Buffy Goes To Camp

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Buffy Goes To Camp

by Lubrican

Buffy could hardly wait to get to acting camp. She’d gone every year since she was ten and she loved it. It was outdoors, which she liked because she was a city girl, but what she liked the most was that she had friends there she rarely got to see.

One of them was Megan, who was a special friend. They had learned to masturbate together at acting camp three years ago. They had been roommates that year and Megan taught her how wonderful it felt to stroke her little clitty and stick fingers and other things in her pussy.

Another was her summertime boyfriend, Jack. They lived too far apart to go steady all the time, but at camp they snuck away as much as they could do kiss and pet. Jack was the first boy to touch Buffy’s hot pussy, and slide his finger in it. That had happened just last year. Buffy didn’t want to get a reputation as a slut, so she didn’t let the boys she went to school with do things like that to her. When she went on dates she kissed passionately, and had even jacked a few boys off – something Jack had taught her last year – but she never let them touch anything except her full teen breasts.

That was usually enough for most boys. Her breasts were breathtaking. They were large and heavy, but didn’t sag even half an inch. They were topped with crinkley brown areolas and nice pencil sized nipples that got hard and long when boys played with them. One boy wanted to suck them, but she didn’t let him. She was saving that for Jack … this year.

Then there was Bob. He was a counselor at Acting Camp. He was a good acting coach, but mostly the girls liked him because he was handsome, and he always told the girls how beautiful they were, and what fantastic actresses they were.

But what they liked best was that he acted WITH them to help them understand the techniques required. For instance, Bob was the one who had taught every girl in Acting Camp how to properly do a screen kiss. Until you were 13, screen kisses had to be done by putting the lips on just the corner of the mouth, turning the head so that the audience couldn’t see that it wasn’t really a kiss. Up to about age 16, kisses were full contact with the lips, but nothing else. Bob’s lips were always soft and warm and jelly-like, and his screen kisses made the girls all feel funny inside. Once you were seventeen or older, he gave private lessons on how to make it look like you were doing a French kiss on screen. They were private, he said, because the younger kids didn’t need to see that kind of thing.

A lot of girls came out of those private lessons with a far away look in their eyes. If people would have looked closer they might have noticed that some of these girls walked a little funny too. And if they would have noticed that, they might have noticed that those girls were the ones who came back to acting camp until they were in their twenties, getting private instruction from him on a variety of things. But nobody noticed.

Another type of private lesson he gave involved boys. He’d pick a boy and a girl, usually who were boyfriend and girlfriend at camp. Then he’d teach them the physical strokes that went along with kissing. First, he’d demonstrate by kissing the girl and running his hands all over her body, cupping her breasts and pulling her to him with his hands on her buttocks. Once she was panting he’d let the boy practice and have the girl tell him if he was doing it right or not. If anyone would have noticed, they’d have noticed that these boys and girls often ended up out in the woods together on nature walks, or off to one side in the swimming lake.

Acting camp was set up so that two girls shared a room, or two boys shared a room. The cabins were duplexes of a sort, with a common wall and the doors led out onto a common porch. These units were called quads, because four students were housed in each one. Usually there were four girls to a quad, or four boys, but, occasionally, it turned out that half a quad had boys in it, while the other half had girls.

That was what happened this year, as Buffy found out when her parents let her out at camp and drove off, telling her to have a nice summer. She had called ahead to make sure that she and Megan got put together. They screamed and giggled when they saw each other, like fifteen year old girls do, and then went to find out who their quad mates were. It turned out to be two boys they’d never met, so after saying, “Hi,” they went off to the dining hall to get a snack and renew old friendships.

When Jack showed up there was a tearful reunion, with hot kisses, until a counselor told them to break it up. She told him where her quad was and mentioned there were two boys on the other side, both new and both only about eleven. He got a look in his eye and said he’d be right back. The next thing she knew he was back, saying that he and Mark Simpson were now her and Megan’s quad mates! Buffy smiled, knowing that Megan had the hots for Mark and had for several years. He had an acting camp girlfriend named Nancy, but she’d moved away during the school year and wasn’t expected to come back this year.

