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Chapter 002 � Hell Week



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This story is an original work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales and incidents are either the products of the author”s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This is a free electronic story. No part of this electronic story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author. If you are not of legal age in your location to view and read adult material, please close out of this story and delete any material you have downloaded or copied to your computer




Randy Best: Captain, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Robert Masters: Colonel, U.S. Army Alpha Zulu Security

Adam Mann: Captain U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Gloria Worthington: aka “Mama Bear” CEO Worthington Industries

(a major multi-national defense contractor)

Luke Worthington: 10 year old Twin son of Gloria Worthington

John Worthington: 10 year old Twin son of Gloria Worthington

Doug Meat: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Platoon Leader

Magnus Savage: Captain, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Medical



As the wheels hit the runway and the plane decelerated we knew our new lives were now starting. We were astonished to be met by an armed security patrol, obviously Msgt Doug Meat heading the detail, standing at attention, dressed sharply in their black BDUs, Black beret with the DOD seal on the blue shield surrounded by 13 stars, Glock side arms, a Uzi (fires 600 rounds per minute) on a shoulder sling and an armed convoy consisting of an Armored Bradly with a SAW machine gun (fires 850 rounds per minute) in the top mount position, another Bradly with a mini gun (fires 6,000 rounds per minute) in the top mount position and an Armored Land Rover in the middle. Msgt Meat saluted smartly and asked to see our security IDs. He inserted them in a mobile card reader which turned to Green with each card being inserted. He then escorted us to the Land Rover and we left the Landing Strip and headed to our quarters. A short ride later we drove up to a small mansion which overlooked a beautiful ocean high on a rocky cliff. He escorted us to our suite of rooms and stated he would give us time to settle in and would be back in a couple of hours to give us a tour of the facilities. We were like Alice in wonderland deposited by the tornado. Before Msgt Meat left we had a question for him. He was most congenial and stated he was here to help in any way possible. “What is the protocol if our IDs hadn”t passed your card reader?” He professionally answered: “You would have been told to `freeze”, handcuffed and escorted to our security lockup till we could verify your ID and intentions. If you had resisted in any way my squad would have opened fire on you and we would have been putting your body parts in a bag for the morgue.” We were quickly getting an idea of the professionalism of this base and assignment. We thanked him for his candor and asked for a couple of hours to unpack and settle in.


The door closed behind Msgt Meat and Adam was all over my body. He kissed me passionately as he held me tight and whispered into my ear: “There is only one way to break in our new home!” Feeling his hard basket pressed against my body there was no question as to what was now going to happen. He undressed me slowly, teasing me with all the nuisances of a $1,000 a night hooker. My cock was bursting to get out of my “tighty whities” and were soaked with pre which turned Adam into an animal. He exploded from his clothes and his massive piece of man meat was ready for action. After laying me on the bed, he lifted my legs onto his shoulder, pressed my knees to my chest and I braced myself for the pain to follow. My lover was not to fail me as he buried all nine inches in my ass with one fierce thrust. My scream was muffled by his mouth on mine. As the pain subsided and the pleasure of feeling him deep in me arrived my body relaxed and I smiled into his beautiful face. He slowly pulled his cock from my ass till only the head remained and then he began a passionate, loving, tender thrusts which had my body convulsing and my dick exploding within minutes. We both knew this couldn”t be a long and intimate encounter so as he picked up the speed and his thrusts became more intense the moment quickly arrived when I felt the searing heat of his orgasm flood my guts. I collapsed into his arms and welcomed his passionate kiss as only Adam could kiss. I swear his tongue was an extension of his penis.


As we unpacked and settled in a knock at the door announced the return of Msgt Meat and our tour of the facility. We started at Ops and were astonished at the electronics contained at this facility. I asked about the Predator Drones I saw escorting our Jet as we arrived. Commenting on how much larger they were than the ones we had used in combat we were told that Worthington Industries gave us all the new research and development products even before releasing them to the military for combat use. The Predators we saw carried an array of missiles, rocket launchers and even a mini gun. In addition a variety of radar and optics which allowed it to look through any obstruction day or night. The area was totally ringed by double twelve foot high chain security fence topped with razor wire and land mines paced between the fences. The water side of the compound had underwater sensors, land mines and land sensors which would detect any intrusion. We were located on a remote costal island and the entire area was posted as a restricted military area with the use of lethal force authorized. In addition we had access to fighter jet protection from a close military base which could be scrambled and overhead within eight minutes. This was a secure base and both Adam and I were impressed.


