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Gregory A. Patrick


Jaiden Chapter 109

Disclaimer: This story is the writer”s/owner”s intellectual property fully protected under the United States Copyright Laws 17 USC 101, 102(a), 302(a). All Rights Reserved. No reproductions or other uses are allowed without the author”s prior written consent.

The story Jaiden is wholly a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead, events that may or may not have occurred, or places or businesses that exist or may have existed is purely coincidental.

The story Jaiden contains sexual inferences and direct mention of male-to-male sexual contact. If you are under the age of 18; if access to this story is a violation of the community laws of the city, state, or nation in which you live; or if this type or style of writing offends you, leave this site immediately.

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NOTE: I am home from Hawaii; however, I got home to a bad situation involving my mother-in-law. COPD is quickly taking her life and she was placed under hospice care two days ago. It is only a matter of time given what the hospital did over a week has already stopped working. Please bear with me if I don”t get a chapter out in the next week or two.

God bless each of you. PLEASE, PLEASE go home and hug your parents or call them and tell them you love them. Tomorrow holds no promises.


Greg Patrick


“Good morning, Richard, we haven”t taken the time to sit down and catch up on how things are going with each other, and if you and Sally are enjoying your new apartment.” “Peyton, I couldn”t be happier. I took a cue from you, Jaiden, Charley and Dale, and Sally and I sat down and talked about how we wanted to handle our differences when they came up. Before a situation gets out of hand, we sit down and talk about what irritates us and what doesn”t, what we want to do on a particular weekend, and planning where we”d like to go down the road.”


“We are looking forward to going to St. Jude”s for our specialized training and then coming back to a practice that is already proving to be lucrative. I think I am going to enjoy working up cases for referrals to you and Jaiden on the cancer side, and I am davening hard that we will be incredibly successful in getting children well after their diagnoses.”


“Have you talked to St. Jude”s about your on-campus apartment?” “We have, and we move in on the end of June and start our residency with you and Jaiden on July 05.” “Have you talked with Seth about Tennessee and how he”ll be able to get in contact with you?” “Yes, and the plan is that Sally and I will call him on Saturday”s, and if he gets to a point when he really wants to talk to me, he”ll call, and if I don”t answer because I am busy with patients, he”ll leave a message and I will call him back as quickly as I can.” “Good, I know he misses being with you, but he enjoys his school and he is getting a great education to prepare him for the University of Florida.”


“That he is, Peyton, and I have told him he better study hard and get ready for some rigorous training at Vet school after he takes the chemistry and math classes to get into the Vet program.” “Well, Richard, so far he has a 4.0 GPA, and you can”t get much better than that, plus he is in several community service projects, involved at the temple, and in several extracurricular activities at school. Mom and Dad are ensuring he is doing what is expected of him by the university. I suspect that by the time he gets out of high school, he will have already taken the chemistry, biology, and math prerequisites he will need for vet school.” “From what Seth tells me, I suspect you are right.”


“Peyton, I don”t feel like I have done enough to thank you and Jaiden for what you made happen for Seth and me. He has gone from failing at school to having a 4.0 GPA at his new school; Seth isn”t having the night terrors he had been having regularly, and he is happy. Mom and Dad are spending time with him, and he wasn”t used to that in the past. I have cried myself to sleep on more occasions than I can think of because Seth is Safe, happy, and in a loving home. I don”t have to worry about him being hurt anymore, and that is a huge weight off my shoulders.”


“Richard, this thing you have about wanting to thank Jaiden and me for helping you, please let that go. When you and Seth became my brothers, that was the happiest weekend of my life, and it is the same with Jenny and Jaiden. We love you and Seth beyond measure, and to us, you are just as much our brother as you would be if Mom gave birth to both of you. Mom and Dad have been happier than Jenny and I have seen them in a long time, so it is we who should be thanking you and Seth for coming into our lives.”


“I don”t know about that, Peyton.” “Well, I do, and nothing is going to change Jenny”s and my love for you and Seth, nothing.” “Peyton, you and Jenny really love Seth and me that much?” “That much and more, Richard; much more than you will ever know. Jaiden and I still look for you at the house, and when we don”t find you, we feel somewhat lonely, but we know you and Sally are married and happy now, and that gives us a lot of comfort. Jaiden still talks about wanting to buy you two your first home, and he has his heart set on that. When he bought the car for you so you could take Sally out in style, he was like a giddy child with a new toy; he was so excited about being able to do that for you. When he sees the two of you driving up to the hospital for work, he starts smiling and doesn”t stop all day. I don”t think he could love you and Sally more if he tried.”


