Infidelity Ep. 01

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Okay, so before I get into telling you my story, I should let you know a little about myself and my situation. Firstly, my name is Stephanie (or Steph to my friends) and I am in my mid-thirties, married to Phil for the last eight years with a step-daughter, Jacquie, who is eighteen. Physically I am in good shape for my age at 1.68m tall, 85kgs weight, a 36D bust, 26″ waist and well-toned legs that look good in high heels (which I wear most days). Phil is a few years older than me and we met at a mutual friend’s wedding ten years ago just after his first wife had died from cancer. We went through a typical courtship with friendship slowly developing into passion and eventually love. Our marriage has been everything I had hoped it would be, with mutual friendship, love and respect… plus great sex. Phil is a keen cyclist so keeps himself in good physical condition. He is blessed with a larger than average cock and lots of stamina and we have a healthy sex life. We live comfortably in the suburbs of a small English town where Phil has his own design consultancy business and I am the manager of a small independent book shop in a nearby town. I think that sets the scene.

As I have already said, sex with my husband is great. We are pretty enthusiastic lovers who like to spice up our love-making with role play, sexy underwear and making out in unusual places. So why, I hear you ask, was I tempted to take a lover? That’s a good question and in my defence I never set out to be unfaithful to my husband but once the idea had been put into my head it became inevitable. Perhaps I should explain the events that lead up to me taking a young lover, allowing him to put his cock into my pussy and fill it with cum.

Mike came into the shop one summer afternoon and introduced himself as the new area sales manager for one of the publishing houses that we retail for. The air conditioning in the store was out of action and the place was warmer than I could remember so I had undone the top couple of buttons on my blouse. When Mike walked into the shop I did a bit of a double take as he was lithe and handsome, about 6ft tall with dark Mediterranean skin and a lovely Oxford accent. After introducing himself we started talking about books that were currently in preparation and one in particular, the memoirs of an escort agency madame, which he claimed would be rather explicit in its detail. He was extolling the excellence of the book and trying to overcome my reluctance to stock it – the clientele we serve tend to be a bit conservative in their reading. Anyway, he promised to return the following week with one of the chapters for me to read before making a final decision.

Good to his word, he was back the following week with not one but two chapters of the book and a promise to call me in a few days to get my reaction. Well, to say this book was steamy would be a massive understatement and it really got my juices flowing. Sex with Phil that night was pretty spectacular, even by our standards, and once Phil had read the first chapter too we had a repeat performance that lasted well into the early hours of the morning. I lost count of the number of orgasms I had but I was feeling pretty worn by the time we finally fell asleep in each other’s arms. The next day Mike telephoned the shop but we were rather busy so he suggested we meet for lunch the following day to discuss the book and I willingly accepted his invitation. Sub-consciously I dressed rather seductively the next day with a form hugging blouse, opened to the third button, a lacey low-cut bra that showed off my natural, pleasing cleavage. This was topped off with matching lacy knickers, a mid-length cotton summer skirt, self-supporting stockings and red stiletto heels. I don’t normally wear much make-up to work but this day I added a little blusher bahis siteleri and my favourite pink lipstick (which tastes of cherries). I spent the morning in a sense of high tension and although I was trying not to admit to myself why I was feeling like this I knew that if the opportunity presented itself I would be a willing partner to whatever Mike had planned.

Precisely at midday Mike walked through the door of the shop and rather flatteringly did a double take when he saw me talking to a customer. A few minutes later I closed up the shop and we walked to the local hotel for lunch in their restaurant. He was very complimentary about how I looked and asked about my personal life – was I married, kids, etc. – just normal chat between two new work colleagues. He was between relationships at the time, having been burned by an unfaithful girlfriend who absconded with a close friend a few months earlier. I think it was at this point that I put my hand on his to console him and we both felt the tingle. Talking about the book reminded me of the previous night’s athletics and that in turn raised my sexual temperature. Throughout lunch we had been flirting with each other with each sentence loaded with inuendo and double meaning. The conversation slowly became more personal on both sides until by the end of lunch I think we both knew the inevitable direction we were moving.

