A Date with Destiny

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For those who haven’t read it, this is the sequel to my previous story “Just in Time for Dessert”. I must apologize for the delay in getting this one posted, but I lost my muse for a while.

Darlene smiled sweetly at the man her sister had loved for as long as they could remember. “I think you know the answer to that, Uncle Mark!” She looked at the beatific smile on Elizabeth’s face, and knew that she wanted to feel the same pleasure.

Mark looked back and forth between the two smiling faces, so alike, and yet so different. Elizabeth, always the more mischievous of the two, still had a crooked smile on her face, staring with undisguised lust at him. Darlene, on the other hand, had a very serious look, belying the fact that she was just as interested in the games that they had been playing. A glimmer of amusement flashed in her brown eyes, but that was the only outward sign of her mood.

“Well, girls, where should we go from here?” His voice was teasing, because he knew the answer; he’d known them long enough that he could read it in their faces, now that he knew what to look for. “Despite what you may think, I’m no superman. I don’t think I have the endurance to do that again right away.”

The girls looked at each other, silently communicating. Liz pointed to the dessert tray on the table and said, “It would be a shame for all of that to go to waste. We really should finish it.” Without another word, she and Darlene picked up the chocolate sauce and poured it over Mark’s chest. They then began licking the mess up, alternating between that and dipping assorted pieces of fruit in the sauce and popping them into each others’ mouths, as well as his. His eyes rolling back in pleasure, Mark leaned back in his seat, enjoying the sensation of their warm tongues on his body.

Their attentions began to cause his manhood to respond, but he quelled it, knowing that the anticipation would make taking Darlene’s innocence that much sweeter. He had to resist the temptation, so that he would not make the same mistake he had with her sister. Smiling, he thought to himself that if he had it to do over, though, he would have done exactly the same thing. He had so much to look forward to which would not allow him to indulge in regret over not savoring taking from Elizabeth that which enriched her not (to steal a line from one of his favorite books).

As they finished their ministrations, he put a hand on each of their cheeks, saying, “You are both more beautiful than I had imagined you could be. I am honored that you would give me all that you have, and I vow to make both of your lives as happy as I possibly can.” He didn’t know what possessed him to make such a sweeping statement, but he knew the words were not mere hyperbole. His heart pounded as he looked at them, seeing anew that the girls he had left were now beautiful young women. Of course, these beautiful young women both had chocolate smeared on their faces, so they were not so far removed from the girls he had known.

With a laugh, he began kissing them, and licking the chocolate from their faces. Playfully, Darlene picked up a handful of whipped cream and threw it at Mark. This soon degenerated into a full-fledged food fight, turning the table, and the three of them, into a white, sticky mess. Before long, the day’s exertions caught up with them, and they collapsed into each other, falling asleep in a tangle of arms and legs.


Mark woke to the sound of the key turning in the lock of restaurant door. Looking up, he realized that it was 4:00, an hour before they opened for dinner. He knew that it must be Laura, the head of the floor staff, coming in to set up for the evening. Of course, she had known what was going to happen earlier; it was she with whom he had first tested out the “Nooner” dessert special. While their relationship had long been more than professional, neither of them even pretended to any sort of claim on the other.

Gently, he extricated himself from the center of the warm cuddle, the pile of girl he’d been so comfortably sleeping in. He wanted to let them get as much rest as they could now; he knew they wouldn’t have much this evening.

Quickly, he pulled on his pants. Moving quickly, he reached the door just as Laura was walking in. Her eyes widened at the sight of him, covered in dried whipped cream and bits of fruit. It was all she could do not to burst out laughing.

“Well, you seem to have had a busy afternoon,” she said, smiling at the thought. “Did you wear those poor girls out, or did they leave after dunking you in the cream?”

“I think the wearing out was mutual; those girls did things to me I hadn’t expected. I think you have some serious competition when it comes to the best blow job in town.” He smiled kindly at her, and she blushed, having heard that she was the best quite a few times from him. “We do need to get cleaned up, though. We haven’t really had the chance.”

“I’ll get everything ready for opening, Mark. You and the girls take care of your mess. I came in a little early, because I know how much ankara eve gelen escort fun you have. I’ll keep the doors locked until you give me the all clear.”

