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“Alex In The Park”
“The Prince”s Castle”

Part 6



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Now for the usual disclaimers: 1. This story is about love and sexual relations between adults and minors. If it is illegal to read these stories where you live, or if you are under the age of 18, close the site now. 2. This story is MOSTLY FICTION. Some parts are real, the others are in my head. The reason for a site like this is to get our rocks off without participating in illegal activity.

Mike and I made small talk while Alex sat in the back of the Escalade. I hadn”t heard a peep from him until suddenly his head popped up between us and he asked, “Are we there yet?”

I turned to tell him to sit back when I realized he”d removed all this clothes and his little dink was rock hard. The boy was ready for fun tonight.

Mike saw him in the mirror and asked if he”d do a favor. Alex said he would and Mike skillfully unzipped his jeans and lowered them to his knees. He saw the look on my face and told me not to worry, the windows were tinted and no one could see in. Alex pulled himself onto the center console and started playing with Mike”s cock. I was so horny, I pulled mine out and started jacking it. A few more inches and Alex could reach his prize and started sucking Mike. It was a sight to see, Alex sucking Mike while driving down the road. Mike stopped Alex before he could cum, stating he didn”t want to have an accident. So, Alex started on my cock. I also stopped him because I wanted to be in tip top shape for what was to cum.

Another 20 minutes and we pulled into a drive. Mike pushed a button in the car and the gates opened up. Driving up a long a long driveway, the house comes into view. Lights immediately came on as we approached to reveal a two story house. Not mansion huge, but large and beautiful. The garage opened up as we got closer and the escalade pulled in. Alex got out, still naked and Mike gave us a quick tour of the house. We reached Mike”s bedroom and found a king size bed, fireplace, walk-in dressing room and a jacuzzi. The full wall windows opened up to a balcony kocaeli escort and had a view of a lake and the pool down below. At the end of the balcony, there was an opening. Alex asked about that and Mike said it was a slid to reach the pool quickly. Alex was in heaven.

Mike asked, “So, young man. What would you like to do first?”

“Get you both naked, duh!”

I had to chuckle as we both stripped from our clothes. Mike was the perfect specimen of a young man. Smooth body, defined pecs and abs, but not bulky. His nips were perfect dime size and stuck out a bit. He had a 6″ cut cock that he keeps shaved. I also noticed that she keeps his pits shaved.

Alex went to Mike and started sucking his nip like a baby trying to get milk. His arm wrapped around Mike, pulling him close. I decided to get into the nip action and started sucking the other one. Mike just moaned in pleasure. Alex and I both started working our way down, Alex taking the front and me taking the back. Once in position, Alex started sucking Mike while I opened his cheeks and started eating out his hole.

“Ahhh, shit, fuck, damn, Jesus! FUCK that feels good.”

Mike stopped us saying he was getting too close. He had us lie on the bed next to each other and crawled up, putting our bodies together. He licked Alex and me from our feet all the way to our necks, missing our dinks, and then had us turn over, repeating the licking from our necks to our feet again, neglecting our butts. Then, after our sexual frustration hit defcon 1, did Mike start sucking our dinks. First mine for a few moments, then Alex”s. After 15 minutes of this, I was ready to pop, so I stopped him.

I sat up and asked, “What all are you wanting to do? We never talked about it.”

Mike said, “Well, I”m totally submissive with an older man, and I”ve never been with anyone younger, so this is new territory for me. I guess, I want you in charge.”

“Is there anything you”re NOT into. Anything you WON”T do?”

“No scat, just the thought turns my stomach. Besides that, anything goes.”

“Alex and I are still exploring, but I will say he does like water sports. I”ve been thinking about light bondage, but we”ve not discussed it, yet.”

Alex quipped up, “What”s that?”

“Bondage is where you tie someone up where they can”t move and have your darıca escort way with them.”

