Cilla’s Therapy

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“I’m a shit-eating whore,” Cilla announced dramatically, looking healthy and well-put-together, sitting across the desk from Lilly.

“Excuse me?” Lilly, a clinical psychologist and sex therapist, hadn’t expected Cilla’s first session to start off with such a bluntly shocking statement.

“One of my boyfriends is a biker and Judd introduced me to his nasty fetish the first time we hooked up,” Cilla explained without embarrassment.

“It’s called coprophagia or coprophilia,” Lilly explained clinically, unable to imagine the bright-eyed, attractive, middle-aged, professional woman in her office enjoying a mouthful of shit.

“I never thought of doing it till I met him,” Cilla confided, “but it became the center of my relationship with Judd.”

“Is your husband aware of your affair with this guy?” Lilly asked, trying not to sound judgmental.

“Oh, yeah,” Cilla laughed. “Carl and I have always had an open relationship. We’ve had threesomes and foursomes with most of our friends. That’s not an issue.”

“Does he know about the coprophilia?”

“Uh-huh,” Cilla nodded. “We even tried it once, but Carl couldn’t get into it.”

“Did that disappoint you?”

“No, ’cause I’m only attracted to scat with Judd…” Cilla paused, leaned over to pick up her handbag, and took out a pack of cigarettes. “May I?”

Lilly made a sweeping gesture of her left hand, as if to say, “Go ahead.” Of all the addictions that clients carry into Lilly’s office, tobacco and nicotine are low priorities.

Cilla was a hazel-eyed brunette with a full figure; her acorn-shaped tits had plumped up from four pregnancies. When she put the lit cigarette between her full lips and took her first drag, Lilly pictured Cilla sucking on the penis of her fat, sweaty, biker lover.

“Judd tells me my poop tastes and smells sweet,” she said, rather pleased with herself. “And watching him gobble it up is a wicked turn-on.”

“What about you?” Lilly, the psychotherapist, asked dispassionately. “Do you enjoy eating feces?”

Cilla scoffed. “I tolerate it. I’ve read up on cop and scat and I guess most people gag at the smell or the texture. Not me! I can eat shit hot or cold.”

“What do you mean by hot or cold?” Lilly was fascinated with the subject, feeling just a bit of excitement mixed with curiosity.

“Cold is when it’s in a pile or floating in the toilet. Hot is straight out of the butt hole.”

“Do you like the smell and taste of Judd’s excrement?”

“Not really,” Cilla confessed. “It’s the nastiness of it that turns me on. I like the whole idea of being a low-down, dirty whore…Am I sick, or what?”

“You’re perfectly mentally healthy as far as I can see,” Lilly pronounced decisively.

Diminutive Lilly was elegant and stately, an exotic blend of beautiful Asian and Latina genes, with perfect amber complexion, eyes as dark as night, and beautifully carved chin, cheekbones, and forehead.

“Your husband, Carl, is African American, isn’t he?”

Cilla nodded and doused her cigarette in her half-filled Styrofoam coffee cup.

“So, that tells me you’ve always been a risk-taker. Your coprophilia is a rebellion and maybe even a special talent.”

Cilla was impressed with Lilly’s insight as well as the lady herself. Cilla studied Lilly’s delicate features and strong expression. A flutter of desire stirred inside her.

“I usually offer sexual counseling or therapy services to my clients,” Lilly explained. “Most of the time, my clients come with a dissatisfying sex life or inhibitions, and they need to reconnect with their partners or embrace their own sexuality.” Then, Lilly added with a theatrical laugh, “but you’re way past that.”

“Do you give your patients hands-on therapy?” Cilla asked playfully, tucking her tongue in the corner of her smile.

Without hesitation, Lilly nodded. “Yes, we provide sexual therapy services to individuals, couples, and groups.”

Cilla’s jaw dropped; she was aghast. “You mean, like, you’re a sexual surrogate?”

“Myself and several other clinicians are licensed sexual surrogates.” Lilly was answering seriously in a soft voice, not yet sensing Cilla’s steadily increasing arousal across the desk.

“What can you do for me?” Cilla asked the question, knowing full well it could be read with a double meaning—as a client or a lover?

“In your case, we can come up with strategies to change your behavior…If that’s what you want.”

“I’m not sure what I want anymore,” Cilla chuckled. “You just told me I’m normal and healthy.”

“Then my work is done here!” Lilly joked, making a wiping motion with her hands, and Cilla responded with a hearty laugh.

In the next few minutes, the therapist and client discussed issues of intimacy, sexual satisfaction, and how the iron laws of pregnancy, childbirth, and gravity worked to elongate a woman’s breasts, swell her hips, buttocks, and thighs, and loosen her plumbing so that she peed every time she laughed, coughed, or farted.