“Wow. I knew Jaiden was a loving person, but I didn”t know the extent of his love.” “You do now. He respects you the same way he respects Jenny, Mom, Dad, and me, and that is a degree of respect he doesn”t hand out to just anybody.” “Peyton, that makes me feel truly honored by Jaiden.” “It should, Richard, because you are. I would hate to be a person who said anything bad about you or Sally, because Jaiden will cut them lower than a toad stool under a cow patty.” “You really think so, Peyton?” “No, Richard, I know so.”


Ashley walked back to the break room and let Richard and Peyton know patients were starting to arrive at the office. Peyton looked at Richard and said, “I hate to end our conversation, but we need to see the patients so we won”t get behind and get scolded by Ashley. We need to take the time to talk more like we did this morning.” “Yes, we do, Peyton, we really do.”


“Good morning, Jarred, what brings you in to see me today?” “Dr. Peyton, I have a bad stomach ached and it hurts to stand up and walk. “Let me help you up on the exam table and take a look at you. Unbutton and unzip your pants for me. As Jarred did as Peyton instructed him, Peyton turned to Jarred”s parents and told them he suspected appendicitis, but he would have to do some blood tests and an ultrasound. Peyton had the lab tech come to his office, draw the blood, and take it to the hospital lab to be processed. “Ashley, would you please call x-ray and have them come get Jarred and run an ultrasound to check his appendix?” “Yes, Sir, Dr. Peyton.”


“This is Ashley at Dr. Riley-Reynold”s office. Dr. Peyton needs someone to come get a patient for an ultrasound of his appendix, and he needs a wet-read. I will have the paperwork ready when you get here.” “Ashley, we”ll be there in ten minutes.” “Great, thank you.”


“Dr. Peyton, x-ray will have someone here in ten minutes to take Jarred to x-ray, and I told them you needed a wet read.” “Ashley, thank you for thinking to do that, you are a jewel in Hashem”s crown.”


“Dr. Peyton, the ultrasound result was just called in and Jarred does have acute appendicitis according to the CRT. I called the lab and they should have the lab results faxed over in the next fifteen minutes.” “Thank you. As soon as the fax the results of the blood tests, please let me know immediately.” “Yes, Sir.”


Peyton went back into the exam room where Jarred and his parents were and advised them of the ultrasound results. He said if the lab results indicated appendicitis, he would need to immediately remove the appendix. About ten minutes later, Ashley paged Peyton and let him know the lab results were in. Peyton walked to the front office, mezitli escort looked at the lab results, and asked Ashley to call surgery and have them get a surgical suite ready for an emergency appendectomy on a ten-year-old. Ashley called surgery, got the surgical suite reserved and let Peyton know the surgical techs were on the way to the office to get Jarred and take him to surgery. Peyton tole Ashley he was going to insert the IV lines so Jarred wouldn”t be alone when they were run. Just as he got the IV lines in, the techs walked in to get Jarred.


“Jaiden, I am going to surgery with an emergency appendectomy. We have got to find out why we are having a rash of appendectomies so close together. There has got to be something common among the patients we are seeing with that problem. I will get the ladies up front to research those cases and try to find out if there is something in common among the patients, and then I think I will call your Mom to see what she thinks and what we might do to curb the problem.” “That”s a good idea, Peyton, and it will thrill Mom to no end to have a chance to help us.” “Precisely what I was thinking.”


“Ashley, I will be in surgery for about an hour. Dr. Jaiden and Dr. Richard will see patients for me until I get back to the office.” “OK, Dr. Peyton, I”ll make sure things run as smoothly as possible until you get back to the office. “Thanks much, Ashley.”


Mrs. Szabo, Mr. Szabo, Jarred came through the surgery very well. He”ll stay in the hospital overnight and I will see him early in the morning. If there are no problems overnight, he should get to go home by noon. The nurses will have an instruction sheet Jarred will need to follow to the letter to prevent causing any complications. He will get an antibiotic through his IV tonight and you”ll get a prescription for an antibiotic before he goes home.”