Mike told me that he had taken a room at the hotel and suggested we adjourn there to continue our conversation. Of course I agreed, fully aware of what was really going to happen once inside. With the door closed and locked, Mike took my hands in his and looked deeply into my eyes and asked if I really wanted to go on. My reply was simply to place my lips on his and give him a long and passionate kiss, which he returned with enthusiasm. Our tongues were soon dancing around each other’s mouths and our breathing was becoming laboured and panting. All this time Mike’s hands were wandering up and down my spine and clenching my ass which just added to my arousal. In response I managed to get my right hand between us and find his already erect cock inside his trousers. Mmmm, it felt bigger than I was expecting and I really wanted to feel it in the flesh. By this time Mike had moved his mouth down to my neck and the exposed tops of my breasts, which he was alternatively licking and kissing eliciting a murmour from deep in my throat. I let go of his cock and used my hands to unclasp my bra and was pleased at the gasp when my tits didn’t fall or sag as my bra let go of them. His pleasure was expressed with another bout of amorous kissing and fondling of my already erect nipples. Phil says I have nipples like church organ stops and right now they were fully extended and aching for attention.

My blouse and bra were soon removed and dropped to the floor so Mike could give my breasts the attention they so craved. As he went to work on them I unbuttoned his shirt and virtually tore if from his body before dumping it alongside my own clothes. To say I wasn’t disappointed by what I found is an understatement. He had the tanned body of an Adonis; beautifully formed and proportioned with just enough muscle and no excess flab. I took the opportunity to kiss his nipples too and then worked my way down his torso to his stomach, fully intending to unbutton his trousers and release that snake trying to force its way out the fly. Mike, however, had other ideas and he gently lifted me onto the bed and laid me on my back. His hands gripped the waist band of my skirt and knickers and with me raising my ass off the bed pulled both off and threw them onto the floor. He stood there open mouthed for a few seconds looking at my naked body before saying “My God, you’re stunning. I want to fuck you senseless all afternoon”. He then lowered his canlı bahis siteleri head and buried his tongue in my already sopping wet pussy.

At the first touch of his tongue I let out a moan and then a gasp as he moved to my clit and began sucking and flicking my little knob and I’m not ashamed to say that my first orgasm happened within minutes – the first of several that afternoon and many since. The orgasm started as a familiar tingling feeling deep inside my tummy, moving down to my womb and finally to my love tunnel. As it moved south my hips began to gyrate and Mike had to use both hands to hang on until I finally let out a loud moan and my love juices flowed freely from my pussy. Mike clamped his mouth over my gaping hole and sucked out every last drop (something Phil had never done) before moving back up the bed to give me another passionate kiss. When we finally broke for air he smiled and said “I’ve never tasted cherry flavoured cum before” and we both burst out laughing.

Mike rolled onto his back on the bed and looked into my eyes with anticipation. Now it was my turn and I was totally ready for the next act. I unbuckled his belt and undid his trousers. With some help from Mike they, and his boxer shorts, were soon cluttering up the floor and he led there with his prick standing to attention just waiting for some action. I positioned myself between his legs, leant forward and tickled the tip of his cock head with the tip of my tongue. The way his cock jerked I could tell he liked that but before I took him fully into my mouth I wanted to tease him a little more so I moved up his body to kiss his belly button which brough my tits into contact with his cock. I swayed slightly and my nipples brushed against the head of his cock and I was rewarded by a smear of pre-cum on my breasts, which I licked off whilst looking into his eyes. Moving back down I licked my tongue up and down the length of his cock a few times before opening my lips and swallowing it into my mouth.

With fucking motions of my head I sucked on the penis filling my mouth and heard some gratifying noises coming from this beautiful man. Whilst mouth fucking his cock I used my right hand to fondle his balls until after a few minutes he lifted my head and said I’d better stop or he wouldn’t be able to control himself and would cum in my mouth. I replied by smiling and swallowing him again. Sure enough about thirty seconds later he moaned “I’m cumming” and shot his load down my throat whilst I massaged his balls to encourage more cum. It’s a feeling I love and I greedily swallowed all of it and continued to suck until he was dry. Thankfully, his cock was still ready to service me and I moved to straddle him in the cowgirl position.

