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The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or deceased is purely coincidental. This story depicts sexual situations between minor males, including incest, and if reading such is illegal where you reside, or you are not at least 18 years of age, please read at your own risk. This work is the property of the author, Kewl Dad, and should not be reposted or reproduced without his permission.

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The Reynolds Twins

By: Kewl Dad
Breaking the news

Chapter 32

Isaac sat nervously watching the clock, waiting for the appointed time for his Skype call to Greg. It had been two weeks since he and Mark had met and his feelings for the cute Asian boy were over the top. Just as it had been with Greg it was love at first sight, but somehow his love for Mark seemed to be stronger and more consuming. 

He had considered his options carefully, even confiding his feelings to his parents, but their advice had simply been, to do what his heart told him. And so as he sat waiting for the call that would change two lives forever he thought back on that first time he had met Greg and how strong the attraction had been.

He wondered if their was something wrong with him. How could he fall for another boy so quickly after meeting Greg and declaring his love for him. Was he being fickle or was it simply that the long distance romance had been too hard to maintain and he needed someone close by?

He knew what he was about to do would hurt Greg a lot, but in the end he decided honesty was the best policy. He couldn”t go on deceiving Greg and be with Mark, and so as the time approached he steeled himself for one of the most difficult things he would ever have to do.


“Hey, you look good.”

“Thanks so do you. I been going to the beach a lot, finally got a real tan.”

“I was born with one,” Isaac joked.

“Yeah, I always envied you that tan. So…how have you been? Anything new in your life?”

They talked about generalities for a while, about Zack becoming the new drummer, about Rocky and his rise to fame, but nothing of their feelings toward one another. If either boy had thought about it, they would have realized that not talking about their feelings or their relationship was unusual at best, but of course they had other things on their mind.

“Uh, so…I um, well…I have to tell you something,” Greg said when the silence descended upon them, “I”m not um…going to come out for Spring Break.”

“Oh, well…that”s cool,” Isaac said searching for the courage to tell Greg what he needed to say.

“I, um…my dad has a new client and I”ve been hanging out with his um…son.”

“OH,” Isaac said, suddenly seeing the tension on Greg”s face, and wondering what was going on with him. 

“His name is Bret,” Greg continued, “He”s a really cool guy, you”d um…like him I bet.”

“I uh, met a new guy too. A friend of Jason and Tommy. His name is Mark,” Isaac said easing into things.

“That”s cool,” Greg said seeming to ignore Isaac”s news, “Bret is like one of those typical surfer boys. He”s all golden and buff, long hair, the works.”

“Oh, well…he a movie star or something?”

“No, his dad is though, and his mom is a producer or something.”

“Ummm…so you and this kid friends, or you just baby sitting?”

“Well, um…we”re um…we…”

“Oh my God,” Isaac suddenly laughed, “here I am trying to figure out a way to tell you I met someone, and…you”re doing the same thing, aren”t you?”

Greg looked unsure of himself at first, but then he laughed too, “You met someone, what are the odds?”

“Hey, what does that mean?” Isaac said pretending to be offended, “I”m not that unattractive.”

“No, I didn”t mean that. You”re far from unattractive. You”re like…one of the hottest and most desirable guys I”ve ever met.”

“But easily gotten over,” Isaac sighed.

“No, it”s not like that. I”m really sorry. I didn”t intend for this to happen…”

“Neither did I,” Isaac sighed, “I guess this long distance thing wasn”t as easy as we thought it would be. I feel awful that practically the first guy I mess with, I…I fall for.”

“It”s weird really that we both met someone, don”t you think? Maybe it was meant to be. Oh, Isaac, you are so special and so important to me, and I am so sorry it couldn”t be you. You helped me so much. You helped me figure out who I am and you gave me the courage to come out and be that person. You taught me what it means to care for another boy and all about the importance of intimacy, not just sex, but all the rest, and I am so happy I met you. I will never forget you and I hope we can still be friends.”

“I want that too. I was so afraid you would hate me when I told you I”d met someone, but now I”m just so relieved, but I guess I”m a little hurt too, if that makes any sense. Here I was trying to tell you that I met someone else and then I find out you”ve met someone else too, and I guess it”s just starting to soak in…that you don”t love me any more.”

“No, that”s just it, I do love you. I think I always will, but I”m not in love with you. I”m not sure I”m in love with Bret either, but the way I feel about him is so…so, real, so special and he”s right there and…”

“I get it, I feel the same way about Mark. You know, we”re both very lucky to have met two loves of our lives at our age,” Isaac chuckled, “I don”t know if Mark is the one, but it”s like you said, the feelings are there and the opportunity for our love to grow is there.”