“So, you will know, Ashely in the office will send you a form to fill out and return to the office. There has been an unusual number of problems with appendicitis in Erie, and we are going to try and track down commonalities among the various patients and then we will consult with Dr. Peggy Anderson in Virginia to see what she thinks when our results are in. She is Dr. Jaiden”s Mom and besides being a doctor, she is also an Environmental Engineer with great insight into problems like we are having in Erie. When we determine something definitive, we will let you know. If you have any questions or if Jarred has a setback when he gets home, please call and I will get the message and call you back.” “Thank you, Dr. Peyton, we”ll keep in touch until Jarred has completely recovered.” “Thanks. I hope the rest of the day goes better for you.”


“Ashley, I”m back.” “Is Jarred doing OK?” “He is. He sailed through the surgery and recovery and he”ll be in the hospital at least through tomorrow, barring any unforeseen problems. I”m going to draw up a questionnaire for patients complaining of abdominal pain. Something is going on causing this problem, and we must find out what it is and take care of it. We”ve had six cases of appendicitis in the last week alone, and per capita, it is too many.”


“Jaiden, are you about ready to go home for the day?” “I”m ready, but I have to see ten patients on the pediatric floor before I can head home.” “What if we tag-team and see the patients together to get out of here quicker?” “Sweetheart, thank you for the offer, but don”t you want to get home and relax?” “Sweetie, I do, but I want to go home with you, not without you. Besides, we took one car today.? “True. Let”s see the patients so we can go home.”


“Good evening, Jeffrey, I”m Dr. Jaiden, one of the pediatric doctors for this floor. How are you feeling this evening?” “Dr. Jaiden, I feel OK, but someone came in the room about an hour ago and upset me pretty badly.” “How so, Jeffrey?” “Dr. Jaiden, a minister came in the room and told me I was going to hell for being gay and for feeling like I am a girl trapped in a boy”s body. I spoke with my parents about wanting to be transgender, and my Dad spoke with a local Pentecostal preacher who came by to tell me I am going to hell for being gay, that God doesn”t like fags. He told me there was no way my Dad was going to allow me to transition to a female at any age, and that he would rather see me dead before he”d let me do that; I have been crying ever since. I”m scared of my Dad now, and I have no idea how my mother feels because we haven”t discussed how I feel.” Jaiden dialed the switchboard operator and had her page Peyton.”


“Dr. Peyton Riley-Reynolds, 221; Dr. Peyton Riley-Reynolds, 221.” “This is Dr. Peyton, what”s up?” “Dr. Jaiden needs to see you in room 315.” “Let him know I am on my way.”


“Jaiden, what”s up?” “Jefferey, this is my husband, Dr. Peyton. Tell him what you told me.” “Dr. Peyton, you and Dr. Jaiden are gay?” “Yes, Jeffrey, we are, and we have five sons.” Jeffrey recounted to Peyton what he told Jaiden and you could see Peyton”s blood start to boil. “Jaiden, can I see you in the hall for a second?”


“OK, Peyton, what are you thinking?” “Jaiden, call that boy”s parents and tell them we want to see them in the conference room in fifteen minutes, and we”re not taking no for an answer.” “Peyton, if I do that, can you promise me you”ll be civil?” “Oh, I”ll be civil, but if that man confirms what Jeffery told us, I am going to give the man a few things to think about and he is not going to like what I have to say.”


“This is Dr. Jaiden Riley-Reynolds at the Erie Medical Center. May I speak to Mr. Jared Buckner?” “This is Jared Buckner, Doctor Riley-Reynolds, is something wrong with Jeffery?” “In a matter of speaking, yes, and I want to see you and your wife in the third-floor conference room in 15 minutes.” Doc, I don”t know if I can make it in fifteen minutes.” “Mr. Buckner, if you are not in that conference room in 15 minutes, you are not going to like what I will do. Fifteen minutes, Mr. Buckner.”


“Jackie, I just got a call from Jefferey”s doctor at the hospital and he wants to see both of us in the third-floor conference room in fifteen minutes. I told him I didn”t know if I could make it in fifteen minutes, and he told me if we weren”t there in that time frame, I was not going to like what he would do.” “Jared, what the hell did you do to make that doctor so mad that he would tell you to be in that conference room in fifteen minutes or else?” “Jackie, I called Reverend Jasper Tinkleman and talked to him about Jefferey being gay and about feeling like a girl trapped in a boy”s body. He said he would go by the hospital and talk to Jefferey. I don”t know what he said to the boy, but it must not have been good.” “Jared, I told you not to talk to that bastard about Jefferey, and you did it anyway. So help me, if he has sent my son back into depression, I am going to claw his eyes out, and then I am going to make you wish you were never born!” “Jackie!” “Jared, don”t you dare Jackie me. You better pray that Jefferey is OK in every possible way, or you can get your clothes and stay in a motel or under a bridge. I warned your ass, and you knew I was serious. Let”s go!”


