Fun Times

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This story contains W/W and M/M sex and so if you don’t care for this sort of story skip this one.


Cindy stood in the shower and slowly rubbed her pussy. God, she was so fucking horny she needed to get off. Reaching for the detachable showerhead she aimed the powerful pulsing spray at her pussy. “Fuck, mmm, yes,” she moaned loudly.

Rubbing her pussy with her other hand she pushed two fingers deep inside of her hole. In and out she finger fucked her pussy, she had just turned 18 and had never

had anything other than her fingers and toys inside of her pussy. She was horny 24/7.

Patti stood outside of the guest bathroom and listened to her adopted niece

playing with herself. Patti reached under her tee-shirt and pinched her nipples.

Patti and Ted’s adopted niece Cindy and her brother Joey had been spending a couple of weeks with them. Patti and Ted were both Bi and had been very attracted to Cindy and Joey.

Ted and Patti both had a feeling that this brother and sister were closer than they let on. Joey always seemed to have an erection any time his sister was around, and Cindy would make sexual comments to Joey when she thought nobody else was listening.

Patti continued to stand there while Cindy played with herself. Patti listened to the moans coming from Cindy the closer that she got to her climax.

She couldn’t help herself Patti slid her hand inside the waistband of her leggings and rubbed her pussy hard and fast. She wanted to cum when Cindy did. Pussy juice was soaking Patti’s fingers, she couldn’t help but moan also the closer she got to her own climax.

“Ahhh, fuck yes,” Cindy groaned loudly, holding that pulsating spray on her pussy while she rubbed her clit hard and fast. She was so close, she tried to be quiet but she was losing control, she needed to cum now. “Fuck me, Joey, do it fuck your baby sister.” Cindy said, “slam my pussy with your dick, oh yeah, gonna cum.”

Patti leaned against the wall and felt her climax overcome her, grunting and moaning she came hard, she heard Cindy climax at almost the exact time she did.

“Cummmiinnggg, oh fuck Joey I’m cumming!!!” Cindy almost screamed from the throbbing pleasure, “oh my god, mmm.” Cindy dropped the showerhead and tried to calm down. Breathing heavily she leaned against the shower wall. That had been a good climax, but she needed more, she needed to come again.

Cindy picked up the shaving cream and rubbed it over her pussy. Taking her time she covered her pussy mound with cream and started to shave her pussy. Taking her time she shaved some of the red pubic hair away. Anyone seeing her red pussy hair would know that she was a natural redhead.

“Cindy, are you alright?” Patti called from the other side of the bathroom door.

“Fuck!” Cindy gasped almost cutting herself, “Umm, yes I’m fine.”

“Can I come in for a minute?”

“Yeah, sure come on in Aunt Patti.”

“Sorry to bother you I just need to grab something from under the sink,” Patti said

walking into the bathroom. “Are you alright?” Patti said glancing at Cindy, she could just imagine the look of pleasure that had been on Cindy’s face when she had climaxed.

Patti had always got very turned on when she watched porn videos of women or men getting themselves off, watching them cumming would make her panties soaked.

“Yes, yes I’m fine,” Cindy said feeling her pussy throb knowing her Aunt was right on the other side of the shower door. “Umm, Aunt Patti can I ask you a favor?”

“Sure sweetie anything,” Patti said thinking of her sexy niece naked in the shower. She looked under the sink for the extra heating pad they had, not finding it she closed the cabinet door. She wondered if Cindy had heard her when she had been in the hallway rubbing her pussy to climax.

“Well, I’m shaving, you know down there I could use some help.” Cindy said, trying to sound innocent.

“Aren’t you a bit young to shave down there?” Patti asked feeling her pussy throb.

She had been trying to think of a way to have some fun with her niece and her nephew Joey. Patti and her husband Ted were very attracted to them both, they weren’t blood-related just very close friends with Cindy and Joey’s parents.

“Well, ummm, would you mind if I joined you in the shower, I mean it would make it easier for me to help you,” Patti said hoping that Cindy would agree, Patti felt her pussy throb at the thought of being naked with Cindy even for a few minutes.

“Yeah sure,” Cindy quickly agreed, opening the shower door she watched her Aunt get naked. Her Aunt turned around and Cindy saw that her Aunt had a shaved pussy also. Cindy had known for a while that she was bi, or at least bi-curious. Cindy had always been attracted to women from a young age. She felt her pussy throb seeing her naked Aunt.

“Ready or not here I come,” Patti said stepping into the shower. Patti couldn’t take her bahis şirketleri eyes off of Cindy, she had very small tits, with hard pink nipples. Patti almost drooled at the thought of sucking those hard nipples into her mouth, running her hands over Cindy’s body, “here let me,” Patti said reaching for the razor and going to her knees in front of Cindy. “I’ll be careful I promise.”

