How I Became Gay

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Teen (18+)

Growing up as a handsome, strong, athletic man with pretty girlfriends, the thought of homosexuality never entered my mind. The mere thought of kissing a guy was repulsing. Especially when there were irresistible, beautiful women all around. I always had girlfriends that were always the number one thing on my mind.

From twenty year old babes, to a Lady more than twice my age, hot women were taking me to bed, and fucking me like no tomorrow.

During one quiet winter night, there were several very well dressed, attractive elderly ladies at the bar.

One of them was the most robust of all ladies that ever lived. When she saw me, there was no way that I could ever get away from her. Her attention immediately focused on me only. She smiled and gestured me to sit down and have a drink with her.

She was an extremely strong, fifty five year old, gray haired Stately Lady wearing a blue dress with a broach. Her perfume smelled so good, and she had very big tits, and a wide fat ass. It was right when I least expected it, that a fat, horny, pretty woman was taking me to bed no matter what!

At five feet nine inches tall and two hundred pounds, Doris was the strongest woman I have ever met, or seen in my life. She was stronger than a pioneer woman, and had the character to go with it. Her father and brothers were also very strong men themselves.

Aside from her strength though, she was very gracious, polite and well mannered. She was a dream come true for a rugged young buck like me. There was no way to escape from her, even though I am very strong man to begin with who could have resisted, but then again I was horny as hell!

With the gentle touch of her hand she led me upstairs into the past of an old hotel one hundred and fifty years ago. Compared to my younger girlfriends, she was the sexiest woman I ever had with huge snow white, pillowy tits, and a big wide fat ass. It was like a dream come true!

As soon as we were in her bedroom we undressed, kissed and hugged very tightly. It was a sensational feeling with our naked bodies entwined together She was such a sensual kisser who made me feel like nothing I had ever felt before. Some of her kisses were like a suction cup, which gave me several hickeys, but it felt wonderful! Then she just laid back in her bed with her thick thighs spreading, as she took my cock slowly into her pussy. We fucked all night after the bar closed. Her incredible strength, big tits and fat ass, was something no other woman could ever match!

There were other women before Doris, who were my age and a little older than I am, but when it came to strength, size, sexy figure, erotic pleasure, and beauty, there were no other ladies like Doris.

As the title of the story implies however, I did have a few very brief homosexual tendencies as a developing young man that I never pursued.

The first time was when I masturbated together with a friend. We shared a tent together camping in the woods. One time, when we sat naked next to each other playing with ourselves, I leaned over and sucked his erect cock for a brief moment, until he pushed me away.

Then again a few years later on a secluded beach with another friend, we got drunk, and went skinny dipping. Afterwards when we sat on the beach together, I was impelled to go down on him while we sat together on a big log, but he also stopped me.

Nevertheless, both of their cocks filled my mouth for a brief moment. However they both pushed me away, since they were not interested. One of them cuffed me a little when I was so aroused, that I tried to suck his cock again.

Other times after playing basketball, or volleyball I always popped a boner in the showers in plain sight of other guys. My rock hard cock was impossible to conceal, unless I was the last one getting in the showers, which I definitely made sure of after getting a big erection in front of everybody.

However, another guy had erections as well, so he waited for the other guys to finish showering like I was doing to avoid embarrassment. Several times we had a chance to jerk off in the shower together after the others guys left. Still, I had never thought of my self as being gay, so I mostly forgot about it. After all I was in love with a beautiful young lady.

Several years later I was injured in a car accident that left me a quadriplegic, and unable to move at all. As a young man in my mid twenty’s I was devastated. After awhile though, I began to move my arms, and one finger. With enough intestinal fortitude, I built up some very strong muscular shoulders and biceps, so I could get in and out of bed, and the shower all on my own. Therefore, I can live alone without any help.

I was also worried about having sex with women. However, due to having a cervical spinal cord injury, it wasn’t long before I realized I was still able to attain rock hard erections as big as ever. All it takes is some manual stimulation from a mouth, hand or a girl sitting on my lap on my lap.

