Paul’s Sister is a Tease

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How could I have been so stupid? I was supposed to be very clever, and at only eighteen, I had enough qualifications and academic awards to prove that I really was. So why had she fooled me, and for so long?

Ten minutes later, after giving it more thought, I wasn’t troubled any more. My intellectual integrity was restored because I now realized that I hadn’t been stupid, I’d simply been naive, and because of my young age, that was excusable. That was a relief. I was proud of my superior intelligence, and I didn’t like it being doubted.

It started a month ago, on a Friday evening. I can even remember the time, it was nine fifteen. I was watching television when my Sister burst into my room. I was about to tell her off for not knocking, but because It was obvious that she was upset, I thought it best to keep my mouth shut. Had I done something wrong? I hoped not. My Sister venting her anger at me was the last thing that I needed.

“I hate her. She says I can’t wear it. I’m twenty one years old, I can wear what I want.”

Then to emphasise how angry she was, she stamped her feet like a child having a tantrum. It looked funny, but I had the good sense to not laugh.

She was now looking at me, waiting for me to agree with her.

I gave a deep sigh. Why did they always have to argue, and why did Miya think that I could persuade Mother to let her wear it? Both of them were strong-willed, it would need the wisdom of Solomon to resolve this. Yes, I was clever, but I wasn’t sure that I was that wise.

“So what’s the problem with your clothes?”

I’d asked her, but I already knew the answer. She was an attractive woman, and she knew it. Her philosophy was, ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it’. And she definitely had it. It was a certainty that the clothes that she wanted to wear would not be hiding her ample curves.

“She says it’s too revealing. I’ll show it to you, and you can decide.”

I was now waiting for her to return. Of course, it would be unsuitable, and when I was to tell her that, she would be angry with me as well. I would need to choose my words carefully, but no matter how skilful I was, I knew that she would not be happy with me.

When she was back she was eager for my opinion.

“So what do you think?”

I thought that she would just bring the clothes to me, but instead she was wearing them. They were worse than I’d expected them to be. It was going to be difficult giving her an honest opinion of them without upsetting her.

Her outfit consisted of a skirt and blouse. So what’s wrong with that? If you could see her in them, then you wouldn’t need to ask.

The skirt was short, any shorter, perhaps only by an inch, and I’d be able to see her panties. That was bad enough, but the blouse was outrageous. It only had two buttons, and they were low down, so it was open at the top. It had been designed to show a lot of cleavage, and it was. However, its creator would not be pleased with her. It was a stylish top, and with the correct bra, it would be seen as daring rather than slutish. But my Sister wasn’t wearing the correct one, in fact, she wasn’t wearing one at all. And because the top was at least one size too small, her tits were squashed against the material so that the outline of her nipples was clearly visible. I was surprised to see how big they were. Looking at them was making me feel uncomfortable so I had to avert my eyes.

“I think Mother has a point.”

Through gritted teeth, she replied with, “Why do you say that?”

I started with the easy bit.

“Your skirt is too short. If you were to bend over, even just slightly, then your panties would be exposed.”

“That’s silly. I won’t be bending over,” and then, while grinning, and with her hands on her hips, she added, “And what makes you think that I’m wearing any?”

That shocked me, and I didn’t know what to say. Worryingly, there was now only one thing on my mind, her pussy, and that was something that I didn’t want to think about. She was my Sister, and that was her most private place. For me, her Brother, it was a taboo subject.

“What about my blouse?”

Now I was concentrating on her tits, and that was worse, because unlike her pussy, they were clearly visible. I’d seen her large breasts covered in lots of different ways before, but not like this. It was almost as if she was topless.

Because the blouse was too small, it was straining to contain her two mounds. Any second now at least one of the buttons would pop and her tits would spill out. I knew that it was wrong, but I was hoping that it would happen. And my cock was as well, because there was now more blood in it than there should be when I was looking at my Sister. If she was to ask me if she was exciting me, then I’d strenuously deny it, but the truth is that she was.

“I’m waiting.”