And so it was, that, after supper and campfire, all four teens ended up on the porch of the quad, flirting. Buffy and Jack happily refreshed their relationship by kissing and groping each other passionately, while Megan and Mark watched. When Megan suggested that it looked like fun, Mark jumped at the chance. Megan was as much of a fox as Buffy even if her hair was as black as Buffy’s was platinum blond. Soon Megan and Mark were kissing hotly and, while their hands didn’t stray farther than each other’s backs and sides, they felt good non-the-less.

The next day Buffy signed up for the classes she wanted. Her very first one was with Bob and she squealed happily when she saw him. Her hug was forceful and she pressed her ripening body against him as he smiled and hugged her back.

“Good Grief, girl!” he exclaimed. “What in the world are they feeding you. You look like you’re about twenty-one!”

Buffy dimpled at him and said, “You know I’m only fifteen, you big flirt.”

He held her away and his hungry eyes swept over her body. “Well you sure can’t tell by looking. I think I might make a special exception and give you some private lessons this year. Would you like that?”

Buffy knew a little bit about what private lessons entailed. It was hard to get anything out of the kids who went to private lessons. They wouldn’t talk about what went on behind those closed doors. But once in a while somebody would let something slip, and you could see from what the boys and girls did after those lessons that they must be pretty hot. “Oh YES!” she chirped. “Could Megan come too? Pleease?”.

Just then Megan came up, having signed up for the same class. Again there were squeals and hugs and as Bob held the girl he said, “I think we could arrange that. Megan, would you like me to make a special exception and give you and Buffy some private lessons? Do you think you guys are old enough for that?”

Megan smiled widely. “YES!” she yelled, and jumped up in the air.

“Keep it down”: advised a grinning Bob. “We don’t want the other girls to get jealous, now do we?” The girls quieted immediately. “OK, now, you two come to my cabin tonight during free time and we’ll start the lessons, OK? And not a word to anyone.” He thought for a minute. “Do you two have boyfriends here at camp?”

Buffy jumped up and down. “I do! His name is Jack!”

Megan said “I met a guy last night and I like him a lot. His name is Mark, but I don’t suppose you could call him my boyfriend.”

“Has he kissed you yet?” asked Bob, looking intently at the girl.

“Oh yeah, we made out last night,” she giggled.

“OK … hmmmmmm … well, I tell you what, girls … let’s keep it secret from the boys for a few days, and if it looks like it will work out with you two girls we might even expand it to include the boys. How’s that?”

Both girls knew enough about private lessons that they knew there was some kind of sex involved. That was fine with Megan, because she had a big secret that she hadn’t even told Buffy yet. She was waiting for the right time, when the two girls could be alone for a while. Megan had taught Buffy everything she knew about sex, and now maybe they could both learn some more together.

“We PROMISE!” both girls said, putting their dainty hands over their left teen breasts. Bob wished it was his hand. But there would be time enough for that later.

That night at supper the boys wanted the girls to sneak off into the woods during free time. “Oh gee, I wish we could” said Buffy, leaning over to kiss Jack lightly on the lips. “But we can’t. We sighed up for this thing and we have to do it during free time. It has to do with makeup. Maybe you guys could come along?” she said sweetly. Megan just grinned. Both boys said, “NO THANKS!” and started talking about shooting some hoops.

Freetime after supper went until lights-out, which wasn’t until eleven. There were lots of things to do during free time, including various extra classes and practice sessions. There were, as well, classes on makeup, like Buffy had alluded to, costume, set production, fund raising and all the other things that go along with small town productions, which is what most of these kids were involved in. Each counselor escort had his or her own list of things people could sign up for. So it wasn’t odd for the two girls to be seen going to Bob’s cabin. They’d never been in there before, and they were surprised to see how nice it was.

There was a small bathroom off one wall, and the rest of it was one room, but it was beautiful. All the furniture was made of wood from the forest, and there was carpet on the floor. There were curtains too, over all the windows. The bed was what surprised them the most, though. It was HUGE, king sized at least, and it had red satin sheets on it! There were a couple of big easy chairs that faced the bed. He also had a TV set up, with a DVD and tape player attached. It was quite a cozy place. The girls were fresh in their white camp T shirts and blue gym shorts. Both girls had their hair done up in a pony tail that bobbed and swung whenever they moved their heads. They looked delicious.

