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I Accidentally Sucked My Brother

****Warning, like the title implies, this is a story of discovery between two young brothers. It involves gay youth sex, and diaper wearing and wetting. If this is not the type of story that you are looking for, then please leave now. If it is, however, I hope that you enjoy. If you feel like writing to me and letting me know what your thoughts are on this story, then please email me at erich5748 at ail, I do not require your emails to continue, I do this for myself and share with others who enjoy this particular genre, but I do still love to hear from my readers as well. I have many other stories as well, so, if you enjoy this one, and have never read any of my others, then feel free to check them out as well. Please know that this site runs on our generous donations, so, please do what you can to help them out. Thanks, now onto the story, I hope that you enjoy.****

For close to six months now, I had been online chatting with another boy in my area who is the same as me, and close to the same age as well. Almost two months ago, we agreed to meet under the bleachers of the local sports field and suck each other. It had been just before Halloween and we had both agreed to go buy masks so that we did not have to see each other, since it was already scary enough as it was, we have now sucked each other four times.

My name as Ethan, I am twelve years old, I have suspected that I am gay since I was about eight years old now, but I think I actually knew deep down even earlier than that, let”s just say I loved swim lessons and getting to see lots of naked boys. I am also a full blown preteen baby boy diaper lover. I still wet the bed every night, and so get Goodnites for that, and yes, I do know I still wet without knowing, because I never wake up to pee in the night, but my diapers are always gloriously wet every morning. What I want, though, is to be diapered in gloriously thick, thirsty, tape on baby diapers, all day, every day. I have worn my Goodnites during the day, probably more than I should have, that is for sure, but so far no one has noticed or said anything. Especially my brother.

My brother is thirteen years old, his name is Evan, and we look nearly identical to each other. We are both tall and slim, we both have shaggy sandy blond hair, we have the same little button noses, and the same red full lips. The only thing that is different are our eyes, I have bright blue eyes, and he has bright green eyes. Just a secret though, I think he is so totally hot, and though I think he might be gay too, I will probably never tell him that I am a diaper lover. He treats me really good, we never fight or even really ever argue, he does not boss me around or anything, and we get along really well. We each have our own rooms, and we never go into the others, and because we have a separate toy and play room, that is where we always play. Our dad does not allow any electronics or toys in our bedrooms, says our bedrooms are for sleeping and other private things, and that nothing else should be in there to disturb our sleep.

I tell you, the first night that me and the other boy finally talked each other into meeting up, I was some nervous. Not only am I sneaking out of the house, which I know my dad would probably ground me until I am fifty if he ever found out, but I am meeting another boy to suck his dick. We had met under the bleachers, we were both wearing flexible baby face masks, so that we would not even have to remove them. I had agreed to suck the other boy first, and so, nervously, I got down on my knees, fumbled with the button and the zipper on his jeans, lowered his pants just enough to expose the front of his good soggy Goodnite, because he too was wearing and wet, same as me, and I think I damn near forgot to breathe as soon as I pulled his soggy diaper down and exposed his beautiful teen baby dick to me. Well, to say sucking him was phenomenal would be an understatement. Even when he traded places with me and sucked me, it was not as good as feeling his dick in my mouth, and trust me, I loved being sucked.

The following three times were every bit as good, we would meet up, we would suck each other, and I got his very first load of cum on my last time, and I was in gay diaper love heaven. There was absolutely no talking, though, we agreed that we could not meet yet or know who the other is, we both feel that this is hard enough as it is, trying to hide who and what we are from everyone around us, but that knowing each other might make it harder.

We had scheduled our fifth session, and it was half way through my sucking him, that he said something under his breath, that caught my ear. We have never actually talked to each other, just chatted online, and only by typing, never by voice, so I have never heard him before. He had sucked me first tonight, which of course made me super horny to have his hot spewing teen baby dick in my mouth. I had already made him cum twice, which is the first time, we usually detach right away, and then head out, normally one of us goes, and then the other leaves about five minutes later, so that we cannot see where the other goes. I never detached after he came a second time, and kept on going, there had only just been one tiny little jet of cum for me to enjoy, it was my turn to go home first, but I wanted him to be really reeling from what I am doing to him.

What caught my ear, he had said, oh god, fuck me, that”s so fucking good, and I heard him, but it sounds exactly like my brother. At first I damn near panicked, but instead I just kept on sucking, and gave him hopefully the three best orgasms of his life. As soon as I finished sucking him, and he actually went soft in my mouth after his third orgasm, I pulled his soggy diaper back up, zipped him up, and then left as previously arranged. I hightailed it home, snuck back into my bedroom, hid my mask, in the same hiding place I keep the tablet computer I stealthily bought so that my dad does not know that I have a computer in my bedroom, and then exited my bedroom, and went and knocked on Evan”s bedroom door. As I suspected, there was no answer, so, I opened the door. I made sure that the hall light is off, and since it is so dark already, and no light from inside, I am hoping that Evan does not see that I am standing there.

