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Hi, I’m Michelle. I have a true story to tell about my first sexual experience with a married man. By the way, I’m 45 years old. This story began when I was still in my teens. I was about fourteen when I began fantasizing about sex with a guy. The guy was old enough to be my father, but every time I saw him I would have to go somewhere to finger fuck my cunt. I didn’t dare approach him.

I’d almost always have an orgasm when I fantasize having sex with him. I didn’t know what an orgasm was at the time, but I sure liked it. It wasn’t until my sister caught me finger fucking my cunt that I learned what I had experienced. She told me that I had an orgasm. I finger fucked myself a lot more often after that.

The man I fantasized about is Keith. Whenever I knew he’d be around I tried to wear clothes that were sexy, hoping he’d want me. Once I pretended I didn’t know he was at my house. I came into the room with a sexy blouse, no bra and my panties almost off. Another time he was supposed to pick me up at 7:00. I was late on purpose. I didn’t have my dress on when he came in. I apologized and put my dress on as slowly as I could. I wanted to be sure he could see how sexy I was, even if I’m only 14. My tits had just started to show and I had sexy legs and thighs.

That was many years ago. I am now divorced and haven’t had sex for several years. I’d try to seduce Keith whenever I saw him. It wasn’t easy to get him to react. I’m sure he liked what he saw. I’d wear a mini skirt when I knew he was coming. One time I wore a mini skirt that barely covered my ass. He even commented about it. He said, “Michelle, you look hot. I love your outfit. You should wear it more often.” I don’t know why, but I got nervous and said, “This outfit is for my date tonight. Do you think he will like it?” I should never have said that to him.

He told me his wife Cheryl, was going away for three weeks. This was my chance to seduce Keith. I want him to fuck me. This was much easier than I thought it would be. I wore a micro mini skirt and blouse that let my cleavage show. I couldn’t believe what my outfit did to him. Keith stood behind me and dropped his pants. I felt his erection poke my ass.

He came in front of me and saw my breasts. My blouse was cut very low and my breasts were visible. He licked between them. Things moved a little too fast for me when he stood in front of me naked. I saw his erection as he tried to rub my tits.

When he grabbed my tits I yelled at him and pleaded, “Keith, this is not right, you are a married man. Please stop.” His response was, “Michelle, you have been trying to seduce me many times over the years. Now you need to put up or shut up.” He was right. I reached for his hard penis.

I was so horny that I took his penis and masturbated him. I saw pre-cum drip onto my hand. I had to taste his pre-cum. I took his penis with both hands. He asked, “When was the last time you felt a guy’s cock and made him ejaculate?”

I was embarrassed to tell him his penis was the first penis I’ve touched in years. My former husband wouldn’t let me touch his penis. I always wanted to suck his penis. He said only whores do that and I wasn’t a whore. I didn’t say anything. I took off my blouse, bra and mini skirt. I didn’t have to tell him what I wanted. He massaged my breast. I was nervous and said, “Keith, remember you are a married man and we really shouldn’t do this.” He said, “Michelle, just grab my cock.” I hadn’t seen a penis since my divorce. I wanted to feel Keith’s penis. I masturbated his penis kocaeli escort and he ejaculated in minutes into my hand.

I used two hands to masturbate him again. I thought I’d suck his penis and then let him fuck me. He ejaculated a second time. This time I rubbed his sperm all over his pubic area. That ended that session, as I wasn’t sure I wanted anything more. I knew Cheryl too well and liked her to mush to hurt her relationship.

Over the net few weeks I continued to seduce Keith and we had another few sexual encounters. I guess I changed my mind about Cheryl. Three weeks later we were in Keith’s living room and expected Cheryl to get home soon. I said, “Keith, hurry before Cheryl gets home.” I guess Keith wasn’t worried. He took his time to take my shorts and panties off me. He turned me around and sucked my cunt. We went to his bedroom and Keith continued sucking my cunt. I said, “Keith, I thought you said Cheryl would be home pretty soon.”

He pushed me down and said, “Michelle, I’m almost ready to ejaculate. Do you want me to ejaculate in your mouth or your cunt?” I didn’t answer as we heard the garage door opening. Keith said, “Michelle, hurry lets get dressed. I think Cheryl is home.” I said, “Keith, don’t rush me. I haven’t had an orgasm yet. I want you to suck my cunt and I hope Cheryl takes a long time. If she catches us, it is your fault.”

