Men’s Sexual Confessions: Henry

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Best Buddy’s Sexual Peccadillo

A group of men sit around talking candidly about their sex lives.

I’m Paul, the host of this party. Thanks for stopping by to read my story.

We were all sitting around the big screen watching the Super Bowl one year. I had invited all of my best buddies to watch the game with me. There were 21 of us guys, including me. Our wives and girlfriends were upstairs drinking wine, laughing, talking about kids and complaining about us, no doubt. We could hear the women getting louder, as they drank more.

During half time, I thought it would be a fun thing for each of us to confess what his personal, sexual peccadillo was. Especially after we’ve all already had a few beers, instead of watching commercials, which we’ve all already seen a million times, the guys would rather talk about sex. Whenever there was a new commercial we haven’t seen before, we stopped to watch that.

Only, I was shocked by what happened next. Instead of going around the room with each guy sharing a few intimate details about his sex life and about his wife, it turned into a men’s meeting, an open forum, on sexual peccadilloes, so much so that we missed watching the second half of the game. Now, we were so into hearing everyone’s story that we actually turned off the Super Bowl to talk about what we did with our wives behind closed doors.

Anthony was first to volunteer. He told us how his wife, Ramona, enjoyed being tied to the bed, blindfolded, and spanked. We were stunned. Attending church every Sunday, Ramona looks so straight laced, we’d never expect her to be so kinky. One never knows what goes on behind closed door.

Bob was next to volunteer to confess his sexual peccadilloes. He told us how he and his wife, Sue, enjoy dressing up and pretending to be Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Role playing that fantasy excited them both enough to believe that they were actually the celebrity stars and enough for them to have hot sex.

Then, it was Charlie’s turn and he told us how he reenacted his first date with his wife, Helen. They found it exciting for Helen to dress up and sit at a bar, while Charlie pretended that he didn’t know her and picked her up and brought her home, where they had wild sex.

Dave noticed that we had been going in alphabetical order, so he went next and we thought that was a good idea to continue alphabetically in that way. Dave told us how he enjoyed dressing as a woman, cross dressing, and how his wife was just as excited as he was when he dressed as a woman. I guess she has lesbian tendencies.

Eddie discussed his private sexual preferences sınırsız escort with the group by telling us that he and his wife Elaine, Mistress El, as did Anthony and Ramona, enjoyed bondage and discipline. Only, where Ramona played the submissive role and more enjoyed the bondage rather than the discipline, other than being spanked, with her husband, Anthony, playing the more dominating role, Eddie and Elaine were more into the discipline aspect of bondage and discipline preferring pain with their pleasure. In their case, Eddie was the submissive and Elaine was the dominatrix.

Frank blew the lid off our sexual confessions with his confession that he and his wife Rose were in the swinging lifestyle and had been swingers for the past dozen years. No one would have suspected that Frank and Rose were swingers. They destroy all the misconceptions of what everyone’s idea of a swinger is, tall, blonde, tanned, and with bodies to die for.

Gary was next clearing up the mystery when Frank told the group that there was another swinger in the room. Gary and his wife, Cindy, enjoyed the swinging lifestyle and were swingers, too. Both Frank and Gary shared their worst and best memory with the group, as well as squashing misconceptions about swinging and giving those, who may be interested in the swinging lifestyle, some much needed background.

Next up was Henry and it was obvious that he was nervous. He pulled out his handkerchief and wiped the perspiration from his forehead before speaking.

“Well, I never thought I’d be doing this, talking to my friends about my sexual peccadilloes on, of all days, Super Bowl Sunday. I can’t believe we were all in agreement that we’d rather talk sex than watch football. Maybe we should turn the TV on to check the score.”

“C’mon, Henry, quit your stalling,” said Tom with a laugh. “Tell us what you and Barbara do behind closed doors.”

“Well, my secret is my fetish and it’s one that my wife knows about. She knows how excited I become over my fetish, so she’s more than agreeable to satisfy me sexually in that regard by helping me and arranging our sex life to work off my fetish,” said Henry looking around the room, as if he was done.

“So, I don’t get it,” said Vinnie. “What’s your fetish?”

“Panties,” he said raising his handkerchief to his mouth and coughing as he spoke the word.

“What,” asked Wayne? “What did he say?’

“My fetish is panties. I have a thing for panties,” said Henry. I don’t understand it, but I do. It’s just an uncontrollable urge for me to look and stare, whenever I see a şırnak escort woman’s panties. I become so aroused at just the sight of panties. It’s nearly overwhelming. I don’t even have to touch and feel them, which is one of the things that I like to do, but just to see them.”

