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This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author”s imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

This story contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts of boys and men discovering their sexuality. It contains graphic scenes of sex between consenting underage boys, consenting adult males and boys with adult males (eventually). If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18, do not read it.


If it is illegal to read such material where you live or if you find the topic distasteful, then please stop reading now. You have been warned.


This story is the property of the author. It can be downloaded for personal reading pleasure or sending to a friend, but if you wish to re-post them at your own site, please contact the author for permission.


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Author”s Note:


I started writing this story, never intending it to grow into what it has become. It seems to have taken on a life of its own. I hope you enjoy.


Also, if you are enjoying this story, my first story can be found fty//gay/adult-youth/moments


Chapter 11 � Picking up the Boys  

As I watched the movie, a depressing thought creeped into my conscious mind. I was going to have start wearing clothes around the house after years of not doing so. While it wouldn”t bother me for the boys to see me nude, I was certain Anna and her agency would have a problem with it. To them, it was bad enough I was gay. I bet if they knew I liked to lounge around the house, swim and take walks in the woods sans clothing, I wouldn”t stand a chance of being successful in adopting any child, especially the boys. I was going to have to be extra careful when they were here for their weekend visit, keep my brain engaged and not stroll around naked. I guess if that was one sacrifice I would have to make, I”d do it. Only time would tell.


The Party Creations crew arrived on Monday as scheduled to remove the tent. They took extra care taking things down to ensure they didn”t damage the new pool shelter. The new heaters were running, I had removed the pool cover and turned on the pool heater over the weekend so the pool was ready to use. The crew liked what I had done and couldn”t believe the change from what it looked like before they put up the tent. I thanked them for their service, tipped each person another $100 and gave them a check for the balance of the rental charges, including enough extra to cover the cost of any propane used. After they had everything loaded up and were on their way down the drive, I closed the garage and headed back inside.


Wednesday afternoon before the visit, I called Carol at the agency to see if everything was still on schedule for the boys coming out this weekend. She confirmed that she and the boys were all set and we made plans to meet at her office at 3:30 Friday afternoon, then head out to pick up the boys. The rest of Wednesday and Thursday seemed to crawl by. I made a shopping trip into town Thursday afternoon to pick up everything on my food list for the weekend. I was about to head for the checkout when the five-watt bulb in my head suddenly clicked on.


I had barely remembered I needed to find swimsuits for the boys and had forgotten to get their sizes from Carol. I called her real quick and after I had the info I needed, I headed to the boys department to find new suits for all four. I don”t know what I was thinking, but have you ever tried to buy a swimsuit at Walmart in February? Let me tell you, it can”t be done, at least, not at one in Illinois. What I ended up getting were some basic loose-fitting exercise type shorts with drawstrings that they could wear and could then be tossed in a dryer after a thorough wringing.


Substitute swim-shorts in hand, I finally headed to the checkout. $538.27 poorer, I headed out to the Shelby to load everything in and head for home. I filled the trunk completely and had to lay down the back seats to make room for everything. Good thing I had a larger car on the way as I could tell this would not work for long. If I succeeded in adopting all four boys, I could be spending that much money and probably more every week just in food. I didn”t even want to think about what clothing four growing boys would go through. Not yet, anyway.


After I got home, I unloaded the car and got everything put away. I was glad I had cleaned out the garage refrigerator earlier this week as I needed it in addition to the space in the Sub-Zero fridge in the kitchen. I laid the boys swim-shorts in the bedrooms I thought they would be using. I then got undressed and spent what could possibly be one of my last nude evenings watching movies and browsing the latest magazines I subscribed to before heading to bed about midnight. I spent a restless night trying to sleep. I just couldn”t stop thinking about the changes I was about to make in my life and, with luck, the lives of four boys. I finally fell asleep around 4:00 in the morning and woke up to the sun streaming though my window at 9:00. That”s why I had my bedroom on the east side of the house, I liked to wake up to the sun filling my room with the light of the new day.


I took my shower and headed to the kitchen to fix some breakfast and suddenly realized my stomach was not going to cooperate. I ran back to the bathroom and promptly lost what little I had managed to swallow. I really needed to get my nerves under control or I would not survive the upcoming weekend. I ran through my lists for the weekend one more time and, satisfied I had everything covered, got dressed and headed to Springfield to meet with Carol. I arrived at the agency”s office 30 minutes early and while waiting for Carol to finish some work before she could leave for the weekend, I talked to Anna for a bit.


