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Big Dicks



Notice: This story is a work of fiction and contains explicit sexual material. It depicts consensual sexual acts between males of various ages, including young boys” sexual experiences with other boys and with men. It may also include – incest, sex between minors, sex between minors and adult males, and sexual fetish. If stories of this nature offend you, or if you are under 18 years of age, or if reading such stories is illegal in your location…please leave now. This is for ADULT ENTERTAINMENT only; If you are offended by such material, do not read this work of fiction. The character(s) in this work are not based on any known person(s).


The author retains all rights to this story and it should not be reproduced for monetary gain or mass distribution without the author”s permission.


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(gay/adult youth) (gay/authoritarian)


I hope you enjoyed my submission to Nifty. I”d love to hear from you at MTHpsnym@ with any comments, support, or constructive criticism. Thank you for your time, I appreciate it.


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Leo, Patrick and Matthew


TOC for this document


Leo, Patrick and Matthew

Main Characters

Other Characters

All the `boys”

Agents and their Passwords

Chapters List



A brief comment about the context in time, writing styles and tenses:


The timing of the whole story is written as though it is written on the 1st of August 2020. The uses of past tense and present tense are, I believe, appropriate, but are used dynamically so that reflections, on past events, normally use the past tense, but dialogue within those reflections are expressed in the present tense, just as the words would have been said, at the time. Some of the later chapters, which write of hoped-for-events in the future, are written in the present or even past tense, for the purpose of dramatic effect.





Though I know it makes the story a little unrealistic, I have not, in most of my `facts”, normally taken account of the widespread shutdowns, which were occurring all over the world, in 2020.


Nature of story


The whole 11-chapter story is a fictional flight of fantasy. Some of the early chapters include depictions of, or allusions to, some `heavy” sexual activity, especially for a boy or adolescent. As the author I wish to say that while some of these fantasies excite me, I do not condone the doing of, nor would I ever do, such violent things to a non-adult. The flight of fantasy comes in the latter chapters, which might be called `The Happy Ever After” bit; oh, that it was real.


Boys are tender little cherubs, to be fondled,
stroked, caressed, kissed, cuddled, loved and adored,
and made love to, but only if they are truly willing,
not corporally punished, raped, abused, kidnapped,
physically damaged or, even sometimes, killed!!!!!



To love for the sake of being loved is human, but to love for the sake of loving is angelic
(Alphonse de Lamartine 1790�1869 – French author, poet, and statesman).

Characters Home

şişli travesti


Main Characters:


Leo: a 20-year-old guy, 5″ 5″ (164.7 cm), of slim, athletic and muscular build, hairless body (he even shaves his pubes and ass hair off), and well endowed; Leo looks as though he”s only 14, and his next birthday is 9th August 2020.


Patrick: Leo”s 17-year-old younger brother, 5″ 3″ (161.2 cm), also slim, but he has a good treasure trail and is very well endowed; Patrick looks as though he”s only 12, and his next birthday is 8th August 2020.


Matthew: a fully out, and well known, gay guy in the area where Leo and Patrick live; he dresses fairly conventionally though. Matthew is 37, on 10th August 2020.


The Used and Abused (but are they, in the long run at least?):


Gavin: a 14-year-old boy, from out of town. He is quite small for his age, only 4″ 7″ (138.8 cm). By the time he meets Matthew, he has been previously living on the streets but has also, after that, become a captive rentboy. Gavin was born on 25th June 2006.


Sylvester: a 12-year-old boy, who has run away from home. Both his parents have died and he has been living in the house of his step-father and step-mother. He is 4″ 8″ (140.7 cm). Tired of being bullied by both his step-parents, he has run away to the big smoke, Toronto. He is a redhead, with spectacles, and therefore he stands out in a crowd. Sylvester was born on 16th May 2008.


Martin: a 13-year-old boy, a black boy from Texas, who has travelled north, for over two years, from his home in Socorro, near El Paso. Martin ran away from home, the day after his 11th birthday and has kept himself alive by having gay sex with rich, white, gentlemen, ever since. Martin was born on 12th July 2007.



Other Characters: Home


Chapter 1


Rodney Frobisher: Gavin”s father

Lucy Frobisher: Gavin”s twin sister

Basil Manchester I: Gavin”s best friend”s father

Harry Manchester: Gavin”s best friend

Timothy Manchester: Harry”s brother

Basil Manchester II: Harry”s younger brother

Sean Manchester: Harry”s older brother

Gordon: Sean”s first gay lover

Trent: Sean”s boyfriend

Clive: A truck driver who picked Gavin up, when he was hitch-hiking



Chapter 2


Nathan Hogart: Leo and Patrick”s cousin

Lucas Hogart: Nathan”s older brother

Keokuk Elu [James] Turner: 14-year-old twin who is a friend of Lucas

Hania Adriel [John] Turner: Elu”s twin brother who is also a friend of Lucas

Brian Hogart: Father of Nathan and Lucas

Jeevan Pelchat: A 9-year-old friend of Leo and Patrick

Anand Pelchat: Jeevan”s 8-year-old cousin

Gary: a 35-year-old friend of Elu”s

Jacob: a 40-year-old friend of Adriel”s

Morgan: a 45-year-old friend of Lucas”s



Chapter 3


Richard Morganstern: Sylvester”s father

Diedre Fray: Sylvester”s mother
Damien Goodjohn: Sylvester”s step-father

Alison Bloomington: Sylvester”s step-mother
Aslan Goodjohn: Sylvester”s half-brother

Harrison Goodjohn: Sylvester”s step-brother

Scott Wellesley: A resident of Havelock (a single parent, with just one son)