“Nurse, I”m Jared Buckner, Jefferey”s Dad, and this is my wife and Jefferey”s Mom, Jackie.” “Yes, Sir, to your left and third door on the right. I might suggest that you keep your cool, Drs. Jaiden and Peyton Riley-Reynolds are not happy with you and the preacher who came by your son”s room, and neither is the Family and Children”s Service agent in the conference room.”


The Buckner”s went to the conference room and knocked on the door and received a terse `come in.” Mr. Buckner, I presume, I”m Dr. Jaiden Riley-Reynolds and this is Dr. Peyton Riley-Reynolds. The lady sitting to my right is Ms. Saundra Davis from the Department of Family and Children”s Services. Please have a seat.” “Doctors, I am at a loss as to why you insisted that I be here with such short notice.” “I am sure you are, Mr. Buckner. I have two questions for you and they can both be answered with a yes or no. First, did you speak with a Reverend Jasper Tinkleman and ask him to come to this hospital and speak to your son about being gay and feeling like a girl trapped in a boy”s body?” “Doctor Jaiden, I did, but I don”t know what the Reverend said to Jefferey.” “Mr. Buckner, suffice it to say I had to give your son some medication to calm him down after he cried for three hours. He has been crying since that reprobate SOB came to this hospital, and I can assure you that by noon tomorrow, he will be permanently banned from coming back to this hospital.”


My second question is this: did you say to that preacher that you would rather see your son dead than to see him be gay or transgender?” “Well, pozcu escort yes, but I didn”t think he would repeat that comment to anybody, especially to Jefferey.” “Well, Mr. Buckner, he did, and that comment constitutes a direct threat to your son”s welfare, and that is going to be handled by Ms. Davis.” Jaiden got up, went to the door, and asked Roger Betterman and Bobby Standridge to come into the conference room. Mr. Buckner, Dr. Riley-Reynolds asked you two questions: first, did you speak to Reverend Tinkleman about your son being gay and feeling like a girl trapped in a boy”s body, and, two, did you say to the Reverend that you would rather see your son dead than to see him as gay or transgender? Did you answer yes to either of those questions?” “Yes, Officer, I answered yes to both questions.” “Mr. Buckner, stand up and put your hands behind your back.” “Why?” “Mr. Buckner, you are under arrest for terroristic threats against a minor, in this case, your son.”


Mrs. Buckner was crying at the thought of her husband doing that to their son, and she was horrified at the risk of losing her son. She got up, walked to the door of the conference room, and leaned against the wall. When Roger and Bobby escorted Mr. Buckner to the door, they didn”t expect Mrs. Buckner to do what she did, which was to cold-cock her husband hard enough to break his jaw and knock out two teeth. When she did that, Mr. Buckner insisted she be arrested for assault. Roger looked at Mr. Buckner and said, “Mr. Buckner, I can”t arrest your wife because you fell against the corner of the conference table.”


“Officer, you know that isn”t true!” “Sir, both doctors and Ms. Davis saw you fall against the table, and we all witnessed your wife try to break your fall.” “Officer you know this isn”t right!” “We agree, Mr. Buckner, it isn”t right to try and blame your wife for your clumsy fall.” “I”m going to tell the judge, I”m sure he will know the truth.” “That”s fine, Mr. Buckner. Doctors, Ms. Davis, Mrs. Buckner, the arraignment hearing will be at nine tomorrow morning in Judge Dan Stanislauski”s courtroom. The four of you are officially invited to be there at the appointed time. We”ll get a subpoena to Reverend Tinkleman around three am in the morning.”


“Ladies, let”s go to Jefferey”s room and have a talk with him.” “Jefferey, there are two ladies here to see you.” “Mom!!!” Mrs. Buckner went to her son and held him in the most loving of hugs. “Son, this is Ms. Davis from the Department of Family and children”s Services. Dr. Jaiden and Dr. Peyton have made sure you won”t ever have to fear your Dad”s behavior ever again.” “Mom, where is Dad?” “Jefferey, your Dad is on the way to jail. He was arrested for making threats against you. We have to be in court tomorrow morning at nine.”


