Jeanette and the Pervert

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It has been a decade since Jeanette’s video shoot. She has been through a college education, a failed marriage, and two kids. She landed a job at a private school as a Teacher. She wore a white Shirt, a short black Skirt, horned rimmed Glasses and her signature tower Bun now brought her height to just over six-foot-two. While her Film venture was a long time ago, she was yet to hear the end of it…

Her trial was set into motion when her Class got an 18 year old Japanese exchange student named, Ken Kobayashi. While Jeanette did not have eyes in the back of her Head, her sixth sense could feel a certain somebody staring at her quite often. While she was a beautiful woman in a pool of raging late-teen Hormones and this was a common occurrence in her line of work, Ken’s gaze wasn’t JUST lustful. Every now and then Jeanette would catch Ken staring at her, she would glance back at him and while most other students would dart their gaze away Ken kept contact and his lower Lids lifted up slightly. Jeanette left these incidents on the back-burner until one day, on the last day of school, the pot in the back of her Head reached a boiling point.

Jeanette closed her final class with “Well, it has been great teaching you guys. Enjoy your summer and future College years! Now lets all say goodbye to our Teacher!” The entirety of the Room cheered with a “Goodbye!” back to her. Jeanette sorted her business at her Desk while the class emptied except for ONE particular young man. Jeanette jolted at the sound of Ken slamming his open Palm on her desk with a sly grin on his face.

“Can I help you?” Jeanette asked.

Ken responded, “I could not help but wonder if I saw you somewhere before.”

Jeanette folded her Hands under her Chin and replied, “You are from another country, so it’s extremely unlikely we’ve met.”

“We’ve never met, but I have SEEN you somewhere before.”

Jeanette’s eyes briefly bugged out. “Wait, he couldn’t be talking about THAT…” she thought to herself.

Ken walked around her Desk and reached into his Book-bag and pulled out a VHS Tape with a slightly worn Cover. As soon as Jeanette laid eyes on the cover, her Jaw dropped with an audible gasp! It was JAV Tape with a recording konyaaltı kendi evi olan escort of the Shoot she starred in all those years ago! What were the odds! She jumped up at him and flailed her Arms in a vain attempt to get the Cassette in her possession, but Ken kept her at a safe distance with his extended Arm blocking her from the Collarbone.

Ken gently pushed Jeanette back into her Chair. “Fortunately for you, there was never a DVD re-release of this and buying used media is quite a hassle in Japan. It’s amazing I even got my Hands on this to begin with.” Ken said while looking at the Video Case.

Ken dangled the Tape right in front of Jeanette’s Face and made his ultimatum. “You can have it if you just let me have your way with you.”

What was Jeanette to do? Sure, they can’t fire you for being a former porn star, but it will still impact her social life. Who knows if Ken will hold his end of the deal? But chances are, the two of them would never see each other again. She placed her index Finger under her Chin and after weighing her options out, she peered up back at Ken and answered him with a timid, “Y-yes…”

Ken grabbed Jeanette’s tower Bun by the base, locked eyes with her and told her, “Just take it slow and follow my lead.” He lifted her straight up and out of her Chair. Her Heart was fluttering as he lifted her posture straight up. Pulling her by the Hair like a Dog on a Leash, Ken dragged her to the space in front of the White-board.

Jeanette made it to the front of the classroom only to have her dragged in a circle around Ken! Her resistance dissolved as he yanked her around. She could not believe what was happening to her! After two more circles were drawn, he pulled Jeanette face-to-face with him. Ken lifted her up past her standing height. An, “Aah! is moaned out from Jeanette as she is brought up to her tip-toes.

Chills ran through her body as he brought his toy up to his eye level. Ken lowered Jeanette back to her standing height, arced her head down and dragged her Head to the floor, reducing Jeanette to all fours. He arced her Head to her back and pulled her up to where she was now sitting konyaaltı otele gelen escort on her Knees. Jeanette’s Eyes were glazed over and her Jaw was hanging open. Jeanette did not resist in the least as Ken jostled her Head from side-to-side and in tight circles. She moaned in pleasure as he toyed with her.