Only a few seconds later, Evan”s bedroom window slides up, and he crawls in. Before he can see that I am there, I see him take something from the back of his pants, and put it in a box in his end table, it was a flexible baby mask. Well, I guess I just sucked my brother. Oddly enough, this does not disgust me.

I turned on the light.

Evan spun around, squealing in shock, saw that it was me, and at least looked a little relieved. Like me, he knows full well what would happen should Dad catch us sneaking out of the house, especially at night. No, it is not all that late, it is just after eight, but it is mid winter, and it is very dark out. We live in a more rural area that has no streetlights, and the closest house is a couple hundred meters away.

“What are you doing in here?” He asked.

“I should be asking where you were?” I said.

“Just went for a walk.”

“Then you woulda told me. I think you did go for a walk though, GTBDL68473.” I said, and his face fell, and tears started to fall.

“How….Please, don”t tell Dad, he”d be so disappointed in me.” He said, tears freely falling now.

“How”d you enjoy your three cums in that gay baby boys mouth, it sure seemed like you were enjoying yourself, though, not as much as when you sucked his preteen baby dick.”

“Oh god, you saw?”

“You could say that. Tell you what, I won”t tell Dad, if you come over here and suck me.”

“I shouldn”t do that.” He whispered, but it was huskily, he really wants to.

“I know. Please come suck me.”

I entered his room fully and closed the door. Dad is not due home until after ten anyway, but still, no point in taking chances. Evan came up, looked in my eyes, I nodded to him, and he hit his knees. He fumbled with my button and zipper, and when he pulled down the front of my jeans to expose my diaper, he gasped.

“You”re wearing a diaper too?”

“I sure am. Now suck PTBBDL46″s hot hard preteen gay diapered dick.”

“You. But how?”

“Apparently we”re more alike than we ever thought. You”re probably the only person on the planet I can actually talk to in person, other than Dad, and we”ve been online friends for months, we know everything that there is to know about each other now. When you accidentally spoke tonight, and I recognized your voice, I was shocked.

“Now, strip me down to just my soggy baby diaper, then I wanna do the same to you. I wanna finally see you like I know you wanna see me. I wanna lay on the bed and suck each other this time, and I really wanna rub each others soggy baby bums. I also haveta go pee, we”ve talked about it, but never worked up the courage, I wanna feed you mine, if you”ll feed me yours as well.”

“Oh fuck yes.” Evan said, and then stripped me fully, until I am wearing nothing but my soggy diaper.

I then strip Evan until he is the same.

“Fuck, you truly are so fucking sexy in your diaper, but I wish we could see each other in just mega thick and soggy baby diapers.” I groaned.

“So are you, and I wish we could too.”

“So, you musta bought a computer without Dad knowing too, huh?” I grinned.

“Yeah, his rule of having no electronics in the bedroom sucks when you have a weird desire and need release. Finding you was accidental, but the best thing that ever happened, then the first time we sucked, I fell in love with you, even though I didn”t know who you were. There are only like six others in the entire area that I thought it coulda been, never in my wildest dreams did I think you were the one I was sucking.”

“Yeah, but there are only five others that I thought it could be, and you weren”t one of them either, that was a little shocking, but it”s awesome. We”ve really always been best friends anyway, now we get to be more.”

“Yeah, but what we”re doing, what we want, already people think it”s wrong, but we”re brothers, that makes it so much worse to them.”

“I know, I think Dad”ll be okay when we finally tell him, to tell you the truth, I”ve felt he was gay since I was little, and his attitude about my needing diapers for bed has always been it”s not a big deal.”

“Yeah, I”ve kinda always felt the same way, and he”s always been the same to me about diapers for bed. Wonder how he”d feel about wearing all day, though.”

“Who knows, but the older I get, the more I wanna, I know you”re the same, we”ve told each other that much more than enough.”

“Yeah. Can I kiss you?”


And so, we lean in, press our lips together, and kiss. It was gentle and not very passionate at first, neither of us knows what we are doing, but within just a few minutes, our arms are wrapped around each other, and we are kissing deeply, passionately, and lovingly. Our tongues are duelling, we are rubbing each others backs, only occasionally moving down to each others soggy diapered bums and rubbing them, and it feels better than I ever dreamed it would.

“Oh god, even after having you suck me three times, and I was softer than I”ve felt in months when you were done, I”m so fucking hard right now.” Evan groaned.

“I”m even harder than I”ve ever been too. Shall we suck each other Baby Bro?”

“Oh yeah.”

I am not entirely sure how we ended up on the bed in a sixty nine, both laying on our sides, we just ended up like that, and then, before we know it, we are sucking each other. I am finally truly rubbing Evan”s fine soggy diapered bum, and he is rubbing mine as well, which feels utterly amazing, but sucking each other at the same time, is way better.

We both exploded in our orgasms together only a minute later, and unfortunately Evan has no cum left to feed me, but that is okay. Evan was the first to let go his bladder, and start feeding şişli travesti me his piss, which tastes even better than mine, and so, I too let go and feed him mine. We both admitted months ago how we often remove our diapers, suck them dry, and then put them back on to wet again, only to do it all over again, but that we both dreamed of doing just this, sucking someone at the same time, and feeding each other, and now we are finally doing it, and it is even better than I dreamed.