“Good afternoon, Max. Are you ready for your weekend with the boys?”


“I think I have everything covered, Anna. I”ve got the burdur escort food we”ll need and shorts for the boys to use while swimming since the pool shelter is completed. I tried to get actual swimsuits for them, but discovered that”s an impossible thing to find in Springfield in February.”


Anna laughed heartily and said, “I could have told you that. But other than that little glitch, it sounds like you have everything well under control.”


“I sure hope so, Anna. I really want this weekend with the boys to go well.”


“I”m sure you”ll be just fine, Max. And Carol will be there to provide some help and guidance. Of course, her main job during the weekend will be to see how you deal with boys and any situations that come up. She”ll also be looking at the house and property to make sure they will be safe and well cared for.”


“I”m think she”ll find everything in good shape.”


“I”m sure she will. She”ll also be closely watching how you interact with the boys and being especially observant of anything she feels might be inappropriate. You probably won”t like that much, but I warned you up front we would be going to extra lengths with your case to ensure the boys would be protected.”


“You”re right, Anna, I don”t like it much, but I do understand. Just because I”m gay, it doesn”t mean that I will molest the boys at the first opportunity. I know you must think that way with your job, but from my side, it”s rather ridiculous that everyone believes the worst of people like me. I”m gay, not a pedophile.”


“I”m sorry, Max, but we always have to think in terms of the worst-case scenario, regardless of who we”re working with. We don”t like it much it either, but history has proven to be the best indicator of the future. Especially with the children we work with. Our paramount concern is their well-being.”


“I know it is, Anna, but that doesn”t mean I have to like the method or assumptions we must live under.”


“To some brighter news, Max, all our other investigations and background checks have been completed and I must say you are, by far, one of the best candidates I have ever seen for either fostering or adopting a child. I don”t think I”ve ever seen and individual as squeaky clean as you are.”


I chuckled at that comment because I knew there was nothing to find. “That”s good to hear. That was the one thing I did feel confident about because I knew there was nothing to find. I know you couldn”t take my word for it, but still, it feels good to know that a person can live a good life and not get in trouble.”


A light knock on the door was followed by Carol popping her head in saying, “I finally have everything wrapped up, Max. I”m ready to go when you are.”


“Be right there, Carol.” I shook hands with Anna, “Thanks for your time today, Anna. I”m sure you”ll receive a complete and detailed report from Carol Monday morning. Have a great weekend.”


“You too, Max. Don”t let the boys drive you crazy.”


I met Carol in the lobby and we headed out to our cars. “Shall I follow you, Carol, since I don”t know where we”re going to pick up the boys?”


“That”s shouldn”t be a problem, Max. I”ve arranged with their foster parents to meet us at the Steak `n Shake on Veteran”s Parkway at 5:00, that way we don”t have to drive to 3 different houses to get them all picked up.”


“That just makes too much sense, Carol. I should have thought of that. I know the way there, so if we get separated, I”ll see you there.”


We hopped in our cars and headed out to meet the boys. Carol and I were the first to arrive and were a bit early, so we headed inside and arranged for a large table to accommodate the two of us, the four boys and any others who came along. Thomas was the next to arrive with his foster-mom. I saw him point us out to his mom and she led the way over to our table. Thomas walked up to me, stuck his hand out and said, “Hi Mr. Sanders. Did you know I was spending the weekend at your house?”


“As a matter of fact, I did, young man. Are you looking forward to it?” I replied as we shook hands.


“Yeah. It”ll be neat to be somewhere else a couple days,” he chimed as he climbed up in the chair next to me. He leaned in and whispered in my ear, “You aren”t still mad at me, are you?”


“Never was and never could be, Thomas. You”re fine,” I whispered back. I looked up at the young woman with Thomas and introduced myself, “Good afternoon, I”m Maxwill Sanders. You must be Thomas” foster-mom.”


“Nice to meet you Mr. Sanders. I”m Nancy Hamilton and yes, I”m Thomas” foster-mom. My husband, George, couldn”t make it. He had a late-afternoon meeting and it”s running long.”


“That”s too bad. Will you join us for dinner?”


