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                                                     A Diplomatic Affair


                 The Trials and Tribulations of One who Serves The Crown

                                                A tale by Ivor Sukwell


Chapter the Fifteenth


The Behaviour of an Arse when Stricken by the Wood of a Brush had been an Enthralling Sight for Sir Henry, but an Arse Smitten by a Withy Cane were a Revelation.

There were first the Wondrous `swish” as the Withy Cut the Air and the Delightful `crack” as Contact with Flesh were made. The Flesh, being more Soft than the Withy, though Carlos did Possess a most Beautiful Firm Arse, were Indented some as the Progress of the Withy were Stopped, and then a Magnificent Line of Red did slowly Blossom as that Indent filled again.

Though to a Casual Observer it may have Appeared that all Happened in the Same Moment, Sir Henry were no Casual Observer, and it were Plain to him that each Occurred in turn, and that the clenching of the Arse and some Twitching thereof, Came only when the Brain had Made Register that Pain was being Suffered.

So also with the Sound of Sharply Indrawn Breath made by the Boy; that were Slower to be Made than was the Clenching of the Arse.

Those Events, when Added and in Total were Such that Sir Henry Desired only a Repeat of them, and found he had Some Belief that the Arse Clenched more and that the Gasp were Louder than in the First Instance.

A Third and Fourth Stroke Confirmed that Belief, though on the Fourth the Clenching did Appear to Affect also the Thighs, for they also,  with some Arching of the Back, stiffened, and the Gasp were this time More Squeal than Gasp.

Upon the Seventh the Squeal became a Cry, and upon the Tenth that Turned to a Clear Scream, and the Boy Writhed so that his Legs could no longer Sustain him and Buckled at the Right Knee.

That the Boy were Sobbing were Plain from the Heavings of his Body, but Sir Henry Found he had no Care for that, but only Desire for Arse. He also Dropped to his Knees, Reached below the Boy that he may Raise his Arse some, and Noted with some Surprised Delight that the Cock of Carlos was most Amazing Hard.

Sir Henry had no Wish now for Cock but only Arse and to Place his Mouth there and make Attempt to Plough with his Tongue. ataköy escort That the Lascivious Carlos were Amenable to Such were Evidenced by his Pushing of his Striped Arse into the Face of Sir Henry, and though he Sobbed Still also did Carlos make Sounds of some Pleasure as the Tongue of Sir Henry Effected some Small Entry to the Furrow.

For Some Time did Sir Henry Feast there, and Carlos Ceased to Sob, Instead Making Long Moans of Delight as his Furrow were gently Hoed by Tongue.

“I pray you, Sir,” that Depraved Boy found Voice to Beg, “Return me to my Feet and Pain my Arse more. I would Have you Make me Scream most Loud and Eat my Furrow again. And when it is all Wet from your Mouth I would Have you Plough me with all the Force you may Muster.”

To this Request, Sir Henry did Comply, and when Carlos were a Howling Carlos, he did Feast Again, and with the Boy across the Table still, he did Plough most Vigorously, Holding the Limp Boy by the Hips and Dragging him so Cock entered him most Deeply.


“Now we have Entered Together into the Most Depraved Debauchery,” Sated Carlos said when all were Done and Time had there been to Make Recovery, “May I have Hope you are Content with your Mistress?”

“Never could a Man be Blessed with Better,” Sir Henry Affirmed, “Though I believe I must never Pain you so Again.”

“Pish, Sir,” Carlos Grinned, “Are you yet not Conversant with the Depravity of your Mistress? You Pained me much and made me Scream most Loud, but can it be you, the Eyes and Ears of the King, did not Observe my Cock was Hard near to Bursting, and that my Screams were also Shrieks of Delight?”

“Can it be that you Found Pleasure in that Torture?” Uncomprehending Sir Henry Asked.

“Two more strokes of that Withy, Sir, and my Seed would have been Whipped from me. But, Sir, Twas the only Way my Mind could Devise to Bring you to Understanding of your Desires, and of my Desire to Satisfy them. Truly, it has brought me also to an Understanding.”

“That I be a Man of most Carnal Lust,” Sir Henry Sighed.

“And I also a Boy of that Inclination,” Carlos Confirmed. “Come, Sir, will you not Confess to some Desire to Whip my Seed from me now you are Aware such may be Done?”

“And what Manner of Man would I be were I to Confess to that?”

