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Writer JCW


Story On a wing

Jon bought a lake, and a whole batch of a mountain range near a western town. He wanted a place where his boys can swim, play in the woods on the side of the mountain. Okay the first thing he did was bring in one of his large rock diggers. Near the side of the large lake he found an out of sight spot to start digging the first shaft. Soon the machine was out of sight. It went down many hundreds of feet. Every fifty feet side tunnels were cut out to the side of the main shaft. Each one had rooms opening off of both sides of it. Living rooms mostly. Yes there were dinning rooms, class rooms, laundry rooms, meeting rooms, MAKE a list of what a small city needs! You will have what was here. The stone was used to fill some gullies as it was dug out. Some of the rest was used as gravel for an outfit that ran a road repair job in the area.

Okay the next item needed was water, electricity, air, heat, and air conditioning. Water is on hand, clean it for use, Air is free to pump in. Water runs down hill. Right, Place a power plant at the stream leaving the lake. The towns nearby get a bonus as they had been paying top price for power for years. They got their power for cost plus paying for Jon”s home under the mountain. He be cheap.

Oops shit goes in shit has to go out. A sewage plant to clean all the shit, and piss. Remember that stone that was used to fill some gullies well the plant dumped the now clean water into the top of them.

The large shaft had pipes running up and down the side water in shit out. Power to every place, switchboards on every floor. Air pumped as needed.

A large sports area was needed. A don-nut shaped tunnel was cut to one side of the home. Hundreds of feet around. One after another slightly smaller tunnels were cut in above the first one. As the last one is done it looked like an upside-down bowl full of rock. Steel posts with rebar were laid out all thru the tunnel. Pouring into a hole in the top was a steady stream of cement. Let it set to dry.

While it is drying a shaft is dug from the top center of the bowl to the floor where a rock crusher is placed, and a belt to remove the trash. Time passes, lots of time. At long last the day comes, the first rock falls to the floor to be followed by many more. The top of the bowl is cleared of stone. Round, and round they go, down, and down they go. Slowly they turn.

While the rock eaters work the walls are painted, the lights are put in place. Okay they reach the floor, and as the floor is smoothed off, and polished to a shine. The rock workers keep on working around the wall diggings a deep trench, laid in water, and drains. They filled it with dirt, good dirt. Transplanted many lovely trees, and bushes. flowers of all kinds. Another dig was for a large swimming pool. The pool had its own trees around it.

Okay the computer, Max had control of the whole place. If it was a cloudy day outside the sports area was too. Rain, sunny, snow. It was all projected on the top of the bowl. Glow lamps over the plants were needed to keep them happy. Well controlled sun lamps kept the boys happy as well. Oh yes all entrance to the place was from the locker rooms below the floor.

Gee I”m forgetful. I forgot all the elevators in the shaft. All the floors were connected by elevators, ramps, and stairs. The top of the shaft had a log house built over top of it. A single elevator opened into a closet. Another cargo elevator opened into a shed at the back of the cabin.

As always Jon was worried about his kids. He heard of wild fires in the area. Well he had build a horse barn in the next valley. It was a large cave cut into the side of a cliff. The boys loved to ride them. Well Jon had a large pump house built into the shore of the lake, and laid piping underground to the base of most of the forest in his area, a standpipe ran up into the top of the trees, and a spray of water can be spread out wide around each of them. He hoped the boys will be safe. Then he heard some more tales. Fireman trapped in a canyon. And so on.

Of course a fire started in the next county. Jon rounded up some of the older boys, and put together a tent city with food on demand for all that were fighting the fire. He hired an air craft to drop water on the fire.

Some men were trapped in a canyon, and killed. Jon started thinking about his land, and how many places his kids went. He yelled about the horse barn being a death trap. One of the rock eating machines was soon on its way between the canyons. It also cut out a larger indoor area to exercise the horses. As soon as the horses were safe it was sent to every other blind canyon on the mountain. Then every one of them was connected to the cabin on the lake.