“So where do we go from here?”

“Well, I hadn”t given it much thought before, since I figured you”d hate me after what I had to tell you, but everything has changed now. I hope we can stay in touch and eventually maybe get together again, maybe even with our new…well, you know with Bret and Mark.”

“Yeah, I”d like that. Greg…I guess I shouldn”t be surprised that you”re so cool about this. You”re a special guy and this Bret guy is very lucky. You tell him that if he doesn”t treat you right I”ll come out to Cally and kick his ass,” Isaac chuckled.

“I”ll make sure he doesn”t mess up, for his sake,” Greg laughed, “So tell me about you new guy…Mark right?”

They talked for another fifteen minutes but eventually they ran out of things to say. When they finally said their goodbyes, both boys had mixed feelings about what had just happened. On one hand they were relieved, but on the other hand they felt a terrible loss. What they”d had was special, but fleeting, and they realized it was time to move on. 

“How”d it go?” Jeremy asked when Isaac finally exited his room.

“You won”t believe it,” Isaac said shaking his head, “but it”s all good now.”

The twins took Isaac”s news in stride, but they were happy for their friend and fellow band mate, as well as all other parties involved. They had a lot on their plates these days, rehearsing for the tour as well as keeping up with their school work and social lives, and this was one less thing to worry about.

Rocky had continued to gain fame and had his own YouTube channel now and it was just a matter of time before he was discovered. Meanwhile he had finally convinced his father that maybe his music wasn”t such a waste of time, perhaps because Rocky had actually made some money playing it, and Rocky was grateful for his changed attitude.

Zak continued to hone his skills as a drummer and was developing a following of his own, both boys and girls, and he was more confident and outgoing these days. 

Tommy and Jason had been especially happy for Mark even though they were a little worried that it might mean they wouldn”t be able to mess around with either boy any more. They needn”t have worried though, because once Mark and Isaac felt their relationship was secure their horniness only increased.

The tour was a huge success and though a short one, each venue within a day”s travel, they actually enjoyed this tour more than the first. They played in Tulsa once again, and as before the boys fell in love with the city and the people. While they were there they were approached by the local Pride organization and asked to perform at their Pride Celebration in June and they eagerly accepted once they”d cleared it with their folks and Henry. It was something to look forward to and the fact that they would be the youngest group to perform at the celebration and parade spoke volumes about how far the Gay movement had progressed.

Back in school they were greeted by their fellow classmates and fans with enthusiasm, but soon things got back to normal and their lives went on. Zak was a different kid these days and had already put aside a good chunk of money toward his college education. Though he enjoyed playing the drums and being in the group, his real interest these days was in  martial arts and he planned on becoming an instructor some day and perhaps have his own studio.

Aidan was very proud of his boyfriend, though in some ways he missed the old Zak, but he supposed they were all changing as they matured. Still he couldn”t worry that at some point Zak would outgrow him and move on, and though he supposed he would be able to handle that when and if the time came, it was still a subject of concern for him.

Naturally Jaden sensed his brother”s funk, even though he wasn”t sure what was causing it, and one evening as they lay spooning in bed he brought up the subject.

“Something on your mind little bro?”

Aidan sighed, there was no use trying to hide anything from his twin, they were too close and too empathetic of one another to miss much.

“It”s Zak.”

“What about Zak?” Jaden asked not understanding.

“It”s just that, well…you remember how he used to be. So shy and insecure and how he always turned to me for…for support and guidance?”

“Oh, that,” Jaden chuckled, “the kid has grown and you”re afraid he”s going to kick you to the curb? Well, let me tell you, that kid thinks your shit don”t stink, and that the sun rises and sets on your cute ass,” he said giving his twin a quick squeeze of his melons.

Aidan had to laugh at his brother”s cool appraisal of the situation, “I guess I”m bein” silly, huh?”

“No, nothing silly about having those feelings, but I don”t think you have to worry about good old Zak. He”s as solid as they come. Sure he has his own fan base now, but he doesn”t let that stuff go to his head. He”s too grounded to let that stuff rule his life. I think the only reason he”s even in the band is because he knows it pleases you, that and the money. Do you know he”s been helping his mom, and he bought Jason that car. I mean it”s not new or anything, but it”s a nice car. I just think that”s so nice of him.”

“Yeah, he”s a sweetheart all right. I just, I love him so much and I don”t know what I”d do if he ever left me.”

