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Life in The Village, through the eyes of a student at the remote school.

This is an original work of pure fiction (just an expression of a fantasy)
by Robert A. Armstrong (a pseudonym)

The resemblance of the characters by action, name, location or description to any real person is purely coincidental.

If it is illegal, or offensive, for you to read stories involving interactions of a sexual nature between adults and youths, then what are you doing here?



From Chapter 47:

Mrs Cameron produces a parcel, wrapped in brown paper and tied with string.

I start to unwrap it.

When I see the familiar red colour, I immediately start to choke up. I look at her. We both have tears in our eyes.

I cannot speak, but my face says, `What?”

She nods.

“You can”t give me this!” I manage to blubber. It was your mother”s and your grandmother”s.”

“And I couldn”t think of anyone who would appreciate it more than you,” she tells me. “You are a wonderful young man. Thank you for being so helpful. Look on the inside.”

I carefully turn the front cover. Below her grandmother”s name, and her mother”s and her own, she has written, `Kurt Andersen. Cook up a storm!”

We both start crying, giving each other a ginormous hug!

Chapter 48 � My Wonderful Phone

“Is everything OK? Are you both all right?” Helen asks, coming into the kitchen.

I show her my gift from Mrs Cameron, with my name, then wipe my eyes on my sleeve. I”m sure that she would have seen `the red book” at some time previously.

“Oh, my!” Helen says. She looks at Mrs Cameron and her face asks the question, even without the words. `Why?”

“He”s the only person who has ever shown a real interest in how I cook things,” she announces. “And he has a real flair for it, himself. Even my husband couldn”t tell the difference between my apple pie and Kurt”s, at his very first attempt.”

“My mother showed me how to do things,” I tell them. I add, smiling, “That is, besides apple pies, jam tarts and lamb”s fry.” And, tapping my head, I say, “It”s all in here now!”

Mrs Cameron, standing next to me and, resting her hand on the middle of my chest, says, “Apart from your excellent memory, I think that your real gift comes from in here. You”re a very special young man, with wonderful manners, and who cares about other people.”

I reply, “My mother taught Karl and me about using good manners and putting others first.”

“It”s more than knowing about manners,” Mrs Cameron replies. “I”ve seen how you care for your father and your brother, always thinking of them before yourself. And I will always remember how you saved my nephew”s life when he could have been killed by that snake!”

“What?” Helen asks. “I”ve never heard about that!”

“Well, it was nothing, really,” I reply. “I didn”t think that I actually saved Ron”s life.”

Mrs Cameron says, “That”s not the way that Ron tells the story! He doesn”t call you his young `Champ” for nothing. In fact, whenever we hear from him, he always asks how you are.”

So, Ron asks about me? He hasn”t forgotten me? I feel a bit guilty that I have a `new” boyfriend, especially after Ron and I agreed that we would be `boyfriends”. We even talked about it. Ron said that when I turn sixteen, he would show me everything that boyfriends do.

I still wonder… is `everything” what Andy and I have done already? Sucking and the rest? Ron wouldn”t be able do to me what Andy allowed me to do to him. Ron”s dick is too big. Ginormous! LOL. I reckon, though, that he was almost ready to suck mine once. I wish that he had. Now he won”t get the izmit escort opportunity! He”s gone, and so will his aunt and uncle be in the next few days.

Helen interrupts my thoughts, by saying to Mrs Cameron, “I”m not sure whether Jan has mentioned it to you, or not, but we are both very proud of him for the way that he looked after Andy when he was here. Especially at the time when that poor boy couldn”t even walk properly or talk properly. And, he also had a broken arm.”

Mrs Cameron replies, “Yes, I”ve heard Jan talk about it. And for those reasons, my cook book is the most valuable thing I have which I can give to him as a parting gift!”

The three of us dry our eyes, and get on with serving the apple pie. Mrs Cameron cuts the slices. I add a big dollop of cream to each and Helen takes them to the table. Teamwork!


As we prepare to leave, there is a lot of hand-shaking, back-rubbing, hugging and kissing.

