Blast From The Past

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Evan was just preparing to lock up the stationery store he owned on a Friday night when a beefy guy came in.

‘Sorry, I’m just about to lock up.’

‘I know.’ the big guy said.

Evan felt a little panicked. Was this guy here to rob him? He took another good look at the stranger just in case e had to identify him to the police later. He was wearing a pair of shorts and a too tight T-shirt and had the big, furry thighs and tight beer belly that Evan found so attractive. Evan cursed his weakness that here he was, at a time that he might be in danger, lusting after some stranger that he could never have.

That is what came of living alone in a small town. Evan was convinced that he must be the only gay guy in town and since he bought his business two years ago he hadn’t had any sex as he was far too busy to get up to the city to get his rocks off.

‘You don’t remember me, do you?’ the stranger asked.

‘Should I?’ Evan asked, relaxing a little.

‘It’s me, Biff. Well, used to be Biff. Friends know me by my proper name now, Rob. I used to sit behind you in class.’

Evan couldn’t keep the disgust and fear off his face. How dare this guy come here after he made Evan’s school days such a misery.

‘Aah, the bully.’ Evan began.

‘Look, I wanted to come and apologize, make amends if I can.’ Rob said.

‘Why after all this time?’ Evan was distrustful.

‘I’ve recently moved back to town after being away at sea for a number of years. I asked about you and was told you own this place.’ Rob replied.

‘You made my life hell.’ Evan said. He could feel his anger flush his cheeks.

‘I know.’ Rob replied. ‘See, I was scared of what was inside me. I saw the same thing in you. I know it’s no excuse but I was young, ignorant…’

‘What are you saying?’ Evan felt the first stirrings of excitement.

‘Look, come out with me tonight. We could go get some beers, shoot some pool.’

‘Oh no, I’m not into that,’ Evan was deflated. Perhaps he had misunderstood what Rob meant.

‘Okay. We can do whatever you want.’ Rob replied. ‘We could go to the movies, or bowling or, or, well…I guess that’s just about it in this town.’

‘How about just going to a restaurant?’ Evan asked.

‘That would be good.’ Rob said. ‘I’ll pick you up about seven?’

Evan felt a jumble of emotions as he made his way home and had a bath. He had put Biff out of his mind all these years but now the bully’s taunts and pinches came back to haunt him. And added to the mix was the way he felt about him now. The dude was hot. Evan had snuck a quick peek at Rob’s ass as he walked away and those two big mounds bouncing up and down in his shorts had made Evan weak güvenilir bahis at the knees. He was tempted to whack one out before he went out to eat, but on the other hand he was intrigued by Rob’s comment about seeing similarities between them. What if the big guy was gay? The thought got Evan so incredibly turned on he really had to fight the urge to stroke, stroke, stroke.

Rob came by at seven, just as he said he would. He was wearing a pair of faded denim jeans that clung to his big thighs and chunky, shapely ass. Evan caught the whiff of aftershave as Rob opened the passenger door of his truck to let Evan in. He even closed the door behind Evan, sending Evan’s pulse racing; this was beginning to feel like a date.

‘It’s funny’ Rob said when they were settled at their table and waiting for their meal ‘I wanted to suggest a restaurant but I thought that might not be appropriate.’

‘In what way?’ Evan asked before taking a sip of his wine.

Rob took a gulp of is beer. He looked really nervous.

‘Well, me and you must be about the only two gay guys in town. I didn’t want to look like I was hitting on you. Not when I needed to apologize for the way I had behaved in the past.’

Evan drained his glass. He could feel his cock throbbing in pants. His mouth felt really dry and he realized he had a choice: he could harp on about the past or he could let Rob make amends by giving Evan access to that big, beautiful ass of his.

‘If you only knew what I’m thinking right now…’ Evan’s voice trailed away.

‘What? What are you thinking?’ Rob sounded really concerned like he was afraid Evan would get up and walk out.

‘I’m thinking how much I would love to spread your beefy cheeks and eat your ass.’ Evan replied.

‘Rob blushed, then smiled.

‘Wow, mister! You didn’t mince your words do you?’ Rob said. ‘I would love to fuck you, right here on this table, with all these people watching.’

‘You wouldn’t.’ Evan teased.

‘I’m feeling that horned up I think I could.’ Rob shot back and Evan could see he meant it.

Evan managed to steer the conversation back to more neutral territory. Now that both men were sure what they would be getting up later that night they were able to calm themselves down a little and enjoy the food and catching up on what each had been up to over the years. It was the most delicious time that Evan could remember in a long time, looking across at the handsome bear and hanging on his every word, wanting to hold his hand , wanting to kiss him right there at the table. It was Rob who eventually reached across and laid his hand over Evan’s after the waiter had cleared their plates away. He squeezed it very gently.

‘Do you think güvenilir bahis siteleri we should skip dessert?’ Rob asked.

‘We’d better.’ Evan croaked. ‘I don’t think I can hold out much longer.

