Rt 66 – A New Road Adventure Pt. 04

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Grand Canyon same Story New People.

When we get to the Grand Canyon. The girls wanted to stay in the Cavern Suite. We got a room, amazing. Sleeping under ground, We put our bags on one of the beds, and we all would sleep in the other.

We went up looked at the adventures, we all agreed we had to do everything, so we signed up and we enjoyed everything offered. First night we ate an easy meal. Then I had to go for a run, the girls decided to run with me. They did ok, I met them on my way back. Not bad first time out. We just sat and watched the sunset, ate snacks. Liza was tired and asked if we could get to bed so we weren’t late for our first excursion. The girls all got ready for bed; they actually wore nightgowns. They kissed me good night and we all curled in for a what would turn out to be a good night sleep. I woke first made coffee and marveled seeing all three hugging but dressed. Vicki smelled the coffee, she turned to ask but there was a cup next to her. She smiled and said thank you. We watched Liza and Dory sleep. Dory jumped up, is it time?

“Not yet just enjoying you two sleeping. “

“Well, I smell coffee, she jumped up got a cup and ran to the bathroom. She came out naked. And sat with us. Liza woke a few minutes later.

“Ok where’s the coffee, I handed her a cup. She took a sip, smiled, and ran to the bathroom. She also came out naked.

“Shower is tiny”

“Vicki, “Coffee first then shower.”

Each of the girls took a shower separately, got dressed, making sure I could see.

Then told me to hurry, it’s time.

I don’t know these girls; it was funny watching them.

Vicki came up to me, “You, ok?”

“Yes, I’m just enjoying the excitement of you three this morning, you’re actually excited about this days trips.”

“Best keep your eyes open, they aren’t wearing panties, she pulled her shorts to show me. I knew it was too good to be true. I kissed her, and off she went.

After the donkey ride, they went straight to the room, they were in pain, normally it is rough on people, but they didn’t wear panties. They sat on the bed with wash cloths between their legs. I couldn’t laugh, but I was inside. I took care of them the best I could.

Vicki, “I guess our plans kind of backfired today, do you mind if we just relax tonight.”

I hugged her, “You guys relax, I’m going to watch the sunset and get a beer and snack. I’ll be quiet returning.” Each girl thanked me and kissed me.

I enjoyed the evening when two young ladies asked me to take a picture of them with the sun behind them. I said sure, they stood nicely I snapped several pictures, and they said thank you. I watched them walk away, they were beautiful.

I finished watching the sun, and there is a tap on my shoulder. It was one of the girls.

Meeting Frank and Jennifer and their children.

“Hi, I’m Jesse, my sister is Jackie. You may not remember my sister and I, but we were at the party the other night. That was really nice of you and your friends to do that.”

“Hi, I’m George, It was fun, glad you enjoyed yourselves.”

“I came back to you to see if you and your friends would like to join us in a party tomorrow night, right over on the other side of your trees. We are going to attempt to have a party as nice as you did.”

“Well, I will mention it to the girls, I bet we will join. We will be here awhile to enjoy all that is offered.”

“Thank you, we look forward to seeing you.”

I headed back to my room and there stood Vicki, she was smiling and asked if we could go for a walk, it was nice out.

“Well, that is just what the Doctor ordered, a nice walk and a hot babe.”

So, we walked for an hour, and headed back, when we got to the room, we were almost laughing when we saw Liza and Dory sleeping in the other bed.

George, “Did you plan this?”

“No, not sure why they are sleeping there, and they are dressed.”

“Well, I’ll get the lights,” I kissed Liza and Dory goodnight. Turned off the lights, I got in bed and Vicki was naked. I laughed and pulled her to me.

“George, I love you, good night.”

“I love you also Vicki.”

We were asleep until about five. Then I felt three naked women in bed with me, they were busy somewhere on me. I laughed,

“Are we heading out this morning.”

Liza was on my cock riding me like a cowgirl.

“Yup, but we need our morning pick up.”

Dory sat on my face; she was holding her lips wide open. “Ready George,”

“Oh Yes”

Vicki was behind Liza. It lasted a while and then they all jumped on my chest. “Get up will you, we have things to do.”

I grabbed them pushed them down and licked each of them. Ok, let’s get ready. Vicki hit the shower, when she came out, she jumped on my lap. She rode me hard and came in moments. “Thank you I needed you.”