Jeanette heard an unzipping not far in front of her. Ken’s erect cock sprang out of his Pants! He jerked the angle of her Head up to face him. Jeanette saw the fire in his eyes as he used his free hand to open Jeanette’s mouth further open. Ken guided the Head his Penis past Jeanette’s open Lips and pulled her Head down to the Base of his erection. He asked, “You ready?”

“MMPH!” Jeanette blurted.

Ken ran her Head up and down the length of his shaft with a slow and steady pace. Jeanette’s face contorted as he gradually sped up his flow. During Ken’s convulsing, the Clip holding Jeanette’s tower bun in place snapped apart from the motions. The end of her Hair was gradually unraveling from the base of her tower. The Tresses walked their way around her Head between the forward and backward thrusts until it trailed just past her Chin.

Just as Ken felt he was going to climax, he pulled Jeanette’s Head off of his Cock. She let out a ‘gasp’ and panted for breath.

Jeanette was pulled back up on her Feet. He joined his free Hand with the one holding her Hair and twisted her Bun 180 degrees so Jeanette turned her Head and then her Shoulders and finally the rest of her Body around so her backside was facing Ken. He placed a Hand on her upper back and arced her Head back. Ken released his grip on her Hair. Jeanette’s once firm tower Bun hung somewhat limp in an arc with a trailing lock of Hair hanging over the body of the Bun.

With a stern tone, Ken commanded, “Lets give that Bun a shake!”

Jeanette shook her Head side-to-side causing what was left of the winding tower Bun to unravel and unwind until her Hair was swaying gently just above the Floor. “Wow! Your Hair got longer since your video debut!” Ken complimented.

“T-thanks…” Jeanette said mousishly as she tried to reign in a smile.

Ken gathered konyaaltı rus escort her Mane and wrapped it around his right Hand. He then instructed her to bend forward and brace herself against the White-board. As soon as Jeanette’s Palms reached the Board, she felt her Skirt being lifted up. Her Heart sank as she pieced together where this was going.

Clenched Teeth filtered Jeanette’s heavy exhales as Ken moulded and fondled her left Butt-cheek. Ken cupped the Cheek and gently bounced it up and down. Jeanette winced and exhaled sharply though her Nostrils as the gentle bounces ebbed away. She could feel his Hand gently slide down and then off of her Butt. Jeanette swallowed hard in anticipation of what was to come…

An audible gasp emanated from Jeanette as Ken slowly penetrated her Vaginal lips. He plunged all the way into her and thrusted in and out of her. Jeanette bit her lower lip as he picked up the pace. Ken yanked the length of Jeanette’s Mane back toward him, causing her Head and neck to arch back. The stimulation from the Hair pulling dissolved any feelings of shame and embarrassment she may have felt up until now. Jeanette’ Jaw dropped with a, “O-O-O-O-OAAAHHHHHH” from her mouth.

Ken pulled her Tresses back and forth in sync with his thrusts. Jeanette’s Head was bobbing back and forth in a short arc. Jeanette’s eyes rolled to the back of her Head as an orgasm caused her Legs to tremble in pleasure. Ken let go of her Hair and eased Jeanette to her Knees.

“Hold on, you are not out of the woods yet,” Ken said.

He picked up the Tail end of Jeanette’s Hair and wrapped it around his Cock. While Jeanette was catching her breath Ken jerked himself off with her Locks. He tilted her Head so the crown of her Head was in-line with his Penis. “OOoh!” Ken exclaimed as he shot a hot load of Semen on her Scalp. The warm, gooey feeling of Cum in her Hair felt like the warm embrace of an old friend to Jeanette.

Ken walked back to his Book-bag, placed the Tape on her Desk, and walked out the door. “Thanks for another fantastic performance.” Ken praised as he poked his Head back into the Classroom.

“You’re welcome.” Jeanette said in a high voice through a wry smile.

Jeanette sauntered over to her Chair and reached for the Hairbrush in her Purse. The blunt-tipped Bristles of her Brush sent vibes that allowed her to lean back and breathe a sigh of relief. She had it cinched. Jeanette would never have to see Ken again, the two were never caught and she got the Tape in her possession. Little did she know, that would not be the end of her trouble with the Tape.

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