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Big Tits

Bike Path Boys

by Mitchell Conner

Greetings readers:

The only truth here is that a bike trail exists in a town named Eugene.

This story is not high art, and has dubious literary merit, but I’ll admit I worked at making it read well enough you’ll find other uses for it. Maybe even the need to scroll down one-handed.

Stories on fty are the safest sex you can have… unless you’re lucky enough to stumble upon the group of horny teens inhabiting this tale in real life. The little perverts completely hijacked my initial storyline and twisted it to their kinky purposes.

The odds of any of this happening are slim, so read on to savor what it could be like if you won the fantasy lottery and these boys came to life. Or came elsewhere. Multiple times.

If gay content, descriptions of hot male-on-male sex, romantic love, or actual dialogue in an erotic story offends you please don”t read further. This is entirely fiction, a work brought on by a perverted imagination, access to the internet and time to burn. The names, events, activities, and circumstances are fictitious but I try to make them believable. If it’s illegal wherever you live, or for your calendar age, stop now. This story is mine: all rights reserved by the author with the exception of its use by fty. You’re welcome to use it to pass the time but not to copy and repost as your own demented work or for commercial purposes.

Your comments motivate me and are appreciated, as I’ve been fortunate to receive emails that have helped me learn and grow as a writer. Outright flattery is also acceptable. Let me know if you want a second chapter. I do hope that my stories help pass the time and provide a helpful distraction from an increasingly crazy world.

fty relies on donations so that you practice the ultimate form of safe sex by reading about it. Those same hands you use for pleasure can also type in a pleasing donation to fty.


The mid-afternoon buzz of insects was interrupted by a high-pitched grunt that managed to escape around the smooth five-inch cock fucking the overstuffed mouth.

I stroked my hard pre-cum slicked seven-incher, released upon seeing the source of groans, moans and hushed curses that had drawn me into the brush and woods fifty yards off the bike path, next to a small secluded clearing under the shade of a large oak tree that I knew about from previous rides.

A skinny nude boy, arms bound behind his back, was laid face-down over a fallen tree trunk that placed his ass and mouth at cock height for the two teenagers in the five-foot-something zone busy pounding away on their captive toy’s holes.

The sweaty lean hairless torso of a tanned blond teen flexed a 6-pack with every thrust into the little boy’s mouth, hands holding ears and some curly brown hair for extra traction, vibrating moans from the hole driving him forward, cut-off jeans down around his knees.

The naked black-haired fucker had a more developed body. The defined pecs and biceps along with exposed muscular calves were visible even from my hideaway in the brush behind a tree. I couldn’t tell if he was Latino or Asian but his naked olive skin enhanced the impressive muscles bulging as he banged into what’d been a tiny hole this morning but was now being owned.

I’d been riding the scenic riverfront bike trails every summer I could visit my adopted hometown of Eugene since I graduated university here twenty years ago. I’d seen skinny-dippers, and couples making out or making babies, but this was playing at a different level. My fantasy level, truth be known. I stroked away imagining I’d traded an hour’s use of my platinum card for either one of the top’s position. A live porno was being played out but that’s as far as it’d go. I’d never indulged in underage before – I knew in prison you can’t choose your cellmate.

The blond was speeding up, his high-pitched moans building in intensity like my stroking.

A small sweaty hand clamped over my mouth as I felt something sharp in my exposed back.

“That’s a knife mister,” an adolescent boy announced. “Be quiet and do what you’re told,” was added with a threatening jab just short of puncture to emphasize cooperation despite the youthful voice.

I held still. Even with my size and build I’d been mugged in big cities. Cooperation with a knife or gun meant walking away alive.

“Hands behind your back,” the boy said with another jab.


The small hand came off my mouth and crossed my wrists. The sharp point disappeared.

Thwack! I looked to my right at a six-inch knife now stuck just out of reach into the tree that shaded me.

“I can grab it before you so don’t try anything,” he said just as I thought the same.

Fair enough.

Something soft and thick tapped against my wrists, then wound around them. I was being tied up like the boy laid over the tree.

I stiffened up to get some slack a moment too late as the rope was pulled tight and tied. This didn’t feel like a mugging.

“Good boy,” the voice smirked. A hand plucked the knife out of the tree.

“I’ve got money,” I said.

“Don’t want it,” he said, grabbing a handful of my ass. “This’ll do.”

Small hands turned me around to face my captor.

He was a head shorter than me, looked too innocent to be carrying a knife, maybe thirteen, about five-foot-six and a hundred-twenty strong wiry pounds on a fat day. He shook his head to move the neck-length summer-bleached hair out of his cute pug-nosed face and examine his prisoner. He was a stunning picture of androgynous adolescent beauty, silky smooth skin covering budding muscles and a defined vee’d torso that drew my eyes downward. His red pouty lips were a girlish contrast to the chubbed up four inches of growing boy-cock bobbing below a halo of short brown pubes.

“Like what you see, muscle daddy?” It was more a statement – he’d caught me staring. He shrugged and smiled, unaware how dead sexy he presented.

An Army-type mesh-belt hung at an angle to the prominent summer tan line on his small naked hips, weighted down by the sheathed knife and a coil of white rope. Despite the circumstances my dick twitched back towards hardness at the erotic sight of a boy soldier.

The teen licked his lips and ran a hand over my defined pecs, pausing to twist each prominent nipple, making me shudder from the electrical connection that never failed to make me hard. He raised his eyebrows at the discovery, reached down and squeezed my rigid dick. When a glob of precum drooled out he caught it with two fingers and brought it up to my mouth.

“Lick it, daddy.”

I opened up and he stuck the fingers into my mouth, fucking it as his other hand returned to twist a nipple.

“Fuck yeah, eat my cum, bitch.” We both turned to look at the trash-talking blond as he filled the tied-up little boy’s mouth. The muscular teen fucker looked on with a grin while keeping his spit-roasting pace. Tied-up boy’s cheeks moved as he swallowed.

My captor smiled as he shook his head. “Fucking Trev,” he smirked then moved to the side and grasped my large bicep for control.

“Yours?” he said, nodding at the white tank top hanging from a nearby tree branch.


“Perfect,” he said, grabbed it and twisted a nipple.

“Ahhh,” I groaned.

It was all he needed to force the cloth in, tying it tight and jamming the knot into my mouth to keep me extra quiet.