We were both given a unique looking attach� case and explained its use. It held our secure computer, our Uzi, and room for additional storage as we saw fit. What was unique about it was the palm reader built into it. It was programed by Ops and our palms were registered on both cases. Once our palm print was accepted we had to enter our secure login code before we could again attempt access and as a final security for the case it did a facial scan before the case would open. When asked what would happen if we failed any of the security prompts, we were advised the case would produce a chemical which would render anyone within ten feet unconscious within seconds and send an emergency message to Alpha Zulu control where to find the case and the unconscious bodies. Damn, now we had to be concerned with a marauding brief case trying to kill us. The learning curve was beginning as Adam and I looked into each others eyes wondering what we had gotten ourselves into. We were given a new electronic gizmo which we used in lieu of a wrist watch. It not only showed the time and automatically adjusted to every time zone in the world but allowed us to contact Ops and any individual on the network by voice command. I then noticed that every member of our team wore such a “watch”. I could see the fun if the watch was accidentally activated while Adam and I were making love. I could see we would have to get inventive if we wanted to keep an active sex life private. We qualified with our Glock 9mm side arms and then selected a small Beretta 9mm for our backup gun with a Velcro ankle holster. Qualifying with the SAW was easy as both Adam and I had experience using it. The Mini Gun took us a couple of weeks to master. The power and destruction it produced was extremely impressive and I regretted any individual who forced us to use it against them.


Next stop was medical and introduced to the only other officer assigned to this unit. Captain Magnus Savage, intimating man at six foot six inches and a heart of gold. We agreed we would be working closely together and he advised us in an addition to our orders… We were going to get chipped. Adam and I looked strangely at us as we were filled in on the newest of the additional tools Worthington Industries were giving us for security. We were to get Micro Chipped and overhead satellites would be able to find us anywhere in the North American hemisphere. There was software on our laptops that would allow us to know where each chip was located down to within ten feel of the individual. I asked how many chips he had been provided and there were a few extras in case a chip needed to be replaced. I asked if “Doc” would call the twins into medical the nest morning on some pretest of needing a booster shot and “chip” them without explaining any details. He reluctantly agreed and knew it was a good safety precaution but was reluctant to do it without advising his patient of what the procedure actually was. We issued a direct order and he confirmed it would be done. I think he enjoyed prepping our ass cheek too much before giving us our injection. Yeah, he is one of us.


We then toured the Twin”s quarters and it was a spacious suite of rooms. Two sleeping area of which one seemed unused. A bathroom and shower as luxurious as the one we had enjoyed at the Washington Marriott. It was just too neat and clean to belong to two ten year old boys. We were advised that individuals had cleaning details daily to keep it spotless. The order was immediately issued for this practice to END!!! The twins would now be cleaning up after themselves. Meat was smiling from ear to ear. (There was a new sheriff in town!)


I asked Meat if he had access to concealable security cameras and he advised Worthington Industries had a new camera so small it could be hidden anywhere. Adam and I looked at each other and we were both aware of the quality image it produced. I ordered Meat to requisition a dozen of them and I wanted them installed so Adam and I were able to view every inch of the Twin”s suite even when it was pitch black with no lighting on. Meat was getting the idea this wasn”t going to be a baby sitting service anymore.


The twins had a dedicated computer room where they could take classes online with other children of VIPs who felt even a private school presented too much of a security risk to take with their security. Classes were contracted with experts in their field and the program allowed the ability for students to share with each other without knowing who the individuals actually were. I can see now the twins didn”t have much of a social life and that was contributing to a lot of the grief they were giving to the people around them. It was a problem Adam and I would have to digest and figure out a working solution. Not an easy problem to solve considering the high risk security issues at hand.


It was getting close to dinner time and Meat suggested we retire to our room, clean up and change into BDUs for dinner and the evening. A great suggestion and since Adam and I didn”t have time to enjoy sex I knew there wasn”t much sleep on the agenda for me tonight. When we arrived at the dining hall we asked when the twins would arrive. We were told both they and their protection detail took meals in their suite. That program was now ended. They would either take their meals with the men in the bornova escort dining hall or they could go hungry. No special meals, whatever we ate, they ate! The men present erupted in cheers and applause as Meat barked out the order: “AS YOU WERE”!


