Taken to Lunch at Work Pt. 01

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Double Penetration

Hi men. A pre-covid story about a work colleague hook up. Please comment. Enjoy and stay safe.


We had first met at the water cooler. His name was David, PA to the technical manager, and he had a private office at the end of our open plan area. I put him at about 42 and admired his fit good looks, dark wavy hair, longer at the front, long lashes and a cute smile. His muscled physique showed he certainly knew his way round the gym and I’d spent many a happy time watching his fit body and cute bum since I started at Marshalls, as he wandered up and down the office floor.

He’d appeared very friendly with all of the most attractive men, single or not, and although he didn’t dismiss the women out of hand , many of whom seemed very interested in his masculine good looks and gym fit physique, he seemed to leave them very aware of his gender bias.

At the water cooler he’d been bending to pluck a cup from the dispenser and I’d noticed, who wouldn’t, his fit hams and muscled glutes. I may not be a gym bunny but I could respect and admire the hours of application to get in such good shape. And he was certainly in good, no excellent, shape. If you were looking for a trophy or a guy to admire, well he was certainly it.

He caught me staring and licking my lips as he stood up.

“High,” he said with a deep London twang to a husky, sexy voice. “You must be the newbie”, and he reached out a hard in greeting. “I’m David.” He not only shook hands, he pulled me in for a firm hug and wrapped his free arm around me as we chest bumped.

“What was this? Some kind of welcome ritual?” I mused. Before I had time to dwell on it he had taken off with a backward glance and a grin on his handsome face, towards the open office where I would work. and Sam, who had been given the task of showing me around said “Watch that one. He’s a bit loud.” And now David was flirting with me. Yep this was definitely flirting.

I had relocated to Marshalls after a difficult two months at my previous job. The reason I’d left? Sexual harassment. Yes I had been a bit of a flirt with anyone and everyone at work and enjoyed the memories, especially four guys in a cramped stationery cupboard during a coffee break. Yum.

But the flak from jealous work colleagues had resulted in the threat of a disciplinary procedure with Personnel, so I’d bailed out while I could and found a new position. (At 20 I was pretty supple and would give any position a go.! wink, wink!)

“Have you been listening to anything I said?” he queried with a smirk and a sexy grin. He sat on the edge of my desk, his thighs spreading in the tight material of his dark suit trousers. I looked away from his fit legs and bulging crotch, licking my lips helplessly as I tried to refocus on his cute face. God , those long lashes and dark hazel eyes! He was HOT!

“You want me to add that pile of files to my already overwhelming workload,” I checked him in my sexy butch baritone,” and I’ll find corrections annotated in the margins. The completed copies must be on your desk by four o’clock this afternoon. Correct?”

I glanced up into his eyes as I said it, slightly nervous in case I had misread his manner. A flicker of concern showed momentarily in those gorgeous eyes and then his flirtatious manner was back.

“You got it Alan, and if they’re not word perfect I’ll slap that bum of yours red raw.”

This last line was said quietly with his head almost on my shoulder as he whispered in my ear. Flirting for sure, and mild cp too? Interesting.!!

“And for good, hard working men there may be a nice surprise.”

So he thought of me as a man eh? At 20 and five foot six I was quite manly in appearance I suppose although quite slim and small in stature. My blond hair was cut short at the sides and I had experimented with a stubbly beard over the last week. I thought it gave me the masculinity I wanted.

David pulled his sexy frame off my desk and strutted away towards bahis şirketleri his office. A few heads turned as other employees craned over their partitions to catch a look at his sexy bum.

Mmm. So he was the office flirt eh. Good to know.

I opened the first file and began my task. As expected the annotations were in red pen in the margins and clearly corrected and updated the text. I searched my computer files and set to , keen to complete the work as quickly and thoroughly as I could. I really wanted to impress. Shouldn’t be too difficult, I considered. If I could just keep my mind on the job in hand.

I put in my ear buds and grooved along to the latest hit music . I was bopping in my seat, oblivious to all around me when I felt a hand grip my arm. Looking up with a start, my eyes met David’s.

“Fuck, creep up on a guy why don’t you?” I quipped with a cheeky grin. “Back so soon. Can’t keep away eh?”

“What you listening to?” he said. “Certainly got your attention. I tried but you were in a different world.”

I pulled out one of my buds and we shared the music. I turned it up a level and watched as David gyrated his narrow hips and firm bum. Mmm, bet he’s fun on the dance floor. I could imagine how his firm body felt as he pushed it against mine.

