Seducing My Best Friend

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Alina Henessy

Mike and I first met in grade school. His older brothers had a band so his basement had microphones and drums and guitars always set up for them to rehearse, although the many times I came over to visit Mike I never really met his brothers. I think they must have traveled a lot with the band, so this setup was barely used because they were never really home for too long. Every time I’d come over, we would mess around with some music we knew how to play and pretend we were in our own famous band, even though one-third of our group was an automatic drum machine.

As we got older and Mike went to a different high school then I did, we kept in touch. Our friend groups had divided as the years went by, so much so that Mike and I really didn’t have close friends in common anymore. Our friendship was strong because of our long past, but we were almost living two different lives in two different worlds and I was starting to question what we still had in common anymore — except playing music together, which never really developed into anything more than just messing around. Obviously, there must have been some reason I wanted to keep hanging out with this guy.

One day near the end of our senior year, we were together at Mike’s house and sitting on his bed. We were looking through old yearbooks and we started talking a lot about memories and experiences of the past. Then, out of nowhere, Mike says, “Have you ever fucked a girl before?”

“Not fucked, but I messed around with Julie a few times,” I said. Julie was an on again/off again girlfriend. She had become more of a friend than a romantic interest, so I never had a strong desire to go further with her sexually. I didn’t have any other girlfriends, really. I think Mike ever really only had two girlfriends so far.

“I can’t understand girls sometimes. The crazy shit they say, you know?” he asked.

“What do you mean, Mike? They’re all crazy. Not much more to understand besides that,” I said with a laugh.

“Yeah, I don’t know. Sometimes I think it would just be easier to be gay.” Mike replied.

What did he just say? Gay? That seems a bit extreme, I thought. There’s certainly a story there I’m curious about, but I’m not sure where this is going either. Not to overreact and potentially miss the drama of Mike’s heartbreak story, I opened that Pandora box. “Oh yeah, why do you say that?” I questioned.

“Sometimes I just want to bahis şirketleri get off, you know? I’m tired of the romancing and making out and expensive dinners just to maybe get a blowjob. I just need a bro to help get me that release, without all the drama.”

Knowing Mike as long as I have, the thought of his naked body had crossed my mind once or twice before. He was a good looking guy, slightly shorter than I was, and had short blonde hair. I wouldn’t call him athletic, but he was fairly trim in stature and his blue eyes were a little hypnotizing if you stared in for too long. It had been a while since I had last been with Julie, so I was a bit horny. I started to think about his lips wrapped around my —

“Man, this shit sucks,” he says interrupting my daydreaming. “You ever think about it before?”

“What, you mean like gay stuff?” I asked.

“No, not gay stuff. Just like, two friends helping each other out,” he smirks and winks.

Ok, clearly Mike had been thinking about this. And, as most guys know in these conversations, you either laugh it off as joking around or you make a move. I’ve never made that move before, but always wanted to. With Mike, there were suddenly butterflies inside of me pushing me uncontrollably to the make that step. All the times we’ve shared over the years and the likelihood that our friendship was growing further apart anyway made this feel less of a risk now. “Wake up stupid,” I said to myself, knowing this could likely be my last chance to ever have such an open invitation.

I took in a deep breath as a shiver rushed all through my body, then I put my right hand on his left knee and got down on the floor in front of him in seated in his bed. “You mean, something like this?” I grinned.

“Oh shit. No, I mean… I was just talking.. joking around, you know? I mean, I wasn’t… I don’t know,” Mike stutters as I slowly slide my hand up and down his thigh.

“Shh! Let’s see if I can have some fun for both of us,” I smile as I look up into his blue eyes. I continue to softly run the palm of my hand up and down his leg as I move my pattern from the top of his leg to the side of his hips.

Mike was wearing these knee length green shorts. They were a light weight poly material almost like athletic shorts and they were very loose and baggy. The material made that whirring sound when I slid my hands across it so I controlled the speed of my bahis firmaları movements to not make this become comical. I was determined to see Mike’s dick. The idea of getting my friend off was really turning me on.

