A Winter Day with my Sisters

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The sun was trying to break through an ashy sky that was over head on that Saturday afternoon. I was making my way up a steep hill that was blanketed with two feet of white snow. I had to occasionally wipe my forehead of sweat and adjust my snow cap while trying to ignore the taunts of my sisters who had already conquered the hill; they were sitting at the top waiting for me. They had it easy though. I was the one who was pulling our orange sled uphill with me. When I finally reached the top my sisters grabbed the sled from my hand and jumped in it waiting for me to join them. I sat in the back and we started inching forward until we finally broke the landing and started speeding down. My sister’s hair flew into my face and the winter wind was so cold that it felt like knives slashing against my frozen cheeks. Suddenly, we hit a bump and flew into the sky before falling back to earth and crashing into a pile of snow while the sled continued forward across the snowy field.

“I think we should probably go in now,” I said as I picked myself up.

My sisters agreed and we caught up with the sled and started making our way down the street. Every house we passed proudly displayed a Christmas tree in its window and was intricately decorated with lights, red bows, and holly. We walked passed yards with nativity scenes, snowmen, fake (and a family of real) reindeer, blow-up Santa Clauses, and a whole seasonal mess of decorations. When we set foot upon our own front porch, our house was no different than the others. I took my house key out of my jacket and opened the door. We were greeted by a wave of appreciated warmth.

My little sister closed the door behind us to barricade any invading cold from coming in. We kicked our boots off and threw our jackets onto a bench that was sitting next to the wall. My sisters walked upstairs and I stayed in the dining room and undressed. After taking off each piece of wet clothing, I was standing in nothing but checkered boxers. I walked into the kitchen to grab a bite to eat and after a few minutes my sisters joined me. They also had taken off their wet snow clothing and were standing in front of me in their underwear and shirts.

We each heated up a bowl of soup and went into the living room to watch television. As I ate my bowl of warm chicken and noodles I couldn’t help but stare at my younger sister as she lay on the floor. She was on her stomach and the shirt she was wearing had hiked up on her back. I had a perfect view of her panties. She was only 9 years old but already had a round butt that often ate up any underwear she happened to be wearing. I watched as the galaxy of pink stars that were printed on her panties would disappear into her crack as she moved her legs. The pink outlining would rise kocaeli escort up showing more and more of her white, bubbly butt cheeks.

Without a word I left the living room and walked upstairs to my room. I quietly closed my door and went to lay on my bed. My boner immediately popped through my boxers and I started to stroke. I closed my eyes and kept the vision of my little sister on my mind. I kept my strokes at a sound pace and would occasionally fondle my sac as I let my mind drift away. Then, as quietly as the snow had begun falling outside, my 14 year old twin sister had snuck into my room. I didn’t know she was there until I felt an extra hand feeling my dick.

“Amanda!” I shouted. “What are you doing?”

“Oh, come one,” she said. “I saw you looking at Abby’s butt downstairs. I knew you would come up here and start jerking yourself and I was right!”

I sat up and told her “So what?”

“Well,” she started, “I thought you might want to have a little company and not be alone.” Her hand still hadn’t left my shaft.

“I don’t want Abby to know what we’re doing,” I said.

“We just have to chance it,” said Amanda and she hopped onto the bed. She pulled her hair back and firmly grasped the head of my dick with her lips. A few stray strands of her long black hair brushed against my thighs. I grasped my sheets as I tried to handle the feeling of my dick inside her warm, saliva filled mouth. I groaned as I began rocking my hips up and down. Amanda grasped my thighs and kept them pressed down. I tilted my head back and let my back arch as she took more of my dick into her mouth. I couldn’t hold myself back too much longer and found it even harder to do so as she bobbed her head up and down, faster and faster, letting her tongue slide along the bottom, top, sides, and every which way of my throbbing cock.

“Oh, man Amanda!” I grunted through clenched teeth. I started to shoot a load of creamy white come right into the back of my sister’s throat. She never stopped bobbing her head and started making slurping sounds that filled the room. I kept grunting until finally each squirt was cast behind her teeth or resting on her tongue. She picked her head up and smiled at me; a small droplet of come sat on her bottom lip. She crawled onto my body and sat on my abs, legs spread wide. She started to pull her shirt off over her head and I watched as her snowball sized chest was unveiled to me. I had a glimpse of her bubble gum pink nipples before her hair fell down to hide them. She stuck her hand into her panties and began fingering herself, begging me to do it for her.