“My goodness you girls look sexy,” said Bob, who was sitting in one of the easy chairs. He was dressed in a T shirt and shorts much like theirs. His feet were bare.

“Oh Bob,” gushed Buffy “Stop that! You’re just teasing us.”

He smiled. “That, I most certainly am NOT, my sexy dears, and I think I’ll be able to prove it to you a little later on. But first! What is the one thing that will ruin a performance faster than anything else?”

“Forgetting your lines!” yelled Megan.

“No, you can always adlib,” said Bob.

“Coming in late on cue?” said Buffy.

“No, that’s not it either. If you’re late, the rest of the actors should be able to cover for you. No, this is something that only some people feel, but which can wreck a whole career.”

Megan jumped up and down “I know .. I know … STAGE FRIGHT!!”

“Exactly!” said Bob. “Excellent. And how do you battle stage fright?”

“Gee, I don’t know,” said both girls.

“Have either of you had speech in school?” said Bob.

“I have,” said Buffy.

“Did your teacher ever tell you to fight stage fright by imagining that your whole audience was naked?”

“YES! She DID say that! I remember that!” said Buffy excitedly.

“Well, I’m going to use that technique to help make sure you girls NEVER have stage fright. Only what we’re going to do is BE naked, rather than imagine somebody else being naked.” With that he stood up and took off his shirt.

Buffy shifted from foot to foot. She really wanted to see Bob naked. That would be so cool. But she wasn’t so sure about taking her own clothes off. She didn’t think she looked very good naked. “I don’t know Bob,” she said, looking at the floor.

Bob put a finger under her chin. “I bet you think your body is ugly,” he said, looking into her eyes. He saw her pupils dilate and knew he’d hit the nail on the head. “You think your breasts are too big, or too small, or the wrong shape. You probably don’t have much pubic hair, and think you should have lots more, like your mother probably does. You think your hips are wrong, or your belly button looks funny. Something like that? Am I right?” He kept staring right into her eyes.

“How did you know that?” Buffy said with a whisper.

“It’s all part of stage fright,” he said calmly. “Let me try one thing to help you, and then we’ll see if you want to stay on in private classes. Let me see you naked, and if I can agree with you on anything you don’t like about your body, you can quit. How’s that?” He darted a look at Megan, but she had her hands on the bottom of her shirt, like she was itching to take it off, so he didn’t worry about her.

“OK, I guess,” mumbled Buffy. She was nervous, but she pulled off her shirt. She really wanted to see Bob naked, and thought this was the only way. Her blue shorts were next, and she was left in a lacy white bra and even lacier blue panties. Megan had on a sports bra and yellow panties. “Aren’t you going to take off your shorts?” said Megan to Bob, who was standing there in shorts only.

“I don’t have anything on under them,” he said. “I didn’t want to make you girls nervous.”

“I won’t be nervous,” said Megan. She reached behind her and unsnapped her bra, baring her chocolaty smooth breasts with their black nipples. When Buffy hesitated, Megan turned to her and said, “Here, I’ll help!” She unsnapped Buffy’s bra and when Buffy put both hands on top of the bra to keep it on her titties Megan leaned down and jerked Buffy’s panties to her knees. Both girls shrieked and then giggled, but Buffy finally got up the courage to step out of them and drop her bra. Megan skinned her own panties off and stood, looking at Bob.

“Now you,” she said.

Bob stared at the two girls. They were gorgeous. Buffy had perfect breasts that looked big enough to feed babies already. Megan’s were smaller, but still nice and round. Her nipples looked like Hershey’s kisses and he wanted to taste them. He’d been right about Buffy having very little pussy hair. He could see her protruding pink lips just barely. Megan had thicker black pussy hair, but her pussy lips stuck out even further. He was very glad he’d decided to tutor these two girls. He bent over and pulled his shorts down, stepping out of them. When he stood up he said, “And this, girls, is my proof that I think you are both sexy.”