“Thanks for the invite, but I left the other kids at home and have to get back there to fix them supper. Hopefully, George”s meeting will end soon and he can be home in time to have a meal with his family for once.”


“Well, it was nice to meet you. I”ll take good care of Thomas the next couple of days and he should be back with you late Sunday afternoon, right Carol?”


“That”s right. I plan to leave Max”s about 4:00 Sunday afternoon to bring all the boys back to their foster homes and then get to my own home and relax before heading back to work Monday.”


“Oh, I assumed you were Mrs. Sanders. You two aren”t married?” Nancy asked.


“Um, no,” Carol replied. “I work for the agency Max is working with on the adoption. Thomas is one of four boys spending the weekend with Max to see how things go. If all goes well, one of them will end up becoming Max”s son.”


“It”s a shame your wife couldn”t make it to dinner with you, Mr. Sanders. It seems to me that adopting a child is more important than anything else and she should have made the effort to be here.”


“I”m sure she would have done just that if there was a Mrs. Sanders,” I replied.


“Oops, open mouth, insert foot time, Nancy.” She said to herself. “I”m so sorry, I just assumed.”


“No worries, Nancy. I”m sure to run into that much more in the future.”


Nancy turned to Thomas and reminded him, “You be a good boy. I”ll expect to hear from Carol that you behaved yourself this weekend.”


Thomas blushed and responded with, “I know, I”ll be good. Thanks for bringing me out. See you sometime Sunday.” Nancy turned and left the restaurant just as Michael arrived with his foster-dad. I bursa escort waved them over to our table and Michael hid behind the man as they headed our direction.


“Good afternoon, Carol, what are you doing here?” the man said.


“I”m going to be spending the weekend with Michael and the other boys at Mr. Sanders” home.”


He turned to me, stuck out his hand and said, “That must make you Mr. Sanders. I”m Paul Kirkland, this shy lad”s foster-dad. Michael, quit hiding behind me and say hi to Mr. Sanders.”


Michael edged his head out from behind Paul”s leg, squeaked out, “Hi,” and pulled his head right back behind Paul.


“Hi, Michael. I”m glad you”re here.” I turned my attention to Paul and asked, “Would you like to join us for supper, Paul?”


“Sure, thanks for asking. The wife”s having a `girl”s night out” with some friends of hers, so the house is empty. I might as well stay so I don”t have to cook anything for myself when I get home.” Paul and Michael took chairs on the other side of the table.


We waited just a few more minutes before Joseph and Alexander showed up with both foster-parents. The boys spotted me and immediately ran to our table leaving the adults to follow in their wake. “Hello, Joseph. Hello, Alexander. Would you introduce me to your foster-parents, please?”


“Sure,” started Joseph, “This is Mr. and Mrs. Mueller.”


“Or, Frank and Iris, depending on if you”re old enough to use first names,” finished Alexander.


“It”s a pleasure to meet you both. Will you be joining us for the meal, also?”


They gave each a quick glance and Frank said, “Sure. Not exactly what we had planned for tonight, but what the heck. Gotta stay flexible.”


“Then, pull up a chair and make yourselves comfortable. Let me introduce the others. This young lady is Carol, she works at the agency with Anna and will be spending the weekend at my house with the boys to make sure everything goes okay. This young man is Thomas,” I continued, patting him on the head, “then, over there is Paul and the shy one trying to crawl under the table and hide is Michael.”


Frank replied, “It”s a pleasure to meet you all. Carol, I don”t believe we”ve met, which is odd considering how may kids we”ve fostered and how much we”ve dealt with Anna over the years.”


“Oh, I”ve only been there for a few months. I used to live in Chicago, but moved down here a while back to be closer to my parents. I guess I got volunteered for this weekend duty since I”m the youngest in the office. Honestly, I think they think I”m na�ve or something and don”t know what to expect. I”ve never told them I grew up the youngest of six, four boys and two girls. I have a pretty good feel for what this weekend will be like.”


We all laughed. “Well, I”m hoping it won”t be too wild. But if they get too crazy, I have plenty of duct tape and rope.” You could”ve heard a pin drop at the table after that comment. “Whoa, just kidding, folks. Take a breath and relax.”


“Sorry, Max, I should have warned you. We don”t make jokes like that, not with what we deal with.”


