A Game of Basketball Pt. 5

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Morning at the Hotel

‘When the sun rises, I wake up and chase my dreams. I won’t regret when the sun sets because I live my life like I’m a beast.’

‘I’m a motherfucking beast!”

I jolt up from the bed as the song Beast blares from the explosion of light coming from the bedside table.

“Off,” Nicole grunts, silencing the music and making the light disappear. Fuck, that was the best sleep I’ve ever got.

No dreams, just silence.

Nicole’s still bundled on her side of the bed. I slink down and put my face next to hers as my fingers trace up and down her arm.

Her eyes open up, bright hazel eyes. Wait… Hazel? They’re almost yellow. Weren’t they green before? You know… now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure they were blue before that.


Although, it’s probably not that uncommon. Didn’t Kevin’s eyes do the same thing?

“Morning,” she says.

“Morning, beautiful! How did you sleep?”

“Pretty good, had another dream…”

“Yeah? What was it about this time?” I ask as I gently stroke her soft cheek.

“I was falling and you saved me. Well, it felt like you, but you looked different. Also, we were on some weird planet.” She closes her eyes for just long enough for me to surprise her with my lips on hers. Our kiss doesn’t last as long as I want it too. “What about you? Any weird dreams?”

“Nope, for once I slept like a baby.”

“I guess we should get ready,” she mutters, before checking her watch. “It’s almost 5:30.”

“We can probably skip the shower since we’re about to get all sweaty anyway.”

“I’d at least like to fix up my hair.” She slips out of bed, still nude from the fun we had last night. Looking at her naked body is like staring at a goddess. Lean caramel legs that look as if they were chiseled from marble, but still soft and a little on the thick side. 6 pack abs with a sizable bust shaped like two gorgeous mountains of soft and supple tenderness. And let’s not forget that dick of hers swinging in between those thighs like a hammer. A cock that was stretching out my asshole not too long ago.

As she struts over to the bathroom, my eyes fall to that ass. Ummm, what an ass it is. How has my dick not been inside of it? I’m going to have to change that pretty soon. “When we get back, I’m challenging you to a game of 1 on 1! I don’t think I can go any longer without popping your anal cherry.”

“Ha, you can try, but there’s no way I’m going to lose.” I follow her in the bathroom as she gets her hair wet. She looks at me through the mirror and bites her lip. “Although, Dave… If anyone was going to take my anal virginity, I want it to be you.”

As she brushes her hair to one side, my hand finds its way to her sumptuous ass. Leaning down, I press my lips against her shoulder as my fingers run down the crack of her ass, meeting that untouched rosebud of hers.

She looks back at me. “You know, if you really want my ass that bad, I’ll let you have it. We both know you’re never going to beat me.”

“I’m going to beat you, don’t get too cocky. Besides, it wouldn’t be the same if you just gave it to me.” Finally, she takes her gaze away from the mirror and walks out of the bathroom.

I follow her like a lost puppy as she makes her way over to her bag. “Aren’t you going to get ready?” she asks as she pulls out her uniform.

“Yeah. Eventually, I’m just enjoying the view. It’s not every day you get to see someone as beautiful as you in all your naked glory.”

Her cheeks turn a rosy pink. As she grabs a pair of compression shorts, I take them from her. She gives me an annoyed look. “Let me do the honors.”

Kneeling down, she grabs my shoulder as I lift each foot up and slide her tight spandex Under Armour briefs on.

I leave kisses up her leg as I pull them up and cage the beast that is her cock. “Too bad we don’t have enough time. I sure wouldn’t mind playing with your anaconda.”

She smiles down at me as I grab her shorts and repeat the process. “You just can’t get enough, can you?”

“What can I say, I’m addicted to you.”

She grabs her sports bra and slides it over her arms. Finally, I get my own gear out and quickly get dress. “Awww, you’re not going to let me return the favor?”

I give her the famous Dave smile. “I’ll let you tear them off tonight after we win.”

A wicked grin appears on her face. “Oh, I’m going to do more than that.”

“I hope so.”

Finally, we’re both dressed in our uniforms and warm up scrubs. I grab my basketball shoes and stuff them in my backpack. “You want me to put yours in here too? I’ve got room.”

“Sure.” Once I stuff her shoes in, we finally head down to the lobby hand in hand.

Santa Barbara Gym

Most of the team is already in the lobby eating breakfast. Nicole and I grab a plate and join them. Once the rest of them are here and everybody’s grabbed some food, we load the bus and take off.

It’s a 20-minute drive to Santa Barbara High School. Once we arrive they have us sign in before heading to the locker room. I see my mom and Emily walk in behind us as we enter the gym. I give them a quick wave before heading in.

“You know, my cousin goes to San Marcos,” I tell Nicole as we take a seat in the locker room.

“Yeah? Your transgender cousin? Jessica, right?” she asks.

“Yeah, but not many people know she’s transgender. She transitioned before she moved to Santa Barbara, so no one knows about it,” I add.

“I definitely know how that is, it’s hard coming out. You never know if people are going to accept you or not.”

“Yeah, no kidding,” I add. “It didn’t go over well for her at her last school when she started to transition. And it didn’t help that her sister died a few years ago.”

“Alright, Mats” Coach says as she enters the locker room. “Gather up.”

We all bring it in as Coach addresses us. “San Marcos definitely isn’t a pushover, so don’t expect them to lay down and let us walk all over them.”

“They’re tough and they have two big men down in the paint that dominated the last two games. Both getting double-doubles. They call them the twin towers.” She looks at Finn, Austin, and Caleb. “We need to shut them down.”

“They also like to slow the game down. That’s why I want to turn the pressure up on them. Force them to make mistakes. We’re going with a man to man full court press. Everyone stick with your guy, switch off screens. Remember, box out! You’re not going to out jump these guys. In order to outrebound them, you’re going to have to box them out.”

