My Girlfriend’s Younger Sister Ch. 04

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All persons engaged in sexual activity in this story are over 18 years of age.

The first three chapters were based on a real event that happened in 1969, that is burned into my memory, when, bear in mind, there was no internet where anyone could readily obtain information as you can today. Only the detailed descriptions have been embellished to make a more readable story (my memory isn’t that good). Reading these previous chapters may give you a better insight into the story background. There is an element of cheating in the story, so if you don’t agree with that, you don’t have to read it, otherwise, enjoy.

Part 4

At the end of part 3 of the story, I brought readers up to date with what had happened since, as an ‘epilogue’, it read like this…

‘Sarah went off to University later in the year.

I did marry Jayne the following year, with Sarah as the chief bridesmaid. She is of course, now my sister-in-law.

Sarah talks to me as a close friend and confides in me if she needs advice, or just to talk things through. She knows she can talk to me about anything. She has often visited and stayed at our house with me and Jayne.

She found a good guy and got married herself when she finished University, and now, like us, has two children and is very happy.

Our two families sometimes go on holiday together and often meet at family gatherings, where sometimes she gives me a look, directly into my eyes, I think she is telling me that she remembers, but she has never mentioned it again, and we have not had any further sexual relationship…so far…’


At the time, I didn’t expect anything more to happen and it would remain just a memory.

The events in the previous chapters had taken place over a few weeks, about a year before Jayne and I had married and then subsequently had children. It was a good memory, shared only with Sarah, my now sister-in-law, that I admit I thought about from time to time. I did wonder if she ever thought about it, but although, as I mentioned, she sometimes gave me a strange look when we were at family gatherings, it hadn’t gone further than that, so I didn’t know if she did or not.

I didn’t realise that I was about to find out…

Jayne and I had waited just over four years before having our first child, and Sarah had got married to Rob the following year when she was 25. Unlike us, she became pregnant very quickly, a bit of a waste of that University Degree I thought, but they seemed happy enough with the situation. A second child followed for both of us couples, so there wasn’t much of an age difference between Rob and Sarah’s children and our own. This meant that the two sisters had plenty in common and spent a lot of time helping each other out with child-minding and the like.

Family gatherings were great, and the grandparents loved having four grandchildren to spoil and fuss over.

Unfortunately, fate played a bad hand a few years later.

Jayne and Sarah’s dad keeled over one day with a fatal heart attack. We all rallied round to support their mom over the following weeks and months, but it was never the same.

After about nine or ten months, she decided she wanted to move to a smaller house, and with help from us all, finally chose a small bungalow in the same area.

Rob and I took a few days off work, and we all took turns, as couples, to help her with the packing, moving, and trying to downsize the considerable amount of ‘stuff’ they had accumulated. We took turns to look after each other’s children, who had a fun time playing games with each other, while the other couple were occupied at the house with their mother. It was hot work in the warm July weather, running up and down stairs with various items destined either for her new bungalow, the charity shop or for disposal to the nearby rubbish tip, whichever she decided, but between us all, we managed it ok.

We finally got their mom installed in her new home, and there were only a few things left to sort out in the old house before the new owners were going arrive in a few days time.

“Pete, could you give Sarah a bit of help tomorrow afternoon? She wants to go and check that nothing has been overlooked and also take a vacuum cleaner, to do a final clean around the place. The house clearance guys are coming the day after to get rid of all the heavy furniture and beds that Mom doesn’t want,” Jayne said, the evening we had made a final trip to the rubbish tip.

“Isn’t Rob around then?” I asked.

“No, he has to go to some sort of work related, all-day meeting, that he says he can’t get out of, and I am going to look after all the children,” she said.

As we only had one car each, it wasn’t unusual to be helping out by giving a lift to each other and it seemed to balance out over the year.

“Yea, ok, I did have a few things planned as I thought we had finished, but sure, I can do that, then I guess it’s finally all over with, and the new owners will yalova escort be moving in,” I said.

She was quiet for a moment, and catching on to her suddenly sad mood, I realised I had been a bit insensitive. To me it was just a house where she and her family had lived, but to her, it was where she had grown up, had built lots of memories and was much more personal.