Waiting for what? Then I realized that I hadn’t commented on the top that she was wearing. I’d been too busy admiring her impressive breasts. If I didn’t say something soon she was going to wonder yalova escort what was going on.

“You’re showing a lot of cleavage, and because you aren’t wearing a bra, I can clearly see the outline of your nipples.”

“And why is that a problem?”

It wasn’t a problem for me, or for my cock, but it was for our Mother. And if she was to go out in public like this, then it would be a problem for any man with a weak heart who was unfortunate enough to have a good look at her tits. It would give them a heart attack!

“As she’s already told you, it’s too revealing.”

That got a snort of derision from her.

“I hate her, she’s always complaining about what I wear. She never says anything about your clothes.”

That was because I didn’t walk around with my balls hanging out, or my trousers so tight that you could see the outline of my cock. But I didn’t tell her that. It was best to stay quiet and just let her blow off some steam.

“And I have a good body, so why can’t I show it off?”

That was true, it was a body that most women wanted to have, and one that most men wanted to touch. I was a man, so was that true of me? That was a question that I would prefer not to answer.

This time it had been said with less anger. Good, she was calming down. And now she was even smiling.

“I do have a good body, don’t I?”

She didn’t need me to reassure her, it was a given, but I was happy to say yes. However, before I could, she said more. And it was something that I hadn’t expected her to say.

“My tits are firm and I have big nipples.”

Then, in case I didn’t believe her, she started touching herself. She was squeezing them to demonstrate their firmness. I knew that I should look away, but I couldn’t. She wasn’t doing it to excite me, but it was. To me it was highly erotic, and my cock could not be any harder.

I looked at the door. If Mother was to come in now, and see what she was doing, then both of us would be in trouble. When my eyes were back on her I was shocked.

“Have you ever seen a bigger one than this?”

I couldn’t speak. If I was to open my mouth I knew that no words would come out of it, so instead I just shook my head. She’d pushed her blouse to one side so that the nipple was exposed, and now she was pulling on it. It was only uncovered for a few seconds, but what I’d seen was something that I would never forget. It wasn’t just long, it was thick. It was so big that you could hang your hat on it!

Then, without another word, not even a goodbye, she left.

Had that really happened? No, I must be dreaming. I pinched myself, so hard that it made me yelp. It had been painful, so I was definitely awake.

What she’d done had taken me by surprise, and it had been a strange thing to do, but after only a few minutes of deductive reasoning, I understood her actions. I was now pleased with myself because I’d solved the puzzle.

I’d deduced that she was proud of her tits, and because her emotions were high after her argument with Mother, she’d briefly lost control and done something stupid. She’d fondled them in front of me, and then she’d shown me a nipple, but only because she wanted to demonstrate that she had a good body. It was a foolish thing to do, but perfectly understandable considering the circumstances. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision. The best thing to do was to pretend that it hadn’t happened.

And I should be thoroughly ashamed of myself for getting excited. That was unforgivable.

But now, after the third incident, I’d realized that it had been planned. It had been a deliberate act. She’d done it to get me excited. She’d done it to tease me.

The second time was a week after the first, or as I refer to it now, ‘Nipplegate’. We were all watching television together. Mother was in her favourite chair, and Father was in his. She was knitting and he was doing the crossword from our local newspaper. I was on the sofa with Miya.

It was a half-decent film with quite a good story. I was enjoying it, but it was obvious that my Sister wasn’t, because she kept fidgeting. That was irritating me, and it was taking all of my self-control to stop myself from shouting at her. I just wanted a little peace and quiet so that I could enjoy the film. When she stood up I was pleased. She was going to bed. But then she sat back down, and this time in a different position.

Before, we had been side by side, but now she was facing me, with her knees drawn up. It wasn’t a good position for watching the television. To do that she was having to turn her head. However, that was her problem and not mine. So long as she didn’t stretch out her legs and kick me, as far as I was concerned she could sit any way that she wanted to.

There was now a car chase, and it was getting my full attention. While it was going on Miya had moved her legs, but I only noticed when I’d glanced at her to see if she was watching it.