She takes a minute to look at each of us in the eyes. “On offense, I want you to push the ball. Dave, you need to force the double team and look for the open man. I know their big, but if we constantly push the ball, make them try to keep up to our pace, we can wear them down.”

She takes one last look around the room. “Any questions?”

The room remains silent. “Alright then, Dave your starting point guard. Nicole, you’re starting at shooting guard. Jeremy, you’re at small forward. Finn, you’re at power forward and Austin you’re the center. Bring them in, Dave, and lead them out.”

“Alright guys, let’s show them who we are. Make them regret entering this tournament. Don’t let up. Show no mercy.” I put my fist out and everyone puts their hand in. “No Mercy on 3! 1, 2, 3!”

“No Mercy!” We all scream at the top of our lungs.

“Alright guys, let’s rush the court like savages. After this weekend, we will own this court.”

Without a second hesitation, I rush out of the court screaming like a mad man and my team follows my lead. We sprint around the court and huddle in the center of the court. “Who’s court is this?” I scream.

“Our court!” they chant.

“What are we!?”


“I can’t hear you! What are we!?”

“Champions!” They all scream loud enough to quite the crowd that’s gathered.

“Champions on 3! 1, 2… 3!”


After the huddle breaks, we start warming up with layups. I see my mom and Emily sitting next to my aunt and uncle. I’m sure they’re here to support San Marcos, but still… it’s nice to see them. I also notice Jess sitting in San Marcos’s student section. I catch her eye and she shoots me a smile and waves. I quickly wave back, before Brock passes me the ball.

After putting up an easy layup, I head back to the end of the rebound line and Nicole joins me after her turn. “Was that Jess?” she asks.

I nod at her. “Yep.”

Out of the corner of my eye, I see a group of kids walk in wearing the all too familiar Santa Barbara green. Brett’s among them. “She’s not the only one who’s come to watch us. Check out who just walked in.”

Almost everyone stops to look at them as they walk up the bleachers. I see Chris Smith and Steven Ban among them. However… I don’t see Kevin anywhere.

“I can’t wait until we can get our revenge,” Jeremy says as he walks up just after putting up a layup. “It’s a long time coming.”

“You can say that again,” I add. I look back at Nicole and notice how tense she is. It never really occurred to me that she might actually know them. I bet they were assholes to her. I grab her hand. “Don’t worry about them.”

She looks up at me with those hazel, almost yellowish eyes. I swear I didn’t see her put in contacts. How did the color of her eyes change? Anyways, I can tell something’s bothering her. I head over to get the rebound as Finn goes up and dunks it. Show off…

After we finish warming up and get all stretched. Coach calls us in for a huddle.

“Alright everyone, remember what we talked about. Control the tempo. We’re running a full court man to man defense, so put on the pressure. Force them to make mistakes.”

She looks around at everyone. “This is your moment to prove to everyone that we belong here. Bring it in, everyone. Champions on 3. 1, 2… 3!”


As we break away, I grab Nicole’s shoulder. “Now’s your chance to show those pricks what you’re made of.”

“Right…” she mutters. I can tell something’s wrong, I give her shoulder a squeeze before getting into position as Austin goes for the tip-off against a behemoth. Seriously, San Marco’s center is even taller than Austin! And Austin is 6’6!

Miramonte High School vs. San Marcos

As the ref tosses the ball up, San Marcos wins the tip-off, no surprise there.

As soon as their point guard gets the ball, I’m on him like flies on shit. He passes it to the small forward, who throws it to their power forward. Oh fuck, he’s just as tall as their center. He fakes right and goes up over Finn and easily puts it in.

I take the inbound pass from Jeremy and push it up the court. Nicole’s a few steps ahead of me, but so is their point guard. A two on one situation. I drive it to the basket, drawing the point guard to me before I toss the ball behind my back to Nicole who puts it up for an easy two points.

Nicole guards the inbounder as cover the point guard. He rushes to the corner and takes the inbound pass. I’ve got him pinned. He tries to drive it up the sideline, but I block his path. As soon as he attempts to crossover, my hand’s in the way and scoops up the ball.

Nicole’s already in a perfect position under the basket, I toss to her and she puts it in for another easy basket.

As we D up, pressing them while they try to inbound it, their small forward rushes up and takes the ball.

He drives it up the court before passing it back to their shooting guard who in turn chucks it up to the point guard. As I block his path he attempts to bounce it to the power forward again, but my foot makes contact with the ball, forcing the ref to blow the whistle on a kickball.

They call a screenplay to inbound the ball to the shooting guard who tosses it to the center and manages to get around Austin and dunks it.

It goes back and forth like this all throughout the first half. Their two towers making most of their points. They take the lead by 5 points going into half time, 43 to 38.

In the locker room, coach emphasizes how we need to shut down their big men. Easier said than done. “We’re wearing them down, I can tell they’re starting to play sloppy. We just need to keep putting on the pressure. Keep forcing them to make mistakes. Their guards are their weakness. If we keep the full court pressure on and force them to make turnovers, we can prevent them from even getting it down to the paint.”

“We need to take the big men out of the game entirely. Their center, he’s got 3 fouls, if we can get him to draw two more, he’s out of the game.” She looks at Austin. “Do you think you can do that?”

“Yes, coach! He may be taller than me, but he’s clumsy.”

She looks over at me. “Good! Dave, I want you to get the ball to Austin. We’re going to run an iso and attack their big man. Also, run a few simple pick and rolls to Austin. Let’s get him fouled out.”

As the second half started, I take the ball in and push it up the court. As everyone gets into position, I signal for Austin to run a pick and roll. As he sets a screen on the poor point guard, I rush the lane. Their center switches off the pick and presses me to the basket as Austin rolls of the screen to the escorts in london basket, I act like I’m going up for the layup and pass it to him.