“An Honest one, Sir,” Carlos sniggered, “And one merter escort I will much Delight in being Mistress to. But, Sir, when Next you Whip me, do so upon my Legs and from the Front, so you may make Viewing of my Seed Spurt from me.”

“You are Indeed, the most Depraved of Boys,” Sir Henry Sighed, but with Pleasure and not Remorse, “I can but Wonder at my Fortune.”

“Think, Sir,” Carlos Pursued his Plot, “Of the Secret Amusement we will Have when we Appear at Court and in Society as Guardian and Innocent Ward. How Many will Look upon us and have Wonder in their Minds, how a Man may have a Boy so Enticing and Alluring and still so Innocent as his Ward, for well you Know I Play that Part most well, and Much will they Consider how it May be that you be able to so Resist all Natural Desire, whilst beneath my Breeches my Arse and Upper Legs Bear the Markings of that Withy.”

“And we alone will Know of the Depths of Debauched Depravity we take our Secret Pleasure in,” Sir Henry could not but Agree.

“My Boys will Know of it,” Carlos Grinned most Wickedly, “The Marks of our Sport will show upon me for Many Days, I think, and Always will I be Unclothed in my own House, my Cock free for any Boy should he have Wish for it. And you, sir, when Next you Dine with me, Shall also be Unclothed, and upon sight of your Mighty Cock my Boys shall Know why it is I am your Mistress.”


So did it Prove, and in Society many Men did Whisper amongst themselves that Sir Henry were man of Great Morals that he were Guardian to a Boy of such Allure yet also of such Clear Innocence, and Some Ventured even to Suggest the Knight had been Infected by the Puritan Disease.

Amongst the Ladies there were Many who felt Desire for the Boy, and Some who made Attempt at some Seduction, but all were Obliged to Declare that Carlos were so Innocent it were Like he had no Understanding of his Cock.

That he did Indeed, have Great Understanding of that Appendage were a Thing Known well by all the Boys of his Estate, and though those Boys made Learning of the Tasks they were put to and Fitted themselves for Employment, all Learned Most Well that any Boy may Improve his Station by his Cock.

Sir Henry also Learned from his Depravity and Discovered he had no Need to have Boys sent to his Bed and that a Smile and a Look were all that were Required bahçeşehir escort to Bring a Boy to Sport with him, and though he kept still, that a Boy who do not Seed be a Boy that may not be Ploughed, the Using of his Tongue in Young Furrows he now did not Deny himself.

Jarge Found it to be his Duty as Faithful Ploughboy that Carlos also should not Deprive himself of Young Pleasure, and that Boy of Ten he had Taken to a Bed on the Fateful Night Carlos became Mistress to Sir Henry, he took with him to the Bed of Carlos and that Young Boy was there Most Agreeably Ploughed, and soon was he Presented with the Position of Under Ploughboy, an Elevation that Greatly Delighted him.

James, it must be Said, was Devoted to his Task of Training Boys of the House and Making Oversee of all those of the Estate. Acting on no further Orders, but only on the early wish of Carlos, James did make Decree that no Boy were Permitted Hair upon his Body, and that all must be smooth as those who had not Age Sufficient for Hair to Grow, and those that were not of that Age Sufficient were Tutored by that James in the Uses of their Mouths and Hands, and None there were who did not take most Eagerly to their Lessons, and many who did make known their Furrows may be Ploughed.

Time Does not Permit a Boy to Remain for ever a Boy, and Carlos grew from Mistress to Sir Henry to his Companion, and Sport they no Longer wished for, each with the Other. Sir Henry”s Desire were for Boys of Fourteen and Fifteen, though the Pleasures to be had with those Younger he now Knew of most well, and Carlos Found his Greatest Delight to be in those in their First Year of Seeding, though no Boy who had Wish to Bed with him did he Refuse.

Upon the Day of his Eighteenth Year of Birth, Carlos was Once More Presented to the King, who Remarked how Splendid a Youth he had Become, and Granted at once Sir Henry”s wish that Carlos be no Longer Ward, but be Heir Instead and be Named Lord of his Estate that now were Decreed a Manor.

And thus a Boy may Rise by Careful Use of his Cock and Arse if he do have the Will to do so, and though a Man may Endure Trials and Tribulations some in his Service to the Crown, also is it Like he will have Rewards.


To Those who have Endured this Tale to its Conclusion the Author does Extend his Grateful Thanks. Grateful Thanks, will Nifty also Extend to any who do Make Contribution to their Cause, that Authors of Greater Skill than I in the Hardening of Cocks with Words, may have their Works perused.






Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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