“Thanks, Laur! You’re a doll.” Mark gave her a quick peck on the cheek and hurried back to the dining room, where Elizabeth and Darlene were still resting comfortably. As quietly as possible, he did as much as he could to clean up the mess on the table and seats, glad once again that he had found such easy to clean fabric. Luckily, he knew right where the cleaning supplies were, and before long there was no trace of their lunch remaining; except, of course, the two girls sleeping on the thick carpet.

He quickly gathered up their clothes, and gently leaned down to kiss each of them, feeling like Prince Charming waking Sleeping Beauty. He already intended to live happily ever after.

“It’s too early. I don’t wanna get up,” complained Liz, sleepily batting at him. Darlene, on the other hand, became instantly alert and was on her feet in moments. Between them, they picked up the sleepy redhead and set her on her feet. Shaking her head to clear the cobwebs, she opened her emerald green eyes and stared at them both, suddenly remembering where they were and what had happened (and why she was a little sore). Sighing happily, she slithered into Mark’s arms, kissing him so fiercely that his knees buckled. Darlene, feigning jealousy, shoved her sister out of the way and kissed him, if possible, even more thoroughly. The kisses left no possible doubt in Mark’s mind how they felt about him.

Pulling away reluctantly, Mark stated, “As much as I’m enjoying this, I need a shower. If you lovely ladies would come with me?” He inquired, extending an arm to each of them. “Laura, the dining room is all yours,” he called to his second in command.

Arm in arm, they climbed the stairs to the office. Far from being a Spartan space filled with files and records, it was more akin to a luxury apartment. “I spent almost all of my time at the restaurant for the first few months the place was open. Knowing that would be the case, I took pains to make sure the office was a home away from home.”

Despite the evident cost, the office looked truly lived in. There were books scattered on an oak coffee table; an overstuffed black sofa and matching armchairs; a flat screen television with a large media library; and even a queen sized bed. All of this, however, paled in comparison to the opulence of the bathroom. It contained a shower with two heads, and a separate sunken whirlpool bathtub with space for four comfortably–six if they’re really cozy.

“Get yourselves cleaned up, my darlings. I need to make a couple of calls, and I’ll be right in after you.” The girls nodded, and Darlene hurried to start filling up the tub.

Leaving them to it, he went out into the office and called a friend of his, one of the best dressmakers in town. After exchanging pleasantries, he told his friend, “Gerard, I need two dresses delivered to the restaurant by 7:00. One for a tall, athletic brunette, and the other for a willowy redhead. I trust your judgment, but they should be as elegant as possible. I want these girls to feel like princesses. I know it’s short notice, but I have faith in you. Here are the measurements.” Realizing they needed their hair done as well, he added, “Oh, and bring Pierre with you.” He made a couple of other calls: one to get theater tickets, and one to arrange for a limousine for the evening. He wanted to be certain that this was a night to remember.

Using the intercom, he ordered up dinner to be served in an hour, and let himself back into the bathroom. He saw Darlene and Elizabeth both relaxing in the luxurious tub, but not idly. Their bodies were angled so that they would have easy access to each other, and they were taking full advantage. The sight of the girls stroking each other, playfully tweaking nipples and kissing between the moans made him ache with desire. With amazing speed, he got out of his clothes and hurried to the tub. The girls were too engrossed in their fun to notice him, so when he leaned down to kiss Darlene on the neck as she was nibbling at her sister’s nipple, she almost jumped from the water. She recovered quickly, and suddenly, four hands reached up and pulled him into the tub. He landed gently, held by the girls, and they maneuvered until he was between them, with an arm over each of their shoulders, their arms behind his back. Though his ardor had not lessened, he sighed contentedly and relaxed backwards into the tub, reaching behind Elizabeth to turn on the jets.

Exchanging a mischievous glance, the two girls pounced. Simultaneously, they began kissing his face, nibbling his earlobes, kissing down the side of his cheek and the arch of his jaw, and nibbling the base of his neck in perfect synch. It seemed almost as if they had choreographed it, and the sensation overloaded his senses momentarily; all he could do was sit back and enjoy. They worked their way down, and suddenly he felt as though an electric shock had gaziosmanpaşa escort passed through him as each of them took one of his nipples in her mouth. This caused a moan to escape his lips, and his eyes rolled back in pleasure.