He stalls just long enough for their center to attempt to attack. Then he jumps almost into him and draws the foul.

The play worked like a charm. Austin gets sent to the line and their big man draws his fourth foul. Their coach immediately subs him out. Coach Brooks quickly calls a timeout. “Now that we have the advantage, we need to show no mercy.”

She looks at both Austin and Finn. “With their center out, they’re going to rely heavily on their power forward. I want both of you to double team him as soon as he gets the ball.” She turns her attention to the rest of us. “That means whoever’s on the weak side. Needs to step up and cover their center. Even though there’s a height disadvantage, he’s weak with the ball. Therefore, whoever covers him can easily strip it from him.”

As we break our huddle, Austin makes both of his free throws. We press them as they inbound the ball. Sure enough, they quickly try to get the ball in the hands of their power forward. Austin goes for the double team. As their power forward struggles against both Finn and Austin, he attempts to pass it to the center. Me being on the weak side, I had already shifted down and was in perfect position to intercept the ball. I’m halfway down the court before anyone can even react. I slam the ball down so hard, the sound of the rim clunking back into place echoes throughout the gym. Our fan section goes wild as we close the lead down to 1 point.

Once again, they attempt to pass it down to their power forward. This time Austin manages to strip the ball away as he double teams him. He passes me the ball as I jolt down the court. It’s a 3 on 2 situation with Nicole on one side of me and Jeremy on the other. I rush the lane as both defenders close in on me. As I go up for the layup with two defenders trying to stop me, but quickly kick it out to Nicole at the three-point line. As if it’s like I’m watching it on television. She lines up her shot, elbow in, she gets her feet under her and pulls up. The ball soars through the air in an almost slow motion like manner as it falls through the basket, barely even hitting the net.

Our fan section is on their feet as we take the lead by 2. Their coach calls a timeout. Running up to Nicole, all I want to do is kiss her. I know now’s not the right time for a public display of affection, but holy shit she looked so hot hitting that 3 pointer.

So instead I give her a cordial high five. “Thanks for the dish,” she says.

“Any time, nice shot!”

“Elbows in, right?” She shoots me the sexiest smile.

“Ha, right!”

If there weren’t a couple hundred people watching us right now, I would have my tongue exploring her mouth.

“Alright, guy’s, we got the lead! Now let’s stick it to them. Show no mercy! If they bring their center back in, let’s get him fouled out. If not, let’s continue to double team their power forward. We’re going to stick with the full-court pressure. Let’s make them wish they never came here.”

“Bring it in. No mercy on 3!” she says. “1, 2… 3!’

“No Mercy!” We shout as we break the huddle.

Jeremy guards the inbounder while I do my best to make the point guard’s life a living hell.

As he shifts right then dashes left, desperately trying to get open, I mirror every step. No way am I going to let him get the ball. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Jeremy’s man toss up the ball, trying to lob it over my head. Without even thinking, I jump up, spinning in the air and snag the ball. Jeremy’s man immediately tries to block my path to the basket, leaving Jeremy wide open. If it wasn’t obvious, I dish him the ball and he puts it up for an easy two points.

They only have time for one last play before the end of the third quarter. They quickly inbound the pass to the shooting guard. He passes it back to the point guard. I don’t let him get an inch of space as he tries to drive it up the court.

He ends up trying to toss it over my head, I get a finger on it as it goes flying into Nicole’s hands. I rush towards the basket as the clock counts down. Nicole tosses it up to me and I catch it in the air on my way up to the basket. Reaching over, I place the ball in the rim without even touching it. The whole thing felt so surreal. As If I just floated in the air.

Our entire student section erupts as I finally land on the ground. They only manage to pass the ball in before the buzzer goes off.

Nicole rushes me, wrapping her arms around my waist as the rest of the team joins in.

Momentum is definitely on our side. We took over the third quarter!

“Alright, bring it in… We haven’t won yet. There’s still an entire quarter left,” Coach says. “We’ve gained the momentum, now let’s keep it. Remember the plan. As soon as they bring in their center, we are going to target him and get him fouled out. He’s only got one foul left.”

“We can win this game. We just need to stay disciplined. Understood?”

We all nod our heads. “Alright, bring it in. Win on 3. 1, 2… 3!”


Just as she said, they put their Center back in. Their team looks gassed. I can tell they’ve had enough.

As we start the last quarter, they get the ball back. We continue our full-court onslaught. Jeremy guards their inbounder, while I defend the point guard. I don’t budge as he jukes and shakes, going this way and that. Eventually, their shooting guard has to come up and get the inbound pass.

Nicole doesn’t give him an inch. She puts on the pressure and a solid defense. He’s got nowhere to go, so he passes to the center, but as soon as he turns to drive up the court, Austin gets his feet planted. The guy didn’t even look, just plows right into him, knocking Austin down to the ground.

The whistle blows and a charge is called on the center giving him his 5th foul.

Fuck yeah! He’s fouled out.

I rush up and help Austin off the ground while pulling him into one of those one-handed back slaps kind of hugs as the rest of the team on the court also rush to congratulate him for giving us a huge advantage.

Not long after, we’ve managed to take a commanding 15 point lead. Soon after, Coach starts putting in the subs. I get benched, along with Nicole, Austin, and Jeremy.

Nicole sits down next to me and I grab her hand in mine. She gives me a rather awkward smile before taking a glance around the crowd.

I see where her eyes have landed, where Brett and the rest of the Santa Barbara Dons are sitting. She quickly pulls her hand away.

I can see they’re pointing at us and talking amongst themselves. I can only imagine what those assholes are saying, especially Brett. He’s always been an instigator. A real shit talker. I wonder if our younger brother Zach is here.

