He Wants Her To Wet

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She’d fantasised about it a million times, and it was probably her favourite porn subject matter… in fact, she’d lost count of the number of times she’d frigged herself to orgasm whilst watching it on screen.

But she’d never had the courage to try it for herself.

Until one day… she was alone at home… she’d just brought herself to a wet squirting climax with her favourite porn clips playing in the background.

She tentatively put on a pair of cute cotton panties and her favourite cut-off denim shorts. The ones she only wore when she was feeling particularly sexy and daring.

And then she stood, with her legs slightly apart, in the middle of her hard-wood floor living room.

She sighed contentedly as she felt the first flush of warmth spreading through her panties and shorts… as the amber liquid trickled past her thighs and down her legs there was a definite feel of eroticism, but there was still a pang… an undertone of embarrassment.

When she was done… she stepped away, and as she saw the yellow puddle slowly spreading in front of her, she quickly tore off some kitchen paper and hurriedly cleaned the mess, blushing furiously as shame coursed through her.

Later that night, she lay in bed, her mind in a turmoil of confusion as she remembered both her arousal and embarrassment. But the memory of the moment… that undeniable eroticism… she couldn’t stop her fingers creeping inside her pyjama bottoms, where she felt a wetness of a different kind, as she brought herself to orgasm.

When she was done she curled up into a ball and cried herself to sleep.

Six months later

She smiled coquettishly at Sam… her boyfriend… her lover… her partner in kink… and her Daddy. Well sometimes. When she was around him she was all things… princess… masochist… slut… babygirl… no matter her mood… he made her feel like she was the only one… his only one.

And now Sam, in post-coital haze asked her if she had any fantasies… to share a secret with him…to open up. Oh she had shared… she had shared all her filthy desires… the need to be bitten, slapped, and choked… the dirty fantasies of gangbangs and stranger sex… the curiosities about being tied and tortured.

But Sam wanted more… he wanted her vulnerabilities… the fantasies she was even afraid to admit to herself.

And there, in the comfort of the darkened room, and enveloped by the love she knew Sam bore her, she whispered into his chest her secret… the shameful eroticism she found in peeing her panties.

Sam couldn’t believe his ears… and his eyes almost floodlit the room.

He kissed his girl sensuously and urgently on the mouth, hungrily devouring her, and thrust his ramrod cock deep inside of her with a passion that took her breath away.

When their panting orgasms subsided, Sam turned to her “thank you… thank you… for sharing that with me… it’s long been a fantasy of mine, but I didn’t want to scare you away… we can explore this together… if you’d like to, that is.”

And in the sex-filled darkness, she replied in a small voice… “yes… I’d like to… but my ankara grup escort way.”

Over the following few weeks, Sam cultivated her fantasy… taking it one step at a time. His sweet girl enjoyed the warmth of the releasing flow but could not move past the associated shame and humiliation. To her, losing control, letting herself pee, was the ultimate shame.

Sam nurtured her… each time she let a little go… each time she surrendered to him in any way… each time she let him watch her pee… or left the bathroom door open… each time she peed in the shower… he’d kiss her and tell her how proud he was of her.

And now, with no prompting from him, she was starting to tell him every time she needed to pee. Not asking for permission, just a sweet statement “Daddy, I gotta go pee.”

Sam knew that she needed time… time to be comfortable enough to pee her panties in front of him… and he was willing to wait as long as she needed.

It was a rare Friday morning where neither Sam nor his girl had to go to work, and they were looking forward to spending a long sexy weekend together.

Sam woke up early to finish a proposal that was due in first thing Monday morning. He wanted to get it out of the way, so that they could spend the weekend uninterrupted.

He tiptoed out of the bedroom so as not to wake his girl, he smiled affectionately as he saw her sleeping so adorably, her hair swept across her face, and her thumb just on the edge of her mouth. She was becoming so much more comfortable being his little girl and he loved her for it.

He stepped silently towards the bed, stroked her hair moving it gently behind her ear and kissed her forehead. She sighed softly in her sleep.

Sam was working diligently for about an hour, when she padded out of the bedroom wearing nothing but her cute frilly shorty pyjamas, her eyes slightly bleary, and sat down on the couch next to him. She leaned gently on his shoulder.

After about five minutes, she started caressing him… her fingers walking up his arm, as her other hand gently rubbed his thigh. She leaned into him and breathlessly whispered, “Daddy, I wanna play.”

Without lifting his eyes from his laptop, his fingers still clicking on the keyboard, “I’m almost done here my sweet girl… and then we can do whatever you want.”

“Okay,” she pouted and leaned back on the couch.

Five minutes later…

“Daddy… I…”

“Five more minutes, sweet girl,”

“But Daddy…” she whined

“I said five more minutes… now don’t interrupt me again.”

Two minutes later


Sam turned towards his girl… she had a definite glint in her eye, a blush on her cheek, and she was coquettishly… nay sexily… biting her thumbnail.

And then he saw it… the yellow liquid slowly spilling from the leather couch onto the floor.

He started at her in amazement…

“Did you just…”

She bit her lip shyly, and nodded, but her eyes were shining with mischief.

“Oh my god… I don’t whether to hug you, kiss you, spank you, or fuck you.”

“How about all four…” she gümüşhane escort grinned

Sam couldn’t believe what had just happened… it was obvious she’d planned it… and he was so so proud of his girl… and he knew he had to tread lightly… but if she wanted to play… then play she was going to get.

