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Authors note.

This story did not go in the direction that I had originally planned it would take it in when I first thought it up. However, after reading these incredible stories on Nifty called Building a Family http://www.//gay/adult-youth/building-a-family/, and Lincoln https://www.//gay/adult-youth/lincoln/ this is the direction I took. I, like most of you I imagine, get on Nifty to read about the sex between members of the same sex regardless of age. However, I wanted to write like these two wonderful authors, where there is the sex, but there is also a story behind it as well. After reading these two stories, I wondered if I could take this story that I fantasized about, and turn the main character Brian, from just a porn star to something readers rooted or cried for. I wanted to make this boy a person instead of just a cum dump. Whenever I write a story I like to put myself in the place of the boy and wonder what I would be feeling and how I would have reacted to it as a child. After having the sex filled childhood I had, I felt comfortable doing that. I want to thank all of the readers that wrote to me telling me how much they liked the story and the way it was written.

I am a little ADD so it is hard for me to sit down and write. I will not do it if I do not get feedback. Nifty give us an outlet to write things that we cannot talk about in the real world, so donate fty/donate.html  and be sure to give the authors feedback on what you think after you read their stories..

Remember to please keep the fantasies here on the pages of Nifty. What I am asking is read about him, dream about him, look at him, but don”t put hands on him.

I do hope you and your families are staying safe and heathy through these trying times. ENJOY.






We were just getting ready to leave the office when Brad yelled out, “Tyler, I need him back here.”

Tyler and I turned around and went back to Brads desk. Tyler asked, “What is it man, I am short on time?”

“Sorry dude, I have to have his fingerprint, or he is sleeping in the Quad tonight.” I was not sure what they were talking about, then Brad put this black thing in front of me. “Give me your right-hand Brian.” I held out my hand and he turned it palm down. He then took hold of my index finger and pushed it down on the black thing. On his computer screen I saw my fingerprint show up. “Ok, that”s all I needed you guys can go now.”

“Ok Brian, here we go.” Tyler said as we walked out of the office, down the hall, and out into the Quad. We went over to the building marked Gymnasium and went inside. The entry door led us to a long hall where Tyler started the tour. “Along this hall there are seven doors. The first six are entries into the locker rooms, one for each house. The first door with the Crossman House sign above it is really the only door you need to worry about. The next five are for the other five houses, and the very last one is direct access to the gym. Use that door if you are just coming to see a game, like basketball.”

“I think I am safe there; I am not really into sports.”

“That”s ok, other things happen in there to. We also have pep-rallies where we see how loud we can cheer on one of our teems. You may not be into the sport itself, that the rallies are lots of fun.” Looking at the Crossman locker room door he said, “As you can see, there is a fingerprint reader on the side of the door leading into our locker room. Put your finger on the pad.”

I did as he said and heard a buzz. Tyler grabbed the door to open it. “That is cool. Will my fingerprint work on all the doors?”

“Nope, only on the Crossman doors. Let”s go in.” We went through the door and right in front of us was a wall, we turned right for a few steps and we were in the locker room. “As you can see, there are two benches down the center, and along the walls there are five closets on each side.” He opened one of the closets and inside was a backpack, robe, socks, and shoes. “Most of the time you will have your own locker. Unless something big is happening, the you may have to share. The regular schedule is set up so that no more than ten boys from each house are having gym at the same time.”

“Do we do gym class naked?” I ask nervously.

“No, why would you think that?”

“Because if this boys robe, shoes, and socks are in this locker, then he is naked, isn”t he?”

Tyler laughed, (He has really cute dimples by the way.) “No, I am sorry, I did not clearly explain this to you. You are always naked in the house, and never wear anything under your robe unless you have a visitor or going on a field trip. However, you will find in the closet in your room, three shirts, three shorts, three sweatpants, two swimming suits, tennis shoes, white socks, and a jock with a cup for gym. You pack your backpack based on what you will be doing, which will be on your schedule.”

“Umm… Tyler, can I ask you something that I have been wondering about? No… never mind, it stupid”

Tyler sat down on the bench so he could look me in the eye, “Brian, you can ask me anything. I will answer all your questions, whatever they are.”