After scanning the crowd, I spot him. He came! He’s sitting with our dad…

I haven’t spoken to our father in such a long time. I wonder if he still drinks himself to sleep every night.

Zach and I text every now and then. Sometimes he’ll even call, but those have become less and less frequent.

Zach was always the best of us. Always laughing and joking around.

I miss my younger brother.

Bringing my eyes back at the Santa Barbara Dons, I search for one person in particular, but I can’t find him anywhere. I quickly look through the crowd. There’s his mom and his step-dad. But where is Kevin?

I am pretty sure they play next.

Santa Barbara fans are starting to fill the room as our fans and the San Marcos fans start to leave.

He’s probably just in the bathroom fixing his hair. Even though he kept it super short and spikey, he’s always been obsessed with his hair. I watch as the Santa Barbara Dons get up and leave as they get ready for their game. Our lead is too large to contend.

As the final second’s countdown, victory is in our grasp as Jason uses as much clock as possible.

Our fans start the countdown.










Aaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnttt! The final buzzer goes off giving us the win! We rush the court, chest bumping, high fiving and bear hugging. Even though the tournament’s far from over, it’s nice to have a victory over a team like San Marcos under our belts. It’s a nice boost to our confidence.

Santa Barbara Don fans overtake the gymnasium as our fans and the San Marcos fans make their exit.

As we gather and wait for the teams to leave the locker rooms, Nicole comes up to me and wraps her arm around my waist. “Good game, babe!”

“You didn’t play so bad yourself. I mean, god… You hit like, what? 3 three-pointers? Or was it 4?”

“Yeah, something like that. Wouldn’t have got the chance if it wasn’t for you though. I mean come on, you almost had a triple-double.” Her hand slinks down to my ass and gives a pat.

Just then, the door to the locker room opens up and out comes the Santa Barbara Dons…

Chris leads the pack, giving me a head nod as he passes by. He and I have always seen eye to eye. Steven Ban on the other hand completely ignores me. He was never much for words.

Brett on the other hand purposely pushes me as he passes by. Like this wasn’t just a gentle little shove. It was the kind of push that makes a statement. I swear I heard him mutter fags under his breath.

“What an asshole,” Nicole mutters.

“It’s fine, Brett’s… Well, you said it best, he is an asshole.” She giggles as she squeezes my ass. We make our way into the locker room…

“Where’s our stuff?” Donny asks.

“Those fucking assholes!” Finn shouts. We all rush over to find our stuff in the shower, drenched.

Of course, their shit’s all locked up in random lockers.

“We need to get them back for this,” Jeremy says as he grabs his soaking wet duffle bag.

“We will… Once we beat them in their own tournament,” I declare. “That will be the best revenge… One they won’t be able to live down.”

“Yeah… you’re right like always,” Jeremy sighs.

“No! That’s not good enough! They need to pay!” Finn says.

“They will. Nothing worse than getting beat in your own tournament on your own turf,” I add.

“Fine… whatever,” he mutters.

“Besides, The hotel does have a washer and a dryer, I checked,” Caleb says. We all look at him. “What?! I like having clean clothes.”

After we grab our drippy, soggy wet bags, we head out to find Coach Brooks waiting for us. “Aren’t you guys going to change?” she asks.

“Can’t… Long story,” I say.

She gives us a look of concern. “Well then, let’s watch the game and then we’ll get something to eat. Why are your bags all wet?”

“Because those assholes tossed them in the showers and drenched them,” Finn says.

“They did what?” Coach asks.

“They hosed our shit,” Jeremy adds.

“That’s unacceptable. I’ll let their sports director know and they won’t get away with this,” she says.

“Wait, Coach! We’ll get them back when we beat them,” I say to her. “If you turn them in, we’ll lose that opportunity.”

She looks at us for a brief second and then nods. “Very well, that’s a good plan. I’m proud of you all for displaying such character. Now let’s head up and watch them play. Pay close attention to the plays they’re running.”

We head up to the bleachers and find a spot out of the way to watch the game.

Santa Barbara vs. Salesian College Preparatory

Santa Barbara wins the tip-off. They don’t take much time to gain the lead. Chris Smith quickly takes command of the game.

He’s playing the defense like a game of chest. Exploiting their weaknesses. Even Brett looks good out there. When you have a point guard like Chris, everyone on the team looks good.

They have a small forward, I haven’t seen before. He’s ripped. Kind of short, black and has hit several threes. After grabbing the roster from our coach I learn his name is Shaun Goodman. I’ll have to make sure we don’t let him get any open three’s. Steven Ban’s also someone we have to pay attention to. He’s got skills and doesn’t shy away from driving it to the basket in order to pick up the foul.

Wait a sec… Where’s Kevin?

Last time we faced them, he was the one to hit the game-winning shot…

I don’t even see him in the lineup…

What the hell? His mom was here watching.

“Hey… I’ll be right back,” Nicole says.

“Do you want me to come with you?” I ask.

“No, it’s fine. Just going to use the restroom.”

“Alright.” She walks off and I can’t help but stare at her ass. Fuck… The way it fits in those shorts…

Perfect bubble butt.

And the way it sways as she walks… huhhhh…

Tonights going to be a wild one.

As she walks out of sight, I turn my attention back to the game. Chris Smith drives the lane and as the defenders descend into the paint, he dishes out Stevan Ban. With almost utter perfection, Steven throws up a three. Nothing but net.

Even though it’s only the first quarter, they’ve gained a sizable lead.

Chris’s command over his team is unquestionable. His on-court awareness is outstanding. It’s like he knows Escort in dubai what the defense is going to do before they know.

Then to have players like Steven Ban and this Shaun Goodman to pass to. They haven’t missed a shot yet.

And of course, having Brett Marshall and Arthur Johnson in the paint. No wonder they’re ranked number 1 in the state.