After dinner we met the Twin”s current security detail and were advised they would be flying out with the Twins in the morning so they could spend quality time being spoiled by Mama Bear. That would give us seven to ten days to make whatever changes we wanted and have them implemented when they returned. I brought Meat up on our new “Dick Tracy wrist radio” and advised him that the change in meals and cleaning for the twins were put on hold until they returned from their vacation with Mama Bear. Meat confirmed he would notify the staff of the revision in orders. We talked with the current security detail for a few hours and got the picture of why these two “monsters in training” were the problem children that we had been warned about. It didn”t take a shrink to understand a great many of the problems were caused because they were treated like prisoners instead of protected individuals. Even though the facilities here were better than any Army base in the world and the pay/fringes were outstanding, there needed to be a major attitude adjustment with everyone if we were to succeed with the twins. I now wish I had paid better attention in psych class but I knew Doc was there to help me/us and we were going to need everyone working as a team to succeed.


Adam and I returned to our suite and started to discuss the events of our first day on the job. He was massaging his hip where he had been given his shot and I could feel the soreness in my hip from mine. I smiled at him and asked if we were going to make love tonight he”d take it gentle on my ass. He smiled as he wrapped his arms around me, kissed me passionately giving me a major erection, and said “IF”? Nothing can or will stop me from making love to such a beautiful man. You are mine forever and my heart melted in his arms. His mind was yet to understand how much in love he was. I knew I had been given a second chance to love such a magnificent man and I had been truly blessed.


Let”s get out of these BDUs so we don”t have any questions or have to provide any explanations for cum stains on them. We quickly undressed and folded our BDUs for use the next day. My hands couldn”t stay off his massive erection as I caressed his balls and stroked his hardness. I was still the kid in the candy shop who couldn”t believe I had three years to enjoy and make love to this beautiful man. I dropped to my knees and my tongue lavished Adam”s cock and balls. The animalist sounds emanating from his mouth were unrecognizable gibberish but his hands holding my head tightly told me how much he was enjoying himself. He suddenly pulled back as his cock exploded and flooded my mouth with his sweet cream and I couldn”t swallow fast enough. The cum exploded from my nostrils and leaked from the corners of my mouth. I was coughing and hacking cum and Adam could only laugh at me. I was a cummy mess and reveled in the flavor of his seed. There was no doubt as he held me and kissed me my ass was next on the agenda as he carefully laid me back onto our bed. (There might have been two beds in our suite but one wasn”t ever going to be used.)


Adam then proceeded to eat my ass as only he could. His tongue drove me into a sexual frenzy. I prayed no one was walking past our door as I screamed “FUCK ME”! Oh, well… by tomorrow they would all be award this was going to be a gay friendly posting. Adam quickly lubed his cock and my ass and slid all nine inches into me with the gently nature of a groom taking his virgin bride. Adam could feel my ass contract as my nuts erupted cementing my abdomen to the sheets of our bed. He rolled us over so I could look into his eyes as a big smile crept across his face, my ankles instinctively went to his shoulders and his dick slide effortlessly into my ass. This was a slow gently passionate lovers fuck and my body was convulsing in anal orgasms that were driving my mind wild. I held Adam tight to my chest as his hips power fucked my ass. He whispered in my ear how lucky he was to have me for a partner and that fucking me was the best sex he had ever experienced. This brought about another orgasm which cemented our skin together and my ass muscles sent his dick into explosion mode which flooded my ass with another searing load of his man cream. We collapsed in sexual satisfaction and I looked into his beautiful eyes as the copious amount of man cream he had deposited in my ass now leaked onto our sheets.


As I returned to a conscious state I took Adam”s hands and lead him into our spacious bathroom. Regrettably, it was time to clean up and end the events of the day. Tomorrow was going to be a busy day and we both needed clear minds to absorb all the information that was to be presented.


Adam held me tight as we slipped into clean sheets. Whoever cleaned our room was going to know that we were lovers and in such a small group of people it would be public knowledge within hours. Little did we know how fast the “jungle grapevine” functions with this group. Even though I knew more sex wasn”t in our best interest this night and that work before play had to be the rule. I still awoke to find Adam”s cock deep in my ass and my gut filled with definitely more than one hot injection of his man cream. This is one addiction I was going to learn to love. As I awoken for the new day with my lover wrapped his arms around me, whispering romantic comments in my ear and his hips gently moved as his cock head massaged my prostate. He was driving me wild with pleasure and sexual desires. I hoped we could start every day like this but my mind still couldn”t accept this reality. I prayed I could always pleasure this beautiful man and he would never tire of my ass.