He was lucky because we saw Cheryl leave the garage. She must have forgotten something. Keith and I were dressed and were ready to leave when Cheryl called. She was at her mother’s and said, “I’ll be home in about an hour.” Keith had taken Cheryl’s call. After he hung up, he said, “We have about an hour. We should make good use of our time.”

I agreed with him and said, “Keith, fuck me while we stand. I always wanted to fuck while standing. Don’t ejaculate in me.” He asked, “Why can’t I ejaculate I you?” I said, “I can still get pregnant.” He said, “Then I want to suck your cunt again.” He sucked my cunt and gave me a fantastic orgasm. I said, “Keith I want you to fuck me until you are about ejaculate in me.” He said, “I thought you worried you might get pregnant.” I said, “Keith, just fuck me and let me worry if I get pregnant.” We ere at my house and Keith thought he saw Cheryl’s car go by. We got up and got dressed as quickly as possible. We did see her car, but she didn’t see Keith’s car and just drove by. Keith spun me around and fucked me from behind.

We decided to go back to his house to wait for Cheryl. Keith figured we still had over an hour before Cheryl would be home. I love to be naked and asked Keith to get on the floor with me and fuck me from behind. It didn’t take long for him to ejaculate. After we cleaned up and shower we kissed and thanked each other for a wonderful couple of weeks.

I went back home. I was frustrated and when I drove home I finger fucked myself all the way home. I had an orgasm just as I drove in the driveway. I had to sit in my car to recover.

A week later Cheryl came to my house and asked, “Michelle, have you seen Keith recently? He always talks about you a lot. If I didn’t know better I’d say he had a crush on you.”

I wanted to find out if she had lesbian tendencies. She was in a sexy mini dress today. I had to tell her. I never told you, but Cheryl is 65 and still is very sexy. I was so guilty and felt so bad that I just had to tell her Keith and I had sex several times when she was away. I told her as much as I could remember.

She got really mad at me and left. A few hours later darıca escort she returned in a mini dress without panties or a bra. Maybe she was ready for sex with me. I was wrong. Keith showed up. Cheryl asked him, “Keith, do you want to fuck Michelle or do you want me to have sex with her? You liked fucking her while I was away, so fuck her again now.” I went between them and asked, “Cheryl, can I answer that question?” Keith interrupted and said, “Cheryl, I’d like to see you and Michelle eat each other’s cunt. I’ve fantasized the two of you having sex.”

Keith left us alone. I asked, “Cheryl, were you serious about having sex with me? That has long been a fantasy of mine.” She pulled me down on the carpet with us naked and me on top of her. She licked my cunt as I tongue fucked her cunt. We both had an intense orgasm. When we were exhausted we stood up and hugged. I French kissed a woman for the first time in my life. I couldn’t believe it when Cheryl got on her knees and kissed my thighs. When she got to my cunt she actually asked, “Cheryl may I suck your cunt?” I said, “Yes Cheryl, but I want you to finger fuck me first.” She reached for my cunt and managed to put two fingers into my cunt.

Cheryl sat on my bed and spread her legs wide. I saw her cunt and decided I liked finger fucking her as much as I liked sucking her cunt. I told her we had to go to her home. My boys would be home soon. We went to her bedroom. She finger fucked me and gave me another orgasm. I pulled her onto my lap while in her bed. I massaged her taut breasts. She screamed, “Michelle, I love your sexy body.” We sat on her bed naked. She said, “Michelle, I didn’t realize how much I’d like having sex with you. I’m not a lesbian.”

I put her hand on my cunt and she put my hand on her cunt. I said, “Cheryl, I’m not lesbian either, but I love your cunt.” We gave each other an orgasm. Cheryl pumped two, then three fingers in and out of my cunt as if she were fucking me. I had another orgasm when Cheryl stopped fucking me with her fingers. She went to my cunt and tongue fucked my wet cunt.

I went home and called a lesbian friend to tell her of my first lesbian experience. I told her it was with a married woman. Cheryl had followed me home and into my bedroom. We were naked. I sat on the floor and she stood with her cunt in front of my face. I asked, “Cheryl, have you ever used a dildo?” She said, “I’ve never needed one.” I said, “I needed one after my divorce. You should try a dildo sometime. You can have a fantastic orgasm.”