He pulled the coiled rope from his belt and strung it just below my pecs. His sweaty skin rubbed against mine as he looped it around me twice then stepped behind. My wrists were lifted up when the rope was tied off, hands useless to defend myself. He came back around, grabbed the rope, tugged, and smiled at his handiwork before twisting each nipple. I moaned through the gag in response to the electric shock running out the tip of my dick.

I’d never felt so helpless in my life and a kid had done it.

“Come on,” my captor said. Tying me up like this had excited the boy and the hard six inches pointing the way looked out of place on his diminutive frame. He grabbed my dick and used it as a leash to pull me along. I glanced at the thick brush nearby to check on my concealed bike and small pack as we walked away.

The teen’s bare round butt flexed with each step through the tall grass, a perfect visual to follow.

My shorts were a few inches lower when we entered the clearing, hanging off my hips, all my bits on full display. My freshly trimmed short pubes made me look bigger, but I I felt an inch longer from being pulled on the captor’s ‘leash.’

“You got him,” the muscle-teen said, not missing a beat in his thrusts. The blond my captor had called Trev jammed a pair of cartoon underwear into the tied boy’s mouth to muffle his grunts. A spit-shined rigid five-inch cock with a small halo of short blond curlies led his way, a strand of unswallowed cum dripping lower with each step.

“Who gets him first?” Trev said as he drew near in the small clearing, kicking off his cutoffs onto a pile of four small backpacks and various clothing on the grassy ground. A coil of white rope stuck out of one pack.

“I get him!” my captor said, adding “I caught him,” as though I was a rabbit he’d trapped.

“You get his ass, I get his mouth, JD,” Trev said, gathering the dripping cum in his fingers, holding it up to my face and pulling the gag away so it hung down. “Eat it.”

When I didn’t respond he twisted a nipple and stuck the cummy digits in my now-open mouth. They tasted salty sweet.

“Good daddy bitch,” Trev said with a smug smile. He stood maybe four inches shorter than my six-feet, with a little more meat on his bones than JD, but less on his prick. Using his foot he pushed my shorts down to my ankles, hooked them with his foot and pulled so I had to step out of them. I stood there naked and tied as he kicked them onto the pile of clothes.

“Umm… umm… umm…”

We all looked at muscle-teen as he ramped up his fucking with a white knuckle grip on the tied boy’s small hips, rocking him like a rag doll as he thrust towards release.

“Yeah, fuck that ass,” JD said, stroking his hard cock as he tightened the hold on mine.

Tied boy’s high-pitched whimpering through the gag could’ve been pleasure, pain, or both.

“Give it to him, Kai!” Trev said, stroking his still hard rod.

“Unghhh!” Kai groaned. The teen’s smooth muscular round butt dimpled with each of the six shots he emptied into the little bubble in his white-knuckled grip.

“Mmm… mmm… mmm…” Tied up boy squealed and shook, shooting off hands-free.

“Go Sammy!” Trev said, reaching over and spanking tied up boy’s quivering ass.

“Little fucker loves cock,” JD said, releasing my dick. “Now it’s your turn.”

Kai pulled out, seven dripping inches of thick smooth teen-cock showing why little Sammy had cum without a touch. He reached forward, took the underwear from the boy’s mouth and used them to wipe off his well-fucked dick.

“Good boy,” he said, stuffing the soiled Robin Boy Wonder briefs back into Sammy’s mouth and swatting his well-used ass, eliciting a grunt.

“You like spying on boys, perv?” Kai said, stepping up next to me so I felt the heat from his sex-exercised muscles and saw a small mustache of short black pubes above a still-thick tool. He smelled of sweat and adolescent boy pheromones. In other circumstances I’d have made a play for the exotic model-handsome big-dicked teenager.

But now I was the one being played. “Umm… no,” I said, wary of where this was going.

“Hard-ons don’t lie, fucker,” he said with a strong painful grip on my truthful rod. He put a hand over my mouth to muffle my loud groan.

“Whaddya say I let my crew use your daddy mouth and ass?” He leered, nodding at their recent fuck-toy. “You can take Sammy’s place for awhile,” he added then looked at the little boy. “You want your first piece of ass?”

“Umm hmm!” Sammy seemed happy with the idea.

“He ain’t never fucked ‘cause we’re all tops,” Kai said. “So that little boy’s gonna pop his cherry in you before we take our turns.”

That’d be a first, I thought. One painful incomplete attempt when I was younger had sworn me off taking it up the ass. My one-eyed monster only cared about tight boy holes. The brainless head twitched out a glob of precum at the sight of all these boys. The big head pondered being forced to lose my last virginity at the hands – and cocks – of a horny gang of hormone-crazed teens.

“I get him after Sammy,” JD said, asserting his ownership.

“Okay JD, you caught him,” Kai said before stepping back from me.

“And I’m gonna fuck that mouth of yours,” Trev said, grabbing his stick and balls and wagging it at me for emphasis, a glint in his eyes. “Fucking daddies always tryna’ make me bottom.”

Kai chuckled. “We always wanted a daddy to fuck over. ce of you to volunteer,” he said, stuffing the gag back into my mouth to silence any objection.

He nodded at JD who grabbed my fleshy leash and walked me over next to the butt end of Sammy. A thin line of cum ran out of the little boy’s red abused hole down over a small smooth ball-bag nestled between two perfect bubbles. Though the boy had been tied and spit-roasted they’d at least thrown an old sleeping bag over the fallen tree trunk to avoid damaging their fuck-toy.

Sammy turned his head to look at me and the corners of his cartoon undies filled mouth curled into a smile, more boy-juice running down his cheeks.

JD reached over and untied the ropes binding the boy’s wrists together and holding him down on the fallen tree trunk.

Sammy pulled out the gag and licked his lips as he stood up.

“I get to fuck that man?” he said in a voice just entering adolescence, looking at me as he rubbed his wrists, a thin hard four-inch nail sticking straight up from his hairless groin.

ankara escort

“Yeah Sammy, you like that?” JD said.

“Fuck yeah! You guys never let me do that.” Sammy said, now standing next to me, looking at me like a new bike he wanted to ride.

“That’s ‘cause we’re tops and you’re our bottom boy.”

“I know but…” Sammy said, his little hands rubbing my muscular torso, stopping to flick my nipples. He smiled when I shuddered and flicked them again.