“OK, enough fun for now. Got another file for you. Add it to your pile. If you finish by two o’clock we could grab a late bite of lunch. Do your best.” He winked and walked off again.

Well that was a challenge I couldn’t resist and I bent low over my task trying hard to focus.

Two hours later and several changes in music, I was on my last one. It had been something of a slog but by a focused and determined effort I had completed my morning task ahead of schedule. It was with a spring in my step that I gathered up the files and checked quickly through them. All good! I looked forward to David’s approving comments. I wonder what the promised reward was?

My back ached and I rose from my desk and stretched out the kinks in my back and the tension in my arms. Right on cue I saw David approaching from his office. He was licking his lips as he strutted along and he looked HOT.

“Hey , how’s it going? ” he asked with a twinkle in his eye and a raised eyebrow. “Finished already?”

“Yes, all done,” I replied and placed the files in his hands.

“Great, Can you put them on the desk in my office Alan. I’m just on my way to see Mr Matthews and you mustn’t keep the boss waiting must you.” He handed the files back to me and made his way to the lift.

“Want to ride up with me?” and he gave me a wink and that big sexy grin of his.

How could I resist. I quickly placed the files on my desk. I’d deliver them later, and caught up with David. We walked in step together and the lift doors opened as we approached.

“So how high are we going?” I queried as the doors closed. We were the only two in the lift and David moved towards me. He placed his firm hand on my behind and squeezed.

“Well I’d like to go all the way with you,” he murmured. “How does that sound?” and with that he pulled me in and lowered his head till he could reach my lips with his own. They tasted sweet and firm, like plump ripe fruit. His tongue pushed at the line between top and bottom lip and I provided a small gap that he immediately filled and probed until I completely opened up for him. His tongue was alive like a snake and explored my mouth incessantly; prodding, poking and tasting, until he had had his fill. He pulled back and I collapsed against the lift wall. Fucking hot!

“Now Alan, you be a good boy and wait here for me. I’m gonna be straight back and then we’ll see about your surprise. Would you like something nice for being a good boy?”

That was twice he’d used the b word. I felt a little let down. I really hoped he’d see me as a man not a boy but either way I was excited as the bulge in my trousers showed too evidently. David grabbed roughly at my bahis firmaları cock and rubbed me through the material.

“Be a good boy and we’ll deal with that soon.”

Then he swatted my bum again and marched out of the lift leaving me to my own dirty thoughts.

A female secretary stepped into the lift and pushed the down button. I mumbled something incoherent as I grabbed at the closing doors and stepped out quickly. I felt flustered and sweaty and needed time to cool off. I wasn’t going to find any fresh air on the top floor but some space might help.

As I walked down the wide corridor I took in the high class furnishings and decor. They certainly knew how to live up here in the exec offices.

I had almost made it to the end door on the corridor when I heard scuffling and raised voices. I took a step back and pressed my ear to the door I had almost passed.

” Hey someone will hear if you keep that up. Keep it quiet”, a voice I didn’t recognise whispered.

Then I heard David. “Can’t help it sir. You know how much I enjoy your mouth, and your secretary was off to lunch as I arrived so we’ve nothing to worry about.”

Then I heard furniture scraping and more mumbling I couldn’t understand. Summoning all my courage I silently pushed open the door. I gazed at the inside of a lavishly furnished office and my eyes opened wide at what I saw.

A fit, handsome, silver haired, older man in tailored suit trousers was bending down over the highly polished desk. His shirt was open and flapping but his trousers were still up but unbuttoned and the belt had been pulled out. David was laying spread-eagled on top of the desk on his back. The missing belt was in his hand and the silver fox was sucking enthusiastically at his stiff cock.

My oh my, that was certainly one for the office calendar.

As I watched, mesmerised, David grabbed Mr Michael’s hair (I found out that’s who it was later) and bucked his hips enthusiastically, pushing up into the open mouth and gagging throat.

“Oh yes boss. Give it to me hard. I really love that hot, wet mouth. Oh yes. Suck me harder. Please. Oh yes!”

His eyes rolled back as he spoke and as his head lolled over the end of the desk our eyes met. He signalled to me to be quiet and then indicated I come into the hot, sweaty office.

I thought he was overcome with lust but I hadn’t seen David in action before. He now seemed fully in control and he lifted his legs and at the same time pulled up the bosses shirt and pushed down the offending trousers.

Whack went the belt across the pert, bare bottom and a muffled gasp escaped the lips full of Davids stiff cock.

“Like that don’t you sir!” and another crack of the belt fell across his back. I could tell as he winced that that blow had stung.

