Boxer Briefs Left Behind

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I carefully stretched my arm muscles while flexing my entire body before the mirror and check myself out for a while. I could easily afford to do that – at this time, the gym locker room was deserted. Very few people came here this late at night, and that’s what I liked. Privacy. It was almost absolute – I saw nobody else in the gym at this time and there was very little chance someone would come in and start working at this hour.

After I do my workouts, I always spend a little time looking at myself in the mirror – I don’t care how narcissistic that is. It was an objective truth that my time at the gym was finally starting to pay off. Since I heard nobody outside of the locker room, I entertained myself by flexing in ridiculous poses for a while. While I was doing that, I inadvertently gave myself a half-chub, tenting the cloth of my underwear a little bit. I mindlessly rubbed the tip of my dick, horny thoughts swimming around in my mind. Working out always made me so horny… I felt so turned on, I wasn’t sure if I was even able to make it back home without being hard the whole time.

A thought came to my mind. What if I just jerked off here? I took a long look around once again to make absolutely sure nobody was around. The place looked pretty deserted. Well… Maybe if I made it quick. I mean, the thrill of the chance of being caught was making the idea even more interesting. I’m sure no harm would come from it if I rubbed one out right into my jock… I mean, if I hear anyone coming, I’ll just quickly put on my pants and tuck it away. What could go wrong, am I right?

As I was scanning the locker room with my eyes to make absolutely sure I’m alone, something caught my attention. A pair of boxer briefs laying on one of the benches. Curious, I came up to it and took it in my hands. They looked expensive, and so comfortable. The rubber band was red while the boxer briefs itself were pitch black, with red seams matching the band. I examined them with one hand, while the other one was still rubbing my crotch. I turned them inside out and found out that it had a couple of white stains in the front. Dried precum. The person wearing them was probably as excited as I usually am when I work out…

The image of some buff, sweaty guy, wearing these while tenting them to their limit, creating a nice, wet spot on the very tip while thinking about all kinds of filth… That was too much. My heart was beating hard as I slowly brought the underwear to my face. I breathed in deeply as my nose made contact with the cloth. A powerful, musky aroma hit my nose and connected right with my brain, making my cock jump around in my jockstrap. It was the smell of a man, a raw, stinky, sweaty mark of a real man’s tool. The smell of his juicy crotch made my mouth water. I took another, deeper sniff and let the odor take over my entire body. I probably let out a silent moan or two… I was so horny it was impossible to hold back.

My hand drove right into my jockstrap, grabbing my throbbing dick and giving it a few strokes. I rubbed the filthy cloth all over kaçak iddaa my face, trying to get as much contact with it as possible. The man’s sweat and pre were seeping into my skin, carrying the smell onto me. It felt so filthy, but I didn’t care. The only thing I cared about was this man’s mark, on his underwear and now also on my skin. In my nose. On my lips. I was so into it, I didn’t even notice I wasn’t alone…

All of a sudden, I felt two gigantic hands, clamping my forearms. I froze completely. Somebody was standing behind me, somebody really huge and scary, I could tell. I didn’t see who it was, but I felt his presence, and I saw his shadow looming over me, interrupting the light from the lightbulb. I was way too scared to turn around and find out… There was no doubt that the guy knew exactly what I was up to. I knew I was in BIG trouble! How was this possible?! I was positive nobody else was at the gym at this hour! Well… Almost positive.

“What exactly were you doing with my underwear, you fuckin’ perv?!” a deep voice growled behind my ear. It didn’t yell, no, it was more of a ominous whisper. The owner of the underwear seemed incredibly pissed off.

My quivering lips opened to muster up a desperate apology, but the man interrupted me. “No need to answer… I know too well. I met guys like you. Filthy pigs who get off on the scent of actual men. Is that what you are? A filthy pig?”

Deciding that cooperating would be the safer choice, I nodded my head. That wasn’t the only reason why I did it though. The tone of the man’s voice was now leaning to a… suggestive side.

“Mmm… Figures. And did you like what you smelt there, pig?”

His hands moved from my forearms to my chest. My captor went straight for my nipples, as if he knew how incredibly sensitive I was there. I let out a gasp, as I felt his meaty fingers rub over them. Was he… making a move?

“Y-yeah…” I said, nodding. The man let out a satisfied growl.

“Would you like some more? I doubt such a little taste was enough for a slut like you… I think I should give you a little more, how does that sound? Huh?”

His thumbs started slowly rubbing circles around my nipples, lighting a powerful fire inside of me. Containing my moans was getting harder and harder.

“Oh god, yes…” I said, closing my eyes.

“Okay then. Open wide, pig.”

Confused, I opened my mouth to say something but one of his giant hands grabbed mine and shoved the briefs back into my face, stuffing them into my mouth. I groaned as I felt the powerfully tasting cloth on my tongue. My captor shuffled me around a little bit, one of his hands holding mine and the other one pressing the piece of underwear into my face. I’m ashamed to say it got me even more turned on – the dick was pressing against the cloth of my own jock, creating an obvious wet spot. That encouraged him even more. He chuckled to himself as he was manhandling me, forcing me to suck on his dirty underwear and watching my body react to it. Needless to say, I was in heaven.