“I know you will be,” Cindy said looking down and watching her Aunt rubbing more shaving cream onto her pussy. She jumped at her Aunt’s touch, she loved the feeling of someone’s hands on her pussy. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to jump.”

“It’s alright sweetie, I don’t want to cut you,” Patti said looking up at Cindy. Patti’s mouth watered at the thought of licking on those pink pussy lips. She would take it slow and see what happened. “Just be very still,” Patti said gently taking the razor and shaving that beautiful red pussy hair away.

“Mmmm,” Cindy quietly moaned and spread her legs apart. Cindy watched Patti shave the pussy hair away. Her Aunt was so close to her that she could feel Patti’s breath on her pussy.

“You like this Cindy?” Patti asked looking up at Cindy, she saw that Cindy was pinching her hard pink nipples between her fingers.

“Oh yes, feels good,” Cindy whispered watching Patti shaving her pussy and rinsing the shaving cream away. “Turn around,” Patti said wanting to spread Cindy’s sweet ass cheeks apart.

Cindy did as she was told, turning around and then feeling her Aunt’s hands on her tight ass cheeks, rubbing them gently. “Ahhh,” the young girl moaned, feeling Patti lick her ass cheeks one after the other. Cindy reached for the towel rack and held onto it.

Patti looked up at Cindy, licking her lips, Patti gently spread Cindy’s ass cheeks apart, “Mmmmm, nice.” Patti whispered putting shaving cream all over Cindy’s ass hole and cheeks. “Don’t move,” Patti told Cindy, “I don’t want to cut you.”

“Fuck, this is so hot,” Cindy said as she felt her Aunt’s fingers rubbing the shaving cream all over her ass.

Gently, Patti shaved between Cindy’s ass cheeks, making sure she was hair-free.

Taking the shower head Patti rinsed the shaving cream from Cindy’s ass. Not being able to help herself Patti leaned in and licked Cindy’s tight pink puckered ass hole, moaning as she did so. “Mmmm, so good,” Patti whispered, flicking the tip of her tongue across Cindy’s hole. She hoped that Cindy would like this. She knew when she and Ted had one certain friend over for some playtime she loved when he would lick and eat her ass. Then he would slide his fingers deep in her tight hole, finger fucking her ass hole, getting her ready for his hard dick.

“Don’t stop, please.” Cindy moaned, spreading her ass with both hands, she had to admit that she had played with toys back there. She has one dildo just for that purpose. She would take it and stick it to the wall in her bathroom, lube the dildo, and her asshole up really good. Then slowly, taking her time, wanting to feel that hard dick slide into her asshole she would back up on it. Rocking back and forth on her hands and knees she would take that cock deep into her ass. Moaning, fucking her ass, imagining a hung guy was behind her fucking her hole deep. Riding that dildo in her ass she would reach for her wet pussy and rub her clit until she would climax. She loved cock in her pussy and her ass.

“Fuck my ass please.”

“Are you sure?” Patti asked, glancing up at Cindy. She licked her again, trying to push her tongue into her hole. “Mmmmmm, you taste so fucking good.”

“Yes, oh please fuck my ass Auntie.”

Never one to say no to having some fun. Patti soaped her hands up really good and took the index finger of her right hand and she gently pushed it inside the tight entrance of Cindy’s ass. She heard Cindy gasp at the sensation of her finger entering her ass. “God, your ass is tight.”

“I’m a virgin back there,” Cindy confessed, “well, I’m a total virgin, I’ve never been with anybody.” she said hoping her Aunt would get the hint. “Does playing with toys count?”

“Really?” Patti asked, liking the idea of being the first person to bring Cindy to a climax. “Oh, I have a whole toy box.”

Cindy, loved the feeling of Patti’s fingers gently fucking in and out of her ass, she moaned loudly and pushed her ass back trying to get her Aunt’s fingers in deeper.

“Ohhh, yes fuck that tight ass,” Cindy gasped, she wanted to taste her Aunt’s pussy very badly..

Patti felt her pussy getting wetter and her pussy throb, she glanced up at Cindy,

“Mmmm, such a nice tight ass.” Patti slid her fingers from Cindy’s hole and turned her around. She had to taste that pink slit, sucking on her hard little clit.

Patti couldn’t help herself she leaned in and gently kissed the inside of Cindy’s thigh, she would stop if Cindy asked her to. She wanted a taste of this young pink pussy so much. “Is it alright?” Patti asked looking up at Cindy.

“Yes, please,” Cindy said wanting to feel her Aunt’s mouth on bahis firmaları her pussy.

She had to admit that she did love to masturbate any chance that she got.

Rubbing her wet pussy, pushing her fingers inside of her hole.