“Jefferey, if I make the arrangements for you, would you like to be in court in the morning to talk with Judge Stanislauski?” “Yes, sir, I would like to be with my Mom. Mrs. Davis, my Mom isn”t in trouble, is she?” “No, Jefferey, she isn”t but your Dad is, and the judge will take care of that situation first thing in the morning.”


“All rise, the Superior court for the County of Erie is now in session, the Honorable Judge Donald Stanislauski, presiding.


`Madam Clerk, please call the case of State of Pennsylvania versus Jared Buckner.”


“The State of Pennsylvania calls the case of Jared Buckner. Mr. Buckner, please come forward with your attorney.”


“Mr. Public Defender, have you explained the Defendant”s constitutional rights to him?”


“I have, your Honor.”


“Is it your professional opinion that the Defendant understands those rights as you explained them to him?”


“It is, your Honor.”


“Will counsel waive the Court”s further explanation of those rights to the Defendant?”


“We so stipulate, your Honor.”


“Mr. Prosecutor, will you please state the facts of the case to the Court.”


“You Honor, the Defendant apparently has and has had a problem with the fact that his son is gay and that he feels he is a female trapped in a male”s body. He contacted a Reverend Jasper Tinkleman who visited the child”s hospital room where he told said child that God hates fags, that he was going to Hell and that he would burn in Hell for all eternity. He also conveyed the Defendant”s threat that he would rather see his child dead than to see the child be gay or transgender.”


“Mr. Prosecutor, is Reverend Tinkleman in the courtroom?”


“He is, your Honor.”


“Reverend Tinkleman, please come forward.”


“Reverend Tinkleman, is what the prosecutor explained to the Court correct?”


“Yes, Your honor it is true.”


“Reverend Tinkleman, can you recite to the court what Matthew 12: 31-32 says?”


“Your Honor, I am not knowledgeable of those scripture verses at the moment.”


“Reverend Tinkleman, that is basic scripture, and you, as a Pentecostal minister, are telling me that you don”t know that scripture?”

“That is correct, your honor.”


“Well, Reverend Tinkleman, let me read that scripture to you. Matthew 12: 31-32 says, “Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men. And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come.”


“Reverend Tinkleman, the last time I checked, being gay or transgender is not speaking against the Holy Ghost, and as such, if homosexuality or transgenderism is a sin, it is forgiven unto man. I will point out the scripture does not say one had to ask for forgiveness, rather one is forgiven his sins.”


“Reverend Tinkleman, I think you are an ignorant preacher who doesn”t know scripture, only self-ascribed prejudice against gay individuals. So, here is what you are to do: you are to turn, look at the spectators in this courtroom and say, “Ladies and Gentlemen, I am a dumbass preacher who doesn”t know basic scripture.”


“Your Honor, I will not do that!” “Reverend, you will do precisely that, or I will hold you in contempt of this court and order that you serve six months in the Erie County Prison.”


The Reverend immediately turned to the audience and said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, I am a dumbass preacher who doesn”t know basic scripture.” When the Reverend said that, Jefferey burst out laughing as the Judge looked at him and winked with a smile.”


“Mr. Prosecutor, is the Defendant prepared to enter a plea to the offense of Terroristic Threats Against a Minor?”


“Your Honor, Mr. Buckner will enter an Alford plea to the offense of Terroristic Threats Against a Minor.”


“Mr. Buckner, is that correct?”


“Yes, Your Honor, it is correct.”


“Mr. Buckner, in light of your good sense in entering an Alford Pleas to the offense of Terroristic Threats against a Minor, the Court is going to significantly lower the sentence that would normally be given in such cases. The Offense of Terroristic Threats Against a Minor by an Adult carries a maximum sentence of not less than 15 years nor more than 30 years. It is the sentence of the Court that you serve a term of not less than 8 years nor more than 16 years in the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. It is the further order of the court that you be permanently barred from any further contact with your minor child, and further that you pay child support in the amount of $1,000.00 per month commencing today. It is the further order of the Court that upon your release from incarceration that you pay your monthly child support payment commencing thirty days after your release and that you pay a further amount of $500.00 monthly until your child support and child support arrearage is paid in full regardless of the age of your child upon your release from Prison. Mr. Sheriff, get this man out of my courtroom.”


