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Emily had to stay late to finish filing her boss’s case and drive home late, so it was a lose-lose situation. But she was determined to do it. Being a strict Catholic and a virgin at 21 was difficult for her but living alone helped her with this predicament.

“What a fucking mess” said Emily as she looked around the last pile of papers. After putting them in their respective cabinets, Emily handed the keys to the guard and entered her car. She looked at the bag of chips from the morning and after letting out a cry of agony, she drove out of the parking lot.

She took her time but eventually reached the railway tracks which divided the downtown area and the suburbs. “Oh shit oh no please not now…” said Emily as her car started to struggle and stopped at a corner.

Emily tried to look at any sign of a problem but couldn’t find anything, so immediately went to look for help in a house nearby.

Out came Jack, a twenty something himself who drunk as hell because his parents had left him home alone to teach him a lesson. Ironically, Jack’s passion was racing so seeing a beautiful, wet, lonely but well maintained Sedan outside turned him on.

Jack only noticed Emily when he allowed her to stay for the night, but he had his eyes on her car. “Um thanks. I know the weather’s crazy but my car just gave up you bahis siteleri know,” said Emily.

“It happens, I mean machines right? But I’ll look into it tomorrow. The room’s upstairs so help yourself out kay?” replied Jack hesitantly.

“No, I want to sit here if you don’t mind,” said Emily as she had seen Jack staring at her body so she wanted to make sure his intentions weren’t wrong.

Jack showed her the way to the shower and gave her old clothes. She undressed immediately and threw her wet clothes out. However, she had forgotten her cell phone and car keys which she wanted to keep near to herself.

After putting on a towel, she came to collect them but was shocked to see Jack sniffing her clothes like a search dog. “Oh my God what the hell are you doing?” shouted Emily.

“I was just seeing if they were dirty or something miss,” a shaken Jack replied.

She rushed to grab her phone and keys but Jack stopped her. He convinced her that he was only looking to put the clothes into the washing machine after showing her that her jeans were already in there.

Emily decided to stay and after taking a shower, she came out to see Jack watching some Game Of Thrones footage. She hated that show because of the nudity and all but watched it anyway with him.

Moments later, their hands touched as canlı bahis siteleri a sex scene ended. Soon they were shoulder to shoulder after a sword fight scene ended. And finally, Jack put his arms behind Emily and rubbed her back.

“I don’t know what you’re thinking but I haven’t done… this ever. So please… don’t” a shy smile remarked.

“Well, somebody told me first time for everything isn’t that bad,” replied Jack.

Both realized that Emily was a virgin and Jack had lost his virginity recently. Emily being the hungrier of the two stood up and asked Jack to stand up.

Jack and Emily stood in front of each other and the former took her to his room. “Your turn” said Jack after taking of his clothes. Slowly and seductively, Emily took off the shirt. Her puffy nipples in full sight. Then she took off the shorts which Jack had given her. Her trimmed coin slot was there for a thirsty Jack.

Jack tried to kiss her but Emily stopped him and went down. She grabbed his penis and started sucking it. Jack moaned but Emily was in mood. It was her first experience after all.

Emily kept going and going and Jack was already having a better time than the first time. Emily could her Jack’s cries but didn’t care. He started sweating and breathing heavily so Emily let go.

She wiped off the cum canlı bahis on her mouth as she threw Jack on the bed. Being the weaker of the two, Jack bounced away like a ragdoll. Emily was now on top of Jack and both started kissing each other.

Jack stroked her pussy while kissing her neck and Emily made a whimpering sound. He started rubbing it even more as she eventually came. Then, Emily started smothering Jack’s face with her boobs as they bounced up and down on the bed.

Soon, Jack turned her over and started fucking her in the ass. Jack kissed grabbed her hair while kissing her neck, face, pits, chest and arms everywhere and Emily replied with a lovely smirk.

Emily let out screams of “Yes!” as she wrapped her feet around Jack’s dick and gave it a nice rub. Their wet and sweaty bodies only helped their cause as the room got hotter.

Emily and Jack switched sides as she grabbed his head and he gladly put it between her legs. Jack started kissing and licking everywhere whereas Emily gave him a hard handjob.

After drying him out, Emily sat on top of him and rubbed her ass and pussy on him even denying him any air. Jack’s body eventually gave up and he stopped holding Emily’s boobs.

Emily got off him and crashed beside him. “Thank you” she whispered in his ears. Jack opened his eyes for a while and after seeing an overjoyed and a non-virgin Emily beside him, he passed out and went to sleep.

Emily stayed the night and left after promising him a date and thanking him for turning a crappy day into a wonderful night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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