Jon had banned use of the lake while he built his hidden home. He started letting the town folks use it with restrictions. Safe boat use was first on the list. Outhouses were placed, use them, and respect them, be clean. Sign in, and out. Tell where your going, and so on. One of the wardens clapped him on the back, and told him he had tried for years to get them to do just that.

After a few years Jon found other towns wanted power too. He had a crew survey the lake for him. A place was found that with a wee bit of work can get a higher drop of water that will give them much better amount of power. A dam had to be built to redirected the water. It had to raise the level of the lake by two feet. Oh well, loose something, get something better.

I spoke of a warden earlier. He visited Jon one time. He spoke of the danger of the horse area being cut off from the house. A giggle from Jon as he led him to a small stone shack sitting against the wall of the canyon. He opened the door to lead him into the tunnel to the horse barn. A steel fire door at both ends, and a well stocked safe room between them. A hidden door was also shown to him as well. “You never saw this, but if some of your men ever get trapped on my mountain he well be led to safety.” A hand made a cross on a breast. Three days later a tired man that had seen many safe places, again made a cross on his breast. “I hope we never need them, but can you help me out with some on public land?” A head nod brought out some maps. Jon called for one of his engineers to look them over. Many a marked up map was left behind.

Some years later some of Jon”s boys had begged him to let them join the firefighters as they were protecting their land, and they wanted to do there part.

It took a pile of bagging, and the warden pointing out that all had to go to fire school before going on the line. Jon took the class with them. Okay he wanted to know what was going on. He did find out that the cheap government did not get up to date stuff for the fighter. Well that was taken care of with a batch of cash that should have been paid in taxes. To bad, so sad, they would just have wasted it or, put it in their own pockets.

As always here comes a storm, lightning striking everywhere. Here a fire, there a fire, and over there too. Jon was in the kitchen servings food again with some of his younger boys now. He heard the call, four trapped, the fire had blow up.

Hours go by names are called out, two of his boys. Jon goes on serving food. Six hours later a copter sights the four waving in a clearing. The copter drops a cable lift, and one by one drag”s them up to safety. Their backpacks are full of why they are alive. The main item was something Jon had got all the fire people. A simple silver fire blanket. Dig a hole, wrap it around you, and pull the dirt over you, and pray, don”t forget the prayer.

The leader of the camp pointed at the copter, “scat, go give them a hug, and get them checked out.” Some of Jon”s doc”s checked out all four, and got them cleaned up. All four were ordered to stay in camp till they were cleared for duty again. It took a while to beat down this batch of fires, but they did it without a loss of life. Jon dropped a wee hint in a lady reporters ear as to why. “You know if the government would buy what we did on donations more firemen and I”m sorry woman too would come home alive.” Oops big story, red faces. Shit does roll up hill.

Lets see what else can Jon do? A big lake hum what if he built platforms, and placed tents on them, maybe placed a floating dock for boats. Do you thing some boy scouts might like to use them? “YOU BET YOUR ASS THEY WILL!

Hum what does Jon do with boys? No not that. He starts some classes. Yep first aid. Bull shit, if they were bigger they might be doctors. Lets see Flung Fu. Yep if attacked, they be deadly. Boating, swimming, cooking, if they wanted to learn it, a teacher will be found.

Near the end of the camping season Jon came out to the camp to ask if they enjoyed the camp? One of the boys held up his hand. “Sir, Jon, we are all gay, well most of us anyway, and the rest of us play around, can we sort of join in with some of your other boys, and learn some more junk?”

Jon almost had his first heart attack. After gasping around he asked, “What do you mean?” “Oh come on Jon us kids are smarter then most of our parents.” “Everyone knows about me?” “Nope just the good part of town. You do too much good for a straight guy.” After the boys speak of much that Jon never thought anyone would ever find out, he asked, “who?” A list of names was given to him. “THE sheriff the fucking sheriff?” “Sure he likes how you work. and thinks you walk on water.”

One of his own boys spoke up to tell Jon, “they are good dudes take them in as part of the group.”

