Bathhouse Observations Ch. 02

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Bathhouses are places with thousands of years of history, yet are extremely easy not to notice, unless someone is looking. That such places have existed is common enough knowledge, whether awareness of Roman decadence or when reading about certain Middle Eastern baths intended for men only. When there is a place where naked men can enjoy having anonymous sex, it will be discretely well visited by those who cannot resist indulging in what can be found there.

From the outside, all the baths I have enjoyed have been extremely discrete. At least for those unfamiliar with the pleasures of anonymous male sex, there is little to suggest what goes on inside. An adult bookstore or porn movie complex attracts the curious openly. An open attraction which certainly can provide a sexual thrill, yet neither are really intended for open sexual games. There are not any purely accidental visitors to such places in one way, as their business is fairly clear before entering. In contrast, when a man visits an intentionally discrete bathhouse, accidental visitors are not desired in the first place.

The entrance door will only open if the person at the counter buzzes it open. If you are a first time visitor, something easier to guess in countries with other languages, the person at the counter will politely enquire if you are aware of what may happen at a male only sauna. The questions are quite indirect, intended to ensure that whoever enters wants to. The first visit to any bathhouse seems to work this way in my experience, though after the first visit, there is rarely any delay to entry.

And only a minimal delay after one explains about visiting other bathhouses if not this one. To be honest, I tend not to be so impatient, since such not exactly explicit or detailed, but unmistakeable, conversation is refreshing. Not that those at the counter are precisely explicit about what delights are within, keeping with the general theme of complete discretion. Nonetheless, he is another man fully aware of what makes a bathhouse so attractive. As a general rule, employees do not mix recreation and work, though all are utterly familiar with what goes on.

Entrance areas tend to be non-descript, though a local gay free paper or magazine may be available to take, providing a not so subtle hint that one has found the desired sauna. After paying, you are buzzed into the dressing area, which is also normally utilitarian, leading into a common space, generally with a bar. In my experience, drinks have always been reasonably priced, but in all honesty, the bar tends to be half-empty or less most of the time.

Personally, I always enjoy drinking a glass of beer right at the start of a visit, along with getting condoms and lube at the bar. Only once has a place charged for such, but since I always bring my own (except those very first times), it is not a concern. Particularly after the couple of years it took to give up using condoms with oral sex at all. For anal sex, a condom needs to be fairly sturdy, with lots of lube. Condoms do break on rare occasions, the thin ones more often when ass fucking hard.

When it comes to condom use, breaking presents interesting challenges. The first is being able to recognize when it happens, as the sensations become so good so fast you cannot think at all before cumming, knowing you are using a condom. That very first time, still thinking the condom is there, orgasm is irresistible. Only afterwards do you recognize why the sensations went from really good to extraordinary in such a glorious cock centered flood. Experiencing how it feels makes it at least possible to meet the next challenge, which is stopping. Knowing why your cock has sudenly entered heaven does not make it easier to stop fucking, even when there is a reason to – sometimes, orgasm is unstoppable. It does help to have more than one condom, meaning only a short pause results before riding your partner again.

There are many men who do not use condoms, a reality that becomes rapidly clear at the baths. Every visitor needs to make their own boundaries, while being aware that other men may not respect them. This was the case for me with oral sex, as various cock suckers seduced me into always letting my naked cock slide into their welcoming mouths. Though I never let them take off a condom after it was put on, it soon became far too easy to simply not put one on in the first place.

Particularly after the realization that since they were already going down on me, there was no reason to put on a condom anyways after that first exquisite contact. A realization that only slowly became clear, still weakly continuing to try to use a condom even as the irresistible pleasures of getting sucked overwhelmed my mind, letting a stranger take control. Knowing that saying “condom” once ot twice was nothing but an excuse to satisfy my mind as my cock took over.

The other major reason it became so simple to give in was starting to go down on men myself. Those bahis şirketleri first times were also always with a condom, However, the sheer addictive delight of naked oral sex was something instantly understood after sucking my first bare cock. The sensations were so much better with my mouth surrounding a stranger’s exposed length than with a condom that after the first couple of those thoroughly enticing experiences I fully surrendered to the joys of natural oral sex. Just like the man I was going on, naturally.

A bathhouse makes many things plain, including just how fantastic it feels to have a sexy cock in your mouth. After going down on one cock, it is hard to resist wanting to do it again and again, whether during a visit or over repeated visits. Having your mouth filled with cock is incredible, and once experienced, so easy to enjoy in a place where men go to have sex with each other. Here, it is no secret that sucking cock is as addictively delightful as getting sucked, and explains why blow jobs are so commonly available at a male only sauna, including sharing a cock with other men, or being sucked while sucking in a threesome or group.

The baths provide a number of such intoxicating surprises, making it all too easy to become overwhelmed by what is happening – and wanting to be overwhelmed each following visit. For example, 69ing with a man is indescribable, creating a connection where cocks and mouths seem to merge into a single shared source of unending pleasure. The same is true of mutual rimming, though there the sensation is even more primal, tongues licking hot open holes. Finding partners is not a major challenge, though resisting what they offer may be.

