and she’s quite attractive, so if nothing else, it will be some nice scenery to have around the apartment.

Katja showed up the next day to check the place out. Far from being squat and frumpy, she was tall and rather stunning with the type of white blonde hair more commonly associated with Scandinavian girls. I didn’t know they had that color hair in the Czech Republic. No one tells me these things. She had a bulky winter coat on, so I couldn’t really check out her body, but at this point I was really just looking for help on the rent, and honestly had no designs on sexual conquest. OK, so it did cross my mind, but I’m only human, okay? She was a bit socially awkward, and shy about her limited English. It was a strained conversation, but she was definitely interested in the apartment, if nothing else.

“I like dees place. I vill take it.” She had a heavy accent, and it seemed cute and incongruous coming out of her mouth.

“Well, we’ve got a deal then,” I said, not having any idea where this would lead me.


It was about a month after she moved in before I first figured out that she was a virgin. We had started spending a decent amount of time together. It started with watching TV in the living room (each of us on a separate couch). Then she started cooking meals for me, which was a nice little perk in its own right. We also occasionally went for jogs together. One day, when we had just returned from a run, we started discussing her life experience, or lack thereof:

“But, you’ve had boyfriends,” I ventured.

“Not in a long time. I am very busy with studies.”

“So when’s the last time you kissed a guy?”

A long pause followed. “Something like six years. And we only dated for short time, two weeks I think.”

I was in disbelief. “So you haven’t kissed a guy since you were 18?” This didn’t add up. The girl was stunning. She had to have guys knocking down her door constantly.

But she nodded shyly, confirming this impossible fact. She was clearly a bit embarrassed to admit this. The blood was still pumping pretty fast from our run, and this news caused some of that blood to get instantly diverted to my cock. I quickly sat down before I got a hard-on. The sight of her tight little ass in those jogging shorts was just too much. A drop of sweat rolled down her neck and disappeared into her cleavage.

“So you’ve never… done it?” I asked. By this point, I could have guessed the answer to this one, but I wanted to hear her say it.

“Yes…. I am virgin.” The ‘v’ in virgin came out halfway between a ‘v’ and a ‘w’. This word, in this exotic accent, was like an electric bolt of energy straight to my cock. I suddenly felt as hopelessly horny as a teenager. I stole another look at her firm little breasts, perfectly showcased by her jog-bra. Her nipples were erect, possibly from the exercise, but possibly because she was as turned bahis siteleri on as I was.

“But you’ve done other stuff…” I wanted to hear her tell me about some guy feeling her up, or the story of her awkward first blowjob. Anything.

“No, only kissing.”

“You’ve never let a guy touch you?”

“No.” She looked down at the floor, obviously uncomfortable with this line of questioning. I took the opportunity to let my eyes soak in the curves of her body. My god, I needed to see her naked, it was simply imperative. I had to figure out a way. Maybe I could drill a hole in the wall between our bedrooms.

I finally stopped fighting the oncoming hard-on, and let my cock strain against my shorts. I was sitting down, so there was no way she could see it, but it felt as huge as a third leg. Outwardly, I was the perfect gentleman. “You really should, you’re a very attractive girl you know. You could have your pick of any guy you want.” Like me.

“Yeah, well…” she drifted off to her bedroom. As she left, and my eyes watched her ass swish out of the room.

After that conversation, the pressure in my cock was so unbearable it felt like my balls were going to explode. I really hadn’t felt this horny since I was about 18. I threw myself onto the couch, and tried to think about something else. But my thoughts kept straying back to Katja, and I found myself trying my hardest to imagine her naked body. My hand went into my shorts to check how swollen my cock really was. Soon, of course, I was stroking it gently. After a few seconds of that, I heard her bedroom door open, and quickly yanked my hand back into the open. Luckily I was laying at such an angle that my hard-on wasn’t obvious, and I had enough time to pick up a magazine, so it looked like I’d just been lying there reading. Her footsteps came closer, and she hurried through the room in her bathrobe, headed for the bathroom. She kept her eyes downcast, no doubt feeling vulnerable in her near-nakedness. The shower! She closed the bathroom door, and left me alone in the living room again with my raging boner.

The idea of her naked in the shower provided a rich new vein for my little fantasy. I needed to stroke myself again. However, I take the risk of having her walk out and catch me… what if she had forgotten a towel or something? I waited until I heard her step into the water before I decided it was safe to start jerking off again. Now that I knew she was in the shower, I started going at it with renewed vigor. As i caressed my swollen cock, I shut my eyes and pictured the steam rising around her perfect body. I had pictured her naked a thousand times, but now I thought about how this time I knew she actually was naked, just 2 rooms away. I pulled my shorts down for better access, and started jerking faster. It was too much to take. I decided to do something really stupid. I got up and tiptoed over to the shower door. I would just take a peek.