“Who watches out for you at school?” JD said.

“You guys,” Sammy said, his hands exploring lower.

“Who lets you sleep over when your dad’s drunk?”

“You guys.” The little boy’s hand overflowed as he cupped my large ball bag.

“Who feeds you cum so you’ll grow big and strong like Kai?”

“You guys.” Sammy took a swipe of my precum, tasted it and ran his tongue around fucked-red lips as he smiled at me.


“Okay fine,” Sammy said, stepping behind me. “But I get to fuck his ass and mouth,” he added, grabbing my muscular ass with small hands to pry apart and check out my never-used-for-deliveries hole.

“Deal,” JD said then looked from Sammy to me and chuckled. “Little fucker only gets dry cums but he’ll do you over and over.

“Tie him down,” Kai said from behind me in the clearing.

Sammy poked a finger at my rosebud and giggled before letting go of my ass.

JD moved me closer to the tree trunk and held a bicep. “Lie down.”

It wasn’t graceful but at least the old sleeping bag cushioned my controlled belly flop to where Sammy had been fucked. JD had me hunch and move so my mouth was at the correct teen-cock height on one side, and my bare ass would be an easy fuck for a boy lying partway on top of me on the other side of the fallen tree trunk. A rope whirred past my face before JD tied it, wrists now cinched higher so hands couldn’t move down and protect my soon-to-be extinct virginity. JD came around and ducked down behind me, tying my ankles shoulder-width apart, denying me any protection from teenage invaders. I wiggled to check for slack and found none.

“Nobody’s got away before,” JD said, running a finger down my crack and wiggling it over my exposed hole.

I twitched. Who else had they tied and used? I wondered.

“You’re my first daddy slave,” he added, as though I’d asked out loud.

Kai stepped over, leaned down and spoke in a husky whisper. “You need to make it really good for Sammy’s first time. I can tell you’re a perv and you’ve fucked boys before. Now you gotta use that mouth and keep that old-man hole of yours tight so my boy’s happy or…” he stopped, then added, “I’ll have Sammy stick his fist up your ass then leave you tied to a tree so some homeless guy breeds you – or worse.”

Kai’s ultimatum convinced me I needed to make Sammy’s first memorable.

“Take him, Sammy,” Kai said, stepping back and smacking my defenseless butt.

“Oh boy oh boy oh boy!” Sammy squealed. “It’s my turn!”

“Time to lose your cherry,” JD said, giving the boy a high-five.

“Fuck that daddy,” Trev encouraged.

“What do I do first?” Sammy said, overwhelmed with new choices.

“Warm up on his mouth,” Kai said.

I heard little footsteps and looked up past Sammy’s ever-hard bald four-incher to a beaming smile.

Little hands pulled the gag out and caressed my ears, a gentle copy of what the big boys had been doing to him.

“Suck it, daddy,” Sammy said, pushing against my lips.

When I didn’t open up quick enough Trev smacked my ass.

“Ahh…” I said, and Sammy slipped into my mouth.

“Get some pictures, JD,” Kai said. “Show Sammy but only daddy’s head, no ropes.”

“Yeah, make him look like a pedo,” Trev said.

I was well and truly fucked without a shot being fired – yet.

Sammy could’ve cared less he was being photographed as he made tentative stabs into my mouth. I tightened my lips around his shaft and sucked his thin rod against the roof of my mouth while tongue stroking it.

Sammy let out a high-pitched whine as he found the rhythm boys through the ages have discovered when they put a loaded cock into a tight wet hole. His hairless pubis banged into my lips and nose as his hips gyrated through a short arc. On one thrust I stuck my tongue out and dragged it along the underside of his tightly drawn up boy bag.

“Eeeeeeeee,” was accompanied by a spastic change of gears as he lost control, pulling hard on my ears, trying to find a way to fuck all of his boy bits into my mouth.

“Ahhhhhh,” announced he’d lost the first part of his virginity, the thin tube on his cock throbbing against my tongue.

For a moment I thought the salty taste in my mouth was a bloody lip from his banging. Then it went sweet as I moved the small glob forward on my tongue.

The boy had cum.

The others must’ve sensed it.

“Did he shoot?” Kai said, like a father asking about a son’s turn at bat.

“Um-huh,” I said, not swallowing.

“Show me.”

I stuck out my tongue, hoping there’d be proof on it.

Kai leaned down, put his hand under my jaw and looked.

“Sammy! Good job man, you shot cum today!” he said, then added. “Swallow that load, daddy.”

Somehow I felt proud I’d made Sammy’s first happen as the sweet boy-juice went down my throat.

“Way to go Sammy!” JD chimed in.

“That’s the best tingle ever!” he said, then added in a hopeful voice, “Does that mean

I’m a top now?”

Kai chuckled. “It does for today Sammy boy.”

“Yay!” Sammy said, his Energizer Bunny four-incher bobbing as he wiggled his hips in glee.

“Yeah Sammy, today you get to fuck all of daddy’s holes,” Trev said, reaching over and pushing his fingers into my ass cleft and poking the virginal pucker. “Pretty tight for an old man but we’ll fix that.”

Trev wasn’t through. “I think daddy should thank Sammy for that cum.”

He turned Sammy around, lined up his cummy hole and mashed it into my groin-level mouth.

Trev snarled. “Eat him out, fucker.”

It was that or suffocate so I got to work and learned what Kai tasted like, along with some other flavors. The little boy cooed as my tongue licked his red abused hole.

“Get a picture of daddy eating boy ass,” Trev said with an evil chuckle. “You like that?”

“Ummhhh… so good,” Sammy said, grinding into my mouth.

I could see JD to the side with a phone snapping away.

“You ready?” JD said then chuckled, nodding at Sammy’s hardness. “’Course you are.”

Trev turned Sammy around, the stiff little rod dragging across my cheek. “Get him wet daddy, we ain’t got no grease.”

Sammy jammed his rod into my mouth for me to lube up with the cum I’d just licked.

As Sammy walked out of my view Trev stepped up, holding his cock out and painting my lips with precum.

“Lick it off,” he said. He tasted saltier than Sammy, similar to Kai. Trev picked up the cum-soaked cartoon undies and stuffed them deep into my mouth before covering them with my tank top gag and pulling it tight.

I flinched at warm liquid hitting my crack and looked back over my shoulder to see a line of spit from Kai’s mouth running down.