Another thing that we have talked about, fingering each other while sucking, and so, hoping that Evan lotioned and creamed himself up really well, like I do, we both told each other how we buy our own baby lotion and diaper rash cream, and give ourselves proper baby diaperings, and as I slip my hand in the back of his diaper, I can feel that he had done so. I tickle his baby bum hole, which causes Evan to moan deeply around my dick, and his whole body to shudder from the amazing feelings. Then I too experienced the same sensations, as Evan slipped his hand into the back of my diaper, and started tickling my well lotioned and creamed baby bum hole.

After only thirty seconds of tickling, while still sucking of course, we both slipped our middle fingers inside each other at exactly the same time. That was when I had the best orgasm that I ever experienced, or even imagined. I am not sure how long it took for me to come down and come to again, because I am reasonably certain that I zoned out for at least a few moments, but then, it feels like Evan is only just coming to now as well.

We rolled apart then, though our fingers are still in each others bums, and trust me, I am not complaining in the least, in fact, I wish Evan and I could stay just like this forever. We are both still gasping and panting, I am just staring up at the ceiling as waves of post orgasmic bliss are still washing over me.

“Fuck me.” Evan groans first.

“Just tell me when.” I giggled.

“Is tomorrow too soon?”

“Yeah, it really is, even though we both want it so much. I wanna figure out some way to get proper, thick, thirsty, tape on, baby diapers for our first time. It”s what we”ve both dreamed of so much, and while Goodnites are okay, they”re not truly baby diapers, and not what good gay baby boy diaper lovers deserve.”

“Mmmhmm, I agree.” He sighed deeply.

Finally I pull away, releasing our fingers from each others baby bums, and spin around to kiss my big baby brother once again, and that is what we did for at least ten minutes, but it could have been hours instead.

“I”m getting tired, we should probably change our soggy diapers and get to bed Baby Bro.” Evan said.

“Do you think it”d be okay if I slept in here with you tonight?”

“I”d really like that, but then Dad”ll know that we know about each others diapers.”

“Which we do, so that”s fine. Will you let me lotion and cream you, and at least almost pretend I”m diapering you properly?”

“Only as long as you let me do the same for you.”

“Oh yes.”

Since we both wear the same size anyway, we did not even have to leave Evan”s room. I urged him into soggy baby bum change position first, and tore open the sides. I pulled it down, and exposed my brother for the very first time. Of course I have seen his dick several times now, but never anything else. Now that there is light, and I am gazing intently, I can see that Evan has just a tiny patch of hair above his pride and joy, and there is plenty to be prideful of, if you know what I mean. He fills my mouth very nicely. Then again, I am not that much smaller either. He is probably twelve centimetres long when hard, and probably pretty near five around, whereas I am almost two centimetres shorter, but almost half as thick still, but I know I am growing, because I am almost twice the size I was only a year ago, trust me, I have been keeping a journal. I cleaned, lotioned, and creamed Evan up softly, slowly, gently, and lovingly, and then pulled up his fresh diaper. I patted the front and told him he is free to peepee his diaper now.

We traded places, and Evan did exactly the same thing for me, also intently gazing upon my little pride and joy. Feeling Evan diaper me, though, feels better than you can imagine, every bit as good as sucking each other does, just in a different way. I guess it is the baby in me, but feeling someone diaper me like this does things to me, all good.

“Thanks, that was so nice. I hope you”ll agree to diaper me every night from now on.” I sighed.

“I”d be agreeable to that, as long as you”ll diaper me every night from now on as well.”

“Mmmhmm. I wanna figure out how to get proper baby diapers.”

“Me too. I have lotsa money, we could probably order some and just have them delivered, that way Dad never hasta know.”

“I”d like that. Christmas break”s coming up, if we can figure out how to get them here before then, then we”ll have a couple weeks to wear them almost all day, every day, that”d be so amazing.”

“Tomorrow morning then, we”ll figure it out. Wonder if Dad hasta work again this weekend, but then, he really needs some time off, he”s been working twelve hour days and six to seven days a week for months, and I know he”s getting worn.”

“Yeah, I know, I”m worried about him, we”ve hardly even seen him in three months, because even when he does get a day off, he nearly sleeps the whole day.”

“Do you blame him.”

“No, would just be kinda nice to spend some time with him.”

“Yeah, but like he told us a long time ago, sometimes other people need him more than we do. Still sucks, and I really hope that they hire more doctors soon, I think that”s the biggest reason I don”t wanna be a doctor, he”s almost always on call.”


We curled up together in Evan”s bed, and were sound asleep only minutes later. So soundly were we sleeping, that only fifteen minutes later, when Dad got home and checked in on us, we never even stirred. He smiled happily to see us cuddled up together, and then lifted the blanket to see if we are wearing pyjamas, which we never do, and of course still are not, so he knows we finally spilled our secrets.

