Poolside Ride

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“Let’s go swimming…” he murmured into my ear, traveling the length of my neck with his fingers and lips, torturing me with an undeniable, exquisitely slow sensuality. I groaned, my body seeming to melt upon itself as I imagined the feel of him stroking the fire within me combined with the cool water on my blazing skin. “Oh, god, yes….” I groaned, saying yes to a multitude of things, desire causing my voice to flow from my lips with a new rawness.

He was all blondness and brazenness that night, and Time appeared to draw still and it seemed as though we were instantly there, standing next to the unlit pool under a moonlit sky. I shivered and his arm wrapped around my shoulders as he smiled at me, not asking if I were cold, a knowing smile resting softly on his lips. “Come on.” He urged, pulling me into the water beside him and circling my waist with his hands.

I gasped, feeling the water flow around my naked breasts as the shirt he had let me wear billowed out. My waist length, jet-black hair, free of its tidy braid, spread fan-like around me and I saw his eyes stop to admire it for the first time. His hands against my lower back shot electric impulses up and down my spine and I strained against him, feeling the rigidness of his engorged cock against my thigh. I shivered, the wetness between my legs having little to do with the water from the pool. As he began to draw me into a slow dance, my eyes closed and my head began to spin—Suddenly, I didn’t know if it were my head that was spinning or our movements—but I sank closer into his arms, shivering with mounting need as I pressed myself into him, wanting him more than I have ever wanted anyone.

“Please…” I found myself moaning, as his lips traveled the length on my neck. Goosebumps rose on my arms and my nipples grew harder still. He laughed softly against my cheek, as if we shared a secret no one else knew. A small shuffling sound drew my eyes towards a nearby window, and then another. Suddenly alert and amused, I took in the dim lights around us and saw blinds parting discreetly as at least a dozen eyes watched us with rapt fascination.

“Do you,” I began, laughing into his shoulder, “know what they are thinking?”

His grin was fast and erotic. “Yes…they want to see us fuck.”

We laughed together, and it seemed as though all of those lights grew dark. canlı bahis We could still feel the stares, but it only seemed to heighten our desire and the eroticism of the moment. “In that case,” I murmured, “why disappoint them?”

Our lips met and as my lips parted, I felt a jolt of fire spread through my body as our tongues began to dance. My eyes closed and I felt myself surrender as his hands slipped beneath my shirt and he began to caress my breasts, rolling his fingers over my rock-hard nipples. My hands tore at his shorts and my fingers closed around the hardest, biggest cock I had ever felt!

My eyes flew open and he was smiling at me, his cock growing even harder as I stroked him from length to base, easily reaching nine inches, and as thick as my wrist! My breath came out in gasps as I imagined him trying to fit that monster into my tiny pussy, wet as it was!

We were at the shallow end, in perhaps only 4 ft of water. The water came up to my chest anyway, my 4’11 frame delicate against his 5’8 one, and easily he lifted me up onto a shelf in one smooth motion. My legs parted of their own accord, and suddenly I felt his lips on my inner thigh. I felt myself grew weak as he gently eased my legs apart even further, and then he was there, burying his face in my smooth, bare little pussy.

“You shave…” He murmured approvingly, licking my creaminess like a delicious dessert against his perfect tongue. I moaned, urging him on by spreading my legs wider, and tugging at his blond hair, begging him with my little cries to lick my pussy more!

“God, you taste so sweet! I’ve never tasted such a sweet pussy!” He exclaimed, driving his tongue deeper. “It must be an Asian thing, because they sure don’t make this kind of shit around here!” He exclaimed.

I felt my pussy begin to contract and furiously he began to work his tongue inside me, sliding one thick finger into my wet cunt. I screamed loudly as my juices began to gush all over his face, come leaking out of my long-neglected pussy as he continued to eat me.

“Fuck, you are delicious!” He said again, working his way up to my rigid nipples. “I’m so fucking hard, woman!”

Lying there, with my legs spread lewdly and his face glistening with my pussy juice, reality set in and I became increasing aware of what I was doing. I felt embarrassed as my bahis siteleri old world values and ideas lay tossed aside next to me. Shame drew a flush to my cheeks and I averted my large, almond-shaped eyes. “I can’t believe this!” I whispered, suddenly humiliated. “I never do this kind of thing!”

