Lovin Mouthful Ch. 03

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Well, my ass was a little sore for a couple of days. But the afterglow of that experience lasted longer than that.

I asked my girlfriend where she got the idea for that escapade. She just smiled. “It just takes a little imagination, you know.”

I still had questions. “But how about the “coming” dildo? What’s with that?”

“That’s a little something I came by a while ago. Kind of fun, huh?” She didn’t elaborate.

“But how do you get it to “cum” like that?” I pressed.

She explained like a 1st grade teacher talking to a student. “It has a syringe in it. You know, like a turkey baster only not as big, with a thinner tube and a smaller reservoir bulb on the end. You fill it up with your favorite fluid, insert through the bottom of the dildo with the tube going up the shaft and the bulb at the bottom where the phony scrotum/testicles are, and then when you want to “cum” you just reach down and squeeze the bulb. Voila!”

“Really!” I was astounded. “But what about the “cum”, I mean the yogurt. Where did you get THAT idea?”

She went on gleefully, “I like the texture of yogurt. It always reminds me of cum, especially when it is warmer- -not just out of the fridge- –but it is not quite as “slippery”, if you know what I mean.”

Yes, I DID know what she meant- -NOW!

Over the days I went over that conversation in my head. I couldn’t help catching the subtle slight about “imagination”. I had always thought I was pretty inventive. Lord knows I’d watched enough porn to stimulate my libidinous side and could visualize a lot of different scenarios. And my girlfriend and I HAD tried a lot of fun things, different positions and so forth. So, I didn’t think I was devoid of adventure. But she really had topped me on this one. I guess she had more than a little libido too.

A few days later when my girlfriend was out for the afternoon with friends, I was searching around for my her DV camcorder. I figured we could do a repeat performance of our latest caper and get it on tape. We had done a little recording earlier on in our relationship of our sex romps but, like I said before, things had gotten kind of routine and not worth recording more of. But the stuff we did record was pretty good even if it had that homemade look. I had transferred most of the DV tapes to DVD to make sure we didn’t lose them or inadvertently record over them. We had quite a few, as a matter of fact- -maybe a dozen or fifteen of them.

I found the camcorder but when I powered it up I found that there wasn’t a tape in it. So, I started looking around for a blank tape. I didn’t see any new ones. There were several tapes in the drawer with labels on them marked with an “XXX”. (We sure wouldn’t want to confuse those with our vacation videos that we would show to our family and friends.) I matched those up to the DVD’s in the box and came up with one tape left over with no label. I checked it over and found that the “Write Protect” tab had been activated and I could tell that the tape had spooled all the way to the end. I thought I would see what was on it before just re-recording over it.

I rigged up the camcorder to our big screen TV, rewound the tape, and hit “PLAY”.

There was our bedroom with our bed centered in the middle off the frame. The lighting was good, the covers were down- -we had the pale blue sheets on the bed- -and the image was crisp. My girlfriend entered the frame. She was naked (that began to turn me on right then) and she sat down on the bed looking directly into the camera. ankara otele gelen escort She moved toward the camera and her hand filled the frame as she made some adjustment to the camera. I am guessing that she turned the display around so she could see from her side what she was being recorded. She sat back down on the bed again leaning on her arms behind her. She was (and especially her boobs were) in sharp focus. I was really starting to get turned on. Another body moved into the frame. It was a backside and out of focus but I could make out a that it was a chubby butt. I never thought that I had a fat butt, nevertheless, there it was on tape in living color.

That seemed odd- -the color, I mean. I am pure blooded Italian and my skin is dark but what I saw on the tape as the focus improved was very white/pink skin. “Hey!” I thought, “That AIN’T my butt! What the hell?”

The “butt” moved farther into the frame toward the bed and the focus went with it. That didn’t look like any butt that I’d ever seen. I mean it didn’t look like any guy’s butt that I’d ever seen. What I really mean is that it sure looked like a girl’s butt! And, the farther the butt got away from the camera, I could tell that it WAS a woman. She was a little chubby, not overweight, but nicely rounded. I guessed that she was probably 5 feet plus something and like 120-125 pounds. She did have a good shape, at least from the rear.