Cilla admired the ankara eve gelen escort thinness of Lilly’s fingers, the deep valley of her cleavage, and the long turn of her neck. Cilla daydreamed, wanting to touch and taste Lilly’s skin. Lilly noticed Cilla jiggling and swinging her legs as they talked, an unmistakable sign of erotic interest.

After fifty minutes in session, Cilla made her next appointment with Lilly. As Lilly showed her to the door, she felt a magnetic attraction to Cilla, deliberately touching and brushing against her.

Without a word being spoken, Cilla smiled at Lilly and reached for her hand. Coyly, she lifted Lilly’s hand to her lips and kissed it. Then she closed her eyes, hummed, and flicked her tongue over Lilly’s fingers.

As the two women shared a wet, breathy kiss, Lilly pressed her hips against Cilla’s. She peered into Cilla’s wide-open eyes and hungrily tasted her fleshy lips. They paused and Lilly whispered, “I want to try it.”

“I want you.” With that, Cilla reached under the hem of Lilly’s skirt and probed the soft flesh of her thighs, inching up toward her silk-lined crotch. As Cilla might have guessed, Lilly wore a slip, old-school nylon stockings, and lacey full-cut undies.

Before Cilla made first contact with Lilly’s mons, the sexologist suggested, “Let me call my husband. Then stay awhile.”

“I’ll call Carl, too.”

“Let’s get undressed,” Doctor Lilly commanded, letting Cilla know who was in charge.

Both ladies were old-fashioned and proudly displayed their pubic bushes.

“My husband, Jake, says finding the girl’s hair down below is part of the seduction—the discovery, he calls it.”

Lilly’s cunt was draped by a soft, jet black triangle.

“I think it sort of hints at a woman’s personality,” commented Cilla.

Cilla’s secret spot was under a thick, frizzy brown rug. Her fingers entangled the strands of her pussy beard as she stroked her slit. Lilly sat on the edge of her desk to spread her legs and Cilla knelt in front her.

Cilla rubbed her nose in Lilly’s pubis and breathed deeply before sniffing and licking the alpha femme’s slit, savoring her rich flavor and fragrance. Then she put her forefinger inside her vagina and twisted it around as she nibbled Lilly’s dainty clitoris.

Cilla deftly tongued and fingered Lilly’s ladyhood to a sloshing froth, cupping her lips over her labia and scraping the pink with her teeth as Lilly shivered in orgasm. A slight hum escaped her elegant throat.

“That was so sweet,” Lilly moaned, reaching to cradle Cilla’s head in her hands. Then she kissed her delicious mouth, drilling her pointy tongue against Cilla’s. In a moment, Lilly’s tongue was simulating fornication in Cilla’s mouth while the two married matures grabbed at each other’s boobies.

Lilly latched onto one of Cilla’s swollen, rough nipples and sucked on it with a loud smacking while rolling Cilla over with a two-handed vice grip on her chubby buttocks. Lilly traced Cilla’s thighs, groin, and hips with a crumb trail of little kisses until she reached Venus.

Lilly swiped Cilla’s slit with the tip of her tongue before spreading open her thick slit and revealing her oversized clitty. Lilly sucked it and bit it to Cilla’s shivering delight, then plunged her snakelike tongue into Cilla’s dark mineshaft as far as it could go. Cilla whooped and writhed spasmodically as Lilly vigorously ate out her cunt.

The two ladies snuggled and giggled in Sapphic embrace for a few delightful minutes. When Lilly declared she needed to pee, Cilla’s eyes lit up. She said maniacally, “Oh, yes, baby!”

Cilla hovered over Lilly’s wriggling pelvis with the determined face of unmistakable hunger.

Lilly giggled nervously as Cilla lowered her head and spoke directly to her newfound lover’s pussy. “Give me your golden nectar, Lilly.”

The clinical psychologist watched her own urine bubble up from her hair-shrouded slit and felt a surge of primordial passion as Cilla slurped it up before covering Lilly’s triangle with her mouth. After her pee ceased flowing, Cilla gave Lilly’s cunt a bilabial massage before lifting the lady’s haunches and tasting her sweaty brown ass.

The two women exchanged smiles but no words as they dressed and composed themselves. Cilla

left Carl a voice mail and Lilly texted Jake, both messages saying the same thing: “I’m on my way home.”

As the ladies shared a farewell kiss, Lilly asked, “Should I take a laxative before your next appointment?”

Cilla chuckled and shook her head. “No, I have a new fetish.” Cilla reached under Lilly’s skirt, ran her hand over her trim buttocks, and plunged her forefinger into her tiny anus. She twirled it around, withdrew, and held it to her nose and sniffed, then licked it salaciously. “You!”

They exchanged a furious series of kisses in which Lilly tasted the heady fruit of her own vagina and ass smeared on Cilla’s mouth, lips, and chin.

