Mea Domina

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You arrive home. It’s been a long day – you’re tired, you’re annoyed. Those bitches at work. Bitches. You’ve got 16 hours before you’ll be back there. Best make it good. So many chores. You just want to relax.

You open the door. Shiny. Glistening clean. Soft scent of some cleaning product or another. There is relaxing music playing – it’s coming from every room. Your music. The dishwasher is whirring. You hear an abrupt beeping sound and walk into the kitchen to investigate. 350 – The oven is preheated.

“Hey!” – you yell into the house. “Hey!” – you hear back from upstairs.

You hear the pounding of footsteps as they make their way down the staircase. There I am. Naked. Wearing nothing but a shining steel cage around my cock. You giggle a little – to yourself. It is kinda funny.

I approach you. “Let me take these” You realize you haven’t put down your bags yet. I take them from you and put them away in the other room.

“There is a drink for you on the island” – I call out. Sure enough – there it is. A tall, cold, sweating glass of your favorite summer drink. “Lovely” – you think to yourself.

I return from the other room carrying your workout clothes and a towel. I know that you enjoy a good work out after a long day at work.

“Thank you” – you smile and call me closer. I wrap my arms around your tight beautiful body. We look each other in the eye, and you kiss me quickly. “I’m going to do my workout – dinner will be ready when I’m done, I assume?”

“Yes Mea” – I reply. I always call you “Mea” – short for “Mea Domina” or “My Lady” in Latin. You smile, and shuffle down the stairs to the gym.

Dinner is not difficult to prepare, but it’s important that everything is timed correctly. I expect I have about 45 minutes before you’re done with your workout. I get to work – back and forth between the fridge and the oven – and then outside to check on the grill. It’s tough to avoid the windows, the steel cage pulling my cock and balls down and swinging back and forth between my legs. I hope the neighbors aren’t looking.

As I take the last of the food from the oven and place it on the dinner table I’m jolted by a loud ringing sound. Oh right. We installed a doorbell system in the gym. Whenever you need me, you ring the bell and I stop what I’m doing immediately to come to your attention. I run down the stairs – balls aching from bouncing around under the weight of this heavy chastity device.

“Yes Mia” – I say to you. You look so hot. Your body is glistening and beads of sweat are running down into your cleavage. You are beautiful. Your skin is radiating.

“I’m sweating” – you reply, sweetly. I know what you want. You want me to towel you off. I grab the towel and use it to lightly pat the sweat off your body. I spin you around and gently kiss the your neck and down your back. Light, salty sensation. My cock strains against it’s metal prison.

“Dinner is ready?” You expect. “Dinner is ready.” I reply.

I lead you by the hand up the stairs from the gym and to the dining room. You smile at me as I pull out your chair and you get comfortable. Dinner is served.

After we eat I clean up the table and feed the dogs their dinner. You make your way into the living room and sit down on the couch. You’ve been cross stitching.

“Because Fuck You, şişli escort That’s Why”

It says on your circular canvas. You have great taste.

You start working on the border around your artwork while I finish cleaning up from dinner. When I’m done, I take my place on the floor by your feet and turn on the TV.

You kick off your shoes and nod at me. I know what this means. I take your feet in my hands and begin giving them a firm rub down as you stitch. “Thank you Mea” I say to you while I stare up at you lovingly. I’ve no interest in this show.

After some time, you nod at me to signify you’ve had enough and you place your canvas down on the couch next to you. You stand up and make your way to the bathroom. As you walk by, I catch the scent of your faded shampoo and the sweet sweat from your workout. Yum.

After a couple of minutes you call for me. “Slave, please come here.”

I’m not sure what you could want, but I make my way to the bathroom. There you are, sitting on the toilet. You’re playing mahjong on your phone. “We’re out of toilet paper” you say to me “Clean this up.. ” as you look down at your pussy.

I know there was toilet paper here because I replaced it shortly before you arrived home. Where has it gone? I walk over to you sitting on the toilet. My cock is at about your face height and you take the opportunity to pretend to lick it. Then you nod at me and I drop down to my knees at your feet.

You push out your pussy a little and look back at your phone. “Ok” I think to myself as work my head between your legs to lick up the last few drops of piss from your pussy. Your pussy tastes like a mix of musk, sweat, and piss – but it makes no difference to me as I am in love with all of those things that your body produces. You push my head away when you feel as though you’ve been sufficiently cleaned and you return to the living room.

“I need to take a shower, go wait for me in the bedroom” you demand matter of factly.

I know the routine. I climb up the stairs, walk into the bedroom and give it a quick pick-up. You hate it when I leave my clothes on the floor. After I clean up the bedroom the way you like it, I drop to my knees at the foot of the bed facing the door – and I wait.

You take your time. I don’t think you generally take that long in the shower, but you’ve had a hard day. The hot water must be relaxing. My knees start to ache a little from waiting, but I know you like to see me exposed and submissive like this when you enter the bedroom.

Finally, I hear the water stop. You whistle softly to yourself while you dry off and search through your dressing room for your outfit. You look hot in that one piece. It makes your tits look huge and your waist slim. “Boots or Stilettos” you call out to me from the other room. I have no idea, but I know I’ve got to pick one. Seems to me Stilettos are easier to take on and off, so “Stilettos” I reply.

A few minutes later, you enter the bedroom. My jaw drops and my cock twitches.

“Lay down slave” – you say to me, and I comply. You tower above me, pacing slowly around my body, smiling. You enjoy this power.

“You’ve been a good slave today” – you tell me.

“Thank you Mea” – I reply.

“You know you overcooked the pork?” sivas escort

“I know Mea, I’m sorry, I was trying to keep track of too many things”

“You know how I feel about excuses slave…”

You walk around me slowly and lift up a foot – lining up your heel with my sore exposed ball bag. You press down.

