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Jack Learns His Lesson


I was on the bed now, the comic open to where I had left off before my mini-adventure with Uncle Randy.

When I turned the page from where Jack had sat down on the crate, I was shocked to see a man in the shadows in the corner of the basement, behind boxes and construction debris. The speech panel was a little scary, and it must have scared Jack too.

“That wasn”t very nice…Jack.”

Jack”s terrified look said it all. Why he didn”t run, I couldn”t imagine.

Was the man talking about the fact that Jack hadn”t reciprocated, blowing Liam like Liam hand blown him?

The shadow turned into a person as it left the dark corner of the basement. He was a scruffy looking black man with long matted hair and an unshaven face. His clothes looked a little dirty.

As he approached Jack he was unzipping his pants.

Jack was frozen in fear.

“I”ve been sitting over there watch”n you cute boys playing around and I almost busted a nut when Liam swallowed you. But then you just became a little prick, didn”t you?”

Jack was looking more terrified.

“You should have finished your friend off, brat!”

The man”s face almost looked angry.

Jack was starting to stand, but the man pushed him back down onto the crate. He pulled down his pants and stepped out of them–he was not wearing any underwear. He then took off his shirt as Jack stared at the man”s very large dark brown and semi-erect cock.

Jack had never seen a black boys cock before, let alone a man”s.

It was enormous and veiny, unlike the smooth cocks of the boys he had played around with.

“Strip,” The man said, looking down at Jack with a commanding stare.

“Mister, I really have to go home. I am already late and–“

“Shut the fuck up and strip, kid!”

The fear in Jack was evident as he quickly stood up and did as he was told.

“Now get on your knees.”

It sounded almost as sinister as when Jack had said it to Liam.

Jack fell to his knees on the cold concrete, his face inches away from the man”s big cock.

“Grab my balls and play with them–gently.”

Again, Jack did as he was told.

He began fondling the mans enormous balls, watching as the man”s cock got bigger and harder, the veins pulsing with life the bigger his cock grew.

Even though he could smell dried sweat and a pungent musk that emanated from this man”s body, Jack”s cock was quickly getting hard.

The man put one of his hands on his hip and the other on Jack”s head. At that moment Jack grabbed his own hard cock and started playing with it.

That”s when I realized that this image was the same one on the cover of the comic book!

I closed the comic quickly and was rewarded with the same image. It all made sense now as to why the man had not been there with the boys.

When I jumped back into the comic, the man was smiling down at Jack”s masturbation.

“You really like my cock, huh boy? şişli travesti I know you like boy-cock, but now you”re gonna taste big black man-cock.”

Jack looked up at the man.

“Open your mouth, little boy and keep looking up at me.”

Jack opened his mouth wide, knowing what was coming next, and kept staring into the eyes of his captor.

Looking down at Jack, the man slid his cock head in to Jack”s waiting mouth.

“Watch your teeth, kid. Cover them with your lips!”

The man”s long boney fingers gripped Jack”s head and brought it down on his huge cock.

Jack gagged and the man was nice enough to let him up for air–this time.

“Suck on da head.”

Jack did as he was told.

“Now go deep and move your tongue back and forth on the bottom of my cock.”

Jack complied, learning new ways to please someone while giving them a blowjob.

The man tightened his grip on the teens head, then brought it down hard and fast. Jack gagged hard, spit flying out of the sides of his mouth. He tried desperately to move his head away, pushing his hands against the man”s thighs. But the man held Jack”s head in place for a few seconds before pulling his dick out of the boy”s mouth.

Jack gasped for airm drool running out of his mouth and dripping off his chin.

“You got to opens your throat and takes it all the way down.”

“But it”s too big for my throat.”

“Too bad. You”ll get used to it. And I”ll try and be a little gentler.”

The man chuckled.

While Jack was catching his breath, his eyes stayed glued on the glistening black marvel before him.

“Yeah, that”s right. Admire it. You know you like it.”

It was absolutely true. The gagging was a bit hard for him, but it some weird way, it also turned Jack on a little. He also loved the taste of this man”s black cock more than any of the boys he had sucked off. It was obvious that the guy hadn”t showered in a few days, and part of what turned Jack on was the intense musky, sweaty scent wafting up from the man”s groin.

Jack opened his mouth and slid his lips over the erection that awaited him.

The man began to slowly `fuck” Jack”s mouth, not going too deep at first, but slowly going deeper as the minutes passed.

He was taking his time and Jack didn”t mind one bit because his throat was getting used it, expanding as the minutes passed.

“Suck on the head.”

Jack happily complied.

The man then tightened his grip on Jacks head and pushed down slowly, till inch by inch his cock was all the way in Jack”s mouth.

“You see. You could do it. Now move your tongue like you did before.” Jack did what he was told, beginning to see the pattern that pleased this man the best.

At least ten minutes went by with Jack keeping up with the man”s rhythm and desire. And though there were tears streaming down Jack”s cheeks from the gaging and deep throating, the young teen was perfecting the his talents of how to please a man.

beylikdüzü travesti

He wanted this to last forever. He had never blown a real man before and this was turning out to be one of the best days of his life.