The girls stared, their mouths open, as his erection was displayed before their unbelieving eyes. His bone was at full mast, sticking straight out from his nest of curly brown hair. It was a good seven and a half inches long, and about as big around as three of the girls’ fingers. It was not circumcised, and the hood was pulled back quite a bit due to the state of his erection. His snake eye was peeking out at the world, and the two naked girls in particular.

“Buffy, he’s got a BONER!” squealed Megan and she blushed bright red.

“Oh my gosh!” said Buffy, who was staring at the stiff prick like a bird stares at a snake that’s about to eat it. “Oh my GOSH!” she squealed.

“Now girls!” said Bob in a stern voice. “That’s the whole point here. If you can learn to be comfortable around people naked, then you’ll never suffer from stage fright. Think about it. Both of you are pretty uncomfortable right now, true?”

“Yeah,” said both girls.

“OK, then, what we’re doing is working on that. We’re going to do normal things while we’re naked, until you don’t even notice it, OK? Trust me girls, this will work. I’ve done it a lot of times.”

“But you’ve got a BONER, Bob!” sighed Buffy.

“Oh, that just means he wants to have sex with us,” said Megan. “That’s all.”

“Really?” said Buffy wide eyed. “Is that true Bob? Is your … thing stiff because you want to have sex with us?”

Bob smiled. “Like I said, girls, you are both gorgeous sexy girls, and I’m a normal man, so of course I want to have sex with you. But that’s not why we’re here. We’re here to work on your stage fright. Nothing is going to happen to you that you don’t want to happen. Now, what shall we do to get comfortable?”

Megan was excited. Bob’s penis reminded her of her secret, and she wanted to tell Buffy in the worst way. But not yet. “Well,” she said. “We could clean the house.”

“Great idea,” said Bob and he got a broom for her. He handed Buffy a dustpan and he grabbed a rag. “I’ll dust,” he said. Then he pretended to dust while he watched the two teens move around the cabin naked. His cock got harder and harder. Usually the girls he did this with were older, but these girls were HOT and he was glad he’d taken them in. Buffy bent over to put the dustpan down and he saw her cute cunny winking at him under her butt cheeks. He wanted to slide his cock into that sweet teen pussy, but he’d have to wait. It was too soon yet. And Megan was gorgeous too. She stretched upward with the broom to get at a cobweb up on the ceiling and her legs parted as she stood on one toe.

He got a good look at her fat chewy pussy lips. He realized his hand was on his cock, jacking it slowly and made himself stop just as Buffy turned around to look at him.

But Megan had seen him. She whispered to Buffy, “He’s jackin’ off Buffy!” Buffy turned immediately. She’d jacked off a couple of boys. Megan had told her how to do it right. She liked seeing the boys dicks shoot off, except it was messy.

Buffy forgot she was naked. She marched right up to Bob and said, “You were jackin’ off, weren’t you, Bob?”

He smiled. “Like George Washington, I cannot tell a lie. You girls have got me going. I wasn’t exactly jacking off. I’m just so hot that it felt good to touch myself. Don’t you touch yourself when you’re horny Buffy?” She blushed and he said “I thought so. You too I bet,” he said to Megan.

Buffy laughed and said, “You bet she does. She taught ME how to do it!”

Bob raised his eyebrows and said, “You girls are nasty … doing that together. See? That’s the kind of thing that makes me want to touch myself.” He grabbed his dong and began stroking it. “You don’t mind, do you girls? You’re so sexy and you’ve made me so hot, I can’t help it. Say it’s OK for me to do it girls, I need to get some relief!”

Both girls watched him, nodding. Their breath was coming faster. They were excited. Their nipples were stiff and achy. He stroked and a drop of man dew flipped off the tip of his prick. He was standing, legs spread, his leaking prick pointed izmit escort bayan right at the two naked girls. He jacked, staring at their nipples, dreaming of sucking them. He looked at their pussies, thinking about stroking his prick in them until the girls fainted. His sap shot out in a three foot arc and splatted on the floor right in front of Buffy’s feet. She jumped, but didn’t back up. He shot again and then three more times before he had to sit down in the chair because his knees were weak.