Unfortunately, kaçak iddaa I don’t ejaculate much, but with stroking my cock every day, it will cum a few drops, and my erect penis still feels tingling sensations. Men with cervical spinal cord injuries in the neck still produce semen, but it is usually released into the bladder instead of normal ejaculation. Also, sitting in a wheelchair produces heat between the legs that may inhibit ejaculation of semen as well. What I really need is a girl or guy to fuck and stroke my cock much, much better than I can by myself. With enough practice quadriplegic men may possibly ejaculate enough to impregnate women.

Needless to say I played with my cock everyday, and tried as hard as I could to suck it! All I could do though was fantasize, and look at my big hard on with a purple acorn bulbous head, and wish a girl would suck it. My cock looked delicious!

This was when I began to feel a bit differently towards gay men. By no means was I gay, because before my injury, I wasn’t interested in gay guys. At that time however, I would jerk off when laying on my back with my legs in the air, and ankles behind my ears. With my cock pointing downwards towards my face, I was ejaculating thick wads of cum in my mouth. I was even flexible enough to lick the tip of my cock with my tongue.

It was fun and I missed doing it. Although I was unable to ejaculate into my mouth as a quadriplegic, I still played with my seven inch erect cock in bed every day after having a shower.

As a consequence of becoming a hot and handsome quadriplegic, I began to warm up to the idea of sucking cock. At first it was an uncomfortable thought, but then I remembered the homosexual experiences I had when I was younger.

That’s when I started to wonder if I was bisexual. Nevertheless, I was totally secretive about my new found desire to suck cock. Therefore, it was a long time before I finally overcame my hesitance to discreetly seek out gay guys online, at a gay bar, or at a city park.

When I finally dared to go to a gay bar, it didn’t take long for me to attract several gay guys, but they didn’t interest me any at all. It wasn’t until my fifth time there that I found someone. At first there was one guy, but he was only interested in ass play, and that turned me off, since I’m not interested in anything anal. Nevertheless, there was another good looking guy outside after the bar closed. When he asked me if I like to suck cock, I enthusiastically said yes!

With everybody gone except me sitting in my wheelchair on the empty sidewalk, he unzipped his pants, and wiggled, and rubbed his stiffening cock in my face. I took him all the way down my throat, and sucked his fully erect, seven inch dick until he soon ejaculated a big wad of cum in my face. It was my first pearl necklace.

Another time late on a quiet night at Dupont Circle after the bars closed, I had a homo erotic encounter with a good looking guy who deeply massaged my shoulders, and passionately kissed my neck, and lips. It felt wonderful.

Except for his boyfriend next to us, and two other guys intensely kissing on a nearby bench, there was no one else around. I was so horny I asked him to suck his cock. Without saying a word, he pulled his shorts down, and wiggled his stiffening penis into my hot welcoming mouth. He let me take my time as I sucked his six inch erect cock until he ejaculated a big load of savory cum in my face. By this time I began to think I was not only bisexual, but perhaps even homosexual. I was starting to feel that way, since I was preferring to seek gay men instead of women.

Why not I said to myself? Suppressing my innermost gay, homosexual desires was frustrating. I wanted, and needed some homoerotic gratification. So eventually, I decided to give up holding it in all the time, and let myself have as much gay, homosexual fun as I wished, if a discreet opportunity arose with the right guy at the right time. I’m very selective.

More often than not at a gay bar I once frequented many times, most of the guys were usually ugly. It’s like that everywhere with most guys, but once in a while, a few arouse me very much. Needless to say, ugly or not, mingling with a bunch of gay guys packed tightly into a bar, and engaging in lots of frottage is very arousing. After all, when sitting in my wheelchair, guys cocks are about eye, or mouth level, and closely staring at my face!

When a big, bulging, rock hard erection rubs my face and then slides into my mouth, I love it! It wasn’t just me either, since I’ve seen guys on their knees sucking cock in the bar!

One time at the bar, I met a beautiful blonde tranny wearing a sexy, tight red dress, with red high heels, and big fake tits. She winked and flirted with me a lot, while I sat next to her hot tranny girlfriend. As we acquainted ourselves, I admitted to being bi-curious if not a little gay, and I told them I like to suck cock. I also said the guys there that night were ugly, and they absolutely agreed.