We all got dressed and spent the day having fun, people would look at me wondering about my relation. One old couple really kept their eyes on me.

Vicki saw them, she came over and sat on my lap, yalova escort gave me a big kiss. Then Liza, came over and did the same. Five minutes later Dory did, but she lifted her skirt a little. The woman said something and they walked off. We all laughed.

Jesse saw us and ran over, I introduced her to everyone.

“Are you all coming tonight?”

“We are looking forward to it, you sure we can’t bring anything.”

“Nope just these pretty ladies.” She smiled and ran away.

“Careful ladies, looks like someone has their eyes on you.”

They all blushed. “Maybe it will be a fun party after all.

We went back and showered, dressed in regular clothing, I checked to see if the girls had panties on, they laughed at me and slapped me.

I told them “have fun, don’t be out to late.”

We walked there hand in hand.

Jesse and Jackie ran to us, and took the girls to show them around, I walked up to the guy cooking.

“Hi, I’m Jack, I see you met my daughters.”

“Yes, I’m George. I’m traveling with the three your daughters kidnapped.”

“Not your daughters?”

“No, we ran into each other heading to the same place.”

“Interesting way to travel George.”

“Yes, it has been fun”

“My wife and I have our hands full with daughters and two sons, I can’t imagine, your days.”

“They are great girls, we have a great relationship, in all ways.”

“I see, well good luck, I think they would kill me.”

“I sometimes I think they will.”

“George, this is my wife, Jennifer.”

“Hi Jennifer, I’m George.”

“Hi George, we met a few nights ago, I was with Betsy when you were talking about her night to come.”

Phil and Betsy were the ones that threw the party, wonderful people.

She smiled at me and walked to her daughters.

“George, everyone here knows what you and the girls did for Betsy, that was a very good thing to do. Phil and I talked for a long time; he was ready to give up. He felt like a failure to his wife. What I hear they are still in the same room.”

“I heard the same thing; seems Phil found his mojo.”

“May I ask how you were able to do it, I hear bits and pieces, and it doesn’t sound like it was just sex, sounded like you and the girls found out their issues and woke them up. Phil has been hard for days.”

I explained what the girls had come up with and how the real issue was Betsy not George. Once she got her engine started, she found the love she has always had for him.”

Do you think the girls can help us? Jenn is perfect, but I just don’t seem to be able to do anything right.”

Jennifer walked back up on us before we knew she was there, “It’s not that at all, you are a remarkable man, I’m happy and lucky to have you. But you seem to be more interested in looking at other women than being with me. George looked at her body,

Jenn, “do you see any reason Frank couldn’t appreciate it.”

She dropped her rob, and under it was a woman that could use some walking exercise, little belly on her, and her trunk droop. But beauty was not the reason,

nor were her breast, they were excellent, big round nipples pointing to the sky, and about a D Cup. Beautiful mound with think black hair, long black hair on her head just past her shoulders. I found her very attractive.

“Jennifer, “I’m in no place to judge what your husband likes or doesn’t like, but you’re a very attractive woman. If I may say so you made my cock hard.”

Cars were driving down the highway so Jennifer turned and put her bathrobe back on, then returned to her trailer. She turned at the door dropped the robe and looked at me. Then she smiled, sadly and walked in closing the door,

“George, sorry about that, I wasn’t expecting her to show you, her body. I guess I’ve gotten used to it.”

“Frank, I can see a couple things, but I’m not sure what is bothering you. When she dropped her robe, you never turned to look at her, now she is in your trailer crying. Not to be rude, but I got an erection right away.”

The girls came running up to us with Franks four kids. The girls were in Bikini’s and the boys in swimmers trunks. The girls were so hot, and the boys were good looking. I could see they were hanging very well and the girls were well endowed. They also looked like they had no bushes.

Jennifer came back out with just bathing suit bottoms on, which was allowed at this park. Once again Frank never looked at her. She saw my erection and smiled.

Jennifer, “George I was wondering if you can help Frank and I? I love this man, but we seem to be miles apart and I don’t want to lose him.”

George, “Jennifer I can talk to the girls and see what they think.

Jennifer, “Frank, can I go over with him and see what the girls think?”

Frank, “Sure, I’ll be a while preparing the food. So maybe send the kids over to help me if you would.”

Yes, they need to be sent away to let us help.