“Do you wear panties,” asked John? “Are you wearing panties, now.”

“No, I’m not a cross dresser, not that there’s anything wrong with wearing women’s clothes, as Dave enjoys doing. I just am aroused by the sight of panties. Fortunately, my job as a college English professor allows me to see a lot of panties. Many of the women sitting in class don’t sit like a lady and I get to ogle what they are wearing in between their legs while they are busy writing with their heads down, oblivious to my wandering eyes.”

“So, how does your wife fulfill your panty fetish,” asked Jim?

“My wife, Barbara, enables me in several ways. With her skirt raised nearly to her waist, when she gets out of the car, I go around and open the door for her and she makes sure that she gives me a show of her panties. When we’re sitting at home, she flashes me her panties.”

“I wouldn’t think that’d be enough to get a man excited, seeing his wife’s panties,” said Roy.

“We do other things, too,” said Henry. “She’s exposed her sister’s, mother’s, cousin’s, friends, and customers’ panties to me on more than one occasion.”

“How did she accomplish doing that?”

“Well, as some of you may or may not know, my wife is a seamstress and works from out of the house. She doesn’t make much money sewing, but enough to give her some pocket money and to help out with some of the bills. We use a small closet in the front hall that I cleaned out as a dressing room. She fashioned a small curtain hanging on the rod that she made sure isn’t wide enough to close all the way leaving enough of an opening for me to see.”

“Damn, Henry,” said Roy, “working in conjunction with your wife, you have this whole panty fetish figured.”

“That’s not the half of it,” continued Henry. “My living room easy chair faces the mirror and through the reflection, I can watch women being fitted and trying on their mended pants and skirts, as well as their tops and blouses, but it’s the panties that interest me more than their tits. I’ve seen hundreds, maybe thousands of panties. It doesn’t matter if the women are fat, thin, tall or short, so long they are wearing panties. I just love panties,” said Henry putting his head back and fluttering his eyes.

“Hey, Henry, has there been women who aren’t wearing panties,” asked John?

“Surprisingly taksim escort there has been several dozen. Mostly, women who are only wearing pantyhose. I’ve seen shots of their bushes and ass cracks. Only, I truly detest pantyhose. I prefer panties. Bikini panties are my favorites. Over the years, there’s been one or two women who weren’t wearing any panties or pantyhose and I watched them trying on clothes, while naked below the waist.”

“It sounds like you have the perfect thing going on there to satisfy your fetish, Henry,” said Jim.

“Hey, wait, my wife had your wife mend some her clothes,” said Mike. “Did you ogle her panties?”

“Yeah, my wife was over your house, too, having some of her things fixed. You little pervert,” laughed Wayne. “Did you masturbate over my wife’s panties?”

“My wife does that, while giving me pillow talk. We discuss who we saw, while she plays with my cock. Sometimes she blows me, while only wearing her panties. I love Barbara’s panties.”

“So, I don’t get it,” said Vinnie. “How do you get away with seeing all these women’s panties without them seeing you?”

“It’s in the way that the mirror is angled,” said Henry. “The mirror is angled away from them and better for me, I have a view of them, but they don’t have a view of me, unless they were to suspect something and crane their neck to look. Yet, even if they did do that, crane their neck around, they’d only see me sitting in my easy chair reading my newspaper, napping, or watching TV and not paying them any mind.”

“Has any of the women given you a show, knowing you were looking or hoping you’d see,” asked Tom.

“Oh, yeah, sure, I’ve had some of those, too. Some women have no modesty, whatsoever,” said Henry. “They don’t even change in the dressing room. They’d walk right out in the hall and try on their clothes practically right in front of me, telling me to close my eyes and not to peek. Of course, I never close my eyes and I always peek. I figure that if they are bold enough to do that, then I’m bold enough to stare. My wife doesn’t care. My wife knows that she’d be the recipient of my lust later. “

“I never pegged you for having a panty fetish,” said Wayne. “Do you have a collection of panties, too?”

“I don’t, but my wife does. I’m always buying her panties to wear.”

“So, you only have the one little closet in your house, what if you have more than one customer trying on clothes,” asked Dave?

“My wife, holds up a giant bath towel, only she drops it, accidentally on purpose, just before the women is finished changing, exposing her panties to me,” said Henry.

“Wow, I wish my wife was more helpful arousing me like that. It sounds like you’re a lucky guy, Henry, to have someone like Barbara who willingly goes along with your panty fetish.”

I looked around the room and Jim was next to confess his sexual secrets.

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