“Wow,” said Megan.

“Awesome,” said Buffy.

Both had itchy pussies and couldn’t wait to get home to their cabin so they could rub themselves to a nice orgasm. They stayed another hour, setting the table and then putting the silverware away. They made popcorn in the microwave and talked about the school year. Just like Bob had said, they soon quit paying so much attention to the fact that they were all naked. He sent them home, telling them to come back the next night. It was early yet, but the girls wanted to get naked again, this time in their room. They did just that and they didn’t quit masturbating until they’d each had three nice long cums.

The next night both girls got to Bob’s and started taking their clothes off without even being told. Bob looked at them and once again, when he dropped his shorts he was hard as a board. The girls giggled and Megan said, “Gee, I guess we did it again, Buffy.”

Buffy struck a pose. “That’s what you get for having us in private lessons, Bob. Are you going to beat off again tonight? That was so hot last night.”

Bob stroked his cock slowly. “I bet you girls went back to your cabin last night and touched yourselves. Didn’t you now? Come on, tell the truth.”

Buffy flamed red again. Megan smiled timidly, but nodded.

Bob kept stroking. “That makes me so hot. Yes, I’m gonna have to do it again tonight.” He stroked some more and the girls watched him closely. “I bet you girls have seen boys do this, haven’t you? I bet you helped them, didn’t you? How bout it Buffy, have you ever helped a boy get off like this? You DID, I can see it in your pretty face.”

Buffy was excited that she had made this handsome man so horny. Buffy’s face flamed red. “I HAD to. He wanted to put his hand in my panties, and the only way I could keep him from doing it was to jack him off!”

“That’s OK Buffy,” panted Bob. “It’s completely normal, and it’s a good way to keep a boy in line. I understand that boy, though. I’d like to put my hand in your panties too, Buffy. You too, Megan. I’d really like to put my hand in your panties too.”

“But we’re not wearin’ any panties, Bob!” laughed Buffy.

“You know what I mean!” huffed Bob. “I wish I could rub your pussies.”

“But you can’t! You’re our counselor! It would be wrong!” moaned Buffy.

Megan came closer to Bob. “You can rub MY pussy Bob!” she cried. She was hot as a firecracker from watching him jerk his big boner. Her secret was bursting inside her. “I NEED you to rub my pussy Bob!” she said as she came within his reach.

Bob kept one hand on his cock and he slid the other onto Megan’s floppy pussy lips. He felt them, he squeezed them, she was wet and slippery. He slid a finger up in her and she moaned. “Buffy! I have to tell you a secret!” she moaned.

Buffy couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Her best friend was letting Bob feel her up. Megan didn’t let boys feel her up. And now she was babbling about some secret. “What?” she said, confused.

“I said I have to tell you a secret,” panted Megan. “I was gonna wait, but I can’t … Ohhh that feels so good,” she sighed as Bob worked his thick finger in her pussy.

Buffy was still confused. Why would Megan have to tell a secret NOW? While she was being violated by her counselor?

“What are you talking about?” she whined. Watching Bob’s finger sliding in and out of her friend’s pussy was making Buffy hot. She wanted to rub her pussy, but she didn’t think she should in front of Bob.

Megan sat down in the easy chair, pulling Bob to kneel between her legs. She lay back and spread her legs wide so Bob could stick his finger in her more. He jerked with one hand and finger-fucked Megan with the other.

Megan hunched her pussy up at Bob’s finger. “You know my Uncle Frank?” Buffy nodded. “Well, I went to stay with him for New Years, while my parents were gone to New York.”

Buffy was still confused. “So what does that have to do with the fact that Bob’s got his finger in your pussy?”

“While I was there he taught me some stuff,” whined Megan.

“Stuff?” said Buffy.

“What kind of stuff Megan?” said Bob.

“He popped my cherry!” yipped Megan.

“WHAT!?” yelled Buffy.

“I SAID HE POPPED MY CHERRY!” squealed Megan. “And now I want to have something in my pussy.” Her hips were going wild.