When Evan and I woke up, since our noses were nearly pressed together anyway, it took no prompting whatsoever for us to kiss each other good morning. The kiss only lasted a few minutes before the growling of our stomachs insisted that we get up and get breakfast. Knowing now that Dad must know, and no longer caring, we, for the first time in memory, left the bedroom in nothing but our very wet night diapers. Evan truly looks stunning like this though.

We saw the note on the table again and sighed, Dad was called in, but he wrote on it that he is going to try and be home for noon and is taking tomorrow off, so hopefully he can. That is at least a little good for us this morning though. Evan and I each got our cereal, I have Shredded Wheat with maple syrup, while Evan has Shreddies with honey. As soon as we finish eating, we put our dishes in the dishwasher, then I grab Evan”s hand and lead him to my bedroom this time, so that we can use my diapers today.

I lay Evan on the bed, and start petting his diapered dinky, which causes him to moan and sigh, and then I do something that I have dreamed of for at least a full year, if not longer. I poke a hole in the front of Evan”s diaper, and pull his amazing teen baby bone out the front. Seeing him like this causes me to nearly swoon. I then poke a hole in the seat of his diaper, and grab up my baby lotion and get lots on the fingers of my right hand. As I slip my fingers inside to play with Evan”s baby bum hole, I sink my mouth down on his erection, and suck him as well as I possibly can, but just as he is about to go past the point of no return, I stop all movements. When Evan tries to start humping his dick in my mouth to get the release he needs, I bite down just enough to cause him to squeal and stop. I wait until he is down fully, and then proceed in pleasuring my big baby brother how he deserves. Four more times, every time Evan is close to cumming, I stop, but I know on the sixth time that it is no good to stop, because Evan is going to cum no matter what now.

What shocked me, though, was the volume and intensity of not only his cum, but also his piss. Barely a second after I finished enjoying Evan”s amazing tasting cum, he nearly exploded his piss out and into my mouth, which, trust me, I am not complaining about at all. Finally Evan stops filling my mouth, and though he is not even fully down yet, I pull off and look at him, only to find that he has fully passed out.

Grinning at doing exactly what I had hoped to do, I proceed to properly diaper my big baby brother, smiling happily at seeing the holes in Evan”s diaper. It took almost ten minutes after I finished diapering him, for Evan to come back to, and when he did, I was there to greet him with a deep and loving kiss.

“Wow, that, that was totally amazing. I thought for sure I was gonna die there for a few minutes, not sure I didn”t actually.”

“Good.” I smile warmly to my big baby brother and now boyfriend as well.

“Now it”s your turn to get a truly amazing super soggy baby bum change.”

“Goody.” I said.

Well, I now know how Evan felt, because I am feeling the same things, and when he too had to bite down ever so gently when I tried to keep thrusting, I understood why he made the sound he did. I actually have no idea how long Evan managed to edge me, it was just all a huge blur, but felt so utterly amazing, but when I exploded in a massive orgasm, that was it, I was out.

When I came to, Evan was there to greet me with another loving kiss. I am now freshly diapered, and I feel better than anyone is supposed to feel I am certain.

“Nope, totally amazing just doesn”t do that justice.” I groaned out.

“No, I know, but it was all I could come up with.” Evan giggled.

“No shit. I know I”m not supposed to love you like I do, but I do anyway. I guess we”re baby brother boyfriends now, huh.”

“No, we”re not supposed to love each other like we do, but I”ve always had stronger than normal feelings for you, I thought you”d hate me for it, but yeah, baby brother boyfriends for sure.”

“I thought you”d hate me too for feeling for you the way I do. So, should we see about spending some of our unused allowances on some amazing mega thick baby diapers?”

“Oh yeah. How much do you have?”

“Few hundred at least, you?”

“Same. Dad gives us each twenty a week, if I spend ten a month it”s a surprise. It”s been months though since I transferred any to savings or used any real amount.”

“Same. I think the only things I actually buy with my allowance is baby lotion and diaper rash cream.”


So, we headed to the computer in the play room, since there are two chairs there for us to use, since we play games on it, and it really will be better for searching for what we want. I opened up a secure and private browser that I had hidden, it does not keep track of anything, Evan raised his eyebrows at that.

“What, like I wanted anyone to see what sites I visited.” I giggled.

“Never even heard of that before.”

“Yeah, I”m getting pretty good at this computer stuff, that programming course at school”s awesome.”

“Whereas I hated it.” Evan laughed.

We started searching diaper suppliers and found one that has some really amazing adult baby fetish diapers, but boy are they expensive. We will definitely have to remember that one, but we found another site, this one an actual medical site, that does not have the true adult baby fetish diapers, but they do have some damn good ones for sure. After looking for about half an hour, we both decided on what we want to buy, and we are each going to spend a little more than three hundred dollars, we both had to check our accounts to ensure we could pay for them all. We are getting three diaper shirts each, one case of doublers each, and then we are each beylikdüzü travesti getting two different cases of diapers, so we are going to end up with four different ones to choose from to find our favourites. We each paid for our orders and now we just have to wait impatiently.