“You’re gonna get spit-fucked by a little boy, big man,” he said with a chortle. Sammy walked up and he helped the boy climb onto me, lining him up for landing. JD drooled out more spit and grinned at me.

“Just push ‘til you find his hole,” Kai said, then added to me, “Remember what I said.”

The little boy had only been ridden, never a rider, so he poked around blind, sliding the thin tool in search of his first hole. I clenched my ass muscles to guide him towards the target – something a talented bottom had done for me one time.

A small blunt rod pushed against my virginity and I concentrated on relaxing, knowing the consequences if I didn’t make Sammy’s first time outstanding.

On one stab the thumb-sized head got just inside my ring.

“Mmmm,” Sammy moaned at the tight hot sensation. Gripping my shoulders, his abs contracted against my bound hands as he used all his strength for a solid thrust, his smooth pubis mashing into my ass when he bottomed out in one go.

“Ahhhh,” he whined, his boy hard-on twitching from the sensations that he’d been denied until now.

It was too small to hurt but the skin around my de-virginated hole stung – and so did my ego at the thought of being butt-fucked by a youngster.

Sammy’s boy-cock quivered as he lay on top of me, his sweaty hairless torso skin-on-skin with my back. Remembering Kai’s words I clenched my hole and rolled my hips a fraction, careful not to lose my connection with the four inch invader.

“Uhhh…” he groaned, jabbing at me on autopilot. I timed my clench and roll so that he’d be pushing against the movement.

This set him off, little fingers digging into my shoulders for traction as he hunched up and threw himself into his first fuck with lustful enthusiasm. His thrusts soon became erratic and I tightened my hole so he wouldn’t pull out. This sent him into a whole new orbit, biting my back in some kind of primal response to fucking instead of being fucked.

He may have been small but he was owning my ass like a big boy. Trev stood in front of me, stroking his hard cock, looking at me like meat at a butchers, waiting in line.

Then it hit me. I was being spit-fucked by a boy half my size, tied down, mouth tasting of ass tainted boy-cum, soiled cartoon undies gagging me from calling out for help, three horny teens waiting to take their turns and rape my holes as they future fucked me with pedo pictures. I couldn’t help the shudder that ran through my body – or the deep moan – as I fired off a single shot.

That’s all it took for Sammy.

“Eeeeeee,” he squealed, his hard cock twitching in my clenched hole as he dumped whatever he had to give into my deflowered ass. Knowing I’d been bred by a little boy made me spurt again.

“I think daddy came,” JD said, holding his phone out for a few shots, my bound hands hidden under Sammy, as though taking boy-cock by choice.

“Fucking awesome!” Trev said, reaching over to tousle Sammy’s curly brown hair. “Now you’re a man!”

“Good job Sammy,” Kai said, like a proud papa. “Now it’s the big boy’s turn.” He leaned down and whispered, “Three to go daddy. Keep doing that and I might let you go.”

JD helped Sammy off my back, his thin cock easing out, legs spindly from the horizontal workout.

“He made more cum,” JD said, looking at the spent dripping rod that’d bred me.

“Two for two Sammy!” Kai said. “You’re the man.”

Sammy giggled at the compliment.
“Take him, JD,” Kai said from behind me.

I heard a clunk and turned my head to see JD had dropped his belt. Nude, he was even more stunning. His natural six-pack torso vee’d into a small halo above six out of proportion two-finger thick inches. He shrugged a bashful smile, out of character for a boy who was about to rape a tied-up man.

Despite the circumstances a random thought of him leaving something of himself in me made my cock twitch. A part of me wanted this.

“Fuck his ass,” Trev said to JD. “I’m taking his mouth.”

“Kai’s hot, isn’t he?” Trev said, turning my head to face his bright red-headed five-incher. “I want him so bad but nobody gets to fuck my ass again.” He put his hand on my gag and continued. “You’re gonna use your mouth like Sammy.”

“Hey, no cuts,” JD said, saving me for a moment.

“Trev,” Kai said.

“Fine. But I get him next,” he said, pushing the gag deeper in my mouth. I figured Trev would take his disappointment out on me later.

“He’s not going anywhere. Nobody does when I tie ‘em,” JD said, brushing the inside of my legs with his while getting ready to mount me.

Warm spit hit my cleft before JD’s sweaty body covered my back like a hot-skin blanket after he climbed on top of me. I turned my hands palms up for a feel of his silk covered torso while he parked his hardness in my waiting cleft.

Lips brushed my ear then a breathy whisper. “Rub me.”

Glad to, I thought, moving my hands against his rock hard abs as much as the rope allowed. A lazy cock stroke ran up from my perineum to push on my hole and back down again, hitting every pleasurable nerve along the way.

“Ummm…” I groaned.

“Gonna make you like it,” JD breathed into my ear. “Gonna make you beg for my cum.”

Another stroke had me believing the talented lad. My nascent top tried to hold on, reminding me I was tied down and forced into this.

When he leaned over and kissed my neck, running his tongue up to my earlobe, all bets were off. I pushed back against his next precum lubed stroke and he smirked. “Told ya so, daddy.”

“JD’s our secret weapon for turning tops,” Kai said, enjoying the show.

Couldn’t argue with that, I thought, as I felt blunt pressure on my fucked hole.

I flexed my kegels and JD answered with a throb. I pushed out and relaxed like I’d done with Sammy. The head popped inside my ring, pausing for a second before a slow precum lubed slide forward.

“Ummhhh!” I grunted at the new sensation of JD tickling my prostate on his way to bottoming out, abs rippling when he hunched to move up. A wisp of soft hair and hot skin in my cleft announced he’d gone the distance, shaking hands with a twitch of his dick.

I flexed my kegels in reply, earning another kiss and lick.

Kai moved around us, taking pictures I wanted copies of so I’d have jerk off material to remember JD.

Sammy’s youthful enthusiasm was replaced by skill that belied JD’s years. The teen knew all the buttons and how to press them. Pleasurable new sensations had me rolling my hips in counter to his measured strokes, no longer caring if I was a top, bottom or sideways.

I just wanted my captor fucking me. Didn’t care he’d pulled a knife, tied and gagged me to be used and never asked ankara genç escort if it was okay. It was a primal need now.

JD’s small hand untied the gag’s knot and pulled out the cum and spit soaked undies, his face next to mine. Panting breaths caressed my ear, then, “Tell me you want it.”