“I apologize, Carol. I should have known better.” Desperately looking for a change in topic, I said, “Oh, look, here comes our waiter. Does everyone know what they want?” The waiter patiently took our orders and when he asked if it was all on one check, I nodded and signaled that it should come to me. He nodded he understood and turned to get the order in the kitchen, then returned shortly with our drinks.


After the drinks were served, Frank asked, “The twins tell us you”re looking to adopt and this weekend is chance to get to know the boys a bit before you do. Do you mind if I ask why you”re adopting?”


“Not at all, Frank. I”m 34 years old and, while I`ve always wanted to have a family, it doesn”t look like I”ll ever achieve that dream the regular way. Adoption seemed like the next logical alternative.”


“Well, just what do you do to support yourself and do you intend to continue doing it to support yourself and a kid?”


Iris interjected, “Frank, don”t be rude.”


“No, it”s a fair question, Iris, and deserves and answer. I”m an author, Frank, and have four books that have sold quite well. I”ve invested wisely with good advice from my accountant/broker and now I essentially live off those investments.”


“Wait,” Iris interrupted, “you”re that Maxwill Sanders?


“I suppose I am.”


“I knew you lived in a Springfield, but I always thought it was in Massachusetts or Pennsylvania, not Illinois. I”ve read a couple of your books and they were excellent. The book club I belong to is planning to read the third one starting next month. I can”t believe I”m having dinner with you. Wait `til I tell the others, they won”t believe me.”


“Thanks for that rousing endorsement, Iris, but trust me, it”s not that big of a deal.”


“Yes, it is. Don”t belittle yourself that way, Max.”


“So, where is Mrs. Sanders this evening?” Frank asked.


Before I could respond, Joseph or Alexander, I”m not sure which, stated, “There isn”t any Mrs. Sanders “cause he”s not married Mr. Mueller, he”s gay.” The other helpfully added, “I thought we told you that.” I could feel the heat rising as I blushed red as a lobster just out of the steamer.


“And you two don”t have a problem with that?” Paul asked incredulously.


“Why should we? We are too,” the twins chimed together.


I looked at Carol to see her reaction to that statement and saw nothing but surprise. Frank replied, “Now, how could you possibly believe you two are like that? You”re only eight and that”s too young to know something like that.”


The twins looked at me and one asked, “When did you know, Mr. Sanders?”


I was really red now and about ready to join Michael in his search for seclusion under the table, but decided to hold my ground. “I was probably about seven or eight when I first realized I liked boys instead of girls. I didn”t know at the time what, exactly, those feelings meant, but I knew who I liked. The feelings didn”t leave as I grew up and I suppressed them for a long time. Part of the time I spent writing was dealing with those feelings and finally realizing who I was at heart. Now that I know and accept who I am, I”m ready to move on with the rest of my life. And I”m hoping to share that life with some lucky kid or kids.”


“See, we can too know who we are,” one çanakkale escort of the twins shot back at Frank.


Frank came back with, “Well, that ain”t right, a pervert adopting kids.”


“I”m sorry you feel that way, Frank, but being gay does not mean I”m a pervert.”


“C”mon Iris, boys, we”re out of here.”


Iris stood to leave, but the twins remained in their seats. “Sorry, Mr. Mueller, but we”re staying and going with Mr. Sanders to stay with him this weekend.”


“Well, if you two think you”re like that also, then Ms. Ward can find somewhere else to drop you on Sunday as you won”t be welcomed back in our house. I won”t stand for it.”


“That”s fine, Mr. Mueller,” I heard as Carol joined the conversation with a certain amount of frost I”d not heard from here before. “If you can”t deal with your charges as needed, then we”ll make different arrangements. I will, nonetheless, be stopping by Sunday afternoon to retrieve the boys” other belongings. And when I talk to Anna Monday morning, I will be recommending that you be removed from our list of acceptable foster families.”


“That”s fine with me, Ms. Ward. If you approve of this nonsense, I don”t think we”d like to continue as a foster family with your group.” With that, Frank and Iris stormed out of the restaurant.


“So much for `staying flexible”,” I said.


After they were gone, the table got very quiet. Paul finally broke the silence with, “Don”t worry `bout them, Max. Closed-minded folks like that don”t have the brass to realize the world”s changing and they either change with it or they”ll get left behind.”