“Relax,” Jaden cooed, “that”s not going to happen. Have you talked istanbul travesti to him about these feelings?”

“No, I…I”d feel silly if I”m wrong.”

“You are wrong, but you”re not silly. I suggest you talk to him. You”ll see, he”ll show you just how much he loves you and you can put all these worries aside.”

“Thanks, I feel so much better. Hey! What”s that poking me back there,” Aidan giggled.

“It”s my love stick and it”s looking for a place to hide. Got any ideas?” Jaden laughed.

“Yeah, I got a good idea…”

Although Aidan wanted to talk to Zak about his feelings the time just never seemed to be right until one afternoon when they were all rehearsing at Jeremy”s house. They”d been working on a new number with a sick drum solo and a rap for Jaden, and after the third take they had it down pat. Fortunately they”d recorded each of the tries and the last one was good enough to post to their YouTube channel after a little work.

As they sat resting on the couch and drinking a sports drink Aidan finally decided this was as good a time as any to talk to his boyfriend. Jaden, having sensed what Aidan had in mind had lured the others away to give the two some privacy.

Smiling Aidan reached over and took Zak”s hand in his and gave it a gentle squeeze, “Have I told you lately just how much I love you?” 

“Probably, but I can never hear it enough,” Zak giggled, “And I love you even more than I did yesterday but not as much as I”ll love you tomorrow.”

“That sounds like a song or something,” Aidan chuckled.

“No, no…I think I just made that up,” Zak teased. Then leaning in he kissed Aidan sweetly. As he pulled back he saw the serious look on Aidan”s face and sighed.

“What”s up? You”re not…breaking up with me or something are you?” he asked sounding panicky.

“What? No, of course not. I guess I”m just feeling a little insecure lately. I know it”s silly, but it”s just that you”ve become so…so, self confident and strong, and I, well, I guess I”m afraid it”s you who will move on and leave me behind.”

Zak laughed, then seeing the look of hurt in Aidan”s eyes he quickly turned serious again, “I”m sorry. I didn”t mean to laugh, but that”s just so…so not what is going to happen. I need you. Why do you think I”m so self confident and strong now? It”s because of you. You”re the one who pushed me to do new things and because of you I”m not scared any more. I”m stronger cause of my Martial Arts classes and I can take care of myself that way, but I will always need you. You”re, you”re…the wind beneath my wings,” he added the last with a grin.

“Now I know that”s from a song,” Aidan chuckled, “I just love you so much and I don”t know what I”d do without you.”

“Well, you won”t have to ever find out…not unless it”s your choice. And the great thing is now that I can afford college I”m hoping we can both wind up at the same school and we won”t have to be separated.”

“I…never thought about that. Do you mean it, you”d go where I go?”

“Of course, that is if I”m good enough to get into whatever college you choose.”

“Well, we”ll apply to a bunch of them and see which ones we”re both accepted to.”

“So, does that settle your worries a little?”

“Actually, a lot. I know it was silly of me, but I just…you”re the air that I breathe,” Aidan said, then grinning he added, “I think we been listening to too many sappy love songs.”

“They”re not sappy. I feel that way about you too. Oh Aidan, until I met you I really didn”t like myself or my life very much. Now just look at me, now that Mel and my mom are married I have a real family again. Jason and I are closer than ever, almost as close as you and J, and…and I have you. The band and all that is nice too, especially now that I can pay for college, but it”s you that really matters in my life. I can”t ever see myself loving anyone else the way I love you and I hope you feel the same way too.”

“I do, even with John I never felt that way. It”s like, like we”re one person when we”re together and when we”re apart all I think about is when we”ll be together again.”

“Well maybe I should just move in then,” Zak teased.

“I wish. I guess we”ll have to wait till we go off to college though. We can get a little apartment off campus and be like a real couple. We can study together and figure out what we want to do with our lives, then when we”re done with college we can get great jobs and buy a house and maybe even adopt a kid someday.”

“Wow, that”s a lot to digest, but I get where you”re coming from. I want all that too, but first we gotta finish being kids. We need to enjoy every minute while we can, cause when we”re adults we”ll have a lot more responsibility and stuff.”

“Yeah, I know. Want to go upstairs with me?” Aidan said with a lewd smile, “I bet Jeremy would let us use his room for a while.”

Jumping up Zak pulled Aidan up with him, “Come on slow poke, what are you waiting for? I”m gonna show you just how much I love you.”