Jennifer kaçak bahis and Dana, were very attracted to me, as I was very attracted to both of them. Their cleavage showed some ample bare tits. They were fake, but so what, they were nice to look at. It was an experience I’ll never forget.

Upon leaving, Jennifer and Dana each gave me a big long luscious kiss on the lips, and rubbed their tits cleavage in my face, before walking out the door. The aromatic scent of their perfume, left a hot and sexy memory that will last forever!

Several other times I picked up different guys at that same gay bar, and afterwards we went to my apartment and had naked oral sex with in my bed. I was again full filling my fantasy of sucking cock until ejaculation. They were fun, but they were not the studs I was looking for.

All during this time, I had also been posting ads on gay dating websites, seeking homosexual, and bi guys online where I didn’t have any luck at first, but at least I had the anonymity to advertise my homosexuality. I felt safe, discreet, and very open about my desire to suck cock.

Watching gay videos of girls, or guys sucking cock is also lots of fun. Especially the big black cocks.

For the first few years of browsing the net, I never had any luck though. Until one day I responded to an add of a homosexual gay man who said his cock was ten inches long! He responded within a few minutes, and we set a time for the next night at 10pm, but he was so horny he arrived three hours early.

He looked liked Jack Colvin before he turned into the Incredible Hulk on tv. He was a good looking, handsome guy five feet nine inches tall, with a nice medium body.

As soon as we met in my apartment, it only took a few seconds to go to my bedroom. We smoked a little weed, which made the both of us very horny. While we sat next to each other on my bed touching hands, and rubbing our thighs, we began to kiss a little on the cheeks, neck and lips. It felt so wonderful, but he wasted no time pulling his shorts down, and dangling his enormous cock in my face, while I sat in my wheelchair. I had seen many other guys in the showers after playing various sports, but Steve’s was massively thick and long like nothing I had ever seen before!

I marveled at the size of his huge massive meat in my face. My mouth was soon plump full of a gigantic soft cock that hardened into wood as I took his great big dick as far down my throat as I could. It was a sensational feeling, sucking on such a succulent monster cock. I savored every second of his big cock in my mouth sliding up and down the long shaft of his thick erection.

Hoping it never ended I took my time, but before long his cock was becoming bigger, and harder as he got closer to ejaculating. It was definitely as big as he said his cock was, as it elongated to ten inches long, and almost three inches thick. It didn’t take much longer until his big hot sausage splooged a massive load of cum in my mouth and face. I kept on sucking him as more, and more cum oozed from the giant, bulbous, purple head of his cock.

Once it was over he pulled his shorts, up and soon took off, and I never saw him again. He left me with a huge mouthful of cum I had to spit out, and cum that also splattered all over my face. Regardless of his fleeting motivations though, it was the most enthralling homosexual experience I ever had when I sucked on that enormously long, thick dick! After loving my first time sucking such a big, meaty cock, my homosexual feelings were growing stronger within me more than ever before.

By the time I was forty years old, I had become comfortable with having homosexual thoughts, and feelings inside myself, with no one else knowing about it. Needless to say, after numerous times of seeking out gay guys, I was becoming a gay homosexual cocksucker, but still I only admitted it to myself.

Even though some homosexual guys have aroused my innate sexual desires, I have no interest in most guys, because I think many of them are ugly. However, they might also have a really nice cock, so depending on their personality it’s hard to say who will be attractive me.

I am very selective when choosing a guy, and they should be gay, bisexual or at least bi-curious, and no facial hair.

Despite having no interest in most guys, there is one good looking, homosexual queer who is very sexually appealing to me. Women love him, but since he’s gay, he sleeps with guys instead.

Kirk and I have been casual friends with each other most of our lives, ever since we were young. As a grown man just two years older than I am, he is a handsome, sexy, brown haired guy, with a smooth slender, tanned body, and stands about five feet nine inches. So far I have never told him I am gay, because I’m afraid he might tell people.

Since I want to keep it private, I’m comfortable with being discreet. I wish to come out to him, but with him being an extrovert he will soon tell people. On the other hand, I’m an illegal bahis introvert who wants to keep his privacy. Especially involving all of my sexual affairs.

