My Slaves Don’t Walk Away…

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Climbed the stairs to her flat, she said some guy called John had ‘finished’ with her and she needed some attention.

This was her way of saying she needed a slave boy to come round and lick her.

So I knocked on the door and it opened, she was wearing fluffy slippers and some sort of pink dressing gown ‘bath robe’. “I’m just going to have a bath,” she said “you will wait.”

She ushered me into the kitchen and passed me a plastic bag… “Clothes” she said. I always had to do what I was told, and started to remove my clothing, t-shirt, my shoes, socks, everything, my phone and car keys and everything in my pockets went into this plastic bag.

“Nice” she said, then she produced a pair of hand cuffs and I held out my submissive wrists. They clicked around my wrists. She pulled me to the kitchen to the cupboard, well I say cupboard but it was part of the fire escape route, you see the bedroom was connected to the kitchen and this by-passed the living room (in cases of fire). It was a narrow passageway with a door at each end, with coat hooks along one wall, its primary function was a fire escape shortcut from bedroom to kitchen where the front door was. Today this was her ‘slave waiting room’. She opened the door; I could see the door at the other end was closed. She smiled at me giggled a bit, looked at my hard-on and raised my arms up so the link to the cuffs went over one of the coat hooks on the wall.

“Do not bring your arms down, understand?”

“Yes” I say…

“Now I will be a while, I need to soak, shave my legs, oil my skin, paint my nails, it takes time, a lady needs time.” She produced a small cotton sheet and folded it in front of my eyes covering them completely, she tied it at the side. A few seconds later I felt some rope at my ankles, she was tying my legs together with course hemp rope “My slaves don’t walk away!” she exclaimed! The rope made my ankle bones touch together.

Then I could hear running water as she filled the bath, a bit of a rush bahçelievler escort of air and a clunk, I knew she’d closed the door so I was alone in the cupboard. I could still hear the muffled sound of her bath filling in the next room, I was listening. The water ran for about as long as it takes, then it stopped, I heard silence. I heard a few ripples of water when she got in? I just stood there naked and alone with her blindfold on, wondering how long it takes a lady to do the things she described… wash her hair, shave her legs? Pamper herself for a while, paint her finger nails? Toe nails? Well it could take a while.

“I hope you’re hard in there?” Her muffled voice asked… “Yes” I say, because it’s the truth, I’m tied up in the closet naked with my arms hooked over my head, waiting to be her slave, who wouldn’t be hard? I’m hard. Guess she could check! Does she have cameras on me? No, that’s just silly.

I listen to more water rippling for a while longer; I think she used the shower head, then splashing, like she was getting out of the bath.

Must have been a while then the door opened and she untied my feet “Unhook your arms!” She said, I lower my hands, she removed the blindfold. She’s standing in front of me in that pink bath robe once more, it’s closed with a belt at the waist and I don’t see much of her skin, just her long wet hair and her feet as my eyes adjust. She leads me out of the cupboard into the small bathroom, takes the cuffs off and orders me into the bath! I step in, OUCH, it’s hot! I stand in the bath, her soapy cloudy water. Then I lower myself down…

“I want you to smell nice, it’s a marshmallow bath bomb, and I will paint your nails after I’ve done my own” she said, walking off and leaving me in her bath!

“Don’t drink my bathwater, kinky boy” she whispered… So I get a soak in the tub, the hot water is soft still with a layer of foam on most of the top, I’m covered up, I dunk my head and wash my hair. I wash balgat escort in all the usual places and I probably smell like marsh mallows? She comes back with a soft white fluffy towel like the ones you find in hotel rooms, and offers it to me, I get up and wrap the towel around myself, drying myself for a while, then she pulls the towel back off me, I step out of the bath onto the floor and she puts the cuffs back on my wrists in front of me, before I’ve even really dried off! They are loose with just one click to each wrist but I can’t slip them off. She’s in control anyway. She walks me to the bedroom which is just along the way, pulling at the chain that links the cuffs and then I sit my damp naked bum on her bed.

She tells me to lie on the bed properly so I do, swivelling my legs around up onto the bed, which has a white lightly flowered quilt, I lie on top of the quilt, my hands rest on my erection. “You’re not allowed to touch yourself!” she says, so I lift my fingers up a little, she lifts my hands puts a pillow over my manhood, I rest my hands down and she starts to paint my finger nails in a very nice un-manly shade of vivid shocking pink. Working quickly as I watch, it takes a few minutes and now my nails look a bit like hers, the same colour anyway! She pulls away the pillow and I hold them up, intuitively in an effort to help them dry, then she ties my legs together again, winding the rope around several times quite tightly. She’s painting my toenails pink, weird…

Next she finishes up and puts the blindfold back on me, completely covering my eyes and a little tighter than before. I see no light. She clicks each hand cuff a few more times so they are a little tighter and more restrictive but not uncomfortable.

“Right, let’s put you to work pussy licker,” she says, opening her bath robe she climbs onto the bed over me, I feel her lower herself to meet my mouth, I stick my tongue out and it goes into her wet, sweet, marshmallow slit as deep as I can reach.

“Lick batıkent escort like a professional slave,” she says… So I lick…

“I want plenty of orgasms” she adds, and I lick like a pro.

“You’ve got pink toenails; you look like an idiot, keep licking me!”

She’s moving her body up and down my face now as I lick her to orgasm; my face is soaking, my mouth is full of her juice, she cums on my face, and then tells me to carry on licking. I keep licking, maybe for 20 minutes, I think she came 2 or 3 times before she lifted up from me.

“Pretty good, well done” she said “Now play with yourself!”… I start to touch my wet hard cock, I’m still blindfolded and putting on a show for her now.

“I’m filming you with my phone,” she said “you look great naked on my bed with those pink nails slave boy,” she said… She’s narrating her video!

“Let me see you cum all over the place,” she says, I can feel an orgasm is close, then I spurt all over my belly and my hands are covered.

“Rub it in” she says, my hands slide away at my mess as I massage my cum into my skin, all over my belly “I’m still recording slave boy” she says… “Very sexy”… “Now lick your fingers” she says, I lift my hands up to me face and suck my salty fingers, she clicks the handcuffs tighter, a few clicks, they’re quite tight now!

She kisses my mouth for a while then removes my blindfold. She’s covered wearing her pink bath robe still. I got to taste her but I didn’t get to see her body.

She removes the rope and cuffs, and goes off out of the room, hands me the bag with my belongings, my clothes. I get dressed and put my shoes on. She leads me to the door in the kitchen where I came in, and then she opens the door… “Bye” she says, I step out into the stairwell. She closes the door and it’s done. I walk off back down the steps, feeling tired and dejected.

A few minutes later, I’m walking to my car and “Ping”… my phone pings at me, it’s a video! She’s sent me a video; I click to take a look.

It’s just me naked on her bed, playing with myself, I watch like one of those ‘pavement zombies’ I’m pumping away and then I shoot my cum and I watch as my hands slide around rubbing it in, and that’s it. But who else might she send the film to?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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