Even though Brett’s my identical twin, somehow he’s a few inches taller than me. Which makes him perfect for the power forward position.

If I was still on that team, there’s no doubt I’d be the small forward while Chris remains at the point. I can’t even deny how good he is.

“Where’s that faggot, Kevin?” Finn asks.

“Do we really have to use that term?” I ask. “But, yeah… I was wondering the same thing.”

“Are you seriously defending him?” Finn asks.

“No… Not at all. Fuck Kevin Williams. I’m just saying, why do you have to use the term faggot?” I ask.

“Don’t tell me you’re getting all defensive because of your boyfriend,” Finn retorts.

“Dude, fuck you! She’s not a boy.” Fucking why can’t he just leave her alone?

“Let’s take it down a notch, remember, we’re all on the same team guys,” Caleb says.

“Why do you always gotta pick on her, Finn?” Jeremy asks. “Especially since she just fucking killed it out there. She practically doubled your points.”

“Oh come on, weren’t you bashing on her a week ago?” Josh asks.

“Well, I was wrong. At least I can admit that” Jeremy adds.

“First, I wasn’t even talking about her. We’re talking about that fucktard Kevin,” Finn says.

“It is weird that he’s not playing,” Jason says. “I mean, he’s not even on the roster.”

“Yeah, it is weird,” I mutter.

“Hey, no loss to us. One less person to worry about,” Austin adds.” And besides, it’s not like they don’t have enough players. Shit, that Steven Ban and Shaun Goodman haven’t missed a shot yet.”

“And you’re brother is playing like a beast down low,” Jeremy adds.

Jason turns back towards me. “I’m just glad you’re the one who’s going to be starting. That Chris Smith looks unstoppable.”

“Good thing they don’t have James Valler anymore. That kid was unbeatable,” Austin says.

“And they don’t have their coach from last year either, James’ dad,” I add.

“Do you think what the news says about him is true?” Brock asks. “Do you really think he killed his wife and split town?”

“No, not for a second,” I add. “If you met him, you’d agree. He’s just not that type of person.”

“I don’t know… “ Brock says. “I’ve seen some crazy shit from people you’d least expect to go postal.”

“No, not him. Coach Andre Valler was an honorable person. He served in the Navy Seals for god sakes,” I add.

“Whatever… I think he did it,” Brock says.

Nicole finally comes back from the restroom. “Hey babe,” I say as she sits down.

“Hey…” she mutters.

“What’s wrong?” I ask.


“Something’s wrong, you can tell me.”

“Look, I don’t want to talk about it, okay?” She looks at me with those yellowish hazel eyes. What is with those mesmerizing eyes? It’s got to be contacts, but… I’ve never seen her with glasses or contacts.

Nicole doesn’t say another word as we watch the game. Santa Barbara beats Salesian College Preparatory pretty easily. Coach grabs lunch for us before the next game. Subway sandwiches of course. We eat in the bleachers while we watch the next game start.

Palos Verdes beats Palm Springs in overtime.

And Shalhevet annihilates Weston Ranch. We play them tomorrow, while Santa Barbara will play Palos Verdes.

After the last game, we go out for dinner. And you guessed it, Subway…

Back at the Hotel

After we eat, everyone takes turns using the laundry. It practically takes them the rest of the night to wash and dry their soaking wet clothes.

“Thank god we only brought shoes,” I whisper to Nicole.

“Yeah, no kidding,” she laughs.

She smiles for the first time since we won. “Ah, there’s that smile I fell in love with.”

She laughs as she walks up to me and wraps her arms around me. “Are you going to tell me what was wrong? Was it something I said?” I ask.

“It’s nothing, I just can’t stand being back in Santa Barbara…”

“You and me both,” I add as we head into our room.

She starts going through her bag tearing out clothing. I grab a rather scandalous pair of pink lace panties she set aside. The kind that starts out thick at the top, but practically turns into a thong as they hug the ass. “Uuuooooh, were you planning on wearing these at some point on this trip?”

She quickly grabs them from me as her face gains a bright rosy pink hue to it. “They were supposed to be a surprise.”

“Well, you can still surprise me by showing me how sexy they look on you. Although everything looks sexy on you, so I guess it really wouldn’t be that much of a surprise.”

I grab her by the waist and pull her in close for a kiss. She wraps her arms around my shoulders as our lips touch.

Her hand runs through the back of my hair, grabbing a handful. I sink my fingers beneath the hem of her shorts and massages that perfect ass of hers. So soft and yet it’s firm when she flexes. I can feel her dick twitch and hit mine. We practically have a sword fight as her tongue and mine play a game of cat and mouse.

I pull back and look into those eyes of hers, those mysterious eyes. “Remember the other day at lunch… You said you wanted to chat in private. We never actually had that chat…”

“Right, that…” She tears her gaze away. “It’s nothing.”

I place my hand on her chin, bringing her eyes back to mine. “Seriously, Nicole. You can tell me anything.”

“Let’s talk about it later, okay?” I see the fear in her eyes. I pull her back in for a kiss. I wish she felt safe enough around me to share the part of herself she keeps locked away.

“Nicole…” She looks up at me with those golden hazel eyes. So exotic. “I want you to know I will never hurt you.”

“I know…” She lays her hand on my chest. “I love you, Dave.”

Once again our lips are locked together as her hand travels up my shoulder, running across my collar bone up through my hair. I wrap my arms tightly around her waist and try to merge our bodies into one.

My hands sink down her ass, giving it a squeeze, before hoisting her legs up as she wraps them around my waist. She brings her other arm up around my shoulders. I carry her to the bed and gently lay her down as our tongues discover each other’s mouths.

Slowly, I pull her shorts off as I bend her legs up. Her compression shorts soon follow. As I kiss her thighs, I pull off her socks, leaving her lower half completely naked.