Her legs were now apart, more than they should be, but not wide enough so that I could see her yalova escort bayan panties. She was my Sister, but I was only flesh and blood, so what I was seeing was exciting me. And now, the view between her slender legs was more appealing to me than the film.

I didn’t want to get caught looking up her skirt, so I was being careful. Just a furtive look, and then back to watching the film. But I soon realized that I could be bolder.

For the other two to see us they would have to turn their heads and look behind them, and all the time that we’d been watching the television they hadn’t done that. And now my Sister must be enjoying the film, because it was getting all of her attention. Her eyes were fixed on the television. So it was safe for me to take a longer look.

There wasn’t much to see, but it was enough to make my heart beat faster and for my cock to take an interest in it. I’ve never touched her legs, but I just knew that if I did, then they would be soft and silky-smooth. And that hand that was on her would not stay there, it would quickly make its way upwards towards her sweet pussy.

When it happened I almost gasped. My mouth had opened, but fortunately nothing came out. She’d suddenly moved her legs, and now they were wide open. Her panties that had been hidden were now clearly displayed. Why had she done that? There could only be one explanation. She was concentrating on the film, and had therefore forgotten that I was on the sofa with her.

I knew that I should look away, but I also knew that I wasn’t going to. Yes, not doing that would make me feel guilty, but I could live with that. This was too good an opportunity to ignore. And, without her knowing, I was only looking. As they say, no harm no foul.

What is it with men and panties? To women, men’s underwear is just that, an item of clothing. However, when a man sees a pair of used panties in the laundry basket he gets excited, and he might even sniff them. Women don’t do that. And when a man sees panties on a woman, then he’s going to park his brain and let his cock take over.

They were red, and very small. I’m no expert on women’s underwear, but to me, they looked expensive. And they were perfect for showing off her prized possession.

Because they were small, the material was stretched over her pussy, revealing all her contours. There were enough bulges to keep a lover interested for a long time.

As I continued to look at her, I started imagining what it would be like to explore her pussy with my fingers, or even better, explore it with my mouth. Even though I wanted to, I didn’t dare fantasize about putting my cock into her, because that was beyond my wildest dreams.

All those thoughts about her most intimate place was making my cock hard, and my excitement had gone up to the next level, but it was also bad because it was frustrating me. She was my Sister, so no matter how much I wanted her, I was never going to be able to have her.

Then I had a sudden thought, so powerful that it was like a bolt of lightning entering my brain. Should I touch her? Of course I wanted to, but that would be madness. If I did she would freak out, and I’d then have some explaining to do.

It would have to be, “Sorry, it was accidental,” and hopefully she would believe me.

But what I’d like to say would be, “Sorry, I couldn’t help it. Your pussy looked so good that I just had to touch it.”

To help me keep control of my emotions, so that I didn’t do anything stupid, I stopped looking up her skirt. I was now watching the television again. The film was coming to an end, When it finished I would go to bed. But I couldn’t resist one last look.

I couldn’t believe it. Her hand was now between her legs, and it was moving. It looked as if she was rubbing her pussy.

“I’m stuck on five across. Another word for discontented. Ten letters.”

That startled me, but Miya remained calm. Slowly, as if she had all the time in the world, she removed her hand. When Father turned his head to look at us, her hand was now by her side and her legs were closed.

“You two are clever, so what’s the answer?”

That was easy, because it was how I was feeling.

I said, “Frustrated,” and I was right!

A minute after the film had ended I was in my bedroom. After making sure to lock the door, my cock was out and I was furiously stroking it. I now wasn’t just looking at my Sister’s covered pussy, my fingers were on it. They were inside her panties, touching her opening and clit.

And that was as far as I got before spurting. It was a nice climax, but if it had been Miya’s hand on my cock then it would have been even better.

At the time, ‘Sofagate’, was easy to explain. She was relaxing, so she’d made herself more comfortable by spreading her legs, and she’d only done it in my presence because she’d forgotten that I was there. But what about the fingers on her pussy? No problem. She was just scratching an itch, like men often do with their balls.

Now I was wiser. She hadn’t escort yalova forgotten that I was there. She’d deliberately put on a show and I was the audience.