Zak and Jason not only had a real family again, but after some looking around Mel and his new bride had found a nice three bedroom house not to far from where the Twins lived. By moving into the same area the two brothers could continue to attend the same schools and keep in touch with their old friends.

Although Zak”s mom pretty much knew that both her sons were gay, or at least in a relationship with another boy, Mel seemed oblivious of the boys” social life. At least that”s what everyone thought.

“Where are the boys? Mel asked giving his new bride a kiss on the cheek,

“Jason is with Tommy as usual and Zak is at the Green”s rehearsing some new song. I swear since that boy joined that band I hardly ever see him.”

“So we have the place to ourselves?” he said placing little kisses on the back of her neck.

“Yes, for a while. Mmmm…that feels nice. What are you thinking?”

“About showing you just how much I love you,” he said in a seductive voice.

“Oh my, who”d have thought someone my age would be all sexed up again,” she said pushing back into her husband and feeling his hardness, “Oh my, seems like little Mel is all ready to go.”

“Ummm..e on, let”s make hay while the sun shines,” he said taking her hand.

These days Mel was carrying a lot less weight around, having lost 40 pounds from the time he and his wife had started dating. He”d never felt the need before to worry about how he looked, but dating the boy”s mom had changed all that. With his weight loss came an improved libido, and since the two had tied the knot they”d made love every single night, sometimes twice, and occasionally slip in a session during the day.

After an especially vigorous and satisfying romp they lay in each other”s arms resting and enjoying the closeness while they talked softly.


“Yes sweetheart,” Mel sighed giving his wife a hug.

“There”s something I want to talk to you about.”

“Oh, sounds serious. I hope it”s not that there”s another man,” he chuckled.

“No, two actually,” she teased, “it”s about the boys.”

“Oh, what about the boys? Is there some trouble I don”t know about?”

“Well, maybe,” she sighed, “I just don”t like secrets, and well…I think you should know about the boys and their…ummm friends.”

Mel chuckled, “Oh, that. If you mean them both having boyfriends, I”m fine with it. It”s a little disappointing, because I would like to have grandkids, but who knows? Maybe one of them or both will switch to girls at some point.”

“You knew?” she asked pulling back to look into her husband”s face.

“Do I really look that naive dear? I can see the look of love in their eyes when they talk about their boyfriends, not to mention the hand holding and the noises coming from their bedrooms when one or the other sleeps over,” he chuckled.

“And you”re fine with it?”

“Of course. When I fell in love with you I fell in love with our boys too. I think of them as mine too, I hope that”s okay. I couldn”t love them more if I had squirted them out myself,” he said lightening things up.

“Oh Mel, I love you so much and I know the boys think the world of you too.”

“While we”re on the subject of the boys. I know we”ve talked about it before, but now I think the time is right. What do you say we go down and file the papers and I legally adopt the boys and change their name to mine?”

“Oh Mel, I think that”s a wonderful idea and I know the boys are all for it. I love you so much, you”re the best thing that”s ever happened to me,” she said rolling into him and kissing him passionately, leading to round two.

“In May when school let out for the summer the boys began to talk about their plans and it was decided that they would take some time off from the band and just enjoy themselves. Henry was busy with other clients and not as available as before and the record company seemed satisfied with things as they were.

That was not to say that the band wouldn”t be making videos and appearing locally occasionally, but their would be no touring or intense studio sessions for the time being. They were looking forward to performing at the Pride Ceremony and Parade in June, but meanwhile they had plenty of time to kill.

Now that Jason had his own car he would often drive the boys places, such as the mall or out to eat, and of course Tommy usually came along. One evening as they sat in a booth at one of their favorite burger joints a tall red headed boy approached them and struck up a conversation.

“”You”re in that band Alternate Love, aren”t you?” he said smiling, exposing perfect white teeth.

“Uh, they are,” Jason said pointing at the twins.

“Yeah, I thought so, bunch of faggots, all of you,” he said turning mean suddenly.

“Whoa, watch it buddy,” Jason said starting to get up.

Zak reached across the table and laid a hand on his brother”s arm and looked up at the boy with blood in his eyes, “No, we”re not faggots, we”re kids who just happen to be gay. You got a problem with that?”

“Yeah, I do. I should beat your sorry asses and kick you in the balls.”

Some of the other patrons as well as employees of the restaurant had heard the exchange and a manager was already headed that way.

“Why don”t you start with me,” Zak said scooting out of the booth and standing, a foot shorter than the red haired boy.