It was strange to have boys join him with konyaaltı sınırsız escort parents being ok with it. One of the boys was named Ben, he was the gay son of the banker. The boy was some what of a genius. He seemed to be able to learn anything he saw. One day one of the boys saw a scrap of paper with a song on it. “Whose is this?” Ben looked up, “Oh just some shit that was running around in my mind. I wrote it down to get it out of my mind.” “Well I”m in the Virgin tour, and I like, it and want to record it.” “You really like it?” “You got any more?” “Yep out at the house.” “Can some of us see them?” “Sure.”

The next day a knock on the bankers door. Ben took five of Jon”s boys into his room. Blab, Blab. Blab, Okay enough of that. Songs, where are they? A hand waved at a shelf full of notebooks. Five boys soon are reading the notebooks. “Holly shit look at this.” “Good God look at this.” “Country.” “Look Mozart.” One boy would hand off a song to another saying, “here this is your type of song.” They were still at it when the banker came home for supper. “Are any of them any good.” Three of the boys picked up a random book, and sight read it as they harmonized. “What do you think?” “Wow.”

Ben wanted to hand over the pile of books. “Oh no you don”t, one of our lawyers will get with your lawyer, and we will set down together with you guys.” A few weeks later Ben”s lawyer throw up his hands as he said, “you don”t need me wasting your money, they are too honest. Call me once a month to check on them, and save your money.”

Well Ben made piles of money, with the V tour making quite a bit too. You name the type of music, and Ben did it.

One day A group of Virgins were rehearsing a musical at the ski lodge, and some of the music leaders set around watching. It was not going well. “Oh shit it isn”t flowing.” “It”s to heavy, it needs a light thread to tie it together. Go get Ben he will need to do another play in the back of this one.” One of the men was on his cell calling his twin sons. “Bring your whole trunk of sight gags, you”ll need them in this one.”

Two weeks later another run-thro of the musical. This time it had a light counter thyme running in the background as the twins did slapstick. They didn”t disturb the show, they just were there. A few shows were done. Rave write-ups from every big paper. Calls for a TV film were made. One of the shows was filmed live for TV, and later in the year put out as the film of the year.

Ben”s name was made, and he was soon writer of the year, and refused to write for anyone but the Virgins. Well if the Virgin asked him to he might do one or two.

Well one song did make a real fuss. A country song no less. It just had to be sang with out all the makeup. A whole group of Virgins bare faced no less.

Yep it went from bare face to the wedding from hell with the Pope swinging a club as he tried to kill some sinners.


Jerry in his wheelchair had taken his current group of volunteer pageant ladies for a day on the mountain side. Okay most of them are doing it for pay. Some just liked kids. Jerry”s kids, many kids also came along to help with the days fun in the woods. Some of the young boys, and one or two girls were still with their mothers. Jerry”s kids spent time with some of the kids helping them.

Grilling outdoor, good food for all. A rattle snake was seen, and panic was felt by many. One of Jerry”s kids picked up a forked stick, pinned its head grabbed it behind the head and near the tail. He walked it around the field to show, and tell. He spoke of how to tell if it is a poison snake. He also spoke of what a snake eats, and why it was needed. Afterward he took the snake away from the field, and turned it loose in a shaded area as it was over heated with all the time in his hands.

A cell phone goes off. The man named Jim walked away to answer it. He returned to sadly tell Jerry, Three kids were caught having sex. The head cop hung them by their wrists in the town square, and the priest beat them all to death with a whip. A good portion of the town cheered them to the last hit of the whip.

Jim pointed at his five sons, and waived his arm in a circle. to round them up. He whispered to them, and their faces showed pain, hate, and resolution to cure the whole town of dumb-ass. Lets go dad. No son lets get our stuff together, and then head out. A week later a family of six moved into a shack outside of a small southern town. The father seemed to spend a lot of time wondering the streets with a bottle. Yep licker. At least it smelled like licker. The kids ran the streets getting into everything. The cops ran them off all the time. All six of them. No one ever saw them drop a camera, or a mike, but the kids did a good job, and their father had a small ear-bud that was picking up one after another as he wondered the town. He had his house full of tape decks, all running full blast all day long.