“Sorry,” I said, going over to give her a hug, “I understand its the end of an era for you and Sarah, would you prefer to go with her, and I’ll look after the children?”

“I know it is a bit silly, but I said my own goodbyes to the house the last time we were there, I don’t want to go back again, you take Sarah and finish off,” she said, softly.

“Well, I am sorry I upset you,” I said giving her a final squeeze, “I’ll go and call her and let her know it’s ok.”

“No need, I already told her you would” she said, a faint smile now crossing her face, “you’re picking her up at 2:30 pm.”

“Ah, so it’s a ‘fait accompli’ anyway,” I said, smiling back, glad to see she was recovering her normal demeanour.

That was how things happened between us sometimes, so I wasn’t particularly surprised that it had been arranged between them already.


The following afternoon, dressed in some old shorts and T shirt, I drove the few miles to Rob and Sarah’s house, arriving at the appointed time and pulled onto their empty driveway. Sarah had obviously been waiting for me, as the front door opened, and she came out as I turned off the engine and got out of the car.

She was now in her early thirties, but looked younger than that in the tight, yellow, shorts and white, T shirt, top she was wearing. She had always kept her red hair at shoulder length and although she had more of a fuller figure than Jayne, they both kept in good shape with regular visits to the gym together.

She came to greet me, and as she came towards me, I became aware that she wasn’t wearing a bra under her T shirt, as her breasts, which were always bigger than Jayne’s, were moving freely under her top as she walked. I also noticed that the sun had brought out the freckles on her face and nose, which made her look even younger.

“Hi Pete,” she said, giving me the usual hug and kiss on the cheek.

“Hi,” I said back, putting my arms around her and feeling her unfettered breasts squash against my chest.

“The vacuum cleaner is by the door if you could just put it into the car,” she said, pulling away, turning round, and starting to walk back towards the house, her light slip-on sandals slapping on the concrete.

I didn’t move for moment, as I was busy taking in her shapely bottom in those tight little shorts. She obviously thought it was going to be hot again today and had dressed accordingly.

Our two families had been on holiday together several times, and last year she had worn the sexiest green bikini I had ever seen her wearing, that totally matched her green eyes. She had caught me staring one day and although she hadn’t said anything, I knew she had caught me out by the little grin that had crossed her face before I could look away.

“Pete, I think you are staring again,” she said, without even looking back.

Damn, these women must have eyes in the back of their heads I thought, as an involuntary blush coloured my face at being caught out again. I am sure she probably wouldn’t have said anything if Rob had been around, even though it was just good-natured banter.

I collected the vacuum cleaner put it into the boot and then opened the passenger door for her to get in.

“Thank you, kind sir, I could get used to having a chauffeur open doors for me,” she chuckled, as she slid into the seat pulling her long bare legs after her. I tried not to look too interested, but probably failed, although it appeared she hadn’t noticed.

It was only about ten minutes later until she was sliding back out when we arrived at their old house. She stood and looked at it for a few moments, no doubt memories passing through her head from the times she had lived there.

“Are you ok?” I asked, lifting the vacuum cleaner from the car.

“Yes, I guess so, I was just thinking about some of the happy times I had here. Don’t worry, lets get on with it shall we?”

She had the keys, so she led the way into the silent house.

“The carpet in the living room is staying, so could you just run the cleaner over it please Pete, while I go and look round all the rooms to make sure we have taken everything we want. The electricity is still on I think.”

“Ok, no problem,” I replied, “give me a shout if you need me for anything.”

“Will do,” she said, and made her way upstairs.

I plugged the cleaner in and started pushing it around the floor. It didn’t take very long, so I did the dining area and the hall too, all in about fifteen minutes. I assumed the upstairs would need a quick go over, so I unplugged the cleaner ready to take it up there.

I yalova escort bayan hadn’t seen Sarah since I started, and it all seemed eerily quiet as I made my way up the stairs.

I looked into a couple of the rooms and didn’t see her in there, then I heard a slight noise and looking into Sarah’s old bedroom, I found her sitting on the bed, absorbed in leafing through what looked like a photo album.

“Here you are,” I said.