He paused briefly, frowning, then sighed at my dramatic change of mood. “Sherry…” he began, and then stopped, his hand pressing against his painfully swollen cock. I turned to look into his cobalt grey eyes and I began to cry. “I don’t want to be a one-night stand.” I said, quietly. “Not with you. I couldn’t stand it…” I explained.

“I can’t promise anything, Sherry,” He said, honestly, looking at me. His handsome face became serious and he reached out to touch my cheek. “I think you are beautiful, and smart, and funny…and I like you, more than I have liked anyone in a long time. But I can’t make promises…” He laughed suddenly, mischievously. “I can tell you that you are the sweetest girl I’ve known in a long time—personality wise, and that pussy of yours!”

I paused, then I felt the hilarity creep up on me. Suddenly, we were laughing hysterically. I felt my resolution dissolve and I smiled at him. It had been a long time, nearly four years without anyone besides my ex-husband. It was time to move on, all right…and I wanted him!

Slowly, I slid back into the water and wrapped my arms around his neck. “All right, then…that’ll be enough…”I whispered, kissing his cheek as his lips passed over my forehead. “But please…be gentle with me….”

“I promise…” He said, lifting us onto the cool cement and sliding off his shorts and positioning his cock at my waiting entrance. I grimaced as I felt the wide head part the first outer folds, and despite my wetness, I stiffened, panicking immeaditatly as I felt him push and enter with difficulty. “Relax….” He groaned, angling my legs around his waist, “You’re too fucking tight….”

Gradually he eased about two inches in, and I almost screamed from the pain of it. My poor pussy, always tight and firm, seemed to balk at something so large and hard! Still, wetness gushed from inside me and I felt myself rocking frantically against his incredible dick as I began to come on just his head!

“God damn!” He groaned, feeling my pussy contract around him. He took a deep breath, and canlı bahis siteleri impaled me with his cock, burying that nine-inch monster inside me. My nails dug into his back and I came again, almost wailing as I spasamed around him, riding his cock like an American girl!

“This is fucking unbelievable!” He groaned, fucking me relentlessly, his hips rocking against mine as our passion began to explode. “Fuck, I’ve never…never felt anything so damn tight…your pussy in unbelievable….”

He yelled outloud suddenly, stiffening as his cum exploded inside me. “Oh, fuck yeah!” He cried, his eyes shutting tightly as he pistoned into my narrow channel. “I could fuck you for the rest of my life!”

“I want to taste us…” I cried out, pushing him back. Eagerly I dove to his crotch and wrapped my mouthh around his still rigid cock. I could taste my pussy juice and his cum on his dick as I sucked him dry, and as I began to work my tongue around the tiny hole at top, and when I pumped his cock enthusiastically, I was rewarded by a blast of warm cum! “Give it to me!” I yelled wildly, brazenly baring my firm ass to him, feeling wild and animalistic in ways I had never felt before.

His eyes grew wide and his cock grew even harder as he jumped on me, growling. “Oh, yeah? Think you can take this monster?” he challenged, feeling my bottom with his wide, rough hands, “Your pussy could barely take it, I’ll rip you in half!”

I could only moan in reply, feeling every fantasy return to my mind and seeing his face take on every shadowy figure in those fantasies. I felt like a whore, and loved it. “Fuck my ass!” I screamed, pushing back at him, feeling my pussy flowing with his cum.

He lathered the tip and length of his amazing dick with our juices and began to push at my small brown hole. I grimaced but tried to relax—a long time ago, I had been broken in by a guy with a 4 inch dick—but compared to that, I felt like an ass virgin! Still, I wanted it, so I gave a brutal push back and felt his ruthless cock spear my insides like a hot poker, filling me like I’ve never been filled before.

“So, you like it like this, dirty sex, want to be my little whore, my little asian whore, my china doll?” He groaned, yanking my hair as he rode me fiercely.

“Fuck, yes!” I moaned, feeling his cock work inside me and feeling faint and delicious all at once. “Fuck me harder!” I groaned.

We came at the same time, screaming loudly, and collapsed on the cement, holding each other tight. It seemed as though we heard applause, and we looked at each other and laughed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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