It took a month to find out who was nasty and who was nice. The cop. and the priest led the list of not nice. The rest of the town fell way down near the bottom of the list. The few that fell on the nice side had some unknown person buy them out, and they left the town. All of them were happy to leave. Most of the kids were marked with tracers. A few were marked as don”t even think of picking them up. A cut off in the list was decided on. The top part was BREAK them, all their money gone. The bottom part was KILL them. Then destroy every building in the town. Seed the ground so nothing will ever grow again.

While all the above was going on the kids were being rounded up, and bused out of town. Yes some of the don”t pickup were taken along at the last instant.

When the town was empty of live bodies anything that was not wood was blown to pieces, every other place was burnt to the ground. The stuff that was on hand was spread on the ground to destroy its use.

The shack the six had lived in was empted, and burnt like the rest of the town as they drove off home. The kids were split up into small groups, and sent off to some of Jon”s homes to get settled in to live.

Yes some died, others were penniless. “So what.” This was not how Jon did things. Okay he had killed. Not mass killing. He had jailed some less then nice people. He often had broke people to the last cent. He hated taxes, and seldom paid it. He did use his money to help people. He also cleared people of false hoods. Jim felt bad, but felt it had to be done. “Hell” he said, “I would have done it for a straight guy too.”


Okay Enough death, and shatter.

Jermie had been after Jon for months to relax, take a vacation, just the two of them. At last he wore him down. Jon flew one of his small two engine planes to Los Verges to spend some time, eating, drinking, and gambling. A large eating place at the airport hotel drew their attention. They walked in to be seated at once. Their waiter was Johnny on the spot. Order taken at once. Drinks served at once. Jon happened to see their waiter out of the corner of his eye as two men rough him up, and drag him out a side door. He grabbed Jermie hand and led him out the door after them. He was talking fast as they followed them to the airfield. Jermie took down the bigger hood with his fists as Jon hit the other on the head with a board he had found on the ground. The three of them climbed into their plane, and left the field at once.

Oh well flying low, and fast as the airfield people did not like unannounced takeoffs. Lucky they had full tanks, and extra tanks as well. El Paso airport was used to Jon”s flying, and not being too good about doing things by the book. Oh well that is Jon doing what he wants to do. Tommy was the young mans name, and what had happened was that some of his acquaintances had tried to get him into some drug deals, and he blow them off. They didn”t like that, and were going to kill him before he squalled on them. “You can live at my place Tommy. Almost everyone there is gay, so if your not happy with that it might make it rough on you. “Oh well I”m not gay, but I have a buddy that is. We have had sex. It was fun so I guess I well be okay with it.” The three talk as the car is drove to trans mountain, and Tommy was startled as the car drove into an old dilapidated barn. It lasted only as long as it took to thumb a button on the dashboard. The rock and steel door slid open, a well lit road down into the home under the mountain was reveled. “Wow, you really like to hide your front door!”

A long drive led them to a huge parking area deep under Ranger peak. A quick check on available homes soon had the young man at home. A young boy was told to get him anything he needs, clothes, food, anything to make it a home. “Show him around the place.”

Tommy settled in well, found an other young man as a roommate. Did school to find out what he wanted to do with his life. Over time he missed his folks. He started to retreat from life into his own mind. This is bad, and was noted. A nut doctor was soon talking to him. {Note. Nut doctor is short for mind reader.} One of them had been working with some computers/cameras/screens, and wondered if they can let him have some views of his home. He had one whole wall of Tommy”s living room cleared of junk, and placed screens side by side and top to bottom till they covered the whole wall. He had some cameras placed around his folks home, and town. With a computer control Tommy can watch mom, and dad come and go. It was like his wall was a large window. After a while Sid decided to let the boy visit the inside of the house as well. konyaaltı türbanlı escort He had cameras placed all over the first floor. Yes they were well hidden. Jon had been into the spying bit for years, and had made them smaller, and smaller till one of his men found out how to make them inadvisable. Oh boy try to find them now. Tommy was a happy bunny till the day he found out the group that had attacked him were visiting his folks, and hiding some of their trash in their house.