The girls concentrated on his chest, teasing, kissing all along his pecs, his collarbones, his neck, but always returning to those sensitive nipples. They teased him until he felt he could bear it no longer, and beyond. For the first time in his life, he came without any direct stimulation of his penis. It was an amazing experience. It also allowed him to exert some control over the situation. Pulling the girls away from his chest, he kissed each of them, and then climbed out of the tub.

“That didn’t really accomplish what I was trying for, girls. I’m still not clean, and dinner will be served in about half an hour. Besides, we don’t want the evening’s entertainment to be spoiled—we have to save something for the encore, don’t we?”

Over their protests, he hopped into the shower, and though they followed, it was relatively easy to finish cleaning up. There were still kisses and playful squeezes, but they all kept their hunger in check, although it was clear that Darlene was frustrated by the delay.

Dinner was served, and they all ate with a ravenous hunger. There was plenty to eat, and they spent the meal talking, catching up, and making plans. Mark sat between the girls, allowing them to take turns feeding him tender morsels of meat, and bits of bread. They were interested in all the places he had visited in his travels—Milan, Florence, Paris, Vienna, to name a few. He wanted to hear all about their school, and their social lives, and all of the gossip of young girls. They whiled away the time, until there was a knock on the office door.

Mark opened it, and let in the two men on the other side. The girls were slightly embarrassed, being clad only in bathrobes, but the men hardly spared a glance at them. “So good to see you, Mark. It’s been far too long. How is the restaurant business treating you,” inquired the older of the two men, a slightly bent man in his fifties, greeting Mark with a kiss on the cheek.

The other man, a tall blond man in his thirties, went over to the girls and started examining their hair, pulling gently and moving it into different positions. “Such exquisite beauty. I will be honored to practice my art on these gorgeous heads.” The man spoke quietly, with a distinct but un-placeable accent.

“Quite right, Pierre. These ladies are truly deserving of the praise our young friend gives them. When we are through with them, they shall truly be the royalty he feels they are. Now, we must have space to work. We cannot have you underfoot while we do our business.” This was said with a surreptitious wink to Mark. Gerard knew his tastes, and also knew that Mark wanted the dresses to be a surprise. He had complete faith in the dressmaker.

Nodding, Mark went over to the girls and kissed them each on the cheek. “Ladies, these gentlemen know their art. I will be downstairs—I should put in an appearance at any rate. This is only a small taste of what is in store.”

While Gerard and Pierre set up, Mark hurriedly got dressed, and the girls’ eyes widened as they noticed that he put on a white tuxedo. Surprised, they wondered what was in store for them.


Mark spent the next hour walking through the restaurant, chatting with customers, and barely containing his excitement. So much had happened today that was only now beginning to fully sink in. He could not believe that he had committed to marry not one, but both, of his best friends’ daughters. He wondered how Jack would react to this.

All wonder stopped when the girls walked into the dining room. So, also, did all conversation and eating. Everyone stared, transfixed, at the visions of loveliness that had just walked through the door. There were a few muttered exclamations, and more than one jealous glare, but no one could take their eyes from Darlene and Elizabeth. Darlene’s shoulder length hair was swept up into an elegant design, and she was wearing a strapless gown of ruby red that hugged and accentuated her curves. This was topped with a necklace of white gold with rubies to set off the bright red of her lips. Elizabeth’s long hair was down, save two braids that ran from the front of her head to meet in the back. Where they met, the combined into one single braid, and it flowed so smoothly that no one could tell where the two smaller braids ended and the new one began. She was wearing a dress of emerald green, which only served to enhance the color of her eyes. It was cut fairly low in the front, and the back plunged nearly to her waist, exposing a wide expanse of lightly freckled skin.

Mark’s heart skipped a beat as he looked at the gorgeous women he was privileged to have love him. Hurriedly, he made his goodbyes, and went to join his lovers, thanking whatever god had blessed him with such fortune. He escorted the women to the waiting ankara grup escort limousine, amidst the envious stares of several men.

Once they were in the limo, they could not keep their hands off each other. Again, however, Mark enforced restraint, subjecting the girls to such exquisite torture by not allowing them the release they so clearly desired. He limited himself to merely teasing, reveling in the moans his actions caused. The limo was soon at the theater, and they had to stop even that for now.