My last vestige of pride had me silent.

He stopped, waiting for me to say it. When I humped back, fucking his motionless cock with my ass, I knew he’d broken me.

JD wiggled both hands underneath me and found my nipples. Each one got a hard twist to encourage truthfulness. Jolts of electricity ran through my body, making me jerk, driving my ass back against his cock.

“Tell me,” he said, his voice affectionate. “It’s okay,” he added, encouraging my confession.

“Fuck me,” I said in a hoarse whisper.


“Fuck me… please,” I said, loud enough for all to hear.

“Good daddy,” JD said, kissing my neck, running his tongue up to my ear lobe and giving it a gentle nibble – in contrast to another hard twist on my nipples.

“Mmmm…” I groaned, drilling my hard cock into the sleeping bag covered tree trunk, making JD’s cock twitch in my ass.

Another nibble followed by a breathy whisper. “Make me cum daddy. You can do it.”

I rolled my hips, driving back and forth on JD’s hardness, his stroking counter-rhythm increasing the stimulation of my prostrate to full max.

It took a moment for me to realize the high-pitched moaning was coming from me. I’d never been in heat like this, or wanting – no, needing – to get bred. By a boy. If at age seventeen that guy who tried to fuck me had these skills maybe I wouldn’t need tied down for JD to ride me.

I looked up at Trev standing in front of me. The leer had been replaced by a longing look, as though he wanted to trade places with me. Without the scowl he was a handsome lad. When he caught me looking he furrowed his eyebrows.

“Fuck that daddy bitch,” he said.

Jealous boy, I thought.

That small sweaty hand clamped over my mouth again, muffling my increasing volume. Instead of the earlier knife JD had me impaled on his sword.

“Ngnhh… ngnhh… ngnhh…” My captor was winding himself up, one hand gripping my mouth harder while the other dug into my shoulder for traction.

“Unghh… unghh… unghh…” I joined him, my hips going into overdrive trying to push the hard cock against my prostrate.

I felt JD’s rigid six-incher throb in my ass the same time I started shooting. Hard to tell who set off the fireworks but I did see stars as my five shots fired off, JD besting me with one more.

“You’re mine now, daddy,” he said, in a whisper only I could hear as he caught his breath. “I own you.”

I believed him.

It was so quiet you could hear the insects buzzing.

“Wow,” Sammy said. “That was hot.”

“JD turned another bottom,” Kai said through a chuckle. “Daddy came hands free!”

I was enjoying the weight of JD, still on top of me, inside of me. I felt cum running out of my well-used hole and down my taint. I’d not felt this close to someone in a long time and wanted the moment to last.

It didn’t.

“My turn fuckers,” Trev said, stepping in front of me and lifting my head, ready to work out his daddy issues on my mouth.

“Open up,” he said, holding his dripping cock and painting my lips. “I got a big load for you.”

It’s not like I had a choice. When I opened up Trev jammed himself all the way to my throat, making me gag. JD flexed his still hard cock inside to announce I was being spit-roasted by two teens.

“Take it daddy-bitch.”

JD flexed again.

I wondered what abuse Trev had suffered to make him so aggressive about keeping his back door locked and be such a fucker in all ways.

But for such a big talker I discovered he had a hair-trigger.

“Ahhhh.” When I started curling my tongue around his cock-head and frenulum with each stroke Trev whimpered, no longer going for my throat as he let off a big squirt of salty precum.

“Damn you’re good,” he said after a few strokes, “But you gotta earn my load daddy.”

Trev pulled out, spun around and the second boy hole of the day was presented. Though he talked like a total top, the slight red tinge on his rosebud told a different story. He pushed the used hole onto my face, holding his butt cheeks out to each side.

“Eat that ass.”

I smiled around his hole: my mad skills in this activity had convinced many boys to give it up.

Trev ground into my face, I nuzzled him back with my chin so I could push my tongue against his hole. In a few minutes my hardened tongue broke in, his ring quivering at the pleasurable burglar.

Trev wailed. “Fuuuuuucccckkkk!”

Take that you little prick, I thought, a little proud of myself.

“Yeah,” Sammy said, remembering the same treatment.

“Fuck ‘im with your tongue, daddy,” JD said, cheering me on with another cock flex.

JD’s remark didn’t stop Trev from pushing back for more mouth-missile fucking, stretching his hole as far as possible so I could gain more ground.

Kai stood to the side taking pictures that’d have me serving twenty to life with a cellmate in my ass every night.

“Nghnn… nghnn… nghnn.” Like Sammy before his moans and grinding grew erratic. I’d made boys come before just from rimming.

But he had other plans, whipping around and slapping my cheek before jamming his dripping cock into my mouth all the way down to his short pubes. I fought gagging and countered with a solid tongue stroke on his frenulum, pushing the thin rod against the roof of my mouth as he ground into me.

“Ahhh… eeeh…” Trev sounded like a little girl on a roller coaster as he rode my mouth-drill and surrendered to my skills within ten strokes, his teen-cock jerking out five shots of watery cum. He’d be a nice boy if he was as sweet as his juice. I watched him stagger backwards, drunk on his orgasm.

My cock twitched, thinking boy ass was next up. The little head was wrong again.

Warmth on my neck and a breathy whisper in my ear. “You gotta do that for me sometime, daddy,” was followed by a kiss and familiar lick up my neck with a gentle earlobe nibble that made me twitch again.

“Please.” JD’s sweet request was unexpected considering I couldn’t say no. I felt empty when he pulled out.

“You’ve done that before, haven’t you daddy?” Kai said with a knowing chuckle.

“Lick it off,” Trev said, back to playing an alpha top. When I was done he wiped off whatever was left with the cummy cartoon undies and stuffed them back into my mouth, leaving the gag off. “You’re next, Kai,” he added.

“You guys stink like cum. Go take a swim,” Kai said, nodding in the direction of the nearby river.

“But we wanna watch,” Sammy said.

Trev whined. “Not fair.”

“Yeah,” JD added.

“Guys,” Kai said, and that was all it took. The real alpha had spoken.

I looked back over my shoulder at the boys grabbing their shorts for the walk to the nearby river. Three pairs of bare smooth bubble butts walked past me, JD wearing his belt at a sexy angle leading the way.

“I like that daddy,” I heard Sammy say as they walked away. “He’s got muscles.”

