Car Wash Date

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In my 48 years of life on this planet I have been fortunate to bed hundreds of women. Some might scold and look down upon me but yet others envy it. I have average looks but have always stayed in shape by eating healthy and going to the gym. The past few years I have been approached by more married or attached women than single ones. I have learned that women cheat probably just as much as men or more however they seem to hide it better. I was divorced at 32 and have been single ever since. I have done the online dating which was like shooting fish in a barrel when it comes to getting laid. I have also learned that if I go out seeking pussy I never seem to find it however when you least expect it, it falls into your lap. This is one of those occasions.

Last week I went to the car wash in the late afternoon. After going through the wash bay I parked my truck in the spaces where you can dry your vehicle and detail it. I was about halfway finished detailing my truck when a SUV with South Dakota tags pulled in the spot next to mine. I watched a mature looking redhead lady with a nice rack and a huge ass step out. I continued working on my truck and watching her through my dark sunglasses. As she towel dried her vehicle I could see her tits bouncing with each motion of her arm. She was wearing khaki capri pants that hugged that giant ass like spandex and a loose fitting blouse that allowed her tits to jiggle. She would occasionally look my way and give a friendly smile.

Sometimes in life you have to know when to push the accelerator down to go through the green light and I sensed this was one of those moments. I said hello to her and told her I noticed her plates were from South Dakota. She said she is from there and was in Kansas City on business for the rest of the week. As we were talking I noticed a wedding ring. She said her name was Sheila. She was about 5’3 and I am guessing 140-150lbs with most of the weight in her chest and ass. She had a pretty face with emerald green eyes and freckles. I didn’t ask her age but guessed early 40’s. Since I had other errands to run I gave her my phone number and told her it was nice to meet and if she would be interested in dinner to contact me while she was in town. She took my number but then said politely that she is married but was flattered by my offer. I then left and wondered if I would hear from her.

Three days had went by when I got a text on my phone from an area code I was not familiar with. The text simply said “Hello”. I text hello back and received a reply that said, “This is Sheila, we met the other day at the car wash”. We than began a text conversation. She said she would like to go to dinner but that it could only be on a “friend” basis and that she was leaving the next morning to go back home. We set up the time and I met casino siteleri her at the restaurant which is inside the hotel she was staying. We met in the lobby area. She was wearing a tight green dress which showed off her hourglass figure. She was wearing heels which made her taller and very statuesque looking. As we walked into the restaurant you could almost hear a pin drop as everyone stared at her. I don’t think she realized how magnificent she looked or that other people were staring.

During dinner she told me about her marriage and kids. She said her husband would tell her she was too fat and how their sex life was almost non-existent. She had caught him cheating a few times but stayed with him out of loyalty and wanting to raise their children in a two parent home. I complimented her on how gorgeous she was and how every one in the restaurant was staring. She blushed and thanked me for the compliment.

As dinner neared the end I ask her if she wanted to go to a movie. She said she appreciated the offer but was having mixed feelings just having dinner with me. She felt a bit guilty and told me this was the first time in over twenty years she had ever spent time with another man who wasn’t her husband. Now I could of used the line about how he has cheated on you so karma can be a bitch but I opted to tell her I understood and did not want to make her feel pressured about anything at all and I respected her wishes.

We finished dinner and then walked outside. The hotel sits on a wooded property and has a nature trail adjoining it. We decided to go for a walk on the trail. During the walk we mainly had small talk and how we both had similar life experiences. When we got back to the hotel I thanked her for a wonderful night and extended my hand. To my surprise she stepped into me and grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face to hers and gave me a long sensual slow passionate kiss. After the kiss she backed off and said “Oh my what have I done”. I ask her what was wrong and her eyes teared up as she said how I had made her feel like a woman again just by giving her attention she had been lacking at home. I told her what a treasure she was and how her husband should count his blessings by having such a beautiful hard working wife. She then ask if we could just go for a drive out in the country. We got into my truck and off we went. She said she liked driving through rural areas because she grew up on a farm and she missed it.

Sensing that she wanted more than just a ride in the country I drove to a field near the Missouri river. From the hill I was parked on we had a magnificent view of the river and due to recent heavy rains you could hear the water rushing. I opened my tailgate and she sat down on it. I knew she was ready for another kiss so I parted güvenilir casino her legs and grabbed her and we began kissing like two high school teens. She kept pulling me against her crotch while I was dry humping her. I raised her dress enough to get my hand to her pussy. To my surprise she wasn’t wearing any panties and her pussy was so wet it was like sticking my hand into a bowl of baby oil. This woman was on fire. I used my two fingers to tickle her G-spot. It only took about 30 seconds and she began moaning and orgasmed so hard her legs were shaking. Normally at my age I need a little kickstart like a blowjob to get me hard but her moans and orgasms were so hot that my dick was hard as steel and ready for her pussy.