“Thank you so much,” I again say to Mrs Cameron, and holding the red book close to my chest.

“And, thank you!” she replies. “It has been a delight to have met you and to get to know you. When we settle somewhere, we”ll send the details to your father, and I”d love it if you might be able to come and visit us sometime.”

“I have a phone now,” I tell her, “if you would like to keep in touch. It”s a satellite phone.”

“You are really wonderful!” Mrs Cameron tells me, and she magically produces a pencil and a small note pad from her apron pocket.”

I give her my number and explain that the last four digits, 5-8-7-8, spell my name on the keypad.

“Will wonders never cease!” she says, and I get a parting hug and kiss from her.


On the way home we talk about lots of stuff. Sometimes there is more than one conversation happening at the same time. A wedding. All of us moving to Whispering Gums. Karl and that I can have our own bedroom. What can he and I do around the property? Getting to and from school each day. What Mr and Mrs Cameron might be going to do, based on what Dad has heard. Can Karl have his own horse? Are the quad bikes staying? Can Andy come and visit? And, LOL, who”s going to do the cooking?

As we drive over the bridge towards The Village and past the school, I don”t see `The Beast”. I had expected that Mr Grant would be here, preparing some stuff for school tomorrow.

I know that I can ring him, and I have his number in my phone. I wonder whether it would be OK?

I check with my Dad. “Dad, would it be all right to ring Mr Grant to say hello? He should be back from holidays by now.”

“And I can talk to William on my phone!” Karl says.

Helen tells us, “One of the things that I”ve learned about mobile phones is that they can be used to interrupt people at really awkward times. Why don”t you send Mr Grant or William a message and say `hope you had a good trip back, see you tomorrow”, or something like that? Then, they can reply when it is convenient for them.”

“Unpack first!” Dad says. “And put out any clothes that need to be washed.”

“Mum has already washed everything for us,” Karl says. “Except what we”re wearing.”


As we are about to go inside, something catches my attention and I point it out to everyone. Way down past where William”s house used to be before it burnt down.

“Yes,” my Dad tells us. “While you were away, all of that machinery arrived. It seems that they are getting ready to start the building projects � the restoration of the pub, and building two streets of houses along here where we are.”

“What about our house?” I ask. “What”s going to happen to it?”

Helen comments, grinning, “Isn”t it perfect timing, that izmit otele gelen escort I”ve just become the owner of Whispering Gums? As a Council officer, I was able to talk to the developers and arrange for the timing of the building project to coincide with us moving out there.”

“So, what”s happening to our house?” I ask again. “Are they going to run over it with a bulldozer, or something?”

“No,” Helen replies. “It”s too good for that! They”re going to move it to the end of the road, down there where all of the machinery is, and use it for an office, to coordinate all of the construction.”

“What?” I say. “Can they move a whole house? When?” I ask.

“Yes, they can, and just as soon as we move out,” Dad tells us.

I”d like see how they do that!

“When are we moving out?” Karl asks.

Dad says, “The Camerons have arranged for everything that they are taking, to be picked up on Tuesday morning, and Daphne insists on cleaning the whole place after that, then she and Jim will go and stay a few nights in Cunnamulla. Which means that we can move in next weekend, if we like.”

“Wow!” I mutter, more to myself than anyone else.

“And,” Helen says, “the developers have told me that they will help us move everything that we want to take, but there are some things that they would like us to leave, if we don”t need them.”

“Like what?” my brother asks.

Dad says, “Well, we don”t need another table and chairs. Probably not even the beds! The bedrooms out there already have beds, and there are all of those in the workers” quarters as well.”

“There are four large bedrooms in the main house,” Helen says. “You boys can have one each, your father and I will have one, and there will be a spare one for any visitors.”

My brother and I look at each other. Our own bedrooms? Apart from whenever we have stayed at Jintabudjaree, Karl and I have always gotten into bed together. And I don”t mean just to sleep in the same room!

But, I think, it would be nice when Andy comes to visit to have my own room, or he and I can hang out in one of the workers” buildings � either the bunkhouse, or one of the two cottages that Ron and I slept in. Together. LOL.