“You?” he snorted, “Okay, it”s your funeral,” he said moving in, his arm cocked back as if to deliver a blow.

It was almost as if things were moving in slow motion after that. The manager of the restaurant was still twenty feet away when Zak stood, and even before he could utter a single word it was all over.

The red haired kid lay on his back looking up at the ceiling and wondering how he had gotten there as Zak stood over him glaring down at him.

“Just cause I”m smallern” you don”t mean I can”t handle a big bully like you,” Zak said as everyone looked on in awe.

“How”d you do that?” the kid gasped as kadıköy travesti he sat up trying to catch his breath.

“Ancient Chinese secret,” Zak chuckled, “Now how about you get up, we shake hands and you let me and my friends finish our dinner?”

The kid stood, dusted off the seat of his pants and just stared at Zak for a moment before offering his hand, “I guess I got it all wrong. You ain”t such a piss ant after all. No hard feelings, okay?”

“Nope, we”re cool. By the way, I”m Zak.”

“Marty,” he said looking around to see how many people had witnessed his downfall.

“Well Marty, next time you decide to call someone names, you better make sure you can handle the fallout.”

The kid nodded and pulled back his hand and high tailed it out of the restaurant like his butt was on fire. 

“That was amazing young man,” the manager said as he finally made it to their table, “I”m sorry that happened and I was just about to throw him out when…when you took care of things your way. Tell you what, dinner is on me. I”ll have the girl at the register refund your money. Enjoy your food boys and…uh, well…do you think I could have your autograph for my son Lonnie. He”s 14 and crazy about your band.”

After signing their names the boys went back to their dinner and Jason was the first to bring up what had happened.

“I could have handled that guy,” Jason groused.

“I know, but he might not have been able to walk out if you”d got hold of him,” Zak said looking serious, “as it is all that got hurt was his pride and maybe his butt.”

“It was a cute butt too,” Jaden added, “too bad the kid is anti-homo.”

“Leave it to J to bring out the sexual aspect of every situation,” Jimmy chuckled.

“Well, just saying. I bet you”d like to see what color his pubes are too, right?”

“Red, I”m sure,” Aidan said, “but seriously Zak that was incredible. I mean I knew you were learning a lot of stuff in your self defense class, but that was sick dude.”

“Yeah, better not piss him off bro,” Jaden teased.

“I”d never hurt my pookie bear,” Zak said making a kissy face.

“Please, not here,” Jaden joked, “we don”t want any more red necks throwing punches at us.”

Four days later as Zak and Aidan were coming out of a video game store at the mall they ran into the red haired boy from the burger joint for the second time.

“Hey,” the kid said averting his eyes and looking embarrassed.

“Hi, Marty…right?” Aidan said smiling.

“Yeah. Look, I”m really sorry about…you know,” he said hanging his head as if in shame, “it”s just that I don”t understand that stuff, but I guess I took things too far. I guess you have a right to be what you are and it”s none of my business.”

“That”s true, I mean we don”t hate on you for liking girls,” Aidan teased.

“Yeah, well…I could say that was normal, but I don”t want to fight, so…I”ll just agree with ya”.”

“Where ya” headed?” Zak asked, “Wanna go to the food court and get some lunch with us?”

“Uh, you want to have lunch with me after what I did?” the kid asked looking amazed.

“Yeah, we”re good, right? No more hating on each other, right?”

“You guys are crazy,” he chuckled, “but if you”re sure…”

They settled for Mexican and ordered a dozen tacos, burritos, and three bowls of nachos with cheese, large soft drinks, and found a table away from the noise and sat down.

“So Marty, what grade you in, and where do you go to school?”

“I”m a Junior at Riverside,” the kid said grabbing another taco.

“Do you know Isaac?” Aidan asked with interest, “he”s in the band too.”

“Yeah, well…I mean I know who he is and all. I couldn”t believe he was, well…you know, gay, but then I saw him with that Asian guy and they were like all over each other.”

“I”m not sure Isaac is gay,” Aidan said looking thoughtful, “I just think he happened to fall in love with another boy. I know for a fact he”s dated girls and liked it a lot. He just never found a girl that made him feel the things Mark does.”

“Mark, yeah, that”s his name. Isaac is so…so buff and so…manly looking. It”s just hard to believe he”s like that.”

“You have a lot to learn my friend,” Aidan said, “being gay doesn”t mean you have to be feminine or soft. Look at us, Zak can kick both our asses and he doesn”t look the least bit gay, does he?”

“No, not really,” Marty conceded, “I just always thought gay guys were all girly and soft and spoke with a lisp or something.”