I could hear the sound of running water, and Katja singing something softly to herself. I knew my hormones were affecting my judgment, but I just had to get a look at that body. Luckily for me, the know on our bathroom door often got stuck, so the door didn’t ever click shut so much as just swing into a closed position. There was no lock to speak of. I knew that a tiny nudge would dislodge the door from it’s closed position and allow it swing open a crack. This actually happened all the time on its own — it was one of the downsides of living in a creaky old apartment. I put my hand on the door and gave it the gentlest of pushes. It gave under my pressure, and swung open about an inch. It was just enough to give me a view into the room.

The mirror was half steamed over, but in it I could see Katja bending over to shave her legs. This meant that the first naked glimpse of her I got was not an innocent thigh or nipple, but a unrestricted view of her ass. Even though she was 25, she had the underdeveloped body of a teenager. Her legs were skinny and coltish, her ass was high and perky, not yet understanding anything of gravity. Her skin was milky white and flawless. It was better than I could have imagined. As I watched, my hand went to my cock again, involuntarily this time, and started to rub up and down over the head. I was delirious, and my eyes followed the slithering lines of her body, and wandered across the broad expanse of her back. Katja’s arms worked the razor up her skinny legs in short strokes, and every time she moved to reach further down, I got a peek between her ass cheeks at her small mound. Her virgin pussy. I thought about how no guy had ever gotten his hands on the delicate blonde peach fuzz that covered the pussy lips. No one had slid a finger into the soft wetness. I stood and watched like this for a full minute, making sure that I could duck out of the way if she turned around. My hand was moving quicker and quicker, and my breath was starting to come in quick gasps. I knew the moment wasn’t going to last forever, and that I needed release before she finished her shower. But I wanted to see her tits, but she was bent over with back to me. I was getting real close to canlı bahis blowing my load, but I wanted to see her tits. “C’mon, stand up,” I thought to myself as I jerked myself to the edge of orgasm.

Finally, she finished with her legs and started to stand up. As she did, I caught the sight of her pert little breasts in profile, hanging like ripe fruits. Her nipples were almost the same color as her skin, and they were sticking out like tiny pearls. She stood up to gather her hair behind her back, in the process arching her back. This made her tits stand out from chest, then flatten down as she leaned her head back. I pictured myself cumming all over them, shooting streams of cum which arced up to lick the bottom of her chin, then fell onto her tits and dripped from the end of her nipples. As I pictured this, I felt myself start to cum for real. My shorts were around my ankles by now, and I cupped my balls with one hand, and machine-gunned my other hand over the head of my cock. My eyes stayed glued on Katja’s tits while I started shooting all over the wall next the bathroom door. It came in quick bursts, four of five right in a row, which splashed against the wall. I started to lose awareness of my surroundings and thought I might pass out. I was imagining cumming on her, cumming inside her, cumming simultaneously with her. Fortunately, my orgasm stopped and I returned to my senses in time to see Katja moving to turn the water off. I pulled the door back an inch, so that the it was again closed, and slinked away to find something to clean up my mess before she came out of the bathroom.


That was about the time that decided to make it my mission to have her. To hell with the consequences and complications of getting involved with your roommate. I was too focused on the present. I found myself daydreaming about her at work, trying to preserve the mental image of her naked body, looking forward to getting home and seeing her. I found myself flirting with her more openly, trying to weaken her defenses. But I also knew that for a girl that beautiful to go six long years without kissing anyone, those defenses had to be pretty strong indeed.

In the end, it was my old friend alcohol that helped me in my quest. One night we were sitting around at home on a Friday night, and I suggested we go around the corner for a drink. One drink led to four, and as we staggered out of the last bar, I decided it was now or never. But when I went to try to kiss her, she pushed me away, protesting, “no, we can’t do this.” Back at the apartment, rather than going straight to her bedroom, she stayed out in the living room to talk to me. And the second time I went in for a kiss, she succumbed. We spent the next few hours making out on the couch, quite innocently. Her lips were full and sensual, and I would have never guessed she was out of practice. Or perhaps it was the eight years of buildup all trying to release itself at once. Whatever it was, it was intense. I tried my best not to let her feel the raging erection trying to burst out of my jeans. I knew I was going to have to move really slow, and I didn’t want to freak her out right off the bat.

For the next month we had a pattern: at night we’d watch some TV on the couch, start making out, dry hump on the couch for a while, then both head to our separate bedroom, so sexually frustrated we could barely sleep. Without fail, every time I tried to slip a hand under her clothing, it got pushed back. I remember this month clearly – it was the horniest I had ever been in my life. And since we were living in the same apartment, I didn’t really even have any opportunities to jerk off and relieve the unbelievable pressure. So I just walked around with blue balls all the time.

Ironically, as I started making some progress the problem only got worse. There were nights when I was able to finally wriggle a hand into her bra, or loosen her jeans. Eventually I was able to get her to undress down to her underwear. And all of this only made the pressure more unbearable. I began to wonder whether it was possible to just spontaneously blow a load in my pants.


Then one night everything started to change. It was the night that I managed to get her completely naked. She was lying in my bed, trying to preserve her modesty by hiding behind the sheet, but she was naked all the same. And she was far more beautiful than I had ever imagined. Her skin was milky white and I couldn’t help running my hand up and down her body, from her face and neck, in between her pert breasts, down over the bony expanse of ribs and hips, down over her porcelain thighs. It was smoother than I imagined skin could be. She was trying unsuccessfully to hide her tits with one arm, and every time I tried to move her arm away she protested.