He called on Jon for some help. Max as always had stored everything he/it saw, and heard. The talk the men did while hidding the dope was put on disk. Snapshots were printed out. Each time was displayed on the print. A good cop was spoke to about the problem. He was supplied with a screen, and called when the next visit was planned. He set at his desk with a pile of cops watching it go down. A squad of cops were guided by radio to pick them up at their home. OOPS to bad, so sad. Hell no.

Tommy thought he could go home now. Hell no again. Cops, courts, DAs are slow as molasses. They even let subjects out of jail on bail.

Jon spoke of the family might wanting a job in El Paso Texas? “I have some nice homes where they can live, and you can walk out of a fireplace to visit them. Your brother can come home with you if he wants to. He is gay all the way as you saw.” Over the years Jon had left more family contact. Many a family not only visited but worked for Jon.


The wee blue line says I ran out of ideas, and am changing the story.

Back at the lake. One of Jon”s men started to think he is going nuts. He keeps seeing something moving, where nothing is. You know that spot just out of the corner of the eye. Over time he decided to place some cameras around to see if he can catch his ghost. He does the deed in the dark of night.

It took a week for him to see the real thing. A small Indian boy of about ten years of age. He is where he should not be seeing what he should not be seeing. The small cabin that hides all that is below, has a computer display with many screens, and the elevator too. To outsiders it is just a place that a pair of men live.

A trip wire is set, and never is hit. Other traps are set, and he seems to just walk around them. Jon heard about the youngster, and know they were doing it all wrong.

He flew into the lake in his seaplane later that week. He set down to go over the places the boy was almost seen, and the picture they had got. “Hum he is not up to anything bad, just lonely. Jon was playing the man that is not there himself. He set in an armchair in a dark room waiting. A noise, not loud, just a small sound. “Hello son, set down and talk will you do that?” A gasp. Then a low voice, “how did you do this?” “I”ve been doing it for years. I just go with the flow. You are better then most.”

The two talk for hours. Then Jon asks Little Bare if he wants a job? “You have to know we have a home under here,” as he taps the floor with his foot. “Do you think you can hand me a beer can in the bar without being caught?” “Sure, a week from today.” A hand is held out to seal the deal. Jon looks away, and when he looks back the boy is gone.

Two times the young man is almost seen that week. Then on Friday evening Jon is setting at the bar in a wee club on floor ten waiting for a beer he had ordered. A small voice asked, “do I have to put it in your hand sir?” Jon grinned as he picked up the can, “no son, but the next time you call me sir, instead of Jon you get slapped on the ass.” The two friends set speaking for the rest of the evening. As they part Jon asks if he can do the beer delivery again? “Not this way, I”ll need to find another way in. Your guards don”t like being played with. That freight elevator is off limits.” Jon handed him a credit card, “use this to help you do the job.”

A month goes by with the guards having nerves on edge all the time. You know that dark and dreary night they are always writing about. Well it was when the young man made his move. A dark storm cloud covered the moon, a shadow flattered across the sky. A small light near the horse barn was seen, and it turned toward it. The pasture was aimed at. A soft landing, a quite landing. A wing is collapsed. A short walk to the barn, and a door is opened to a tunnel. A walk to the home, and a cold beer is once again handed to Jon.

“Okay how did you do it this time?” “I flow a wing into the horse pasture.” “Okay your fired, but you are now head guard.” “Hell no, but I will advice them when I see something wrong. He was right no guard would do what a kid said. Jon would have piss poor guards.

Little Bare, well his real name was Little Bear, but he was a joker.

He started a new game with the wing. You know how high can I jump from, how long, how far, and so on. Oh yes also how many can we get Jon to buy? LOTS. A new class they had to take.


Oh the wing reminded me of a kidnapping.

A young kid did what his folks told him never to do. Talked on the computer to a man, a strange man. He did everything wrong.