Oral sex is not the only temptation to discover. Male nipple play is extraordinary, as is kissing, especially when already hard. Often enough kissing a man that had just been going down on a cock, yours or another stranger’s. Kissing is very common, and often extraordinarily passionate. A possible reason is that men are simply more equal in strength, leading to much more forceful kissing. Another reason is that kissing at the baths often starts after being really turned on, likely after having seen other naked turned on couples, mouths merging, in a place where it is completely allowed for men to kiss – or to watch.

Since a bathhouse is essentially a sauna, nudity is common, with no need to undress. Towels rarely offer any barrier to playing underneath them, and are easy to take off. This may be the most enticing factor when kissing another man here, as kissing while cock to cock is paradise, often playing with naked nipples, or grinding as you pull each other tight. Uninhibited exploration of mouths, lips together, tongues roaming, losing yourself in heavenly sensation is easily indulged, without much concern about any boundaries.

Giving in like this, knowing that the other man is doing the same, is something that can happen multiple times in a visit, or among a group that changes over time. Kissing two men at once is another joy, though more than four men kissing at once is quite difficult in my years of experience. My first kiss with a man was not at the baths, though it was a place where we could be naked in private, watching porn. After that enticing introduction, my decades old interest in going to a gay sauna grew intense.

I had never really thought much about kissing a man before then, but afterwards the idea grew to equal my long interest in getting rimmed by a complete stranger. I had known the location of my now regular local bathhouse years before finally visiting it, much like knowing the location of other bathhouses when younger. Though discrete, such placess are not hidden from the curious, and have existed as an institution for centuries. Words like bathhouse or baths or male only sauna are obvious tip offs when finding one to visit. Obviously, in the age of the Internet, it is even easier, though bathhouses make no special effort to advertise what is actually offered.

Which is straightforward sex, at least in all of the ones I have enjoyed. The baths are not a place for kink, at least by my understanding. Of course some people think having sex with anonymous same sex partners is kinky, but my definition goes a level higher in terms of what is seen as true kink. Most baths do have a sling, but in all honesty, I am not sure why a sling is considered S&M. The sensations of weightless moving, feeling a rhythm build, are wonderful, regardless if the person in the sling is blindfolded or tied. Fucking or sucking in a sling is definitely recommended, though not all slings are equal. Disappointingly, the one at my local bathhouse is the worst of all I’ve used till now, the likely explanation why the room is almost always empty.

Toys are not unknown, but rare. Cock rings are not uncommon exactly, with intimate piercing notably less noticeable, but the main emphasis is at a basic level, of naked men having sex with each other. The baths bahis firmaları are places explicitly intended for precisely that result, without anyone needing anything except being there among other interested men. I have never really seen attached couples, though men may meet several times during a visit, and there are couples in line at times. I have only seen a couple of fairly clear pairs, and at least one group outside, but in the baths, they played like any other visitor to the extent I could tell.

The freedom of the baths is, potentially at least, everyone having sex with everyone else, in pairs or groups, as long as one wishes. Learning not to cum too quickly is an important skill in my opinion. And quite possibly in the opinion of those running the baths, as leaving after just 45 minutes was noted years ago, though it must have been obvious just how good my balls had been drained a few minutes before. What I have never quite understood is just how many men at the baths want their partner to cum.

My preference is to delay cumming as long as possible. Something explained to the men who want their mouths filled with hot cum, saying that there are always other men to enjoy. I am a total slut, and one or two men is not usually enough to satisfy me. Lacking interest in making other men cum against their will, thinking they too want to enjoy their visit for as long as possible, with as many partners as available – or possible.

Obviously there are different opinions and styles, something as true at the baths as anywhere else. Rejecting is as much a part as accepting various offers, on both sides. Dealing with rejection is actually easy in general, since other opportunities almost always arise. There are also certain basic signals, some exceedinly easy to understand. Basically, if a man is stroking a hard cock, you will be welcome to suck it after the briefest eye contact to see acceptance or rejection before going down on a stranger.

Another type of signal is fairly straightforward. A man in a booth on his stomach, legs spread, is looking to be fucked. One never knows how long the wait may be, and there seems to be no particular pattern. I have walked by a man who apparently had no offers over 45 minutes more than once. Yet I also experienced just a couple minutes wait before a total stranger entered the booth, the start of a long and fantastic fucking session. I tried to remain completely anonymous, which did not work in the end, being unable to resist having more intimate fun – kissing, playing with nipples, teabagging him, and taking pictures of his cock fucking me.

Anonymity is a major part of what makes the baths so thoroughly enticing. Exploring and discovering opportunity, even at a familiar bathhouse, is always attractive. Dark rooms turn this into a virtue, being places were one is unable to use sight. In such places, you truly only recognize the mouth sliding down your waiting cock as it happens, with no idea of what the other person looks like at all, even after being there long enough for your eyes to adapt. During longer visits, you may recognize the same mouth, without ever knowing if you have seen the man going down on you again anywhere else. Something which happens in reverse – recognizing a sexy cock as you go down on it again.