Nervously, and looking at the ground I asked, “Don”t you ever worry about one the Regulars finding out that you are naked under your robe?”

“Good question let me put your mind to rest. The Regulars know we are naked under our robes. It would be hard keeping that a secrete when we are part of FSB community. For example, you are playing frisbee with a boy from Cartwright House, and you jump for it, there is a good chance that your robe will come up.”

“Really, don”t they make fun of us?

Smiling, “No, you have to remember this is a Crossman school first, and the regulars are invited guests. Would you go into someone”s house and make fun of them?”

“No of course not.”

“Right, so they respect our beliefs just like we respect theirs. We have Christians, Jewish, Muslim, and even a few Buddhist people here. One of the most important teachings we have a Crossman is to respect others. We do not judge people by the color of their skin, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation. We judge them by how they present themselves to us. Many boys have been removed from this school because of their inability to do the same. However, because this school was founded on these beliefs, that is how we, as the FSB community are expected to behave.”

“I think that is cool and will be easy for me. That is the way I was brought up as well.

“In the assembly at the start of every semester, the Crossman beliefs are explained to every boy at the school, with the exception of the sex we have with men. They are told that clothes are not part of the Crossman way and that sex, including masturbation is not permitted until marriage. That is true on the boys part when men are not involved. You would also be surprised how many Regulars are naked under there robe. The clothing requirement for Regulars only states the type and maximum amount of clothing they can wear.”

“Wow, that is a load off my mind. I have just one more question, why are there are no locks on the closets?”

“We are FSB, we have a code of conduct, we don”t steel Brian. Other than family photos and some other personal stuff, we all have the same things. We will go into that more after lunch when we go to the House.”

“I am sorry Tyler, please don”t be mad at me. At my school we have locks on everything.”

“I”m not mad Brian, just not used to questions like that. Your old school and the issues you had there, don”t exist here. Let all that go and accept that this is a better place for you.” He said, smiling. He gave me a hug and stood.

“I know it is, but it will take a little bit to get used to.”

We walked a little further into the room and ended up in a big bathroom. Tyler said, “This is obviously the bathroom and shower room. You will be required to take a shower after gym, no exceptions.”

The bathroom was big, but there were no stalls around the toilets, they just sat there in the open. “Tyler, how come there are no stalls around the toilets?

“Why would you need them? All the Cboys know what you look like and the men here like us visible when they come in.”

To the left of the showers and bathroom was a hall that led to another door. Tyler led me through it into yet another hall. He pointed to the left and said, “Through that door on the end is the gym. Through this door is the pool.”

We walked through the door and into this amazing covered pool area. The pool was huge and has diving boards way up in the air. Tyler continued, ” This is an Olympic size pool, we are ranked number two in the country in swimming competitions, but I think afyon escort we will be number one this year. Matthew, in Decker House is amazing. I have never seen anyone glide across the pool like he does. We have four diving boards. Just a regular three-footer, then the competition boards are five meters, seven point five meters, and ten meters.”

“How do you know so much about it?”

“I am on the diving team. I am good at it and have won some competitions, but probably not good enough for the Olympics.”

“Will I be able to watch you dive?”

“Of course, I would love to have you there. Let”s finish this up so we can go to lunch.” We walked back into the hall and turned left towards another door. We went through that and to the outside. We followed the path a little bit till we came on the schools stadium. It was big, and Tyler said it can hold fifteen thousand people.

We walked through a door and landed up on the field. The field is set up so that they can play baseball, football, or soccer. There was football practice going on one side of the field, and soccer practice happening on the other side. They all looked like they were working hard and having fun. Some whistles blew and all the kids started heading our way.

“Ok kid, it”s getting to be lunch time, but I think we still have enough time to see the auditorium.” We left the gym and headed over to the next building. We went through the outer doors, through a lobby, and into an auditorium that was at least twice as big as the one in my old school.

On the stage were some kids reading lines and a cool set behind them. “Tyler, are they going to put on a show?”

“Yes, there is one big show each semester. This show will be Death of a Salesman. Do you think that might be something you would be interested in?”

“No, it really looks fun, but I would be to be scared to get up on stage before a bunch of people.”