Jayden Wellesley: Scott”s son, who was born on the same day as Sylvester

Clive: A truck driver who rescued Sylvester, when he was nearly dead (= Clive in Chapter 1)



Chapter 4


Benjamin Buxton: A rich man, who is Gavin”s first `trick” but, with whom, he could have happily lived for the rest of his life; sadly, it was not to be possible



Chapter 5


Samuel Fontaine: Martin”s paternal uncle

Jane Fontaine: The wife of Martin”s uncle

Frederick Fontaine: Martin”s 14-year-old cousin

beylikdüzü travesti

Vernon Fontaine: Frederick”s twin

Neville Norton: Martin”s first punter

Pedro P�rez: Martin”s adult neighbour in San Jos�

Mateo P�rez: Pedro”s 10-year-old son; when we first meet him, his 11th birthday is the next day

Rupert: A friend of Clive”s who we first met in Chapter 1



Chapter 6


Gareth, Eugene and Colin Radcliffe: 3 victims of a sadistic father

Alexander Saunders: a boy `punter” who eventually marries Martin Fontaine

Nicholas Lovecraft: a rather deceptive “punter” who looked nice, but turned out to be a little brutal

Bernard Archer: a 15-year-old scout for a pimp, who runs a string of under-age rentboys




Chapter 7


Norman McGraw: the Markham based pimp, who runs a string of under-age rentboys

Jane McGraw: a former prostitute who helps create a necessary false impression

Gordon Budgey: a most trusted member of Norman”s crew, who is 16 years old

The 24 other members of Norman”s string of under-age rentboys – listed in alphabetic order, of their street name, which may or may not be their real forename, with their birthdate and age on 1st August 2020; their surnames are not known, even the boys themselves have often forgotten what their surname is, all of these boys have been with Norman since 3rd July 2019, or thereafter:


Antonio 10 22nd June 2010

Cuthbert 13 1st August 2007

Desmond 14 25th February 2006

Ethan 9 3rd August 2010

Fernando 15 8th September 2004

Howard 12 8th November 2007

Irving 8 7th January 2012

Justin 11 5th December 2008

Kieran 9 25th May 2011

Lindsay 16 26th August 2003

Morgan 14 12th April 2006

Nelson 11 18th October 2008

Orlando 13 27th January 2007

Phoenix 10 13th March 2010

Quinton 12 18th February 2008

Roy 15 2nd August 2004

Sinclair 7 4th July 2013

Tyrone 13 8th November 2006

Ulmer 8 14th October 2011

Vincent 11 26th December 2008

Walter 9 24th January 2011

Xavier 12 7th May 2008

Yusef 10 23rd March 2010

Zander 14 26th April 2006




Chapter 9


Brian: Policeman in Bellwood area,

Jason: Manager of Lake Belwood Evangelical Baptist Camp

Wes, Zeb, and Owyn: 3 Evangelical Baptist boys from Guelph

David York: Father of Andrew York

Stanley Undercroft: A social worker with Children and Youth Services in Tillsonburg, Ontario

Craig: A truck driver who is part of Matthew”s network of `agents”

Sebastian: A Montreal-based tour guide who is part of Matthew”s network of `agents”

Trevor: A truck driver who is part of Matthew”s network of `agents”

Murray: A truck driver who is part of Matthew”s network of `agents”

Bernard: A travelling salesman who is part of Matthew”s network of `agents”


The boys rescued from the kiddy-porn studio at Kingston,
with their birthdate and age on 13th September 2012


Quentin 13 24th May 1999

Archibald 15 10th Aug 1997

Douglas istanbul travesti 14 23rd Mar 1998

Fergus 13 14th Nov 1998

Harold 13 17th July 1999

Jeremy 12 2nd Jan 2000

Kevin 12 7th May 2000

Lionel 11 9th June 2001

Neil 10 13th Sep 2002

Christmas 9 25th Dec 2002

Peter 8 29th Feb 2004

Svenson 7 15th Apr 2005

Talbot 6 22nd Oct 2006

Randall 5 11th Feb 2007

Brenton 4 3rd Jan 2008



Chapters 8 and 10-11 introduce no new significant characters; they merely serve the purpose of drawing all the threads together, whilst, at the same time, allowing William”s `agents” to stay free.


The three husbands of the Manchester boys (see Chapter 11) are boys they met elsewhere than Orangeville.



List of all `boys” mentioned in the series, with their birth dates, including major, supplementary, and minor characters, in birth date order Home




Agents and their Passwords Home


Clive Turkey Clive Safety

Rupert Chicken Rupert Freedom

Craig Owl Craig Stop

Sebastian Pigeon Sebastian Resolve

Trevor Swallow Trevor Flight

Murray Mallard Murray Missing

Stanley Swift Stanley Success

Bernard Bittern Bernard Breakout




Table of Contents Home


Chapter 1 Rodney, Gavin and Lucy Frobisher

Chapter 2 Leo and Patrick Holmes: The Early Years

Chapter 3 Sylvester Morganstern

Chapter 4 Gavin meets Sylvester

Chapter 5 Martin heads North

Chapter 6 Three swags are bought

Chapter 7 An incident causes a rethink

Chapter 8 A special place is found

Chapter 9 The Holmes Trust – Its Foundation and some Case Studies

Chapter 10 Normal life resumes

Chapter 11 Marriages, 18th birthday parties, and the Holmes Trust


Please note that not all of these links will work until the entire story is uploaded, which will occur by mid-March 2021, at the extreme latest.


The Orangeville Boys Academy now has a crest,


You may see it at: ckr/photos/11046389@N00/50947635838/in/dateposted-public/


The motto reads, in English, Stop the waste of boy”s lives.




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