He put on his strictest Daddy tone…

“Stand up in front of me,” he ordered

She stood up, spread her legs slightly and stood in front of him with her hands behind her back.

“Now you’re going to stand like that in front of me whilst Daddy finishes working.”

She stood there for a minute, silently revelling in the feeling of her soggy panties and shorts, and she glowed from the inside… it hadn’t been easy for her to do this… but she so wanted to make her Daddy proud.

And suddenly she felt a stirring inside of her… it seems she hadn’t quite fully emptied her bladder when she had her little “accident.”

“Daddy… I gotta go pee.”

“Okay, sweet girl… go.”

She started walking towards the bathroom

“No, no, sweetie… you can go right here.”

Her eyes widened… “but Daddy… I can’t”

“Yes you can… you did it before… and now I want to watch.”

She hesitated a moment, but then, she lowered her eyes to the floor, and released a slow trickle. As the warm liquid flowed down her thighs she momentarily looked up at Sam and saw the absolute joy and pride in his eyes. Upon seeing that she let go completely and let what was left inside of her gush out freely.

As the flow slowed down, Sam reached out and rubbed her through her damp shorts. He put his laptop to the side, and stood up, facing his sweet little girl, and caressed her blush pink cheeks.

He kissed her hard on the lips… “I’m so so proud of you…” he murmured in her ear… “that was so brave and incredible… I love you so much.”

He then stepped back slightly and affected his Daddy tone

“But you manipulated Daddy didn’t you?”

She smiled softly and nodded

“You knew Daddy was busy… you wanted to play… and you did the one thing you knew would get my attention.”

She shrugged in a very sorrynotsorry way

“So tell me my sweet girl… why did you pee your panties.”

“I tried…” she started protesting in her adorable little girl voice… “I tried telling you that I need to go, but you told me that you were busy… and I couldn’t hold it…” she trailed off.

Oh she was good… Sam had to give it to her… she was playing the role beautifully.

“Oh no little girl… we don’t have that rule, do we? You don’t need my permission… you tell me you gotta go, but that was your choice… I never imposed that on you, did I?”

She shook her head in that wide-eyed innocent little girl way he so loved.

“So tell me again…” he sat back down on the couch and looked up at her, “why did you pee your panties.”

She lowered her eyes, she knew that the admonishment was fake… but somehow the little girl inside of her felt bad for disappointing her Daddy.

“Because I wanted to play,” she whispered in a small voice, shifting halkalı escort from foot to foot.

“You know what happens to little girls who manipulate their Daddies… don’t you.”

“They get spanked…” she whispered so softly it was barely audible, and he noticed a shimmer in her eyes… a hint of tears forming.

He needed to pull her back… he needed to bring her back in the moment… he needed her to feel how proud he was of her bravery… he needed to give her back her dignity.

“That’s right little girl,” he stood up again, cupped her face in her hands, and stared straight into those shimmering baby blues, “but first my sweet girl… go get cleaned up… and then come back here when you’re ready.”

“Yes Daddy,” she whispered gratefully.

Whilst she was gone Sam quickly cleaned up so she wouldn’t have to face it herself when she got back. When he was done, he sat down on the couch and waited.

She returned to the living room with small hesitant steps and stood in front of him.

He looked up at her, his eyes assuring her of his love and affection. He tapped his knee gently

“You know what’s going to happen now, don’t you little girl?”

Without a word she draped herself over his knee.

“We don’t manipulate our Daddies, do we, little girl.”

“No Daddy.”

But her response was drowned out by the sound of his hand spanking her cute little butt. Her arse cheeks turned from pale white to pink as he spanked her bottom repeatedly.

She remained mostly stoic, accepting her “punishment” with only the occasional “ow” when he hit her extra hard.

When her bottom was sufficiently red, he paused, and rubbed her sensitive butt gently. She wriggled beneath his caresses.

“And now, my sweet girl… now I’m going to reward you for being so incredibly brave today.”

He rubbed her sore bottom, his hand sliding over the freshly spanked cheeks… and he began to spank her gently… softly… lovingly… after all… for his little masochist, spankings weren’t a punishment.

And this time she settled into the spanking… enjoying every strike… even though the “punishment” was a role play… she still felt it in her core… her sensitive little girl heart didn’t like disappointing her Daddy, even if it wasn’t real.

But now… now… each strike coursed through her, warming her, her endorphins rushing through her… and her panties were getting wet… and this time it wasn’t pee.

He stopped the spanking and rubbed her tight little pussy through her panties… she moaned softly… grinding her cunt into his knees… silently begging for more.

He beckoned her to sit up on his lap, he hugged her tightly and through gentle kisses told her to go wait for him in the bedroom.

With a gleeful “yes Daddy,” she climbed off his lap and scampered into the room, hurriedly discarding her minimal clothing along the way.

She was waiting for him naked and spread-eagled on the bed when he entered, his cock visibly stiff through his jeans.

He slowly undid his belt, lowered his zip, and stepped out of his pants.

With his naked body on top of hers… and with kisses punctuating his words… he said

“I’ve kissed you… I’ve hugged you… I’ve spanked you… and now my sweet sexy little pee slut… now I’m going to fuck you.”

“Yes Daddy,” she grinned as she surrendered her wet needy little cunt to him in every possible way.

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