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Me, two
friends, and
a guy
Well okay, my name is
Liz, and I was taking a
trip on a train with my
two best friends, Katie
and Amy. Our parents
bought us a
compartment, one of
the big ones at the end
of the sleeping car.
Anyway, me and my
friends were all sitting
up really late (like 12
am) in the lounge car,
and there was this
really cute guy about
our age sitting near us
who kept looking over
way. Me and my friends and
him got to talking, his name
was Andy and he was 16 too,
also traveling alone but he was
planning to sleep in the seats. Well, Amy was
getting hot for him, but I wasn’t so sure, I had
never actually gone beyond french kissing, not
even through the clothes. Anyway, Katie said it
was time for us to go back to our cabin and
when we all got up to leave, she said, “Andy
you can come too if you want.” He just got this
big grin on his face and followed us to our
There are four beds in that compartment, so
we decided we’d each take one. Me and Katie
got the lower two bunks and Amy and Andy
got the upper ones. I was below Amy. Well, we
all setlled down and turned off the lights but I
don’t think anyone actually went to sleep.
About ten minutes later I saw Amy crawl
across on izmit rus escort top of Andy and I could hear some
giggling and gasping. Then Katie stood up and
said, “you’re not going to leave me out!” she
turned on the light and caught Amy sucking
this guy off while he was fondling her boobs.
Katie was already pretty wet (there was a big
spot on her pajamas) and to tell the truth so
was I. Andy and Amy came down to Katie’s
bed and Katie climbed up on top of him and he
ate out her pussy while Amy sucked him off.
Pretty soon he cummed and Katie got up, but
Andy never even got soft (I love guys that can
do that). He grabbed Katie and started kissing
her really hard, and Katie finished taking off
her PJs. I don’t think Amy was a virgin but I
know Katie and me were. While he was kissing
Katie he moved his mouth lower and began to
suck and nibble at her nipples. Katie moaned
and Amy told me to get up and suck Andy’s
dick. I was a bit scared, but Amy showed me
what guys like and stuff. I guess it must have
worked, ’cause it only took about two minutes
before Andy was shooting his sperm in my
mouth for the first time ever. By this time
Andy had two fingers in Katie’s pussy, and
just after that she cums with a lot of gruntign.
Andy izmit escort said he needed to rest. After a bit Amy
lay down where he had been and told him she
wanted him to fuck her. That got Andy hard
again pretty quick (Amy is probably one of
the best looking girls in school. She’s also a
slut, but we don’t care, she’s pretty cool.)
Anyway, He put on a condom and lay down and
slowly pushed into Amy. They pumped in and
out for a while, and Amy was groaning and
bouncing. Suddenly Andy said, “oh shit,” and
he pushed into Amy and she screamed and I
knew he was cumming inside her. Well that got
me really horny, so when Andy got up I opened
up my legs and asked him if he would eat me.
He just looked really thrilled, he leaned over
and started running his tongue around my
pussy, then he pushed his tongue in me and it
felt SO GOOD, I just pushed back against
him as he nibbled on my clit and I came for
the first time ever. It rocked!!! It felt so
good, I never wanted it to end. That’s when I
saw Katie had been sucking him off and he was
just about to cum. He pulled awy from Katie,
lifted her up and pushed his thing into her and
she gasped and he grunted and I knew he was
cumming in her too. (This time without a
condom.) when they were done he pulled out kocaeli escort of
Katie and apologized for not using the condom.
Katie said it’s okay as long as you fuck me
again later with one. he grinned and agreed.
Then he looked at me. I was the only one left
who hadn’t fucked him. I’ hadn’t fucked
anyone ever and I wanted my first time to be
perfect skin-to skin, and I told him so. He
asked if he could cum in me and I told him
sure (I’ve been n the pill since 8th grade, I
used to get really bad PMS but the pill helps.)
So he pushed into me really slowly and gently,
it felt wonderful! not at all painful like most
of the girls write. He pumped in and out of me
and I could feel him rubbing on my clit as he
went in and out. he used his hands to rub over
my breasts and that felt really good too.
Finally after about 5 minutes or maybe a bit
more, he leaned over and kissed me and said,
I’m gonna cum. I’d seen enought porno movies
to know, I clenched my pussy as hard as I
could, I guess it worked cause he just about
came right then. But he pumped a few more
times, then pushed really deep inside me and I
could feel his hot seed pumping into me. Right
then I came too and he said I was the best
he’d ever had (which I was only actually the
fourth, counting Katie and Amy).
Anyway he slept with us that night and the
next night and by the time we got to California
he had fucked me five times, Katie seven and
Amy four.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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