“Wow, I so totally can”t wait “til those all arrive now. Most of them are way to thick to wear to school, but be honest, how much do you wanna anyway?” Evan asked me.

“So fucking much.” I admitted.

“Yeah, me too. I”ve worn a Goodnite to school before, it was scary but awesome.”

“Same. It was always during a test day, so it was perfect.”

“Same, not that it was often, mind you. Well, as much as I”d really rather stay in just my diaper, and I”d much rather see you in just yours as well, we really should get dressed in case Dad comes home early.”

“Yeah, same. You know, if we start wearing diapers more often, especially with those new diapers coming, we”re gonna haveta screw up the courage to tell Dad, because eventually he”s gonna notice, and you can”t lie to him any better than I can.”

“Yeah, I know, and it scares the gay baby diaper loving piss outta me. He”s always told us that he”d love us no matter what, and how much he loves us, but still, there”s that nagging feeling saying that he couldn”t possibly love me for that.”

“Same, but if one of us tells, both of us do, and no matter what, we”ll always have each other. I know he won”t hate us, but it still scares me anyway.”

“Yeah, deep down I know he wouldn”t hate us either.”

I dressed Evan first, and then he dressed me, and really, unless you pat our baby diapered bums, you really cannot tell what we are wearing under our jeans. The only thing we have to be careful of is raising our arms and exposing the bands, which was why we both chose our longest tee shirts.

“Well, what do you say I whoop your baby ass at something.” Evan said.

“Hah, that”d be the day.” I laughed.

Evan is better than me at some things, but I am better than him in others, and one area that he just cannot compete, though we still have fun, is in computer games. We like to team up and go against either the computer or other online teams most often, rarely do we pit ourselves against each other, and today we just go against the computer and play our favourite RPG.

It was just as we are heading downstairs to get lunch that Dad walks in.

“Dad, you”re home, that”s good.” I said, and Evan mirrored my thoughts.

“Yeah, I”m beat. I saw that you two were sleeping together last night, so, finally admitted each others secrets to each other I take it?”

“Yeah, it was kinda nice, like having a friend spend the night.” Evan said.

“Good, I”m happy for you boys, and don”t be ashamed to come down in the mornings in just your soggy night diapers like you both usedta do before you thought you were getting too old for that, and were trying to hide it from your brother that you still wet. Though why either of you did so I doubt even you know.”

“You”re right, I don”t know.” We both said, almost in sync.

“Well, I”m gonna have some lunch, and then I”m gonna go to bed for a couple to a few hours. I”ve taken the next two days off, told them not to call me, no matter what. Once I”m up, we needta go shopping. How are both your diapers holding up?”

I wanted to say getting nice and soggy, but held my tongue.

“I”m getting low.” Evan said.

“Same.” I added.

“I”ve been leaking lots, though, I”ve hadta change in the middle of the night twice this week, and three times last week. They still fit, okay, but not great any more. Any chance we could find a bigger and better version please Dad?”

“Actually, same.” I said.

“I”m sure I can find something for you boys. I know of a store that we can stop at, but you won”t haveta come in with me, I”ll go in myself. I can only imagine how embarrassing that”d be.”

“Yeah, kinda, sure wouldn”t want anyone to see us getting that.” I said, and Evan nodded.

So, we all helped to make lunch, then we sat down and ate. Evan and I told Dad to go ahead and go get some sleep, that we would take care of the cleanup, and he took us up on that offer, and headed to bed.

“Wow, we”re gonna get better diapers, I really hope he gets us a nice thick thirsty tape on baby diaper, I wanna ask him to, but I don”t wanna seem too eager about it either.” Evan admitted to me.

“God, me too. If he gets us Pullups again, maybe next time we”ll ask for something better, because they leak too, which we”ll of course just haveta ensure that they do.”

“Mmmm, good idea.” Evan grinned brightly to me, catching my meaning.

We cleaned up the rest of the house, and then went through all the cupboards, fridge, and freezer to see what all we need to restock on, and wrote it all down on a grocery list, so that Dad does not have to do it. After that, we went and played games until Dad woke up. He slept for a little better than three hours, so that is good. Our Goodnites of course were unable to last that long, and so we had changed a little more than an hour ago, and though we wanted to stroke or suck each other, we did not, and ended up leaving each other hard and pointing up in our diapers, but it is not a huge deal, since neither of us are large enough to poke out the tops of our diapers. Evan sure does look sexy with his hard teen baby dick pushing out the front of his diaper though, but then, he claims the same of me.

“We already have a grocery list written up and ready to go Dad, so, as soon as you”re ready, we”re ready, all we haveta do is put our coats and shoes on.” I said.

“Thanks Boys, much appreciated.”

We all got our coats and shoes on, and then headed out. As we drove, we talked.

“Dad, I kinda wanna ask for something that”s kinda embarrassing to ask for.” I said about half way to the store.

“Oh, what”s that?” He asked.

“Well, lotion and/or cream, for down below, you know, sometimes I wake up in the morning really itchy down there.”

“Actually, me too. I just haveta have a nice shower and it goes away, but some mornings it is pretty uncomfortable.” Evan also added.