I follow George, “George is it my breast? Are they to big? He never touches them, nor does he do oral yalova escort bayan sex with me. My son Tom tasted me and smelled me against his wishes, but he caught me in the bathroom crying. He told me I smelled very good and that he would eat me anytime.”

“Have you had sex with your boys?

“Just Tom tasting me.”

“How about your girls?”

She looked at me and she frowned. One night I was home and in bed crying.

Jesse, and Jackie had come home early from school. Graduation was coming up and they needed some help from me on some things. They knocked and I didn’t answer right away, I was naked and feeling ashamed of myself.

They came running in thinking I was hurt. When they saw me naked, they both said they were sorry they thought I was hurt. They sat on the bed with me asking questions about my crying. I told them I’m upset because their dad refuses to touch me or have sex with me. Then Jackie reached over and started to play with my nipples.

Jackie, “Mom these are perfect, and they get so big when touched, then she put one in her mouth, she had me shaking in minutes. Jesse joined her on my other nipple. I was shaking and crying. To make matters worse, or better each of them put a finger in my pussy and started rubbing my g-spot. I was coming so much. I had to stop them, but I couldn’t. Then one would stop, then the other. When my orgasms stopped, they were both naked. Their bodies were very similar to mine. They sat up on their knees and both presented me a nipple, it was hard but fun. Then I put two fingers in each of them. We all came so fast. We laid next to each other and we hugged while I continued to cry.

Jesse said yes, Jackie said just this one time.

“How would you like to learn to give and receive oral sex?”

Jackie, “I’ve always wanted a boy to do 69 with me, but so far they think it is gross.”

Jess, “One time with my best friend, it wasn’t that good, we didn’t know what to do.”

“Jess please lay down and spread your legs.”

“Yes Mom” She laid down, spread her legs, Jennifer explained the parts to help them understand sex with a woman. Jennifer started her oral training, Jess at first watched her in shock and amazement. Jackie was right at her sisters pussy watching. They both had them trimmed to just a little spot above their clit. Jennifer asked Jess, “Jess how does it feel so far?”

“Mom, I’ve never felt anything like this with Gary, he is always in a hurry.”

Jackie, why don’t you take my place and do what I was doing.”

I then went above Jess so she could look up at my pussy.

“Mom, I love the look and smell of your vagina.”

I lowered myself down on her, “Now Jess lick me just as you felt me lick you.”

“We went on like that for a couple hours, switching places and asking and answering questions. When we were done, we curled up into each other’s arms and fell asleep. When I woke up, I woke the girls and told them to hurry to their beds, I was worried Jack saw us. I went downstairs and he was passed out drunk on the living room floor. Door wide open. I was standing there naked, slammed the door fast and tried to wake him. He never drinks so I was worried what happened.”

George, “How were the girls since this happened?

Jenn, “I have heard them together a couple times, not sure if they do it with their brothers, or other women. Never had the nerve to ask. But they know why I was crying, and we have been closer ever since.”

George, “May I ask why you are sitting here with me with no top on and some very transparent bikini bottoms?”

Jenn, “Thank you for noticing, Frank never says anything to me when I walk around him in something skimpy or nude.”

George, “Well, there is no reason I can see for him not to pay attention.”

Jenn smiled as they looked at Georges cock in his shorts.

Jenn pulled down her suit bottom to her knees. Stood up did a turned then sat down pulling them back up. I stopped her. She smiled.

George, “Thanks for stopping, I think you are a very attractive and beautiful woman. You definitely caught my attention doing the spin.”

Jenn, “May I get a fast look at your cock?”

I stood up, unzipped, and pulled it out, she gasped. Then she touched it, then took the head into her mouth. She was going to stop, but she asked if she could continue, she was like a baby to a nipple, she was sucking my head so fast like she hadn’t eaten in days.

George, “Jen slow down a minute.” To have a man enjoy a blow job you have to get him to know it’s about him. You take your time, look into his eyes, then as he is involved you take as much of his cock into your mouth and suck slow at first, when you feel his penis begin to swell and his balls get tight you move faster, unless he ask before that. I’ll have The girls show you.”

“Can I continue this for now, this is just for me, sorry being selfish, but I haven’t had a cock in my mouth a long time.”

George, “I would like that.”

Jenn continued to suck me, it was rough but lust is very powerful, escort yalova she needs to learn passion also, nothing wrong with lust if used right.