She’s already hard as she pulls at my jersey, tugging it off over my shoulders. Together we pull off her Jersey

She pulls off her sports bra as I start kissing her chest. “I love you too, Nicole.”

She cups my head as I lather her breasts in kisses, swirling my tongue around her nipple. Causing all sorts of moans and gasps from those beautiful lips of hers.

I share the love between her gorgeous mounds of supple tenderness. Leaving a trail of saliva on her soft creamy caramel skin. Her fingers run through my hair, pulling me tightly against her chest. Her other hand reaches behind me and finds its way beneath my shorts.

She grips my ass, giving it a good pinch. I look up at her, our eyes connect. A flash of gold sparkles in those orbs of hers.

My lips make their way down south, tracing her rock hard abs. Giving each one a kiss before reaching the small patch of pubes just above that monster of a cock of hers.

My tongue slides up her big veiny dick. I give the head of her cock a gentle kiss before taking it into my mouth. “Fuck, you’re lips are like fire.”

I look up into those ever-changing eyes as she grabs my hair with both of her hands, pushing my head down on her cock.

I swallow, giving her access to my throat as she grinds her crotch in my face. My nose meets her pubes once again.

“Fuck, you’re getting really good at deepthroating, Dave,” she moans as her cock clogs the back of my throat. Her balls slap against my chin as she thrusts that big shaft in and out of my mouth.

After getting her dick nice and slick with my spit, I pop it out of my mouth. I quickly roll on my side and slip my shorts and briefs off before I mount those thick muscular thighs of hers.

She looks up at me with a cute little smile on her face as she presses her finger against my lips. I suck on it as if it was a dick before she pulls it out. Reaching underneath me, I feel her finger dig its way into my ass, getting my little fuckhole wet with spit.

Before I can wrap my fingers around that cock of hers, she reaches her arm around my back and grabs my thigh with her other hand. Before I know it, I’m lying on my back with my legs resting on her shoulders.

“My turn to be on top.”

I let out of a chuckle. “You’re always on top.”

With her cock in hand, she rubs it up against my tight little butthole. I take in a deep breath, knowing full well my little starfish is about to get stretched wide open.

“That’s because even though you’re the man of this relationship, I wear the pants.” She gives me a wink before pushing that big bat inside me with one powerful thrust. I grunt out in pain and shock, but the pressure doesn’t last long as she pauses to let my ass adjust.

Her brief moment of relief doesn’t last long. She slowly starts shoving her dick in and out of me.

Soon she bottoms out in my ass. “Uggghhh,” I moan as her cock hits my prostate.

She grabs my thighs as she moves to her feet and practically bending me in half. She locks her arms against the back of my knees, pressing them against my shoulders as she leans over me with her cock still hilted in my ass.

Her face is only a few inches away from mine. She grabs my wrists and plants them above my head as she slowly starts to pull that dick out of my ass, leaving just the tip inside me. Ever so slowly, she pushes all of her pole deep inside me, making me quiver.

Her dick makes me feel so full! I would love nothing more than to keep it inside my ass.

She pulls and pushes, gyrating her hips as she makes that cock play peek a boo in my ass. “Uuuh, baby! Don’t stop,” I gasp out.

Her lips press against mine as her tongue plunges to the depths of my mouth.

She continues to sink that cock in and out of me, keeping me pinned beneath her with no hope of escape. Not that I want to. She bites my lower lip before letting go.

She’s got that look in her eye. The kind of look that makes it obvious that I belong to her. The possessive, lustful, gaze.

The pace of her thrusts start to pick up as she begins to pummel my ass.

“Urrrgghhh, fuck me harder,” I groan as a wicked smile appears on her beautiful face.

“You asked for it.” Her hips pull back only to slam that dick inside me.

An onslaught of jabs, thrusts, and heaving follow as she dicks me good. She doesn’t stop. She picks up the pace, impelling that dick in me so fast, her hips are a blur.

I’m lost in the pleasure as her cock batters my prostate. The sound of the bed creaking back and forth along with the slapping of her thighs against my ass filled the room.

Suddenly without warning, my dick explodes, spewing cum all over me. I just gave myself a facial with my own cum.

But she’s not finished. She continues to attack my ass, fucking me senseless. I can’t even hold on as she drives that log deep inside me. Finally, she hilts herself balls deep in my ass.

An explosion of cum fills up my bowels. Hot, thick, sticky semen. I can feel the heat spread throughout my abdomen as she fills my ass with her seed.

I’m in complete ecstasy. If there is a heaven, this is what it must feel like. Finally, she pulls out, letting my legs fall to the bed and releasing my wrists.

I meekly climb to my knees and start licking the cum off her dick. “God, Dave. You’re such a cock hungry slut.”

“Only for yours,” I mumble as I lick her dick clean.

She pulls me up to my feet as our lips collide. “We should probably shower, don’t ya think?”

“Yeah, I mean… I am covered in my own cum.”

She drags her tongue across my cheek, licking up a glob of it. “Well… we don’t have to wash that off. I mean, it is pretty tasty.”

Without even realizing it, my arms find themselves wrapped around her waist and I’m pulling her in for another kiss. Our dicks jab at each other as our tongues find the meaning of it all.

Seeing her smiling face as we stand before each other in the complete nude is a sight for sore eyes. Her glistening body, stunning in the lamplight. The curve of her hips. Her firm supple mounds of caramel. She’s got the body of a warrior goddess. And I stand before her with my own cum smeared all over myself.

I can’t help but smiley a toothy grin. Not my usual lady killer smile, but a smile every idiot makes when confronted with the realization that the woman standing in front of them is the one of their dreams.

Her cute little giggle as she looks away is Dubai Escorts enough to make my palms sweaty.

The way her sleeping anaconda plays with my equally impressive, but not as big, python.