“Ah, my baby boys are getting diaper rashes.” He laughed, we pretended to be embarrassed.

“Yeah.” We both admitted, pretending to be shy.

“It”s okay. Would you rather something unscented, because the proper baby stuff will work way better, since that”s what it”s formulated for, and what it”s sole purpose is designed to prevent. The only problem will be the scent, though.”

“Well, since no one other than the three of us would ever even smell it, and we all know anyway, I think I”d prefer something that”s pretty much guaranteed to work, since, like you said, that”s its sole purpose, so I guess the baby stuff please.” I said, definitely not passing up that chance.

“Yeah, same here I think. If Ethan didn”t already know, then it”d be different, but he does, so, I guess the better stuff would be, well, better.”


We stopped at the city”s largest medical supply store first, since it is on the way to the grocery store that we like, and Evan and I stayed in the car, while Dad went in. He was in there for damn near twenty minutes, and when he finally came out, he is carrying two large boxes. Wow, not sure what all he has in there, but I already cannot wait. He put it in the back, and as much as we both wanted to eagerly snoop, we cannot seem too excited either, and so, we do not.

Finally we go to the grocery store, and when we passed through the diaper aisle, Dad dropped in four large tubs of diaper rash cream and two of the largest bottles of baby lotion, Evan could not keep from smiling any more than I could, I hope Dad did not see that. As usual, we got lots more than was even on the list, but finally we paid up and headed home.

“Now, Boys, the diapers I bought for you, I hope you don”t mind, but I didn”t get pull on ones again, since if you”re leaking in Goodnites, then adult Pullups won”t be any better, so, I got you a thicker, thirstier tape on adult diaper. They have a little better than twice the capacity of the Goodnites, so leaks should rarely happen. Will you both need me to teach you how to diaper yourselves, or do you think you”ll manage on your own.”

“Um, I think I”ll manage on my own. Already embarrassing enough knowing you bought us tape on diapers, having you change me would be even worse.” I admitted.

“From your point of view, I”m sure it is embarrassing, but, remember, I”m a doctor, and I see every age of person naked or in diapers often enough, so seeing you two like that really wouldn”t embarrass me, and I”m your dad, so it shouldn”t embarrass you either.”

“Really, you see every age of people in diapers?” Evan asked in shock.

“Of course. Not only do we have bed wetters of every age have to spend days at a time, so I see them all in their night diapers, but we also get every age of person with some form of disability or bladder or bowel issues that haveta wear diapers all day, every day. Trust me, I”ve seen it all. At least being the doctor means I don”t haveta change them, especially the messy ones, but I have removed more than a few super soggy diapers in my time.”

“Oh. Never thought of that. I still think I”d rather just figure it out on my own.”

“That”s okay. What”s funny, some of the people who claim to have issues, I”m reasonably certain don”t actually, and just wear because they want to.”

“Really, people would do that?” I asked in fake shock.

“Oh yeah. Everyone loves something different, something that some might consider to be odd. One of those odd desires is diapers. There are hundreds of thousands of diaper lovers all over the world, some just wet, and others liketa mess as well, some liketa be treated like babies, while others do not, and that just barely scratches the surface into what”s called fetish, the word used to describe those who have what others would classify as an odd desire. You never haveta tell me if you have some sort of fetish, though I know you will, well, maybe not yet, you”re both still pretty young, but by your ages, fetishes are usually already in full bloom. Some it scares very badly, while others embrace it fully, but then, some of the fetishes out there are pretty common and most wouldn”t bat an eyelash about it. Diaper love, though, for instance, is quite a ways further down that list, and for some reason, some people find it really weird. Don”t really get it myself, I mean, honestly, as long as they don”t hurt themselves, or anyone else, then what do they care. I”m not technically a psychiatrist, though I did take three full courses on that when I was in school too, so I do understand more than most, and honestly, nothing at all that either of you could tell me would shock, disturb, or disgust me, and nothing at all would make me stop loving you two.”

“Thanks Dad, but you already know, don”t you?” Evan asked, because we both heard and understood exactly what he just told us.

“I”ve had my suspicions for years, yes, for both, both of which I think you two finally admitted to each other. Don”t feel that you haveta tell me now either if you”re not ready, just know that when you do, I”ll hug you tight and reiterate my love for you two.”

“Thanks Dad.” We both said.

We pulled into the driveway then, and started unpacking everything and taking it to where it belongs. Once we were done, Evan and I looked to each other, and nodded, both knowing what we really have to do.

“Dad, we needta show you something.” I said.

“Okay. What, and where?”

“Right here is fine, please close your eyes.” I whispered, and I can feel myself blushing.

He closed his eyes, and Evan and I stripped down to just our soggy Goodnites. When Evan told Dad to open his eyes, he did, looked to us, smiled brightly, and then gathered us up into his arms, and istanbul travesti hugged the two of us tightly without saying anything.