“Mrs. Buckner, will you and Jefferey please come with Ms. Davis, Dr. Peyton, and me.”


Everybody walked around the corner to the Judge”s chambers. “Jaiden, Peyton, Ms. Davis, it is good to see you again. The judge said to go on back.”


“Jefferey, I wanted to talk to you for a moment about what happened today. First, you are not going to Hell for being gay or transgender. Do you know how Dr. Peyton and Dr. Jaiden are related?” “No , sir.” “Jaiden, Peyton.” Jaiden spoke up and said, “Jefferey, Dr. Peyton is my husband. We are gay and we are married. escort bayan We also have five sons whom we would never treat the way your Dad has treated you.” “Jefferey, let me show you a picture of my spouse and my son.” “Wow, y”all are gay?” “Yes, Jefferey, we are, and we will make sure you are ok from here out. Jaiden, I understand you have something you want to tell Mrs. Buckner.”


“Mrs. Buckner, Dr. Peyton and I are more than able to do what I am about to tell you, so please don”t worry about it. Dr. Peyton and I have set up a $100,000.00 trust fund to pay for Jefferey”s college expenses when the time comes, so you and he can concentrate on your relationship without having to worry about affording for him to get an education. Jefferey, if you do well in high school and make mostly As in college and you want to go to medical school, we”ll make that happen for you as well.”


“Dr. Jaiden, Dr. Peyton, I don”t know what to say.” “Jefferey. In that case, you don”t have to say anything. We know you appreciate what Dr. Peyton and I are doing for you. Mrs. Buckner, here is a present for you to make your life in the coming years much easier.”


Mrs. Buckner opened the envelope Peyton gave her, and had to sit down before she fainted. “Dr. Jaiden, Dr. Peyton, this is too much.” “No, Mrs. Buckner, it isn”t. All you have to be concerned with now is making sure Jefferey is healthy and happy, and if we can help, please let us know.”


“Jefferey, right now we need to get you back to the hospital. You have a few more days before you can be released.”


“Mrs. Buckner, I hope you don”t mind, I made arrangements with your employer for you to have the rest of the week off to stay with Jefferey at the hospital. It won”t count against your accrued sick or vacation time and your pay won”t be docked for the time off.” “Judge, thank you. You didn”t have to do that for us.” “No, I didn”t Mrs. Buckner; I did that because you and Jefferey deserve the time together.”


“Jaiden, do you think Dale can make some of his famous coffee if Jay and I come by, say at 8 pm.” “Perfect time, Don, the boys will be in bed and we can sit on the deck and gossip.” “Perfect! See you four at 8.”


“Jaiden, this is Mom. I hear you and Peyton have done it again.” “Done what, Mom?” “Don called me earlier today.” “I should have known he would.” “Son, you make me so proud to be your Mom. You have grown into a loving, empathic man, and so has Peyton. Don told me you hit the roof with Jefferey”s Dad.” Mom, you can say that, I wasn”t particularly nice to the SOB.”


“Jaiden, normally I would scold you for saying that, but in this case, I think Jeremey”s bio-donor deserves that title.” “Mom, he does, and Don stuck it to him today. Child support starts accruing today and he has to pay a sizable sum plus 50% of that sum starting thirty days after his release from prison. Plus, he is permanently barred from having any future contact with Jefferey, so Jefferey shouldn”t have to worry about being threatened or hurt down the road by his male bio-donor. If the man tries to do anything to that boy, he will have to answer to Peyton and me, and I promise you, he doesn”t want to make that mistake.” “Jaiden, I just wanted to tell you I love you two to Mars and back, and I am incredibly proud of the two of you. Go back to work and I”ll talk to you this weekend.” “We will, Mom. We”re a little behind because of court, but we”ll make it OK. Love you too!”


“Don, Jay, come in, there is someone else here who I think you know.” “Mrs. Buckner, I didn”t expect to see you here tonight.” Judge, I didn”t expect to be here, but I couldn”t turn down the nice invitation I received. And, by the way, it”s Jackie.” “Jackie, this is my husband, Jay.” “Jay, it is very nice to meet you. The Judge got me out of a bad situation this morning.” “Jackie, Don told me about the case and I was enraged at what happened to your son. In case you don”t know, I am an attorney specializing in family law. I don”t know how to say this except to come out and say it: if you want to dissolve your marriage, I will handle the case for you at no charge. I want you and your son to be as happy as possible, and I will do whatever it takes to help the two of you be as comfortable and happy as you can be given your situation.”