I kiss her once more before she pulls me off the bed. Her lips attack mine as her fingers wrap around my cock. She gives it a gentle little tug. Leading me by the dick, she makes her way into the bathroom.

We kiss once were in the shower. A cascade of cold water falls down on us. But our lips don’t part.

As I hold her beautiful face, I softly stroke her cheeks with my thumbs. Her hands explore my body, traveling down my back.

Things are starting to get hot and steamy. And I’m not just talking about the water temp.

Finally, she pulls back. “Maybe we should get to cleaning.”

“You’re right, once again… Tomorrow’s game is important, we should probably get all cleaned up and hit the sack.”

Even though our words say one thing, our lips have no intention of stopping as they continue to touch. The feel of her tongue as it delves inside my mouth is like touching your licking an electric current.

Every stroke, touch, and lick feels like a 1000 volts of electricity coursing through my body.

Finally, she pulls back and grabs the soap. “How about I clean you and you can clean me.”

“I love that idea.”

She slowly starts to rub the bar across my abs, making her way up to my chest. She looks up into my eyes as she spreads the soap across my pecs, playfully tweaking my nipple. Moving down south, she wraps her soap fingers around my cock, giving it a few strokes before fondling my balls.

She gives me the turn around motion and I do as she commands.

Starting up at my shoulders, she lathers them in soap. She takes her time, getting every curve and crevice, slowly making her way down my back.

Finally, she arrives at my ass. She couldn’t resist giving each cheek a spank before rubbing her soapy fingers up and down the crack of my ass. She’s rather thorough with that part of my body.

She’s reluctant to move down from there, but eventually, she gets my thighs and Cavs.

Now it’s my turn! The signature Dave smile appears on my face as I grab the soap from her.

I start with her arms, slowly moving the bar of soap up her soft caramel skin. The shoulders are next. Her eyes never leave mine as I lather her body in soap. Finally, I arrive at her two mountain peaks of flesh. I take my time sudsing her two perfect melons in soap. She lets out a soft moan as my fingers rub up against her hard nipples.

Sadly, I can’t stay there forever. I finally move south, fortunately, just below her rock hard abs is her even harder throbbing cock. I make sure her shaft is properly cleaned. Lavishing it in soap before I cup her balls and give them a nice soapy massage.

Once I’m done with those lovely testicles of hers, I get those thighs all soapy before she turns around.

My fingers rub her back, getting it all nice and slick with soap. I take my time, really getting each and every muscle.

Finally! I have arrived at that ass of hers. It’s just so… Bubbly! My hands grab each of her cheeks, pulling them apart to find that tight little untouched butthole of hers. One of these days I’m going to stretch it wide open with my dick. But for now, I’m going to take my time soaping this amazing ass up.

Eventually, all good things must come to an end. After I finish lathering her legs in soap, we rinse each other off. Then get our hair all shampooed and conditioned before getting out. We take time to dry each other off before finally leaving the bathroom.

I turn off the lights and meet her under the sheets. She rests her head on my chest as her fingers play with my abs as if they were keys on a piano.

“Hey… I’ve been meaning to ask you about your eyes.” Even though it’s dark, I can see her head swivel to look up at me.

“What about my eyes?” she asks.

“Why do they change color?” I run my fingers gently up and down her back.

“So you’ve noticed…”

“So, I’m not going crazy…”

“Well, that has yet to be determined.”

“Ha ha ha… You’re so funny…”

“I know. But yeah, they change color every now and then. Nobody knows why. There really isn’t any reasonable scientific explanation.”

“You know, I had a friend who had eyes that kind of changed colors…” I remember Kevin’s eyes kind of did something similar.

“Is that so?” she asks, lifting her head up towards me.

“Yeah… At least, I think so. We never really talked about it.”

“Dave… I’ve been meaning to tell you…”

Just then, someone knocks on the door.

I reach over and turn on the lap on the bedside table.

Nicole and I look at each other before we scramble to get some clothes on. “Should make it look like we were sleeping in separate beds?”

“Probably a good idea,” she says.

I tear the covers off the bed and mess it up before I grab the door.

Of course, it’s Donny…

“No need to panic,” I holla back at Nicole. “It’s just Donny.”

“Dave!” he practically shouts out as I open the door.

“What’s up?” I ask.

“We’re all chilling in our room if you guys want to come join us,” he informs us.

“Isn’t it past curfew?” I ask.

“Come on, it’s not even 9 yet! Curfew isn’t for another hour!”

“I don’t know…”

“Yeah, sure we’ll go,” Nicole interrupts.

“We will?” I ask.

“Yeah, why not?” She shrugs her shoulders at me.

“Dave, she’s way cooler than you!” Donny declares as he turns to Nicole. “Screw Dave, why don’t we hang out?”

“He is kind of a party pooper,” Nicole teases.

“No kidding! He’s such a goodie two shoe, they use his face as the poster boy for the boy scouts,” Donny says and Nicole lets out a cute little giggle.

“That doesn’t any make sense, I’m not even a boy scout.”

“You could have fooled me,” Donny says.

“Come on, Dave. What’s one hour going to hurt?” Nicole says.

‘Yes! Listen to the woman, Dave!”

“Fine, we’ll go.”

We make our way down to Donny’s room, which is only a couple of rooms down.

Everyone’s in the room as we walk in. They’re all playing cards while watching the news of all things.

“What up, Dave! Nicole,” Jeremy says.

“Come to join us? We’re playing tonk,” Caleb asks.

“Yeah, we’ll join in next game,” I tell them.

“What’s tonk?” Nicole asks.

“You never heard of tonk?!” Donny asks.

“Obviously, or else I wouldn’t be asking.”