“Didn’t do him any good after JD roped him did it?” Trev said. “I wanna fuck him.”

JD giggled. “He already fucked you with his tongue.”

“Fuck you! Tongues don’t count!”

JD had struck a nerve. “Sorry Trev. Nobody’s gonna hurt you again.”

Trev’s earlier comment came to mind. “Fucking daddies always tryna’ make me bottom.”

It all added up, I thought. Trev had been abused.

The three teen’s voices faded as they headed towards the river.

“You gotta understand some stuff before we’re through,” Kai said, stepping in front of me with seven hard inches that matched my length, but had an extra finger’s worth of thickness.

Sounded like I might get out of this after all.

“You can call the cops if you want, but whaddya gonna say…” Kai chuckled then continued in a falsetto voice. “Officer, these teenagers tied me down and made me have sex with them.”

He was right.

“They’ll fucking laugh your ass all the way to prison.”

Right again.

“Don’t waste it, daddy” he said, looking down at precum drooling out of his slit and poking it against my lips.

I licked it up.

“Good boy,” he said. “Keep going.”

There was plenty more boy-juice for my tongue.

“JD’s the one who got us into tie-up games. Met him right here playing with Sammy all stripped and tied up. Looked hot as fuck,” Kai said. “Open up.”

My jaw stretched to accommodate Kai’s girth and first four inches. When I rubbed his piss slit with the back of my tongue he moaned.

“Mmmm… nice….” he said. “Sammy likes gettin’ tied up and fucked, but after riding you he’s gonna want more. Gotta find him an ass to use,” Kai added, as though writing a shopping list while making short strokes in and out of my mouth.

“JD brought in Trev when he came to his foster home. I want him so bad. It’s fucked up he’s already a mess at fourteen.” Kai stopped stroking, let out a heavy sigh, then continued, his voice breaking. “Won’t let me touch his ass ‘cause a foster tried to rape him. Had him thrown in prison. Now they call him difficult… How’d you feel if the grownups you’re supposed to trust fucked your ass?” he added with a heavier sigh.

I ran my tongue along his cock – the only consolation I could offer in this position.

“Me and JD’s watching out for him now.”

Kai grabbed my ears and put some muscle into his strokes as he continued.

“Now you know what JD’s like. Total top, gotta be in charge, tie you up and fuck,” he said, matching the word with strokes into my mouth. “We ain’t never taken down a daddy so Trev’s kinda working out his shit on you. JD’s like our scout but we share our catch,” he added, making me feel like a trapped rabbit again.

Kai pushed in deeper when he leaned over, stroking my exposed ass then rubbing my crack, fingers poking on my hole as he passed it by, making me twitch.


“You like that don’t you daddy?”

When I didn’t answer he stood back up, cock still buried in my mouth and worked his hands underneath me.

“Do. You. Like. That?” he said, punctuating each word with a hard nipple twist.

“Mmm… hmm…!” I went, my screams muffled by a mouthful of Kai.

“Good daddy. Hardons and nipples help you tell the truth.”

Kai pulled out, stuffed the cum-soaked undies into my mouth, pulled the gag back in place and retied it tight.

When he stepped out of view I knew what was next. Kai’s strong legs pushed mine open as he moved into place. His fingers dipped into my cleft and stroked my hole, eliciting a shudder.

“JD’s got skills but I’ve got a man-sized one for sixteen and I’m gonna have a piece of your daddy ass.”

One, then two, then three fingers were pushed and turned inside my used cummy hole until I felt his knuckles at the opening, bringing on another shudder with a deep moan.

“Make it tight,” Kai said.

“Mmhh hmhh,” I said, my hole clenching his digits.

“Good daddy. Keep it like that for my turn.”

Between Sammy and JD’s boy-cum Kai slipped inside of me without much pain, only a sense of fullness and pleasure from his thick teen-meat pressing down on my prostrate.

“First time taking a cock up the ass today?” he said, his short wiry pubes pushing against my ass cheeks when he bottomed out.

I mumbled through the gag. “Mmm hmm.”

“Thought you were a top until JD took you?”

“Mmm hmm.”

“You’re not the first one JD’s turned. This jock at school used to bully JD cause he’s a pretty boy, called him fag and shit. Found him here alone one day, wasted on weed. Ten minutes later JD had him tied up. Another ten JD was fucking him, had him begging for JD’s cock like a bitch in heat,” Kai said, his strokes growing deeper with the story’s telling, each one tingling my prostrate. “Got it on video so we own his ass now. Turned that fucker so bad he asked JD to be his boyfriend.” Kai paused then continued. “But JD wants a daddy who’ll be good to him… and knows he’s gonna get tied and fucked regular.”

Kai’s sweaty muscles rippled on my back as he leaned over, grabbed my shoulders and put his mouth to my ear.

“Maybe you should be JD’s daddy?” he said.

“Mmmm.” My ass clenched as I shuddered from his cock stabbing at my prostrate with short little strokes, emphasizing his question.

“Yeah?” Kai forced his hands underneath and twisted my nipples.

I wailed through the gag. “Mmmmmmm!”

That seemed to satisfy him for now.

“I saw what you did for JD,” he said. “Fuck my cock with your ass, daddy.”

I rolled my hips, clenching my hole and pushing back into my third cock of the day, feeling Kai’s abs contract each stroke. His hot breath in my ear reminded me of JD and long for that boy’s dominating tenderness.

“I’m gonna tell you something you can’t repeat – unless you want those videos we took on TikTok?” he said.

“Mmm uhmm.”

“Didn’t think so,” he said. “JD was at my place one day, just us two. Got me curious, so I let him tie me up. Supposed to be just that but you seen how JD is. Ended up sucking him then… he gagged me and…” Kai’s fucking punctuated the story and kicked into high gear as he continued. “Never gonna forget what he said, ‘you know if I tie you up I’m gonna fuck you.’ Couldn’t say no and after a coupla minutes didn’t want to. Only time I ever took it up the ass and he made me cum like you did today – no hands.”

If Kai kept stroking my prostrate with his over-grown teen-cock I was going to do that.

“That’s when I figured out it’s just the way JD is, like it’s his nature. He can be sweet as hell but if he gets you roped you’re gonna take it up the ass. You know how it antalya escort is.”

When Kai moved his hands underneath me I hunched up so he could grab my hard leaking cock.