We went through the normal “SSS” routine (Shit, Shower & Shave), dressed in clean black BDUs and headed off for morning “colors” and a six am breakfast. The flag was smartly raised and was smartly saluted as the bugler sounded off. We adjourned to the dining room and enjoyed a hearty breakfast. As all were present I rose to make a few remarks. The first bombshell that dropped was when I announced that every man here was selected not only for his talents and abilities but because he was GAY! You could have heard a pin drop. This was now to be a gay friend environment. The pool and exercise area was now “clothing optional” and whatever you did in private with a consenting adult was no business but your own. If anyone forced themselves upon another, he didn”t have to worry about a court martial because I”d have his cock and balls in a glass jar on my desk when the MPs hauled his sorry ass off to Leavenworth. I then announced our preliminary goals for the twins and that we were not a baby sitting service. Our role was to help them develop into the best men possible. Protecting the twins was in the best interest of national security and if any harm came to them it could cost thousands of fellow American soldiers lives in the end. I closed stating that Adam and I would be meeting with each soldier individually over the next week. If anyone felt this was not an atmosphere in which they wanted to work, simply request a transfer and it would be immediately processed. (After all the interviews were concluded not a man requested a transfer.)


Adam and I saw the twins and their protection detail off for two weeks with Mama Bear. I summoned Meat with my radio and asked if he would go first for his review. He suggested using the conference room in OPS and asked to meet us in thirty minutes. We settled into the conference room and pulled up his personnel records on our secure laptop. He arrived on time, saluted, settled into a chair and it was obvious he was a nervous wreck. We reviewed his service record and his being selected for head of security was definitely the right choice. Educated with a masters degree in psychology, an instructor and expert in all firearms, handguns, rifles, machine guns of all varieties in addition to being an instructor in lethal combat hand to hand fighting. There was no doubt he could kill Adam and/or I in a dozen ways without working up a sweat. So why in the hell was he so nervous. We concluded the interview allowing him to ask any question he had. We were not ready for what came next.


He asked if this was really going to be a gay friendly environment or if this was just a ploy to circumvent “Don”t Ask, Don”t Tell” and eliminate gay soldiers. I assured him that I personally believed ever man on this base was gay and it presented no problem for me. He chocked as he said: “Sirs, I”ll never deceive you and I”ll always be loyal to you and this assignment but I don”t know if I”m gay or not.” What came next shocked Adam and I: “Sirs, I”m a virgin”. I”ve never kissed a man, sucked a cock, fuck an ass or been fucked. The thought of seeing the men in the shower naked excites the hell out of me but I”m scared to death of not knowing what to do. I want to remain here. I”ve decided it is time to lose my cherry and you two have given me a hardon since you walked down the airplane ramp. Could you two officers help me to learn what it is like to be Gay. Seeing you two look at each other it is obvious you are in love.


Adam and I looked at each other and thought back to the wonderful time we had spent with Steven. He nodded at me and I advised Meat if he wished, he was invited to spend the evening with us in our quarters. He blushed profusely and nodded his acceptance. I spoke one request, no jacking off for the rest of the day. “Hands off the meat, MEAT!” (I had a better idea of why he was an expert in hand to hand combat considering his name.) We advised him to stop by Medical and have Doc give him a fast acting laxative and to take it as soon as possible. Eat a Spartan warrior dinner and meet us in our quarters when free time started this evening.


As the door closed behind him Adam looked at me and commented: “Two virgins in less than a week… hell, we should be paying the Army for this posting”. The bulge in his BDUs was massive and I knew what was on his Agenda and I sure hope Meat was ready to learn the hard and enjoyable facts of being gay.


The balance of the interviews this first day went without problem. Most of the men openly admitted they were gay and thanked us for allowing them to be open regarding their sexual preference. We advised the men during their interview we would be dividing the 50 person platoon into two 25 person squads and if they had someone they wanted to bunk with or be close with to let us know and we would do our best to honor the request. I didn”t want anyone to think they had to sneak around to have sex with someone they cared about. I doubt if the pentagon would approve of my decision but I also knew Mama Bear and the Colonel had this in their minds when they reorganized this unit. We were shocked when not one individual requested a transfer and knowing the selection process Adam and I experience, the Colonel made the right personnel selections and now it was up to Adam and I to make this program function and help the twins to become men. Whether they turned out straight, bi or gay wasn”t the issue. They were destined to own and operate the largest defense contractor operations in the United States. Our country future depended upon our success.


I saw Meat at dinner and he was eating light. I”m certain Doc was reading “between the lines” and gave him something strong bostancı escort enough to clean out his bowels. Meat probably spent most of the afternoon shitting his brains out which meant he was serious about the events of this evening. Adam and I smiled as we joined the men with our meals. The candor of male bonding was evident and the shock of a gay friendly environment was starting to become evident of what it meant to the men. This was a much happier and more relaxed bunch of men than what we had observed at breakfast this morning.