The “body” moved over to the bed, sat down next to my girlfriend, and turned around to fact the camera. She DID have a good shape! I am guessing that her boobs were a 34C to a 36C, a little soft but not so much to make them hangers- -very nice- -and a flat but not necessarily toned tummy. Her hips and thighs were, as I said, rounded but no one would call this woman fat. She had a nice face but not one that I recognized. She look to be in her 30’s and had short curly hair, a nice smile, and full lips. Oh, and I noticed that she had a wedding ring on her left third finger.

I was so engrossed in watching this scene develop that it hadn’t really struck me what it was that I was watching. My girlfriend was in bed with another woman! Whoa! That came out of left field. I’d have never guessed that would happen in a million years. I was really stunned- -and getting really horny.

The short-haired woman was sitting to the right of my girlfriend and moved her hand over onto my girlfriends right thigh and then up across her chest brushing her boobs and settled on her left shoulder. At the same time, she turned her head and leaned over and kissed my girlfriend. The back of her head was to the camera covering my girlfriends fact so I couldn’t see what kind of kiss it was but, from the length off time it took, I could only imagine that there was some serious tongue play going on there. Then both of them leaned back on the bed still next to each other, still kissing. I could see now that there was some real passion happening.

Ms. Nice-Boobs/Butt’s hand began to caress my girlfriends breasts as the kissing continued. And then her right hand moved down my girlfriends tummy toward her pussy. At the same time, the woman’s kissing went from my girlfriends lips to her neck, to her chest, and then back and forth to each of her breasts. Her right hand was beginning to ;pet my girlfriend’s pubic hair, stroking just like it was- -well- -a pussy cat. Then her fingers began to probe between my girlfriends legs as the kissing went down to her tummy and back up again to her breasts. öveçler escort My girlfriend moved her legs apart and the camera caught a very nice shot of her pussy showing her fine and not very thick pubic hair barely concealing the lips of her vagina. The fingers worked their way down to her slot and started to make some penetration. My girlfriend moved her left hand down and covered her lover’s right hand and adjusted it to what I suppose was the “right” spot and then both hands began to do a finger dance on and into my girlfriends vagina.

I could see my girlfriend’s hips begin to move in rhythm with the finger play. She spread her legs farther apart and slowly thrust ed her hips as her lover’s fingers evidently found her clitoris. This part went on for several minutes. Lips kissing and sucking breasts as fingers worked on the pussy/clitoris.

I was transfixed. My cock was hard by this time and I couldn’t help but start to stroke it through my pants.

Then Miss Nice-Boobs/Butt and my girlfriend changed post ions. My girlfriend moved back further on the bed with her legs apart and the woman assumed a kneeling position between them. This was kind of a three-quarter view. I could see both bodies there, my girlfriends parted legs, and the woman bent over with her face between them. I couldn’t see what was happening exactly but I knew having been there myself. The woman was going down on my girlfriend big-time. I could see her head bob up and down as she licked away at my girlfriend’s pussy. Up and down, up and down, up and down…..as her hands were under my girlfriend’s butt moving it up and down, up and down, up and down. I am sure my girlfriend was helping this along, too, moving her hips up and down, up and down, up and down. In addition, my girlfriend had taken her hands and put them on top of her lover’s head augmenting, I am sure, the pressure of the licking on her pussy.

This went on for what seemed like an eternity. I checked the tape counter later (you think I only watched this once?) and it showed 7 minutes 22 seconds of pussy licking- -that’s a lot even for me!

Finally, I could see my girlfriend starting to climax. Her hips were grinding and moving more rapidly and her legs were moving apart and back pressing her lover’s head between her inner thighs. And then she stopped completely- -just froze- -with her hips up off the bed. I could see her body quivering in her spasm of orgasm and I could hear her primal, grunting moan as she came. But it wasn’t just once; it looked to me to be at least three or four times- -maybe more- -separated by a minute or two apiece. WOW!! I’d never seen her do that many times with me! She’d usually come once and sometimes twice but not three or four. (Again, I checked the tape counter later. Orgasms in sequence lasted another 6 minutes!)

