So Much More Than a Memory

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So Much More Than a Memory

Melanie knew that Alain would again be working late. Her studious nephew had his final exams to complete and with that he would soon be gone from the University of Caen; her lodger of some three years out of her sight, but not her mind.

Her home would be emptier, the sound of his laughter, his choice of music, their conversations over supper when he was around at weekends would be heard no more. They would be missed; achingly so; his companionship and attentiveness relied upon. He had his girlfriends; some even stayed over. When that happened it caused unbearable strains in their relationship, and she would wonder if he would leave and find lodgings somewhere else.

But something made Alain stop short of such a drastic move, and she had chosen to believe that it was more than just a blood tie between them that kept him by her side.

Alain cared more for her than he would say. Instead, he would have a soft word to express his concern that she ate the wrong things, sipped too much wine; in effect was letting herself go and for only too understandable reasons.

‘It won’t make up for him leaving you, aunt…’

‘I damn well know that!’

She had spoken out angrily, meeting his concerned look upon her as she stood in the doorway, a glass in hand, and saw him at work on his laptop; his long-sleeved T loose and the sleeves pushed up his arms; his slender feet poking out from his jeans, the hems frayed. She had watched how he pushed back the tumble of his long hair; the richness of its colour so reminiscent of her sister. It seemed to run in the family; she was blessed with it too, much good that it did her.

She heard him sigh and sit back; to raise his arms and to stretch. ‘Sorry…I just don’t want you to wreck what you have…your looks and vivacity…your joie de vivre.’

He was seen to look over his shoulder and shrug, as if a confession had been wrung out of him. She took more from his look upon her than simply one of concern.

Something snapped in her on hearing what he had said. She had gone to Alain and put an arm about his neck; leant forward to nuzzle a kiss to his cheek. His eyes had widened in surprise at her behaviour; had then drifted to how her work blouse had opened to reveal her cleavage; her breasts brushing his neck.

Alain had moved to kiss her; she’d squirmed on feeling his hand slip under her skirt and stroke the back of her thighs; found the skin behind her knees, before offering sliding caresses until she stopped the progress of his fingers. She could lose it so quickly if he went on.

‘I…I can’t think straight sometimes…knowing what you’ve been through…that you should not be alone…not a woman like you….that…that as your nephew…family…I should not feel what I do for you.’

‘You…you crazy boy,’ she had countered as he stopped her at his door; bahis siteleri his arms around her waist and she having to still the progress of his hands as they cupped her heavy, pendulous breasts. She felt the heat in his breaths; shivered on feeling him press against her; knew that his arousal matched what she felt so quickly; the ache of wanton longing that could only be stilled by…

Why should she not be taken to bed? Melanie knew that her body needed release from her unresolved frustrations, and that fingering her body was no substitute for; the ways of a man bringing her to a shattering orgasm. She had thought, often

enough, of Alain’s hands bringing that to her; better still his penis parting the lips of her pussy and plumbing her. Just to think of her nephew, so strong and vibrant, was enough to bring her on. All that they shared would remain their secret.

Now, as he held her against him in the dim light of her bedroom, she felt his hands fondle her soft naked breasts and to slowly progress over the rounded firmness of her belly and push under the hem of her panties.

‘Let me…let me take them off,’ she gasped and pushed his hands away; performed a little act of strip tease for him as Alain tore away his clothes.

She ached to have his fingers in her body, and she held out her hands; felt no shame in all that he saw of her; leant back against him and had Alain delight in what he could cup in his hands; to feel the brush of his fingers lightly move over her nipples; to then feel him pinch and tug on them.

‘So beautiful…so full and beautiful…so heavy, Melanie,’ he murmured in deep appreciation. ‘I’ve always loved your breasts… the sign to me of a passionate woman…the giver of life.’

‘Darling…you darling with your words!’

She met his deepening kisses; squirmed on feeling his fingers trace a path into her; to feel them caress, one of them bent to tease the sides of where she ached for him to now be. To hell with the preambles; she wanted to be fucked and know of it with him.

‘The night will be so different from all that have gone before…’

‘Yes…yes!’ she gasped as his fingers fucked her; moved faster and faster, and all she could do was to grip Alain’s prick as he pressed against her and brought his claims to a shattering climax. She turned enough to silence her cries against his mouth; sucked on his probing tongue; knew that it too would soon be in her body. Her hungering sighs had given way to moans of pleasure that his kisses failed to silence.

His hand was on her chin, and he lifted her head, enough to kiss her throat and breathe in her heat; to gaze down at the tumble of those breasts. They inflamed the senses; it was her body that he ached to know of and that was now gloriously exposed to his gaze and touch.

Melanie pulled on his hands s they shuffled towards her canlı bahis siteleri bed. Alain allowed her no time; simply turned her and pushed so that she fell back; his hands on her feet soon pushing her legs up and apart and he gloried in her pink folds; saw them glisten and reached out to touch them once more before lowering his mouth to her.

