Hooking Up with a Coworker Ch. 08

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Like always, all good things must come to an end. Since we started back to school/work, I hadn’t heard much from my Kat. I figured we were both just so busy adapting to virtual and in person learning that neither of us had time to consider Kat’s idea of me fucking her over and on top of her desk after school one day.

That all changed the other day; when I got a text around lunch time that read, “Come to my room after school, we need to talk.”

Never a good sign; I was afraid that maybe one of her kids had found out about us or something was up, so I responded with “Okay, hope everything is all right. See you at the end of the day.”

To say I was a tad nervous the rest of the day is a bit of an understatement, but once the final bell rang, I gave the students about 30 minutes to clear out completely before I headed to Kat’s classroom.

When I got to her door, I noticed that the door was shut and her security shade was closed so I knocked, and heard her call out, “One minute!” About 15 seconds later Kat opened up the door and greeted me with her normal smile.

She said “Come on in, I was trying to get some messages answered.”

I followed her into her room and couldn’t help but admire her ass in the denim skirt that fell to her knees. She sat down behind her desk and I saw on the desk right in front of hers and said, “So what’s up? You said you wanted to talk.”

She paused for a minute and responded, “I’m sorry for not talking to you much over that last 3 weeks, but I have met someone.”

I just responded, “Oh.”

Kat continued, “He is an old friend from high school that I ran into about a month ago, right after we were last together, and things have really been going well. Last night he asked me if what we were doing was serious, or just two old friends spending a lot of time together. I told him I would like to get güvenilir bahis serious.”

I smiled at her knowing in the back of my mind that this day would come. I responded, “That’s awesome Kat, I’m really happy for you.”

Kat stood up from behind her desk and walked around her desk and hugged me and said, “Thank you for the last 8 or so months, you reminded me what it was like to be appreciated again.”

She loosened her hug and whispered in my ear, “I haven’t forgotten about you wanting to fuck me on my desk, so one more time for old time’s sake?”

I am not one to turn down great sex, so I moved my hands down to her ass and pulled her close, kissing her hard on the mouth.

We kissed frantically for a few moments before she pulled away and said, “We have to be quick because I have to be at Grant’s cross country meet at 5:00.”

Looking at the clock and seeing that it was already 4:15, I told her, “Gotcha, then you better get to work.”

Kat grinned and slid down to the floor and unbuckled my belt and dress pants before sliding them to the floor. She began to stroke my cock through my boxers causing me to grow harder and harder. She pulled my boxers down and said “I’m going to miss this a little bit,” before taking my cock in her mouth and my balls in her hand.

Like the pro that she was, she worked my cock fast and slow, deep and shallow for a good 5 or 6 minutes all the while I leaned against a desk, so I didn’t fall over.

Kat pulled a way for a second to catch her breath after deep throating me 2 or 3 times. I pulled her up to eye level and said, “Thank you for that, but now it’s your turn.”

I pushed her onto her desk and when I tried to push her skirt up, it was too tight and wouldn’t go.

She laughed and said, “Hold on.” She slid off her desk, hiked her skirt up to her waist to reveal a pair of basic black güvenilir bahis siteleri panties and said, “I wore these the first night you fucked me, thought it was fitting to wear them for the last time.”

She laid back on her desk as I smiled and knelt down in front of her before kissing up her thighs, I reached and slid her panties off of her finding them wet as any other time I’ve taken them off.

I immediately dove in and began to lick and nibble on her wet pussy, causing her to let out a sigh and then to start moaning softly as I began to slide my tongue along her clit and in and out of her ever so much.

This went on for 2 or 3 minutes before Kat’s breathing became shallower and shallower and she squeaked out, “Oh god, I’m cumming.” Her legs went tight around my head as her hand went to her mouth to stifle the moans of her orgasm.

As she relaxed and came down, I licked up her juices softly before standing up and asking, “well how do you want me to fuck this last time?”

She smiled and said, “I want to look at you as you fuck me hard as hell.” Kat reached up and hooked her arms around the back of her knees to pull them tight towards her as I lined my cock up to slide inside.

Right before I entered, I asked her, “Since Grant’s meet is tonight, where do you want me to cum?”

She laughed and said, “Ever the gentleman even as you’re about to rail me. Cum inside of me one last time, so I can feel it for a few hours.”

With that, I slid my cock all the way in slowly. As I bottomed out, we both sighed at the familiar feeling and I began to slowly make full thrusts into her pussy. As I began to increase my rhythm and speed, once again Kat began to moan softly, after a few minutes of slow steady thrusts I paused and said, “I really want to see your tits.”

Through labored breath Kat said, “Alright, but I’ll iddaa siteleri just have to pull my shirt and bra up, I’m not taking them off.” I nodded and she reached down and pulled her shirt up under her arms revealing the same black bra she wore the first time before pulling it up to expose her perky tits.

I just smiled and as I started thrusting again, “You have one hell of an attention to detail.” Seeing her half naked body on top of the papers she had to grade caused me to get hornier than I ever thought possible and I began to thrust harder and faster, causing her to moan more and more.

After another minute or so of those thrusts and seeing her perky tits moving to matchmy thrusts, I shoved my cock all the way in and erupted my cum deep inside her.

As usual, my cumming set Kat off and I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and milk every last bit of cum out of me with her orgasm.

I sort of collapsed onto her and kissed each of her nippless, causing her to shiver. I slowly withdrew my cock as Kat shifted her hips and asked me to hand her her panties which were lying on the floor.

She slipped them on, then readjusted her bra and shirt. We looked at the clock and realized that it was 4:40 and Kat goes, “Perfect timing! Freshly fucked and I still have time to fix my hair and make it to the meet! If only the other moms knew what I just had!”

I laughed and put myself back together. I told Kat if she followed me to my room, I’d grab my stuff and walk her out. She grabbed her things and we walked quietly down the hall to my room, where I grabbed my things and we headed to the parking lot.

As we neared her car, she stopped and said, “Thank you again for everything over the last few months. You’re going to make some woman very happy both in public and in the bedroom.”

I smiled and responded, “No thank you, you showed me a lot of things, and it truly was fun.” With that Kat got in her car and headed out as I walked to my truck.

With that, my relationship with Kat ended, but she made sure i was taken care of with Erin…that’s another series though.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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