Occasionally, such areas can get packed, making it necessary to use a bit of effort to keep people from encroaching on your space. A whirlpool or sauna can also get crowded, but a truly full dark room can become quite challenging, especially trying to leave – or enter. Normally, if it is initially hard to enter a darkroom, I do not bother to keep going. On the other hand, a dark room can remain empty for a half hour or more, providing a very relaxing area – and yes, I have more or less fallen asleep there, to be startled awake by the unexpected touch of a stranger.

In the first observations, it was suggested not to be on a schedule when visiting a male only sauna. This recommendation was based on the fact that one may not only lose track of time, but lose the ability to even be aware that time is passing, at least in a booth or dark room. Clearly, a steam bath has its own time limit, though that too can be difficult to remember as the sensations overwhelm all thought.

The longest this has occurred to me in a dark room was 2 hours. At best, after such a glorious experience, you may possibly recall highlights, and even put them into something of a sequence. But during the time events are happening, your mind disappears completely in a haze of unending sexual satisfaction. Your cock goes from mouth to mouth as you play with a stranger’s hard cock before sucking it, not even sure if it is the third or fourth, or possibly an already sucked cock filling your mouth again.

Though in general my own fortune has been excellent, occasionally things do not turn out as hoped. Setting a time limit to avoid frustration can be useful after learning what an unsuccessful visit entails. kaçak bahis siteleri A limit can be flexible, being extended if something encouraging happens within a half hour. But spending a couple of hours with little interaction is not all that pleasant. This can happen, and the way to make the disappointment larger is to keep hoping that something will change, only leading to a greater loss of time.

This also applies when dealing with a completely passive partner, something that is not appealing to me in the least. Partners that kiss are never passive, but a number of men do not seem to react to anything. Though that can be interesting at the start of an encounter, it can become tedious, among other things. Setting a time limit in that case is also appropriate, particularly as it does happen that a passive partner can become delightfully involved after enough attention.

Enthusiasm is something shared among a number of visitors, and they tend to be the ones I enjoy playng with the most. Those that cannot be bothered to react are not worth my time. The baths allow men to fully indulge their desires, without any need to keep such desires hidden. The first time or two may be a bit hesitant, but after those initial introductions, nothing is secret about how good sex with other men is. A fact reinforced the first time having sex among a group of equally turned on men.

Encountering a seemingly endless variety of sensations, lost in pure bliss, the baths do require a certain awareness of how easy it is to stop thinking entirely. Much like knowing how it feels when a condom breaks, the first time letting it happen is the only way to learn what it means. Like fucking a man in front of other men, hands on his hips, riding him as you want, cock in total control. Doing it with an audience, after already knowing how hot it is to jack off while watching a man get fucked, playing with his hard cock as he is filled.

When you are hard, particularly in the steam room, men who want to fuck are definitely available. Many of them as quickly as they can position your cock against their amazingly soft hole, not caring about condoms. I have witnessed men being fucked by multiple men, being sucked as the partners switch – a delightful experience actually, as the rhythm changes after one man pulls out and another enters. A fact that makes me more determined to always have condoms available.

Which is a bit more challenging in the steam room, as a bag inside is not practical. Leaving your towel outside is risky enough, as someone may simply take it. Anything left in a cubbyhole can disappear, even something as mundane as a condom, as I saw happen with my own towel being inspected by a stranger as I was showering. It was simple enough to say that the towel, and condom, belonged to me, and his embarassment seemed real enough.

It is a simple lesson to only trust yourself, and what you can keep track of. Yes, a couple of poppers bottles have been stolen and lost over the years, for example. The baths are like any other public place, many types can be found and there is no reason to trust everyone all the time.

Even if much of the time, their motivation is pure lust, something completely understandable after sinking into that state yourself the first time. A state one needs to master to prevent it from being taken advantage of. I have fucked a man in a crowd, and after he left, felt another man’s mouth slide down a still hard length after taking off the condom, before turning around and offering another chance to fuck, this time with a bare wet cock. His desire was obvious, though mine was tempered by long practice.

This is quite different than deception, being part of the straightforward way that the baths function. Men are here to have sex with each other, letting their lust run free.

A lust that however can be easily intensified through lubes of various types, the most basic being spit. An explanation for why most men who want to be fucked are skilled at blow jobs. Though pre-cum is even more amazing, it tends not to be as available. Condoms are almost always lubed, in lesser or greater quantity. There are also condom sized foil lube packets available at almost every bathhouse I have visited.

Lube is much like poppers, both requiring a bit of planning and dexterity. Personally, my using lube has not been very successful in general, though others do know how to use it well. Finding that out was another enticing discovery, my cock being rubbed over an already lubed anal ring. As with a breaking condom, the unexpected sensation was so fantastic that my mind was lost as my cock head kept going ever deeper into heaven, unable to stop myself. And honestly, not wanting to, just surrendering to the unanticipated magic of the moment.

Each person needs to make their own choices, to be aware how easy it can become to not choose at all, surrounded by men equally beyond thinking. I make no judgments for others, being more than willing to participate in almost any situation. Getting head from a man who is being fucked at the same time is something I cannot resist, especially when playing with his hard cock, fingers feeling another cock sliding in and out.

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