“Aunt Patti, can I ask you something?” Cindy asked hesitating, “are you bi?”

“Yes, I am,” Patti said tracing Cindy’s thigh with her tongue, flicking her wet tongue across Cindy’s skin. Patti looked at Cindy and smiles and spread Cindy’s legs a bit wider and she flicked her wet tongue across Cindy’s wet pussy lips.

“Oh fuck,” Cindy moaned at the feeling of her Aunt teasing her pussy with her tongue. “Mmmm, I like this.”

“So do I,” Patti agreed spreading Cindy’s pink, meaty pussy lips apart, “taste so good.” Patti pushed her tongue inside that pussy as deeply as she could. God she was in heaven right now. She LOVED cock, especially her husband Ted’s cock but she also loved a sweet pussy. “Let’s say we take this to my room,” Patti suggested, she stood up. Patti placed both hands on either side of Cindy’s face and kissed her passionately, pushing her tongue into Cindy’s mouth.

Cindy kissed her Aunt with just as much passion if not more, she reached up and grasped Patti’s left tit, gently squeezing it in her hand. “I want you.”

Patti turned the shower off and opened the door and reached for a large bath towel and gently dried Cindy off. Leaning over Patti took Cindy’s right nipple into her mouth sucking on it. Patti heard Cindy moan, “Follow me.”

Cindy reached down and slid her hand between her Aunt’s thighs, rubbing her pussy. Patti moaned when Cindy slid two fingers deep into her pussy.

“Oh yes, do it, Cindy, fuck my pussy.” Patti pleaded.

In and out Cindy’s finger fucked Patti’s tight pussy, she loved to hear her Aunt moan in pleasure. Cindy would lie in bed at night and listen to the sounds of her Aunt and Uncle fucking in the room down the hall. Several times Joey had joined her and they had played around. That had been the first time that she had sucked her older brother’s dick. Licking and sucking his cock and balls finally taking his load of cum down her throat.

Patti took Cindy by her hand and led her down the hall to her and Ted’s bedroom.

“But what about Uncle Ted and Joey?” Cindy asked as Patti led her down the hall to her bedroom.

“Oh, I’m sure they’ll be gone for a couple of hours, you know how guys are when they get to Lowes.”

Patti led Cindy to her and Ted’s king-size bed, making sure Cindy was comfortable. Patti moved up next to her young niece and took her left nipple into her mouth gently sucking on it, flicking her tongue across it.

“Ummm, yes Aunty bite my nipples,” Cindy begged, grabbing handfuls of her Aunt’s long hair. “Yes, yes, yes, bite them just like that.” Cindy groaned when she felt her Aunt taking her right nipple between her teeth and putting pressure on it.

Cindy spread her thighs, giving her Aunt room to lie down between her legs.

She had fantasized about playing with her Aunt but she never thought it would happen. “Fuck this feels so good,” she whispered, feeling her pussy getting wet.

Patti licked and sucked and bit down on Cindy’s perfect pink nipples, she could

hear Cindy moaning, she could feel Cindy gripping her hair in her hands. That always turned her on when someone would grab her hair when she was sucking cock or eating pussy or playing with tits.

“Move up,” Cindy instructed her Aunt. Cindy had never eaten pussy before but she suddenly had a craving for it. She wanted Patti to straddle her face, and she wanted to lick and suck that pussy. “Straddle my face, I want to eat your pussy.”

Patti moved up over Cindy as she had asked, reaching for another large pillow she slipped it under Cindy’s head. “Comfy?” she asked looking down at her niece.

“You know you don’t have to do this.”

“I want too, I want you.” Cindy reached up and spread Patti’s pussy open, exploring the wetness, she could smell her Aunt’s juices. “I want your pussy.” Cindy couldn’t wait any longer and

“Ummm, oh baby you can have anything that you want,” Patti said looking down at her niece.

Cindy spread Patti’s pussy lips open and dived right in, ‘fuck this is so good she thought tasting pussy for the very first time. She loved the feeling of her Aunt straddling her face and the feeling of a nice tasty pussy. Moaning and licking and slurping that hot, wet pussy made her own pussy throb. Cindy could hear the soft moans coming from Patti as she continued to tease her aunt. “Mmmm,” she moaned finally clamping her mouth over Patti’s pussy mound, flicking her tongue across Patti’s very sensitive clit.

“Oh fuck yes, oh do it suck on my clit,” Patti groaned loudly, pushing her pussy onto Cindy’s face, she loved the way Cindy was making her feel. Patti reached up and pinched her hard throbbing nipples as hard as she could, she moaned and twisted them, gasping. “Eat my pussy, oh fuck yeah,” Patti said glancing down at Cindy.

Cindy, gently kaçak bahis siteleri slid one finger into Patti’s soaking wet slit, feeling the how tight she was. In and out she finger fucked her Aunt, while still sucking and licking Patti’s pussy.