“Mmmmm…” I just about came when he gripped me.

“Made you hard didn’t it? Me too,” he said, short-stroking my rigid meat as he long-stroked my ass.

I clenched my hole and rolled my hips, pushing against Kai’s strokes, determined to make him breed me.

“Yeah daddy,” he said, panting as his fucking became erratic, cock searching for just the right rub to pull the trigger.

Between my hard dick fucking his hand and the thick teen-cock in my ass’s grip we both lost it, Kai pulsing out six shots while I managed three – not bad for having cum twice already.

Heavy breathing and the mid-afternoon buzz of insects filled the air.

“Fuck daddy… no wonder you made Sammy and JD cum so big. You sure you’re a top?” he said, chuckling.

“I never saw JD get off so hard on someone. We just like to fuck ass but you guys had some kind of connection,” Kai said then paused for a moment before adding, “So… I think JD gets to own you. He decides who gets your holes.”

“Mmmm…” I wasn’t on board with being property.

Maybe Kai didn’t understand I’d objected, so he continued. “But you gotta make me a promise.”


“You gotta be good to him or what I said earlier’s gonna happen,” he said, pushing his still hard rod in to remind me of being fist-fucked by Sammy and left tied to a tree. “JD’s got three years of foster ‘til he’s 18 and can tell the state to fuck off. I know he don’t look fifteen but part of it’s cause his fosters don’t feed him much.”

I let out a sympathetic moan.

“Also, you gotta be nice to Trev even though he’s an asshole sometimes cause he’s like JD’s little brother.” As though I was adopting them both.

“And don’t forget about the pictures,” he said, sealing my fate as he slipped out of my well-worn hole, cum running down over my balls.

“Bet Kai fucked the shit out of him,” Trev said as he came into hearing range. “I want my turn.”

“You’re gonna like it,” Sammy said, adding with pride, “I did!”

JD chuckled. “You guys are total horndogs.”

“You’re the one who tied him up,” Trev said.

“And you never said thanks.”

“Thank you,” Sammy and Trev said then broke into laughter.

Sammy walked into the clearing first, holding some shorts, Trev next, wearing only shoes. Wet hair indicated they must’ve gone skinny-dipping in the river. Then came JD, long hair stringy wet, rolling my bicycle along, the small pack slung over the handlebars.

“Look what I found,” JD said with a smug smile, taking my license out of the pack before laying the bike on its side. “Hello David Jansen,” he added, reading the ID.

I’d put my license and room key in that pack, leaving my wallet and credit cards back at the motel.

“Thanks, David,” Trev said, holding up the two twenties I’d also brought along.

“Put it back, Trev,” Kai said. “We only want his holes.”

“Aww… Fine!” Trev said. “He owes me his ass.” He jammed the cash back into my bag.

“That’s gonna be up to JD,” Kai said.

“Huh?” Trev said.

JD tilted his head in an unspoken question.

“He’s yours, JD. You caught ‘im, you own ‘im. Now you decide who gets ‘im and what we do with ‘im before it gets dark out. Then you gotta let daddy go,” Kai said.

“I… own him?” JD said. “But he’s…”

“My first fuck,” Sammy said, running his hand over my bare ass.

The boys all laughed at Sammy’s proud outburst.

JD walked over to me, ran his hands down my back, stroked my ass, leaned down, took the gag out of my mouth and whispered in my ear. “Can you handle one more go round?”

Once again he’d asked permission when he didn’t need to – I was still tied down and helpless.

“Yeah,” I said, my voice low and raspy.

I felt a butterfly kiss on my neck then he continued. “When Trev’s in you do that thing with your ass and tell him you’re a bad daddy and you need fucked.”


“Trust me,” JD said, “that’s all he’s ever wanted.”

JD stood up and spoke. “I think he should join our crew.”

“JD…” Kai started.

“You said he was mine and that’s what I want to do with him. We’re gonna initiate him.”

“How?” Trev said.

“Line up. Sammy, Trev, Kai, then me. Get your cocks ready to rock,” JD said. You each got five minutes to cum or… go,” he added, giggling at his own joke.

The resilience of youth had each one hard at the prospect of fucking me.

Three minutes in Sammy let out a high-pitched whine, his four-incher twitching whatever might be left into my hole.

Trev cursed as he long stroked me, fucking the daddies that had abused him. I did what JD said, pushing against each stroke as I clenched what was left of my hole.

“I’m a bad daddy and need fucked,” I said. It’d be bad porn dialogue but Trev kicked it up a gear. So I improvised and added, “Make daddy take your big cock.”

“Gngghhh….gngghhh, gngghhh.” That’s all it took for Trev to fire off three shots to join a who’s who DNA stew of spent boy-cum in my well-used ass. He nuzzled my neck, breathing hard and I’m pretty sure he gave me a light kiss – not that I’d mention it to the teenage butt pirate.

Kai walked over and spanked my ass. “I’m good. Daddy fucked all the cum out of my dick before you guys got back.”

Then it was JD’s turn. The familiar toned, silky-skinned torso lying on top of me, a breathy whisper in my ear as he slid into me.

“I like you, David. I kinda wish I met you different,” he said, then kissed my neck as he slow-stroked into me. “But when I saw you…”

I whispered back. “Kai told me about you.”

“That I like to tie guys up?”

“Umm hmm… and that you want a daddy.”

“Yeah, it’s true. But a skinny young boy like me’s got no chance for that.”


“You guys on a date or what?” Trev said. The boy had poor timing.

“He’s mine, I can do what I want with him,” JD said, unhappy with being interrupted.

“Yeah well you’re supposed to share.”

JD rubbed my shoulders and arms as he pressed into me, whispering. “You’ve been tied up awhile, gotta hurt.” He was right. “I’m gonna untie you but you gotta promise to do what you’re told. Okay?”


JD lifted up from the waist, hard cock still in me like a placeholder. First the rope holding me to the fallen tree was untied. Then the one wound around me. Finally my wrists. My arms flopped down to my side, useless after being tied up for so long. JD leaned down and rubbed my upper arms and shoulders.

“I like his muscles,” Sammy said, leaning in to help rubbing.

“Don’t try anything,” Trev said, bluffing bravado.

“He won’t,” JD said, then leaned down. “Put your arms up over your head.”

When I did he pulled out, cum from his cock dripping on my back as he crawled up me. He crossed my wrists and tied them before getting off me.