“Jay, thank you for your offer. I have been racking my brain to figure out how I was going to divorce Jared. I am incredulous that he could ever make such an inflaming statement about our son.” “Jackie, I understand he fell against the corner of a table in a conference room at the hospital breaking his jaw and knocking out a couple of teeth.” “He did, Jay, as he was trying to get away from me. You don”t mess with my son the way he did and get away with it. He knew that beforehand since we had discussed our son”s situation.” “All I can say is keep the right-hook attitude, I hear you are very good at that when you have to be.” “No comment, Jay.”


“Jaiden, what got you so upset about Jefferey”s Dad?” “Jackie, have you ever read the Matthew Shepherd story?” “I can”t say that I have, Jaiden.” “When I found out what that preacher said to Jefferey, it reminded me of Matthew”s story, and I became rather incensed. Ryan had to live several years in Saudi Arabia where he couldn”t be himself and had to fear being outed for fear of being put in prison or risking execution under Islamic law. While on a school trip to Morocco, Matthew was raped and beaten.”

“Matt became extremely depressed leading one of his friends to fear he was becoming involved in drugs. He was hospitalized several times for clinical depression and suicidal ideation. I didn”t and don”t want Jefferey to fall into that trap. He returned to Wyoming to attend the University of Wyoming majoring in Political Science with a minor in languages. He had been to an LGBT meeting at the college one night and decided to go to a local bar for a couple of beers. That night, Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson decided to rob Matt and offered him a ride home. It was near zero outside with the wind chill factor making if feel like thirty degrees below zero. McKinney started pistol whipping Matt. They got to a place in the country where they took Matt out of the car and beat him in the head until he was unconscious, and then tied him to a fence and left him to die; he laid in the freezing cold for 18 hours before he was found near death.”


“A boy was riding his bicycle in the area the next day, saw the sun glisten off the blood on Matthew”s head, and went to see what it was he thought he was seeing. When he found Matthew in the comatose state, he ran to a nearby house and the owners called the police, and the lady at the house stayed with Matt until the ambulance arrived so he wouldn”t have to suffer alone. He was taken to a hospital in a nearby Colorado border town where he died six days later. To say it was a painful experience for Matt”s parents, who immediately flew to the United States, would be an understatement; they had to bury their son. The one good thing tat came out of the horrific event was the Matthew Shepherd-James Byrd, Jr. Act to outlaw hate crimes against gay people on the Federal level. Matt”s Mom, Judy, became a fierce advocate for the LGBT community.


“What was most reprehensible about Matthew”s murder was that at the trial of Aaron James McKinney, his lawyer tried to turn the tables toward Matthew saying he had made a sexual advance toward McKinney causing him to snap and severely pistol whip Matthew Shepherd. The beating was enough to infuriate me, but to turn the blame to Matthew, that”s pure bullshit. A New York Times reporter pinned a story to spin the murder as Matthew”s undoing by himself. What I found completely reprehensible about the NY Times story is that qualifiers such as possibly, maybe, might have, and contended Matthew put his hand on McKinney”s leg. You want to know what amazed me about the reports: one individual said McKinney and Matthew had previously engaged in homosexual acts. McKinney was also touted as being a male hustler in gay bars. I don”t know if he and Shepherd had a sexual relationship, I think Matt was smarter than average and would never have had a gay sexual relationship with the likes of Aaron McKinney. I think the community where the murder took place tried to protect their own by spreading lies and inuendo about Matthew. Did the community save face, not at all.”


“I hope those two human turds have gotten their fudge packed by fellow inmates every day that they have been in prison, and I hope it more than reminds them of what they did to Matthew. I will champion the LGBTQ-IA community to ensure that never happens to anybody else, especially by a parent. Jackie, I am so sorry if all this has caused you undue pain. All I wanted to do was make sure Jefferey was safe � especially in his own home.”


“Jaiden, you and Peyton exposed a situation and attitude that I didn”t know existed in my husband. What you did was protect my son, and I will be eternally grateful to the two of you for doing that.”

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