She fell forward and her soft chest pressed against my smooth upper body. Her finger was still in her panties and with each in and out motion her knuckle would darıca escort rub against my hardening cock. I turned her over and tore my boxers off while nibbling on one of her hard nipples. Amanda gasped while I started pulling her panties down her legs, letting my face wander down her thin body. I threw the panties aside and brought my nose to my sister’s trimmed pussy. Amanda grabbed onto the head rest as my tongue teased her clit. I didn’t want to at her out though. She begged for my finger, and that’s what I was going to give her. My mouth found its way back to my sister’s chest and my fingers found their way into my sister’s tight slit. They were drowning in wetness as I moved them in and out. She would moan as I shoved my fingers in and then gasp as I gave her nipple a gentle tug of my teeth.
“Austin, stop,” she pleaded. “Please put it in me.”

She never had to ask twice. I lifted my body up and started rubbing the head of my penis against her damp, glistening pussy. I spread her legs with my hands and started pushing in. My cock was being buried into her and was continuingly greeted with a tight grasp. She started holding onto her left breast as I motioned back and forth with my hips. I started slow and gradually built up a momentum. The bed began to bounce up and down as I tensed every muscle below my waist and started shoving myself into her. All that escaped her mouth were moans and sounds of pure pleasure. Each thrust was a shock to her tight pussy. I kept pushing deeper and deeper until my pelvis was being kissed by her pussy lips. My balls added a slapping echo to the symphony of springs creaking, rough grunting, loud moaning, hard panting, and skin smacking together that was in the air of my bedroom.

“Oh God Austin!” my sister shouted. Her body began to stiffen and I watched as she felt for anything to grab onto as her orgasm over took her. I rapidly hit mine and shoved my penis into her tightened slit and felt my throbbing cock releasing its second load of the day. My dick went flaccid and her wet juices along with my thick come dripped onto my bed sheets. I stood off the bed and Amanda, after regaining herself, did the same.

“I guess I’m glad I didn’t just jerk off by myself,” I said.

“You guess?” she said. “I’m going to take a shower now. Do you want to take one with me?”

“No, I’m alright. You go ahead, but don’t waste the hot water.”

She walked out of my room and disappeared into the hallway. I sat down on my bed and glanced around on the floor looking for my boxers. I couldn’t find them. Then I heard a giggle coming from just beyond my doorway. Abby walked in and was holding my boxers in her hand.

“Abby! What the hell are you doing?”

“I heard Amanda from downstairs and gölcük escort then came up and was watching you two,” she giggled. “How come you never do that with me?”

“Because…um…because only older kids do that.”

“Aw, but I want to try to,” she said.

“Well you can’t. And give me back my boxers.” She had a pout on her face and threw me my boxers. I pulled them up and after looking her over I thought I could at least try and make her happy. “We can’t do what me and Amanda did but we can do something else.”

“What?” she hopefully asked.

“I can lick the kitty.”

“Ok! I want to do that.”

She ran up to my bed and plopped backward, spreading her legs and closing her eyes. I knelt down on the floor and started thinking about the first time I ever done anything with my little sister. It happened to be ‘licking the kitty.’ I called it that because it had a cute name and it seemed to sit well with her. When you decide to try something with your younger sister when she is much younger than she is at the moment, then you want to at least make it sound like its fun (which of course it is).

Abby had a wide smile on her face when I started to tangle my fingers into her waistband, but I didn’t want to take them off just yet. I pressed my nose hard against her crotch and could already smell the pleasuring aroma of her small pussy. The front of her panties were different than the back and as I pushed my thumb into her slit, not a whole galaxy was present but one large pink star covering her crotch began to withdraw into her lips. Her smile left her face and turned into an open mouth that was slowly taking in more air as her heart beat began to quicken.

I pulled her shirt up and looked at her tiny belly button and traced my finger down to her panties and pulled them to her ankles. I lifted her legs and pulled them over my head and pressed my face against her plump pussy lips. They were as white as her smooth skin but as I spread them with my thumbs it was like pink flower blooming. I stuck my tongue inside and immediately began moving it around. Her instinct was to close her legs but I kept them open and kept moving my tongue along her inner walls. They were spongy and wet and tried so hard to trap my tongue but my invading fingers prevented that. Abby kept letting out little girl gasps as I moved from her inner pussy to her individual lips, sucking on each one gently. Then I lifted her legs over my head and started to lick the skin that divided her girlhood and asshole. That ejected a loud gasp from her mouth and I realized I just found her sensitive spot. I kept moving my tongue up and around then area and then I would press against her skin and slowly, in a straight line, work my way up to her pussy again, tasting her pussy juice before I even got to her lips.

“I knew it.”

I turned around and saw Amanda standing in the doorway.

She just doesn’t know when to keep quiet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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