“You can”t let fear drive your life. If this is something you might be interested in, go for it, have fun with it.”

Just then, the bell rang and all the kids on stage were heading our direction. Tyler put his hand on my back to guide me out the door. We headed across the Quad to the dining room. Before we got all the way to the dining room, Tyler stopped me. “Brian we may have a problem in the dining room.”

I was worried that maybe Kyles friends were going to come after me. “What”s wrong, are there going to be issues because of Kyle?”

Tyler laughed, “No, you may not know this, but you have a lot of friends in there. Guys that Kyle tormented, it turned out to be a lot worse than we thought. So, anyway, the issue you are going to be having is… I am just not sure how to tell you. Brad and I realized it while you were in signing your contracts.”

I could tell he was just teasing me, but I didn”t know if that was good or bad. “Come on Tyler you are scaring me. Just tell me already.”

He smiled and said, “Ok, so the only ones who knew you were coming today is staff members, Brad, and me.”

“So, what” wrong with that.”

I could not understand why he was dragging this out. “Well the issue is that we never told Timmy that you would be here today.”

“Doesn”t he want me to come here anymore?”

“No, that is not it at all. When you walk into that dining room and Timmy sees you, he is going to go crazy. He has not stopped talking about you since you left.”

I laughed, “So what you are telling me is that I am about to be really embarrassed when I go through that door?”

“What I would recommend to you is that when you hear your name screamed over the crowd, you get a good stance so that he does not knock you to the ground when he gets to you.” At this point Tyler and I were laughing so hard. “Do you like me?”

Trying to control my laughter. “Of course, I do, why do you ask.”

“Well Brad and I have a bet going. I said that you will not get knocked down. Brad said that you would. Don”t let me down little brother.”

Still laughing a little we made our way to the dining room. We went through the doors together and I looked over to where we sat when I was here last time. I saw Timmy facing away from me and guess who he was talking to? You got it, good old Brad. Brad looked Tyler straight in the eyes and pointed at me. Timmy turned around and looked in the direction Brad was pointing. It took Timmy a minute to see me, and then all hell broke loose.

Timmy screamed, “BBRRIIAAN!!!!” Then he ran at me full throttle. I braced myself and then noticed everybody looking at Timmy and then looking at me. He hit me hard and wrapped me in a big hug. As hard as I tried I could not stay standing. I heard Brad whooping it up as I hit the ground.

Tyler looked down at me and said, “You cost me my cake from lunch, but I forgive you.” He said smiling. He pulled Timmy off me so I could get up.

Tyler said, “Timmy, go back over to the table, and let Brian and I get our lunch.”

“Ok Tyler, sorry I knocked you over Brian. I was just so excited to see you.”

“It”s ok, I will come sit with you once I grab my lunch.” Timmy went back to the table, but never took his eyes off me. Tyler and I got in line on the Crossman side. I grabbed a tray and silverware wrapped in a cloth napkin. Today I had a hamburger, with fries, corn, and a piece of chocolate cake for dessert. When I got to the end, the man put one of those cups with the lid on it, on the tray and winked at me.

We headed to the table and Timmy had me sit in the same seat I sat in the last time I was here. Tyler sat across from me, Paul was next to him, and Brendon was on the other side of Timmy. Before I could take my seat, Brenden was up, coming over to me. He wrapped me in a hug and said, “I am happy you are back Brian, but if it would not be too much to ask, can you try to get through lunch without elbowing someone in the balls?” He said laughing.

Giggling, I said, “You are asking a lot, but I will try.” I took my place, and when Tyler looked the other way, I slipped my cake on to his tray.

Tyler saw me just as I pulled my hand back. He gave me a big smile; did I mention he has these incredible dimples? He put the cake back on my tray and said, “I guess you could say that the bet was just an expression. Crossman don”t gamble, but thanks for looking out.”

I looked over and saw that Timmy had already finished up the golden water. I was looking at the cup when Tyler said, “By next week, you will be sipping it to enjoy the flavor. Till then, just drink it down fast and move on.

I pulled the lid off, and it smelt awful. I took a deep breath and drank it all down. It tasted bad, but I dealt with it. As I ate we talked about all kinds of things like classes and favorite teachers. I told them about my old school, and how I didn”t have any friends.