“Mmmm, oh fuck, ” Patti moaned loudly, her climax was already starting to build, she didn’t want to cum yet, she wanted this first time with Cindy to last. “69,” Patti gasped looking at Cindy. “let’s 69 I want to taste that pussy.”

Patti quickly moved off of Cindy’s face and got into the 69 position, “You have no idea how many times I have played thinking of eating your pussy.” Patti spread Cindy’s pussy and dived in as if she were starving. ‘Omg’, she thought she was in heaven eating this sweet shaved pussy.

Cindy followed her aunt’s example and spread Patti’s pussy and went right back to licking and sucking on her pussy lips and she slid two fingers deep into that tight hole.


“Damn,” Joey whispered when a young woman walked past him and his Uncle Ted in the garden department of Lowes. Joey felt his cock jerk, he had been watching her for the last few minutes. She was maybe in her early 20’s, wearing a pair of daisy-duke jean shorts and a tank top. He could tell she was braless, she stopped in front of them and bent over to pick up something on a low shelf.

Ted looked at Joey and chuckled, he had also noticed the sexy young woman, “Fuck,” Ted said out loud, she was hot alright. “Like what you see?”

“Huh, oh yeah for sure,” Joey said still watching the young woman, she turned and looked at Joey and she winked and walked away. “she’s fucking hot.”

“Yeah, she’s alright,” Ted said noticing that Joey had a nice hardon, he wouldn’t mind having some cock today he thought to himself. He had been craving a nice hard cock to suck on lately. He was bi and loved sucking on cock but it was just an occasional thing for him. He loved pussy to much to completely give it up.

Joey’s cock was so hard it was almost painful to him, he tried adjusting himself without his uncle or anyone else noticing. Maybe if I don’t think about her it will go down, Joey thought to himself.

“She was hot wasn’t she?” Ted asked Joey later as they were driving home he noticed that Joey still had that hardon.

“Was who hot Uncle Ted?”

“The girl in the store,” Ted said glancing over at Joey, ‘fuck’, he would give anything to get a look at Joey’s cock and maybe suck him he thought. He felt his own cock jerk and throb at the thought of getting some cock or pussy or both if he was lucky.

“Yeah, she was alright I guess,” Joey said trying to seek uninterested.

“You’ve got a nice hardon,” Ted said looking over at Joey, he wanted to see his reaction before he made a move.

“Umm, uh thanks,” Joey stammered putting his hands in his lap trying to cover up his cock.

“It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, “Ted said stopping at a red light.

“I love a good hard cock,” he said glancing over at Joey to see his reaction.

“You like dick uncle Ted?”

“Well, once in awhile I like to lick and suck on one and then let the guy suck and lick mine.”

“Fuck,” Joey said, “so I’m not the only one who likes cock too.”

“You’re bi too?” Ted asked thinking maybe he had gotten lucky.

“Well, I’ve had a couple of friends who I’ve sucked off and let them suck me off.”

Joey admitted. “I’m so fucking horny right now.”

“Tell me about it, I haven’t played in a few days, I’ve been so busy with work and then I get done I’m just too tired.” Ted said feeling like he had been neglecting his wife lately. But Patti was a very understanding woman and she knew how busy his job could get. But right at this moment he wanted to see how far he could get with Joey.

“I could use a nice BJ,” Joey said as they turned down their street, hoping his Uncle would take the hint.

“Yeah, me too,” Ted said reaching over and gently squeezing Joey’s hard cock through his jeans. “I’m game if you are.”

Several minutes later Ted and Joey walked into the kitchen from the garage, Ted smiled to himself as he could hear the loud moans coming from his wife.

“Sounds like she is having fun.” Joey said with a chuckle, it was nothing new to hear his aunt playing and having fun. Sometimes Joey would stand outside of her bedroom door and listen to her playing with herself. Then he would go and jerk off or find his sister Cindy for some fun of their own.

“Believe me she ALWAYS has fun,” Ted said, “let’s go see what she is up too.” Ted suggested.

“Mmmm, oh fuck do it,” Cindy begged looking down between her spread legs, “fuck that hot pussy.” Cindy moaned watching that 8 inch dildo sliding deep into her wet pussy. “Oh, yeah, I do love getting fucked so much.”

Patti looked up and smiled at Cindy, “I will fuck you every day if you want me to.”

“I’d like that,” Cindy said reaching for her tits, pinching and twisting her nipples.

Patti could see Ted and Joey standing in the door way watching them.

“Maybe next time I’ll fuck you with a strap-on.” She leaned down and

licked Cindy’s clit, still pounding that young pussy.

“Well, well, what do we have here?” Ted said walking into the room followed by Joey.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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