But all good things must come to an end.

“Oooh man!…I”m gonna cum–and you gonna take every drop down that pretty white throat!”

The man gripped Jacks head with both of his huge hands and began slow fucking Jack”s mouth. It was slow enough that Jack was not gaging–at least not the choking kind, though tears were still running down his cheeks.

Jack was masturbating furiously, completely enraptured by the moment.

And then it happened…

The first gush erupted hard against Jack”s Adams apple, causing him to gag and pull back. But his captor”s hands held his head in place.

“Take it!”

Jack”s cheeks started getting filled with cum so quickly that some gushed out the sides of his mouth from the sheer pressure and volume of the stuff.

“Swallow it, like you made Liam do!”

Jack began swallowing the man”s cum–ounce after ounce, large shot after large shot–disbelieving that any man”s balls could produce such a huge amount of cum. He had swallowed a few boy loads before and liked it, but this was like a water hose filling his mouth and throat.

The homeless man”s thrusts got slower and slower as his erection began to also soften.

He slid his cock slowly out of Jack”s mouth.

“Look at me and open your mouth!”

Jack did as he was told.

“There”s a lot of it on your tongue and around your teeth. Swallow all of it.”

Jacked passed his tongue around his teeth while still looking up at the stranger, then swallowed any remains of the man”s seed.

There was a low and guttural chuckle coming from the base of the mans throat.

“That was for Liam.” He smiled mischievously before pulling up his pants.

Jack was still jerking off, his gaze falling to the man”s softening cock. He put his small on on the man”s wrist, stopping him from zipping his cock away into his pants.

“Can I suck you while I finish jerking off?”

Again, the low mischievous chuckle.

“Sure, kid. Enjoy yourself.”

Jack got off his knees and sat down on the crate. The man inched forward in small steps till his swinging cock arrived an inch from Jack”s mouth.

Jack slowly swallowed the homeless man”s cock all the way until his nose was buried against the man”s bushy crotch–he had learned a lot in the last 15 minutes.

He began swirling his tongue back and forth on the bottom of the man”s cock, just as he had been taught earlier–inching close, then backing up and sucking the head.

Every time he went all the way down, he inhaled deeply. The man”s powerful stench was driving him closer and closer to cumming.

The simple act of going up and down on this smelly cock had taken control of him. It was as if this flesh sliding in and out of his throat was something his body istanbul travesti desperately required. Each time he felt the cock head slide down his throat, it was like some sexual umbilical cord that was sustaining his existence.

Jack grabbed the mans right hand and placed it on the back of his head. The man took his cue, chuckling as he pressed Jack”s head against his groin–releasing the grip, then pulling his head toward him again.

Moments later Jack began moaning and quickly deepened his throat”s grasp on the man”s cock–he wanted to experience his orgasm with the man”s cock lodged all the way down his throat. The man helped him, by grasping Jack”s head with both his hands and pressing Jacks face into his crotch.

The boy”s muffled moans became higher in pitch as his cum erupted, splashing several loads onto the man”s left knee.

The man did not release his grip on Jack”s head, and Jack didn”t argue. Even though he had cum, Jack was still somehow turned on.

When the man released him, Jack pulled back and took in a much needed breath of musk filled air.

A moment later, the man pointed to the cum on his knee.

“Lick yo shit off ma leg.”

Jack didn”t miss a beat. He bent forward, curving his back enough to begin licking his own cum off the man”s leg.

I began jerking off furiously, observing all the details in the various images of Jack”s tongue as it lapped up every drop off the man”s knee. He even bent down further so he could lick the cum the had trickled down the man”s shin.

As my cock started getting closer and closer to what I had felt before, I saw that the next few images were of them both getting dressed.

“Anytime you want to to that again, I live right over there.” The man pointed to the boxes and debris from where he had emerged from earlier.

So the man was homeless…

“Maybe next time, I”ll fuck that little white ass of yours.”

Jack was sure he would love to suck this man again, but was not in favor of getting fucked.

Jack stood up and left the basement.

The End.

I was feeling closer and closer now and the image that immediately popped into my head was that of my uncles beautiful big cock as I helped to put on his satin shorts.

I replayed the whole scene, lifting shorts up as I stared at his crotch, how my face had dropped into his groin groin after pulling his shorts all the way up. I then pictured my uncle”s hand patting my erection. Then imagined that last look I had taken, with my uncle in a dead sleep, his semi erect cock bulging in his satin shorts.

I then imagined something that hadn”t happened. I was on my knees at the edge of the couch feeling my uncle”s bulge while he snored away in his deep sleep, having no clue what I was doing to him.

Just when the feeling was getting intense and almost burning, I let go of my stone hard, adolescent cock as a thought blasted through my ecstasy.

My uncle was not only sound asleep, but he was so drunk in his deep sleep that even tickling him would not wake him up. That”s what uncle Randy had said to him–that only splashing cold water on his face would awaken him.

I dove off the bed, billowing with excitement and quickly found myself in the living room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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