There was a knock on our door shortly after we returned from dinner. Opening to see a shy and somewhat nervous Meat we invited him in. Adam and I were both comfortably wrapped in the luxury robes we liberated from the Washington Marriott. We suggested Meat join us for a warm relaxing shower which he gladly accepted. We helped him undress enjoying feeling the magnificent body which was ours to enjoy. The shower was massive and more than adequate for an orgy. Adam and I kissed, stroked, tweaked, nibbled and turned Meat into a towering massive of sexual jelly. Adam generously soaped up his hands and wrapped them around Meat”s manhood, an impressive super thick beer can cock. He started to shudder and we ordered him to calm down it was way too early for his first orgasm. We had plenty of foreplay ready and we planned on enjoying this virgin.


After Meat calmed down and his breathing returned to normal Adam resumed his playtime with Meat”s cock and balls… Our liquid soap was super slippery and every now and then Adam”s fingers would slide behind his balls and into up his ass. This brought a massive muscle contraction from Meat and some expletive of pure satisfaction. After showering off the soap Adam was on his knees and I knew it was now time for Meat”s first orgasm of the night compliments of Adam. It didn”t take long with Adams fingers working over Meats prostate and I could feel Meat”s muscles contact with every blast of his man cream sprayed between us cementing us together.. Adam then lavished Meat”s cock cleaning off his residual cream which made Meat beg him to stop. Adam looked up at us as my fingers tweaked Meat”s tits and the two of us knew what was next on the agenda for Meat.


I turned Meat around so he was facing me, wrapped my arms around him and kissed him with all the passion I had in my body. I nibbled on his ear as I told him how fantastic a lover he was. I could see Adam smiling as he spread the cheeks of Meat”s ass and buried his face between the luscious globes. Meat nearly jumped out of his skin and I could feel his cock go instantly rock hard and stab into my gut. “Easy big boy”… “Let”s make this last and enjoyable for you”. He was putty in our hands and definitely trusted us. My Olympic Gold Medal partner gave him an ass eating as never before. I swear I couldn”t believe how much tongue he got up Meats chute. Meat held out for as long as he could and then screamed apologetically as his balls blasted for cementing our skin together again. It was now time to eliminate the only gay virgin in our command.


We turned off the water and tenderly dried off his body kissing him, nibbling, teasing and letting him know the romance wasn”t over for the evening. The bed was already turned down as we sat beside him and asked him one last time if he was certain this is what he wanted. He nodded his consent as we lay him back and I knelt over him in a sixty nine position. He immediately got the hint and with brief moments of adjusting his throat and gag reflex to my cock we were enjoying some great 69 oral sex as he suddenly blasted my mouth full of his tasty cream. That was Adam”s cue to change from spectator to participant.


I rolled Meat over so he was on top his knees at my head and his head between my legs. Adam immediately returned to eating his ass and this was my first real opportunity to see this man for the lover he was. He lubed Meat”s hole with his saliva and then used his tongue to dilate his ass and push as much a possible inside. He then took the lube from our beside stand and poured copious amounts down Meat”s ass crack massaging as much as possible into his ass with his fingers. One finger first, then two and Meat was convulsing across the bed when Adam slipped in his third fingers. He finger fucked him deep and rotated his fingers driving Meat”s prostate wild. Meat was spewing forth gibberish as his cock leaked massive amounts of pre cum. He eventually regained enough composure to speak two demanding words: “Fuck Me”! Adam has reached his goal and now he was going to send Meat to Nirvana.


From my view sucking Meat”s cock I could see and help Adam position his thick cock head at the opening to Meat”s virgin pleasure tunnel. Adam told Meat to relax and to push out if it hurt too much. Every so slowly Adam applied pressure and I could see his cock head start to dilate the Meat”s opening. All I could hear was lustful groans from Meat”s mouth and I knew when Adam breached Meat”s virginity I was going to get flooded with all the ball juice Meat could produce.


As I watched in fascination, Meat”s ass dilated till it reached the broad corona of Adam”s cock head. I knew from experience the next thrust was going to be very painful and that I could help by attacking Meat”s cock and taking his mind off of his ass. As I was sucking, slurping and gulping on Meat”s cock Adam gave one powerful thrust and his cock head disappeared in Meat”s ass. His body instantly became rigid and he scream like a man possessed (As which he was). Adam leaned over him, stroked his body and whispered tenderly to relax and the pain would subside quicker. Meat trusted us and I could see his anal muscles relax as Adam slid forth another inch of his hard meat. Slowly Adam pulled back until his corona caused Meat”s anal ring to become distended and not wanting to remove his cock Adam gently pushed forward going a fraction of an inch deeper each time. I knew every time when Adam”s cock head hit Meat”s prostate as he went wild. I had to hold him tight he was thrashing so much. He may have been convulsing but he wasn”t trying to escape. Meat was on his way to Nirvana and the two of us were going to make certain this was a night he”d never forget.