“That”s a stereotype that society has thrust upon us. Most of us are just regular guys with the same feelings and same problems as straight guys. What it really comes down to is this, who you love doesn”t define who you are. I think given the opportunity anyone could fall for someone of their own sex if the connection was there. We”re all a little gay inside I guess. Our sexuality isn”t an absolute, it”s more of a variable along a sliding scale. At one end is straight, at the other end gay. Most all of us fall in between somewhere, with some being more gay or some more straight. Do you get what I”m saying?”

“Yeah, I guess, but I”ve never thought about guys that way.”

“Let me ask you this. As a kid growing up and learning about your body, did you and your buddies ever fool around? You know? Show and tell or mutual jacking, or touching, or anything?”

“Marty blushed bright red, “We were just kids…we didn”t know shit about sex and no one told us anything so we had to figure things out ourselves.”

“But did you like it? Was it fun?”

“Uh, well…yeah, when we were kids I guess I did.”

“Then puberty came along and you thought that kind of thing was too gay or too weird, right?”

Marty nodded, “Are there ever times you wished you could have done something with a buddy after puberty set in? Even if it was just comparing your junk, cause we”re all curious about how we compare.”

Marty was quiet for a long time and Aidan was afraid he”d said too much, then slowly he started to speak. “There was this one boy, Luke. He was one of my friends from back then…you know? When we messed around. I always thought he liked that stuff more than the rest of us and he was always willing to do whatever anyone wanted him to do, even…you know oral stuff.

One day it was just us two at my house, I think we were 13 or 14 then and he offered to, you know? Suck me off. At first I thought he was kidding, or testing me or something, then when I saw he was serious I got mad and told him to get out. After that I quit hanging with him. He moved about six months after that, but I never talked to him again after that day. Sometimes I wished I”d let him, but most of all I wished I hadn”t treated him that way. He was a nice guy and I could tell it hurt him a lot.”

“Do you know where he moved to?”

“Yeah, one of my other friends still keeps in touch with him.”

“You should get his email address or whatever and tell him what you just told me. It might seem like a little thing to you, but I bet for him it would mean a lot, even after all this time.”

“I might, thanks.”

Things got quiet for a moment then Zak finally spoke up, “Is it possible that you had feelings for this kid, I mean…you know? That you liked him more than just a friend?”

“What do you mean?” Marty said sounding disturbed.

“It”s just that sometimes guys who hate gays are just trying to deal with their own sexuality. I mean it”s a hard thing to face. I know cause it took me a while to deal with my own feelings. Fortunately I had Aidan to help me figure things out. I learned that I was still the same kid I”d always been in most ways, but better in some ways. I didn”t have to hide who I was anymore and that was the most amazing feeling in the world. Even my mom knows, and of course my brother, cause, well, he”s got a boyfriend too,” Zak giggled at the last to ease the pressure.

Marty sighed, “I”m not gay,” he said, without much conviction on his part, “I had a girlfriend.”

“So did Isaac, a few of them in fact. It”s not what the person has between their legs, it”s what”s inside. Maybe you like both.”

“I”m not gay,” he repeated.

Zak just nodded, “I can see you still have some thinking to do, but that”s okay. It takes time to figure things out. Just keep an open mind and you”ll figure it out eventually.”

“I really need to go,” Marty said glancing at his phone and noting the time.

“Oh, sure. No problem,” Aidan said smiling, “Thanks for having lunch with us.”

“Uh, you”re welcome,” he stuttered. It was weird hanging out with these two gay kids, but at the same time it was sort of cool. Maybe that kid Zak was right, maybe he did have some mixed up feelings, but he wasn”t gay, he was sure of that.

“We”ll walk ya” to the exit,” Aidan said getting up and gathering the trash together. Zak was quick to help and soon they were headed toward the busy mall corridor.

At the north entrance they said their goodbyes and Aidan and Zak watched as the red haired boy pushed through the double doors. Suddenly he paused, and for a moment they thought he might turn back, then he shrugged and pushed on out the exit door and disappeared.

“I think Marty has some issues,” Aidan said.

“Boy does he ever. I hope he can figure things out before it causes him too much more grief.”

“Too bad we didn”t have more time, we could have just took him to bed and straightened him out, no pun intended,” Aidan joked.

“Oh no, I”m not sharing you with a stranger,” Zak chuckled.

“Oh well, that suits me just fine,” Aidan said giving Zak”s hand a squeeze, “Still wanna go to the movie?”