Mark had picked this play not by happenstance. He had seen the performance before, and knew just how erotic it would be. He wanted to increase the anticipation of his lovelies. He was not disappointed. Throughout the performance, he could see their passion building until it seemed they could not take any more.

Once again climbing into the limo, they headed for his palatial house on the edge of town. This time, Mark did not stop any of the advances the girls made, encouraging them to do whatever would bring them pleasure. He stroked Darlene’s leg, running his hand from her ankle up to her knee, under the flowing skirt. Slowly, teasingly, he moved his hand higher, until it was at the warm cleft between her legs. He stroked her through her panties, gently at first, but soon harder, bringing her to the edge when he slipped a finger around her underwear and into her eager pussy. Elizabeth, meanwhile, had slipped the top of her dress over her head, exposing her breasts, allowing him easy access. While still stroking Darlene, he began kissing Liz between her breasts. Teasingly, he circled her breasts with his tongue, moving over, then under, then back again, finally finding her nipple. Only for a moment, though, as he soon moved away again, teasing her with the anticipation. The limo stopped before either girl was fully satisfied, but they didn’t care. The driver came to the door, opening it to let them into the house. Embarrassed, the girls pulled away, but with a wicked smile, Mark just kept going for another moment, only removing his hand from Darlene’s lap with great reluctance. The driver smiled at them all as they exited the car, herself turned on from the activities she had witnessed in the back seat. She knew how lucky these two girls were to be with her employer.

Mark and the girls entered the house, and he had barely closed the door behind him when he all but attacked Darlene. Quickly, he had her stripped to her bra and panties, knowing that Gerard also made the dresses easy to remove. He would have to thank him. Elizabeth didn’t need any encouragement. She shimmied out of her dress and panties while watching Mark kiss her sister passionately. Turned on, but knowing that neither of them were paying her any mind at the moment, she began stroking her pussy, moaning with pleasure. Soon, Darlene and Mark were as naked as she, Mark having long practice removing clothes in a hurry. He picked up Darlene in his strong arms, carrying her to the bedroom. Elizabeth followed, not wanting to miss any of this.

“Are you ready, dear one?” Mark asked the question gently, knowing the answer. Without waiting for a response, he laid her on the bed, falling to his knees in front of it. “I have to taste you, right now. Are you as sweet as your sister?” The last was asked half to himself—He already knew the answer. He had tasted her on Elizabeth’s tongue earlier, and knew that she had a stronger, muskier scent. The smell of arousal was in the air, and with no hesitation, he buried his face between her legs, inhaling deeply. Soon, he was licking at her pussy, his dexterous tongue darting skillfully between the folds. He soon had her writhing in ecstasy as her passion overwhelmed her. Moving away, he watched her face as she subsided from her orgasm. Elizabeth, sitting on the other side of the bed, her fingers buried in her pussy, also brought herself off at that moment. The looks of ecstasy on the faces of these two women he had loved all their lives made it impossible for him to wait any longer.

Before she had completely recovered, Darlene felt a nudging at her warm opening. The anticipation, the waiting, would soon be over. Elizabeth looked on as Mark’s hard cock entered her sister for the first time, ever so slowly. She smiled at the memory of this afternoon (had been so recently? It seemed a lifetime ago, as though her life had begun with that moment.) Though he dragged the moment on as long as possible, he soon met the resistance of her hymen. With one deep thrust, he broke through, and buried himself deeply into her. In and out he pumped, changing the rhythm and the pressure, bringing her repeatedly back to the brink of ecstasy, and then pulling her ever so slightly back from the edge. He wanted her to beg for the release, he wanted her to feel the most pleasure he could give her.

“Please, Mark, please! Don’t stop! I want you inside me forever!” Darlene began babbling, begging for Mark to keep going. Finally, he could wait no longer, and began thrusting in and out more rapidly, hitting her clit with every stroke. He knew she was close, and, as if to confirm that impression, she soon began writhing, her body wracked with pleasure. She had never before felt so released, and this orgasm lasted longer than any she had previously had. The sight and feel of her coming had an immediate effect on Mark. He was soon in the throes of his own orgasmic rush, releasing his seed into her.

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