“Stand up.”

When I did, accumulated boy juice started flowing out of my abused hole, cooling as it ran down the inside of my legs. My limp arms were tied in front of me, their condition helping my promise not to try anything.

“We fucked you good, daddy,” Trev said, talking tough.

JD walked me a few steps to the grassy clearing. “Bring me the sleeping bag, Trev.”

Trev appeared, bag in hand. “Lay it out,” JD said, pointing to the ground, now in full shade from the late afternoon sun.

Moments later I was laid out on my back, hands tied to a nearby tree, ankles now bound together, stretched out and completely exposed to whatever was next.

“JD…” Sammy said, moving to stand next to the boy. “I gotta question.”

A whispered conversation ensued.

“Please?” Sammy said.

“Okay.” JD looked at me, shrugged and turned his hands palms up in a ‘whaddya gonna do?’ gesture.

Sammy walked over to me like a shy girl at a junior high dance. He straddled my legs and sat down on my thighs then leaned down and took my half-hard cock in his mouth.

Despite shooting off three times the hot wet confines of the boy’s mouth had me hard in minutes, moaning from pleasure as I watched his curly-haired head bob up and down.

“Get me ready,” Sammy said, swiveling around and planting his small round butt in my face, hole to mouth.

He still tasted of Kai, boy cum and used hole. When he ground against my tongue I wondered, get him ready for what?

Sammy answered that by swiveling around to straddle my hips. He surprised me by reaching back, gripping my cock and holding it in place. I hissed in a breath when he sat back and my dick made contact with his pucker.

Pressure on my cock-head gave way to a hot tight channel as Sammy lowered himself all the way down on my dick in one smooth go.

“Fuuuuck…” I said, a little too loud, causing JD to clamp a sweaty hand over my mouth.

“Mmmm…” Sammy liked it too, starting to lift up and down like he was riding a pony while fisting his four-incher.

I clenched my ass so I could stroke up as he came down and it amplified the hotness. Kai and Trev were standing on either side of me, staring down at Sammy impaling himself, stroking their cocks.

“Make him one of us,” JD said, standing up and joining the other two, all of their hands moving faster, hips gyrating as they watched Sammy ride me.

“Mmmm…” Sammy threw his head back as he let out a high-pitched moan, his hips twisting as he used me for his pleasure.

“Ahhhh.” Trev announced his cum, somehow managing another three spurts of watery boy juice shooting out onto my contracting abs as I pounded up into Sammy.

“Fuuuuuck,” Kai moaned at the sight, hitting Sammy’s face with three thicker white shots of cream.

It was a race now to see who’d be last.

I looked at JD, tongue out between his lips, staring intently at me as his hands moved in a blur, hips air-fucking.

In the end it was a three-way tie.

“Fuck meeeee…” Sammy said before two clear shots landed on my belly. His contracting boy-hole set me off and I emptied the last of my reserve tank into him with three spurts.

“Daaaaaadddy.” JD moaned, adding three shots to the small pool on my torso before Sammy doubled over, panting on my cum-covered chest.

I could feel Sammy’s heart beating, nuzzling my neck as he rode the high. My cock softened enough to slide out and a loud fuck-fart erupted from the boy’s hole.

Boyish laughter filled the air because really, farts are hilarious, even when four teenagers have tied down a man and used him for sex. I laughed too.

“You ever fucked a thirteen-year-old?” Kai said.


Kai chuckled “Now you have. Too bad we didn’t get that one on video.”

“That’s okay.”

“We can do it again,” Sammy said. He sounded sincere.

“I don’t think daddy’s got anything left, guys,” Kai said. “Untie him.”

Moments later I was rubbing my wrists where the rope had bound me to become these boys’ toy.

JD picked up my shorts, walked over to me, and extended a hand to help me up to my feet. No longer the hunter, his shy affectionate smile was all it took. Even though he’d tied, used, and shared me with his friends I felt something for him… a connection.

Or maybe it was the fact I was being set loose.

I untied my tank top used to gag me. It was wet from my spit and boy cum so I stuffed it into my pack, a sloppy memento of an unforgettable day.

Kai was holding my bike. “Remember what I said.”

I nodded and put on my shorts. I had no intention of calling the police on the boys. They’d never believe me. I mean, how do you explain you were forced to fuck a thirteen-year-old?

When I swung my leg over the bike I felt liquid running out of my hole and into my shorts. The ride to the motel was going to be messy.

Peddling away I looked over my shoulder. The boys were picking up their stuff and calling it a day. Except for JD, who stood there staring at me. The golden late afternoon sun illuminated his beauty and I again felt an illogical pang of desire for the boy who’d captured me. When we locked eyes he shrugged and smiled like ‘sorry – not sorry’ and I swear pursed his lips in a kiss.

Riding standing up was the only option after what my butt had been through. One guy in a beat up truck honked and yelled. “Your shit hit the fan!”

I resisted the urge to flip him off for his accuracy.

It was going on dusk when I pedaled up to the motel room door, feeling fortunate no other guests were around to see my cum-soaked shorts when I opened the door and rolled the bike inside.

My ass stung when I emptied loads of boy cum. I leaned against the tile wall in the hot shower, replaying the afternoon like a bizarre erotic movie. Gentle washing of my stretched out hole made my cock stand on its tip-toes. The former all-top cock begged like a dog that didn’t understand there was nothing left to give it – I’d shot it all out and then some. When the water started to cool I got out, my upper body aching as I toweled off. There was a Whole Foods market across the street with decent take-out food so I walked over, got dinner, returned and ate in silence.

I’d never been so spent. My shoulders, arms, hips, butt… everything hurt from being used, especially my pride. I reclined on the bed against the headboard wearing only some black boxer briefs and couldn’t deny that the warm glow coming from my deflowered ass made my cock chub up. The last thing I remember before nodding off was the clock reading 7:34pm.

It was one of those dreams where whatever noise is going on becomes part of it. In mine, the police were pounding on my door. It was so real I jerked awake, got up, and peered around the closed drapes from the side.

It wasn’t the cops.

A short figure in dark clothing stood in shadows near the door and turned towards me, the porch light now illuminating him. A hand brushed the hoodie back to reveal neck-length sun-bleached hair. My heart skipped a beat at the teen’s familiar shrug and hopeful smile.

JD was here.

THE END… for now.

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