Positioning myself directly above his cock I reached between my legs and opened my love tunnel for him and in unison I sank down as he pushed up. The feeling of his cock pushing into and filling my pussy was immense and once fully inserted I just squatted there for a few moments to savour the feeling before starting to slowly move up to the point his cock head was still just in my pussy before sinking back down again. My inner labia lips are very sensitive and Mike’s bulbous head was soon doing the trick and my movements became faster and faster until he had to start working with me to keep himself inside. About five minutes of this action (my favourite as it happens) and I could feel myself starting to orgasm again so I told him I was going to cum all over his cock. This spurred him into even faster action and the familiar feelings were rapidly building up inside me but when Mike reached up and pinched my nipples I went over the top in a rush, a rather noisy rush. As I collapsed onto him he continued to pound my pussy and within a few seconds I felt another orgasm canlı bahis building. “God, I’m going to cum again” I breathed and just as I climaxed I felt a jet of hot sperm burst inside my pussy and explode against my cervix. What a fantastic feeling! He kept up his thrusting until he was completely spent. When I had recovered some I lifted myself off Mike and as his cock slid out of my love tunnel he put his hands on my ass and pulled me towards his mouth and proceeded to lick up all of our juices. This is such a sexy thing to do and it was at that moment I knew this wasn’t going to be a one-off episode for me.

We finally laid on the bed in the spoon position, with Mike’s hands on my breasts and mine on his cock, and fell asleep. A very satisfied sleep. An hour or two later I was awoken by the sensation of having my tits massaged and a cock throbbing in my hand; an altogether pleasant feeling. I began to stroke his cock in response to his massage and turned my head towards him so we could kiss again. Our passion certainly hadn’t abated and he soon lifted one of my legs to give access to my pussy. I felt his finger enter and gave a little moan, followed by a slightly louder one as a second finger entered me. He soon found my G-spot and went to work finger fucking me whilst tweaking my nipples at the same time. Not content with this he used his thumb to rub my clit, which started me off again. I whispered “Not with your fingers; put your cock in there” a request he willingly went along with. As his cock found its way into my pussy his fingers replaced his thumb on my clit, where they performed magical deeds adding to the feelings I was already having. Mike now started kissing my back and neck, nibbling my ears and sucking on the lobes, so that I was feeling totally consumed by the act of making love with him. A few minutes later Mike pulled himself out of my and rolled me onto my stomach then raised my ass into the air to give a perfect angle for his cock to fuck me from behind.

I think this is the sluttiest position of all as it suggests the woman is totally subservient to the man and at that moment that’s exactly how I felt. Mike began with long slow strokes which, as before, steadily got shorter and faster until I had to begin to sway back and forth in time with him to keep us coupled. Every time he thrust into me I could feel his balls slap against my clit and that was very erotic. After a while I felt him lean forward and his hands came around my body until he had a grasp of my tits, which he began to knead and pinch my nipples again. This whole experience was having the desired effect and my orgasm began to build, “I’m going to cum again” I said breathlessly; “So am I” was his reply and almost immediately after that we climaxed together and I felt more of his sperm fill my love tunnel only this time it seemed to go on for ever as spurt after spurt exploded into me. Moments later we collapsed into a big, spent, heap on the bed; both breathing very heavily but managing to continue massaging each other’s bodies.

I had decided this stud was a keeper but I didn’t want to let him think he had tasted all of my fruits or tricks and felt that I should leave him wanting more so I got up from the bed and said I’d better take a shower and head off home. The disappointment in his face told me he was not going to settle for this one afternoon of passion either so I made my way to the bathroom to run the shower. It was at this point that I realised I was still wearing my stockings and high heels so I slipped them off before stepping into the shower. I was in the process of rinsing shampoo from my hair when I heard the door open and close followed by the shower curtain being pulled back. For the first time I saw Mike’s penis in its relaxed state and I have to say it was thing of beauty with a circumcised head and two ponderous balls. “I’ve come to wash your back” he said as he stepped into the shower. Well, I imagine you can guess what happened next but that’s another story which, if you like this one, I will tell you.

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