Well a trace was ran on his computer, and his real name, phone, address and so on was soon in hand. The man was real strange. Yep he was in love, well lust with the young boy. A room was rented next door to the kids house. Spy time, who lives in the house, when are they home. work, kid home alone, and so on.

One thing he did not find out was that Jon had a trace on the kids computer. One of his older boys had seen his posts, and was worried about the kid.

He had a bug on it with a batch of key words flagged. Oops bad guy fucked up again. He broke into the house while the kid was talking on the computer, and when he broke in on the kid he yelled for help with few of the key words. Oh boy, the command room was kicked into high gear at once. Some of Jon”s cameras that he had scattered around town picked up the car the man was using to head out of town. Little Bare happened to be in the room that day, and told the man in charge, “There is no way a car can follow him on that road.”

“Let me do it, I have that new motorized wing.” He suited up, and was soon close on the mans tail. He used his cell phone to let them know where the car was going. An old deserted house about thirty miles away. Little Bare landed on the road about three miles away, and pushed he wing behind the house. A knock on the door, and the kids pushed it into the barn for him. He talks fast, and gets permission to stage the rescue from there house. A command van just like the cops use pulled into the barn, and it was in operation with full seats.

The idea was move fast, and with max force. One of the young kids was seen making a picture. “Can you drew the inside of that house to scale?” “Sure!” The boy did one fine job, and even put in sight lines for the shooters.

Jerry called for

suits-of-lights to be unpacked. Three boys put them on and armed themselves. Others armed themselves to rush across the ground to the house. The young artist led the way. He pointed out a small raise that can be used to overlook the house before they rush the house. Even as they came in sight of the house two of the men in the suits sprung off the ground, and vanished before two windows on the second floor opened on there own.

A young boys scream was heard. A shot was heard right behind the yell. An other shot was heard on the ground floor. The front door opened, and the boy was carried out by no-one. Okay the man was then seen holding the boy tenderly. He wiped the tears away.

A young male, nurse took the youngster in hand to find out how he was hurt. “No he sucked on my pee

. pee, but never touched my ass, thou he said he was going to.

Cars pulled up to remove everyone from the crime scene. The young artist asked, “don”t we have to wait for the cops?” “It never happened. They will both vanish, no one cares.”

A meal was laid on for all at the boys house. The mother insisted on all setting down to eat. Jerry was called to look at a notebook one of his sons had found. It had almost a full blueprint of the

suits-of-lights drawling it out. “Get the kid on the payroll.” Hell the whole family was hired. The house next door burned down that night. Oh well kids with matches can do many things.


A computer that thinks for itself can cause some problems. SOME? Yeah it has, it has been known to do some wild jokes.

One night Max cost Jon almost 10,000,000 dollars. Jon pointed a finger at somewhere near where he thought Max might be located, and swore at him for awhile. Okay Max you screwed the pup. Take that cash you were going to use to update your body, and earn my money back, or replace it. “BUT!” “Do it.”

Jon grumbled all week about smart ass computers.

At last Max spoke about the need to use a Remote computer hook- up. “What are you doing now?” “I bought a trucking outfit it is Bi-nation.” “Mexico?” “Yes it should be a money maker.” “Lets go I want to see this.” They drove about ten miles out of town. Jon spoke up, “I don”t like this a bit.” He looked around to see only one man in the office. No mechanics on site. James set down at the computer desk. He saw a solitaire game, and brought it up to play, at the same time he plugged Max in to the computer. As he played Max was reading, and d-Loading every fact to his station.

Before long he was calling a cop buddy to report theft by embezzlement. Max listed all the money, and spoke names that had done it. The cops came, and went, and left the new konyaaltı ucuz escort owners alone. A truck drove in, and Jon as always wanted to see what shape it was in. They checked out the cab, and papers, Lifted the hood, looked over the engine. Then opened the back to look at the empty area to see how clean it is. James pushed Jon back away as he sees a blanket move near the door. Jon watched as James rolled back the blanket to show a young refugee. “Oh boy, this is not good.” For once Jon does what he should. It will most likely be the last time too.