“Can I have Mum”s lounge chair, for my bedroom?” I ask. “Karl could have Dad”s.”

“I don”t see why not,” Helen answers. “And, we can probably leave a lot of the kitchen things here because Whispering Gums has everything already. But if there”s anything that you really want, like a favourite mug or something, you can take that.”

I don”t remember moving house before! It”s exciting. And scary!


We put our clean clothes away, and lay out the other things on our beds � our ginormous water pistols, the Chinese Checkers game, the books of photographs.

I suddenly feel guilty that I didn”t think to buy anything special for Dad!

I whisper to my brother. He agrees.

We call Dad and Helen into our room to show them everything, then we each present Dad with our tins of Milo. “And these are for you, Dad,” I say.

“But you can share them with us, if you like,” Karl tells him, smiling.

“And with Helen,” I add, grinning.

“I haven”t played Chinese Checkers for years!” Helen says. “I used to be really good at it.”

“After dinner!” I tell her. “You”re on!”

I can”t wait to send Mr Grant a message. When I take my phone out, I see that I have three missed ones already, all from Andy. One was from yesterday and there are two from today.

I want to talk to him. But, remembering what Helen told us, I send him a message:

And I press the little arrow.

Within seconds, my phone darıca escort is ringing. It”s him!

“Hi!” I say, and I repeat that I”m sorry that I didn”t see his messages.

he asks.

He talks me through some things that I either didn”t know or have forgotten from when William told us. I won”t miss another message! And he even tells me how to set a special ring tone so that I know it”s him calling me.

he adds.

“How are you?” I ask. “I miss you.”

I suddenly realise that Karl can hear everything I”m saying. That”s not good if Andy and I want to share anything personal, like how I love playing with his `longer-than-mine”!

“Hang on a minute!” I tell him.

I casually walk out of the bedroom and through the living area towards the verandah. Dad and Helen look at me so I point to my phone and whisper “Andy.”

They both grin at me and Dad gives me a thumbs-up and indicates that I can continue talking outside. I walk to the end of our verandah.

“Hey, boyfriend,” I chirp. “How are you?”

“Yeah, me too. It was good to see you, even though we didn”t get to spend much time together!”

“I haven”t seen them, but seeing that school starts tomorrow they are probably out at Jintabudjaree. Does your school go back tomorrow too?”

“It was good to see Mr Grant”s mother again. She”s a nice lady.”


“That”s awful! Poor Mr Grant! How is she now?”

“Do you think that `Uncle” had anything to do with it?”

“What was really wrong with you? All I know is that you had an accident.”

“What?” I manage to exclaim, and my eyes immediately fill with tears.

“What happened to the guy?”

“Can you come and stay during the next holidays?”

“Me too. Hey, there”s that secret room at Jintabudjaree which we didn”t finish exploring!”

“Me too.”

“Me too. Love you! Talk soon. Bye.”

I take a few moments to compose myself. I don”t want anyone to see that I”m upset. Some guy tried to kill Andy? OMG! I wipe my eyes and then fan them with my hand to help them to dry.

I”d like to think that it was somehow Uncle”s influence that prevented Andy from dying so that he and I could meet each other. And I wonder, `Why?”

“They”re back!” Karl announces as I go back into our bedroom.

“Who?” I ask him.

“William and Mr Grant,” he says. “I sent William a message and he sent me one back. They”ve already been to the school and they”re out at Jintabudjaree.”

“OK,” I reply, a little disappointed that, now, I don”t have a good reason to send Mr Grant a message.

After dinner, we share the dishes. I wash. Karl dries. Helen puts things away. She”s been here often enough to know where everything goes. At Whispering Gums, I suppose that she will put things wherever she likes, because it”s her place.

Chinese Checkers. This is a game that all four of us can play. Helen”s good. So am I. Karl”s not too bad either. Poor Dad! He comes last every time.

My brother and I get ready for bed. With our pyjamas on. We kiss Dad and Helen and decline, with thanks, her offer of reading to us in bed. Karl and I have other `business” that we want to attend to! With our pyjamas off.


(to be continued)



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