Bob pulled his finger out of the heaving girl. “I have something to put in your sweet pussy,” he said, walking on his knees until the tip of his boner was right at the gaping entrance of Megan’s chocolate pussy.

“NO! You CAN’T!” yelled Buffy.

“YES!” yelled Megan “I WANT TO!”

Bob let his prick touch her pussy. She moaned and yelled “YES!”.

Bob slid it in … all the way in … until there was no more to give her. She went “AHHHHHHH … OH THANK YOU BOB.”

Buffy’s hand dove to her crotch and she rubbed her pussy frantically. Her best friend was being fucked right in front of her! This was the hottest thing she ever saw in her life. Bob’s complete, HUGE cock was buried in her friend’s pussy! She couldn’t believe it.

Bob started bucking his hips back and then forward, and Buffy could see that immense long thing sliding out and then back in to Megan’s pussy. It looked shiny and slick … and HUGE. But Megan didn’t act like it was too big. Quite the contrary, she cooed and held Bob to her, telling him how much she loved his big stiff prick. Pretty soon her eyes got big and she yelled, “I’m cummin’ Buffy, I’m feelin’ it good!”

And Bob was right there with her. He said, “Yes, cum all over my cock little Megan, and I’ll give you a present.” Then he stiffened and groaned and shoved his cock deep in Megan’s chocolate belly. He grunted several times and Buffy knew that his cock was squirting, just like it had the night before, except that all that stuff was going up into Megan’s pussy!

It was so hot that Buffy felt her own orgasm coming on her.

When he was done Bob dragged his shrinking prick out of Megan’s well-fucked pussy.

She lay there, legs spread, thick white spunk filling her open pussy mouth and running out and down to her butt. “Oh gee you squirted so much stuff in me Bob, what shall I do? It’s leaking out all over the place!”

Bob stood staring at the pussy he’d just filled up with his baby juice. “You should hold it in Megan.” he said. “Just put a couple of fingers over it and it’ll soak in. That way it won’t make a mess.” He secretly hoped that by holding it in she would ensure there would be a healthy kicking baby in her womb in a few months.

Buffy was getting her cookies too as she rubbed her pussy furiously. “OH! I’m gonna cum” she squealed. She was surprised when Bob appeared in front of her on his knees. His face darted to her pussy as his hand pulled her hand away. His long tongue licked her clitty and he sucked on it hard. Buffy was frozen with passion. “Ooooooo Megan he’s licking my muffy!” she cried, feeling his tongue making her happy.

“Shit! It feels good!” she moaned as she pushed her pussy into his face. He pushed her backward, toward the bed until she ran into it. She flopped back, weak with the thrills he was giving her. Now he could really press his face into her slit and he nibbled her clit.

She popped!

“AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!” she groaned as her orgasm splashed all over inside her. Her pussy squirted and Bob lapped it all up. As she came down he worked his way up and suckled her puffy and hard nipples as she sighed. Then, as she watched in awe, he fisted his slick used up prick and milked a big blob of rich white cream out of the snake-eye. As it was ready to drip off, he lowered his prick tip between Buffy’s spread naked pussy lips and rubbed that cream into her pussy mouth. He spread it all over and even tried to poke his cock in her a little, but it was too soft.

It was quiet in the room as they all panted, trying to get their breaths.

“Wow,” said Megan, looking adoringly at Bob. “We fucked!”

He nodded and said, “Are you sorry?”

“OH NO!” she squealed. “I love to fuck. It feels so good. Can we keep fucking Bob? Please?”

“I suppose so, though that’s not supposed to be in your private lessons. But what about Buffy? We don’t want to leave her out. She might feel jealous.”

Buffy opened her mouth and laughed. “You don’t need to worry about me. That thing wouldn’t fit in me in a million years. But I sure liked it when you licked my pussy. I’ve heard of that but I was too scared to let the boys do that. They might want to fuck my cherry.”

Bob looked at her hotly. He knew who was going to pluck that particular fruit.