“You’re a pretty attractive guy, Mike,” I said as I continued rubbing his leg. “Maybe I could be that friend, you know? I mean… if you’re up for it.”

“Uh, yeah. If you want to. I’ve seen you looking at my crotch a couple of times,” he says enthusiastically.

Had I been that obvious before? Obviously. “Oh really?” I say trying to distract the attention away from my own excitement. But he knew there was no way I could deny it. I’ve been curious for a while now.

I see the bulge in his crotch is growing now, so I move my hand up and down his inner thigh. He jumps a little and says, “Oh, that’s a good start.” As the back of my fingers graze the side of his balls, his breathing shudders a little. I do it again, pretending it was by accident, and I see his bulge twitch.

My fingertips start to explore more of his shorts as I softly move up the fold between his legs and his crotch, sliding over ever so subtly to this mound in between his legs. I can see the outline of his dick around the thin green plastic of these shorts as my fingers carefully stroke up and down his shaft to the top of its mushroom outline.

“Oh, yes,” Mike sighs softly.

Because his shorts are so oversized, I take another step in my tease and move my hand under his shorts and up his leg. Feeling the small hairs on his leg as I go further up, I find his balls are completely free with no underwear in sight. I tickle them a bit and he laughs a little.

“Let’s see what you’re hiding here, Mike,” I say devilishly. I reach both of my hands up to the waistband of his shorts and tug as he lifts up his butt to help me remove them. I slide them all the way down to his ankles and pull each foot through each side.

“Wow!” I say out loud without realizing as I look up at his naked balls and cock. I think he heard me as a smile came across his face when I looked up.

“Oh, you like this?” Mike says sheepishly.

“Let me show you what I like, Mike,” I say with a smirk. With a hand on each leg, I slide up and pull my head towards his dick. I push his shirt up and start first by kissing his torso as I slowly leave a trail of small kisses down closer to his crotch. I move my head towards the fold kaçak bahis siteleri where his legs meet his torso and begin kissing his leg, inching closer to his balls. And as I inhale, my nose catches his masculine scent and my heart starts racing. The smell hypnotizes me as I notice how close my face is to the head of his throbbing dick.

“You ready for that release, Mike?” I whisper.

He nods and his hand finds its way through my hair to the back of my head.

I run my tongue up his shaft and taste a bit of precum on the tip. It’s a sweeter taste than I expected. “I want to make you cum,” I tell him and I use my right hand to prop up his dick towards my lips and kiss the head.

He lets out a soft spoken “Fuck yeah, dude,” as I open my lips and slide his dick inside. I’m only able to push him in about half way before I start to gag, but going up and down on half his shaft seems to be working just fine for him as his breathing increases. Every time I let it go to catch some air, I let my tongue taste up and down the small backside of where his mushroom head meets the shaft and he goes wild every time I lick it.

“Yes, right there, like that,” Mike starts shifting his body a bit and I can feel him tightening his hand in my hair as I continue to let my lips slide up and down his hot dick. I can almost feel his heartbeat in my mouth.

I take my right hand and ever so slightly tickle my fingers under and around his balls while continuing to suck his dick and then I feel it. The head swells on my tongue and his hot load starts shooting in my mouth. It must have been three or four big shots and its sliding down the back of my throat but I want to taste more of it so I pull my mouth off to lick and kiss the head of it as it twitches with each touch.

“Oh my god, that was fucking great,” as his breathing slows and his hand runs side to side in the hair on the back of my head. “I’ve never had a girl do that like that before. Holy shit, dude,” as he’s smiling and laughing with a grin of satisfaction.

His dick starts to shrink a little as I’m still slurping and twirling it with my fingers as I still kneel on the floor. As I breathe in and out, I can smell my new cum breath and I realize I really enjoyed it. I had been keeping these feelings hidden for so long and I can’t believe my best friend, after all these years, let me do it!

I place a few kisses on his stomach as I slide my hands down his legs and away as I stand up in front of my half naked and very satisfied best friend. He stands up in front of me and kisses my right on the mouth then looks at me and says, “You want to do that again sometime?”

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