Cheryl hugged me and said, “Michelle, thank you for cheating on me with Keith. I might never have found out how wonderful sex is with you.” I couldn’t believe how happy she was. I started to dress when Cheryl got on the floor and hugged my legs and pulled my panties down. We were both on the floor without panties on. I knew I liked to suck a cunt, but I was surprised Cheryl obviously liked it too. I was right. Cheryl definitely liked my cunt. While we sat on the floor, she reached over again and finger fucked me.

I suggested we go to my living room where we would have more room to play. We held hands as we went in the room naked. I couldn’t believe Cheryl was so horny. I know she loves Keith, but I was surprised that she loved kissing and sucking my cunt. I had to go to work, but before we left we French kissed and felt each other’s breasts and cunts and then I left for work.

When I got home from work, I put on a flimsy mini dress, as it was a hot day at work. I found Cheryl naked in my gölcük escort bed. I thought I should tell Keith about all the time Cheryl and I spent together. He would be shocked to learn Cheryl sucked my cunt.

The next day I met Keith and told him about Cheryl and me. He said, “Michelle, I want to suck your cunt. I want to know if you think I’m better than Cheryl.” He sucked my cunt. They were both very good. Keith pushed me onto the floor. He said, “Michelle, this is something Cheryl cannot do with you.” He fucked me and ejaculated in my cunt. He continued and put me on his lap on the floor as he pumped in and out of me. He was right. Cheryl needed a dildo to do this.

I invited Cheryl and Keith to my home without them knowing the other would be there. The lights were off and we couldn’t see each other were naked. Cheryl was so horny that when she saw us she got on her knees and sucked Keith’s cock. Keith and I watched her suck his cock harder than ever. Cheryl said, “Keith, I want you to fuck Michelle and be sure to ejaculate in her. Remember, she can still get pregnant. I knew he couldn’t ejaculate in me if he fucked me while he held me standing. He held me against his chest and pumped into my cunt. He never ejaculated in me.

Everyone went home. I wondered if Cheryl would like a lesbian threesome. I invited her and one of my teenage friends to join us in bed. Again, my thoughts were right. We were all in bed and Cheryl went to Julie’s body and sucked her tits all the way down to her cunt. Julie is a lesbian. She was happy to suck Cheryl’s cunt. She knew Cheryl had her first lesbian sexual experience with me.

I was excited when Cheryl said, “Michelle, it’s your turn. Julie, go ahead and have your fun. Suck Julie’s young lesbian cunt.” I didn’t know Julie had invited a friend to join us at my home. Cheryl said, “I’ll watch them but I don’t want to join them.” I told her to send her friend away so Cheryl and I can have sex. I finger fucked Julie. She finger fucked me and Cheryl fingered fucked me. Cheryl, Julie and I sat on the couch naked when Julie’s young brother came in the room where we were. He had an erection, but left us to take Julie home.

Keith and Cheryl came into my room a few days later. I did not expect them to be naked. I was still dressed. I wanted sex with them both so I asked Cheryl to watch Keith fuck me. We got on my bed and I let him fuck me and ejaculate in me. I said, “Cheryl, it is your turn.” She said, “Michelle at least you don’t have to worry, I cannot get you pregnant.” I wasn’t worried. I told Keith to suck my cunt again. He looked at my cunt and saw his sperm. I said, “You put it in me, now suck it out of me.” He hesitated and tried to put my panties on me. I said, “You won’t be able to suck my cunt if you put my panties back on.” He got back on his knees. I said, “Suck my cunt. You might like the taste of your sperm. I’ve tried it and I liked your sperm.” He sucked my cunt and seemed to like the taste as Michelle had to pull him away from my cunt.

Keith had to go home. Cheryl said she wanted Keith to fuck her. She promised to masturbate him until he ejaculated in her face. I said, “Keith you better go home before I change my mind and keep you here. I love the way you sucked your sperm out of my cunt and maybe you will want more.” He said, “Michelle, I hate to disappoint you. Suck my cock again. I think I can ejaculate in your mouth some more.”

I repeated and said, “Keith, fuck me one more time and then go home. I’m sure Cheryl is waiting to taste your cock and sperm.” We met any times after that. Maybe I’ll write about our times together if I get enough requests for more.
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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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