“You bastard” moaned Mr Michael, as he raised his head from the thick, saliva slicked member. David pushed him back roughly and Mr Michael groaned with pleasure as he licked and slurped at the purple bell end presented to him. He didn’t seem at all reluctant, far from it, as he took the hard, fat tool to the back of his throat and gagged, noisily. Non the less, David whacked his naked bum with the belt again and then looped it around the older man’s neck, sliding the end into the metal buckle and pulling it tighter


As he bucked his hips and pulled on the tightening belt, David waved me to the bosses bum. I was able to move round the desk unseen until I had a clear view of a firm, muscled backside striped with red and angled in anticipation and hope. Mr Michaels was arching his back and humping the desk between David’s muscular calves as he moaned and sucked for all he was worth.

David used his free hand to raise the flapping shirt and slapped the pert bum cheeks firmly. This just brought more moans and groans from the over full mouth and I could see the cute pink hole clenching and winking as David ran his fingers over, round and finally inside kaçak bahis siteleri it.

Our eyes met again and I released the zip on my tight trousers and plunged my hand inside my briefs to play. David looked into my eyes and with a sexy grin mouthed the words “fuck him!”

“Mmm, sir, you are so hot today. I’m really enjoying your mouth.” David moaned as he lay back on the desk. All the while he was motioning to me with a clenched fist pump and lewd facial expressions, more comical than sexual.

“I wish we had another fit guy to play with us don’t you? Some young stud with a hard body and real stamina who could fuck you senseless.”

He was looking at me as he spoke and I moved closer.

“You’d love a big stiff cock deep in your arse wouldn’t you?”

Despite the muffled voice with a sizeable cock to chew on, I heard the reply clearly.

“Fuck yes. Can we get ,slurp, one of those fit young, mngh, interns to join in? Lets have a three some David.”

I couldn’t resist it. “Your wish is my command,” I said and pushed my sizeable dick free from the confines of my tight, sexy briefs, and straight up his chute; no prep, lube or foreplay.

The forward pressure forced him deeper onto David’s cock which must have hit the back of his throat hard, judging by the amount of spluttering and coughing. I imagined his eves stretched wide in surprise but Mr Michaels was certainly a trooper because once he realised what was happening he bucked and squeezed his bum, while sucking and slurping with obvious enjoyment, at the other end.

He had a lovely tight hole and David leaned up and grabbing me by the back of the neck pulled me down for a deep kiss.

“Not bad eh? for your first time in the MD’s office,” he said as he pushed his tongue between my lips. He was pulling at the leather belt at the same time and all three of us were riding to his rhythm.

And he was a hard master! Rock hard from what I could see as Mr Michaels came up for air periodically.

His firm penis stood a proud seven inches and as stiff as a steel rod from the trimmed hair of his pubes. David’s balls hung down between his masculine thighs and swayed proudly. He looked nowhere ready to climax yet but when he did I felt sure they would soak the mouth or bum with a big load.

I was thinking this as I rammed the fit, older arse on the edge of the desk for all I was worth and I must have been doing something right from all the encouragement I was getting.

“Oh yes, fuck me! Harder boy, harder! Oh that feels so good. Don’t stop. “

David was joining in too. “Yes, Alan. Fuck him. Give him that big stiff dick of yours. Fuck his arse. Give it to him. Oh yes. Yes. YEEESSSS!

and with that he came hard and wads of cum sailed through the air onto the highly polished desk. I had obviously misjudged how close to finishing David had been. He reached for my neck and pulled me in for a passionate kiss, whispering in my ear, “Finish him off quick baby and we can go for lunch.”

Heartless or what?

I slapped the guys bum, pushed deep and hard and quick into his welcoming hole and was pleased to hear him moan and feel his guts tighten around me. The muscles of his anus really worked and squeezed my over excited prick and I unloaded into him, falling forward onto his back. David grabbed me again.

“Come on, lets get out of here,” and we both quickly zipped up, brushed ourselves down and prepared to exit the office. David patted the still naked bottom on the desk hard. “Better tidy up sir. Clarissa will be back from lunch soon. See you tomorrow”, and with a wink and that infectious grin he shepherded me out of the door. We ran like naughty schoolboys down the corridor and as we reached the lift the doors opened and the same curvy secretary stepped out. She gave us a questioning look.

“Oh hi. Mr Michaels said he wasn’t to be disturbed for another half hour. He’s taking a nap,” and David and I stepped into the lift grinning and smirking. Clarissa looked towards her office and then sprung back into the lift.

“Well I might as well ride down with you then,” she said, preening herself and smoothing her tight skirt. “Introduce me David, why don’t you?”

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