I squirm a little on the floor, looking up at you.

“I’m sorry” – I plead. “You will be…” You reply. “Up.” You tell me.

I stand up. You continue to pace around my naked body.

“Hands behind your back” – you direct. I comply.

You handcuff my hands behind my back and attach some rope to the cuffs. You feed that rope through an eye hook that we’ve installed in a door frame and pull my hands up behind my back. This is a very uncomfortable position.

“You know the pork cooks faster than the recipe says. You do this every time. If you were really sorry – you’d remember and stop overcooking the pork!”

Your logic is inarguable.

You dig through our drawer of sex toys. We have many drawers of sex toys. You fish out a long black blindfold and tie it around me. I can feel your breath on my skin as you continue to slowly walk around my body.

*SMACK* – a searing pain shoots through my body as you slap me in the balls. I struggle against the cuffs and pull on the rope, but am unable to move far.

“Do you like that slave?” You ask me. “Yes mea” I reply. “Good, it’s fun to watch you squirm against your restraints.” “Yes mea” I reply.

*SMACK* – a sting, but not on my balls, this time its on my thigh. A crop maybe? I don’t know. “Ouch!” I exclaim.

“Oh no, that won’t do at all..” You state as you reach back into the bottomless drawer of sex toys, pulling out a ballgag. “I don’t need to hear any whining.”

You attach the ball gag and tighten it around my head. Saliva begins to drool out and down my chest. You laugh. You continue whining and smacking me as I struggle against my restraints and moan into the gag. You feel powerful.

“Did you think making dinner was enough, slaveboy? Did you think if you did the dishes I’d let you out of this cage to cum? That’s so adorable! No, I don’t think so. Not this time. Not for a long time. You’re just going to have to learn to live with it. Just because you won’t be cumming for a long time doesn’t mean I can’t get mine though. “

You release me from the handcuffs. The mobility feels good. The soreness in my shoulders subsides. You remove my ballgag and lay down on the bed. You’re holding a riding crop. Your legs spread. “Eat”.

I get between your legs and lick around your thighs and stomach.

*WHACK* I feel on the shoulder.

“I said Eat!”

I spread your labia with my fingers and gently suck your clit into my mouth. “Mmmm ” you moan – “good slave. Lick my pussy until I cum. We won’t be needing that cock tonight”

I continue to lick and suck on your clit and my fingers work their way into your pussy reaching up toward your g-spot. You begin to moan and buck faster and louder. It’s getting harder to breath, but I won’t stop.

“My ass” you state.

I use my hands to push your thighs up exposing your tight little asshole. I love eating your asshole. It turns me on. I gently lick around your glistening hole, already wet from a mix of my sıhhiye escort saliva and your pussy juice for a while until you start bucking hips toward me. At this point I can tell you want to feel something inside you. I work my index finger into your ass. It’s open and accepting and ready to be filled. With my other hand, I reach up to massage your g-spot, and I suck your clit into my mouth. It doesn’t take long for your body to tighten. Your moaning gets louder until you let out a soft scream and your body relaxes. You push my head away.

“Good slave. Maybe you should get to cum tonight”

You can see my eyes light up at the prospect.

“Would you like that?”

“Yes Mea, I would like that a lot. I need to cum, I want to feel myself inside you so badly”.

“Go get your key, bring it to me” – you state. I do this immediately, before you can blink the key to my cage is in your hand. You smile deviously and unlock the padlock. It takes a while to pull the cage off of my cock, as it has expanded and pushed through the bars of the device. “Get me the lube” you direct, and I comply. “Lie down” you tell me. I do.

You begin to slowly jerk off my cock with your hand. You smile at me and lean in for a kiss. My eyes roll back. It feels so good. You tighten your grip and jerk slow – it’s amazing. I am transported somewhere else. I can feel myself getting closer to orgasm. My breath is shallow, muscles contracting. You know the deal. You’re familiar with my body. You know when I’m going to cum. You bring me close. As close as you can. … then you stop.

I whine a little, beg a little, and you touch my cock again, this time faster. You’re jerking vigorously. I’m sure I’m going to explode. My body tenses up. … then you stop. Again.

I grunt. Frustrated. Hips bucking toward the sky, trying to do anything that gets your hand back on my cock. You begin again, tightly jerking. It hurts a little but it feels so good. You keep jerking and I feel orgasm approaching. You keep jerking, you keep sliding your hand up and down over my glistening lubricated cock.

This time you push me right over the edge. You stop immediately.

“Noooo! I cry. I know what’s about to happen. You giggle and smile at me.”

A few seconds later thick cum begins to dribble out the head of my cock.

“Poor slave. Looks like your orgasm got ruined. That’s too bad. Would you like to try again? Do you think there’s any more cum left in those balls?”

“Yes Mea – please, please let me cum. Please. I’ll do anything”

You wipe some cum off my cock onto your finger and press it to my face.

“Eat it. Eat it all, and we can try again” – you tell me.

I don’t like eating cum. I’ve fantasized about it a few times, but after I cum I never really want to go through with it.

“What, you think its ok for me to eat your cum after I blow you – but you can’t do it? That’s bullshit. Eat the cum or get back in your cage. Don’t make me tell you again”.

Reluctantly, my tongue reaches out to your finger, and I slowly eat the cum out of your hand. You laugh.

“Good slave”

Then you begin jerking me again. Yes! Thank God. It feels great, my body starts bucking. I’m approaching orgasm again and here it… You let go again.

“AGGGGGGHHH” I scream and whine and thrash around.

A few seconds later another stream cum starts dribbling out of the head of my cock. You scoop it up in your hand.

“Well… ” – you look at me.

Beaten, I eat the cum out of your hand again.

“I could do this all night.” You say to me smiling. “I think I will”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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