“I didn’t expect to fall in love.”

Lilly gaziosmanpaşa escort was surprised, but she felt her heartbeat stepping up.

“I love you, Lilly.” Cilla felt vulnerable, her voice quivering as she uttered the words.

Lilly’s response was to throw back the deadbolt on her office door and tell Cilla to undress while she fetched some toys—a bullet, a vibrator, and an old fashioned rubber dildo. Both of their hubbies were fast asleep when the love-drunk ladies finally arrived home.

Cilla’s next appointment a week later was nothing but an hour of raw sex billed by Lilly’s firm and charged against Cilla’s insurance. The ladies plunged into cunnilingus, gorging on each other’s feminine syrup and rapt in multiple orgasms.

Then Cilla offered her therapist a special treat—vigorous analingus with her big, fat tongue and a handful of fingers stretching out Lilly’s demure rear orifice. In return, Lilly went down on her client’s oversized cunt and whispered, “Let her rip!”

Cilla pissed inside Lilly’s mouth and she responded with loud gulps and sighs of pleasure. “My salty queen,” she called her.

“Look at you,” Cilla laughed while her lover drank of her urine. “I’ve turned you into a dirty slut.”

Their next hookup was basically a date, meeting for drinks, dinner, and more drinks. By prior agreement both girls wore adult diapers and used them all evening, giggling every time one of the whizzed, farted, or pooped.

As Carl and Jake whiled away the hours at home alone, Lilly and Cilla locked themselves in Cilla’s van in a dimly lit parking lot and ripped each other’s clothes off. They made out clad in only their soiled nappies and fondled, nibbled, and suckled one another’s titties and nippies.

Cilla took off Lilly’s diaper first. Lilly, the proper one, was embarrassed by the odor of her tinkle and pooh as well as the brown smearing all over her ass, but, as Cilla began to lick up her shit, Lilly fell into a rhapsody. Her first orgasm peaked when Cilla rolled her thick tongue inside Lilly’s rectum.

Her next one came from watching Cilla burrow her face in Lilly’s diaper and devouring her dark brown, oily crap. She smiled up at her while chowing down like a hungry pup. Lilly’s initiation in caprophilia was tentative, as she took little bites of faeces from Cilla’s hands.

“Doesn’t taste that bad,” she mumbled through a mouthful of shit. Then she gagged when she tried to swallow.

Cilla held out her palm. “Okay, spit it out and try it again.” They alternated feeding little nibblets to each other till the tide of passion surged and they hooked up in simultaneous finger-fucking and cunt eating.

Afterward, Lilly confessed, “I didn’t really like it.”

Cilla laughed ironically, “I don’t really need it. Like I said before, I have a new fetish … and, baby, it’s you.”

Lilly had tried to practice with scat play before their next assignation. She coaxed hubby Jake to come to bed after taking a dump without wiping. She didn’t tell him why, of course. She licked him from crease to balls, drilling his heinie hole with her penile tongue and even savoring tiny morsels.

Judging by the fierce fucking he gave her afterward, he certainly enjoyed the attention, but Lilly found it wanting. His excrement tasted like a beef taco, a far cry from Cilla’s luscious, chalky, sweet meat. The day before her night out with Cilla, Lilly plugged her thumb in her sphincter and covered it with her issue.

Then she sat on the toilet and licked it like an ice cream cone while she finished her bowel movement. Her heart sank as she sampled her own bitter tasting shit, anguished that her poor flavor disappointed and repelled her sweetheart.

On a weeknight when the madly-in-love MILFs lied and pretended to be working late, they stuffed themselves on seafood pasta and red wine before getting a room in a sleaze bag motel and gorging themselves on girl-to-girl sex.

Lilly confessed her shortcomings in experimenting with cop and scat and Cilla repeated, “I only like your shit because I love you.” She subsequently laid Lilly down on the bed and began to undress her, one article of clothing at a time, starting with her pumps and ending with her granny panties.

Then Cilla sniffed, kissed, and licked Lilly from stem to stern, sucking all ten fingers and toes and lavishing spitty attention on her crotch, armpits, and rectum. Finally, Cilly plunged into Lilly’s cunt like a lioness ripping into her prey. When Lilly came, she spewed like a geyser.

After Lilly fucked Cilla’s pussy and ass with a strap-on for fully half an hour, the two moms compared notes on the favorite things about their husbands in bed.

“I love it when Carl sucks on my breasts,” Cilla said, her smile beaming. “He’s be happy if all I did was jack him off while he suckled.”

Lilly giggled, “Jake likes me to suck his dick, of course.”

“Of course!” Lilly feigned sarcasm. “What guy doesn’t, which is why I’m surprised more gölbaşı escort guys don’t blow each other when they’re going through puberty.”

“Some boys do,” Cilla said knowingly.