Evan could hardly remember the drive back home from the restaurant; all of his blood had drained south and was pumping up his hard dick that leaked oodles of precum into his underpants. Somehow they made it through the front door and then Rob pulled Evan into his arms and kissed him and all the hurt and pain and loneliness melted away. Rob was an unbelievably good kisser and Evan’s hard cock was crushed up against Rob’s thick club.

Eventually Evan could stand it no more and he reached down and stroked Rob’s thick sausage through his jeans.

‘You’re in a hurry, aren’t you?’ Rob asked.

‘I can’t wait any more!’ Evan cried.

‘Never let it be said that I’m not romantic.’ Rob replied as he unbuttoned his shirt revealing thick tufts of dark hair. ‘I would like to take our time and savour this special night but if you can’t wait that’s okay by me too.’

Evan took Rob’s hand and led him to the sofa. The big guy was right. This magical night could never be relived; he needed to slow down and make it last as long as possible. Evan turned to Rob now and put his right arm around Rob’s shoulder and kissed him as he slid his left hand up and down the warm skin of his torso and over the jungle of fur on his chest. Every now and then he tweaked Rob’s nipples and got him so worked up that now it was his turn to beg for sex.

‘Please,’ he whispered in Evan’s ear ‘I need you inside me now.’

Evan could not resist such an offer. He took Rob by the hand and led him into the bedroom. He quickly stripped Rob’s jeans off him and gasped as he caught sight of that pale, furry fat ass. It was the ass of his dreams and he quickly forced Rob face down on the bed. Taking a few minutes to admire the beauty of Rob’s big ass Evan’s lust was boiling over as he stroked Rob’s firm, furry thighs. Then he parted those meaty mounds and caught sight of the blushing rosebud buried deep in Rob’s furry crack. Evan pressed his face into Rob’s crack and inhaled the overwhelming scent of a man; how he had longed for that scent to fill his nostrils these past two years. Still stroking Rob’s thighs he let his face fall fully into Rob’s crack as he began eating his ass in earnest.

Rob yelped and ground his hips into the bed, rubbing his sensitive cockhead against the duvet then pushing his big ass back onto Evan’s probing tongue. This dude was giving him the best rimming of his life and he was putty in Evan’ hands. A string of precum drooled out of Rob’s thick cock as Evan ate his ass so good and iddaa siteleri stroked his big balls. And then at last he felt Evan begin to rub some lube over his pucker and Rob sighed and relaxed into surrender. Evan expertly lubed Rob’s hungry hole until it glistened and winked at Evan, inviting him into its depths.

Evan quickly stripped and rubbed his cock up and down Rob’s slippery crack. It felt so incredibly good after two years of abstinence that he just about shot his bolt as the underside of his cockhead rubbed over the wrinkled folds of Rob’s juicy sluthole.

‘Please, please…’Rob begged.

Evan was happy to oblige. He pressed his flared knob against Rob’s pucker and felt it yield. Soon he was sliding into its warm, slippery depths. Each nerve in his body was into overdrive as he took his first thrust into Rob’s assguts. Rob’s ass was so tight and warm and yet yielding and juicy at the same time that Evan knew it was going to be a struggle to keep from cumming. He gritted his teeth and tried to think about the chores he need to do in is store as he pounded Rob’s beefy butt. It didn’t help that Rob was an expert at milking a man’s cock and he kept clenching his ring tight around Evan’s overheated cock and moaning as the pleasure in his ass spread throughout his big, beefy body.

‘Gonna cum, gonna cum…’ Evan moaned.

Rob responded by really working Evan’s cock with his ass, determined to drain him of every last drop of man juice. Evan’ leaking cock had made the passage up Rob’s hot ass even more blissful and now he couldn’t hold back any longer. He surrendered and bellowed out his defeat as his cock erupted sending a gush of hot jism shooting deep into Rob’s greedy ass. As the sounds of his lover’s orgasm reached his ears and Evan’s love sauce coated Rob’s innards his own orgasm gripped him and he shuddered and moaned as his thick cock spewed a massive load of thick spunk onto Evan’s duvet.

The lovers lay panting in the afterglow until Evan’s soft cock fell from Rob’s ass. Evan parted Rob’s cheeks and saw his creamy goo starting to seep out of Rob’s well used hole that was now a bright red colour. The fur in Rob’s crack was matted down with a mixture of lube, precum and spunk and Evan had never seen anything so fucking hot before. He knew then that he wanted this ass for all time.

‘Will you stay the night?’ He asked Rob.

‘I’d stay forever, if you’d have me.’ Rob replied.

‘Are you serious?’ Evan asked as he cuddled up to Rob.

‘Yeah,’ Rob replied as he looked deep into Evan’s eyes. ‘I’ve been roaming for far too long. I need to put down roots. And any guy that can make me cum without even touching myself, well, I think there’s potential there for us, don’t you.’

‘Absolutely.’ Evan replied as he stroked Rob’s belly.

The pair drifted off to sleep happy in the knowledge that the future had something to offer them and it was going to be a whole better than the past.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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