The hand holding kaçak bahis me suddenly slided down my naked chest and grabbed me by the crotch. He wasn’t gentle. His body was pushing on me from behind as he started tugging on my bulge. I moaned from the intense feelings my body was put through. My nostrils were full of this guy’s odor, coming from his underwear, as his sweaty body was grinding against mine, sending mine into an absolute frenzy! I loved his aroma, it was as if it was going deeper into my, seeping into my thoughts, marking me as his…

“Did that make your little dick hard enough, you horny fucker? Huh? Guess I should see for myself.”

His big, calloused fingers dove into my underwear. The big beast was holding my package in his hand, my dick and balls at his mercy. At this point, I was so horny I grinded forward against his hand. I moaned into the cloth of his jock in my face which he was smearing all over, now also drenched in my saliva. I needed more… But it wasn’t my place to decide how much of what am I going to get.

The strong hand started massaging my cock – very hard, slow strokes. Not painful, but exhaustingly intense. He knew what he was doing to me and he was enjoying it, for sure. I pretty much melted in this guy’s grasp, my body trashing around, as horny as ever – which didn’t help much, as my captor overpowered me pretty easily. I needed a release, but his hand knew too well when exactly to stop me from that. His fingers were torturing my sensitive tip at one second but were gone right before I was about to coat them with my cum. Instead, I only drenched the hand with my pre, indicating only how badly I needed this satisfaction. It became a primal need, one I would do anything to satisfy.

“Fuck… Look what you did to me, you dirty little scumbag.”

I started feeling something hard and big pressing against my lower back. It was poking at my skin, it’s warm wetness smearing over my body… The guy’s strokes started being even more aggressive, his thrusts against my naked back harder and harder. His dick, huge, from what I could tell, was sliding up and down my back and a part of my exposed crack, leaving a warm trail of precum all over my skin. I could hear him grunting in a deep voice, as he was humping me. I was little more than a fuck toy at that point, basically a human body pillow. And I was loving it.

It didn’t take a while before I felt him tense up. His rock hard dick was pressed between our sweaty bodies, smearing his powerful precum all over us. I could smell his rank, musky smell even though the cloth in my face. He was close. He was going to cover me with his cum, making sure I thoroughly enjoyed his essence on my body. Rubbing his underwear into my face wasn’t enough, not my a long shot. He needed to make me smell of him, and this was the best possible way to do it. At least in my opinion.

“Gonna give you what you want… That’s what you want, right? To make the giant stranger at the gym bust his nut? Right? Of course you do, that’s all you’re good for… Mmm… Oh, fuck…”

His illegal bahis hand basically choked my dick and he let out a loud groan as he climaxed. I was impressed as I felt a fountain of boiling hot cum, spraying and shooting all over my exposed back – marking me, covering me… I felt it on my back neck and a little bit dripped over my shoulder, that’s how horny he was. He was grinding against me for about thirty second more than he needed to, just smearing his jizz all over my skin, letting it drip down my crack. Then, finally, he took a step back. I wanted to turn around but his hand grabbed my shoulder and put me back in my place. He wasn’t done with me…

“Your turn. Show me, how thankful you are.”

The hand stroking my dick disappeared, completely covered in my precum. I felt him take a generous amount of his own cum from my back, completely covering his fingers with it. Then, without any warning, he went for my exposed hole. I moaned in pain as his two fat digits made their way inside of me, smearing his jizz along the way. His only reaction was pushing his boxer briefs into my face a little bit more, while he started finger fucking me.

I arched my back, face going beet red. I thought I was horny before, but with a piece of this guy inside of me, my brain basically overheated. My hand instinctively dove into my underwear, now completely wet with precum, and started stroking my dick against the harsh cloth of my jockstrap, completely submitting myself to this guy. It was one thing to physically overpower me, but a whole other thing to make me admit how much I liked it and to make me succumb to my own urges. I shamefully stroked my cock in front of this guy as he was fucking me with his fingers, smearing his man juice inside of me while feeding me the smell of his junk. He expertly found my prostate and abused the hell out of it, making my orgasm quick and inevitable.


My voice was sheepish and high pitched as I climaxed like I never did before. My dick started spurting a flood of cum right into my jockstrap, filling it up, making it seep through the clothed, letting it drip down my leg. I was shaking as I came again and again and again while the man abused my ass more and more. He was making sure I would never forget this experience and he succeeded. My whole world was torn apart and built back together as I felt the climax slowly descend, leaving me sweaty and tired.

I could only smell and taste the man who became the center of my world for the last… What was probably a half hour but felt like an eternity. The man played with my ass a little bit more before finally letting my body go. I tried to turn around but he shoved me into the wall once again.

“Don’t you dare look, pig!”

I nodded abruptly and obediently stared into the wall. I heard him putting on his clothes and closing his gym bag. I was concerned for a second… This was the most intense sexual experience I ever had in my life. I didn’t want it to end now. Luckily, his next words made all of those worries fade away, replacing them with sheer excitement.

“I better not catch you touching my stuff again. Next week’s Tuesday. 11 PM. Or you’ll really get it.”

I grinned to myself, as I heard him turn around and leave the locker room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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