Timmy put his arm around my shoulder, “Now you not only have friends, but you have lots of brothers.” I got kind of sad and Paul asked, “Brian, what”s wrong buddy? You can talk to us.”

I was mad at myself because I could see and feel the tears filling up my eyes. “I have never had friends before, so I am really happy about that. When Timmy said I had all of these brothers, I just realized how much I miss my brother Donny already, and it had been less than an hour. Did I make the right decision staying behind? I don”t know how I can go two full years without seeing him.”

Tyler came over and wrapped me in a hug. “Brian, we are all here for you. It is going to be hard at first, but we will be there for hugs, advise, and to yell at if that is what you need.” He grabbed my napkin and wiped my eyes. I felt so embarrassed when I saw kids from other tables looking at me.

A boy from the next table over, and a different house came over and said, “I am sorry for listening in on your conversation. My name is Winston, and I was where you are last year. My sister and I are twins, and I miss her so much every day. She is going to a girl”s boarding school in another state and we hardly ever see each other. It really sucks and it took a lot of work and support from the brothers in my house, but now I can go through almost a whole week without it hurting so bad. Just lean on your new brothers and write a lot of letters.”

I started panicking, “But I don”t know how to mail them. I am not sure where they will be.” Looking at Tyler, I said, “I know they don”t leave till tomorrow. Can I change my mind and go with them you think?”

Tyler said, “I doubt it, they would have to buy another ticket and pack you differently then you have here. You said all of your stuff was in storage, how will you get to it? Most importantly is how mad will Donny be if you give up your chance here? As far as writing them goes, the Headmaster has all that information. All you have to do is write it, put it in an agrı escort envelope, and give it to Brad. He will make sure that it gets where it needs to go.”

Lots of things were running through my mind. I looked over at Timmy and he was crying. I asked. “What”s wrong Timmy.”

He looked so sad, “You said you would be my best friend, I have waited over two weeks for you to get here and now you want to leave.” He turned to Brendon and buried his face in Brendon”s chest and cried.

I felt so bad, “Timmy, Tyler is right, it”s too late to go with them. I am sorry I made you sad. I really want to be your best friend, really. Please give me another chance.”

Timmy turned and looked at me, “Really you are going to stay and be my best friend? You gotta promise not to change your mind again.”

“I promise, Tyler”s right, Donny would kick my butt if I left here. Sorry for being such a baby everyone.”

Brendon said, “Don”t worry about it, we have all been there. You are not alone. Every boy in this school, whether they admit it or not, miss their families. You will be ok brother.”

Tyler said something to make everyone laugh and brought us out of our funk. We ate lunch and of course, it was wonderful. Once the guys came out of the kitchen to collect the dishes, kids from other tables came over to me. All thanking me for getting rid of Kyle. Once everyone cleared away, a little boy who I could tell was really shy, blond hair, blue eyes, really skinny, maybe eight or nine said, “Excuse me Brian, would it be ok if I talked to you?”

“Sure, I guess. What”s up?” I couldn”t figure out what was going on, but he had tears in his eyes.

“I just wanted to thank you for helping me.”

I was confused, “I don”t understand, when did I help you?”

“When you beat up Kyle.” He showed me his wrists which had cuts across them with what looked like stiches. I couldn”t quite understand what I was seeing.

Brad saw what was happening and came over. He got on his knees in front of the boy, “Owen, are you sure you want to talk about it?”

He looked so sad, “Yes, I am sure.”

“Ok, do you want me to explain the first part?” The boy nodded. “Brian, this is Owen, he just turned nine the other day. His parents are out of the country, so he felt like he had no one to help him. His big brother in his house, found him in the shower with his wrist cut.” I was surprised to say the least. “We had no idea why, and he would not say a word. He would not eat so he was in medical with a tube connected to his chest for food.”

Owen took over from there. “I was in Kyle”s house, and he did things to me and told me if I told anyone he would kill me. I was so scared, I thought the only way out was to kill myself, so I cut my wrist so I would die.”