Finally he did though. “I”m so proud of you two, and I do love you more than life itself. I”m still not gonna say it, even though I can see it so clearly with my own two eyes, but please tell me who and what you are, what you want and need and how often you want it and need it. Feel free to tell me your other secret as well at the same time please.”

Evan nodded to me when I looked to him, I know he is even more shy and introverted than I am, so, I usually have to take charge of stuff like this.

“Dad, I”m a gay baby boy diaper lover. I do still truly wet the bed every night, I can”t seem to not, not that I”ve ever truly tried though, to tell you the truth. I wanna wear and wet thick thirsty tape on baby diapers, all day, every day from now on, and I even think I should be punished for peeing in a toilet at all.”

Before Dad could say anything, Evan repeated exactly what I just said almost exactly. As soon as he was finished, Dad gathered us back into his arms, and hugged us even tighter and whispered to us how proud he is of us and how much he loves us.

“So, now that you”ve finally aired all that, and I bet feel shockingly free from doing so, I should tell you about me, and something else. I too am a gay baby boy diaper lover, and I”ve worn my thick thirsty tape on baby diapers full time since I was nine years old. Other than the occasional accidental squirt on the toilet while pooping, I haven”t peed anywhere but a diaper, or a couple other special places, since then. I did and do punish myself for that as well, that”s naughty baby boy business that I”ll take no part in, and so therefore must be punished accordingly. To tell you the truth, I fully expected both of you to tell me where to go and how to get there when I started peepee potty training you once you turned five. Had you admitted then, I wouldn”t have done so, I woulda let you wear and wet your baby diapers permanently. As for the other thing, I think you”re both finally ready to know about your mother. She was an employee, nothing more, nothing less, I came in a cup and she impregnated herself, and she kept the one girl, and I kept you both, we both signed form upon form saying that we”re not the parent of the others children. The woman who gave birth to you two was the gayest, most diaper lovingest female I could find, and she wanted a little gay baby girl as well, who I happen to know is.”

“Wow.” We both breathed out as one.

“A little shocking I take it?” Dad laughed.

“Yeah, but that explains so much, and honestly, I think I”ve always known deep down that you”re gay, and I kinda wondered about the diapers as well. I guess that”s why you always told us that once we were old enough to understand, that you”d explain about our mother, because in order to do so, you”d pretty much haveta tell us everything huh.” Evan said.


“Will you strip down to your soggy baby diaper as well please Dad?” I asked.

“Absolutely, finally I getta go around the house in just my baby diapers, I”ve missed that so much, but you already know and understand why I couldn”t, and I was fine with that.”

“Yeah, but, in a way, I kinda wish you had”ve.” Evan and I both said together.

“I know, but then you wouldn”t have grown to love them in your own way.”

“Yeah, we know.” We both said again.

Dad quickly stripped down to just his diaper, and I”ll be damned, but we looked at those exact same diapers just this morning, and did not buy them because of how much they cost, but wow are they sexy, especially once nice and soggy.

“Wow, Dad, you”re hot like that, and we saw that exact diaper just this morning, and wished we could afford to buy them.”

“No need, I already have a couple packs of these here for you, I knew you were getting close, so I”ve had them here for a few months already.”


“Yes, and I”ll let you wear them, but only on the condition that I get to be the one to change you into your very first one.”

“Deal.” We both said happily.

“Your Goodnites look as if they”re pretty much full now, so, would you like Daddy to diaper his good and beautiful baby boys now?”

“Oh, yes please Daddy.”


Dad led us to his bedroom, had us both lay on the bed side by side, told us to close our eyes, and then he took care of Evan first, taking several minutes, of which Evan sighed several times, and then finally he got to me. He tore open the sides of my diaper and exposed my hot hard preteen baby bone. He pulled out my Goodnite, and slipped a mega thick and thirsty diaper under my bum, then he washed me down with a warm cloth, next he lotioned and creamed me up perfectly, even going so far as to slip his entire middle finger inside my baby bum hole to lotion me well there, something I absolutely enjoy doing to myself, though I now often use up to as many as four fingers, and then he pulled up and taped closed the best baby diaper I have ever felt.

“My god, you two are just so beautiful laying there side by side in those amazing mega thick baby diapers. How do they feel?”

“Mmmm, wonderful.” I sighed, Evan agreed.

“Good. Now, as you saw, these are very expensive diapers, they are not to be wasted, you are to use and enjoy them to their very fullest, there are no exceptions to that. If you haveta go poopy on the potty, you ask to have it put back onto you, if we haveta use other tape to put it back on, you must do so. Any questions?”

“Oh yeah, how often are we allowed to wear these?”

“All day, every day if you so desire, however, I wouldn”t wear them out or to school if I were you. I did today, but I bought the clothes and diaper shirt you saw just for that reason, but still, that”s not what I wear to work. The other diapers I bought you baby boys will disappear much better underneath your clothes, and I did buy you diaper shirts as well, but only plain ones, since we can”t get proper baby ones in your size from just anywhere.”

“Oh thank god. I bet you have at least some idea how much I”ve been wanting to wear and wet thick thirsty tape on baby diapers, all day every day, but I thought for sure you”d hate me for that, and so, I forced myself not to.” I admitted.