“I like Jake’s cock inside me,” she spoke softly. “It’s where our children came from. It feels like home.”

Cilla took Lilly in her broad shouldered embrace. “That’s so beautiful,” she said. “Thinking about Jake fucking you is so hot.”

Cilla grabbed the used strap-on from the floor and pulled it up to her hips. She gave Lilly a long, slow screw with their open mouths locked as if their breathing and fornicating was a single autonomic action.

In the days and nights that followed, Cilla and Lilly texted daily and almost constantly dreamed of returning to each other’s erotic embrace. On Thursday Cilla was feeling horny from thinking about lovely Lilly when the UPS man came to the door with a package that needed a signature.

When his pen went dry, Cilla invited the man in brown inside. He was tall and bronze with short, thick black hair and a round face. His name tag said SANCHEZ and that was when she recalled meeting him before. Two years ago around Christmastime he had delivered a C.O.D. package. Carl was out of work and money was tight and so Cilla offered to suck the driver’s cock in lieu of payment. Either suspicious or afraid of her, Sanchez told Cilla he was on the clock and his supervisor checks on his whereabouts every hour.

“Your hands are free to answer your cell phone,” Cilla said sweetly as she cupped the bulge in his crotch.

“He calls on the radio in the truck,” responded Sanchez, whose first name was Tommy.

“Then I’ll blow you in the truck.” Cilla led Tommy by the hand and went with him inside the truck.

That encounter had been a quickie, essentially jerking him off in her mouth. Cilla decided this time would be more relaxed in the warmth of her living room.

Cilla wasn’t sure he remembered her until she asked him, “Are you allowed to accept tips for the holidays?” and he smiled. Cilla kissed Tommy softly on the lips and then went down on her knees, since she assumed he would enjoy her implied submissiveness, as she unhitched his belt and yanked his brown slacks down to his knees.

He shivered as she caressed his thick penis with both hands and kissed the tip. She licked his rod with long, wet tongue strokes and felt it swell. When she enveloped his manly tool in her mouth, she nodded her head and squeezed her lips in syncopated rhythm. Then she hummed a rhythmic melody and the tantalizing vibration made Tommy moan with delight.

She interrupted pleasuring him only briefly to taste his hairy balls, rolling them around with her tongue. He was delightfully sweaty and tasted tangy as she let his semen pool inside her mouth, trying to swallow his entire load in one gulp.

When she did, his ooze spilled out of the corners of her mouth, making them both laugh. Cilla sent Tommy Sanchez on his merry way with a goodbye kiss just a few minutes before her daughter Rosie arrived home, hours early from college.

Yes, it was a close call, almost caught in the act, but Cilla wondered whether Rosie would be mortified and embarrassed or want to join the fun. Like mother, like daughter?

By the weekend, Cilla had built up a case of guilt—not about her sexual escapades in the family home, but rather about Lilly, her lady love.

“I feel like I cheated on you,” she told her over a glass of chardonnay after dinner.

“You’ve been a bad girl,” Lilly said teasingly.

“Yes, a very naughty girl,” Cilla confessed in a thick voice, convincingly contrite.

“Well, what are we going to do about that?” Lilly asked, curious and aroused, but not the least bit angry.

“You have to punish me,” Cilla said ominously. “Severely!”

“Let’s take care of this right here and now,” declared Lilly.

“Slap me!” Cilla, the penitent, seemed to be giving the orders, which angered Lilly, whose smile turned crooked as her right palm smacked Cilla’s full left cheek. Cilla smiled slightly and leaned her face closer. “Again!” she hissed and the back of Lilly’s hand hit Cilla’s fleshy right cheek. Cilla bit down on her lower lip on impact and a spot of red appeared.

“Oh, my sweetie, I’m sorry.” Lilly reached out and tried to kiss Cilla’s bloody lip.

“No, I deserve it. I’ve been such a filthy slut.” Cilla paused. “You need to give me a good spanking.”

Lilly’s eyes lit up. She liked this new game.

“But not here,” Cilla stated flatly.

“Let’s go,” Lilly announced, assuming command, and the cougar couple scurried to Cilla’s minivan and drove to their favorite shit-hole of a motel.

They didn’t speak a word on the ride or when they paid the seedy looking desk clerk in cash. Inside the room, Lilly pushed the light switch and roughly grabbed a bunch of Cilla’s hair and hurled her to the floor.

“Get up, you skank!” Lilly shouted and spit in her face. “Now strip!”

Crying and sniveling, Cilla undressed slowly starting from her shoes and baring her cavernous cunt and ass before unbuttoning her shirt, as Lilly sat imperiously on the bed. When Cilla lifted off her bra, her blubbery mammaries pranced before Lilly’s hungry gaze. Beckoning Cilla, Lilly took hold of both breasts and twisted her nipples with an angry snarl.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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