Sister Assist Brother

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Tyler came rushing through the living room cursing as he went up the stairs. Kimber felt concerned for her younger brother of thirteen months and went to see what it was. His eighteenth birthday had been a pleasant day for the family, so something had obviously happened. She knocked on his door and asked if she could come in. He replied yes and she entered his room and sat on the bed next to him.

“What’s wrong?” She asked.

“Just my girlfriend.”

“What did Lori do? I’ve only met her twice, but she seemed nice.”

“Yea she is, but…”

“Tell me.”

“Nothing I can really talk about sis.”

“I won’t mind. She did something to upset you. Talk to me.”

“Well, she has told me for weeks that she would offer me a special treat after my birthday, so of course, I thought she meant something…well…sexual.”

“Understood. So what did she do?”

“Well. We have been dating for seven months, and are both virgins. So far all she has allowed has been heavy kissing and touching my crotch on the outside while I fondle her boobs over her clothes.”

“I know that must have been frustrating Tyler. Is she a tease?”

“Not really, just shy. But still…I had hoped by the way she talked.”

“Yea I bet. I’ve only been with a few guys but I never led them on. If I made them feel something was going to happen, it did.”

“I wish Lori was like that. I like her but it is bahis siteleri getting annoying. Just getting tired of…well…”

“Masturbating,” She said to him. “I do it all the time.”

“Yea, I know.”


“Well, your room is next to mine so I’ve heard you at times. “Especially when our parents were gone.”

“Well OK, I thought I was quiet enough. But I am not embarrassed. So tell me, did it turn you on?”

“Yea, sorry if that is wrong.”

“Not at all,” She replied. “It’s normal to masturbate when you hear someone else doing it.”

“Who says I did?”

“I’m not stupid Tyler. No need to feel ashamed. In fact, I have a thought.”


“Don’t feel appalled, but what if I offered to jerk you off?”


“Sure, why not. You need something and I am willing to help. No one is home so we are alone.”

“That would be nice, so I guess.”

“OK then, take off your clothes.”

Tyler stood and nervously began to disrobe. She had seen her brother shirtless before at the pool and sensed he had admired her bikini-clad body. He removed his pants timidly and her eyes below his waist, and fixated at the bulge in his briefs.

“I see my idea had some effect.”

“Well, yea. Sorry.”

“That was the idea.”

“Does this body do anything for you?” Kimber asked as she removed her robe.

His mouth opened and he stared at her in total canlı bahis siteleri amazement. She was clad only by a lavender bra and matching panties. He thought he could see her pubes from beneath the fabric, but wasn’t sure.

“Sis! What the hell are you doing?”

“Showing you my body!” She answered. “So let me see it.”

Tyler hesitantly pulled his briefs down and revealed himself to his sibling. Kimber immediately admired the view he presented.

“Nice package! I’ve often wondered how big you are and am really impressed. Stand in front of me.”

He did as she asked and she began to slowly stroke him. Occasionally she rubbed the head across the soft skin of her succulent breasts. Her younger sibling moaned with the pleasurable feeling. Being experienced with satisfying men, she could tell he would not hold off long and told him to lay down on the bed. She watched in amusement as his cock bobbed in excitement. Kimber laid beside him and told him he needed to let it calm down a little.

“Climb over me and slide it between my boobs,” She instructed once she felt he could go on.

His length fit nicely in the soft valley she provided. Sometimes, she kissed the tip as it protruded outwards. The look on his face made it apparent how much he was enjoying her offer. Once again, she knew he would erupt soon.

“Let it cool down a comment,” She told him. “Trust me, it will be canlı bahis so much better when you do cum.”

She held him motionless between her breasts for a few moments and felt it throb in anticipation. She knew in her mind that pleasuring her brother was morally wrong, yet she felt pity for him. They had always been open with each other, so it seemed somehow natural.

“Scoot down, straddle my hips and jerk off on my tits. Just try not to hit my face.”

Tyler moved down and moved his hand steadily along his length. His sibling felt enthralled at watching the way he handled his shaft. Although she had been with three boys, none had masturbated for her. so it was exciting to watch.

“I can’t hold…back…need to…cum.”

“Do it, let me see it shoot.”

Several thick spurts erupted, and the first ones bounced hit her right shoulder, and she felt a little land in her hair. The rest coated her breasts and landed in a pool on her abdomen. Kimber ran her fingers through his release and slid them into her mouth.

“Tasty,” she said softly.

Once he moved away from her, she sat up and noticed that some had splattered her pillow. She was amazed at the quantity of his climax, even after holding him off twice.

“Sis, that was so good. Thanks for being so kind to me.”

“Consider it a late present. Now you can wash my pillowcase.”

“Sorry about that.”

“No worries. Now I have to shower. Maybe sometime I may let you join me.”

“I would love to see you fully nude.”

“We will see,” she stated as she headed for the bathroom. “The next time I may have to take it all in my mouth.”

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