“Oh Pete, you made me jump,” she said, a bit startled.

“Sorry, it was very quiet, and I wondered if you were ok.”

“It’s my fault, I found this dusty photo album lying flat on top of the wardrobe and I got distracted looking at these old photos.”

“What are they?” I asked, moving into the room and siting down next to her, so I could see them.

“They are photos Jayne and I took ages ago that I had forgotten about. The album is very dusty so must have been lying flat on top there for a long time and been overlooked. I only noticed it because I stood on a chair to take these curtains down that Mom said she wanted.”

“Oh wow,” I said, “is that you playing with the dog?”

She giggled, “Yes, I must only have been about ten there, look at that terrible hair cut.”

“Jayne too,” I said, turning over a couple of pages, “goodness, she was very slim even then.”

“We are a bit different for sisters, aren’t we?”

“I suppose so, but you each have your good points.”

“What do you think are mine then?” she asked, quickly, with a bit of a twinkle in her eyes.

“Ummmm, I don’t think we should go down that route,” I said, smiling, and aware of her bare leg against mine.

“Coward!” she said, laughing.

“Hmmm, maybe,” I said, “safer that way though.”

“I remember a time when you were a bit more adventurous than that though, in this very room in fact,” she was grinning broadly now.

“That was a long time ago, lots of things have happened since.” I said, feeling my cock stir just hearing her mentioning it after all this time.

“That’s true,” she paused, her finger drawing little circles on the dust cover on the mattress we were siting on, “but do you think about it ever?”

I wasn’t sure where this was going. I thought that maybe the photos of years gone by had made her a bit nostalgic, as we had never mentioned this since it had happened.

“I have done,” I answered, “now and then. Do you?”

“Sometimes, I do, yes.”

“Is it a… good memory?” I asked, tentatively.

“Yes, of course,” she said, softly, a faint blush creeping up from her neck. “Is it for you?”

“Yes, definitely,” I responded, “although earlier that particular afternoon so long ago, when Jayne and I were on the sofa and you came quietly into the room, I nearly had a heart attack,” I said, smiling at the thought now. “You were lucky that Jayne had no idea you were there.”

She giggled, “That was a bit naughty, wasn’t it, but I’d never seen anyone actually having sex before, it was very erotic. And anyway, if I hadn’t, the rest wouldn’t have happened, would it?” she added, looking straight into my eyes, her face flushed.

“No, I don’t suppose it would,” I replied, my cock hardening at the memory.

“Tell me though, I always wondered, what did make you come back that afternoon, after you dropped Jayne off at work?”

“Hmmm, I don’t really know, I suppose I wanted to find out why you took such a risk, but you’re right it was erotic. It is the first and only time anyone has watched me,” I laughed, nervous at where this conversation might be leading.

There was silence for a few moments.

“So… ummm…when do you think about it?” she asked.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, for example, do you ever think about it when you are, you know, alone and touching yourself?”

I thought the conversation was getting a bit strange, but it was sexy to be talking with Sarah about such intimate things after all this time.

“This conversation is getting a bit personal,” I said, wondering what she was looking for.

She laughed, “You can’t get much more personal than sitting on the same bed, with the same girl who you helped to lose her virginity, right here.”

I had to admit she had a point.

“That’s true enough,” I said, joining in with her laughter.

“So, do you?” she persisted.

“I have done,” I said, quietly, “that probably doesn’t sound good, does it?”

She put her warm hand on my bare knee, “If it makes you feel any better, I have thought about what we did too sometimes, when I do it to myself.”

“You mean when you masturbate?” I asked, surprised she would tell me what she thought about when she was fingering herself.

“Yes, well, we all do it, and we all think about something don’t we?” she said, shyly, “but do you ever think about it when you’re having sex with Jayne, and you know, think it’s me perhaps?”

Now it’s getting really weird,” I said, not wanting to admit that I did.

“Go on, you can tell me, I’d like to know,” she cajoled, rubbing her escort yalova warm hand on my knee.

“I looked at her blushing face and neck and decided to be honest, “If you really want to know, yes, I have a few times,” I said, feeling my own blush starting at telling her that. “What about you,” I asked, curious to know now.