‘You have seen…can have all of me now!’ she gasped, her hands in his hair as she guided him in his claims upon her; improper claims that defied all reason but would restore her.

‘You’re gorgeous…mazing,’ was all that he could find to say; her naked body to be feasted upon; his kisses to the sides of her full breasts; he traces circles over them with his tongue and wet lips, getting closer to her nipples. She moans as he claims them; flicks his tongue over her nipples as his finger resume their questing touches, in time with his kisses and sucks.

‘Let me do something for you!’ she calls out; feels his hands slide down her thighs as he settles before her; kneels and she takes his trembling, arcing prick in her hands; meets his lingering look upon her before she lowered her wet lips and engulfs the tip in her mouth; begins to slowly suck upon it; slides her fingers down to his sac and squeezes.

He groans; grabs her hair and shivers; will go crazy on feeling her do this for him; his aunt’s performing a wonderful, lewd act on his aching prick. He reaches for her breasts and squeezes them hard; fills his hands with them; bends to meet her snorted kisses.

‘It’s you and me…there’s so much more to this than what we do together…’

Melanie’s lips circled his penis and tugged upon it; nipped it as she worked it; knew that Alain could lose it and do that in her mouth. She languished in what she did for him; moved her tongue over him; her saliva lubricating the skin that she now wanted to have buried in her body; other muscles to tug and squeeze until she drained him.

‘Hm…hmmm! Melanie…slow down!’ He was experiencing acts on his prick like never before; guided her; put his hands in Melanie’s tumble of long silky hair; remembered his times of jerking off to visions of her; when a girl had ditched him, and he had no one to lose his load with.

‘I will my darling…I will.’ She took him deeply; felt his beautifully long, strong prick touch the back of her throat.

‘No now…oh…merde!’ Alain put his hands to his head in dismay as he bursts; as his orgasm wracks his body; as spurts of his semen spatter onto her chin and breasts.

He bends to kiss her; feels Melanie reach between their bodies and pull his penis to her opening; pull on his hips to bring him into her as…as a wet finger was pushed into his anus; massaged him to stimulate his prostate.

‘You…you crazy woman…you wonder!’ he yelled, thrusting his stiff penis into her in one long stroke; that soon canlı bahis sees them rutting like demented beasts; their calls to each other filling the room; the bed creaking; the ferocity of his claims upon her having the headboard slam against the wall.

‘Let me now!’

He gasps in surprise as Melanie pushes him away and he lies back; she straddles him; silences any protestations with her kisses as she reaches between them and presses his prick to her opening; settles back on his thighs before pushing forward to take him; then rests upon him; her hips moving to pull on his penis as they share in the heated breaths of effort.

‘Let me see you!’ he gasps, and she moves; rises and falls on him in a furious rhythm; her breasts swaying and jerking; stilled by his hands and greedy mouth.

‘I…I love what…what you do to me, Alain my darling….what you do to them!’ she cries out; dragging her mouth from his kisses and she gushes; shudders in her orgasm as he again lets it all go in her. Their gasps of breath and words of avowal for hat has been shared fill the room.

‘Okay?’ he asks on halting breaths as Melanie leans over him; her breasts caressing his enervated skin. ‘You lost me for a while…’

She wants to speak of it differently.

‘I’ve loved you all the while…didn’t know if I’d ever get the chance to tell you…or show you.’ She leans forward and meets a soft kiss; does enough just to have her nipples caress his skin. She hears his soft breaths of wonder at what she does; he allows her to continue. ‘Ours is a forbidden love…’

‘And it’s one I cannot get enough of…’

‘You’ve made my dreams become real,’ she whispers against his lips as she presses her body against him and feels the slow caresses of his hands over her back, then clench her buttocks. ‘Yes, I want to keep you in me…and make me feel so alive again.’

She has taken to wondering if the night with him is the beginning of a different story for her, one that will be fraught with difficulty; or one that is to become an arrangement between a lover and his mistress. Would Alain, her nephew and desiring lover of her body and all that she brought, think in that way also, or had he succumbed to a moment’s weakness; satisfied a burning lust for her and what he had seen of her; the fleshy beauty of an older woman; someone…someone who was his aunt; a woman abandoned and seemingly unloved until he had brought new joys to her?

‘I’ll get us some wine…and we drink to a different story,’ he tells her and eases Melanie from him.

‘And I’ll clean myself up. I’m covered in the love you brought to me…’

Melanie felt his fingers trace a path over her body as they stood in her bedroom. Her eyes shone with a new found happiness. She had chosen lust, her own brand of love for him, over proper and correct familial behaviour. She would mend and do that in the arms of Alain.

They each had so much to gain and to lose; their loving would not interfere with his studies. She had a stake in his future too.

It was likely to be a decision that neither of them would regret.

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