As Adam”s cock pounded on Meat”s prostate it didn”t take long and I knew his balls were going to explode. As Meat filled my mouth and throat with another load of his delicious cream I had a front row seat as Adam firmly grasp Meat”s hips and with one powerful thrust put the thick base of his cock balls deep in Meat”s ass. Meat howled and cried and I knew the pain he was experiencing. I also knew the worse was over and now the pleasure could begin. I extracted myself from under Meat, lay beside him, looked into his eyes, licked the tears from his face and firmly told him to relax. The hard part is over and now the pleasure begins. As Adam felt his ass relax he pulled back and then slid forward again and again each time increasing the amount of his cock he used. Meat”s crying had stopped and he was begging Adam to fuck him which needed no encouragement.


Adam started a fuck which rivaled any he had given to me. I knew Meat was going to have one sore ass by morning and he”d know if the Gay life was one he could enjoy. The sound of Adam”s skin slapping against Meat”s ass made me super hard and my cock was standing at attention as Meat started to suck on it having a difficult time coordinating his efforts with Adam”s thrusts. Adam”s thrusts became brutal and I knew he wouldn”t last much longer. I was going to have to have a discussion with Meat about his teeth but I knew when Adam flooded his guts Meat would flood my mouth and that would send my cream right up into his. No sooner than that though raced through my mind Adam”s body became rigid, he slammed his cock balls deep into Meat with every ounce of muscle he could generate and I could see Meat”s abdomen swell as the copious amount of Adam”s balls juice spewed forth. As expected, my mouth got flooded and that send my cum into Meat”s mouth like a geyser.


Adam carefully extracted his cock from Meat”s ass and I could hear an audible “pop” as the head came out. Meat rolled over onto his back and Adam and I made a Meat cuddle sandwich. When Meat returned from Nirvana he couldn”t quit smiling. “WOW” “Fantastic” “Unbelievable” “Better than I ever imagined”… then kissed us both as we held his exhausted body in our arms. Little did he know what now awaited him.


As we all came back to reality Adam started to kiss Meat passionately, his tongue exploring the depths of his mouth and throat. Adam held him firmly as Meat”s body contorted in passion and it became obvious when his beer can cock was fully erect and pre cum was flowing from it profusely. That was my que. I straddled his hips and slowly lowered my ass onto his monster. When his cock head hit my ass I was in for a major surprise. My deceased lover had used my ass hard and deep for fourteen years and Adam had kept me well stuffed since we met a week ago. Meat”s cock was like sitting on a fence post and I was determined to show him how much pleasure that monster cock could give to another man.


As I firmly applied pressure I could feel the muscles of my anal ring stretch to the tearing point as I endured the pain, determined to give Meat the pleasure he deserved. As I forced myself downward I wondered how much further until I was past the corona. I felt my ass clamp behind the corona and the pain lessened a little. I took a deep breath and looked into Meat”s eyes which were glazed over in pleasure. I slowly sunk down a couple of inches and the pain returned. I had never been stretched as much as Meat was doing to me now. I forced myself down enduring the pain till I felt his pubic hair on my ass and I knew I had all of him in me. I rested, relaxed my ass as much as I could and then using my thigh muscles rode his cock to the muffled screams of passion echoing from his lips as Adam”s tongue danced with his. My fingers tweaked his tits as Adam”s free hand caressed his balls. As I slammed my ass cheeks against his pelvis the head of his cock was driving my prostate to explode. I knew I wouldn”t last long and as I felt Meat”s cock expand and blast his scalding hot seed in my gut I blasted forth coating both of my lovers in my seed. As we all came down from Nirvana, I looked into Meat”s beautiful eyes and told him he was fantastic. “I hope you”ll come again, literally and figuratively!” He looked at me with that innocent baby face and said: “Don”t plan on much sleep tonight”.


We had created a monster and his name was Meat! The balance of the night was spent making love to this wonderful man. I couldn”t believe he could walk in the morning but as he left for his quarters to clean himself up and make morning roll call he was smiling from ear to ear and whoever was cleaning our quarters today would know the events of last night from the wonderful stench of SEX which permeated the room.