“Yeah, we can make out a little there and get ready for later. Besides, this movie is supposed to be kick-ass.”

“Not as kick-ass as you are,” Aidan chuckled, “Come on lover, it”s almost show time.”

“Boys, we need to talk with you,” Mr. Reynolds said as they finished up dinner one night.

“Oh, okay…are we in trouble?” Jaden teased.

“No, is there something you should be in trouble for?” Mr. Reynolds countered.

“No sir, we”ve been little angels lately.”

“I”m sure, but at any rate this isn”t about your behavior for once. You boys help us clean up this mess and load the dishwasher and we”ll all go into the family room and talk.”

The twins were at a loss for what the discussion was about, but they weren”t really worried. Whatever it was they were sure it wasn”t anything major. After helping with the clean up the boys headed off to the family room and sprawled on the couch close together, playing grab ass and slapping at each other as usual.

Their parents soon joined them and their mom chuckled when she saw the two cutting up.

“That”s our boys dad,” she said patting her husband and taking his hand, leading him to the love seat nearby.

“So, what”s going on guys?” Jaden asked settling down.

“Well,” their mom sighed, “Remember a while back when your father and I mentioned having another child?”

“Yeah, so….?” Jaden said, clueless bakırköy travesti to what was coming next.

“Well, at the time you boys seemed to be all right with it…”

“Sure, we”re cool with it. If you and dad want to have another baby or adopt or whatever,” Aidan said smiling.


“Oh for heaven”s sake dear, just tell them,” Mr. Reynolds said sounding amused.

“Tell us what?” Jaden said feeling a little worried now for some reason.

“Well, we didn”t exactly plan on it, but…well, in about 8 months you boys will have a new brother or sister.”

“Mom!” Aidan said jumping up and dancing over to where his parents sat, “You mean it, we”re gonna have…have a baby?”

“We are,” she said as Aidan gently hugged her and planted a kiss on her cheek.

“Way to go dad,” Jaden chuckled as he joined his brother and slapped his dad on the back.

“Thanks, I guess,” Mr. Reynolds chuckled, “I”m not impotent you know, nor do I suffer from erectile dysfunction.”

“DAD!” Jaden yelped, “I don”t wanna hear about that stuff.”

“Well, you started it,” Mr. Reynolds said sticking out his tongue, causing everyone to crack up.

“Well, it”s obvious I have three boys, instead of two, and soon I may have four,” Mrs. Reynolds laughed. Then turning serious she pulled her two boys to her and kissed them on the cheek, “Thank you so much for being so accepting of this. We just wanted to make sure you were okay with things before we went ahead with it, but I guess we got a little carried away,” she added blushing.

“Mom, it”s cool. I think it will be awesome to have a little kid running around the house and terrorizing you and dad,” Jaden joked.

“And the good thing is we”ll have two live-in baby setters,” Mr. Reynold said grinning.

“Okay, if you want the kid warped,” Jaden laughed.

“Seriously dad,” Aidan began, “you”ll never have a problem finding a baby sitter. I bet Dee would love to have a baby to spoil rotten.”

“Yeah, mom, dad, I”m really pumped about this new kid on the block,” Jaden said worming his way in between his mom and dad and throwing an arm around each of their necks.

“This is such a relief,” Mrs. Reynolds said, wiping a tear from her eye.

“Aww…mom, don”t cry,” Aidan said sitting down on the arm of the love seat and  hugging his mom from the other side.

“I”m fine. I must have the most wonderful family in the whole world.”

“Yeah, you do,” Jaden teased, “and now there”s gonna be one more, or two if you have twins.”

“Bite your tongue,” Mr. Reynolds said, but the truth was he would be fine with another set of twins. There was something very special about raising twins, and he wouldn”t have passed up the opportunity to do that for all the money in the world.

“Well, you never know,” Mrs. Reynolds said looking at her husband and smiling, “your father is pretty fertile,” she added then laughed as her men all blushed bright red.

“So where are we gonna put the little demon, I mean bundle of joy?” Jaden asked giggling.

“Keep it up mister and she or he will be sharing your room,” Mr. Reynolds warned.

“Seriously dad, are you going to take the adjoining room to ours for the baby or use the guest room?”

“Well, that”s one thing we wanted to talk to you boys about. I know you don”t mind sharing a room now, but as you grow older you may change your mind and want more space…so, we”ve decided to convert the guest bedroom into a nursery. It”s closer to our bedroom and I”ll be able to keep an eye on the baby better that way.”