Both of them were still for a minute or two and then the woman rolled over onto her back next to my girlfriend who just lay there with her arms out and her chest heaving. Then my girlfriend rolled over onto her side, leaned over, gave her lover a long, long kiss. and got up our of bed and out of the frame.

Ms. Nice-Boobs/Butt leaned up on one arm and said something to my girlfriend. “It’s in my bag. Yes, you have it. Open the box.” Then was something indecipherable and then, “Uh-uh…no just slip it on.”

Then my girlfriend came back into the picture wearing what looked like a black pair off panties. This looked familiar. She got up onto the bed, knelt down, and turned a little pendik escort bit. It was then that I could see that she had on a dildo that was attached to the front of a pair of rubberized panties….exactly the same dildo that she had used with me!

I really started to get hot now. I slipped my jeans and underwear off and started to massage my cock which by this time had gotten rock hard.

My girlfriend, kneeling on the bed, moved her lover’s legs apart and bent her knees up. The she leaned forward and started going down on her pussy. The image was a lot better this time. I could see my girlfriend’s mouth against the woman’s hairy pussy and could see her tongue working on the lips of her vagina. Ms. Nice-Boobs had a pretty nice pussy too, from what I could tell. There was plenty of hair there but I could see a nice compact vagina that was glistening with moisture some from my girlfriend’s mouth and some, I am sure, from her own excitement.

It didn’t take long with the licking when the woman said, “O.K. honey, I’m ready.” and then she held out her arms to embrace my girlfriend who then got back up to her knees still positioned between her lover’s legs. My girlfriend pointed her dildo at the pussy in front of her and gently thrust her hips allowing the rubber prick to penetrate it. I heard a sigh from the woman as the phallus went into her and I saw her legs part a little more as my girlfriend pressed forward inserting her “cock” farther.

My girlfriend leaned forward and put her hands on her lovers breasts, kneading them as she began her rhythmic movement back and forth with her hips and the dildo. The woman responded with some thrusting of her own. And then my girlfriend leaned even farther forward and pressed her lips to her lovers right breast, sucked and nibbled there, and then switched to the left breast and did the same thing. All the while, the fucking with the dildo continued. I began to hear sighs and quiet moans from both of them.

Then the stopped still. Ms. Nice-Boobs pushed my girlfriends back with both hands so that she was upright on her knees again. “Let’s switch.” She said

Without having to withdraw the dildo from her pussy, the woman rolled over so that my girlfriend was on the top and she was kneeling then started rock and grind her hips against my girlfriend working the dildo even harder. She leaned forward and began sucking and caressing my girlfriend’s breasts and then moved her lips up to my girlfriend’s lips and went into a long, passionate, tongue filled kiss.

She stopped again and I could tell she was coming. She held my girlfriend close and tight while her legs clasped her body. Her back arched and her butt muscles quivered. And then she straightened up again and grabbed her own breasts and pinched her own nipples with a loud cry. She was coming all right!

I only counted one time that she came. It could have been more but by this time I had jacked off to the point where I was coming too. My semen shot out of my cock and all over my hand and dripped onto my leg. I licked my hand clean and scraped the cum off my leg and swallowed that too.

Meanwhile, on the screen, the girls were uncoupling. I could tell there was a lot of moisture between them. Ms. Nice-Boobs/Butt leaned over and licked by girlfriend’s tummy and then moved to her mouth to my girlfriend’s. A long kiss ensued- -lots of tongue and sucking.

They both sat up on the bed and embraced. There was a very soft mutual caressing of their breasts, another kiss, and then my girlfriend got up out of bed and filled the frame.

The camera went blank.

Whew! That was fantastic.! And now I know where my girlfriend got that dildo and why she got the idea to dress me up and use it on me. Women were a turn-on for her; more than a turn-on- – A passion!

Where could we go from here?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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