Well he turns the boy in to the border patrol with the request to sponsor the boy. OOPS Jon runs into rules, bull-shit, and brick walls. Well there was never a wall Jon didn”t want to kick down. He learned on his pappies knees to never start at the base of the wall, so he went to the top. He set in the chair for quite a long time, and then pulled out his phone to call a friend, He hung up, and walked over to stand in front of the commander of the border patrol”s door. “Glad to meet you sir.” Jon shook the hand, and told him, “the name is Jon, and sir was my father.”

“I never had the Mayor call me to open my door before, and never like he was afraid.” “He might have been, he does a good job, and I have helped him stay in office.” “You use him then?” “Not often, and I just used him to open a slow moving door. Written down bull shit is slowing down your people. I would tear up the book, and let the people that do the job do it right.”

“Okay who peed in your Rice Crisplys?” “One of your fine officers can read, but can”t think outside the book. I throw him a curve, and asked to sponsor the boy I had turned in.” “Oh Lord could he talk afterwards.” “Yep about the book. polite as hell too.” “Okay the boy needs to go back over there, you meet him there, and take him to the Embassy, fill in all the junk, and bring him over next week. Lets see that well be three days.”

“Okay that”s out of the way, lets talk turkey. I have a problem with your bridge. It is a fucking hole in a wall. Drugs slip thro too easy.” “Tell me, I have tried everything.” “Have you tried shooting some of your guards?” “You know something I don”t?” “Yep.” “Lets say there will be some new paper boys on the bridge next week. You will know they are my boys, bright red hair. If one or both slaps their hats on their ass strip the car naked, and the driver too. and keep an eye on one of the guars that is trying to wave it throw. There will be five cars in all.”

“Shit.” “Yep, I”ve been looking for some way to do this.”

A heartfelt handshake. A wave as Jon leaves the office. Another friend in hand.

The redheaded newspaper boys had a long run, and just about busted the drug dealers. They also made a few honest guards happy. They busted a bus, and even a car load of nuns. Oh yes earned some cash too.

Jon met the young boy as he was dumped off like trash on that side of the bridge. He led him to a Marine, told him to go with him. Fuck three days waiting. An hour later, a boy with papers is delivered back to Jon.

You wonder what Jon has on the Marine? Will nothing. The Marine is in charge at the Embassy. A while ago Jon noticed the place really had no backup for safety. A safe room. Shit let some of my guys loose on that shit. A new ten story hotel was built a few streets north of the Embassy with a nice tunnel deep below the streets. It ended at the safe room, and all the personal can walk home if they want to. The Marine”s have there own rooms deep under ground, with their own gym to work out in. Some of them liked Jon”s gym for his boys better.

They had been working out there for awhile when one of the boys got a boo-boo on his arm. His lover kissed it to make it well. “What the hell was that?” “Didn”t the drill serge teach you guys anything, that was a kiss.” “But he is a boy.” “I hope so, or I will have to wash my mouth out with soap.” “You guys are Q— “Stop right there, it is gay, or you have insulted a lot of my buddies.”

The commander of the Marine”s looked up the young man to let him know he was a friend of Jon”s, and had cured all of his men of being stupid. If you are trained on the mat can I ask you to train some of them? Jon”s team has not found the time for that yet.

It was a scream the first time the boys showed them what they were going to teach them. Okay Jon thinks the services teach you how to fight like pusses. Shut up till you see what we show you. They did show them, and the leader showed them a small star tattooed on his arm. If you are good wee boys and pass the test, you get one too.

He also told them about Jon teaching him and his buddies in control America. “He has passed it on to many people in the service. No one has ever disgraced us yet. If they do we remove the star. Do you hear my warning?” “Yes sir.”

One day Jon asked the captain if he had some time off? Sure three days, why? “You have been after me to let you try out my cheery red car, well lets go.” “Shit it is way under powered.” Jon looked around, and placed his ring on the dashboard. A panel fall open. “Push up the leaver gently Sam.” “Shit this thing can fly.” “It will reach the moon if you keep pushing up, but only our bodies will make it.”