An older boy came up behind Owen and took over. “When I found Owen in the shower room and all that blood, I grabbed some towels and wrapped his wrist and carried him over to medical. This was the same day, just before you beat up Kyle. It took about a week before he would even respond to me. He finally told me what Kyle was doing to him. I was so angry at myself. How could I have missed this; it was my job to look after him and I failed. The anger was so deep, that I was ready to hunt that jerk down and beat him to death. I knew Kyle was a jerk, but I never knew how he was torturing some of the other boys”

Owen took a deep breath and went on. “This is Bobby, he is my big brother. When he told me, what happened between you and Kyle, and that you were like the same size as I am, I told him everything.”

I could not believe what I am hearing. This is terrible what kind of person is that mean to someone half their size. “I am so sorry that happened to you. I am still not sure why you are thanking me though.”

“Because if you would not have beat up Kyle, and got him kicked out of the school, I would have found a way to finish what I started and killed myself. Once I found out that Kyle was gone, I was able to tell Bobby what he did without the fear of Kyle hurting me anymore. As soon as the house found out they all came to visit me and told me that they would never let anything happen to me again. So, thank you for freeing me” He came up to me and gave me a big hug, and kept saying “Thank you for saving me.” In my ear.

I hugged him back, “You are welcome. If anyone tries to mess with you again, you tell me, and I will I kick their butt.”

He backed off and smiled. He waved as Bobby led him back to his own table. I looked at Tyler and Brad. Brad said, “When the Headmaster herd about it he hit the roof, I have never seen him so mad. He called the police and they sent a really nice lady officer to talk to Owen. Kyle was arrested and I guess his dad refused to post bail.”

“Wow, he was a really bad guy. Now I am mad at Brendon and Paul.”

Paul looked surprised, “Why are you mad at us?”

“Because you pulled me off of him. I should have blackened both of his eyes.” I was mad, how could someone do that to a sweet guy like Owen?

Tyler said, “Well let”s put that behind us, look ahead.” The bell rang and we all left the dining room. Everybody else to class me and Tyler to my new home.

Tyler and I walked into the Crossman House, and into a lobby area. It was not very big, but had some tables, couches, and rooms off to one side. Tyler said, “This is the meeting area. This is where you can spend time with family, friends from the outside, or guys from other houses. The bathrooms are through those doors, and the other three rooms are for you just to hang out with your family if you guys want some privacy.”

“I guess I don”t have to worry about that, my family won”t be visiting me for two years.”

Tyler got down on one knee, “Brian, you have to stop feeling sorry for yourself, or you are going to be miserable here. It”s only two years, that time will pass before you know it.”

“Ok Tyler, I will try.”

“Good to hear. So, this is the only place in this House that you will ever wear clothes while hanging out. If you make a friend from another house and want to hang out, this is where you can do it, or at his house.”

He led me to a door and had me put my finger on the black thingy again. The door buzzed and I pulled it open and went inside. As we rounded the corner, I saw a big beautiful kitchen, lots of couches, and reclining chairs. It kinds looked like one of those fancy homes on TV. “This is where we hang out if we are doing a special house only thing. Like birthdays, graduation, and other events that we are doing as Crossman.”

I was overwhelmed with how beautiful, huge, and homey it was. “I have never seen a table that big.”

Tyler laughed, “Yea, I know what you mean. They have updated this place every five years. This is definitely not what this place looked like when it was built. However, that table and the bench”s on each side are over a hundred years old, do you see all the beautiful carvings in it? This table was crafted by hand, and I was told that it took almost a whole year to complete. The benches are made from big trees cut in half and the bark removed.”

“WOW, that”s amazing!”

Tyler got us back on track by continuing the tour. “You see the chairs against that wall?” I nodded yes. “This is where you will remove your clothes. You are not permitted to wear clothes anywhere in the house, except in the outer lobby.”

Tyler reached over and grabbed the shoulders of my robe and lifted up. I raised my arms and it was off. I took off my shirt, shorts, shoes, and socks. When I looked up again, Tyler was standing there naked. He was skinny, but not like bone skinny. He has shinny brown hair that was longer and went down to his shoulders. He has the brightest brown eyes I have ever seen, oh yea, did I mention the dimples? I thought, giggling in my head. Two things about his body really surprised me. The first was that he had zero body hair. He has the hair on his head, eyebrows, and lashes, that”s it. Second thing was this plastic tube wrapped around his junk.