Anyways back in the past we used to smoke pot, and get drunk together at weekend parties many times. Everybody always knew each other.

Not only that, but also we played summer basketball for fun at the high school gym with some women, and men. Looking back, the most fun was in the showers when we both popped erections after the other guys left. With no one around, we always masturbated together until we both ejaculated in front of each other.

One time his lesbian sister who was playing basketball with us, came into the men’s locker room to see her brother, when she thought that everyone else had left. Jody thought Kirk was the only one still around when she walked in and saw both of us stroking our cocks together in the shower room. She fervently watched us with intent until we both ejaculated in front of each other.

Around that same time before my injury, Kirk and I went skinny dipping in the lake together. It was on a hot summer night after the bars closed, with a dozen of our friends both male and female. Nothing happened that I know of, but every ones pussies, cocks, and tits were in full view of each other.

Of the six guys there, only Kirk and I instantly sprang erections for all to see. He has a nicely shaped six inch erect cock that stirred some emotions deep inside me. I wasn’t gay yet, but there were several moments of attraction that tempted me.

Kirk has always been very attracted to me before, and after my injury. Just me sitting in my lightweight, sports wheelchair turns him on. Whenever we do see each other, I can see it in his eyes that he aches to get his hands and mouth all over my naked body in bed to passionately kiss, massage and suck my cock.

One time he invited people over to party at his house after the bars closed, but no one went except Gina and I. Since no one else was showing up, she left for a bit to check out another party close by.

Being left all alone with Kirk, he excitedly wanted me to show him my cock. The sexy look in his eyes, and erection bulging in his tight, short, jeans was captivating me since I wanted to give into his overwhelming homosexual lust for me. He wasn’t wearing a shirt either.

As tempting as I imagined his delicious dick is however, I was much too afraid someone would stop by, and see us with our pants down as he sucked my cock, or me sucking his. It’s what would have happened if I had fully embraced my deepening homosexual proclivities at that moment. It was frustrating as could be.

I wanted to show him my cock very much, and maybe I should have let him seduce me, since we were all alone. Except that Gina, the beautiful blonde friend of ours said she would be back soon, which she was after only twenty minutes. I wouldn’t have cared if she caught us with our pants down and sucking each others dick, but if anyone else came along, I would have felt very embarrassed.

Meanwhile, Kirk and I talked about ourselves, and other people who are gay. I asked him if he was interested in women? I could not fathom the idea of a man not wanting sex with a beautiful woman.

I said Kirk, would you rather have me, or Gina? He said he wanted me, since he was one hundred percent gay.

However, when I mentioned a few of his girlfriends some years ago, he said he was maybe eighty percent gay. However, he would rather have a sexy guy like I me, than a sexy beautiful woman with massive tits like Gina, who was sitting closely between us. Her tits were huge!

Meanwhile, we had also been smoking pot, and drinking beer, which was relaxing my gay inhibitions. He sensed my sexual attraction towards him when we both smiled, and looked deeply into each others eyes and blinked at each other for a few moments, but I hesitated to engage in any intimate desires I have for Kirk.

While I had always concealed my homosexuality, this time I opened up a little. My curiosity of how he became homosexual led Kirk to ask, “Jeff have you ever been gay”? I said I was just bi-curious, yet he smiled like he knew I was holding back a little something more inside me.

However, little did he actually realize that I was much more than merely bi-curious, or maybe just a little bit gay once or twice in my life. Unbeknown to Kirk, when I was away from home where no body knew me, I discreetly sought gay men many times!

As much as I wanted strip naked with him, I just wasn’t ready to cum out as gay yet. Especially in my hometown.

However as time passed, my reluctance to coming out to Kirk has waned. Needless to say, my desire to reveal my homosexuality to him has become irresistible. Merely telling him that I am a homosexual will be arousing as can be for the both of us I’m sure.

He’ll certainly be titillated as can be when I divulge to him the homosexual feelings that stir inside me. When I come out to Kirk, I also hope it will lead to fulfilling my fantasy of sucking the cocks of his multiple hot boyfriends all together with me. Being the gay quadriplegic queer I have discreetly become, I fantasize about sucking their cocks!

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