At breakfast after roll call Meat walked ahead of us limping. We asked him how he felt about last night. His comment had us laughing and the men wondering what was happening. Meat simply said: “Sore as hell”. As he limped down the serving line he got a standing ovation and plenty of cat calls from the men. Oh well, just wait till after breakfast. Before everyone left for their daily assignments I took the floor to address the group. To start our Gay friendly environment the pool and exercise area was now clothing optional. Anyone who felt uncomfortable was buca escort free to wear the appropriate clothing. I further announced that Adam and I would be continuing the individual interviews and we would be calling individuals throughout the day. No one was in trouble, it was simply a “greet and meet” and answering any questions you may have.


After breakfast Meat asked if he could talk with us briefly. We adjourned to the conference room in Ops and he meekly said he had a request and it was in no way because of last night. He had a corporal he was developing feelings for and was hoping he could be assigned to bunk in his dorm room. We smiled at the monster we created and simply warned him to be easy on the kid and use plenty of lube which made Meat beat red with embarrassment and a smile from ear to ear. Meat excused himself and we started our daily workload. Adam and I then told him we had a request if possible. In addition to the security cameras in the Twins room we wanted to add an electronic bidet/toilet with enema function and also one in our suite. Also, we wanted to add the shower bidet to every private dorm room for the individuals to use as needed. Meat asked us to Email him a link to the equipment we were requested and he would rush through the request.


We adjourned to the airport and said our thanks and good bye to the twin”s current security detail. We were told to enjoy the quiet before the storm because the “monsters” would be back in two weeks. We exchanged salutes and we thanked them for their input. Little did we know how much we had to learn about the Twins.


We were astonished not one individual asked for a transfer and considering the battery of tests and exams we endured in our selection process we knew the Colonel had truly done a magnificent job in selecting our staff. Adam and I discussed that fifty men was too much for Meat to handle by himself so the decision was made to divide the group into two twenty five person squads with a SSgt (Staff Sergeant) as a squad leader each. We paged Meat to our office and asked for his input. He agreed with our assessment and we asked for his recommendation as to which individuals he thought would make the best squad leaders. His first choice was quick and without reservation. Adam and I concurred since he was on our short list after his review. His second choice was more hesitant, as he prefaced his selection comment. He is the best man for the job but he is also the individual I want to share my room. Meat was concerned this might be construed as a “conflict of interest”. We simply added the selection was ours and he was only making a recommendation. Meat gave a sigh of relief and it was a done deal.


The two corporals would skip a rank and become Staff Sergeants. Meat was told he would remain a Master Sergeant for the moment and we would review him in six months for a promotion to First Sergeant. It was now time to adjourn for retreat and dinner. After dinner I again took the floor and invited the two corporals to join me. Two very apprehensive soldiers come forward and as I ripped off their corporal stripes as they literally trembled in fear as their peers gasp. Announcing they were out of uniform, I handed them their new stripes and then present two new Staff Sergeants to the group announcing there would be two squads formed by the end of the week. Msgt Meat would remain Platoon leader and the new SSGT”s would report to him. The meeting was adjourned and hearty praise was given by all to the two new Sergeants.


Adam and I strolled around the grounds and were pleased to see a lot of naked men enjoying the pool, not a swim suit to be seen. In the physical training area it was a wise decision the men decided clothing might be option by a jock strap was definitely recommended to protect the family jewels. SMART DECISION even if it wasn”t dictated.


We made the room assignments and divided the group into two squads without any negative comment. Every request for “pairing” was made with no overlapping requests. We had no idea that this was the “calm before the storm”.


The Colonel teleconferenced the next day and advised us Mama Bears schedule had changed and she was keeping the Twins an additional week. We thanked him for the information and breathed a sigh knowing it gave us additional time to make the initial changes.


The requests we had made to reconfigure our two bathrooms was a major undertaking. Adam and I ended up using the showers in the training area a few days ours were out of service. That gave us ample opportunity to evaluate our soldiers and plenty of eye candy in addition to the view at the swimming pool. There was some grumbling over the requirement all personnel participate in physical training and the squad leaders were responsible for monitoring and reporting the participation and results weakly. They may have grumbled but all men progressed in ability each week.


When our bathrooms were done Meat asked us to join him in our quarters. The work was meticulous and of the highest caliber. We then adjourned to the Twin”s room and Meat defied us to locate the hidden cameras. We failed to our embarrassment and to the quality of workmanship of our staff. We then returned to our room and he showed us we could pull up each camera on individual channels on our wide screen TV. The cameras were motion and/or manually activated and all data was stored on the computer mainframe. One channel displayed all the cameras and then each camera had a dedicated channel for viewing. Also, the cameras could be accessed on our laptops. Dedicated software had been installed remotely. We asked him to pass on our compliments for the hard work the staff had put forward and to remind them this was classified and never to be talked about.