I guess he saw me looking at him and asked, “Well Brian, what do you think?”

I didn”t know where to start. “You are so handsome; I would love you look like you. Why don”t you have any hair on your body, and what is that on your cock?”

He laughed a little and then answered my questions. “You see Brian, until you are eighteen, and depending on the family, we are considered boys, not men. Body hair is manly, that is why you will never see a Crossman boy or girl with any.”

“Ok, I understand I guess.”

“Next thing is that boys don”t have cocks, they have pissers, because the only thing that a boy can do with it is piss. I am wearing a pisser control unit. You see when you get older you find out that playing with it feels good. Only a Cboy is not allowed akdere escort to do that until he is eighteen in some cases, in other, not until he is married.”

“That”s a long time, it doesn”t seem fair. I heard at school in a health class that boys need to ejaculate, or they get something called blue balls I think they called it.”

“I guess that”s right, but I cum sometimes twice a day.”

“How, if you can”t touch it?”

“I almost always cum when a man”s cock is in my cunt. If I get lucky and get the right man, I can orgasm so hard that I feel like my balls are going to shoot out my pee hole.”

I was smiling ear to ear. “I understand now, and anal orgasm.”

He looked surprise, “Brian how do you know about anal orgasms?”

“When I had my physical exam here, I was sucking on the Headmaster cock and the Doctor was doing something in my cunt. All of a sudden my whole body shook, and I thought I was going to die, but what a way to go. I blacked out for five minutes, it was amazing.”

Tyler laughed, “I know right, they are the best, but I would not get as much pleasure if I came by hand. That is why all Cboys twelve and up are caged.”

He put his hand on my back and said, “What do you say we head upstairs? This building has three floors. I recommend you use the stairs, but the elevator is there if you need it. To access the elevator or the stairs from the ground floor you will need a fingerprint. Collect your clothes and we will take the elevator this time.” We got into the elevator and Tyler pushed the button for the third floor.

When the doors opened again, Tyler continued, “The top floor is the sleeping floor. There are a twenty-seven rooms with four beds in each.” We headed down a hall with rooms on each side. About halfway down the hall Tyler turned into a room on the right side. “This is our room. The big bed against the far wall is mine, then Tristen, then you, and last but not least your best friend Timmy.”

I got real excited, “Timmy is going to be in the same room?” I started dancing around.

Tyler was laughing, “Calm down boy. Yes, Timmy is in the same room. All three of you are my little bothers so you are in here with me. I had another little bro named Robert, but Timmy was making such a fuss that Robert volunteered to move in with Greg.”

I stopped dancing. “That”s not fair that he had to leave here just because of me.”

“Actually, it is ok, Greg is varsity basketball, and Robert wanted to join his room, because they all like to play ball together, and Greg can help them with that.”

“Ok, I just don”t want Robert to be mad at me is all.”

“You are fine, this is your closet and drawers. All of the clothes you will need are in there. I need to go get you your schedule, so you unpack your stuff and I will be back shortly.”

Tyler left and I looked around the room. All the beds were along one wall and had headboards with cubbies in them. There are nightstands between each bed, Tyler”s bed has one on each side. There is a lamp, and a clock on each nightstand and they all had pictures and other personal things, except the one to the right of my bed. The bed was made and looked comfortable. My suitcase was on it, so I figured I better get this unpacked before Tyler gets back.

I opened the case and felt like crying again. On the top of everything, my mom had packed pictures of the family, with a note saying, “Don”t forget us.” I felt tears fall down my face, but I put the pictures on my nightstand and headboard. I opened the closet to see all the beautiful robes, and a backpack. I put all the clothes away that I brought with me, hung up and folded the clothes I wore in as well as my uniform clothes and robe.

Tyler returned to find me sitting on my bed, not really crying, but sad enough the occasional tear rolled down my cheek. He sat next to me and put his arm around me. “Did you know those pictures were in your bag?” I shook my head no. “Parents like yours who won”t see their kids for a while always do that. Long term, it is nice to have them where you can see them. However, opening that suitcase to find those is tough. I see it every year.”