The next night when the girls got there Bob was already naked. He let them in and by the time they were naked he had another hardon. He went up to Megan and pushed her up against the wall, kissing her. Their izmit sınırsız escort tongues flipped and he bent his knees. He lifted one of her legs and plugged his cock into her cute teen pussy. Then he stood up and filled her belly with cock. Megan sighed with happiness as he lifted her off the floor. Then he bounced her until she was shaking she came so hard. He walked her to the bed, where Buffy was lying, spread out, finger-fucking herself rapidly.

“You guys look so hot,” she gasped as she stuck two fingers in her cunt.

Bob flopped Megan back on the bed and ate her pussy for a while. Then he crawled up and while he sucked her black nipples, he slid his cock in her again. He pounded her, fucking her with long hard strokes and she squirted on his cock again. He looked at Buffy. He wanted to shoot his sperm in her. He knew Megan would let him plant his seed in her any time, but he really wanted to pick Buffy’s fresh cherry. “You want me to lick you again?” he said, leaning over the sex crazed teen.

“Oh yeah, please suck my pussy again Bob,” she moaned.

He pulled his hard dick out of Megan and got down to feast on Buffy’s pussy. Two orgasms later he’d worked his way up to her full breasts, and was licking and sucking her inch long nipples as she squirmed under him. He let his hard cock dig into her pussy.

He kissed her. “I want to fuck you, Buffy,” he said between kisses. He poked her pussy with his cock.

“Nooooooooo you can’t,” she moaned, but she kissed him more.

“Come on, you’ll love it,” he said. He pushed and her pussy lips spread open for him.

“Nooooooo. I’m a virgin,” she whined.

“I know you are, and I want to be the first man to fill your sweet pussy up.” He pushed again and the head of his cock popped into her pussy mouth.

“Nooooo, you can’t,” she panted. But her hips pushed up. “I’m scared. You have to take it out.” Her hips pushed up again and an inch went in her.

“OK, I’ll take it out,” he said and he pushed some more. She was tight, and hot and slick.

“When are you gonna take it out, Bob?” she said, humping at him.

He sucked her nipples some more, until her pussy was jumping and had gobbled up another two inches of his boner. He had about half of it in her now.

“I’m gonna take it out soon,” he said. He looked her in the eye. She looked back. She was taking him good. He pushed the rest in her in one long, slow shove. His cock tip hit her cervix and her eyes went round and wide.

“It’s in me,” she whispered, panting. “Your cock’s in my pussy, Bob!”

“Yeah it is,” he kissed her. “But I’m gonna take it out.” He began pulling it out, an inch at a time, slowly.

Buffy decided she didn’t want it out any more. “No wait!” she said. “Leave it in a little longer.”

Bob slid it back in. Then he started fucking her. He didn’t pound Buffy. He stared into her green eyes and he pronged her gently. His cock tip kissed her cervix over and over until she trembled and shook and had her first cum with a prick in her. It was a good cum, better than her fingers would do. She loved it. She knew now why Megan let Bob fuck her so quickly.

Bob knew he had another fuck toy. He kept rodding her slowly as she came. Then, when it was over, he let himself go. He slid in a few more times and put his lips in her ear. “I’m gonna squirt now, Buffy,” he whispered. She shuddered as he pushed it in hard. “My cock’s clear in your womb, baby,” he whispered. “Here it is.” His cock bucked and a long hot silver ribbon of sperm lanced into Buffy’s womb. “I’m sperming you, baby,” he said, as two more heavy shots of juice soaked her baby box. “It’s all for you and Megan,” he said as he packed a half a cup of seed into her garden. And with every spurt, Bob hoped he was making a baby in this cute girl.

Bob made the girls take some time off. He didn’t want their boyfriends to get suspicious. Besides, he had his eye on some other cute girls who might just need a shot of his heavy cock in their pussies too. He told Buffy and Megan to come back in a week for more private lessons.

The next night the girls hooked up with Jack and Mark. Both girls were horny from fucking, and both wanted to fuck some more. They invited the boys into their side of the quad. In no time they were lying on their beds, each with a boy’s hand in their pants.

Buffy said, “My pants are too tight. I think I might have to take them off.” Jack grinned, and happily helped her remove them. Now all that kept his hands from her pussy were her skimpy panties. Jack slid his hand in those panties and slicked a finger into his girlfriend.