Alex”s eyes grew wide and then he smiled. “So, you”d tie me up. I can”t move. Then you do whatever you want with me?”

“”Bout sums it up, yeah.”

“Let”s do it.”

Mike was listening in and piped up, “Just so happens I have some bondage gear in a box. Let me get it.”

He was gone less than a minute and came back with a box. He opened it to reveal handcuffs, leg restraints, rope, blindfold, ball gag and some other bondage gear.

“Once in a while, Jamie would tie me up, gag and blindfold me. He”d leave me on the bed while we had a party. Men would come into the room and ask, “Do you consent?” I”d always say yes and they”d have sex with me. A bowl of condoms would be on the night stand next to the lube. That was the number one rule, safety.”

Alex wanted to try, but I had other ideas first. I wanted Mike and Alex to both get a screwing they”d never forget. I had Mike lay on the bed, ass to the edge. He spread his legs so I could enter him. Alex was sitting on the bed with a look on his face that said, “Hey, what about me?”

I winked at Alex and started lubing up my cock and Mike”s ass, then I lubed up his cock. Mike looked worried and I asked if he was okay.

“Yeah, just…I”ve never fucked anyone before, NO ONE! I”m a total bottom.”

“You DID tell me you wanted some new experiences, right?”


“Let me give you some.”

Mike gave in and I asked where he kept condoms.

“No condoms. I haven”t had use of them in a while. And besides, I want to feel YOU, not latex.”

I instructed Alex to mount up. While I entered Mike”s ass, Alex lowered himself on Mike”s cock, facing him. I whispered to Alex to go slow at first, fell my movement and go as fast as I did. Mike was in heaven. His eyes rolled back into his head and he moaned loudly. I wrapped my arms around Alex and played with his dink while we fucked Mike. The sound of Alex and Mike moaning along with the slap of bodies against bodies filled the room. Soon, the sound of slapping was faster till I was fucking as fast as I could. Alex was keeping up with me. Every time I pounded Mike”s ass, Alex would drop on his dick. We were like a well lubed machine. I got the tingling gölcük escort in my balls and looked at Alex. His face was scrunching up like it does when he close to his boygazm and Mike was grunting like he was about to cum. I swear, we all came at the same exact time. I flooded Mike”s ass with cum while he drenched Alex”s colon with his cum. Alex”s dink was trembling in my hand as his body shuddered in a mind numbing boygazm. We all fell in a heap on the bed and began making out with each other. Three faces smashed together, three mouths licking and sucking face and tongues.

Mike rolled over and said, “OH MY GOD, I haven”t cum like that since before Jamie died. That was incredible.”

Alex had moved down and was cleaning our cocks with his tongue. He was cleaning me when Mike said he”d be right back, he had to pee. Alex stopped working on me and latched onto Mike”s cock.

Mike laughed and said, “Didn”t you hear me? I have to pee.”

Alex used the same words he did with me the other day, “So pee. What”s stopping you?”

Mike looked confused and I just wink and nodded to him. Mike looked at Alex who just nodded to him with a mouth full of dick. Mike gave in a let his bladder go. The sound of Alex gulping Mike”s piss was a huge turn on. When Mike was finished, Alex gulped down the last swallow and grinned. I told Alex it was my turn and he drank every drop I gave him.

He looked up at us and said, “That was GREAT. When do I get tied up?”

I reached over and grabbed the rope. “Right now you bad boy.”

In just a few moments, Alex”s hand were tied to the bed posts and his legs were pulled up over his head, exposing his beautiful hole for the world to see. I cuffed Mike”s hands behind him and led him to the bed. I placed his face right in front of Alex”s hole and then tied his legs to the foot of the bed, spread out to expose his hole. Alex was giggling, so I inserted the ball gag and then blindfolded him. His excitement showed in his dink that just kept jumping. I ordered Mike to eat out Alex and I was just about to feast on Mike”s hole when the doorbell rang.

Mike yelled, “SHIT!”


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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