I looked at him and said, “Thank you Tyler, I am already missing Donny, but at least I still have a big brother here to help me.” I hugged him and dried my face with a towel that was on the bed.

Tyler opened a folder and spread everything out on my bed. We got on our knees beside it so we could see everything. “Here is everything you will need here. First we have the house rules. You need to memorize them and understand that these rules are not recommendations or up for debate. Here in this school, men are in charge. If you are told to do something, don”t question it, or think about it, just do it. This will be hard for you at the beginning, the rest of us grew up this way.”

“Am I the only boy to come in here that is not a Crossman?”

“Oh no, not by a long shot. There is one boy named Andrew who was twelve when he started here. His mom met a Crossman and they fell in love, but the only way he would marry her is if they followed the Crossman way. She understood it but Paul was not happy at first, because he considered himself some tough guy at his school. His new soon to be daddy took him to a Crossman retreat for two weeks. After they returned the man became Paul”s new daddy two weeks later. After some attitude adjustment he became a great kid, everyone loves him, and he is even on the honor role.”

Opening the House Rule book, Paul asked, “Do you understand what is expected of you here?” I nodded yes and he went on. “So, you understand that you will be required to service men in all ways at any time?”

“You mean like sucking their cocks?”

“Yes, that is one of the ways, and sex is a big part of that, but some men just want a snuggle, or a foot rub, and some men just want to hang out and go to the movies or something. You may be at one of their houses serving food to his guests at a party. There may be women there and you will be naked. You will have to stand there and let them touch you anywhere they want without moving. I just need to make sure that you understand this.”

“It all sounds scary, when do I get to start?” I asked moving my eyebrows up and down making Tyler laugh.

“Ok you are ready to hit the ground running. Let”s go over your schedule then.” He took a piece of paper out of the folder and laid it in front of me. On the top was my name, age, height, weight, and then it said, “Cunt open (N)”.

I looked at Tyler and asked about it. “I just means that you are not available for mounting. Your first mounting is not till next week.”

“You mean that a man will put his cock in my cunt?”

“Yes buddy, that”s what it means. The sooner you get used to it the sooner you will feel the wonderful orgasms your cunt can give you. This kind of excited me but scared me at the same time. “Let”s go over you schedule now. Today will be different than most days because you would normally be in class now. So here is what it says. Lunch eleven to twelve, room assignment, paperwork, cunt cleaning, meeting with the Headmaster, and then dinner. Here is the big one, you have and appointment with Mr. Brown at six thirty. This will be your first cock as a Cboy. This is your first day so the Headmaster said that if you didn”t want to it could wait till tomorrow.”

“Wait a minute, you mean I get to suck a man”s cock today?”

“Yes, if you want to.”

“Yes please, I would like to very much.”

“The Headmaster thought that would be your reaction.” We went over the rest of the days schedule which was not much after the cock sucking, just shower time, inspection, and bedtime.

The next day was a full schedule, but I noticed that one of my morning classes was drama. “Tyler, I thought you said drama was an elective class?”

“It is.”

“Then why is it on my schedule? I didn”t choose it.”

“I know, I chose it for you.”

“Why, I told you I could not get up in front of that many people.”

“I know, that”s why I did it. Brian you are shy and have no self-confidence. Drama will help you with that. Also, Bobby and I decided that you and Owen would be good for each other, so Bobby put Owen in there with you.”

“But he”s not a Cboy.”

“That”s true, but you are a Crossman now, and the sex is only a small part of who we are. Helping others, especially boys like Owen, is important work. There is a Chinese proverb that goes If you save a life, you responsible for that life. You saved Owen even if it was not what you set out to do.”

I was a little mad because I didn”t want to take stupid drama, but I was in it now, and if Tyler said I needed to do it then I would. “Fine, but I don”t have ta like it.”

Tyler laughed and messed up my hair more, “No you don”t have ta, but you will.”

After going over the rest of the paperwork, we put everything away, and he showed me where to store my suitcase.

He then took me to a room with a sign on the door that said, “Cunt Cleaning Room”


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