“As we are being truthful, when Rob and I have been making love, some of my best orgasms have been when I think about it,” she admitted.

“Wow, that’s an admission. I had no idea. I just thought you had forgotten all about it and wanted it that way.” I said.

“I thought I did, but just occasionally it surfaces, and anyway, it seems to have created a bond and made us good friends, and we can still talk about anything, so that has to be good.”

“That’s true too.”

“Do you ever wonder what it might be like now?”

“You mean…to have sex with you?”

She nodded.

My cock was rock hard and uncomfortable in my shorts. Fortunately, being old ones, they were a bit baggy, so I didn’t think it showed.

“Well…if we are being honest, only as a fantasy. It’s not something I have thought seriously about.”

“Not even when I was wearing that green bikini last holiday?” she smirked.

She had me banged to rights. That was what I had thought about, banging her hard when I had seen her in it — and she knew. This chat was getting sexier and more intimate by the minute. I tried to stop the blush I felt creeping into my face, but I couldn’t.

“I think your face is giving me the answer,” she said, knowingly.

“Yes, ok, you got me there,” I said, as it was pointless to deny it now.

“Do you remember the conversation that started all of this way back then?”

“I do. It was all because my mate Dave had turned you down when you said you had ‘offered it on a plate’, if I remember correctly. Then you asked me what I would do if it was offered to me.”

“And you said that you might be tempted if it were someone you fancied and you would if it was me. I remember that bit,” she said.

“Yes, that’s right, but I wasn’t sure if you were playing some sort of testing game to see how I felt about Jayne.”

“Testing game?”

“Yes, you know, get me to admit that I might have a ‘wandering eye’ given the opportunity, and then tell Jayne.”

“Nooo,” she laughed again, “it was nothing like that. I genuinely didn’t understand why he turned me down, and I wanted to get the opinion of someone that I could trust, but perhaps it’s better he did, otherwise we may not be sitting here right now,” she said, absently rubbing her warm hand up and down my thigh.

“Hmm, there are a few truths coming out here,” I said.

“Well, as we are exchanging truths, do you remember those weeks when I was asking various questions, and we did quite a few intimate things, right up to dry humping, but you said, ‘no kissing’, why was that?”

“Yes, I remember. It may sound a bit daft now, but by not kissing you, I felt that the things we did were just some sort of mechanical demonstration, and it helped to compartmentalise it, so that I didn’t feel too guilty about your sister.”

“But then, that afternoon when you came back, and we finally had sex, you broke your own rule, and we kissed a lot. It is another thing I wondered about,” she said.

I hadn’t realised she had held these questions in her head all this time, and now it seemed to me that with the house being sold and having new owners, it had prompted her to want some answers, to have some sort of closure was how I saw it. It was the first time we had ever discussed it since it happened those many years ago, and I thought it might probably be the last.

“To be honest, I didn’t think we would ever actually have full sex, but that afternoon when you said you really wanted to try it, I knew it was a one-time only thing, and so I wanted it to be more making love than just cold sex, so that’s why I felt I wanted to kiss you.”

“Ohh, well I am glad you did; it did make it much better.” she said, now drawing little circles with her fingernail on my thigh, “and is the ‘no-kissing’ rule back in operation,” she added, almost bashfully.

“Well, we do kiss from time to time,” I said.

“I know, but not properly, I mean…ummmm, would you… like to?”

“I think that might not go down too well with Rob or Jayne and result in some bodily injury to me,” I said, trying to add bit of levity.

“They are not here now though are they, so there is no risk of that, is there?” she countered.

“We would know though, and I’m not sure we should complicate things,” I said, my cock twitching again at the thought she might want to.

“I just thought, maybe, for old times sake, before all this has gone,” she said, looking round the room.

A few kisses, I thought, wouldn’t hurt, I was sure she would be totally discreet as she had been all these years and I certainly wasn’t going to be the one to mention it to anyone.

“Do you really want to, I mean, this isn’t some new ‘test’ is it?” I asked, with a grin.

“No, no test,” she giggled, putting the photo album down onto the floor and turning to face me, “unless you are rubbish at kissing now of course.”

I moved my face closer to hers.

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