I lifted her off the tailgate and spun her around and raised her dress over that huge ass. That ass was a spectacular piece of milky white thick meaty skin and her waist was so small it was like the perfect visual. I spread her ass cheeks apart and entered her all the way with my eight inches of hard dick. She cried and gasped as we started fucking like two wild animals. She met every one of my thrust by pushing back on me and wiggling her hips. My groin area was bouncing off that huge ass so hard it was making that noise like when a rubber ball is bounced on concrete. I could tell she had not been fucked like this for a long time. After she had at least five orgasms I told her to get back in the front seat of my truck. When she got in I reclined the seat back and pulled her shoulder straps of her dress down to expose her tits. They were at least DD’s and although having children they had some firmness to them. I entered her again and fucked her slowly this time. Pushing my feet into the floorboard so I could go deep with every thrust stirring up her pussy as I hit her G-spot with the head of my dick. Her pussy was so hot and wet. It seemed like the slower I went the more it the more she enjoyed it.

Feeling my body against her naked curves was heavenly. With her shyness completely gone she began rubbing her clit as I stroked her pussy with my dick. While she was rubbing away she begged “Don’t stop, don’t stop” as I felt her body stiffen she leaned upwards almost pushing me off her due to her orgasm being so intense. She then collapsed back down and went limp. She started giggling and said she had never came so hard before and that her whole body was tingling. I told her I wasn’t finished and grabbed her legs and pushed then towards her shoulders which seemed to make her pussy grip my dick even tighter. I started slow and with each thrust I would gain momentum until I was pounding away at her. I could feel my truck rocking as I could feel my cum swelling up in my balls wanting to release. As I came in her I could feel the tingle all the way down in canlı casino my ankles and we both orgasmed together. I laid down on her, we both were covered in sweat however the breeze of the night air cooled us both. We chatted for a bit, straightened up our clothes and decided to go back to the hotel.

Once at the hotel she invited me to come to her room. As we walked in the lobby I am sure the desk clerk could tell we had just been fucking. Her hair was a mess and her dress disheveled. We got to her room and once inside she removed her dress and ask me to join her for a shower. I removed my clothing and followed her into the shower. This was a true five star hotel. It has a Jacuzzi tub in the room and a huge glass shower in the bathroom. Once in the shower we soaped up and rinsed off. The amount of sweat while fucking in the truck was intense. She asked me to shampoo and massage her hair. While I did that she leaned back into me and rubbed that gigantic ass against my dick. I ask her if she wanted more. Without hesitation she turned around with shampoo still in her hair and kneeled down and took my dick in her mouth. For being a neglected shy housewife she sucked my dick like a pro. Her mouth was like a vacuum and she used her hands to stroke it while she sucked me to rock hard status again. She then stood up and spun around, using her left hand on the wall to balance herself she took her right hand and pulled her giant ass cheek apart so I could enter her. Pushing my dick in slowly feeling her pussy walls stretch to accommodate me I plunged til I hit rock bottom.

I grabbed her hips and started fucking her. It told her to tell me each time she orgasmed and after about thirty seconds she started cumming. During her first orgasm I reached around with my left hand and rubbed her clit to intensify it. She bucked so hard my dick came out of her. I grabbed her hips again and plunged into her fucking her as hard as I could. She met every stroke by pushing back feeling all of my dick in her. She orgasmed at least five times in a couple of minutes. She begged me to cum with her on her next orgasm. I continued to pound away she yelled “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, let me feel it” thrusting her ass back into me as hard as she could. My orgasm was so intense and the water from the shower head hitting me in the face I felt light headed as I squirted my hot cum into her pussy. My legs were weak and wobbly. After we regained our bearing we showered up and went to the bedroom area. We laid on the bed and watched tv and talked for what seemed like forever. She told me she had never in her life had sex that intense and how thankful she was for making her feel like a woman again.

Around 3am I decided to leave and let her get a couple hours of sleep. She wanted me to stay but I absolutely hate sleeping anywhere other than my own bed. She understood and we agreed to keep in touch and make a date the next time she came to town.

So this was a perfect example of how a seemingly innocent day at the car wash ended up being a night full of hot passionate sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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