“Yeah, I have a pretty good idea, and you now understand, I hope, how boneheaded that was and for how long you coulda been diapered had you just trusted me. I”ve always told the both of you that I”d love you for anything you cared to tell me, but you were both so scared, but I always knew. I mean, honestly Babies, I”m the one that bought you your diapers in the first place, I know how many you were going through.”

“Yeah, but to tell you the truth, I wasn”t wearing them during the day near as much as I wanted to, I was truly having to change half way through the night a few nights a week. I mean, if I had”ve gone peepee in the potty like a big boy before bed, that might”ve helped, but I just didn”t wanna.” I grinned.

“That”s a good baby boy, no peepee in the potty for you any more. Come see Daddy for punishment if you do.”

“Thanks Daddy.” We both said, and then Evan asked, “Outta curiosity, what do you feel is appropriate punishment for peepeeing in a potty like a naughty big boy?”

“Oh, that”s easy, you get diapered so fucking thick you can barely walk, it gets taped on so well it”ll take high explosives to remove it, and then you”re force fed as much liquid as you can take until it”s leaking. I quite often give myself a full cleansing enema prior to doing so, so that I don”t haveta worry about having to go poopy. Of course that means I then slip a large butt plug up my gay baby bum, but that”s just good fun.” He grinned.

“Wow.” We both breathed out.

“I know, horrible, right.”

“Yeah, I think when I haveta go poopy tonight, I might just haveta pretend that I dripped a drop of peepee in the potty and ask to be punished, and yes, I”d like the full punishment please, cleaning and plugging included.” I groaned, and yes, I am so fucking hard inside my baby diaper it is painful.

“Me too.” Dad and Evan both said at the same time.

“And will you plug us like good gay baby boys too?” I whispered.

“Yes. I”ll never have sex with either of you, you”re too young, even for me, I prefer my baby boys to be at least sixteen, but eighteen to mid twenties is what I like best. Inserting a plug, though, and probably making you cum huge from it, well, that”s just being a really good daddy and making you feel very good during a very good soggy baby bum change.”

“Okay. I”ve never actually dreamed of having an adult anyway.” I said, and Evan nodded his agreement.

“How about each other, though?” Dad grinned to us.

“Oh. You knew?” I whispered.

“Yeah, when I saw you baby boys all cuddled up last night, I was pretty sure. Then seeing how you look at each other today, that”s only cemented it. You two have always been close, and I wondered if eventually you”d move in that direction. Now, as much as I don”t mind that, I do haveta say, that when you find someone else that makes you feel the same things, then you truly should go where your heart belongs. Family can play, but they shouldn”t also be lovers, at least in my opinion. Now, should you both end up with baby boyfriends who wish to play as a group, then have fun is all I can say about that.”

“Thanks.” We both said.

“So, tell me boys, the alarm system has pinged me several times after dark these past few months, saying that your bedroom windows opened, then closed, then did so again about an hour later, usually you were staggered by about ten minutes. You accidentally got together, didn”t you?”

“Oh shit, so you knew we were sneaking out?” Evan gasped.

“Yep. What”s funny, I did the same thing at your age. I realized the pattern meant you were both going to get something, but that you hadn”t realized who that something was coming from.”

“Oh, um, and you”re not upset?”

“Nah, not really. I mean, we live in a pretty safe area, and I knew what you were doing. After the first time, when I realized exactly what you were both doing, I suspected more than enough to know that you”d both somehow gotten your hands on personal computers, and were chatting, so, I found your computers, and neither of you locked them, both figuring that you”d hidden them more than well enough, and nor did you delete your history or anything, for the same reason, and I found everything. I figured eventually you”d realize it, and when I saw you last night, I knew, or at least I was ninety nine point nine nine percent certain.” He grinned to us.

“Oh. Had no idea the alarm was set to do that.”

“Of course, hadta keep tabs on you boys somehow, now didn”t I.” He grinned even larger.

“So, you read all our chats then?”

“Yeah, and I”ve come and checked and read a few more times to ensure you weren”t going and doing anything truly stupid. By the way Ethan, how”s Evan”s cum?”

“Oh god, so fucking good.” I sighed, and then realized what I had just said. “Oh, god, Dad, I”m so sorry.”

“Don”t be. I really don”t care what you boys say, as long as you don”t swear all the time, and you never swear at me or anyone else for that matter.”

“Really.” We both said.

“Really. So, what say we head to the dining room and sit down and play some board games while we talk more and truly get to know each other fully and properly, now that you know we”re all the same.”


We went and grabbed the game we want, and then headed to the kitchen to get lots and lots to drink. We made a huge batch of the tea we all like, and a pitcher of orange juice, and another of just water. Then we sat down and started playing and talking. For a long time, Dad would just ask us questions, and we would honestly answer them, but we also asked him the same questions. It seems we really are all alike, and the only difference is that he screwed up the courage to get his diapers sooner than we had, and of course he did not have a brother to have sex with, but found a really good friend much the same way as Evan and I had gotten together.

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