But she couldn’t hide her excitement. Her breath heaved in and out and she seemed on the verge of losing all self-control. Though she kept her legs crossed out of modesty, she kept rubbing her thighs together to stimulate herself. I gradually moved my caresses down between her thighs. She resisted güvenilir bahis but breathed even harder. I pried my way between her legs and began to gently caress her pussy, first running my hand up and down over the hair, then locating the wet spot, and proceeding to spread her juices up and down her slit. I zeroed in on her clit, rubbing circles around it as it grew under my fingers. “Stop. We shouldn’t be doing this”, she protested. She slid a hand down to move my hand away, but her hand ended up pushing against mine, adding to the pressure on her clit.

“Why shouldn’t we be?” I asked. “It seems like you like it.” Then I realized something. “You’ve never had an orgasm, have you?” I asked. I knew she hadn’t ever messed around with a guy before, and I was guessing that she was too shy to even get herself off.

“No, never.” This just kept getting more unbelievable.

“Well relax, Katja, because I’m going to give you one.” She looked scared. Scared and aroused. It’s been said that lust is somewhere between sex and fear, and Katja’s face betrayed this very mix of emotions right now. With one hand I was gently rubbing her clit, and with the other I was exploring the contours of her tits, her hips, her ass. I took advantage of the fact that she was out of her mind with lust to slip off my jeans and boxers. Now we were both laying there naked. I put both hands on her hips and placed myself over her, running the shaft of my cock up and down against her tight little pussy for a few seconds. I knew she would stop me, but I wanted to test the limits.

“No, I am not ready yet.” came the helpless plea. She wanted it, I could tell. She was scared out of her mind, but deep down in the animal part of her brain, she wanted to fuck.

I moved off of her, and slid my hand back down to her pussy. She was so wet now that my finger slipped right in, causing her to let out an audible moan. I started to finger fuck her while I mashed my hand against her clit. She was wriggling under my hand and bucking her hips. “Do you like that?” I asked her. I wanted her to talk dirty to me.

“Yes, I like. I like ven you touch me there.” Her accent had never sounded so sexy. She started to moan with increasing urgency. I took out my finger and rubbed my whole hand up and down her cunt. I found her clit and rubbed it hard. Her head was arched back, and her hands had balled up into little fists. “Uhnn. Unnhhh….. s-s-something… is happening,” she whispered. It was then that I could feel those little muscle spasms beneath my hand while I rubbed. It was the cutest thing I had ever encountered. She was moaning loudly now, completely unaware of herself. I could feel each shock wave pass through her pussy, each tremor. Her orgasm lasted at least thirty seconds.

When she was finally finished, she opened her eyes and looked up at me. “I had,” she said. I didn’t stop to correct her grammar. She was grinning from ear to ear. She was still raring to go, guiding my hand back down to her drenched cunt.

By now, my cock was throbbing and begging for attention but I had figured out that she was scared to touch it. I interlaced my fingers with hers and guided her hand towards my cock. She resisted, but I forced her hand downward, wrapping her fingers around it. Her hand was motionless. She was like a deer trapped in the headlights.

“I dun’t know vat to do,” she said.

“Well, let me show you”. I loved playing teacher. This was great. I placed my hand on hers once more and guided her hand gently up and down my shaft. At first she couldn’t get the hang of it, and she tentatively pawed at it. I stopped her hand and showed her where the most sensitive areas were, and how to properly stroke it. After this her technique improved slightly. The thing is, I was so turned on, it didn’t matter what she did. It was going to work. She continued to work her hand awkwardly up and down, fully concentrating on her task.

“I’m no good at this,” she complained. While I knew she was right, I nevertheless found myself getting closer to shooting a load. I decided to hold back for now.

“You’re doing just fine,” I assured her, folding my arms behind my head and stretching out. I let her pull on it for a few more minutes, occasionally running my hands along her smooth skin. I reached down and started gently massaging her clit. She let out a long sigh and stroked my cock with renewed intensity. We laid for a while like this, both on our backs, slowly jerking each other off. I felt the cum start to gather momentum again, and I decided it was time to introduce her to the wonders of the male orgasm.

“Ummm, that’s good. Faster.” I coaxed her along. “You’re doing great.” I sat up a bit, so my cock was close to her face. She was bent over and fully concentrating on her efforts. “You wanna make me cum, baby? You wanna make me cum?”. She nodded. I was fully engaged in the moment, and determined to drag it out a bit. I could feel myself on the edge of a monster orgasm but I held on and elongated the moment. I watched the way her little tits swayed as she pumped her arm. I felt the way she ground her pussy against my leg, and the way her soft hair tickled my stomach. Most of all, I watched the way her tiny hand worked up and down over my throbbing cock. I wanted this moment to go on forever. I wanted to cum all over her and never stop cumming.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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