The third time ended an hour ago, and that was when the penny had dropped. The scheming bitch was doing it deliberately.

This is what happened.

The weather forecast for today had said that it would be warm, but it was wrong. It was actually hot. In fact, hot enough to sunbathe. And because it was a Saturday, I was taking the opportunity to enjoy the weather.

I’d only been in the garden for ten minutes when she joined me, and as soon as I saw her I knew that our parents were not at home.

And I’ll now explain how I knew that.

She was twenty one years old, an adult. She should be able to wear whatever she wants, whenever she wants. And that would happen if she lived in her own house. But because she lived at home, she had to abide by our parent’s rules or more specifically, Mother’s rules.

Our Mother was still an attractive woman, and her curves could almost match Miya’s. It was a body that most women would want to display, but not her. She dressed modestly, and so she expected her Daughter to behave in the same way.

So after seeing what my Sister was now wearing, I didn’t need to be Einstein to know that we were alone.

Technically it was a bikini, but really it was just a few square inches of flimsy material. But it must be strong, because the top was containing her large breasts, and the bottom was doing an equally good job on her plump rear. Mother would not agree with me, but I must say that she looked sensational in it. And it was my good fortune that she had decided to sunbathe at the same time as me.

We have a large garden so she had a choice of where to sit. When she placed her recliner close to mine I was delighted. Then it got better, better than I could ever have imagined.

“I hate putting sunscreen on, please will you do it for me?”

Had I heard it correctly, had she really given me permission to touch her body? Yes she had. My pulse was now racing and my cock was starting to grow. Then I engaged my brain. I was reading too much into it. She just wanted me to smear her body with sunscreen so that she would be protected from the sun.

I started with her back, and I made sure to cover all of it. She then turned towards me. Now I was finding it difficult to concentrate because her large breasts, that were barely covered, were close to my face. I tried to ignore them, but I was fighting a losing battle.

When I’d finished I was relieved. Stopping myself from touching her tits had been difficult, but somehow I’d managed it. Now there were only her legs to do. But when my hands left her top, she spoke, making it clear that there was still more to do there.

“What about my tits? Without any protection they’ll burn.”

I muttered a quick sorry, and then, after taking a deep breath to steady my nerves, I put my hand back on her.

This time it was different. I wasn’t touching her hard back or her tight stomach, I was touching a firm breast. It was covered by her bikini top, but there was still enough of it that was exposed, to get me excited.

Fortunately, when I sunbathe I’m modestly dressed, so my baggy shorts were hiding my erection. And they were doing that easily because I don’t have a large cock. It’s a modest five and a half inches, but it gives me a lot of pleasure. Of course, I’d like a big one, but you have to be satisfied with what you’ve got dangling between your legs. And to compensate for my lack of inches, I’d been given a large brain, so I wasn’t complaining.

My fingers were now near her nipple. It would be easy to pull her top down. Just an inch and it would be out. But I would never get away with that. However, if my fingers were to move over it, and I was to apologize for my mistake, then she would forgive me.

It went perfectly. The brief ‘accidental’ touch of that significant lump, had excited me more than I thought was possible. And my apology had been accepted. It had gone so well that I was now thinking about repeating it, but before I could, she put a stop to it.

“You can do my legs now.”

By the time I’d done her calves, I was a lot calmer, and my cock was almost limp again.

“You can do my thighs, and it will be better if I lie down while you do them.”

It was better, because for me to do her thighs, she had to open her legs. And like that time on the sofa, I could now see her covered pussy.

I took my time, I was making it last for as long as possible. But unfortunately, when my hand was as high up as it could go without touching her panties, she ended it.

“Thanks, that’s enough.”

Reluctantly, I removed my hand, and I was expecting her to close her legs, but she didn’t. And her hand was now between them.

“Some of that cream has dripped onto my bikini.”

It hadn’t, and I knew that, because while I had been doing her thighs, I’d been staring at her pussy. My eyes had seen every inch of her bikini bottom. There was definitely no sunscreen on it, not even a speck.

Her fingers were now moving quickly, trying to rub in that imaginary cream, and I was watching her do it with my mouth wide open.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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