Megan didn’t say anything. She just took her pants off and pulled Mark’s off too. “Have you ever had a blow job? I’d sort of like to taste you,” she whispered in Mark’s ear.

Mark was astounded. He’d tried and tried to get a girl to suck his dick, but none of them would. Now here was this milk chocolate beauty offering to do it. He pulled his skivvies down, exposing his long thin boner and Megan swallowed the whole thing. She sucked and kissed and slurped on it until he said he was going to shoot and then she pulled off.

“Noooo,” he moaned. “I was so close”.

Megan crawled on top of him and kissed him. “I’ll swallow it later. Right now I know a better way to get it in my tummy.” Then, to his utter amazement, she lifted her pussy up and sank down on his aching prick.

He wasn’t ready for that. He wasn’t prepared. He blew his cork and flooded her young pussy with potent teenage cum. Megan laughed and fucked her new lover hard, milking every bit. Then she rolled him over so he could fuck her some more.

Buffy and Jack were going at it hard now. His fingers were in her. She needed more. She took off her top. She dropped her bra. She demanded that he suck her nipples. He pulled her panties down and she let him. He had his cock out. He wanted to put it in her but he didn’t think she’d let him. He tried to be sneaky and slip it in slowly. As soon as Buffy felt his cock at the opening of her sex she slammed her pussy up and swallowed half his cock. Her legs came up and her heel whacked his ass. He drove forward and, just like that, he was fucking his girlfriend. She was hot and tight and she made him want to squirt. “You gonna shoot in me?” she panted in his ear.

“I want to,” he said.

“I want you to,” she cooed.

He fired her full of his potent teenage cum. He packed her pussy. He shot until his balls hurt. She loved every hot spurt.

They all fell asleep, but teenage boys can do it a lot. Both boys woke up in the night and wanted to fuck their girls some more. The girls let them. By morning those girls should have weighed two pounds more with all that sperm in their bellies.

For the next two days, every time Jack could get Buffy alone some place, or Mark could get Megan alone some place, they slid their ever stiff cocks into ever horny pussies and squirted them full of hot slippery cream. Every time the girls found themselves somewhere where no one would see, they spread their perfect teen legs for their randy boyfriends and let them slid their pricks in and out of their pussies until they came. Those bad boys always stuck their nasty cocks just as far up in the girls as they could and then squirted.

Bob couldn’t wait a week to fuck his two favorite fuck toys. He had them come in every two days for private lessons. Every two days he served up a hot load of cum for each girl’s pussy. He taught them how to give the best blow jobs. He ate their pussies better than anyone else. They loved his lessons and used them on their boy friends.

Now, you might think that, what with getting their pussies packed with baby butter every single day (and twice at night) that these girls would have ended up pregnant. Acting camp was, after all, three months long.

Both girls had their periods the first month.

Megan missed her period the next month. She didn’t care.

Buffy missed her period just 10 days before she left to go back home.

Both girls told Bob, and of course he thought those babies were his. Neither girl knew and neither girl cared. They knew how to fuck and suck and they knew they could get men to do whatever they wanted.

So they left acting camp knocked up good and proper.

Megan went to visit her Uncle as soon as she got home. In no time at all she was flat on her back while he packed her full of his spooge. When her parents found out she was pregnant, they were furious and kicked her out. Her nice Uncle, who of course thought the baby was his, took her in so she’d have someplace to live. That worked out well for them both, since after that he got to fuck her every single day.

When Buffy finally admitted to her mother that she hadn’t had a period in four months, her mother screamed and yelled and grounded Buffy to the house until the baby was born. Poor Buffy. The only male around was her big brother. She cried on his shoulder and in no time he was sneaking into her room every night and fucking her socks off. Seeing as how it was safe to cum in her, he did. The only problem was that, after the baby was born – a fine healthy beautiful boy – he kept shooting off in her like he was trying to knocke her up good and proper again!

What a pair of sluts our little actresses were. But, you know what?

Neither one of them EVER had a single attack of stage fright!

In fact, I hear they did so well in the local amateur theatrical company … they’ve been selected to be counselors at acting camp!

The End

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