“Cool, we”ll help fix it up,” Aidan volunteered, “all of the gang would I bet.”

“Thanks, we may take you up on that offer,” their dad said, suddenly looking tired.

“So when will you know what it”s gonna be mom?” Jaden asked excitedly.

“I see the doctor again next week and I”ll know more, but we”re not sure we want to do the test to determine the sex.”

“Why not mom?” Aidan asked tilting his head like a curious puppy, “Wouldn”t that make it easier? I mean so you”d know what kind of stuff to buy and how to fix up the nursery. Like girlie stuff or boy stuff?”

“Well, yes I suppose, but I do like surprises,” she said smiling, “After all Aidan was a bit of a surprise,” she added chuckling. 

The twins never grew tired of the story of how their folks hadn”t known they were twins till Aidan unexpectedly popped out, or how Jaden had been uncircumcised, while Aidan was due to a clerical error at the hospital.

“Maybe it”ll be a girl and you won”t have to worry about that,” Aidan said looking thoughtful, “I think it would be neat to have a little sister. I mean sure I”ll always be older, but I can still watch out for her.”

“Oh Aidan, that”s so sweet. Whatever we have, boy or girl, they are going to be very lucky to have big brothers like you and Jaden.”

“Well, maybe not Jaden, but me for sure,” Aidan teased, causing Jaden to tackle him and drag him to the floor where they wrestled around for a while.

Sitting up and panting the boys threw an arm around each other”s shoulder and smiled. They were truly happy for their folks and couldn”t wait to find out whether their new sibling was a girl or a boy.

That night as the boys lay in bed discussing the good news they couldn”t help but get a little emotional.

“You know it”s pretty cool that mom and dad want to have another kid. That kid is gonna be so lucky,” Aidan said tearing up a little, “I…I”m gonna miss not being a dad.”

“Why do you say that? I mean there”s no reason you can”t be a dad. The laws are changing fast and gay couples are adopting kids all the time, or there”s surrogate mothers.”

“Yeah, I guess,” Aidan sighed, “Adopting sounds good. There are so many kids in the world that need homes. Yeah, adopting sounds fine, but it would be nice to have a kid who shared my DNA.”

“Besides, you”re still young. Who knows some little gal may come along and sweep you off your feet and marry your cute ass and give you a houseful of rug rats.”

Aidan chuckled, “Well, I”ll keep an open mind, but right now I”m pretty happy with boys, one boy in particular.”

“Yeah, me too, but no one knows what the future will bring.”

“Man, I can”t wait till mom has the baby. This is gonna be so awesome, being big brothers.”

“Yeah, I sort of hope it”s a girl. I think it would be cool to dress her up like a doll and show her off to our friends,” Aidan chuckled.

“Yeah, a sister would be cool,” Jaden agreed, “Man I can”t believe mom and dad did the nasty,” he added chuckling.

“Why? We”re a horny bunch,” Aidan chuckled, “if we liked girls, we might both be dads by now,” he teased.

“Huh uh, not me. I know how to be safe.”

“Yeah, me too, stay away from girls,” Aidan laughed.

“Girls aren”t that bad. Actually they”re a lot of fun, well at least Dee was. I wouldn”t mind finding a nice girl like that if me and Jimmy could both mess with her.”

“Not that again,” Aidan moaned.

“Only if we both agreed,” Jaden assured him, “but I don”t think that will ever happen.”

Aidan yawned and rolled into his brother and threw his arm across his chest and Jaden took his hand in his and squeezed it.

“I wonder if the new kid will be gay?” Jaden said softly.

“Dunno, but if he or she is, we”ll love them anyway.”

“Yeah, goodnight bro. Love ya”.”

“Love ya” back,” Aidan said already drifting off to sleep.


End Chapter 32

 The twins are getting a new sibling and Isaac and Greg have officially moved on. The band is doing well and  looking forward to returning to Tulsa for the Gay Pride Festivities. The new kid, Marty, has some issues to resolve, but with Zak and Aidan”s help he may just figure things out.  

The story is winding down folks and I hope to wrap it up in the next three or four chapters. I know it”s sad to leave old friends behind, but it”s also nice to make new ones, and I will try to keep new stories coming to keep you entertained.

Note that in this chapter there is no graphic sex, only implied. After all how many time can you describe a sex act before it get redundant?

Thanks again for all those who continue to follow the story and especially those who take the time to write. Your emails are my only pay, and it”s priceless.

Thanks to everyone for your kind words and support, and please keep those emails coming to: ail


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