After Meat left Adam and I crashed on the bed. We talked for once about ourselves and how we had to find “down time” where we could just enjoy each other. The quickies that we enjoyed were fantastic but we both wanted the opportunity to be able to sexually pleasure each other without the stress of knowing we could be interrupted at any moment. We decided we”d review the issue again at six months when we hoped to promote Meat to First Sergeant. That would allow us time to be by ourselves and I could love and enjoy the man my heart had fallen for.


The sex we had that night was love and not the quickie animalistic sex which had been forced upon us recently. It felt wonderful to wake in the morning, my gut aching and my ass full of Adam”s cream. Thank goodness for our new bidet. I”m certain the Colonel had a weird look on his face when that bill was on his desk for approval but we never heard a word about it. (And, we didn”t even have to use the platinum card.)


As the events of last night were gushing out of my body Adam walked in with a morning hardon I always admired. He went to the shower and I quickly joined him. We kissed as I stroked him and instinctively turned and face the shower wall, my hands outstretched and my ass ready to pleasure my man. He didn”t fail me as he slowly slid every inch in me till he was balls deep. He then held me, kissed me and told me he wanted to start every day like this with me. I”ll never forget my first love but I thank God every day for bringing Adam into my life. (I probably should buy the Colonel a bottle of twenty year old scotch single malt, after all… he did the match making.)


The sex was romantic, beautiful and drove me wild with passion. I shot my load against the shower wall without either of us touching my cock or balls. Adam felt me orgasm as my ass clamped around his monster cock. He held me tight and told me how wonderful it was he could make me orgasm. We both knew Meat was there if we needed him or he needed us but we were falling in love and I do believe Adam is starting to realize I”ll be his for the rest of my life.


I turned on the shower bidet and cleaned out my ass. Nothing beats the bidet toiled but for a good cleaning the shower bidet really does a quick cleaning job. Adam held it tight in my ass with one hand as the other massaged my gut allowing it to fill me fully. He knew when I had reached the maximum amount I could handle and then he stood back and watched the remnant of his love flushed down the drain. Adam was definitely my partner in all things and even though his ass was cherry he really understood the physical anal needs of a bottom like myself.


Meat stopped us after retreat and asked if he could stop by this evening. We asked which one of us he needed or if needed both of us. He just smiled and said he”d see us shortly after we ate. We both knew Meat was horny as hell and apparently he hadn”t gotten the guts to proposition his roomie. When he knocked on our door we both asked him to enter and then passion over ruled logic and he was naked in our arms. His obvious hard cock gave him away and we both queried his as to why he hadn”t told his roomie how he felt. He admitted to being a coward and afraid of being rejected especially after his rooming seeing him naked and hard in the shower. We both looked at him, told him to get dressed, go to his dorm, tell his roomie how he felt and if he then didn”t want to have sex with Meat to come back regardless of the time and we would make love with him all night.


Meat left a very forlorn and horny man but followed our instructions as if they were an order. We loved him as a son and brother in arms but he needed someone his age to be with in life. Adam looked at me and said he had never been prouder of me than he was at the moment. It would have been so easy to have sex with Meat and so enjoyable but it wouldn”t have solved the problem for him. We both were certain that Meat wouldn”t be back that evening and after seeing the two of them walking from morning assembly to breakfast it was obvious they both had been fucked. We asked both of them to stop by the conference room after breakfast and we told them how proud and wonderful it was for us to see them so happy. We told them we were both here for them and if they had any problems or needed any information feel free to ask anything, we were both very open minded. They thanked us and we all proceeded to the work for the day.


Our one week reprieve was quickly coming to an end and the twins would be back. We reiterated our directions as to housekeeping, meals and they would be assigned to individuals on a rotating basis to help them develop using PT. I wanted them running ten miles on the tread mill every day by the end of six months and weight lifting to their age norms also. I emphasized we were not babysitting and we demanded respect from them and we would give them respect also. What had happened in the past was in the past. Today starts a new day in their lives and it is our responsibility to protect them and help them to become the leaders of tomorrow.


We were notified (warned) the twins would be returning the next day and Meat arranged for the security detail to go with us to pick them up from the plane. As the plane touched down, every man took a deep breath and we wondered what we yet had to face. The ramp lowered and two men exited. Meat verified their security authorization and the twins disembarked the jet and was escorted to the armored Land Rover. We offered their security detail the hospitality of our facilities but they declined and assured us they were eager to return to their duty station.


As we entered and closed the doors on the Land Rover the first words that came of their mouth were: “How did we get stuck with some fucking fairy babysitters!” This and much more would be addressed as soon as the door closed on their suite of rooms. The honeymoon was officially over.





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