Jon let the man fly to El Paso and land on Trans Mountain. He drove it into the tunnel. “Okay as of the pass nothing is to be spoke of.” the man is shown much that is never seen by most people. At last they walk into a huge cave with one large space ship setting on rails.

Jon walks over to open the hatch, and swore as he called people some nasty names. Three men walk up to open the door for them. “Sorry boss you were too fast today.”

One said, “lets get it outside, and you can fly it to the station from there.” “Me?” “You flow the car? It`s the same idea.” When they got back later that day Sam whispered, Why?” “Your one of us, and I bet you will die a virgin.” “I can”t do it and be an officer sir.” “Sir, you have a home here any time. No need for sex, just a home.”

The Commanders time was up, and as always he was posted somewhere else. Jon always know where he is. And often a young man might pass him a warning that shit was going to happen. He always seemed to be ahead of the bad guys. He really was ahead of most of the stuff.

The man was promoted on time, and sometimes ahead of time. Then came Paris France. He was in the big time now.

Sam was outside the fence checking on a disturbance when he smelt something. It was a delivery truck at the front gate. He yelled for the guard to hit the dirt, “NOW.” The guard did hit the dirt, but Sam was running at the truck as it blow up. They had to use a spatula to gather most of him up. Jon demanded his body to lay to rest. Quite a few of the men in the ranks showed a star on their arms. Oh the group that killed him were hunted down to the man, all died a nasty death. Not a one of them is alive. Jon led some men on leave to find them.

Sam was not left to rest in peace. Some of the shit that was wrote on his stone should never be done. Jon dug him up to place his body, what was left in a gold, and blue jar draped in a Marine flag. It joined many others in the hall of remembrance.


Some ladies that love other ladies talked real nice to Jon one time. “Can we live with you?” one of them asked him. “What the hell.” A giggle was heard, “not with you, just in your cave, separate but equal.” “A cave of your own?” “Yes.”

A lot of talk, how many girls what do you need? When and so on.

Some moving around. Doors locked, digging new space, set up to be used. Oh boy was there a lot to get settled. At long last some of the ladies were in their new home. Oh boy they are not boys, even if some of them work construction. Jon even built a tunnel to the other side of the mountain for them to have their own entrance. He even laid in rails to run a small electric train for them.

The ladies were into crafts. Candles, perfume, clothing, birdhouses, lace, Tea houses, lunch room, okay and so on. The rather large town had room for some of them to open small shops. They really should have checked out the town first.

Jon”s cell phone played the notes set aside for the ladies, “Hello?” Jon we need help. There is a mob running protection over here. They put some of my Girls in the hospital. I”ll send some of my boys over to get told what you have seen. Mean while we well get a combat teem ready to go. Jon had three of his boys posted to the town to spy out the place.

Two days later he had call, “Those fools might as well post a sign, PLACE A BOMB

X. “Well….. Do you have the bomb ready?” “Yep but we need some film at noon to show the public.”

A plan was concocted. A sacrifice was made. Some of the ladies had a nice shop that could be filmed as it was destroyed. Jon had three of the boys in drag take the ladies place, and tell the men picking up the protection money to piss up a tree, “we aren”t paying no more money.” That same night ball bats, tar, bags of shit, were taken to the shop. Not one dress was left whole, not a glass counter that was not broke, shit on the walls. Windows broke out., door broke into pieces.

Yes the film crew trailed the mob crew home. At a safe distance they filmed them going in the door. They also filmed parts of them coming out the door, the wall, and the roof.


Film at noon.

A note in the paper said. “AS OF NOW CROOKS are not welcome.” Many people took a train out of town that evening.

A very honest town was born that day.

Some of the ladies ran for office, and won.

Facts: females wear more clothes,

more tea rooms

lace on chairs

curtains used often

talk more then boys

I”ll add more later. giggle

Oh one more fact: there are less lesbians then gays



The end. One more time The end

I hate it when they forget The end or TBC

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