Liza was explaining to the four kids that they should go help their dad prepare dinner, and when dinner is over, they should clean up. She would meet them after she gets things going and if they want to enjoy some sex lesson’s she would be glad to help. Each of them looked at each other and smiled.

George finally came and Jenn got some in her mouth most of it went down her cheeks landing on her breast. She was going to clean it off with her bottoms.

George, “No, stay like that we can use this as part of your training.”

Jenn, “This is gross, how can you use this?”

George, “Please trust us, we will show you all kinds of things to make you desire Frank in a whole new way.”

Jenn sat up to pull up her bottom, George again asked her not to. He looked around and they were still alone. “One more thing Jenn please sit.”

Jenn sat down her bottoms fell to the ground. George bent down to pick them up, she lifted one foot at a time. Then George spread her legs. She had a wild bush, and he loved it. But he went down and started to eat her out. Jenn was as tight as a rope holding a battleship. She had a smile so wide and her eyes bulging. She was coming seconds after George licked her, he could tell Frank needed some help, his wife was desperate for his love and sex.

When she started to look like she couldn’t move anymore I stopped. Took her bottoms and wiped my face. We heard her kids coming, so we hid in a bush. Jenn took that second to sit on my lap and impaled herself almost screaming. I had to kiss her to stop her from making noise. She calmed down as the kids walked by. They were so hot with their large breast swinging, and their little bathing suits bottoms, the boys in spandex. Each sister had a brothers cock in their hand.

When they were out of site Jenn finished riding me. She came a few times. Then kissed me. I smiled at her and kissed back, she was a Horney woman and she felt wonderful, I wanted to continue but we had to catch the girls.

We showed up at my camper, the three girls were there. Vicki laughed when she saw the juices on both of us, they had us sit, and Dory and Liza cleaned us up with their tongues. Vicki got Jenn a new bathing suit. Jenn tried it on, “This is so hot, I wish I could wear these.” Liza walked to her, straightened the straps. “This is yours, and maybe another if it fits.”

George, “Okay we have to go eat, then the kids are going to clean up. Liza will take it from there.”

Liza, “From what you and Frank have said you need us to wake up some desire, so George and I will help you, and Vicki and Dory will help Frank, there will be sex involved with this, are you ok with us having sex with Frank?”

“Yes, thank you”

They left for the picnic, George was stopped by Vicki, she pulled his pants down and mounted him. “I just need to feel you before you get going tonight, I am falling in love with you. You are a wonderful man.” I kiss George with passion and we make love fast. Then we kiss and meet everyone for food. Dory and Liza tease me about screwing George already, I just smiled.

George, we had a great time eating and I was erect the hole time, seeing all these young women with no tops on was hard. Suddenly Jenn takes off her bottoms, then her daughters do. The other three follow. The boys hesitate, because they had erections, so I pull mine off, then they felt better. Frank didn’t move. Jenn was going to say something and Liza stopped her.

“Frank, would you dance with me?”

“Sure, if you wish.” He still didn’t have an erection. The kids were talking and pointing. Frank Jr., “God Dad if I was dancing with Liza my pecker would poke her in the eye. His dad looked down, then at her body. That did the trick, Frank realized how hot she was and he looked at his wife. We all smiled as his 9” was erect. Liza was almost drooling when she felt it on her stomach. They finished the dance and Frank walked to his wife and sat next to her. Jenn was smiling.

George to the kids, “We have a job for you guys as we go over to our picnic area, could you clean up please.?”

Though they knew what was going to happen, they acted like most young adults, Frank Jr, adults always pawning stuff off on us because we are younger.”

George handed him some cash, “After you clean up go have a treat at the café on me.”

“Now you’re talking.” The daughters came over and hugged George squeezing him hard.

“Thank you.”

Frank, “Put your clothing on before going there.” They kissed their dad and smiled,

“Off course we will Dad.” He shook his head, oh boy.

The five of us walked over to our camper and Liza asked some more questions.

Then told George that Dory and Vicki would be helping him, “We need to know from both of you if you are ok with us having sex with your partner?”

They looked at each other, “Frank, is this really necessary?”

Liza,” Frank your daughters and the four of us stood naked in front of you, you didn’t say a word you didn’t get excited, you didn’t even yell at your daughters for being naked in front of everyone. Yes, sex will be needed.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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