“It’s like a mix between blackjack and rummy. The goal is to get 21 of the same suite. Once you get 21, you lay your cards down and everyone else loses. We play with a dollar. When you lose, you fold a corner and once all four corners are folded, you’re eliminated,” Donny says. “Oh and any player during their turn can tonk or knock on the table. When someone tonks, everyone else gets 1 more turn before everyone flips over their cards. The person with the lowest score has to fold a corner.”

“Sounds easy enough. But I didn’t bring any money over, I didn’t realize we were going to be doing some gambling.”

“It’s all good, we can spot you,” Austin says.

Nicole and I sit down and watch as they play.

‘Breaking news update! We have footage of school bus full of kids being saved by a masked superhero,’ the anchor says. “The bus was on its way back from a girls basketball game when it suddenly spun out control over a bridge and slammed into the railing. The back end of the bus teetered off of the bridge.’

‘Why don’t we just show the footage, Tom.’

‘Very well, Samantha here’s a video one student caught with their cell phone, roll the clip.’

Everyone stops playing to watch. The face of a brunette girl about our age appears, eyes full of tears as she sobs hysterically. You can see the back end of the bus hanging off the bridge.

The sound of the girls screaming blasts through the speakers of the TV as the bus lurches backward before snagging on part of the bridge.

“We’re going to die!” A blonde girl in the background yells.

Suddenly a blast of light overtakes the camera as the front door gets seared off. A man forms out of the light. His face is covered in a white mask with a matching white cape blowing in the wind as he steps onto the bus. His glowing golden tunic shines brightly through his dimly lit surroundings. What looks like a star glows on his chest.

He quickly starts helping them off the bus, starting with the bus driver. The video’s a bit shaky, so it’s hard to get a clear view. As the students exit the bus, the sound of metal scraping metal tears through the air as the bus starts to slide back. The girl holding the camera quickly rushes off the bus. She points it back at the bus.

Just as the second to last girl gets off, the bus surges further off the bridge, sending a girl with blonde hair flying backward. The impact she causes unhinges the bus from the bridge, sending falling to the depths below. A flash of light whites out the video. The sound of a metal smashing into ice drowns out everything else. The girls all gasp all at once as they just watched their teammate fall to her death. But wait…

A shining light slowly ascends from below. It’s the masked superhero. He’s got the girl in his arms. “Who are you?” The girls all ask.

“I am Zatar, Beacon of the light,” he says.

‘That was incredible, Tom! Have you seen anything like it?’ Samantha asks.

‘Well, there was the clip of masked vigilante they’re calling the Ghost,’ Tom says.

“Wow… That was fucking awesome!” Brock says.

“Did we just watch a real-life superhero?” Jason asks.

“He’s not the first!” Brock says.

“Oh come on, you can’t call that ghost or whatever it is a superhero…” Nicole says. “It kills people.”

“Well… It only kills bad guys,” Brock says.

“So, it still kills. Zatar is the real deal!” Nicole argues.

Brock and Nicole bicker back and forth on whether or not the Ghost is a good guy or a bad guy and who would win between it and Zatar. Finally, they agree to disagree.

“So… what do you guys think was with Kevin Williams? He was a complete no show… Did he quit the team or something?” Jeremy asks. “I was really looking forward to shutting that fuck face down.”

“I know right!?” Donny says.

“Like you had any chance against him,” Nicole says to Donny, rather defensively.

“Hey, I could totally beat him! That kid’s a joke! I don’t even need my hands to beat him,” Donny says.

“Yeah right! He’d wipe the floor with you. You wouldn’t stand a chance!” Nicole argues. She’s getting pretty worked up over it.

“Woah, just chillax. No reason to get worked up over it,” Jason says.

“Why are you defending him anyway?” Jeremy asks. “He’s a total douche.”

“You weren’t sucking his dick, were you?” Finn asks. “You were! Weren’t you. Or were you the one plowing that fags asshole?”

“Shut the fuck up!” Nicole says.

“Are you going to make me?” Finn asks.

“Fuck you, Finn!” With that being said, she storms out of the room. Fuck me… Things were going so well.

I follow her back to our room. As I walk in, I find her face down crying on the bed. Sitting down next to her, I gently start to rub her back. “It’s okay, Finn’s an asshole! So what if you had a thing with Kevin. It’s all in the past.”

She looks up at me with bloodshot eyes, tears rolling down her cheeks. “It’s not like that!”

“Okay, I believe you! Whatever it was, it’s history. Unless you want to talk about it…”

“No…” she falls back down, burying her face back into the pillow.

“So… you’re really into superheroes, aren’t you?” I ask.

I hear her chuckle as she nods her head. “You could say that…”

“Did I just hear a laugh?”

She finally rolls onto her side. “Yeah… How are you so good at making me smile?”

“You act like it’s so hard to get a grin out of you… Aww, see there it is again!”

She laughs. “I love you.”

“I love you too. So, how about we get nice and cozy beneath the sheets and you can tell me all about your obsession with superheroes.”

“That sounds great.”

I move into bed with her after I turn off the lights.

Once again her head is nestled on my chest. “So I take it you’re not a fan of the Ghost?”

“No, it’s not like that, I just don’t think it’s a hero.”

“He did save that family from those clowns,” I argue.

“True, but just because a murderer does a good deed every now and then, doesn’t make him a hero.”

“You make a good point.”

“Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s a villain either. Whatever it is, Brock’s right. It only targets bad people.”

“So it’s an anti-hero?”

She looks up at me with those eyes that seem to shimmer in the dark. “Wow, I’m impressed, Dave. I thought you weren’t into comic books,” she says.

“I’m into whatever you’re into.”

I feel her press against me as she touches her lips against mine.

She kisses me softly before she rests her head back down on my shoulder. It doesn’t take long before she falls asleep.

I listen to the sound of her breath as I soon follow her into the darkness.


I hope you enjoyed my story. Feel free to leave any questions or feedback you might have in the comment section. Please give it an honest rating.

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