“Thanks, Paul. If you don”t mind me asking, why are you so open-minded?”


“Because my dad”s gay. He”d suffered through 33 years of a loveless marriage to my mom before he finally decided to tell her the truth. He got my mom pregnant with me when they were 18 and 19, and at that time, if you got a girl pregnant, you got married. End of story. No big surprise I”m an only child. When he finally came out of hiding, it was a relief to us all. All the weirdness of the past years suddenly made some sense to mom and me. They have a better relationship now than they did when they were married.”


“Better late than never, I guess,” I replied. “Since we”re on the subject, what are your feelings, Carol?”


“To be honest with you, I have a sister who lives in San Francisco and she and her wife have adopted two beautiful girls over the years. I”m the one who pushed Anna to give you a chance because I know that things can be fine with gays parents, married or not.”


“I guess I should say thanks, Carol, for believing in me.”


Our waiter appeared at that moment with a helper to deliver our food. He started to set each plate in front of the proper person and suddenly realized we”d lost two people. “Did I bring too much food or did we lose a few while my back was turned?”


“Sorry, they decided they didn”t want to eat with us. They both had a sudden illness take them and they left.”


“What should I do with their food?” he asked.


“Why don”t you check around the restaurant and see if anybody who hasn”t ordered yet would like it? If anyone does, they can have it and leave it on my check. They”ll get a free meal and the food won”t go to waste.”


“Will do, sir. Thanks. If y”all need anything else, don”t hesitate to ask. Enjoy your meals.” With that, he moved on to see if anyone wanted a free meal.


“So, now that the excitement”s over, what do you guys want to do this weekend?” Three out the four started reeling off suggestions at the same time and I couldn”t catch any of them. “Whoa, boys, one at a time. Why don”t we start with Michael and work our way up in age?”


Michael said, “Don”t know. Whatever you guys do, I guess,” looking at the other three.


Thomas came up with, “Watch some TV or movies, play some games. Whatever.”


“What about you two,” I asked Joseph and Alexander.


“Get to know you better and see if we really want to live with you. Especially now that we can”t go back to the Mueller”s”


“I know what I want to do,” I said, “and that”s come up with some way to figure out which one of you is Joseph and which one is Alexander without getting it wrong all the time.”


Everybody laughed at that and we got down to eating our meal. About the time were finishing up, an older couple stopped by the table. I looked up and asked, “Yes, can I help you?”


“We just wanted to stop by and thank you for the meal. We sure didn”t expect to get by that cheaply tonight.”


“No problem, glad you enjoyed it. Have a wonderful weekend.” They turned and headed out the door.


“Well, boys, I think it”s about time we headed out. Let me take care of the bill and we”ll be on our way.” Paul followed me to the cashier. “Paul, it was a pleasure to meet you. I hope to see you again sometime.”


“I”m sure you will. Thanks for the meal, also. I wasn”t looking forward to eating alone tonight. Hey, let me give you my number real quick just in case you have any questions about Michael. You obviously know how withdrawn he is and I might be able help you out this weekend if you have any problems.”


“Thanks, Paul, that”d be great. Hopefully, I won”t need it, but better safe than sorry.” He gave me his home and cell numbers and then headed out the door. I settled the bill with the cashier and headed back to the table to leave the tip for our waiter and gather my guests. Once the tip was taken care of, I turned to the rest of the group and said, “Grab your things boys, and let”s go.” Once outside, I let them know, “Okay, guys, my car is too small for all four of you, so two will ride with me and the other two will ride with Ms. Ward.”


The twins immediately responded with, “We”re with you Mr. Sanders.”


“I guess that”s settled, then. Carol, do you think it”s okay for you to follow me or should I give you directions?”


“I know where we”re going, Max. I looked up your address on the internet and have a pretty good idea how to get there.”


“Okie-dokie, then. If you do get lost, you have my cell number, don”t you?”


“Sure do. We”ll see you there.”


As Joseph, Alexander and I crossed the lot to my car, they suddenly realized we were headed directly for the Shelby. They both started jumping around and running in circles with excitement. “This is your car?”


“Sure is. You like it?”


“Yeah, it”s hot.”


“I hope you both fit in the back seat. It”s pretty darn small.”


“We”ll be just fine, Mr. Sanders, don”t you worry.”


We climbed in for the 20-minute drive to home.

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